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llffll COUNTY
SELL FOR $60,000
Reavis Place of 160 Acres Is
Bought by S. D. Keltner for
$12,000; Many Other Deals
Since June 1.
That Wallow farm land ere attract-1
Ing tha attention of buy era la shown
from tba transections reported la the
laat raw days. var $60,000 worth of I
landa in that county having changed
hands atnea June 1.
' Tha Frank Reavte farm of I0 acres
on Lower Pralrla creek. Wallowa coun
ty, tag bean bought by 8. D. Keltner
far 11.0o. It la a flna ptece, avary
acre tlllabla and under ditch. Tha deal
u mada through tha Enterprise Real
Estate company. A half Intaraat In tha
Sad Proat barn property and a cottar
a West Main atraat waa treneferred
ta Hr. Reevls In tba deal.
Information bureau and ticket office of the fJO, 000. 00,0 depot. Jut compIaHed by the Chjcato A 'orthweitem railwar.
j-.VV: ... ,
, ..i 4 I
" . i i ! i i III
- 111
li t. Ill
It F. Stubblefleld haa bought tha
"lathers ranch, alx miles north of En
terprlee, on tha Trout Craak road, of
Charles and John Flethers for 1 11.000.
The ranch la one formerly owned by J.
A. Bookout end eonalsta of It!! acre
af land, with plenty ef wetaf for stock
and ooaalderable tillable land.
- )rearotlaUona bare baao aloaed for tha
aal of tba aid Nuaamaker farm ef 1119
aona at tha head ef Cason canyon, te
Dr. A. W. Lenders ef Aberdeen. Waa It.
at tt0 par acre, This to one of tha beat
. wheat reaches ea Happner Flat aad we
vaderstaad tha purchaser will make ex
tenatfv Improvements ea the seme thta
T. . MiMhart haa sold hi a flna 410
era farm ea Prairie ereek. Wallowa
ooaaty. te Henry Fletoher af Enterprise
far $lioot. , Nearly ail of thta ranch la
, wader dltoh, and tba deal Includes pins
chares ta tba Big Band Ditch con pan y.
C P. Randal haa else sold his 170
aero ranch aorta ef hero to Haaoea
Bros. Jor f 17.00. -George
B. Dtmmlek aad C P, Schmidt
AssL Freight Agent H.
: L Still Purchases
Thirty Acres
purchased from Q. T. Purdy of Foaall
last waek a hay ranch containing 140
acrea, paying for it tha aum of $12,000.
Mr. Purdy haa purchased - from Mr.
Dlmmlck and wlf10 acrea of orchard
land near Odell for a conalderatlon of
12000. It la underatood that Mr.
Purdy .will make his home In the vai
Another largo transaction In orchard
land waa recorded laat week whan
Frederick Menefte ef Portland pur
chased a half ef the Dreamland orchard
tract from C. T. Roberta. The Dream
land ranch, which la located about half
a mile aouth ef Van Horn atatlon, waa
comprised of 10 acree. The 40 acres
disposed of brought ths owner the
sum of $18,090. Mr. Menafee will take
Immediate possession ef the place and
will further Improve It next spring by
setting 10 acres of It to commercial
pears. The ranch is a part of the old
Neal homestead and en It is located tha
old Harbison sawmill, which la one of
the rallca of pioneer days, erore ths
Hood River valley had fame for Its big
red aad yellow apples. ' N
. Land In the eouthern part ef Malhevr
county Is changing hands tn large vol
time. Tracts of Improved land where
water has been secured are very valuable
and' command high prices, a la ahown
by the deada recorded the past week la
County Clerk Morfltt's eflce. In which
Henry Conner. Henry Abel and R. B.
Barber secured 117.71 seres of highly
Improved land upon which are numer
ous Irrigating ditches, for 1171.100, The
land la located as foil owe: Lot of
section 14. township 41 aouth. range J 1.
oontaJnlng 11.1 acres, and also lots
and 7, ta eecfloa 4, and lota I and 4
ef section It, all In tha same township,
containing 111.11 acres. ,
A. J. Clark has sold his farm two
I miles north of WUIIamlna to Homer
Holman of Dallas. Ths consideration
$6000. . Mr. Clark bought this place
leas than a year ago and cleared $1(00
on the transaction.
