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Rfnro First nf Mftnth 3fit Por-
mits' Are Issued, Calling for.,
! Value of $776,440; Equals
Last. Year's'.. Figures. V : : v.
Bulldlnf operations In Portland con
tlnue.oe a memif leant ecele.- At. the
cloee of ' bvelneee Thuradar leat-tht I
sued atnee Jan 1, calling for the e
pendltore of I7TM40. In Jane.. 1110,
prtnlte were lieued, valued at II.
IV. lit, maklnf tha tout for, tha year
. to data, lt.4T6.IH. Whan tha generally
"quiet aondltlon of tha country la takan
Into oonalderatloo, tbta ehowlnr - of
Portland la Itttla ahort of remarkable.
It wlU bo. aaaa that for tha half
month ending laat Thuredey, parmlta
n Been laauad equaling luet about
ona half of tha total for Juno, 1110,
when new. construction In Portland waa
uppoaed to bo at tha yery craat of tha
wava.. 004 far thle. year Portland 1a
; nearly Il.0d0.800 ahead of tha first five
and ona half montha of laat yeafe build
' tag raoord, - -, . .- . .
' ' Xaapeoter-a Vredlctloa, I v
' Building Inapaetor Horace E. , PInra
mar U confidant that thla lead will be
; maintained for several montha. He doea
not look ror a marked falling off before
(December,-which moath laat year broke
all records, new construction to the
,, value of more than 14.000.009 having
' bean authorised by Derm It. .
Hi , X 1
H - - ili
. lW.-W i i Ba 1 ' ' ,.'imT"" .iiii inrmmni,. w,''- . , ,
Reeldence of Mrg.' D. II. Jones, Eaat Twenty-ninth and 8kWmore atreeta, Alameda Park.
Dirty Lineo ot rollce Department Is to Be Aired Agula Taxpayera Have Chance Thla Week to Spend $
.. ' 000,000 City Lighting Plant May ReJnce Coat to Conaamcr Mayor Dill lug Rnna Folic Depart-
- ment to Solt Himaelf Unlveralty of .Washington Tonu Out Girl Star.
' ' (BpecUl DUpatHk it J Jcmntl.
Baatue, waan..
The blocks : surrounding the Olda. .w " . ttS rVT.r k...
a-- . - ' . . i giejiia wwmm eaa aaa aaaaa vwa aa aaee waa
Sprtman A Ktnr block hare developed 0-TOl(1 ot . atartllng-news featurea. al
tnto a atorm center of.acUvlty. . , though It waa an event In the Uvea ot
investor Busy. . in young men and women who grad-
It la probably no exaggeration To aay I uated from . Washlngton a educational
that every lot In the four block a aur- center. Tbla la the largeet , elaaa the
rounding the big O..W. K. atructure la InatltnUon has turned out The baooa
being aought by numerous tare tore, laureate sermon waa delivered by Mayor
speculators and would-be lessees. Oil- "'"u" ul. '"""'V .
bert H. Durham cloaed a deal laat week w wuowea ny we neuai
for-a I0.year leaee on the Hume-Ham-1 "remonlea. Ten poet graduate students
lltAn nroBertv mt thm nnrt1..f Mni. recuvea aegreea m mur t ri w
Of Tenth and Alder. Under the lease
contract Mr. Gilbert Is to pay 1100 a
month renUl for the first five years
with . hiereaeee at the end of each five
aclence. In tha large class of gradu
ates there waa one girl who left behind
her a record of achoIasMo work that
has " been equalled but three tlmea la
the 60 years' history of the university,
year perloat until the monthly rent There were 11 other members who won
amounts to izouu, wnien is ine amount distinction by graduAUng with "cum
q oe paia ror mo laamve years, it is Maude honors, but Mlsa Dorothy Clark
probable that a six-story buslnees build-.
lng will be erected on the lot with a
foundation to carry a 10 or II story
. structure.
Tout frtory BoOdlag.
; dJtrong "Broa are completing four
atory building. on the quarter block at
the northeast corner of Tenth and Alder
- and one block to the east, the Woodard
Clark Drug company wWl soon begin the
erection of a seven story structure for
, Its own occupancy.
