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    f J- 'UJ-iiM.
rmUO-Albert Chevalier
OHPHKUM Orpheum . Circuit, Vaude
ville. - - . ,
pANTAGES Vaudeville. , ' u(1-,
ORANI-BuIllvea Consldlne, vaude-
0AK8 PARK Bnnd? '"".vfnTn
opera ouartet. ttrnoon and Vf.nlnr.
Flret run ptcturea, U a. m. to H p. m.
v ' Weather Conditions. '
In ron.ral there bee been a 1dcJJ
of atmonpharla pree.ure h tuhn;
ry. Hleh pre..ure obtains on Mia
North P.clrle coa.t and relatively blah
preeeure over the tata and
Florida. The nres.ure J o,ull. low
Jr.? Cal1fonVPArt.ona. Naw -M JJ oo
Txas Oklahoma. Arkanaaa Jivi-hl
curl ina. ovar Alb.rt.;.nd e"lft
wan. 14.n1 r.
. JterB WM1LnVn' "Vk ' mlddl.
KIl, aanaaa, in m -
AtWic atatee and southern i Wi re
rton. Thunderstorms ecu". at Ed
wonton. Modena, fod CUV. 8t tjJ!
and Louisville. The w.athar W sen
.rally warmer west w- of tha
mountain.; It Is much warm.r Cl, Bouth WtV Ml""-:
it la rorreenondlngly cooler In Kaneae,
aota, wew irnii T-'k.V, ..
OKI. noma, umuui . Jn.... i I.
renn.ylvanla. Maryland. Tanne.aee, Al-
nwiihomt. Ml.aourl. ' Iowa,
Condltlono ara favor able for tenere "7
fair weather Sunday In th'a dlatrlct.
with cooler In eouthwejtern Idaho.
Winds will b moatly weatarly, ,
Toreca.te. :
Portland and vicinity: anflay fr.
Northwa.urly wind.. , I,.,..,.i-
Orgon: Sunday fair. Notthweatarly
WWaahjnrton: Sunday fair. Westerly
Waher ' Sunday anairmlly fair, eeolar
southwest portion. ,,
- Tke SUvac.
Tha Willamette river at 5J."n'
registered thla evenlne: U.t
la expactedthat It wlfi reach
of 1 0 foat Bunday and Monday
and that It will fall allahtly Tuaaday,
Tfce Clothee We afake ara made ta fit
yea. Tha coat will ba fitted fb you be
fora finishing, and allowanoa can than
f raada for any disproportion. Tha ra
eult will ba a garment that will always
fit and plea., you. Call tomorrow and
look over our large atock of woolen. In
ail tha lateat ehadea, which wa make to
ord.r for 128 td 140. and to examine
iom of the garment, mado up awaiting
delivery Unique Tailoring- Co., tallora,
cleaners and men'e furalahera, 0 BUrk
street, jbetween Fifth. and Sixth. ; ,
' '--Tna riew af Portlaad from Mount
Tabor la in some reapecta , better than
from Portland Height.. . Than, th
lawns and around, ta genaral ara ao
larg a that they ara very attractive.
Baehaar Addition at tha head af Haw
thorne has all of tha poaalbla advant-t-ee
of any aootloa of Mt. Tabor. Ra
triKttnni of itre.ent . Jmcrova-
raenta. flna lay of (round and wa do
not sell 3esa than 100x100. -Ch.ptn A
Harlow.- IS1 Chamber of Commerca.
To Promote Athlettoa Tha Ore. ham
. Rlveraldo ' Amusement company -baa
filed artlclea of lnoorporatlon. . Thla
concern la located nar Oreahara, and
i. or tra nixed to promote field and ath
letic .porta. AutomoMie. moiorcyciw.
- root and norsa racing; are momm ui mi
soorts mentioned. - It 1 alo proposed
to promot. aviation meet a. Tha com
pany la caplUUaed for $1900, and tha
offlcerg are T. R. Howltt, A Meyers,
and H. B Wcklnaoa.
