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v Blood Hounds Perform. Marvelous Feats
Enemies Excite Illiterate Peons
fr' by,, Purported s Promises - of
i Free Land; Which v Cannot
.Be Given;. -..
, , ; ' '
:' -"-flVtltmt Press Unu4 Wire'" . '
rUxlea City, una 1J. The moat bud
JU plot of th antl-Medsro action lb
Mexico, , discovered tonight, will prob
ably prove the moat dajtasroua . th
' yount leader will bar to contend wltb
whan ho becomee preetdent, as ho un
doubtedly will in th national olootlona
the firet week In jOctober. , "
5Goemlca of 'Madera tiava scattered
broadcast throughout the, republic the
announcement that aa aoon aa
eomee preetdent. aiadero will alio tha
vaat aautaa of tha feudal land ownera
and divide tha land among tha peon a.
E!hty.f1v per cant of tha Ucilcaoa
naunar raaa nor .writ and tha . an
uoupcement, acattered by roan uppose-J
to o frtandly with Madero, haa bean
received with wild acclaim.
- ;'- Trouble roared.
'When Madero become prealdant and
tha 11,000,000 peon of Mexico dlecover
that ha cannot dlvld hla areal estates,
free, among tha peon a, Madero' friend
fear thera will follow an uprising that
will unseat Madero. The land question
figured prominently In the fall of Dlaa.
.The Madarlata have bf un a campaign
Of education In th hope of ehowing
the peon that Madero cannot divide
th estate fre among them. Th pre
ont d facto government, under De la
Barra, la ahowlng great good will to
ward Madero In regard to land mat
ter and 1 lnveatigatlng all tha land
holdloga In the country. ., Many land
ownera have aquatted on great tract
of land and rented them out. Thla land
will be aelaed by the government and
old to th peona, but thla will b the
closest Madero will
free land to th,e people.
- To BoIt labor Qaestloa.
Madero already ha begun hla effort
to solve th labor question by appoint
ing Pin Suares. hla trusted, friend, aa
governor of
are held, aa elevea.
., -
s.; '
:: h : A 1 : if. ;
: "' ... M-:A
" - r. ' . V' " :
and oonverted them from foee to t
feared Into frlnd and Ibyal aubjeota
of tha emplr.,' i .-.( ..
SUnding In front 'Of th Hotel Cecil
la Andrew Flaher, onca a pit boy, now
th premier or Australia.
Bealde him ia Blr Wilfred laurler.
premier of the Dominion of Canada,
Franca by descent, English through re
ilgtoua regard for the old country, and
vanaaian aiway. ' t . ;. r. t
The are only a'few'ef tha. thou-
aanda of notable flgurea that ar ia the
streete, the foyer ef great hotela and
In the places at aside by tha king
for royal and, other important vlaltora
:, Amerloaa Tlaitor irumaroua,
Ther li in army of Americana In
th city, too., and they add to th gaiety
of th momentou occasion by Injecting
a epic of th hurry and buatla of II f ia
th United Btatea Into ordinarily placid
ungual) aurroundinga. . Everywher you
hear expression of th whit light in
Broadway and th fiery chariot that
blase forth nightly nar Herald Square,
Chicago, too. ta represented and the
atrldent no tea of It cltlaena rise above
the din cauaed by the driver of other
landa. ; s
There ar many vlaltora from Boeton.
who ar at home when you alng tha
broad praise of th Hub.. Ther ar
regiment front Philadelphia, Washing
ton. 6X Louis, Kansaa City, Denver,
Pacific coast citlee, with aquada from
Cheboygan, Kalamaaoo and a hundred
other email oltlea and town which hav
won fame by being placed on th map.
All theae Americana seem to have
money and they ar spending It, too;
some with tha abandon of a aailor on
ahor -reave, othera with tha dlacrimlnat-
ing tact that insure respect and good
aervic rrom th English.
B. F. Irvine of Journal Editor
ial Staff Selected to Greet
; Cruiser and PartyBoat to j
Arrive at 2 P. M.
S. B. Bradford, owner, and his trained canines who are being used
hunt for slayer of Hill family. .
iCaltsd rreaa Lmw4 Wl.
Chicago. June IT. 8even new ator
of the United Cigar Store company,
which were to hav been opened in Chl-
oago, hav been ordered oloeed. and It la
probable that they will never be opened.