On Morrison . street between 'West
Park and Tenth, opposite the big depart
ment store, negotiations are In progress
which may lead sto a change In the
Mason far outstripped her fellow stu
dents And left the university with
"magnb cum laude." Miss Mason Is
daughter of Rev. H. C Maaon of Seat
tie, pastor of the Unlversltly Co ut ra
tional church. During her four years
at the university she has never passed
In a subject lower than the highest
grade an Instructor can give. Miss
Mildred Lorlnx. also a Seattle girl, who
has another year to serve prior to grad
uation. Is said to have broken echolastlo
records of the university. The figures
In the recorder's office show that In the
three years this young woman has at-
pltal haa a new building and the site
of the old structure la Ideal for an art
building. However, many votero ques
tion the advlalblllty of spending so large
a sum for this purpose when the city's
preeent great Indebtedness la considered.
e e
The appointment of Frank ftetsoa as
chief -of the fire department came as
something of a surprise. Mr. Stetson
has made tola home In thla city for a
number of years, having left Mlnneap-
olla. where be waa chief for many years.
In 1890. Mr. Stetson Is In comfortable
circumstances now, and did not seek
the position. . He was picked by Mayor
Dllllng - on the suggestion and recom
mendation of a number of Stetson s
friends, who knew how well he managed
the Mlnneapolla department Stetaon la
widely known among the fire ehlefa of
the country. He failed or. reelection In
Minneapolis because he was a poor pol
itician, and this was taken by- Mayor
Dllllng as one of Stetson's beet recom
mendations, as the mayor wants the
department freed from politics and disciplined.
If a bill recommended by committee
Is pasaed by the. city council, Seattle
will lower the preeent rates for aleo-
trio lighting In churches and residences
from m cents per kilowatt hour to T
cents. The proposed ordinance makea
no change in the price of electricity In
the business district or In the coat of
power. The following rates will apply,
providing the council concurs, to
churches and residences: For the first
24 months, 7 Cents per kilowatt hour up
to a total consumption of kilowatt
houra per month. For all.' over 00
tended the university she has , never
rvealTed a rrada lesa than tt out of a
ownership of the entire half block. The Ipoealble 100, this done while pursuing
westward march of buainess along Alder the most difficult studies.:
and Morrison haa already caused sen- j e e
satlonal advances In property values on After nearly three weeka of the Wap-
thoae streets and thoSe In touch with Inenateln trial. Seattle facea the ordeal
the eltuatlon look for a greater activity I of more of the same airing of municipal j kilowatt hour consumption la a month'
In that district before the end ot the linen. The prosecutor haa decided to i the coat is reduced to' cents up to so
year. (retry trie recent case on wnion tne jury kilowatts per montn ana e oenis inere-
: ITew Structure Mesned. I disagreed, in which tne rormer enter oi latter. The preaent rate wnicn may ne
m, ... police was accused of accepting a ioce changed is: Flrat, to kilowatt hours,
as. ..v. a ,.. i m bribe for, allowing C. . Gerald and l gu cents: second. 20 kilowatt hours, TH
vacant corner at Fourth and Washing- Lv:i.. 1. iZll ". i' . T."' I 1 " ...'.7., " . ' "
ST.f.irtt nLStMuV Postponed to allow a retrial ot the flrat . oppoaed by aome of the council and
for an eight story fireproof building to I k.h.wi h. tn. .tmnr. i .v.- i....t d.k.i.
