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Bishop Scaddlng Accepts Gif
of, Catherine Percival Made
; In Honor of. Departed Pries
!;- 6000 -Volumes.
1 With . Impressive services, la whloh
Xilahop Charles W. Scaddlng of : tha
Kplaoopal dlooeee of Oregon,' waa ee
aleted by several of tha local clergy,
- and In tha preaanoa of tha donor, UUi
Catherine PeroivaL tha 11 R. Perclval
Memorial Diocesan library cornerstone
was laid yesterday afternoon.
Tha new library building, which It
tha (1ft of Ulii .Perclval In mamory
of tiar brothar, a noted aoholar of tha
church, who spent moat of hla active
career In .Philadelphia, Will coat about
tISOO and will houae I00O volume at
tha atart, togethar with tha offlea of
tha bishop and tha diocesan offloera.
It' la being constructed at Nineteenth
and 'Sprint streets, Portland Heights,
on a . lot adjoining tha new realdence
tof Blahop Scaddlng, and alao adjoining
tha lota upon which e tan da tne cnapei
of tha Ascension
r' -. OItm Sloaarat Addieaa.'
T A , fair slsed congregation - gtood . la
tha ' bright aunahlna while- tha - aenrioe
waa read tad tha brier addressee made
by Blahoo Scaddlng and Rev. C W.
Koblnaon of Oregon0 ty. To tha latter
tha oeeaalon waa one of aapeelal satla
factlon, aa tha glvsr of the building la
a, former parlihioner of hla, when he
. waa In Philadelphia. . Hla address, waa
an eloquent tribute to tha Eplaoopal
church for It defenaa agalnat tha aa
aaulta of unbelief.
" Otherg ot the dargy participating In
tha ceremonies were Archdeacon Cham
bera. Rev. John Simpson, Rev. W. Pow-
II, Rev. u. Bowen of Hell wood ana Ktr,
John Marshall of Portsmouth, in
copper box within tha eorneratona were
plaoed eopies of tha Portland newepa
pere of June IT, a pamphlet on "Oppor
tunltlea In Oregon" by Blahop Scad-
dlna. a brief hlatory of tha library.
review of the life and work of Bar.
Henry-&. PerolraJ, tha Oregon Church
man for nay, mi, ana vanoua aiooeean
leaflets, t
tIn hla address. Bishop Scaddlng aald:
"On June IT, 1861. exactly 7 yeare
ago today, a convocation ot tha clergy
and laity af the Kplecopal church of
Waahlnrton and Oregon waa neia in
thla olty of Portland. It waa the f Irat
convocation of tha Right Rev. Thomae
F. Boott, first missionary bishop of
Oregon. In hla addraaa on that oeea
alon ha need theae worda: It give tne
pleaaure to aay that during my vtelt
to Philadelphia prevloualy Ao aalllng, I
received upward of 9 volumea from tha
librarian ot-'the Blahop 'White Pariah
Idbrarr association to ward a a diocesan
library for thla territory: and alao for
ths -same object ISO In rafth from mem.
bera of St. Andrew'e church.V - -.
. Many YelnabU Book. '
VI am delighted to report that-these
books ara atUl Ja my possession, ana
also tha original, bookcase owned f
Blahoo Bcott. Since that time libraries
of clergymen, whobave dleddn Bhiia-J
CcipWa, oaf a. comcoy ,wut io,ine ojo
eeae. Blahop, Merria collected many
booka. and noma of them are of great
value. On several ; occasion Blahop
Itorrla appealed for a aultabla buUdlng
In whloh to houae them. At laat tha
appeala have been heard, and It la aln
guUrly .fitting that a lady of Phlla-
deinhla ahould Duiw thia beauurui ana
muoh needed memorial to a prieat of
the dloceaa of Philadelphia, whoae Ufa
and. work, on lfterary, Unea haa meant
ao much to churchmen. :
;We have now about 6000 volumea,
andTihe .-building will not only contain
these properly arranged and catalogued,
but also .a registry In' which Important
documents, papera and Journals can be
kept,' and alao ,an of floe for; tha blahop
and. aiooeaan. omcers.. , v .: ,
a Grateful Thanks Extended. :
: '."bn behalf of the: diocese, I have
great .pleasure la? accepting thla gener
ous gift from Miss Catharine Perclval,
who is with us today, and offer her our
grateful thanks. It Is a spirit of gen
eroltr wa wlllaail do well to oultlvate.
