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; Big Spoon-Shaped Vessel Has
; ,100 Horse Power Gasoline
Engines Carries 250 Tons
of Freight
r , ww 9 mm m mmw w
Closing of Year's Work of the
Women's Press Club Is ;
Interesting Event ; ;
RlflfiMM IS !l. Bin tiredfle WilhDceoeii Channel at Burlington . lilfflFN WRITFRK
ui iiiul. ii aai ill w -ii fc . .... w . r . . . . . . .....,,.
'4,.''''nM.iiriH'An"iPT fnzf " wlL"'- V
r j sh
- ' . fl
. I ill
- - 111 II
I tlAV 1 1 1 . n lir- mntm, a I, ,,u t,i , i m i i mi mj&mihl.tiiit ,,
;i iV--i:jr" w pwicniraoN
! . . -4! PHOTOGftAPHYS
Amid the cheering of large nura-
. , bef of people gathered to witness the
H neremonjr; the- large gan barge Waken
' . tit launched at the yard of the Port-
land -Shipbuilding rompanr yesterday
afternoon at I o'clock.- Whrn the enp
f ports bad been knocKed out. tha eraft
"slid easily from tha wy to the we.
str, while the whistles, of lha nearby
" araft icrtfrtiM a greeting1-, the new
'. barf a entered her element. Bha wil
chrlatenod by "Abe," an eld noffro, who (
rok tha bottla of champatna,
m Mif wtiltA hlti rlhhim' On
bar bow.
f Mora Ihan a hundred people wltneaaed
tha launching of tha aoval eraft, whleh
' la an Innovation to tha water of tha
Willamette and Columbia rivera, and
tha affair waa pronounced ft aucceM
from every oolnt .
1 Tha Waken a waa designed by Charles
M. Nelson, of tha Portland Shipbuilding
' company, and was constructed by that
company for tha Clatskanla Transports
tion company. 8he la a twin-screw,
spoon-bow bsrgs 121 feet long. II feet
beam and nine feet depth or nun, wun
a draff of five feet She Is equipped
with twa 109 horsepower gasoline en
sines and Is fitted with electric lights.
; The barge baa a double boom derrick
forward for handling freight and aha
has sleeping accommodations . for eight
. or ten passengers. 8bo has a carrying
capacity of Z60 tons. Tha name Wak
en was suggested by George H. Himes,
of the Oregon Historical society and ta
an abbreviation of tha name Wah-kte-
nah, which was that - of an Indian
1 srfneess of Cathlamet -
When tha barge goes Into commission
In tha next weak or two she will oper
ate between Portland and points on the
lower Columbia river, such aa Deep
i River, Grays river and come of the
numerous . sloughs . that cannot be
reached by tba steamer 3eaver.
IJ. 8. Branch Hrdrogrsphlc Officer
, Make Report.
Captain Unauist, schooner O. M. Kel
loss-. ..reports sigh tin a on May 11. In
latitude 21 degrees II minutes north.
longitude lit dogreee T minutes, the
mast of a large vessel floating and up
, and showing about two feet out of
water. Ship pasaed within JO feet of
the mast. -
. Captain Fogel. tug Walter Haokett,
reports a shoal of hard clay upon which
there is 4 feet at M. I W about 201
feet by 100 feet directly In mldchannel.
extending from off Taylor's Bunkers ta
off Broadway, Oakland. Cat Several
vessels have grounded there.
Captain J. I Wilson, steamer Will
lam , H Murphy, reports sighting on
May 10, when 10 miles seuthwest mag
netle from Table Bluff, Cai . a - large
tree (0 feet long with roots extended
. six feet out of tha water. . ; -Captain
U. B. Smith, steamer Daisy,
reports that on June I, when about 10
miles west northwest (true) of Yaqulna
Head ha passed two large logs, one
. about It feet long and 1H feet In diam
eter and tba other about 40 feat long
'and 2H feet In diameter. "
Captain C E. Kalstrom, Amerloaa
. sxshooner BelUngham, reports that dur
ing tha morning of June2 he passed
a number of big logs between Port
Crescent and Port Angeles,: Wash., and
It looked as If some boom of logs had
broken adrift They ware bunched be
i tween Edla Hook Light and Baca Bocks
light. - v'
U, S. Branch Office Receiveg Re
ports From Masters.