oe erected on inac sua - I h. w,niwni,in'i rmm. I .. .,, , win in - v Am-
- m: V- .1 ,1 i I - - " . " . -
. ,".T . V. ) sel Is making a strong plea ror a cnange flcjt in hla department
re formed by tne junction or washing- of nue, alleging that a fair trial la
ton. Morrison and Ella streets, are pre- impossible before Judge John F. Main,
paring to build a "flatlron" structure before whom the first trial was heard
covering their holdlnga at that point
Thq structure Is . to be a three atory
brick, with a, frontage of 140 feet on
Washington, 146 feet on Morrison and T
feet on Ella street There areto be eight
after the court ad denied a motion for
a change ot venue. The defense hopea
t3 score this time by virtue-of a new
state law, which has become effective
In the meantime. This law la more ex-
storee with solid plate glaaa fronte on I pliclt than the former statute and pro
the ground floor, and the. upper floors vldea for the disqualification for preju
wiii contain a 41 room hotel The' asti. dice of any Judge. It states that such
mated coet of the structure Is $40,000. prejudice can be eattbiisnea by a bo- matrona a hall carry the keys
County Building. Z XI: L T"! to the women's ward. The mayor-, posi-
ramalnln nortion of thlmli7Ar...'rtV"A:7'ltloa la tht if left unhampered, cwax
vner. will al.o build a U. 111 the department to
I - w - -
Mayor Dllllng Is" consistent In his
policy of brooking no interference wtin
his control of the polloe department To
this end he haa vetoed a bill paased
recently by the council providing that
no prisoner shall be Interrogated agalnat
hla will, that every peraon arrested
shall have a public hearing within 48
hours, that no prisoner shall be punlahad
for infraction of lall rulea and that
On the
block the ownera
story brick building, wnicn la to have a cannot have a fair trial. The previous
frontage of fit feet on Washington effort to disqualify Judge Main waa on
street, 4S feet on Morrison and Ot. feet tne ground that the latter Is a member
on Stout This atructure will be similar Df tha Flrat Preabyterian church, ot
to the Gordon-Korell building and win which Rev. M. A. Matthews Is pastor,
be so arranged that the two structures Dr. Matthews having made a public
a higher state of efficiency than It haa
aeen In the past. -'
e. e
City Engineer R. H. Thomson haa
been granted a leave of abaenoe to go
to Washington. D. C.. for the purpose
ean be connected and rented to one ten- itatentent aocepUng the reaponalbillty ?' Pr"""!.1" to V
ant There will be seven store rooms In of bringing William J. Burna to Seattle "r. ,Ti 17th. hiTh-Vt
thi. building and tt room, on the up- to clean 5 toa ,n. Furthe the dj- Jg VlAJK ufiSl
"Z, Brid,.. Wehhe, nave SiSS. Si Country, ha. heretofore been In the habit
drawn plans for a two story brick build- longed to tne same congregation, juage
lng to be erected by the county at the Main aemea tne mouon in nron "
Poor Farm and to be used as .a nurses' suage. It Is believed In some-circles
dormitory. . The house will be 40x7t that It might be as well for the state
feet and will contain 14 bed rooms and to agree to a change of venua The Olll-
of taking frequent out of the city trips
as consulting engineer and thereby earn
ing considerable pocket money. So much
objection haa been raised that he no
longer does as he pleases. However. In
the preeent caee the request was made
by the commercial organisations and as
Thomson has made a etudy of the
Washington canal, he Is expected to win
the ease before the department It ap
pears that the war department Is not
certain that the government Is protected
against elalma for damages and Thorn-
eon will attempt to ahow that the city
and county have given ample, guarantee.
The Seattle Chamber of Commerce
has elected for the third successive term
J. D- Lowman as Its president Mr.
Low man la a suooeeeful banker, manu
facturer and above all a publlo spirited
cltlsen. . In reviewing the year's work
ne-stated that the chamber had not
simply worked for Seattle but hadteo-
o grilled the claims of other cities, re
ferring particularly to efforts made In
behalf of San Francisco In the fight
for the Panama Expos tlon. During the
laat year the chamber haa added 404
new members.
e e
The new law limiting to eight houra
ths working day for women la alao
about to bo tested. The first arrest for
Its violation la that of the superintend
ent of. a paper box factory in Seattle
and that tt will be taken to the higher
courts is certain as both sides are de
termined to get a ruling that will stand.
Thoae not In sympathy with the measure
assert that throughout the ranks of
womea wage earnara there la dissatisfac
tion while on the other hand it is de
clared that the women are practically
unanimous of having the law enforced.