It is a beautiful, appropriate and prac
tical way to erect a monument to our
loved, onaa. who have entered Into the
kreat of paradlae; a, far mora useful me
morial than a marble shaft
, "In accepting ' thla building may I
remind our own people In Oregon that
theological booka, like medical booka.
gat out of date, and that it wouia be a
aood thinr for the clergy, lay readers
and Sunday school teachers, and read
ers generally, If we could add 7 or ep
new, up-to-date theological and aorloua
books every year.
PereivaPa Career.
"I ahall be triad ko hear from church-
mon in thla diocese who would like the
orlvileKa of helping me tn the creation
of a email fund for this purpoae., i
Henrv R. Perclval. to whom tha me
morial la built, died September 28, 1903.
He waa of auoh unusual precocity aa a
youth that tha University of Pennsyl
vania set aside Its rules aa to age to
admit him aa a student. At the ago of
S4 he became a priest, and for IS yeara
was at tha head of tha Church of tha
Evangelists of Philadelphia, Ho devot
ed , much of hla time to writing, and
waa the author of several important
works. Including one upon the doctrines
Of the Episcopal church. . .
From far-off central Oregon cornea a
nnuin of cheer and tt for the half-
hlind bov. Teddy, alven by a little fel-
Ulow . who hones the Portland waif may
some day ne anie o see wm
himself. Teddys little friend at Har
ftty read of-tha-haltAUad-boy's condi
tion and haa been carefully saviug hla
pennies for a long time. Hla name li
I.ynri Bower, and the UtUe fellows let
ter follows: ,
-.v "Harney, Or., Juno 9, .1911.
v "Dear Little Teddy I am sending
ymi today a money order for 13.
hope you will be able to go to school aa
1 air, and some day -be able tor aee the
samo as other children. .' '
: - . t '"From- your (riend,
i ' K: (Unltml Prena Xaaaed tre. -
Kansas City, Mo,- June 17. Miss
Carlotta Conklin, SO, Of Topeka, Kan.,
waa. married - tonight - at Omaha, to
Rinyickl Oda, a Japanese, after nnsuo
cenaful ' attempts ' to. wed at- Kanaas
City, St. Joe and Council Bluffs, where
they were refused marriage licenses.
Fifty Mile Automobile Ride
1 1 Past Umpqiia Farms Is
'.-i.-One -Treat, f"--:..-y
. (IdmUI DUtwtea to Tk, JooraaLk ' '
Roseburg, Or, June lTTha parfy of
Northern Paclflo Railroad offlolala and
Portland newspaper mea who hava been
making a tour of eastern Oregon arrived
bera, at 1:10 thla afternoon. Their spe
cial care ware met at the train and they
were taken for a. (0 mile automobile
tour . through . tha aurrouadlng vaileya.
At 1:10 o'clock the party waa taken
to tha Curry ranch at tha forks of the
Umoaua river. nine miles Weat of this
city.' where dinner r waa served under
largo maple - traea. '. Thla evening the
visitors were given aa tnfomval recep
tion at the Commercial club and they
left for tha north at 11:30. They pro
nounoa this vicinity a moat beautiful
aectloo. , ' : ... ;. i . '" '
Except that -the Oregon iruna una
will be extended as far as Bend, the
railroaders had nothing to aay regarding
railroad building. ,
(Continued Prom Pago One.)
volvtd in tha indictment, la James Hoa-
sick. deputy sheriff of Los Angels, who
Is Jointly charged with Burns with kid
Governor Marshall expressed himself
as highly pleaaed with tha grand Jury's
report which exonerated him of any on
lawful act In honoring the requlaltloa
(or MoNamara'a arreat and extradition.
Ore Oat of Arrest. s ;
Tha kidnaping charge grew out of the
arreei or jonn J. atcnamara in inaian
spoils by Burns and hla extradition to
California. ,
Tha arreat occurred on Saturday eve
ning, April tl. McNamara waa taken
from his office at tha headquartera of
tha Iron workers, where a meeting of
tha executive council w in aeealon.