P. R, Feudal!,' the past week. pur.
chased 'from Luke Booth an t acre
tract north of town. The considera
tion Is? not stated,. ., . .
George Beheppert, founder of the
Wlllamina Commercial hotel, has sold
his hostelry to L. L. Bhortrldgs of this
city. The deal involved aa. exchange
ef realty holdings by both parties. For
Handsome Home of C. , H.
Chiek xto Cost $20,000
Carpenter. Dwelling to Cost
.$7500 Many Others. ,
' The week ending yesterday was nota
ble from tha standpoint of. home-build-Ing,
for the reason that permits were
laaued for 'a number of unusually ex
pen sire . and handsome residences.
Tha most sxpsnslve of these project
ed new homes Is the 1H story structure
hlch IS' to be built by C. H. Chick.
on East Fifty-third street, between Bel-
mont and' Taylor. ' Ths building; will
occupy a commanding alts overlooking
a greater portion of the city and wiu
cost between I1S.000 and $10,000
Another !Vl stor dwelling
provided for by permit laat week ' la
that 'of W. A. Carpenter, i which will
be erected on' Eaat . Twenty-fourth
street, between Market street and Haw
thorns avenue. Its sstlmatcd coat la
. 97800 keaadesoe.
Fred O. Buffum, of Buffum A Pendle
ton, haa procured a permit for a SH
atory residence, which be will build on
Overtpn street, betweea Twenty-sixth
and Twenty-seventh a treat a.
of 17800., , . J
A. Peterson has broken ' ground ' en
Borthwlck- street, 'between Bhaver and
Falling .streets, for a 1H story frame
flat building, which will contain two
large six-room apartmeata, which" will
coat annroxlematalv 14000. v " r
On Marguerite avenue, between Clin
ton and Ellsworth streets, Mrs,' Jennie
C smith has begun the erection of
modern Awo-atory dwelling to, .coat
$4000. i . i
. C w. worden has taken out a. per
mit lor a one-atory, zrame. oungaiew,
which he Is building on. Bast. Twenty
aeoond street. ." between Klickitat and
at a coat
sr. V
if $l D as oaf
Four Accused by Eugen
eler of Traffic In Fraud-
talent DefJSar -
near Dolph,
rldga, i; .
belonging te . Mr. Short
Partv of WeIl-txyDo St. Paul Res-1 his hotel Mr. Sohoppert - gets the wu
ia1-4 XI v. , t t.l Umlaa wmraheuae and seme farm land
at ' Oregon's Greatest Orchard
v Project, and ' Buy Number of
Tracts. - "
John W. Harsh, a wall to do farrow
from Dudley. Mo., was In Burns and
vicinity several days the past week and
Is on a. deal for a valuable piece of
property In ; the. valley. He was not
looking for cheap lands, but for some
of the best and found an attractive
place. -. He . has gone to Watervllle.
Wash., where a brother lives whom he
wishes to Join him here and both are
expeciea in a ooupio ox weens.
J. R, Putnam sold E0 acres of his 180
acre tract near Mount Hood to C. P.
Ives and R, B. Palrbalrn, the latter
from Edinburgh, Bootland. Mr. ' Ives,
who is a brother-in-law of Mr, Putnam,
comes from ChMnhersburg, Pa. ' The 10
acres sold Include the 'handsome resi
dence at present occupied by Mr. Put
nam and into which Mr. Fairbalrn and
hla family will move. The purchaaera
will take over Mr. Putnam's chicken
yards, which are perhapa the largeat In
the Hood River valley, having 1200
hens and 1000 ehlcka. Ten acres of the
property bought by Messrs. Ives and
Fairbalrn Is set in trees. Of ths 130
acres retained by Mr. Putnam SO are
set In orchard.
Myrtle Creak real estate Is still In
great demand, the following real es
tate deala being transacted In the past
week: Charlea MeClane purchased 15
acres of Frank Tardly, one mile north
of town, for the consideration or $ieoo;
C. Stean of Seattle purchased Bjicres,
1U miles from town, from C I. Leaven.
good for the consideration or $1000;
Jake Brown purchased 10 acres, 1H
mllee from town, from C. I. Leaven good
for tha consideration of $1000.
