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' - ; - -
List Includes Dozen or More
Residences; Largest Issued
to S. B.vCouHer for $12,500
Brick Structure. ; -
Nw construction to the Value of
Td.000 waa authorised by. permit last
ytAT. the list Including a dosen 01
nor dwelling houses, " a brick store
sliding, small office building-, church
nd the usual grist of repairs,
-The lareect permit v In tha list was
auad to 8. B. Coulter and provided-
or a one-story brick store bulldlna on
erbr . street, batwaen JtfoCleUan and
Wile. U will, coat $11,500.
On that data a derralt waa taken' out
t Auaust tiieke for a two-atory frama
fflce building, which, be la building- at
saat Gllaaa and Eaat Eightieth atraet
a coat of S&ooO. , . ,,
One of . the handettnest of the many
ew homee , recently bguik la that of
Ira, Elvlna Mulrhead for which a per
alt . waa Uaued riiday. The houae la I
o be a two and one half atory frame
iructure ana will coat' 17000. it will
coupy a quarter ' block ' on . Weldler
treat, near Saat Twenty-third.
Tha Third ; Preabytertan ' church
Milldlng a frame church on Virginia
treat, between Dakota and Nebraska
tracts, tn south Portland. According to
he permit taaued laat Friday, tha build
g la to cost 000,
O. W. Booat has procured a permit
for a two and one half story, frame
(residence to eoat 15000 which be will
build on Grand' avenue, between rrank-
ii in ana Brooklyn atreets.
Permits were Issued Friday to the
following builders for dwellings valued
at iiooa each. vr .
R. E. Blaco. two atorv realdanea. lfiaat
isiath atraet, between Sherman and Car-
H. Gordon,' two and one half story J
residence, Bandy Road, Bear Saat Thirty-third.-
.? v , . ,
t John P. Sharkey, two story reeldence.
East Thirty-sixth, between Kelly and
irrsnklln. V- ...
' J. E. Doles, two story residence. East
Fifteenth street, between Braaee and
Knott ,
tr y-. ai,ia.
i ; " - .
'Washington. June 17acret.rv f
HA, . . ' ' -
ivr dudioo is teuinc uie roiiowin
I atory on himself, alnee his horseback
I trip tne outer aay with Major General
Wood, his chief of staff, into Virginia,
to the camp of tha enalneer and eav.
I airy force stationed near Washington,
General Wood and the secretary rode
I out to the camp, where they were re
ceived with much attention.. Tha off
icers came up to pay their respects, and
I upon looking at their Insignia, Secre
tary Btimson, Who la a member of
"Squadron A, the crack military caval
ry organisation of New? York, discovered
that the cavalrymen he waa meeting
belonged to the same regiment, the
Fifteenth, with which his mllltla or
ganisation had been detailed during the
maneuvers at Manassas. Va In 1801
Virion-; the officers, Secretary Stlmeon
discovered ' to his glee several whoae
horses ho had held while serving aa a
private In tha mllltla ranks at these
maneuvers, - ' .
' Though the secretary of war 1
since risen to the rank of lieutenant In
Squadron A, and is forever relieved of
duty of holding officers' horses, he de
clared It was worth tt la tha pleasure of
meeting the fifteenth, cavalrymen In
fala new position.
i Artesian Well Still Flowing. .
(Stweial DliiMtcb te The jAoraat.
well which waa struck last week at
MayvlUe la still flowing and the volume
of water Is not diminianea in the leeat
Tha Investment aociety, which owns
the well, will put In proper casing and
expects a steady flow of at least 100
gallons per minute. Waterworks will
be Installed in the near future and the
water will be used for Irrigation aa
well as for domestic uses.
. i ' ' i f i
Postal Bank. at Roaebnrg July 1.. '-,
Sim4.1 DliDiteli ta Tho Journal, t '
I Boaeburg. Or., June II. Postmaster
C - W. Parka has been . officially ad
vised to prepare for opening at tha
postoffloe la Hoseburg on July 1 a
branch of the United SUtes postal' Sav
ings bank. , . "
:, . v , . r
t Journal Want Ads bring results.