Ha waa rushed to police headquartera.
where Polloe Judge Colllna honored a
warrant Issued on the strength of ex
tradition papera from the governor of
California, approved by Governor Mar
shall of Indiana. McNamara waa put
Into an automobile and taken serosa
country to Terra Haute, where ha waa
put aboard a train for St Louis and waa
thence taken to Loa Angeles. On April
14 Ford and Fox were arrested for kid
naping on warranto sworn out by John
Keegan, a local labor leader. Later Wil
liam J. Bum a and Bad or f associate at
torney for the National Erectors ware
arrested on similar warrants. Each waa
admitted to ball In the, sum of 15000.
Ball . for Ford. Drew and Badorf .waa
furnished by W. A. Katcham, head of
the BrowB-Ketcham Iron Works of In
dianapolis. , 1 ' .
Ths Indictments -camr as -a 1 surprise
to those who had, been ..watching the
a . Today ; (ha " grand Jury notified
Judge Markey that a second report was
ready and tbo Indictment ware served..
(TTnltMl Praaa La S Wln.ti
Loa Angeles, June. 17.--"This flndlna-
tr tha grand jury will give the people
or the nation a line on tha methoda em
ployed by Detective William J. Burna
and hla associates."
This waa the statement made :th!a
afternoon by Attorney Leeompte Davla,
of -counsel for the McNamara brothers.
when ahown the .Uoitod Press dispatch
telling, of the Indictment; of Detective
Burna on a charge of kidnaping In con
nection with the removal of John J.
McNamara to Loa Angelea for alleged
complicity In- the destruction of the
Times building.
"Burns' action, he continued, "could
well be likened to a mob that storms a
jail, takes out a prlaoner and atrlnge
htm up to a tree without giving him a
chance to defend himself." .
Attorney Job Harrlman waa Jubilant
over the Indictment, a
"That's splendid," he. said, "but noth
ing more than we .expected. There la
no doubt but that McNamara's removal
from Indianapolis was In direct violation
of all rules of Justice." '
Neither of the .attorneys would aay
what effect, if any, the Indictment of
Burna might hava on tha trial of the
McNamaraa. v
(Am Man Usea m Knife.
(Special rHptPh to The Journal.)
6pokane, Wash., June 17. "Jim"
Logan, a gun. man; formerly a member
of the local police department and re-
oerjtly a deputy under ex-Sheriff Pugh,
Is being hunted by the police tonight for
stabbing George Hageman, a mining
man. the result of a quarrel over a card
gams.' Logan's victim la In ths hospital
with an- uaiy aash . in. his abdomen.
Logan, has lived in the northwest over
80 years, having followed stock ranch
ing for a living up till a few years ago.
Special Cleanup Sale
Alarm Clocks,' one year guarantee .......... 63c
Rogers 1847 Knives and Forks, dozen ... . $3.75
Rogers ; 1847; Teaspoons, dozen . . . . . . .. .$2.35
Rogers 1847 Fruit Kiibres, dozen . . . . .$3,001
Gold-Filled Pendants, $4.00, reduced to. . ..$1.25
Gold-Filled Bracelets, $5.00, reduced to. . . .$3.00
Gold-Filled Belt Pins, $1.50, reduced to . ;49c:
Gold-Filled Scarf Pins, $1.00, reduced to. . . . .25c
Ladies 14kWaItham or Elgin Watches, $30, at $20
Ladies' 20-year FiUed Waltham or Elgin Watches
$15.00, reduced to .iVVv.., $11)0
All articles purchased during this sale guaranteed
Standard Jewelry xSt
1 1
Grand Lodge 1 Defegates to
Confer With Local Mem
: bers- Important ; Meeting
." for Jews on Tuesday.
i Tha .offlcera of ., tha dlatrict grand
lodge No. 4 ef the Independent Order
B'nai B'rlth are espeeted 4e. arrive in
PorUand thla afternoon and will spend
a couple of days. In conference with the
local members.. Those to arrive today
are; Grand President Otto Irving Wise
and Grand Secretary L J. Ascbelm,
Mr. Wise la one tt Ban Franclaoo's
moat prominent attorneys and la a
brother of Rev. Dr. ttepben a Wise, a
former occupant of the pulpit of "the
local . Jewish temple. Mr. Wise UH
vsnr able speaker and a noted thinker.