', Despite the fast that the Unnhavea
Orchard Co.v la a name which has be
come almost a , household word tn Al-
. bany and Linn county, few residents of
either town or city realise the rnagni
tude aad Importance of the Llnnhaven
Orchard company's orchard tract 18
miles east of Albany.
As a matter of fact this Is the largest
, orchard enterprise in the stats of Ore
gon. The tract contains 1810 acres. 210
. of ..which, are now planted te the beat
vartetlaa of apples, pears, etc. More
over, the preparation of this orchard
. has, bean under the personal supervision
of one of the moat solentlflo hortloul
- turists on the coast
- More than $200,000 worth of this land
.: has been sold by the Llnnhaven people
In 10 acre traota, mostly to people of
: means la St Paul aad other eastern
: states. . Some of the purchaser are al-
ready on the ground and others are pre
paring to build modern dwellings on
'their various properties and will make
j.k their permanent homes there.
- Mr. C. a Laurttsen of Portland, sales
t agent for the Llnnhaven Orchards com
, panr, brought a party hers Sunday eve
nlnav who had bought tracts and came
here for the purpoae of looking at tha
-, . land. Among these wese Mr. H. EL
: etUl. for 30 years first assistant frslght
W- agent of the Northern railroad, who was
so wall pleased that he bought 10 acres
of this fruit land, now planted and be
; , ing cultivated by the company.
Assistant Advertising Manager M. D.
Van Da Water of the Great Northern
was also with the party who went out
with Mr. Laurttsen yesterday to look
A y at the property and purchased a 10 acre
' orchard tract Mrs. T. B. Page, a
wealthy t Paul lady, and her two
sons, J. J. Page and William Beaaley,
were In the party and Mre. Page bought
i 20 acres- She la completely captivated
, with this section of Oregon and expects
te buy residence property and make her
home in Albany or Salem.
- The punting and aale of tha entire
i' . Llnnhaven property will Involve the ex
' penditure of considerably over $1,000,000
to- say -nothing of the reaidencea and
, other buildings which tha purcbaaers of
. ths tracts will expend In their home
making.- It is not only one of the great-
est orchard projects in Oregon, but is
' one of "the greatest importance to the
financial 'interests of Albany and Linn
county. It has " excited more Interest
In -horticulture; In the valley, than any
other effort In; recent ' years.
Mr, J. M. Hawkins, president of the
Oregon Title & Trust company. Is vice
. presidents and general manager of the
Llnnhaven Orchard company, who, with
, hie associates,, is entitled to hearty com
' e mendation for the effort In making this
, v enterprlee. the grand success It. Is today.
??' ? M'Vaa D watas left for MRS. GEO. SEARS LETS
, ; me cm iui siim ana Mrs. rage and
two sons accompanied by Mr. Laurltzen
went to Baiem at noon. Mre. Page will
I probably; return here after a brief ao
joura la Portland and at the coast re
sort when she will prepare' to make
v her permanent home here.
Thie St Paul party all together have
,v putc baaed J40.S00 worth of property in
the, Linnha van orchard tract This is
j the third excursion party which Mr.
n Lauritsen 'bas,' brought, here from Br.
rnui wiuim we past three montba.
E. J. Thome, a Holdman farmer, has
looked to the Weston district for a
pleasant horns for himself and family.
Mr. Thorns has contracted with J. S.
Ross to buy his 80 acre farm; three
miles south of town, $9000 being the
stipulated price.
Local real estate transfers by Salem
firms Indicate the healthy and steady
Increase In values of city and subur
ban properties. Notable among recent
sales made by Salem real estate opera
tors is the five acres, improved, north
east of the state asylum, sold through
Joel R. Benton of D. 8. Rabb & Co.
The consideration Involved waa slightly
In excesa of $1010 per acre, or $6200.