Realdenca of Iter. U. i J. Bullard Eaat Twenty-fifth and Madison' streets.
Friendly Relations v Between
Business Associates Help ;
'. : 'Sales,. It Is Said;
The advantages of rea estate aaao
ciauono to realty arosars ana property
owners' are better understood la this
oountry today than at aay time alnee
the business of buying and selling real
estate for ootnmlsstpn became a com
mon vocation, i ' ' , j. ; '. ,
The National Beat ' Estate Journal.
dlaouatUtg . this Subject, eommeata aa
follows! ,.' .; ,
' "The - difference between a tranaae-
tlon-la the real eatate brokerage sue!
ness in cities where reel estate boards
are estebllehed and la thoae where
there are bo real estate boards la just
thlS! w J , ' .... ' ' - -
Wbere real eatate boards are prop
erly organised, real eetate brokere ere
contemporaries, friends, buslnees asso
ciates, all helping eaon other ana
boosting the real estate buslnees aa a
whole. If one broker Is making a sale
every broker in town will help him to
complete 1U he has anything to sen
that he can't aell himaeir ne Jiets on
tha board and every real eetate bro
ker in town makee an effort to sen
It and the commission Is divided. . The
, 1 i. i. . -
Catching Live Venomous Rep
tiles iot Market Odd Means
- of Livelihood Employed.
. llMrtil mDtk te Vba Joernsl.
Baa Antonio, Texaa, June 17. Hunt
ing anakea for a living may not be an
occupation that la . really- pleasant In
all Its phases, and It may not be at-
traouve to ail olaases of mtn.- How
at.f thara im m. man In tKfa A4tw a
Mexican, who haa made anake hunting
a business for a number of years. He
does not confine himself to the harm
lees variety, but makea a SDoelaltr of
catoning the cotton-mouth moccasin and
the rattlesnake. These are eauzht alive
and aold to a dealer In anakes. whoae
place of business la In West Commerce
street - ?
This Mexican anake hunter aa two
methoda of catching a rattler. If the
anake la large he places a forked stick
on its neck and holda It, down until he
can get-a hold of It In auch a manner
aa to drop It Into a Back. But If It la a
email rattler, a stlok la aot used.' The
hunter watchea the reptile until It coll a,
ready to strike, and then with a swift
movement of the hand catches the
snake Just below the head, grips . It
tightly and slips it into a sack. "
Catching Water Xoooaslns, . -,"
Wbtle catching water moocaalna, how
ever,, he usually goea barefoot and when
the moooasla la too urge to be eauabt
with the hand It la lassoosd with a
email lariat attached to the end of a
a tick. Sometimee this Is done by let
ting the reptile swim through the loop.
At other timea It la thrown ever the
head of the ejwlmmlng snake with as
much, accuracy aa a sanua marksman
ahoots with a gun. In the winter, when
anakea are hibernating, the anake hunt
er finds a hole and thrusts a stlok down
1L Then he sUs down te watch. If the
stick moree-he knows there la some
thing below and proceeds at once to
dig out the anake. But If there la no
movement after watohlng for a half
hour or so, tha hunter seeks another
hole and repeats the test with a atlck.
It Is not an .uncommon thing for this
snake hunter - to bag 100 pounds of
anakea In one day. These, If they be
good specimens, bring 28 cents per
pound, alive.
Jraake Bunting Profitable.
While this la the only snake hunter
In this city, a number of men now in
the KingsviUe country, near the gulf.
are engaged in the business and follow
It all the year round. Recently too
pounds of rattlesnakes were shipped
Info, this city!-by express from one
snake hunter in the Klngsvllle country,
the man having made an unusual catch
In One week. From the dealer here.
rattlesnakes are shipped to all parts
of the country for exhibition purposes,
and in a few Instances shipments have
been made to other parts of the world.
