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Sale of Josephine Company's
Ditches to Concern That
Agrees 4o Put .: in; System
Delights Proposed Users.
i ' Bpeiriel Plspetrs e tW tm.t
' ' Grant Put, Or, Jan Tb Po
J1 of Grants 1 1 surrounding
territory . ar rejoicing aa . ruH of
th ratified Thursday afuroaon,
wtiror Irrigation U sow aet la thla
region. ,Wttw 1 now flowing which
wlU Irrlsate many thousands of sres
a both sides of the Rogue river. The
niin i to be extended annually. At
the Thursday meeting th stockholders
t th Josephln County Irrigation A
Power company unanimously raimeo i
deal mad a few day ago by the di
rector f th company hy which tn
, di ractora Bold to tha Chicage-Kogus "
. er company Its ditches lor me
3S 000. ' ..
. . ti,. niM.n.iitut River company
'owns tha Irrigation plant at tha Amant
dam, thraa mllta aaat of OraaU Pa.
Tha Joierhlne company owned Ue
ditchea and heretofore thara hd been
friction over a contract MeanwhU th
CMcaao-Kogu River company had baan
v...iil tha araahad out . BOrtioa. Or
.. nA inataiiln- new pumps, all
of which want out two yaara at a dur
ing high aster. -8me that data thara
ha baan o Irritation. All at this wort
haa Juat baan completed, but It looked
aa tt Irrigation would fail aa tha raault
of contention on tha part af noma of tha
nrincinaia. Tha matter waa, howavar,
i.aM h ratification of tht aala by
director aj tha Josephine company of
tha dltcnaal Tna system -w
af both hlgq una ana grewy
Meterr of Bora XrHtUUm.
I - The present system of Irrigation for
tha Rogue River valley waa bagua by
tha Josephine county irrigation m n
eompaay. which bagan tha ontruotion
of tba ditches and latarala two yaara
am. In turn retting HS WSter rrom
t.. nolrtan Drift Jllalng company,
jmhfh had baan mining tvr gold near
tha dam for many yaara. Aa tha mining
company bad Iti dam and pumping ap
paratus ready and could aaally auppiy
additional ' water without much extra
coat, tha Joacphlna County Irrigation A
Power company made arrangements
with tha former company for a auppiy
and the latter company waa to construct
ail dttcbea, latarala, etc., necessary for
Irrigating the valley. , . - ,
Thia arranaetnent would probably
hare proven satisfactory, but during th
high water or tne winier oi v un
dam was washed out. consequently no
: water waa available for Irrigation last
year. m
During the past year George IE. Ban
Atrn of Chlcaaa-manaser of the Chi
cago-Rogu River Irrigation Power
company, began working on tha propoel
tlon to Irrigate the Rogue River val
ley and opened ' negotiation with the
Josephine, County irrigation A Power
company with a view of acquiring the
ditchea and property of thla company.
Tba Chicago-Rogue Rlvar company
guaranteea to have four mala ditchea,
each It miles long, of which two shall
be oa each side of tha Rogua River and
wbiob will cover tha land la the Rogue
River valley south aa far as tha Apple
gat River valley. The Irrigation sys
tern will consist of two high line ditches
with 100 feet elevation,- one ditch of
100 feet elevation, which will supply
tha Fruitdale district, and two. gravity
ditches for the purpose of serving tha
low lands la the Valley. Altogether
- when completed about 18,000 acres af
land will be -under Irrigation.: j
JTetare at tha anisaoa. ,
The pumping system will consist of
two centrifugal pumps, each with SS0O
gallons per minute capacity. These are
already installed. Aa soon as needed
another pump with a MOO gallon capao
lty per minute will be placed. , This la
now oa tba ground and another one with
12,600 gallon capacity will be purchased.
The company win aiso supply elec
tricity to farmers along the line above
, the ditches, for us In pumping water
to i higher territory. Eight thousand
, horsepower Is already developed at the
dam and tha Chicago-Kogue wver com
pany has purchased a site above the
dam where S000 horsepower can be ob-
11 construction work at the dam Is
done In, concrete. Insuring permanency
and strength to this valuable property.