' Paper - a - swrtpWa .Professor Ed
' ward Sherwood, instructor la Oreek,
, Hebrew. and Exegeaia la tha Kimball
School ot Theology at Satan, win raad
a paper - at tha .. Portland Methodist
. preaohera meeting :i In Taylor Street
church tomorram at lt:l a, m. aa "ln--aplratlon
of th Scriptura." A gene
ral dlecuaalon will follow tha reading
of Jtba paper. ' ;
o Oriental Jtng aayaia We ara not
selling at coat or below coat but wa
ara selling dependable, guaranteed rugs
.at prices that at all times are lower
than thoae quoted by other dealer, un
der ary clrcumatancea. Our atock at
this time Is vary complete and choice,
and you certainly owe It to youraetveo
to u. cartoalan Bro.., importer,
af oriental ruga, 47 .Washington, near
18th St. . ' . t
mevlval Xeetlngw Tha Swadlah
Evangelical Free church will have one
waek'a revival meeting at tha Miaslaa
ippl hall, on Mts.leslppl avenua and
, Shaver street meeting. every night at I
o'clock P. m.r beginning next Tuaaday,
June 2. Two evangelists, Rev. O. Kal
feerg, Tacoma, and Rev, C. Anderson,
Seattle, will have charge of thee meet-;
;ings. -''V-it:-- 'w- ..;.S ;
.'. - ' ; t ' -,r
' Attention Meal I aava you money. !
aamplea and cancellation ordera from
the east and sell In an of flea
building, rent 120 a month; 121.60 to $30
eults for 118.76; $22.60 to $25 suits for
$14.76. Take elevator and - save $10. i
Jimmy Dunn,, room 216, Oregonlan bldg.
. jbaroa Xaoorporateav Artlclea of In-
corporation have been filed In the coun-
, ty clerk's office by tha First Methodist
church. Tha aoclety la located at East
Flanders and Fifty-fifth; street, The
value of the church chattels la $1600.
; The three trustees are Allen Swain, Sid-1
: noy scott. anq juuue jjupoib. v . . ,
V Mrs. Princess Song, one -of tha areat
singers of America, will give a song re
cital in vne teniru . unnsuan vnurcu, j
East 20th and Salmon, Monday ' night :
Admission 26o. v . - j
Sell Soma at - 2rlngtMk-County ;
Clerk Frank S. Fiolds ha. aold ta Minai
M. IiUckett a house and iqi aeacripea a.
An Old Jewelry Finn
With a New Location
We're at last in our, spe-
dally designed Jewelry
Store busily unpacking all'
lthelatest and, best conceits:.
known to the jewelry, trade.
f and the silversmithing arts.
Importations1 both? foreign 1
and domestic, and hand-
" wrought in our 'own work '
'shop. Watch the papers for '
. later and - fuller . announcements:-;-1
-.,-V-' "l-. -4
lot 4 In block li. Irvlngton for $7200.
The houee Is a modrn two story real
drnce and la located In one of the beat
built up dl.trtcta In Irvlngton. (
T. M. O. A. Kea'a MeetlBg-Oiarla
rrederlek, of Brooklyn, N. T.,
will speak to men at tha T. M. C A.
thla afternoon at I o'clock on tha aub
Ject, 'The Relation of. the Munlolpal
Form of Oovemmenf' to Clean Govern
ment". The lectura is free. .
XTetloa 'ta Priendj of Judga atualy
Thoaa who hava tendered u.a of their
automobile and thoaa wishing, to do ao
at the achool election Monday ara re
quested to report to F. Myera, 2t3
Oak atreet Phone A-1044, Main 1114,
Monday forenoon.
Wa aall balr mattresaea retail al
wholesale prloea for It pound beda from
7.e and up.; Wa reoeate mattresaea
and return them the aama day. . Port
land Curled Hatr Factory, M. Metsger.
proprietor, 114-121 Front street Main
4T4. A-1114, , .,'
' Saafbtera of Plomeer. Th. Sons and
Daughters of plonaera will meat la an
nual session next Tuesday plght at I
o'clock at tha court house la tha court
room of department No. 1. No cards
will ba mailed thla year. . All members
ara urged to ba preeent ; . , :
aparflaoag atalc permanently re
moved by flva needle electrolyal., 200
haira per hour. . positively no scare.
Mm. C H. itlna, Electrologlet. Hotel
Cornellua, 'Room 427, Phone Main tlSO.