A almllar condition la aaid to prevail In
all parte of the country. Lease hav
been algned on the Chicago ator and
th trust will be com pel led to par rant
al. but will go no further toward open
ing th atorea. The determination not
to open theae new placea follow th
suprem court decision In the tobacco
"Sam" and "Brady." the bloodhounda
b toward giving 8- B.,Bradfoid of Seattle who had
them on th Mill murder case, ar regu
lar pale. They have alwaya worked to
gether, and hav man-hunting reduced
to a science. The to appear to be a mu
tual underatandlnc between the two
Yucatan, where workmen dog, wn-n they are on th trm tor
alavea 8 u ares declared I .... ii,. nrv m. i.
ne wouia oreax up inia aiaveryir n l ..i.n., i.',.
had to use troop, , to raid the great ""SET V:7i-i-.k- k..v
, Madero declares one of the graveat
problema he haa to face ia that of gen
eral education. ' Hi father, aa aoon aa
th election la over, will announce a
'Brady amll th ground and "Bam'
aoenta tha buahea and ahrubbery. In
the open, "Brady" take th . ground.
and "8am" kep hi head in th air.
gift, of 11.000,000 for public schools barking and watchea every-
and other - rich Mexican are expected
to make large glfta.
' The development of Mexico, financial
ly win be another car1 of Madero, and
thing abov th ground. . "Brady" 1 th
leader at all times, and when a dia
ptfte arlae between tha two doga over
a Queetlonabl point on th trail, hla
, American capital will b welcomed andJJodgmant ia th matter appear to P re
ef forts made to overthrow th Mexican raiL. The aoga nave woraea m tnia
prejudlo agalnat Americana.' ' team-fashion for aeveral year, and do
"But I will fight American truata batter work together than alone. A
that tend toward monopollea," aaid Ma- email bell ia uael by their owner la
dero, tonight. "On of my chief dutte patting them on a trail, ,
la to end the-hnndrwio-of ' menopolle t To take a trail, an object that haa
that have arisen In Mexico.?,.. , . been bandied or worn by- the man
- " Bought la given the doga While they
Cni niPRC TlkT tin ' are examining It, the owner tingle th
OUUUICno J HIC . 0,a Mi th aoga knotr th mnt from
a nMiisi imiA " th trail b a track, the doga ar
IU LAT UUVVN AMMO (taken fo the spqt whert th man haa
, ' Iwalkad, Uielr aoe held, to th ground.
(Uatte Press Usse WW.i
' Mexlcall. Cel., June 1T Ten dollar
cash paid to each member of th lib
eral garrleon at Mexican thla afternoon
put an end to the revolution in uower
California aa far aa the rebel now In
the field are concerned. The money in
United Btatea coin was handed to the
aeventy odd aoldlera composing th gar
rison by emissaries of Francisco I. Ma
dero in return for a written agreement
that they would not again take up arms
agalnat Mexico. The men surrendered
all but their aide arma, crossed the line
and the bell need. They are off at onca
Th owner alwaya keepa them chained
together and followa holding a long
Get One Almost Free!
Have you visited the talking machine
department of the new Eilere Music
lPhI lUd., X, bark Roth .lOM H0U'" 8eVenth Md AWWT "
trail, th louder they bark- Both doga vo -hotiM m at nn. ie .w-
are thoroughbred Cuban blood hounda, owner of m vlctor or ColunJbu talking
nine year old,
"Brady" la well known in the north
weet He waa uted In trailing Tracy,
the outlajr. Hla face la badly acarred
from ahota given him by an eacaped
convict by the nelne of Smith from the
Oregon penitentiary who served time for J
killing a man named Henderaon at Or
egon City about elx years ago. The
convict waa captured by the aid of the
Last summer, Mr. Bradford took the
dog to hunt a small boy that wandered
from Nookaack, Wash. The boy had
been missing 13 hours, and was trailed
by th dog and found near Mount Ver
non, wasn.
Th two doga ar reported to have
taken the trail of two man from the
Green River Hot Pprlnga hotel in Waah
Ington, after tha men had been missing
10S hour, and they were located high
up la the mountains. - Tha doga kept on
th trail over the entire route. .The two
men -were found dead. Last fall, the
dog were put on the trail of an Insane
men near Olympla, and they trailed him
to a .bridge over the stream, where the
maa had committed 'eutcld by jumping
Into th water.
machine you at entitled to on latest
double-aided disc record for 10 cent.
Unable to g In person . to Rainier
thla morning to meet and receive the
cruiser Boston,, Oovernor West haa ap
pointed B. r. Irvine, of The Journal
editorial ataff, aa hla personal repre
sentative, while hla secretary. R. A.
Wataon, will also accompany the party
Men will b composed of Adjutant
General Flnaer, Mayor Simon, members
vi me euy council ana omer oiiiciais.