The Texas rattler Is deadly venomous.
and ha) to be handled with care. So
- I ! ' ' ;.( f ' ,St v - 'v.. 'v if -JT . - t 3
3 i - - ' . - f -'. - ' a
3 1 , , - y i-rf " h. . . 'vf'! - . B
3? '..''- I I' A , -' a
a t " v 1 i 1 i , ' . r ' - " iff 1 s
a j t , - ' a
Hi- ' A' i - )" " a
ft't 'FITi MM I L(il1 1
gsJSa Illegal ilstsWlt jMr
Handsome reeldence recent! y completed at Eaat Twenty-fourth and Bratee etreeti; Irvlnrton.
far as known, but one rattlenaake hunt
er haa ever died from she effects of a
bite while capturlne- a snake. It Is not
an unoommon thing In some of the wild
er parte of the country to capture a
snake having II or more reuiea, anow
Inar that the reptile la It years or more
old, since the fVot rattle appeara when
the anake. la one year of age,
' Baaaa
pronouncement from Frederick William
nr. to the effect that the disputed estate
had reverted to the Prussian crown, In
virtus of the act of banishment. It Is
understood, however, that the preeent
claimants have collected much fresh
material for the substantiation of their
case.. i , .
real eatate business under such condi
tions Is moat agreeable and profitable.
Instead of the great competition which
may be found In other lines of trade
and even In the real eatate business
where boards are not established, the
brokers meet and greet each other in
the warmest terms of friendship.
"There Is no doubt at all about the
value of aa organization. Real eatate
la a staple commodity In communities
where there , are well regulated reel
estate boards. . The business of dealing
In It Is light, profitable and agreeable.
Where, there are no, real, eatate boards
the real , aetata bualneae la depressed.
It la a poor Inveatment and the buai
aeaa of dealing la real estate In such
communities Is , extremely unprofit
able. . .. V'. ; .- . ', .4 ..'...
The Importance of the real estate
buslnees ss a profeealon la Impreselng
Itself , mora fully all the time ' upoa
those engaged In the buetnees ae well
as all claases of people interested.
either In buying or selling real eatate
as an Investment or for, speculation
The . same publication refere te the
profeealon of real eetate and the bene
fits to be derived from membership la
the natlonar association, ss follows:
The real estate profeealon la not
eae that can be learned In college and
there are no text books oa the subject
It Is, nevertheless, one of the most Im
portant lines of trade: one In which
the most money la Inveeted; one la
which - the largest number of people
are vitally in teres tea, . , (
leamlaa' . Wof casta.' '
'The profession can be learned only
rrom those wne are engaged in , it
Real ' setate men can learn the work
thoroughly from one ' another only.
They have, therefore, more In eommoa
nth each other and by erganlsatloa
than aay other elaae ef people lav the
'The National Association , of Real
Estate exchangee waa organised by the
sutes la order to bring all the real ea
tate men, . through the local boards.
Into the national association and
through it give to each real eetate
broker the combined Influence and
prestige of all the ether real eetate
men In the United Its tee and help each
to make sales." ;
The members ef Martha Washington
and Myrtle chapters of the Eastern
Star are making elaborate preparations
for the twentieth anniversary, ef. the
organisation of theee two bodlee which
will be held tomorrow night In the Ma
sonio temple A literary and mueloal
program will be given, followed by a
banquet and social hour In which there
will be related reminiscences of the hap
penings la tha two chapters slnoe they
were organised, invltatlona have been
reetrlcted to the members of the two
chapters and the grand chapter efftoera.
The guests of honor will be lira Miller,
past grand matron, and her son, Robert
Miller, past grand patron, who aaalated
her In tne Installation of the first set
of officers of the two chapters.
contriouters to the program will be
Mies Masle Foster and Mtm Florence
Ollmore. who will sing, and Miss Lottie
Banfleld. who will recite. Addresses of
a historical nature will be delivered by
Mrs. rtooeri Lume or Myrtle chapter
and J. H. Richmond of Martha Washing
ton chapter. Following . the banquet
there will be toaata proposed to which
responses will be made by various nrom-
Inent members of the order.