Permanently located. j , f
Xndlord Doablaa stent,' forcing aa out
of store. As wa have ao location, will
aall everything regardlees af prloe. Sale
beglna Wadnaaday at 9 a. ra- v Balding
Broe jeweler a, 141 Wuhlngton atreet
Crystal Zka Park, Mtlwaukla. can
ba entered Sunday, July la-by lnvlta-'
tlon only, aama having beeen angaged
for that date by the Portland Social
Turn-Vareln for their, private nee.
; Wa Prees taa Salt each week, aaw an
buttona, sew up rips, far' 11.10 par
month. Phone for Information, Main
114; A-4114. Unique Tailoring Ca 101
BUrk streef,' ; v. ; ' J
. JOag'a Xelgkta car Una will eommeaee
running today, x Aak for transfers to
King's Heights and gat off at 32d and
Washington. . : - J , ; .
teamof 7e.M Xarxina tor Camaa.
Waahougal and way landlnga, dally ax-
eept Sunday. Learee Waahlngtoa atreet
dock at t p n. .
Blaataad Wklta aad Oraaga ballaa,
11.1 per gallon; Murphy varnlah, 12.
Portlapd Saali 4 Door Ca, 120 Front,
Battaraaa'a fcama
malt In your mouth,
near Tenth. ,
la tha Colonial.
' P.'Jt 2teaa It ejo tna Pioneer Paltif
aompany. 1 Sirat street Pbonaa M
1114.' A-1IS4.
- s .; . ; ; mm- it"
Xatteraoa'a aoma made oheoolatea malt
in your mouth, la Colonial, near 10th.
Auto Stage ia Tinaatoek Leav4 Port
land and Wtllamlna. Call'Eaet 441.
W. A. Wise Vnd aaaoctatea, painleea
dantlata, Third and 'Waahlngtoa. ,y t
! " v East Nob Hill, r-
At the bead of Hawthorne avenue ta
Buehnefa Addition, where wa have
large building eltao don't . aell any
thing lasa than 100x100,. May we ahow
you that district? Tou will agree It
deeervea tha title, "TEist Nob Hill." An
elegant location for a boma with gen
erous grounda. Chapla as Herlow,
III Chamber, af. Commerce, selling
agenta ' - ' . :
' Journal Want Ada bring result a. ' ,r
Portland's Oldeit Qrocars
iura omci .
A-4432 w Main 9432
W hart the most complete stock
of . Picnic and Outing- SuppHe
for your lunches that you can
find .anywhere. ' !We .have taken
pains to secure such novelties for
the summer" Camp, auto trip, or
river trip that it is eaiy for you
to ' make a. selection. Our clerks
are courteous, and nothing is too
much for them to do for you. Spe
cials for Monday: 1 , '", .
Lipton's Tea, l-lb. tint, , Hfin
at " i' 1 v v j W
UpWJfeaVlA"ciaiaHty3Q Kg
lb. tins ..........
Kingsford's Corn Starch, S OJlC
French j $ardines,'i5 regular 't ff
20c; peftia-;;yvj.;U'i'v,:A-'.
Swift Premium Hams, per 9Q
lb; ;.. t '' ' t .
Harvey Sauce, for cold AtZp
meats, per bottle
Pascal's! Barley Sugsr, per Opfp
bottle '" ",.' .'.v i .4., jiiifVV!
Chutney - (6 style), ;er rHp
bottle' ..'..90c and wyw
Cantrell & chratfll1Qf
Ginger Ale, dozen u .. VXee7U
fv$.! ,i.i?v
Beer - of i all kind. 1 at - Brewery
prices. Make-your lea Cream with
a White . Mountain ? Freeser. Tou
save half tha time. : Now la the time
to put up Stfawberrlea Sea our
stock, before - you bur. Our prices
are tha cheapeat. . .
We deliver to East Portland every
day,- We alao make a specialty of
shipping supplies to your : aummer
resort. - Wa prepay all Z freight
ehatgea under 100 miles, thus' giving
you your grocerle. at city prices.
"X ' cordial 4'toTitatioa;t;::: tae
Keweomer." . , 'J
Third year begth. "October 3, 1911.