Every resident of the city and sur
rounding country agrees that water for
Irrigation la tha one thing needful at
the present time. With It Grants Paaa
and the Rogue river valley will show
magnificent progress. . .
W-. . r JJ
if ' ' ! ' ( -
..L 1. t. ,l.l.r.
U 1 )
! . -
a panoramlo view of tha Golden Drift dam in ita present state la shows in the picture at the top.' Just below at the left is a construction, goene, while at the) right 11 another con-
truction scene, giving a view of the fiHh ladder. Just below these. In the center, is the irrigation dam as now seen, thlsvbelng the dam that is to furnish water for the Jot
' ephine county irrigation ditches taken oyer Thursday afternoon by the Xhlcago-Rogue "River Irrigation company. At the. bottom is a sketch of the dam as It will appear
when entirely completed. The portrait is that of George E. Sander manager of the Chicago-Rogue River company. , , ' v , ' . Y - . ; :
Building Permits Issued During Week
' The following salea of Irvingtoa prop
erty have recently been cloaed by the
H. P. Palmer-Jones Co.: . .. ,
- R. D. Carpenter purchased a $0x100
foot lot on East Twenty-fourth street,
from Bert K. Bolce for IKSO. Oeorge
A.. Bears bought 70x100 feet on East
Twenty -second near Knott street, from
E. W. Langdon tor 12700. Mr. Bears
will build a residence at one on this
property. Ellen McK. O. Ker purchased
from H. P. Palmer a large residence
at the corner of East Twentieth and
Brazes streets, prloe I13.SO0. Charles
A. Malarkey ' bought a large colonial
house at the corner of East Twenty
fourth and Knott atreeta, from L P.
Palmer at a price of $14,300.
- The Tat Investment company reports
tha following sale In Tate's addition
during tha week to local buyers: Lots
13 and 2( la block t to William J. Bore
ham, consideration $1150. Lot 14, block
1. to Fred H. Lankow, consideration
$700. Lot 10 In block 1 to 8. A, Crowell.
consideration $500. Lot U and the south
t feet of lot 14 la block 1 to David M.
Botaford. A bungalow located on lot
17. block 103. Rose City Park, transfer
being made from EL, JDeKeater to
lloyd Allison, tha consideration being
$3600. Mr.' Alllaon will oooupy this aa
hi home. . ;
The same company has also sold to a
syndicate of Omaha buyers a block of
11 lots la Tate's addition, which will be
held tor a rise la value,
Labor Men In Politics.
As part or tha ' propaganda to en
courage the . entry of labor men into
politics la Canada, the executive of the
Trades and Labor Congress of Canada
has decided to invito Mr. Fisher, premier
f the Australian commonwealth, to
make a tour of tha Dominion delivering
lectures In tha principal aides on the
practical application of labor policies
le polu-r
B. B. Couthar. erect one story ordinary
store, Derby street, between Hellam and
Willis; builder. Maul aV HJorten, Jll,-
H. Gordon, erect two and ene-naix
atory frame dwelling, Sandy road, be
tween Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth;
builder, B. F. Doty. $3600.
L. J. Davis, erect one ana one-nan
atory frame dwelling. Lincoln street,
between Thirty-ninth and Fortieth;
builder,1 B. F. Doty. $1800. :
L, J. Davis, erect on story frams
dwelling, Lincoln street, between Thir
ty-ninth and 'orueta: ouuaer, n. v.
Doty. $2000. ' - -
Robert WJieatier. areci one aiory
frame dwelUhg. Kussett atreet, between
Mississippi and AiDina; ounaer, same,
C VV. BOOSV ereci two ana one-nan
. eMmA Wttllln flMnd RVt'nilfl.
between Brooklyn and Franklin; builder,
John Adolphson, $6000,
C. W. Booat,-erect one atory frame
fiarage. Grand avenue, between Brook
yn and Franklin; builder, John Adolph
son, $500. .
T. M. Leabo, repair one story frame
dwelling, 627 Seventy-first street, be
tween Churchill and Millard avenue:
builder, same, $350.