Mr. Ascbelm la one of San'Franclaeo'a
pioneers and haa been secretary or the
B'nal B'run. xor.neariy is years-
There ars two lodgea or the h nai
B'rlth In Portland, namely, Portland
lodge and Theodora Heral lodge, with
an aggregate membership or nearly eos
Tha local lodgea have purchased a
piece of po party on Thirteenth street.
on which a three siory ouuaing win
be erected for club and communal pur
poses. . .
peciai waeuag zneaaay.
Tha arand orator of the dlatrict. Rev.
Dr. Martin A. Mayar, will arrive Tues
day afternoon In time to take part In
a Joint meeting of the lodges the same
evening at the Belllng-Hlrach building.
Dr. Mayer la the minister of Temple
Emanuel of Ban Francisco and the lead
ing Jewlah oongregatlon on, tha Pacific
Tha meeting Tuesdsy night win hear
a special Interest to tha Jews of Port
land on account of the recent Garrard
Incident In which at tha Inatance of a
representative of the B'nal B'rlth, Pres
ident Taft reprimanded Colonel Garrard
of tha United States army on account
of hla action agalnat a private of the
army, , whoso promotion he objected , to
on account of the fac't that the private
la a Jew. A dlacuaalon of this Incident
Is expected to tska up the greater part
of tha evening.
The Independent Order B'nal B nth
malntalna lodgea In the leading cities
of this country and haa a membership
of nearly 76,000.
Beoogmlttoa of Paaaporta,
It also maintains lodges In the cap
itals of most of the European and
Asiatic countries so thst It Is In posi
tion at all timea to aid In tha ameliora
tion of the condition of the Jewa In
those countries in which they are op
pressed. - At this time the order Is do
ing everything possible to have the Uni
ted. States force the Russian govern
ment to recognise the passports sf all
American ettlsens visiting that country.-
Tha Russian . government refuses
to allow Jewish cltlsens of this coun
try to enter Russia. Thla la dons In
violation of the treaty of 1881 and tt
la. on thla point that tha B.'naJ B'rlth
base, their clalma and voice thelx .pro
test '" .7 i , f
-Messrs. Wise and Aschetm expect to
stay In Portland Monday and Tueaday
aad leave on Wednesday morning for
Seattle where they will be Joined by
Rabbi Mayer. The Seattle lodgea are
making extensive preparatlona for the
reception of the grand lodge offlcera.
fCalted Praia Leased Win.)
' Chicago, June 17. Another step to
ward regulating express companies and
curbing ' their accumulation of vast
profits, waa taken today when a com
mittee representing the National As
sociation of Railway Commissioners de
cided to make a thorough investigation
of the' question.
This body, composed of railway com
missioners and mem bera of publlo serv
ice commissions in every state In the
Union, Is expected to wield a powerful
Influence .with, the various., state -legislatures,
and to form laws fixing ths
maximum rates- express carriers may
(United Preaa Leaeed Wlre.V
Cincinnati. June 17-The last hope
of Prosecutor Hunt to, bring George B.
Cox to trial on a perjury Indictment
was swept away today when Judge Kyle
ruled that Judge Dickson had acted
within his legal rights in 'quashing the
indictments, against Coxx.
ProSecutoV Hunt had filed affldavita
of prejudice against Judge Dickson.
which he had hoped would Invalidate the
lattera action in quashing two of the
Indictments, but Judge Kyle held that
the affidavits hsd been filed too - late.
This, It Is believed, ends the last chance
or bringing cox to trial.
"Father; of the Tariff Wall"
; vigorously, Attacks Under-'
I : iwood. Wool Bill. ; .