The Boston left up the river from
Astoria at S o'clock yeaterday afternoon
with Pilot Harry Emken In charge, and
anchored at Rainier to await the arrival
of those who are to meet and accom
pany her to Portland aa guests of Lieu
tenant commander gpeier. She la ex
pected to arrive here at about Z o'clock
In the afternoon, when aha will be greet
ed by the whlatlea of th vessels Ih ,
port. It is probable that a number of
launchea will travel aome dlatance
down th river to meet the hletorlo j
cruiser. I
Th Boston, wbloh haa been turned
over to. the Oregon Naval Mtlltta for
drilling and cruising purposes, will re
main in th hnrbor here except when j
taxing me muiiia out on praottce
cruises. Several Bailors of tha United
State army have been detailed to look
after her while aha la in port. It la
expected that the flrat annual summer
cruise of the militia will take place
within th next week or o.
Mexico City. Jun 17. The volcano
Coll ma broke out In eruption today and
W: Mll.a taata k... ahalf.M ss. I
lliv, vvwu v& vviiiim aaaaa vwu viimvu vw j i
that the tower or tn catneoraj vui
hurled to the ground and ahattered.
Refugeea are leaving Collraa by th
1 , a, - - - AW - . A MW 1
nunarras, nnamg ivr inis cnjr. an(i
nurse and doctor of th Red Cross I
ar preparing to leav for Collma to
night, although full detail of th dam
age and Injury to life are lacking.
tartlng bell for them to pick up and
follow the acent. .
TraO U Znmi.
They noaed around under th window
of the Hill house for a minute or two.
made .off around the chicken coop and
then directly across th lot for th
Mathews house, which I nearest th
Hill home on th aouth. They loat
whatever , acent they had near thla
houae. -
Th hounda were taken back and
in a bod v to CaJexico. Cal. Officer, of atarter over again with the bloody tow-
th U. 8. army dlrctd them to move!1" doth- Thl tlm they turned
on a quietly aa possible. , I north, wnt up th Wlllsburg road, fol-
Wlthln two houra after tha men had I?w,n the trail through the grass on
been paid off, Mexican began to aaaume
th condition prevailing berore th war.
The Maderiataa at once began the work
of re-establishing th city government.
A jefe politico and Jende mayoral war
.appointed and the work of organlalng
th police force, will be, taken up ahort
ly. ' . .- ' r ' .
Th ex-rebela were not moleated try
the U. S. troop aa long aa they kept
th aide of tha road for perhapa a quar
ter of a mile to a point where a rail
gat .form a break in. the barbed wire
fence that mark th road from the
thick wood on th opposite aide from
th Hill cabin. Ther 1 a trail running
through th wood, but parallelling the
road, perhaps ten yards back from the
open road. Thla trail run a quarter
of a' mil further Into a field adjoining
moving. H7dr'ed7 of " MIcil waE Dalkr hou.. and come, out into th.
dent who hav lived In Calexlco .since
the trouble started prepared to , move
back and taker up their abode. ', The
Cudahy ranch and other large Interests
near Mexican will resume operatlona
within a few daya.
'The Maderlat envoya will proceed to
Tla Juana and Tecate tomorrow, where
other rebel bands are located and will
attempt to aettle with them on similar
term. It is raid they have already
received the assurance of the garrisons
there that they will quit wften they re
ceive th,e money. ,
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aohuBBtU, and Ml May - Winter, - of
Indianapolis, acted aa marshal' of th
division. In the rank wr represen
tative aotro, author, doctors, law
era and rauaiolanav
u Hjraa Birds" In Division.
f Th division of women who have
served jail aentencea . for, the "cause'
waa headed by a woman' band of Scotch
bagpipers. Their picturesque plain uni
forms and fin playing attracted atten
tlon all alone the line of march. .
- The paradera got their greatest ova
tlon when passing Knight Bright bar
facks. The guardsmen applauded . the
marching women. The women from the
United States led th foreign countries
and thon came, second, a group of arad-
f nates, artists,' musicians, nurses, teach
ers, and finally, the male sympathizers
Of women's suffrage, , - -. -i..
The parade ended at Albert hall, where
a a off rage demonstration waa addressed
by orator representing every civilised
nation on the glob.
Mr. Pankhurat, leader of the militant
Suffragettes, - in her speech .: In Albert
hall, declared that auffrag would win
in England within a year. Her daugh
ter. - Christobal. was not ao sanguine.
Bhe warned the women that Premier Aa-
fluith'a promises cannot b' "too fully
depended on.", , .
(Continued From Page; On.)
ema county carried with him,, wrapped
In a newspaper, the two bloody towels
found on the floor of Mr. and Mrs. Hill's
bedroom and-" the little piece of whit
tnuslln. blood, steUned,. that Sheriff
Stevens' picked tip before the Delk house
the morning after the -murders. The
dog were given these to smell and Sam
Bradford, their . owner, . . tinkled the
main road again through a gate next
tn rence about the Delk house.