Drawing, painting:., portrait, life, .ketch
Illustration, deaim .and chlldren'a
claa.ea.r For circular apply to . -
Xlftt and Taylog ttav, jPortlaaoV Os,
Gity Furnishes Him
A. M. Orllley. inparTlsor o play grounds.
-AaC Orllley, tha euparvlaor af tha
playgrounds, has bean gan a motor the city in order that ha may
visit all aeven playgrounds dally". - la' a
large box he carrlee all supplies, bate,
balls, gloves, eta needed. - , . ,
. The play grounda have become vary
popular and are- crowded the, greater
part af the day. Good results are al
ready noticeable ta tha moral and physi
cal condition of tha children. Mothers
ara dressing tbalr children In bloomers
Three Day Convention Will' Be
U Held In Astoria-rlnter- ;
. esting Session. :
At Aatorla Tueaday morning tha Pyth
ian Bisters of Oregon will meet for a
three day convention. In conjunction with
tha grand lodge Kalghta of Pythlaa. Tha
convention promlaeo to be lnten.ely In
tereatlng. aa queotlona of Importance to I
the order win na up tor aetenninauon.
- Mra, Phil Gevurta of this city la grand
Chief of tha order in Oregon and Mra.
Mary Hogue of Albany la grand keeper
of record, and seaL A number af com
mittees have re porta In preparation
which will form tha baaia of action when
tha aeaaiona begin Tuesday. 1 Aatorla
Pythlana have prepared entertainment
for' the two conventlona and a number
of reception and banquets wfll ba feat
urea of tha evening.
In Oregon more than 6099 members at
Ending of Ihe
$7 to $9 Messaline anii
TaffeU Silk Petticoats at
Building Positively to Be Torn Down July I, Just 12 Days More.
wrvrp ap.aim wif i vnif ha VP siiph AN OPPORTUNITY to buv such fine
Apparel at
Absolutely no reserve on our entire stock of 191 1 Plain
--j ..i cii.A t coiin Ci.Uc . PnfirA
Two-Piece Linen Suits, Spring Vool Coats, Pongee, Silkand Linen Coats.. All now aj
, Sensational VJaist Bargains
Never in -Portland's: history have you seen
. such beautiful High-Grade Waists.of all de
; scriptions" offered , at such ; wonderfully low
' $8-$10.$12 Silk WauU, Final $2 0
$6 to $8 Unen WaisU,
Closing-Out Price
iA . alio i u.:..
CIo$ing-Out Price
$10 to $12 FANCY WAISTS $2.35
$6 to $8 FANCY WAISTS . $1.95
These two lou are all made of finest Irish linen, with
rea hand-made fronts, high neck, long sleeves. Just
a little soiled. , , v.'. " J t
Balance of entire stock of Silk," Chiffon, Mar
quisette and Fincy Waists ONE THIRq OFF,
arid every woman knows our regular prices
Ire fully one fourth to one third less jthan at
any other store in tne city.
Be on hand early tomorrow; morning: to
get the choicest of the wonderful bargains.
ItV the one GENUINE sale of the season.
With Motorcycle
u ,
and overalls and turning- them looae In
tha playgrounds ta play ta their hearts'
content v.. :.....'".,
- Beaida tha phyalcal work tha children
ara taught aoma af the simpler manual
training work end discipline. An In
structor la In charge of each playground.
Tha coat af malatenanoe has been found
ta average about 1 eent par child. .
( The playgrounds ara located at North
park In NortH Portland. Peninsula, fell
wood, Brooklyn.'. fCenll worth. City park
and Columbia park beyond peninsula.
tha Pythian Sisters, the ladles' auxiliary
af the -Knight of Pythlaa, ara In good
atandlag, and Aha order Is altogether In
a flourishing condition. -
; ' ; i .... i
Albany, Or., June 17. -Tho city coun
cil has granted Albert O. Wright , of
Portland a gas franch!e to run for II
years and "he fUed a $1019 bond that
tha plaat will ba completed and In oper
ation by September 1, Ills.
. . Card of Thanks. '
" I deatra to thank tha many friends,
especially tha" Women's Relief 'Carpa,
United A rtloana, ' Independent Order of
Odd Fallows . and. Rebakabe for thefr
klndneaa and sympathy during the Ill
ness and death of my beloved wife,'
Mildred and alao for tha beautiful
floral of ferlnga. C. W. NEWELL. ,
Crawfish! Crawfish! ;
Oood crawfish today at Leven'a OHUe,
Sit Ash, "between Second aad Third.
Boat In city.
';. Where to Dine.