The committee from Martha Washlne-
ton chapter to arrange for the event la
oompoaed of Mr. and Mra T. M. Hurl
burt, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Richmond. Mrs.
Laura Mailer and Mra R. R. Dingle
The committee - from Myrtle chapter Is
odmposed of Mrs. Robert Lutke, Mr. and
Mra. A. M. Brown, Mr. and Mra. W. P.
Jelllson and Mrs. M. C. Banfleld.
. Ml SfSEl
New Town on Columbia Fcrg-
Ing Ahead; New Buildings
;. Constructed.1,
Lyle,' WeslL. June II. The Immense
amouat of work that has bee done on
the townaite of Lyle alnee its purchase
by Portlaad Interests, la becoming evi
dent 'Sixth and Seventh streets, Lyle
avenue, Waahlngtoa and State streets,
tn the business district have all been
graded and eight foot cement aldewalkg
and eurbs have been laid, The plane
for the water worka have been drawn
up and the reservoir alte selected In the
hills back of the town. A water aye
tern sufficient te supply a eity ef loot
people will be Installed at onea with
preeeure water throughout, the entire
townaite, . . ,: v - .,'
The ' Lyle Waahlagtonlan, the new
newapaper started by Thomas Harlan,
the veteran editor of Washington, haa
made a very favorable Impression. A
temporary newepaper building haa been
built which will sooa be replaced by a
modem printing plant, a brick and con
crete building. - . . .
The bank building now being erected
by the State bank of Lyle will be a
model structure of Ite kind, the entire
building to be devoted to banking pur
poiea. -
The dispute ever the power develop
ment In the Klickitat river has brought
Into public notice the tremendous e lac-
trio power soon te be generated within .
two miles of the townslte which will
soon be harnessed and give ta the In
dustrles located at Lyle ample power.
According to the U. 8. geological report,
the power of the Klickitat river la
greater than that of any other stream
In the state of Washington,
The Lrle Business Men's club haa ar
ranged for an old fashioned Fourth of
July celebration. ThaJNorth Bank rail
road has granted apeciai ratae rrom au
nalnla to I .vis. n El Kaaaav will acinar
hla palatial houseboat to Lyle aad suns.
mer there with his family. Among re
cent sales made Is a business eoraee
to Ledbetter ft Wallace company, lead-
lag merchanta of Goldendale, who will
erect a two story department store .
IS SOLD, FOR $10,000 ,
H. D. Kllhara and IL 8. Ringer have
bourn t tha J. H. Barber , tract of II
aores eight miles west of the city and
will plat and put It on the market .
soon. The consideration waa about 111.-
000. This sale waa made by Neal
Brown. Mr. Brown also reports the sale
this week of a five acre tract at La
fayette for K. M. Borgen to Joseph -Stephens,
a new arrival from Minnesota, '
consideration 11110. . '
11,1 i in
Harrying Laundry Building. ,
(perls! Dttpstob to Ttas JoanuLl ' '
The Dalles. Or.. June IT. D. Duval
of Portland la rushing alterations on the
Kelly building to accommodate the new
laundry which will be ready for busi
ness In about; three weeks. .
n i ! m i i i i t".-
Journal Want Ada bring results.
mv tha Intern Maori Retrs Service.)
Berlin, June 17. An action haa bean
commenced In the German courts by the
descendants of the famous Russian Qen
oral Muennlch to recover the sum Of
40,000.000 roubles . ($10,000,000) from
Emperor William, as king of Prussia.
The claim is based upon the gift of the
eatate to General Muennlch by, Freder
Ick the Great as reward for hla share
in bringing about tha .treaty between
Russia and Prussia. The general re
fused to accept the proffered present.
but the deeds of gift were later handed
to Kle 'sdr. During the- banishment 'of
the Muennlcha, which lasted 20 years,
doubts seem to have arisen as to the
ownership of the estate la- question.