Columbia river-bar. May 27, 21 feet
chart plane. Captain George Brldgett,
.American Steamer Ascunslon.
- Klamath river bar, June 2, 1011, t
. feet chart plane. W. T. Bailey, Requa,
Tluamook Bay Bar, June 1, 1111, 10
feet chart plane. The channel is now
straight out west south and east
north whistling buoy and Garibaldi
. wharf. By A. ferlckson, steamer Golden
Gate, Portland, Or.
Rogue river bar, June 1, 1J1, 4 feet
chart plana. Channel shifting slightly
- to southward. A small Island has
formed to tha southward of the chan.
tool, by Fred 8. Gaughell. Wedderburn,
ur. .' ,
Cbqullle liver bar, June 1, 1911
Chart plane 1 feet Channel well to
- south. Sand spit extending outside
north jetty on north side. By J. L.
' Kronenberg, Bandon. Or.
Coos Bay bar, June 2, 1111, 19 feet
chart plana. Channel same. By M.
Bendegard, tug Columbia, North Bend,
Steamer No Wonder Has to Leave
-;. Raft of Logs.
While towing a log raft up from one
of the sloughs on ths lower river yes
terday morning tha steamer No Wonder,
of tha Sharer Transportation fleet waa
crippled by an axhaust pipe which
broke, and she had to tie the raft up
at the lower end of Deer island, three
or four miles this side of Kalama, and
come up to Portland for repairs. The
. pipe began to give out when the steam-,
r was abreast of Coffin's Rock as a
result of the heavy work required to
tow the raft against the strong cur
rent in tha Columbia river at the pres
ent - The, exhaust pipe waa repaired
yesterday afternoon and the steamer
was able to go out again last night
Preaent Rate of 29 and 30 Shillings
e Not Enough. " ,
s ' Shippers are not over anxious to take
sailing tonnage until they know condi
tions better. According to one of them
they ? will not touch much tonnage at
present rates or rrom 29 to 80 shillings.
Two carriers offering yesterday at 29
hillings received no response, although
It Is said that some of the shippers
would have been willing to figure At
28s Id,, which was tha highest that they
wouia consider, it is believed that
there will be plenty of steam tonnage
available during September and October
at !3a L ?.'.- - -"i
Upper picture, view of Burlington;
i -, ' '
With the towing of the new dredge
North Bank to a point ta the Willam
ette slough near Burlington, Portland's
new Industrial suburb, comes the an
nouncement that the channel will be
dredged immediately to a depth suffi
cient to safely float tha largest vessels
across tha Columbia river bar.
"Built for uae in filling tha bridges
of the North Bank road along the Co
lumbia river,, tha big dredge waa towad
ta tha Willamette slough whsra mora
than a . mile of the channel will ba
dredged. ; As soon as ths Columbia river
falja the dredge will proceed to its work
at tha various bridges, returning to
complete the work at Burlington in the
fall. ,
Burlington's water front la three miles
long. The sand taken from tha channel
will be used in filling In the low land
at Burlington and thus prevent an over
flow during high water In the Columbia
and Willamette rtvsrs.; :
Already several hundred feet of track
has been 'laid from the Ban shingle mill,
at tha south and of the property, to a
point near the bank. This track will
ba extended tha full length of. tha Bur
lington water front as the work- ef
dredging progresses, and will eventual-,
Jower picture, dredge "North Bank."
In Willamette slough,
ly connect with tha spur already built
from the main line of the Spokane, Port
land A Seattle line to Astoria and the
In an interview yesterday, O. M: Mc
Dowell, general manager of the Ruth
Trust company, said that Burlington
would be given every possible facility
for tha handling of freight With the
channel dredged an additional six feet
whtoh will make It approximately 21
feet, a sufficient depth to accommodate
ocean steamers, and with ample track
age, Burlington will have both rail and
deep aea ahlpplng facilities capable of
taking care of any number of new In
dustries that may locate there. Switch-
Ins- facilities will also be provided to
take care of any demands. ,
Tha extension of tha United Railways
from Banks to the great timber belt will
make Burlington tha deep sea terminal
for a district estimated to contain more
than feet Tha '.United
Railways pass through Burlington and
tracks win : ba laid to handle ail . IU-
ture business as it develops.