Peter Thomas, repair two story brick
theatre, Orand avenue, between Morri
son and Alder; builder, Clemens Fisch
er. $3500.
August Gierke, erect two story frame
offices. East Gllsan street, between
East Eighty-first and Eightieth; build
er, J. E. Blackburn, $3000.
M. B. Goodman, repair two story
frame dwelling. Forty-seventh avenue
between East Forty-first and Forty
third; builder, same, $1000.
John P. Sharkey, erect two atory
frame dwelling, East Thirty-sixth street
between Kelly and Franklin; builder, G.
R. Ramaey, $3000.
Elisabeth Callahan, erect two story
frame dwelling, comer East Forty
fourth street and Thirty-third avenue;
builder, M. J. Callahan, $4000.
MoDonald & Brandt, erect one story
frame dwelling, corner Mississippi and
Morgan streets; builder, same, $1600.
Mrs. E. Muirhead, erect two and one
half story frame dwelling, Weidler
street, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth;
builder, A. M. McKrnzle,
Trinity Presbyterian church, erect
one story ordinary church, Virginia
street, between Eighth and Ninth;
builder, H. Glaze, $6000.
Mrs. J. A. Roberson, repair two story
frame dwelling, 460 East Burnstde
street, between Eighth and Ninth; build
er, A. E. Roper, $500.
E. Lu Graham, repair one etory rrame
dwelling, Stella street, between Mar
quam and Woodbine; builder, J. 8.
Weeks, $1400.
J. Dan ley. erect two story frame store.
Woodstock street, between Fifty-first
and Fifty-second; builder, D. G. Shell,
J. E. Dolen, erect two story frame
dwelling. East Fifteenth street, between
Brasee and Knott; builder, same, $3000.
H. W. Peterson, erect two stery frame
dwelling, 774 Rooaevelt street, between
Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth; build
er, O. M. Wheeler. $2000.
Ben Gadsby, repair two story frame
dwelling. 820 Overton " street, between
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth; build
er, E. Melton, $1600.
King estate, repair three atory gro
cery atore. Fifth street, between Stark
and Washington; builder, J. L Marshall.
Mlas Clara A. Love One and ene half
atory frame dwelling, East Main street,
between Twenty-third and Twenty
fourth; builder, W. H. Slavena, $2700.
Lennls Day One atorr frame dwelling
Liberty street between East Fourteenth
and Fifteenth; builder, name, $450.
Jennie C Smith Two and one half
story frame dwelling, Marguerite ave
nue, between Clinton and Ellsworth;
builder, E. W. Reder, $4000.
'F. F. Drake One and one half story
frame dwelling. Ninth street, between
Stanton and Siskiyou; builder, F. J.
Mitchell. $2500.
J. S. Klngsley One and one half
story frsroe dwelling, East Thirty-seventh
street, between Hancock and Tilla
mook; builder, same. 32500.
W -A. Carpenter Two and one half
story frame dwelling. East Twenty-
fourth street between Hawthorn and
East Market; builder, same, $7500.
F. F. Haradon Repair two story
frame factory, Eaat Sixth street be
tween Couch and Davis; builder, Lewis
As Lewis. $4000.
C Wasn One story frame dwelling,
Detroit avenue, between Holman and
Portland boulevard; builder, same, $1000.
J. D. Kennedy Repair two story
frame store, 838 Union avenue, between
Falling and Shaver; builder, J. A. Wil
son, $1400. ,
F. A. Huttberg One story frame barn.
435 Brown street, between Sixth and
Seventh: builder, same, $1000.
F. L. Stiles Two and one half story
frame dwelling 169-171 Royal court, be
tween Buena vista and Imperial; build
er, same, $4000.
W. H. Riddle One atory frame dwel
ling. East Sixty-second street, between
Brazee and Alameda; builder, John J.
Cunningham, $2000.
Harry Feres Two stdfy frame dwel
ling. East Seventy-ninth street, between
Kliokltat and Siskiyou; builder, F. J.
Morris. $1000.