1 ' (ttaltea Freea Leaaad wU.1 ' '
- .Washington, .Juns-1 ft la defense ol
the present tariff lawa which ha fath
ered, Sereno K.' Payne of New Tork,
today attacked the - Underwood wool
bill, pending In ths house. Us scored
the Democrats , f of "deecrtlng ' free
trade," Payne declared tha Underwood
bill waa rrfmed without" sufficient con
sideration, and that tha Democrats
were rushed Into tariff legialatlon with
put the slightest study. - : .
Payne declared the reason ths Dem
ocrats had not put raw wool on the
rree list, was that some gentleman back
home told them tt would ruin Democ
racy." :'-:,..'... : i
. Choice "B. Randall of Texas, ' sup
ported ths measuro declaring that it
would reduce the coat or woolen cloth
ing. Randall . also defended William
J. Bryan, saying hla fame would endure
house had paaaed away, 't ,
SdcIiiI tMaaatek Sa Tha Inaraall '
Oregon City, June 17. The "Oregon
City wild man" waa captured tonight
by Henry May, Into whoae barn ha had
gone to sleep. The "wild man." who has
terrified ao many women In the Bar-
clay school neighborhood, turns out to
be no one but a harmless workman- em
ployed by a Seventh atreet contractor.
He waa aleeplng out In order to aave
money. Tne man bad been moving Ms
bed around the canyon each night to
minimise-the likelihood of any one dis
covering and at eallng hla bedding. To
day, however, some one discovered the
cache and made way with It, ao he
found refuge In May's barn. Local po
lice will do nothing with him.
(Snd1 tHMMtea tn Tfe Joarul.k - -Merrill,
Or., June 17.- A rabbit drive
that resulted In destruction of many
hundred bunnies and was attended by
scores of people from the southern
Klamath region waa held near Malln
yesterday. In spits of the alaughtc-
of 100 rabbits when tha snow waa
on, they have multiplied so rapidly
this spring that the farm era decldrd
to hold another drive in the hope of
lessening the damage the anlmala do
to growing cropa.
Since the county court haa raleed the
rabbit bounty to ten cents, the financial
returns from the drive were consider
able. A division was made at the
TnAIn haa trained runner rhn ran
cover more than 800 milea a day.
In Our Juvenile Department
e '.v
Big Price Reductions Sensible Parents
Will Go Over These Genuine Prices
Boys' Knickerbocker Suits
Every Boy's Knickerbocker Suit in the store
is marked down. ,
$2.95 Knickerbocker SuiU. . . . . . .... .$2.35
$3.45 Knickerbocker SuiU $2.85
$3.95 Knickerbocker Suits : ... .$3.15
$5.00 Knickerbocker SuiU $3.95
$6.00 Knickerbocker SuiU. $4.50
$7.50 Knickerbocker SuiU. $5.35
$8.50 Knickerbocker SuiU. : $6.35
Boys' Wash Suits. Sailor and
Russian Styles
$1.50 Wash SuiU now 98c
$2.00 Wash SuiU now. ... . . ....... .$1.35
$2.50 Wash SuiU now .$1.65
Portion of Riflht-of-Way From
Lusted'8 Hill to Cherry-
V ville Secured: .
Ths Mount Hood Railway haa secured
a portion of tha tight of way ' for the
extension Of Its tins from Lusteds Hill,
this side of tha Sandy river, through
Bandy to Cherry villa, a dlstanoe of about
10 milea It Is reported that the con
tract win be let la a few days for ths
grading of -the- first ft v miles of ths
projected extension, . - ,..
Continued Prom Page One.)
lnum locket watch, attached to an or
nate dlamond-atudded chain. .
The wires of the officers ranking
below that of general will also maks
Mrs. Taft a personal gift Flva hundred
contributor Is a mod eat estimate for
the group. . .
Ths members af tha Philippine party
who went with tha former secretary of
war. now the president of the United
Statea. hava bought a handsome silver
Others are making Individual area.
enta. Members of Mrs. Taf t's cabinet
of ladlea wlll.preaent their gifts to her
Instead or to both the president and
Mrs. Taft, while their husbanda will
do Ilka honor to tha presldsnt
Prank Hitchcock, postmaster general,
haa an elaborate sliver urn for flow-
era. - The governor of Virginia and Mrs.
Mann have aent set of flva vases.