Burlington Is 11 miles from Portland,
with frequent service offered by the
United Railways and the S., P. eV 8. rail
way." ' 1
ready for work of dredging channel
"The work of dredglng,tha ship chan
nel will commence at once and Indus
tries located there will have every rail
faolllty necessary for tha rapid and
economical handling of their products,
as well is the raw materials." said Gen
eral Manafr McDowell.
The draflge North . Bank, recently
launched at the Supple ahlp yards, has
a capacity of 100,000 yards per month
and will carry higher and further than
any dredge on tha Paclf io coast Every
thing on tha big craft was althernade
In Portland or purchaaedthrough Port
land firms. William Gerlg, under whose
personal supervision the - dredge ' waa
built aays that it cannot bs duplicated
for less than $100,000. A crew of 20
men la carried to handle tha dredge
while in operation.
The North Bank Is 110 feet long, It
feet wide and has a depth of hold Of
seven feet -: The height of the dredge
is 50 feet: The main engines have 600
norse power, with zso additional horse
power, giving the dredge capacity to
pump through one and one-balf miles
of pipe. The dredge operated under
lta own. steam, carries its machine shop
and electric plant Three months will
be required to complete the work out
lined at Burtlngton at this time.
The cloalng of tha year's work of tha
Women's . State ' Prees . club of Oregon
was marked with a memorial and cen
tennial program, given last Wednesday
evening In a committee room In the elty
halL The maetlng was la ehargs of
Mrs. Luda Paxon Addtton and was thor
oughly enjoyed by tha large number of
women writers who were present
Among the authors abdut whose lives
and writings Interesting facts and anec
dotes ere presented .ware Kdward Ev
erett Hale, Julia Ward Hows, Harriet
Beecher Stows, Elleabeth Stuart Phelps
ward. My re Kelly. David Graham Phil
lips, Thomas Wentworth Hlgglnson, Pro
fessor William; James and O. Henry. The
speakers of tha evening were Miss Sarah
Lyman, Mies Elinor Baldwin, Mrs. Eve
lyn Allen Altchlson, Mrs. M. L. T. Hid
den and Mrs. Additon. Some of those
present were able to add remlnlsoenoae
from a personal acquaintance with the
authors named. " ,-
a A pleasing incident of the evening
arose from tha fact that It was tha
birthday of the president Mrs. 'Hidden.
Mra Additon. on behalf of ths dub, pre
sented , Mrs. Hidden with a handsome
pen and holder. A clever Impromptu
poem addressed to Mra Hidden was
written Immediately before the meeting
by Mrs. Edith Palmer -Putnam and re
ceived much applause when read.
The annual banquet of the club will
take place Wedneaday evening. June II,
mm story
. v
Vaudeville Sketch Is Given a
: " Public fl ehearsal Aik
dience Applauds,.' , r
A very Interesting and educational
program on photography was given un
der the anspices of the Washington
High School Camera club at the home
of Its nresldent Dale JewelL . Friday
evening. ' .
The early evening was passed with
music and a flashlight was taken on
ths lawn. , Dale Jewell gave a prac
tical demonstration of the development
of plates and flima. Printing and re
development processes were shown by
Freeman McNary with some Views tak
en from the top of ths Yeon building.
Oregon strawberries and cream with
cake were served on a prettily deco
rated table. .
As vaudeville Sketches go, "A Matinee
KerOk" perpetrated by Donald Bowlea,
and called "a satire on himself by him
self," will average up pretty- well after
It le properly trimmed and sandpapered
and otherwise smoothed. Testerday af
ternoon a public rehearsal was held be
fore the regular matinee performance,
and parti r because the sketch is some
wbst funny in places, and partly owing
to the popularity of the charactera, it
received a good deal of applause.