Leber leaders stats they welcome the
test oase and assert their belief that
the oourt will knock out that section
exempting establishments engaged in
harveatlng. packing, ouring, canning and
drying certain perishables and uphold
the law as it a tends with this excep
Thirteen Honor Students at O. A. C.
OregonAgrioultural College, Corral -
fl T . ... . AW.
, vr., una j. i j iiu.r mm new aye
tern of giving honorable mention to
atudenta who have shown prominence
In scholarship and student activities, 12
honor men and women were announced
at the O. A. C commencement ex
ercises by President Kerr. Honor
atudenta from the echool of agriculture
were Orlando B. Hardy, Bend, and Dor
rla 8. Toung. Sherwood; from the de
partment of domeatle aolenoe and art
Minnie Price, Kings Valley; from the
fnnatr uhnAl HMnM J IThlw
North Yakima, Wash.; in civil engineer
ing. Joseph L. McAllister, TamhllL and
Leroy C. Rullrson. Salem; In electrical
engineering, Albert P. Gibson, Ontario;
in mechanical engineering, William
K. Taylor, Oregon City, and Joseph
B. Toder. Hubbard; in mining engineer
ing, Clarence uoya Jamison, Fairbanks,
Alnska; In commerce, B. B. Lemon,
Grass Valley, and Iva B. MoQlnnla, Cor
vallis; and in pharmacy, Vernon j.
Brown. Corvallla.
ether necessary apartments.
BARGAIN AT $40,000,000
(Dotted Press Lsaeed Wlre.'
, Washington, June 17. Contrary to
usual custom. Uncle Sam. who general
ly Insists on full knowledge of values
before making a purchase, bought the
French Panama canal property, and then
. ascertained Its , Value afterward. 1 The
' appraisal has Just been . completed by
: a epeclal board, and their report has
the approval of Colonel George W.
Goethala, engineer . In charge of canal
' construction. .
The French company was paid 140,
000,000 for Its property and work done
on the isthmus. This figure waa based
upon estimates of the Isthmian canal
commission, ana tne latest report snows
that tne united states got a car gain.
The total valuation of the purchase is
now declared to have been $42,709,
,26. .--, v.- : - :
Thi. sum is made up of .the follow
ing items: Excavation toward the ca
nal, 125,889,240; Panama railroad stock,
1 9 , 6 4 4, 4 3 0, : maps, v draw lng and record a,
12,000,000; material and equipment,'
$2,112,062; buildings, '.$2,034,203 ; lands,
$l,DOO.O00; use. of Pacific ship canal,
$500,000, and roadmaking and clearing,
$100,000- i'v Vct" r Li',-. vv;'.;;... Y.:'K:-
v The previous estimates were" based
en the excavation, for which $27,474,033
was allowed; ; Panama ' railroad stock,
$8,950,000; maps and records. $2,000.-
000,. and ' then $3,000,000. Waa added to
Wappenatetn faotlon Is strong In Seat
tle, and It is argued that It will be dif
ficult to secure 13 men who are utterly
unbiased. A rumor hag been In circu
lation that the recent Jury had two
man on it who were friendly to Wap-
pensteln, but what ground there Is for
this statement is not, Known.
:' ''. s . . .
It Is generally believed Paget sound
ports will Witness a strike of longshore
men, following the meeting here this
week of the Paclflo Coast Association of
Lone-shoremen. Since 1908. when the
shipowners - decisively defeated the
stevedores, the open shop haa prevailed
here. It coat the -owners a large sum
to down the men at that time, and the
owners now have a strong organisation.
They have received delegations from the
Longshoremen's . association, out tne
owners are firm In the declaration that
they will not officially "onl the
union. -' .They deny tnat tney aiocrinu
nate against union men, and that com
plaints have been made about the meth
ods of handling cargo here. However,
they .are firm in their declaration not
to - recoa-nlse ' the union, i ns men ar?
equally determined and they have been
conaervtng their munitions of war for
three years. There is little likelihood
of a compromise. '"'.