Nothing more clearly lndlcatee the
present, very healthy tone of the local
realty market than the numerous sales
of this nature now being made..and the
total absence of any boom or inflation
of values in this section precludes the
possibility of anything but a sure and
safs development and growth for this
city and surrounding territory.
BayvS, gmltl Folloii. Arrest of
Harry Vletick. Makes poraplaiot
to fclstrlc Attorney Tbt Ho
Jt Xa Victim of . FranO.
,ri . ....... r
Profit front the ; dearly
bough experlemee ef others.
Bayers of property, free. neat
ly surfer loss by ignoring the
warning that protection Is
necessary la making, real as
tate transactions. They fail
to realise that It should be se
mi reS BBTOSaths deal is
ana So fiadtag - one - tee-, late
that the best protecttea is a
Certificate of .fitls. k
Fremont , The improvement will cost
MOOe. '. v., .j .,
The following arc those to whom Per
mit were- isaued laat week for holsee
valued at between $2000 and $$000;
S.C Ceerwhlte, two-story houaa. Ola-
ton street nsar Eaat Fortieth. ...
George Best 1H -story cottage Pat-
ton avenue,-between Falling street and
Portland boulevard. V
' J. 8. Klngeley. lH -story cottage, Eaat
Thirty-seventh street, t between . Han
cock an4 Tillamook, i .
Drake's -Oettage.' ','
T. F. Drake. 1V4 -story cottage. East
Ninth street between Stanton and Sis
kiyou., , .- r
- Mrs. Clar - Ai t Leva. " 1 H-story . eot-
tags. East Maid ' street near , East
Twenty-third. - .
Olllrtt Lyons, one-story eotUge,
Eaat Eighty-first street near Jarrett '
A. H. Roeebrook, 1 Si -story cotuge.
East Forty-fourth, betweea Stanton and
the Alameda. ' j
. W. il Riddle, one-e t or y eottage. East
Sixty-second and Braaee. . , . ' '
Josephine Bltyeu, two-story . house.
Eaat Slaty-third street betweea Sandy
Road and Siekiyeu. . - .
C Bombsrger, IM-slory eottage. East
Twenty-third, between Oolng and Pree-
COtt t .1: ' . ' . "
C'J. Croeby, H-story cottage, Oaa
tenbeln avenue, near Skldmore.
v CnW. Cleveland, two-story house.
Clinton street near. Eaat Thirty-first.
E..L. McKern, two-story house, Ore
gon street near East Thirtieth.' ,
E. E. Zohier, one-story cottage, Vnox
street Des r East Forty-eighth. , '
r- ; .' ". ' ,'
..Mora Passing Track ai STalnea.
' (tpeeUI DUpttra h The Jeamal.) v' ' -
llalnes. Or., . June IT. The Dragon-
Washington Railway A Navigation com
pany haa let the contract to Lee Mo-
Coy for the construction of aa extension
ef the passing track a distance ef 1100
feet east of where the track aew con
nects with the mala line. This will give
the company a passing track 1400 feet
In length, which will easily accommo
date the longest trains...
. .1 t ii .. . -
Journal Want 'Ada bring results, I
Excavation for Four Stprv
Building Begins; Ready by
V ' 1 ; December 1. :
Test aide hotel" is, the name. which
will probably bo given to the handaome
new hostelry under construction for
Strong A Co. at the northwest corner off
East Sixth snd East Morrison streets.
The excavation for the structure was!
completed. laat, week andwork on thai
superstructure will begin la' the next
few days, ;'.,t'.Vi- . -;,.
, It Is to be a four story building wlthl
fall nine foot basement in which will I
be located besides ths heating plant
billiard hall "and barber shop. Therel
will be four 10 foot stores facing Mor-
rlson street besides all foot entrance I
to the hotel lobby which. Willi occupy!
the north halt of the ground floor.
There will also be aa entranoa to thai
hotel office and lobby . from Sixth I
street Besides a modern elevator there I
will' be two broad stair cases leading!
from the ground floor to ths top story,
making It possible to empty tha bond
ing In record time In ease ef fire. ,Thel
hotel will contain II rooms of which 241
will have private baths. It will be
ready for occupancy by December 1.
TRUST -.v.
