The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 18, 1911, Page 12, Image 12

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Sch Pago 2 Section 5, for Extraordinary '-Bargains', in Furnitnrc 1 0C0 Pairs of Hish,Crilo Portieres Selling at Close to Half Price
VTHE MEIER & FRANK STORE, Fifth; Sixth, Morrison and Alder Sis.
?lMEIER & -FRANKS I ; 1 1 4THE MEIER & FRANK STORE,' Established 1857
" . . 1 1 . . .
v'l aid is uie weeK an uregon pays inouie w uw men anu women wno crossed me plains tnree score
X . iriirfl nrrn wlin mifr7rpr1 th a hnrrlRmnfl nf fiarlv flflVfl. fmifrhf' f ri a . Tnrlinnci ' nnvArl Ji a vatn'xr "fnr ' f ri a t'.' (53 1;1
.1.' r . i- j xt i. -..u:.l. tj.n i . . i ........ . -1
great, progressive land of plenty which we know today 1
Many 01 the old settlers till our patrons were acquainted with Aaron Meier, the-fc
where The M
Icier & Frank Company had its. beginning in 1857.'
The Oregon Pioneer aisociation i
founder of this business, and will remember the little, atore on Front street."
..... in ..... ivmuimi imb inns ,ivr I'll a ivm m ici,
holding: its 39th, annual reunion thii week, and Wednesday, June
hall be delighted to conduct you through the atore and point out
21. will be Pioneer Day. We cordially invite all our old friends to visit the store this .week. , We shall
the wonderful steps which have been made in storekeeptng methods since 1857 , t,
Articles Loaned Us by Oregon Historical Society on Exhibition 5 th. St Window
1 CHAIR, made for Gen. -Philip H.
V Sheridan in J858 and used by him
. at Fort Yamhill when he served
there in 1857-61, as a second lieu
tenant in the United States army.
2 COFFEE MILL, once the prop
' erty of Gen. Sheridan.
3 EASY CHAIR, made in the Coast
Range .. about 60 miles west of
Portland, in , I860. . An antidote
for the bac-ka-che. '
4 BOOXXWO CMATB, mad In Portland
In ll&S-li tjr John B. Grrlon.
of the type in use in 1874. ,
6 CRADLE used in Oregon 50
years ago. : r
7OX YOKE. Made in Ohio in
1842. and brought across the
wned bv i Joel . Perkins, -a pio?
lains on the neck of two cows.
neerof Yamhill county.
made in Norway. Very old. '
in Yamhill county in 1847 by Na-,
than Eaton, pioneer of 184J,
- for Mrs. John Phillips, i pioneer
of 1845. who used it for 50 years. "
' This was taken from a sill of the ,
-first frame house erected inPort'
Hand and waa shipped from Maine
' ; via Cape H,orn to Oregron. in 1847 A
by Captain Nathaniel Crosby.
11 SADDLE BAGS. Made in Wayne
county, Indiana - for? John II.--Hunt,
who brought ihem across
the plains in 1847, who settled in '
Waldo Hills.,' Marlon county." Ha
i used them -constantly until 1876.
12-STONE IMAOE. , Made by In-
' dlans a great while ago, hundreds
' , of years without doubt Washed,
5 , out of he northern bank of Sau
vie's Island, a few miles below
, , . Portland, on the farm of Martin
, t "Gillihan, a pioneer of 1&44, and
', found by him;- ? .,
. 13 STONE IMAGE., Found on
;-' ' Sauvie'a Island. Was washed out
. of the bank as indicated above.
t 3 - , . . .:..:ti i, v,
IffiltfWinners liiithe Teachers' Travel Contest Which Closed Last Night
'. ' Ladd school. Trip to either London or Paris.
Vot 5472.075. ,
PRIZE 2, EAST PORTLAND Miss Cora Mur-.V-phy,
Highland school. Trip to either London or
. Paris. Vote 5786.975.
Vnings, Hsrmony school. Trip to either London or
. Taris. Vote 1,689,675.