Woods Ar Searched.
The doga ran baying down thia trail
and came up abruptly , at thla gate.
When they war let out Into the open
roaa mey were at rauit and were un
able to pick up whatever acent they
nao. ,
Th place wbera the aate leads i into
the road is about where the little bit
of bloody muslin was picked up. But
so tar, ther ha been nothing to asso
ciat this scrap of cloth with th kill
ing of th HUl further than that it waa
picked, vp on th road the morning fol
lowing th murdra - . ,
Wb th dogs had been watered and
rested after their hot chas down th
trail from th .Hill . horn they were
tajcea into th woods back of ta Delk
fionsa, in th hop they might dig up
som of th traanp rjTintle" 'that hav
been found in the words. , It was
whll on j this q,ust that tha ' strange
man seen Dy th farmer dodged from
bush ; to bush . and waa lost to sight
again in tn woods.
S; Oeaoriptloaa XekUar
Descriptions of the man who haa been
terrorising the ArdenwaJd people ar
crangeiy lacung. frobabiy half a doa
en different people have caught a
glimpse of the man as he croaaed a
road or, followed their cattle up from
pasture in the , early morning.'. Every
oneVwho saw; him had hla features ao
Impressed upon their vlstona that they
are positive they would know him again
among a hundred but they are unable
torsive careful descriptions of "Mm. JHe
seems' to ba a middle aged man, power
fully built, with a stubbv arowth of
beard' about his face. -Qua Obrlat. whom
he attacked, aaya he exclaimed, "That'a
enough!" a h jumped upon hi back.
The morning- before Obrist ; aay be
heard him' call out, "Shut up!" as if
to some companion out of slabt down
th pasture. Obrist, like. the man. who
says'h. saw. him yesterday afternoon,
I certain he could identify htm. -
' Kay Be Maniac
The belief Is gaining ground with the
aherlff a - men that; this man la th
homicidal manlao who escaped 'from the
Crystal .Spring . Sanitarium . .' month
ago not far from Ardenwald. and has
never been recaptured.. As to whether
h 1 the one who murdered the Hills,
they are unwilling to exprese an opln-
loo- W i'j. & ; W,S..
The night and day hunt that haa bean
mad for-the Hill ' murderer baa de
veloped , en peculiar - thing the aura- j
ber of inaan men, Insane beyond any
room for doubt, who are at large -upon
the public - highway a. Insulting women
and going their way unmolested until
picked up on suspicion because of the
HUl affair. There hav been a doien ar
rests in Portland and neighboring towna
since the murder of the Hills, of men
of this type, while a great many more
suspects have been reported to th po
lice and sheriff office.
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rub elbow with Brown, muscular and
hardy looking New Zealandera.
Ther ar black men, brown men and
yellow men, who, while adding 'a note
of color to the vaat throngs, emphasise
the influence of this Island on the king
dom, which extends 1 to - the . remotest
corners of the earth; All are here to
acknowledge George V aa their king
and to emphasise by their attendance
the hold which England has upon her
subjects , In the four quarters of the
Yotableg Seen BfeijwliT.
: In th hurrying, scurrying crowds one
sees many notable figures. Here one
sees General Nogl, captor of Port Ar
thur; Admiral Togo, the hero of the
battle Of the Sea of Japan, and Therels
Botha, bearded and bronzed, who only
a, few years ago, aa a Boer general.
exacted tribute of lives and treasure
from Britons. Today the latter Is in
London as premier of the union of Brit
ish South Africa, and sitting beside him
In the carriage is Kitchener of Khar
toum, -who subjugated the Boer farmers
At Friedlander's
Spend Your
; AT .
Gladstone Park
Where there are cpol, shady
places for your picnic luncheon.
. y
Will be the opening day of the .
Willamette Valley
Fine camping facilities.
TV J. Gary, , Secretary, Oregon '
v.-- :vCity- : "
Ideal Vacation Place
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$35 Diamond Rings reduced to $25.00
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Integrity have made the name of
FRIEDLANDER an absolute guaranty for
all the articles we offer for sale.
Present Location
268 Washington
Third and Fourth
Future Location
Wilcox Building
Sixth and Washington
: 888 Valoa Are. ;
r-'v ' sssmJssssU-aMaD"4fea. -
- ja im - x vx
lea r - i -KI U U VA
' 1 J -
iStiartling Reductions on the
Finest of High Grade
Pianos and Player Pianos
- iii Bush & Lane's
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This Removal Sale .means more to you
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our present quarters must go. , - ( .
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