-A Matinee Hero" tells a story of a
matinee hero who laves a pretty girl
whose father Is a gruff old aea captain
who wants to ba shown that tha mat
inee here Is a real one, before ha will
consent to tha marriage. The girl
brother disguises himself as his sister
and Jumps into tha ocean while the girl,
la hiding, screams for help. , The old
man cast swim, and the matinee hero,
after showing his medals for bravery,
removing his clothing, disclosing a fancy
bathing suit ete.. ete- etc, prepares to
jump into the water and reseus the boy
whom he knows Is the boy, ha having
conversed with the girl without demand
ing aa explanation when the captain
shoves him Into ths damp, moist sea.
The climax comas when the brother is
draggsd tn and rolled ever barrel. The
captain In his seal to resuscitate his
daughter, nulls the trousers from thi
young man's limbs. , .- .
The principal trouble with "A Matinee
Hero,' Is that It la toe long. Cut to half
Its length and smoothed off In places,
the sketch will be a god ons. - It wlU
be, different anyway. , -.
(Saeetal DUeetab to The Sewaatl
Oregon City. Or., June 17. Tony El
more, who was employed ea construc
tion work by the Mount Hood Railway
company, was killed la a landslide near
Bull Run at 1:10 Friday afternoon. Ha
was working en the steam shoveL
He ie an Austrian aad has relatives
living In Portland. The coroner's Jury
returned a verdict of "accidental death."
. Students on 85-Mile Hike. ,
'(pedal Dlapateh tn The JeoraaLl '
Pacific University." Forest Grove. Or..
June IT. Five students of the .university
left on an II mile hike to CoranTMeJ
eoacn to oa on nana ror ine x. m. j. a.
conference, Saturday morning, Tbey
took light packs and expect to make
tha trip in two days. They want north
from here by way of Qlenwood, Buxton
and Klst and plan to cross the Coast
range through the Nehalem, reaching
the coast by tha JKlk creek road. - Those
who made op tha party ware: Auatln,
Silverman, House, Murte and Bishop.
Pianos for the Summer.
1 Pianos for summer resorts and
beaches are Obtainable at reasonable
rental -at Kllere Music House, now at
Seventh and Alder. ' ' e
f OU young people who are
i ' " graduating this" year,
; gnd .ym relatives and
1,' friend I of, these joting
""..'.'peopIg-4 '. ,.. l ' .
AKE g note n-o-w t$ telect
f your, graduation pre
.. ent from" .the , aplert-
. 'did' - variety" of : Gift
') tfooda "on . display, at
-1 Gill'. .
Ths J. X. OIU Oa, Id sj Alder Sta.
4 ,
V y-o-u are oon to be g bride,
r 4 don't delay . g ' day to
' place your instruction
.with ' GUI' , for your
t E-n-g-r-a-v-i-n-g. ' ' -
ND if you, reader, are a
, ' friend or relative of a
. .;" bride-to-be, rely- upon
GUI' for'y-o-u-r Gift.
94 days from Port of Spain, in the West
Indies, to Vancouver, where she arrived
Wednesday bight During the voyage
ahe had a three-hour battle against the
elements with her steering gear broken,
and Just before shs entered the Straits
of Magellan her starboard boiler broke
down. After discharging about 6400
tons of sugar at the British Columbia
port, the Ethelwolf will come down
here. She Is expected to reach this
port In about ten days, when she will
load a cargo of lumber for South Af
rica' for the L. P. Lee Lumber company.
Astoria, June IT. Left up at 2 a. m.,
steamer Elmore and gasoline schooner
WUhelmlna. Arrived at 6:25 a. m., and
left up at 2:10 p. m., U. 8. cruiser Bos
ton, from Bremerton. Sailed at 10:20
a. m., steamer Falcon, for San Fran
claoo. Arrived at 10:10 a. m. and left
up at 2:45 p. m.,' steamer Aberdeen,
from San Francisco. Arrived at 12 noon
and left up at 4 p. m., , steamer Rose
City, from San Pedro and San Fran
cisco. Arrived at 4 and left up at 4:10
p. nr., steamer Palrhaven, from San
Francisco. Arrived at 4 p. m. and left
up, British steamer Suverlc, from
Mukilteo. Arrived down at I and sailed
at 6 p. m., steamer Bear, for Saa Fran
claoo and San Pedro. ' " "V
Astoria, Juns 14. Arrived at JO and
left up at 11 p. m., steamer Thos. L.