PRIZE 4 Next highest in all districts Miss
Blanch Catlin, Hawthorne school. Trip to New
York City. Vote 4,103,875. . , -
PRIZE'S Next highest in all district Miss N.
Dickenson,' Shattuck school. A month's vacation
at any Oregon beach. Vote 3,786,025.
PRIZE 6-r-Next highest in West" Portland Miss
F. G. Porter, Failing school., Two weeks' vaca
tion at Bayocean, with all expenses paid at Bay-
ocean hotel. Vote 1299,050.
PRIZE 7-Next highest in West Portland Miss
Maud Heggie, Davia school: Two weeks' vaca
tion at Seaside, all expenses . paid at Moore's
hotel. Vote 241,975.
PRIZE Next highest in West Portland Miss
1 D. Bingham, Couch school. Two weeks' vaca
tion at Long Beach, Wash., expenses paid at
Breakers hotel Vote 1,686,400. -. ...
PRIZE Next highest In East Portland-Miss
Mable Taubenheimer, Scllwood school. " ' Two
week's vacation at' Gearhart Park, expenses paid
at Gearhart hotel. ' Vote 3,297.0001 . -
PRIZE 10 Next highest In East Portland Mrs.
Chancy, Sunnyside 'School. ,Two weeks'.vaca
tion at Gearhart Park,-expenses paid at Gearhart
' hotel.. Vote 2r10SJ75.
PRIZE 11 Next, highest In Cast Portlandilra.
1 ,1 E,'Bbck, Teninsular school.' Two weeks' va
; cation at Long -Beach, Wash., expenses paid at
Breakera hotel. i Vote 15775,;
PRIZE 12 Next highest in state, outiide Portland
J ' --Miss Irene Carter, Milwaukie achool. Two
N weeks' vacation at Bayocean, Vote 166,400.
PRIZE 13 Next highest m state, outside Portland
, ' -Miss D. Badolette, Astoria school. Twa weeks'
vacation at Seaside, ;' Vote 988,375. 1
S. H. & M. Guaranteed Silk
VMS. rr
for 365
k. t.. snooin) noox
ryOMEN in every part of
Portland .will" herald
the news with delight, for
L there's never been a Silk
Petticoat: sold ; which gave
such splendid satisfaction as
. this S. H. & M make, with
a three months' absoluie
guarantee ticket, reading:
"If thia Petticoat splits or
cracks within three months
from date of sale it will be
reolaced free of charge"
This new model iust arrived is made of best aaalttv". Taffeta'
wim uyuutc iiuuutc vi pin iucks ana rows oi sutcning.
oiacK, gray, navy, -copennagen, green and
blue, also changeable shades. Extra sizes
in black , only. An extraordinary value at
ruwj oi 5LHcnmg.
25 c Waoh Goods 12V2C
nrHE W pieces, of these splendid silk-and-cotton wash goods
j t 12c shouldn't last till noon tomorrow!
Keguiar Z5c quality, in the daintiest patterns, in such de-
iiiAiiu nw ior summer iud JJresscs and J
Waists. An extra special tomorrow you I
can't come too early for this splendid bargain
$30, $35 and 38 Suiis $22.65
20c Shirtings Now for 1 2xc
For tomorrow, 1200 ' yards of
fine Madras Shirting, 30 inches
wide, in all the popular stripes for
men's and boys' shirts and wom
en s dresses. Regular i IA
20c grade at, the yard 1& '
To 15c Lawns Now at 10c
Hard to find anything so pretty
at the price as these dainty lace
stnped White Lawns, for waists
and dresses. Regular 12c and
15C CTadeS. Snria! tnmnr- m a
row at) the yard, only. . . . J (jC
' ' Sll
fll,.. f$
' i 1 V'
k nuararawexoon sxoob
omsxa by aura
ill misses' ; i I f FZf
THE FACT that you'll probably go to the seashore or
mountains for a time this summer makes it all the
more' important that your, wardrobe should contain a
smart, distinctive Tailored Suit. j.
Here Is a score of handsome, faultlessly tailored models'
many only in our stock a week or go brought 'down
from $30, $35 and $38 lines for tomorrow at $22.65.