Seattle is to enjoy Its Jourth election
for the current year, to take place on
September I, when the issuance of more
than $2,000,000 ot municipal bonds wlU
be ' submitted 'to- the eieotorau xnese
HI Include 3500.000 for the purchase
of a site tor an art. museum, authorised
by Initiative petition; and $1,000,000 to
cover omissions. . The new estimates re- J-,, the cost of condemnation Of land
due the allowances for excavation and
for the railroad stock, and cut out the
lump allowance.;: In addition,; allow
ance is made for lands, and the advan
tages -resulting from the work done by
the French eompany,"':::"; K?' '-JJV:: 0
r Likes the Cgonl! Plan... ; , '
The Ohio legislature has, passed the
. Wyman bill providing for the Oregon
plan of electing United States Senators
through a state wide primary in each
- party. ' ' " - f- '
In , the Cedar . river watershed in Order
that the source of the city's water sup
ply may be adequately protected.: These
condemnation oases are now on trial in
the superior court Land It Is possible
that .the original estimate of $3.0 50.01) 0
may be cut In halt The proposition to
spend half a million for an art, museum
site ; has been, up . for many, montha
Advocates Of the . plan desire to pledge
the city 'to purchase the site of the
old Providence hospital on the nrat hill
cloae to the business center. - The hoe
Richest Soil
Lowest Prices
fin't that a wmbination WORTH WHILE? . t
Especial when there isn't ANY FINER or MORE PRODUC
TIVE soil in the northwest. '
And furthermore there isn't anyone 1oo poor but that, by exer
cising a little thrift, he can get one of our matchless BEAVER
HOMES tracts at REDLAND.
.. ' :.' ' . . i '
It is an hour's run from Portland near Goble, Or., on the Colum
bia river. Rail and WATER COMPETITION gives smallest
known freight rate. ' 4
Plenty of FINE WATER on every, tract, GOOD SCHOOL
there, handy to churches, to stores, to town. - Good county road
through BEAVER HOMES. Splendid road to Portland.
Ideal for fruits, vegetables and poultry. It is a new district
towards which Portland will soon be looking for produce.
Even if you have only $75 or $100 saved and can spare from $8, to
a month you can get one of our 5, 10, 15
you can get as much as 40 acres if you wish.
$12 a month you can get one of our 5, 10, IS or 20 acre tracts.
- Ur yc
; Charpitting, the new economy land clearing 'process, is being
. used by us in the development of this new logged off district and
that is what makes it a poor man's chance. '
'. Don't let this chance get by you."
, . . ... - v r" i
Come in right away and see us about it Wewant you to see:
the Jand. , - u . r 4 ' v-- ' -
F. B. Holbrobk Go.
214 lunber
Exchange :
t . S0eil DtteeMk Tee loeraeLI r V7
' Salem. OrM June IT. What Is an Ideal
school bulldlagt - Architects, teachers
apd hobbyists of Oregon, Hot Lake's
boosters want your Idnaa" Walter it.
fierce of Union county haa written to
State, Superintendent . Alderman asking
his Ideaa and also stating (hat he wante
archltecte and. others of the state to
offer plana' .. ; . , ' ".'
At the ' Hot Ike resort near La
Orande, where there Is abundance of
hot water, school, people are going to
have hot house agriculture on an ex
tenelve seal a Natural hot water wlU
flow, through the enclosure. . i
' If those Interested care te write Su
perintendent Alderman their plena may
figure not only In the Hot Lake Ideal
school but In an Idsal school for state
fair grouada In Salem. In the felr
grounda school there would probably
be no actual echool unices the city of
Salem care to arrange to use tt, but
the plant would be built' and equipped
for eihlblt Durpoeee, While the pree
ent spproprlatlons are not sufficient for
a fair grounds school house the mat
ter will be taken up with the fair board
and an effort will be made to get the
necessary appropriation from the next
legislature. In the meantime Hot Lake
district will probably have erected Its
model school. ' ' '
. , i -
' Phralcal Cnltnre Summer Topic.