Wand, from San Francisco.
San Francisco, June 17. Sailed at 11
a. m., steamer Geo. w. Elder, ror port-
land. Arrived at 11 a. m.,' Steamer Yel
lowstone, from Portland.
San Pedro, June 17. Passed at 9 a.m.,
steamer Riverside, from Balboa, for
Hong Kong, June 17. Arrived previ
ously, Norwegian steamer . Henrtk Ib
sen, from Portlsnd. .
Adelaide, June IT. Arrived yesterday,
Norwegian steamer Sark, from Port
land. - :
Tides at Astoria Sunday. High wa
ter, 4:32 a. m., 7.0 feet; 6:55 p. m., 7.5
feet. Low water, 11:10 a m., 0.2 feet;
11:68 p. m., t.l feet.
late and it Is desired to get her out on
schedule time, ' y
- Fred .De Rock, the Portland . diver
and wrecker,, was sent to South Bend
yesterday by Captain Albert - Crowe,
surveyor for the San Francisco Under
writers, to try and ..locate the leaks in
the schooner, which stranded In Grays
Harbor a few days ago while going out
with a lumber cargo.. , ,
The power passenger schooner Anvil,
Captain ' Weber, which Is soheduled to
arrive here June 21 from Bandon, wlH
take out a cargo of cannery supplies
for the Umpqua on her next trip which
will be Jupe 23. The supplies are be
ing shipped by S. Elmore & Co., of
Astoria., , t - -
Laden with 800 tons of 'cargo, the
steamer Thomas L. ,Wand, Captain
Peterson, arrived at Couch street dock
yesterday afternoon from San ' Fran'
clsffO. I She had 400 tons of cement,-100
tons of asphalt and 100. tons of gen
eral freight She will load grain and
lumber for. San Francisco.
Ethrtwolf "suffers , la ' Battte ' With
' . ; Elements; Other 111 Lock," i -'
Northern advices state that tha Brit
ish 'Steamer Ethelwolf, -which ts tinder
charter to Toad cargo of lumber at
, litis port had an exciting passage of
Carrying 15 passengers, 16 tons Cf
chlttlm bark, 900 boxes of cheese and
10 tons of genera! freight the steamer
Sue. H. Elmore, Captain Schrader, ar
rived at Couch Street dock from Tilla
mook at 1:20 o'clock yesterday, after
noon. . 1
Laden with freight from the Siuslaw,
the . gas schooner WUhelmlna, Captain
Tyler, was scheduled to arrive tip In
the harbor last night V i
.. The steamer 'Alliance wilt be due te
ail from this port tomorrow afternoon
for Coos Bay and Eureka with pass
angers and general freight j --
Cargo will . be "worked- on the ' Bank
Line steamer Suverlc which was due te
arrive at the Albers dock at an early
hoar Atnis . morning, today . as sna is
Ina to Arrive.