Josephine BUyeu Two atory frame
dwelling, Eaat Sixty-third street between
sandy road and Siskiyou; builder, J, D.
Dlsbrow. $2000.
John Gorkey One story frame dwel
ling, Winchell street, between Alblna
and Kerby; builder, John Ring, $120$.
C M. Morser On story frame con
fectionery stor. 13a Greeley -street be
tween A ins worth and Holman; bulldsr,
same, $1000. . .. , i .
L. R. LeTlssler On ' story frams
dwelling, Flfty-seoond avenue, . between
Sixty-first and Sixty-second; builder,
aame, $600.
CL H. Chick Two and en half story
frame dwelling. East Fifty-third street
between Belmont and Taylor; builder,
W. B. Donahue, $11,000.
Phoenix Iron Works, repair foundry.
tSephens atreet between Union avenue
and Eaat Third atreet;
builder, same;
V Latham, one atorr rrame ataM. I V."' T
Michigan avenue between Ekldmore andJV5?"'
Prinnft IiiiIMa rit Ai4,H,.k nnh, iaa
C J. Crosby, one and a half story
frame dwelling, Gantenbeln avenue, be
tween Skidmore and Fay; builder, same:
Charles W. Cleveland, two story f ram
dwelling, Clinton atreet between Thirty
first and Thirty-second; builder, aame;
Oscar LlndquHt, two story frame
dwelling. East Twenty-third street -between
Sumner and Mildred; builder,
satnar-siesor- r '
. O. Ella, repair two story frame dwell
ing, Russell street between Vancouver
and Williams avenues; builder, same;
$000. ; - .
Joseph Kaffechleder, on story frame
dwelling, East Twenty-fourth atreet, be
tween Oolng and Preacott; . builder,
aame; $1600. -
E. L. McKern, two story frams dwell
ing. 1 Oregon street between East
Thirtieth and Thirty-first; builder. H.
B, Wood Cat $(U)0.
F. G. Buffum, two and on half story
frame dwelling, Overton street between
Twenty-sixth and Twenty-sevonth;
builder, same; $7600. - , '
Smith-Wagoner oompany, repair on
story frame dwelling. Union avenue be
tween Couch and Davis; builder, same;
$1600. , . .- -
. & C. Cornwhlt. tw story frame
dwelling, Clinton street between East
Thirty-ninth and Fortieth; builder,
aatne; $2600. - .
George Best, erect on and a half
atory frame dwelling, corner Patton ave
nue and Falling atreeta; butlder, same;
Builcflng: Will Bo Eloht arid .
; May Be Twelve Stories . '
i . In Height. , .
; ' ; '" " '.. .T.'i;l-
' John S. 8allj Who rcntly took over '
th 10x10$ foot lot at the northeast
oomer of Fourth and Washington on '
1 0-year leave, had commissioned Archi
tects McNaughtoo A Raymond to pre
pare plans and specification for a build
ing which he win erect ea th slta
Mr. Beall baa not fully decided th
alx of th proposed building, but It will ,
hot be lea a than eight stories and may
be 18.) Th ground ' floor will be 00-
oupled by th Merchants National Bank'
a a aw home, and th upper floors
will t ntlilxed for offices. v i .
Architects Clausen Claua have
ocmplated the plans for th new armory
to be erected at Woodbura, Tha builds .
lag Is ,to b a two-story 1 brick and
concrete structur. 10x114 feat and will'
cost approximately $30,000. . ; ,;; ,
- .... . , . ,1 -
Dr. H. I. Ong has let tha contract for ,'
a two-atory brick store and offlo balld-'
Ins; at the southeast oomer of Thir
teenth and Salmoa atreeta Th bulldlag
will coat between $$000 and $10,000. Dr.
Ong owns th entire quarter block at
Thirteenth and Salmon and Intends
within th aext year or two to cover
th 100 by 100 feet Th foundation 1s ,
to be put In with sufflolent strenstn to
aupport a six r lgbt atory atructure,'
which will be built as soon as tha de
velopment la that section 'of th city
will justify th Investment V
dwelling. 1871 Flsk street between Da.
faw and fyraouse; buUder, O. W. filers;
400. .