Other presents ara a miniature paint
ing" In a handaome stiver frame from
Leo MoCIurg. treasurer of the United
States: a ellver pitcher and tray en
graved with tha Initials of the presi
dent and Mrs. Taft. aad a tiny grid
Iron from the members of ths Gridiron
club; a heavy, handsome sliver flower
basket from ths members ..of the Press
Gallery In the capltol; two silver frames
from Mrs. Francois Berger Moran and
Mrs. John M.'Hudglns. containing the
pictures of President and Mrs. Taft and
a dossn silver slmond dishes from Mrs
Harley Calvin Oage and Miss Margaret
Bat One Other Similar Bvent.
Only once before haa a sliver wedding
been celebrated In the White House.
That was on December 10, 1877. when
President and Mrs. Hayes celebrated
the twenty-fifth anniversary of. their
It -is a curious coincidence that Mrs.
Tsft then Miss Helen N. Ilerron.
daughter of President Ha yea' law part
ner, a beautiful young girl waa a auest
at the Hayes reception. It Is reported
that Miss Harron on thst occasion Jok
ingly remarked to President Hayes that
she would never marry a man who
would not become president of the
United States.
Low Wages In Dreat Britain.
Sixty per csnt of the sdult workers
of Great Britain receive less than 7.50
weekly wages, according to estimates
quoted In the house of commons by II.
Tennant, tha parliamentarian secre
tary for ths board of trade. In opposing
ths motion of Will Crooks, labor mem
ber from Woolwich, for a compulsory
minimum wage of 17.10.
When You See It
in Our Ad It's So
. First and Morrison ::
i First and Yamhill
Second and Morrison
: Third and Oak
. . nil H . -; J i -
Bloodhounds Take Trail 61 the
.Crafty Pair, Who 'Looted
?Mai!car, Near Drain. ; 5
I"Deeial U The mill "
Roseburc Or.. J una 1 7 i i
Toncalla aay that Sheriff Qutna . and
vim powea nave not yet returned to that
city; Two bloodhounds wars received
there on tha o'clock local anl put on
the trail. On a hill a short distance
northwest of tha city tracka Were found
where tha man w.ikjul in tka 1.111 i k
ward.t' On top of the hill were found
irc woare ucy turned and walked
forward again. It la supposed they
did this as a ruse-to throw searchers
off tho track. ''... u
v It is thouaht th.aa 4wh . ,..-
a . larger number who robbad a general
merchandise store at Drain laat night.
Uklng . aeverai aultcaaea, suits of
clothes, guns, ate. - . -
ISlwelsl Plapatra la Tea Jmraat.)
Ashland. Or June 17.Jnim n &r.
era. who with Jamca I. nn .. a r
Grimes, all of Portland, mads vp the
. w . 1 . . . .
in in man cieraa in me man car or
the Shaata Limited, ssld today 1 .
"Wi had luat nulled nut a rtr.n
were busy at pur work when we were
imm.u or a command 10 Throw ua
your handa.'
"The tWO men had n. nnmmrA w k
their revolvere and reslsUnce waa ?m-
possiDio. wa held up our heads. The
robbers then ordered as to cut open
the registered pouches aad pat all the
Dackaaee ' in ana nniirti , tw . aa
and aa the train neared Woe . station,
WS were conuselled at tha tmin e k.
robbers' revolvers to pull the emergency
auai. may uireaiena to kill us If
we did not do thla. When the' train
beean to alow down tha mhr ihh,mii
off and disappeared In the darkneas.
'"; uia noi aave maass on out tried
In everv wav tn hid hi. r.. .,...
Tha BeoDle at Rlee atatlnn n iei
and the train proceeded.
ins men did not Impress us aa be
Ina old handa at tha hnM n. hn.u...
and were extremely nervous. They were
l.Mtk am. ia
uvtu vuiif 11 1 on.
Tha men in charge of the" mall car
rCDOrt that tha rohhora Imk alt
latered matter except one Loa Angeles
poucn wnicn waa overlooked.
The clerk, ran tin m nnifiM(ii
Of how tho men entered the car. The
doora are auppoaed to be kept locked.
nop can anyone Da rouna who remem
bers seeing any auspicious characters
before the men entered tha mall car.