Xewts Bldg-Vv
Feurtb aad Oak, t
' ' .kTams
- Address
ft Tat VST
0 FoarU aad Oak,
- - V -' '
Portland, Oreroa.
Ci Am interested U
" OertlfloaU of Tltlo uee
tioa. Send booklet.
offices of the "Llnnhaven Orchard com
pany are located at 304 Spalding build
Lag, Portland,
Mrs. George A. Sears has let the con
tract for a $7000 horns to be erected in
Irvington. - Thebouse Is to be of the
Dutch Colonial type .and .will occupy- a
site on East Twenty-second street near
Knott - It will contain 10 rooms nil with
hardwood floors and all except the dining-room
finished In white enamel. The
dining-room wiU be beamed and eanelod
xnaiin monogany. it wiu nave tha usual
built-in conveniences and a sun parlor,
tn ths spacious living room will be a
I hardwood Rookwosd tile fireplace. .
' ' " 1 1 " . Is
h y i iter " n
;.;-.i-.A:. : -,2r, 1
Nowhere Else Along Oregon's Coast Line
As a first-class beach property. Ideally cozy, ideally level and grassy lots,
. ideally timbered 'arjd ideally secluded from cold, chilly winds.
.We are not selling you lots away off in the hills, nor are we offering unsight
ly shifting sand dunes far removed from the ocean; : There's plenty of fine
hard sand beach (on the. beach; where it belongs), but on the lots nothing but
Nature's green velvet covering, timber to shelter you in tent, or house, from
v the blazing sun, and Clear Lake to fish in or boat on.
1 i . . ' ' " 4
The Railroad Will Run Through the Property
And while you will not find any Cone Island attractions here; you will find
a beautiful, park-like spot to erect your tent or build a permanent Summer
home where -you can find -rest and recreation from the city's grind. The
price asked is ver cheap for this choice property, and will easily double by
next Summer. Call' or write and ask us for more of the truth about
317 Railway Exchange Building, Portland
Terms to Suit
This Exceptional Home for Sale 01
High-grade furniture for sale,1 too Modern, up-to-date, built-in buf
fet, bookcases, extra lavatories, closets, teats, etc., etc. ' Extra large
living-room, with : large fireplace, den, reception hall, dining-room.
Dutch kitchen, extra toilet in basement, fruit room; 5 bedrooms, dressing-room,
2 sleeping porches, massive beam ceilings, hardwood floors,
lawn, trees, roses, hard-surface improvements in and paid. Located at
1083 Tillajnook street. ; Will sacrifice with or without furniture "for
jjuick saje.: Price $7000 Very Easy Terms. - X v i ':
.rTTBusxzs ajt AjrrnTzo book or obzoxax
, ' Bach conception la specially prepared for the northern '""t
- A BATZTB OS CAUrOXJTXA, the designer has imbibed the spirit of
the true bungalow art Jiot only from association but also by experience
in -actual construction. The book has 64 pages profusely illustrated with
color platea, half tones, sketches snd floor plana. It is bristling with in.
terest and suggestions for the builder of a suburban cottage or city real-
donee.- PBlOaT 60 OKBTTSUOn sale at The jr. K. Gill- Co.. Third and Alder,
and the OregonMewa company, $29 MO rlson street. Portland. '
- TKS Wag no? is prepared to render architectural aervloe on any
blase of residence. Writs for our SciAji Sketch Offer.
ROLLIN S. TUTTLE, Archllcct s.pSIg S'
t OregonV Most POPULAR
Everything in GEARHART PARK That Gives Health, Pleasure, Amusement and Comfort
.HOTEL GEARHART open- every day in k the year, x Finest Bathing Beach on the
Oregon Coast. Salt-Water Natatorium, Hot Salt Baths. Automobiles, Horses and
Carriages for hire during season. Excellent Golf LinksCroquet Grounds and Nat-
.uraiPark.' v , , ' ;f .;. : ; t , . V; -
, Our B UILDING DEPARTMENT will give details about a COTTAGE OR B UNGA-
J , - . ; GEARHART. PARKf- J;;.; , , ,
Telephones Main 1293, A-7268 O. W TAYLOR, General Manager