Turkey and, chicken dinner at Peer
less Cafeteria. 104 Fifth atreet
such wonderful bargain prices
Big mmowlSk
I' ii ur.xxjB : . -I
f Mitt 'ifeS' AU ;
mm i mm.
Final 01 QZ
,Dl m7 O , V
rin.i ,f Vl
' ;-
Gcorge'Crago, Husband of Pa
tient, Sues Dr. Bruce for
f $100,000 Damages. , ;
Charging that his wife beoame Insane
from an operation performed by Or.
Walter W. Bruce, George Crage atarted
ault yeaterday . In the circuit court
agatnat tha . plyalclan for 109,ooe
Crago aUegaa that the operation waa
illegal and without cauee. That his
home has ' been broken up, ' and hie
happlneea greatly disturbed are aaeerted
by tha plaintiff. ;.-
The operation was , performed - Janu
ary 11. and without the husband's
knowledge. It la asserted In tha com
plaint Tha wife Buffered unusually
from It and so Intense waa thla Buf
fering that aha became mentally d
ranged. She waa later committed to
the etate tnaana hospital aa a hopeless
patient allege the husband.
The Hellenle orohearra of native In-
iniKiMii la now renearaina lor iiw ni.v wrld.v avenlnar. June St. Tha
company of artlets from tha Royal and
new Theatre Athens arrjve rennur.
This ta be the moat artl.tlc
event that has ever been gjyan In Port
land. Tickets are now on sale at finer-
men ClajTa, . ; - -
. v For the. Beaches v
Have baggage checked at your home.
B. O. Tranafer aompany. Park and Da
Tie. Mala Silt. A-Stll. , Pay aad night
service. ' ', -
i m r f-
Ii an being'cloied otrt at a reduction of 33 to 50 per cent to make
room for inother line, and you can-fet some beautiful Cut Glass
wedding g4fts at a yery small coit , t
We Are Headquarters for Wedding Gifts
as we have cut for our final
moms si
Tailored and Fancy Suits, in mixtures, plain blacks, blues
cfnrir nf Mflrnnlcpttp. Uncerie and Pure Linen Dresses.
Exactly "165 new Spring Suits, of which no
two models are alike,- but which comprise a
complete assortment of colors and sizes. 'They
have been. divided into three lots at phenom
enal reductions, as follows f
Ki f $25.00 to $28.00V Cj 11 QC
LOT I SUITS on sale at D I 1 7J
I O $30.00
I A 4 X $40.00
$6 to $8 valued now only.1. . s.&JuisO
Ifi ItilWO AND
final closing-out price, of. . . . . . . vU7u
V SWEATERS at ' final, closing-out & J AC
V price, of only : . . i . . . . . . ; V
Balanceibi Sterivgpr THIRD OFF
t v' i fntire otooc or. w
rt i oaie ai v. sv.j. a"
Program at ThQ Oaks.:
The following program will ba given
thla aternooa and evening. . direction
Philip Pels and ouartet from Metro
polltan opera company, New Tork, Sun
day, June It, IIU: : '
1. Coronation March . . . .
, I. K.pana Walu V.5itl,h
I. Orpheua Overture . . . . wtrenpajrn
4. Q.mrtet, "II Trovatore". . . . Verdi
I. "Mill in the oreet"...Kllanberg
Intormlaelon. - -"Faust"
Helectlon ...... .Oounoa
-1: .n;nr,.'nn .STTSSthW. ;xvVtW
r.:. .v.1?. . : 'roaVph a.
' 10.' American Fant.ela ,
EVEN1NO. ' .
i , 1. "Wlla Modlate' BelacMon. i n ,
1 'T.fudlantlna Walts," Waldteufel
: ft. Irlah Dancea , - '
Quartet -Chocolate -toIf,-;;JUBll
' a, .Vualoians' BtHke" ....Bohrlener
Intermlaalon, ,
..Overture. "Mlgnon" . .. -.tbotim
V 1. Cornet aola ......Mr. Philip Tali
S. Cauca.lan Sketch. . , ,
! Trio from "Fau.t",..., .rtounod
10. "Mlt Vollen Seaeln-'.. . .Bllenberg
-: ; business' Men v
Ilka Mount Tabor as a place of resi
dence because they can have ao much
mot a ground for the investment anJ
not go to tha Buburbe for It ' Oood
view, parks aad paving are making
Mt. 'Tabor the "Eaat Nob Will.". Flvw
yeara' growth will do wondere ther.