Str. Geo. W. Elder. San Diego. .June II
Str. Breakwater, Coos Bay,.., .June 19
str. uoiden Gate, Tillamook ...June zo
Str. Anvil, Bandon ........... .June 21
Str. Beaver, San Pedro...- .June 22
Str. Roanoke. San Pedro ......June 25
Str. Sue H. Elmore, Tillamook, .June 24
ctir. Alliance, Eureka .,...,.'. .June z
Str. Bear. San Pedro June 2
Str. Rose City, San Pedro. ... ..July 2
Dne to Depart. "
Str. Roanoke, San Diego... i.. Indefinite
Str. Alliance. Eureka..... ...... June IS
Str. Anvil. Bandon Juno 20
Sir. Suo H. Elmore, Tillamook June 20
Htr. Breakwater, Coos Bay. ., .June 20
Btr. uoiaen ante, Tillamook. . ,. June 21
tr. Geo. W. Elder. San Dlero.-.Juno 21
Htr. Rose City, San Pedro. .....June 22
Str. Bear, San Pedro July 2
- Coasters to Arms,
Despatch, Am. str. ......San Frsncisco
J. B. Stetson, Am. Str. San. Francisco
J. A. Chanalor, Am. str. .San Francisco
Shasta, Am. str. ............ an Pedro
Shoshone, Am. str. .........Ban Pedro
RoBecrans. Am. str.. ........ .Monterey
Westerner.- Am. str. San franelsco
Yellowstone, An str. ..... .San Pedro
Ulscellansons Tassels Xaroute.
Balboa, Am. seh.....,....,,.MeJlllonea
Bannockburn, Br, str. . ., Antwerp
Carondelet, Am. bg 4 . San Francisco
Ethelwolf, Br. str. .,;,. .i .Victoria
Ethel Zane. Am. sch. ,.,, ..San Pedrt
H. Hackf eld, Ger. sh ...... , , . Honolulu
Hampton, Br. str. Ban Francisco
King Cyrus, Am. sch. , .....San Pedro
Koan Maru, Jap;', str. Honolulu
Louisiana. Am.- bge . .....(.,.Inndale
Orterio, Br. atr. . ... ......... . seattla
8t David. Am. bge. . . .. Irondal
Solveig, Nor. str. ......... Antwerp
Strahlyon, Br. str. ........ r.Tokohama
Titania,- Nor. str. ...... Victoria
Orals Tonaags JJaronte.. . t- t
Col de Vlllebols Mareull,-Fr. bk.
... Glasgow
Jules Gotnmes, Fr. bk. Newcastle onT.
Rene, Fr. blc ... ........Newcastle, - A.
St. George. Br. str. ...........Antwerp
Straithbeg, Br. str. .....Antwerp
St. Rogatlen, Fr. bk. .....i.,,. London
Barmbek. Ger. sh, .-. . ...... Sta, Rosalia
Rene, Fr. bk......,.,,, .Newcastle, A.
Bretagne. Fr. bk.' -V .... Newcastle on ; T. I
Kirkcudbrightshire, Br. sh Newcastle A.
Klnross-shlre. Br. bk. .Newcastle on T.
Vessels tn Port,
H. Hackfeld, Ger. sh. . . . .NortbPaclflo
Balboa, Am. sch. St Johns
Boston, U. 8. ss. on way up
Sttverle, Br. ss. r. . . i . .... . ..; Albers'
Oswestry, Br. sa., Tongue Point
Rose Cityr Am. ss. .. Alnsworthl
Johan Poulsen. Am. bs.. . .. . . .WestDort
Strathlyon. Br. ss. .Eastern & Western
Marshal de Gontaut Fr. bk.Port Lbr. Co.
Marechal de Castries, Fr. bk. ...Llnnton
Portland, Or., June 17, 1911.
To the Editor of The Journal:
. Having occasion to examine the pro
posed new plumbing 'ordinance which
would have passed the city council at
Its last meeting, but for the foresight
of Councilman. Belding, I find it defec
tive, ambiguous and dangerous. It ts
evident that it has been drawn In favor
of the plumbing supply houses of this
city, as Its provisions in very rigid
in regard to tha weight of material used
and will cause no end of dissatisfac
tion " 1 .
The powers of the plumbing Inspec
tors are greatly .increased and through
Its ambiguities will . causa endless
trouble and expense. to both -contractor
and owner. ' By eliminating waste and
vent connections with the lead bend
under toilets, it will cause considerable
cutting and weakening of buildings and
unsightly furring of walls and ceilings.