It Is supposed that they boarded the
rear platform of the car at Drain, where
the train stops for water, and began
operationo Immediately after the train
pulled out.
Much Money Paid In Benefits.
Since January, 1896. when the mold
era' International eatabllabed tha alck
benefit fund system. It has paid to
brothera In alckness $1,S70,TI4.4. Dur
ing ths year mo It paid In death and
disability benefits $(0,(60,10; for out:
of work benefits. S140.110.4O. 1
Boys' Waists j
Every Boy's Waist in the store is markeci
, ( down.
50c WaisU clown to .... .39c
75c WaisU down to . . . . ............ .58c
$1.00 WaisU down to . . . ... ....... . . .73c
$1.50 WaisU down to . . . .$1.15
$2.00 WaisU down to. .... . . . . .....$1.35
v Boys' Underwear
Every piece of Boys Underwear in the store
, . - ; 1 marked down. ; ' . -
Boys' Poros Knit Underwear . . ... ... . .19c
Boys' 50c Underwear . . ... .. . . .. .. . . .39c
Boys' $1.00 Underwear . . ... . . . .... . .73c
Boys' $1.50 Underwear ... ... . . . : . .$1.15
"Public, May Crucify Me Upon
V Cross of Contempt But PU
' ' Never Testify Against Him,"
.She Says. ' ' ;
Waited Praaa Laaa'srira.) ' -.
Chlcam. luni 1 T "Th.
- w ,.uuu mmj
crucify ma upon the cross of Its con-"
tempt, bat I will never testify against
S!wlvft A rtkn. flA . W . . . .
I am a pure girU I know Sea la tha
best of men, and no word of mine ahall
avsr be used to send him to pr!son.,
Mildred Bridges, ths 17-year-old high
priestess of the cult of tha absolute Ufa.
j.ttr.l W .. 4.11. . (. . , .
.vwfv wuvww uoiiiuva;y sve IB
charged with contributing, today made
thla final reply to Aaalstanf State's At
torney Burnham. In doing ao ths girl
spurned tha offer of her father to make '
her his sols heir, with an Income of '
110,000 a year. No Inducement could '"
force her to agree to testify agalnat
Mothers Bosaala Plna. ",'
w i a . a ji a m a .
devotion, will be shown by Mildred
Bridges, by her mother. Mrs. Stephen :
oiiuii, 117 ouni nm ana oy ner
mother, Mrs. . Felicia Reea. The two
women wnom ine state cnargea wltn
turning their daughters over to 8ae for
Immoral purposes will be his firmest
adberenta in hla actual trial, whloh
open a Monday.
Tha women believe See to have been
what he professed the reaveler ot ao
absolute life, disciple of a race of per
tect mothers, and a living reincarnation
of God.
Oae Mxl WU1 TOIL -But
tha atata haa found one woman
who will not aland ao blindly by tho
revealer. It waa announced thla after ,
noon that Bertha Klelnhause, now 1 1, :
formerly a neophyte In Bee'a ' Junior .
commonwealth, haa agreed to take the
wltneaa atand and tell all tha thlnaa
aha aaw and heard in the commonwealth
during her three years' life there. ' She
Is expected to testify that See took
only jruung gina iuio ine inner lempie)
of the cuiu It la aald ths girl's 'state
ment will be a aensattoaal exposition
of the actions In this Strang cult.
Stephen Brldgea, father of ' Mildred
and for a time a follower of Bee, , will
bo another Important state witness. He
and his wife gave thouaanda of dollara
a.. n.rraln. on nt th nrk '
of the cult
There is every probability that Sea
ill make the closing address to the :
lurv for the defense, though such a
move wlU be bitterly opposeo py ine
atate's attorney. See claima thla to be
'hit consUtutlonal right, and attorney a
believe judge tionore win granv ma
requeat. . 1
111 1 n 1 " mmtm-m mm aaaaBaaaMi aaaanss
Finest Ever Shown. -
Verv fine exhibition pisnos are- ob- ,
tainable now at greatly roduced price
at Eilera Music House. where the en
tire a-rand onenlna display of pianos.
Player pianos and other instruments is -
now being sold.
. . . !. .,