Elegant homea there now. May wa
.how you fluehaera Addition, where
wa have large building ettea, highly
restricted, located at head of Hawthorne
ave. - Chapln . A Henow, tit Chamber
of 'Commeree. v ,.'.
lie 1 '
Card af Tkaaks.
Dear Frlenda and Nelghbora Wa wish
to thank yu for your kind help and
sympathy' In th. 1o. of our dear one,
Henrietta Manervla Petersen,
"Who has gona to aleep, that paaoaful
Bleep ' . " m ' '
Of which none wake ta weep."
and also for tha beautiful floral offer-
Mrt and MRS. W. WILTON. JU ,
Q RACE and BKUBJ Yvn.1
Prefer presents that are weful as
well at decorative. There it noth
ing more useful than something;
for the Buffet or Table. We are
showing: some exceptionally new
and attractive pieces in both
Sterling Silver and
Silver Deposit Ware
$15, $20 anri $25 Im
ported Broadcloth Capes,
All Evening Shades, for
Stock Must Be Sold
Hieh - Grade Outer Wearing
closing days.
to $35.00
on sale at
to $50.00
on sale at
omen nauxui "Mitt
Most Brides
I . I
. ' Oregon City Cert
Sunday river tripe. lsve 1 :' "
dock a. m 11 m., I p. nv L
gon City 19:10. !:, . Round trip. Sa.
ll-a- . - -. : "
Trinity Church
Nineteenth and Everett.
. ' Tans a-trirDAT 1
Commencing at S.e'Dock. .
An Orgiin Recital
. By tha Aeooraplt.hed Mosiclaa
"LucienE. Becker
'. Aaslated by a Splendid Choir."
. Seata treo. Anybody and everybody
cordially Invited. If you have a taete
for fine mu.lo apend the evening wlin
ua A. A. Morrison, Rector.
.Why not now? - 1
. Your booklets mutt b av
tractive, your office station
ery Impressive your letter
heads, cards, etc, should
have the proper artistic ap
. pearance.' .. , -' v k,V:m
It pays. -
Your stationery, yoor
printed matter represents s
you. ' . .
., , You cannot afford to un
dertirriate -miircpresentr
your own proposition, your
. self, your prosperity and en
7 terprise In your advertising
and daily correspondence,
.-'.r v. ; ' V.' i -
Just ' as sure as the cheer
ful, clean and well-dressed
salesman gets your order,
appropriate printing. Impres
sive s stationerythe 'kind
our artists and practical ex
perts ; turn ' out will com-
mand attention and get you
the results you desire.
. .
' - Let us demonstrate this to
you with our samples.
Stationery & Printing Co.
Commercial BtaOoBara. J
Ofnoe Otttflttara. '
PrlBtera, KnaTarere. " , -.
Booklet Makers aa4
I 1 Bookbinders. .
Arehlteeta and Bnitneera Tnst ra
ni en ta aad Supplies. '
Fifth and Oak SU.
To tha beat of sar i
ability. Let me make -a
boo.Ur of rott. I
examine your mouth,
tell rou what I caa do, :
what It will eoat ta
reaaonabla charge ). If ::
ready, we begin; If not
ttie examination baa -.
cost you nothlns. Ail ,
work guaranteed.. It J"
can't siiapfcntea It. I .
don't do It and If I erer j.
did It, It's ruaranteed.
Open evenings. Houra
8 a. m. to 8 p. xn. Dr. -Elof
T. Hedlund. N. W.
corner of 6th and Oak,
Id floor Take elevator.
, . .; t '' BXOBXATXO wxmx '
i coai Yaufia aad Twenty-Xeurtk tta, ;
aae la. . IV IS. li .
Oamea besln week days 1:00 p. m. Sun-
daya :J0 P.n.
Admlaaloa Bleachers J6c: rrandstana
Ocrboxea 15o extra. Children, bleaoh
ra. mi s-raadataiidi - Ia.-ldlael.. tf.y
FrtdayBoye under 1 free to bleach
- -era Wedneaday.
FTontcr e5c Klclccr
High Grade Commercial and ElectrU
vJBaat Ttk and Hast wet is
Vbonea gaat HUi Vt-a
Pcrlland toLleW:;! :
''5- SstebUabed V ".
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