"i ISperUf DNrtrk t'TM Joaraal.i -
University ot Oregon, Eugene, Or.,
June IT. The registrar of the Univer
sity of Oregon announces sn addition
to the schedule of studies announced for
the summer session.. ThJs will be a
serlee of lectures on the teaching of
hygiene and gymnastics and physical
culture given by Dr. Bertha Stewart,
director of the Woman's - gymnasium.
Dr. Stewart haa had charge of the gym
nasium work In the university for two
years, and has succeeded la ehancfnf
one of the most he ted compulsory eut
Jecte to one of the moot popular.
Den Bingham Sued for Divorce, 1
- ISpmUI Wplr te W J-irl
Eufun, Or, June 17 Mrs. , Ida H.
Bingham, of thla city, haa sited her
husband, Benjamin 8. Bingham, sen ef
ex-State Senator I. H. Bingham, for di
vorce es the ground of cruet and In
human treatment . She alleges that
through - their married life of tbr-e
years he haa been Intoxicated many
times, causing her great humiliation and
misery. She aske for Jilt e month ali
mony to aupport' tbeir eon, Beldea, egeJ
about two yeara '
Bootlegger Gets S Pays. "
Eugene. Or., June IT Circuit court
adjourned yesterday and the Jurymen
have gone home. The laat case waa that
of the stste va Walter E. King, charged
With bootlegging. . A Jury was secured
te try him, but he changed his plea of
ot eulltv to sulltv and was ' given a
aenience ox is ors in uie tonmj jau.
for an Advertisement?
Everybody read advertising. The public s the best judge of advertising
thl$ is proven by the fact that the best advertising brings the most results.
We Want to Buy Advertising
Ideas and Will Pay for Them
$25.00 for best advertisement submitted in accordance with this offer. ,
$10.00 for second best advertisement submitted.
Five prizes of $5.00 each for the five next best ads submitted.
Anybody May Compete Anybody May Viri
'Ideas count, not technical construction. Sit down and write an ad such as you
would write if you had the management of our Lyie advertising fundan ad
which would appeal to you, catch your attention, arouse vour interest, create
your desire and urge you into action in buying a lot in Lyie.
The following features of Lyie will prove of assistance in preparinf yotrr ad.
Lyie is located on the
main line of the S. P. &
S. R. R. the North Bank
Road 5 miles east of
Portland. It js located on
the Columbia "River, has
splendid rail and water
transportation f a c i 1 ities
and ships its products all
over the west.
The above statements are
The townsite of Lyie
was laid out originally
over 20 years ago a
mortgage withoctrelease
clauses has held back its
development. Now Lyie
is open and its progress
is remarkable, even in this
country of progress.
facts. All advertising to be
Lyie is the only ship
ping point for a larrs
area ot choke fruit, grain
and timber lands ; it has
tremendous electric pow
er right at its gates; h
offers splendid opportuni
ties to homeseekers, in
vestors, manufacturers
and farmers, v
successful must be truthful.
No entrance fee, no catch, no joker in this offer. We want your ideas, and
ARE willing to pay for them. ; . ;-i
Decision as to prices, etc, to be made by committee of advertising ex
perts, members of the Portland Ad Club, whose decision shall be final
Call, telephone Qr write for full details of Lyie Ad Contest,' and for illus
trated booklets, etc:; oh which to base your advertising ideas. ' v ,
Dealers In Land
Active development work at Lyie Is under full headway. Street are being graded, '
cement sidewalks laid, water system soon to be installed; new buildings going up.
e. - i:j j i , t , , f inn .
coon apicnum uausmai cuy wiu De iocar.ea mc iyie, reDorn may a, ioil. .
17 Sales Made the Past Week
12 Were Made to Omaha Parties
... . . , .. , .,$M
Have You Seen This Beautiful Addition?
Come Out Today and convince your
self what the
Cfood surroundings, wide streets, wide
parkings, building restrictions, fine fruit
and large lots.
Ordinance approved by council. Work;
will be started at once. Bull Run water,
now in.
PRICES $450 -$500 UP "
10 CASH, 2 PER MO. K: "
Take Alberta can to Ainsworth Avenue
Walk 4 short blocks east to our office
i .L'
. v. 5 ?- ,