La 180S the claim of the Muennlch
family was broached diplomatically by
the Russian ambassador at Berlin, hut
the) Prussian foreign minister. Haug-
wltx, replied that bis government could
not admit Its validity. Borne 60 years
later a descendant 'of the general, who
was chief court marshal to the duke of
Oldenburg, managed to Interest that
prlhce la the business, and secured a
r u..
'- r
1 Y.. NVVi ':
s;5S.i:.:.iLiv; i ' t
4 SSS:f:?:!.5Ax-"
- x.!v 'w
Should yon want to take your automobile or the old family horse to the Beach for the use of your wife
children during their cummer outing, you will Hot have to ship them by rail oa-steamer, and wait a
. ' j (l. .),..'. ..,l . fnrt.,n.. nni,nU tn Aum - Inf TWIN RDPkS Vom ran
wees, ui iui iv w.v.. -.v - - ..... .
drive every foot ol the way from rortiana to this aeacn, leave your rig mere,
the Pacific Railway & Navigation company, which railroad is rapidly neanng con
ere. and return, to rortiana via
completion. But you will have to
hurry, if you want a good lot, as they are going fast. We have sold over; JUU lots to- parties who have
them. Those who have since gone down to inspect their, purchase have expressed themselves
as being well satisfied with them. Come in and pick out your lot before the railroad is completed, and ,
the rush is on, as you can get a better location, lower prices and easier terms now. We have been over
every foot of TWIN ROCKS, and you can choose a lot through us just as well as though you were on
the ground. A small cash payment and easy monthly tyments, WITHOUT INTEREST, will do the rest
, Main 3204. f 314 SeUing BIdg.-
is :i '"MVk'fr&v
( 5 and 10
. ' . ' bounded on
'ft' IfWj&tt other side toy
Ai.fiuv. fttlWAyi&i tation, there is
!r.-Ae i.
A Healthy Orchard at Trcatdale Acres.
This acreage is located 17 miles from Portland. It is
one side py the Columbia river, , and on thft
the bandy river. Besides the,river transpor--
the main line of the O.-W. K. & N. Co.
and the-Troutdale branch of the O. W. P. Co. This land
Line roads. v ;
and the Quality of the '
soil in TROUTD ALE ACRES, intensified farminj? an be
i carried on in the most profitable manner. ... .' .- ,., !
The scenes shown in this ad are. not from land a mile'
away or land adjoining, but are actual photographs from
the land we are selling TROUTDALE ACRES.
From the water of the rivers of either side this land is ,
sub-irrigated, and is out of the frost belt. This, with the ;
richness and depth of the soil, makes this land very pro-
V is aS0 reacheci by the Sandy and Base
;'' 4sfyyi With the advantageous location an
- " y ' is :"--i ca!i in TDnirrnAic Arocc :ac5
!MMh DfhT A faTPSman Payment Doivnli
Balance 5 yrs. a! 6
ductive to-celery, onions, beans, cabbage, cauliflower etc. .
We can showyou land planted to celery that is netting
the owner $1000 per acre every year. Being out of the
frost belt, with plenty of moisture, and the splendid drain
age, this land also produces excellent fruit.
; . The man who tills, a tract of land in TROUTDALE
ACRES will not only make a handsome profit from his
land, but will be enriched each year by the advance in
value. This land, beingvso near to Portland, with its ex
cellent transportation facilities to an ever-wanting mar
ket, asswes our purchasers of a gilt-edge investment.
Ex-President Grover Cleveland said: "I always ad
vise my young friends to place their savings in realty near
some growing tow;n. There are no savings banks any-:
where." .. : .
a Our automobiles run to the tract hourly. Phone or
call at our office and make a reservation to see TROUT
(&fei lail .
407-8-9 Merchants Trnst Bonding
Phones; Main $157, A2937 '
A Productive Tieia cf Caalillower aal