- A. A. Hessemer. ona atorr fram Ka ra
Eaat 8ixty-nlnth street, between Forty,
eighth aud Foster . Road; builder, same;
IB. ' . - - .
C Bomberser. ona and ona-half atorw-
frams dwalUng, Eaat Twentynhlrd
street, between Going and Presoottl
builder, same: $2$00,
N. J. Chriatanaan. renalr ne and im.'
half atory frame dwelling, Flfty-txta
avenue, between Seventy-aTxth and Sev-.
enty-elghth; builder, Frank Gregory
ioo. . ,
W. B. Reese, one and one-half story
frame dwelling,- Eaat Twenty-seventh
street, between Alberta and Sumner;
builder. 8. L. Reese; $1600.
Morton conn, repair one story rrame
atnurant. 41T Waahinaton street be
tween Eleventh and Twelfth: builder.
John Bingham; $500.
J. P. Kelt, repair on story frame
flwelimg. 171 Anaeny street, oetween .
Third and Fourth: builder. H. Hlrsch-
berger company; $500. t
Columbia Creosotlng company, erect
ne story frame shed, foot Montgomery
atreet Between river and railroad
acne: nunoer, a. ianu; steuu.
Hattia Meier, renalr one and one-halt
story frame dwelling. Height street, be
tween Beaoh , and Fremont; builder,.
aame;J750. ' '
ii. H.' Jeasup, repair one atory irama
rarara and shed. 36E0 Slxty-aeventh
atreet. between Thirty-fifth and Thlr-ty-aeventh
avenues; builder, same; $360.
J. Buohtel, tepalr one atory fram
dwelling. 480$ Forty-eighth avenue, be
tween Fifty-eighth and Flfty-nlnUx
streets; builder, same; $500.
Eachtne shop,
orrlsoa and
Jones;. $450.
Mra Ethel
Union avenue, between
Belmontf - builder. A, E.
It would take all th vacations 'of a
long lifetime to visit observantly all the.
lers, ens story fram 1 delightful places of Oregon.
11. M. Greene, ea and one-half story
frame dwelling, 171- Eaat Fiftieth
atreet between Broadway and Hanoook;
bunder, aame; $1600; . .
Dorm J. Zan, one atory fram garage
Franklvn! hulldar. 1. Joraean; 3400.
L. A. Helbock, one and one-half story
frame dwelling, 49 Webster street, be
tween isintn . ana juevemn; nuiiaer,
same; $1000. -
J. P. ZlrngerlbeU two story frame
dwelling. Umatilla -street, between. East
Thirteenth and Fifteenth; builder, Fred
Cappell; 81800. ;
J. P. Zirngerfbel, i rapalr two stpry
frame dwelling. East Fifteenth street
and Tenlno: builder. Fred Cappell; $250.
J. P. Zlrngerlbel, repair two atory
rrame dwelling, East Twenty-nrsi
street between Harney and Clatsop i
builder, F"a Cappell: $1360.
V. A. Billion, repair one story brick
ai rnces Not
Considering Quality of Work Done and Fifteen Yean' Guarantee; Backed by Nearly
I ; a Quarter of a Century in Portland - ; :;
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Dr. W. A. Wise has practiced his profession in Portland
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paticular branch of the dental profession.- We have 4 rep
utation to guard jealously ; Slipshod or careless work
wpuld endanger our standing in the community - and tear
down the good name secured after, nearly a quarter of , a
century of painstaking and honorable practice. Our prices,
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The Wise Dekiiltal Co;9 Inc.
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.. I :w..4ltlUlt.t
Write for booklet and let u tell you why we make this guertion.
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Hot Lake Sanatorium
Hot Lake, Oregon. v . Walter M. Pierce, President and Manager,"
Collins Hot Springs Hotel
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r . i
L V- I-1
ft- MOOR li'ty - t.
POlsoN 0Al
HVAWAPLC nouiinuio Hurt.
at Bageeisrs havk it or will ostium om acojicar
rrrco ms .enrs.
; : Journal Tr
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