In providing for. heavier ferrules, sol
der nipples, clean outs, tubing, traps
and other necessary ? fittings It will
greatly increase the cost The provision
for walling cesspools is dangerous Jri
allowing the brick to be set on edge,
the . writer knowing of one Instance
where a cesspool so .constructed In Al
bina caved in and an aged woman saved
herself serious Injury pnly by N hanging
to an iron pipe leading into it
It will require more Inspectors to en
force the provisions, yet the annual II
cense fee of plumbers has been elimi
nated. thereby causing a loss to the
city's revenue of about $2,000 per year.
It is evident that ' the framera of
said ordinance wanted to do something
for the betterment of the sanitary con
dltlona Of the city, but they have failed
to do so. 1 The present plumbing ordi
nance has been In 'effect for several
years, Is Sanitary in every respect and
with a' few minor changes will be good
enough for this or any city.: The pres
ent, building ordinance has prevented
mar v persons from building, so why
add to the . cost of tha,. over-burdened
home builder by passing this proposed
plumbing ordinance? . v
I trust that the members or tne city
council will, examine Its provisions and
reject It. l . ; . - A TAX PAYER. ,
v Expert Piano Tuning; ,v
This is the time of year that pianos
are tuned most advantageously. Ellens
Music House tuners are expert In tbetr
line. 4 Charges are J reasonable. Tele
phone or call Eilera Piano House, now
at Seventh and Alder. ; . ,
. ' V - MV-Vrw-W
. i.''-' - ' 1 1- ,v, 1 - -TV' 1- . , -: f ,f,- in . : , , .. ... . f 1 -, ....
- ' .'' , . . 5 . I. ..."., j. i. - - .a.'..".
.'1 -i
Finest Dental Parlors on the Coast Now Open to the Public
New L6cation,313te Washington St; Cor. 6th. Entire
. : Upstairs Corner Immediately Opp. Wilcox Bldg.
Dr. E. CAusplund, the
pioneer: dentist, proprietor
of the Electro Dental Par-
lors, Fifth and Washington
.streets, has now opened, at
' the northeast corner: Sixth
and Washington streets, in
the newly constructed La-
. fayette " building, - whatrnre
conceded. to be vthe .tmest
dental parlors west - of ' the
Mississippi nver.
, , Everything that goes - to
equip a new and, modern
'dental- establishment -: has
- been installed all the ; lat
est appliances for, extract
W ing and filling teeth pain-
lessly i 4he ; best . and most
. . skillful operators that could
'be . engaged;, reception
; . rooms of comfort to those
..waiting for attention; nice,
; : c6ol airy, ventilated oper
ating room, etc. ; ' v:.
. v Dr. Ausplund has spent
'. years of study in dentistry;
. and every patient is given
the, benefit of his : expert
r knowledge While it is ab?
,-solutely .impossible for Div
-. Ausplund to. give his per-
' sonal, attention " to every
visitor, nevertheless - the
IIM 11,1
"Manager:.. .
work is so arranged that
each patient has the same
care and treatment as if the
doctor himself had : taken
the . case.'- because " every
thing is done directly, under
his supervision. -
Owing to the volume of
business done by the Elec
tro Dental Parlors, rates
have ; been reduced 'to: the
lowest possible1 minimum
For the -benefit of - those
that are not acquainted
with; the established prices,;;
they. ' areherewith ,' pub- ;
Iished : Porcelain crowns, ; T;.;i
$S ; 22k gold crowns5 ; ; X
22k; gold : bridge, ' $3.50 ;. .
gold filUngsHn, silver fill-,;
ingsv3oc,Ueeth with plates, Hi i
$5.;A11 work is .warrant-
ed for 1 5 years and best
bank", references given.
Dr; Absnlund . wishes it
distinctly - understood that
he feels that the success of
the' Electro i Dental; Parlors
is "due. to the fact:that4he - -very
best . work , is " per
formed at very J lowest
prices.' Patients' are depended-on
for, recommen-'
dations The , offices are ,
open 1 every , evenings until
9 o'clock. : ; 1 ;
; A cordial invitatioais ex- v
tended a everyone r: to visit '
the new Electro Dental Par
lors, formerly. Fifth and ,
Washington, now -corner fl j
S i x t h and ' , Washington,
northeast corner, opposite' '
the new -Wilcox building..; -