The chic, dashing, clever styles in Black Satin, Blue
Serges. Tweeds, Worsteds and mannish mixtures
black, navy, gray, tans,. fancy stripes and modish
and white checks, beyerely tailored or fancy
with large sailor collars and deep-revers. AU i
and - women's sizes. You may"" sa mt
f-tic frrtm 5M C3K ml 3ft Qftit -J- Jf. 11-!
tnmonnw at the verv snecial nrice r ir;!.
The ideal summer coats for traveling, seashbre, and ,
vacation wear. Made of Pongees'. and vloth-of-Gold in,
j jaunty semi-fitted effects, with big, ? picturesque sailor;
collars of black and white striped V Q A 0C ;
material or black satin. Regular 1 ti'm
$20 Coats offered tomorrow for . T..v
Black Satin Coats at S30
Tiist off the New York exoress. a full lineof nw li
Black Satin Coats, with large shawl or sailor collars and vjf
large revers. Lined in rich King's blue or gold satin.;
Some have collars, cuffs and revers to match $QA flfi h"
lining; others, are all black. Special at... yiUUU
25c Flaxons Nowfor 15c
Every woman knows what
White Flaxons are they are
advertised and sold the coun
try over. A sensational price
on 2000 yards of best r
25c White Flaxon, yard lijC
Nainsooks Now at Price
We place on sale tomorrow
1000 yards of fine 45-in. White
French Nainsooks, in 3 best
grades, at half.
50c White Nainsook at 25tf
76c White Nainsook at 38
V3 0ffon Real Irish
Crochet Neckw'ar
PORTLAND women haven't been of
fered the opportunity of buying this
.exquisite real Irish Crochet Neckwear so
low m years !
Our entire stock on sale tomorrow.
c . y r , ' v""v-"cl v-oaars, ,oat
bets, Rabats, Jabots, etc., imported direct
by us. Regular prices i r
from .$5 to $40. at 5.f. A LfiCi
Extra Special! To $5 Scarfs. SI .70
An importers surplus of fine Auto and
r.veninp' Scarfs in 4. i .- .
sortment ofyrolors and styles. A mr
TTth $3 to $5' now J 1.79
. . , -v iiuuvme sonars-
All the new styles, 12.
.Aiuuvmt and Byron Collars-Extra
special tomorrow, 7.
Hundreds of Charming
Trimmed Hats, V2 Price
rmAJrars soos ixoob
BliAUTiJfUL; bummer Hats y
1 1 o m our, choicest lines r,;
nave Deen added to. this hzn-ff
price lot for tomorrow 1 , ' .
; Two cases , jfull to choose
from even New York and :
Paris signed Pattern . Hats' are .
included-v-exquisite creations,' v
trimmed in fine flowers, wings c,
and -elegant; ostrich plumes. , '
Regular prices $7, $9, $10, $15,
UV WW . a , J I44h f S
$1.25 White
Parasols 98c
' - ' Kalef ft rvaakaJtnn tmmUm ifotrlaoa St.
FOR' a - morning walk or early, shopping journey, when a
more elaborate Parasol might look out of nlace .'Plaini
tucked, hemstitched and embroidered White Par-
asols.. made on stronj white enamel f rimes, with T5r flll
natural wood handles. Regular $1.25 kind now at
$2.00 Plain and Brocaded Parasols, on sale tomorrow $1.39
$2.60 Silk Taffeta and Pongee Parasols, tomorrow at $1.93
$3.50 Plain and Dresden Silk Parasols tomorrow at $2.98
$8.50 and $7.50 Plain Taffeta Parasols ' tomorrow for $5.57
Our Oriental Ruft SE3K)re'macv
mmw ai i . , , , j WW -
Reflected in AstomsWng;.SaIe
uzna a iAjrx Tatrju noon ' omsxx irr atan " " ' r. ,;:.
NO STORE West of Chicago can begin to equal;
the business we do in Oriental Rugs I Our or
ders are placed direct with the bisrest Turkish and
Persian collectors - Oriental rug connoisseurs have Ay
pronouncea our snowing one or ine ncnesi ana most
beautiful in America. v - - .,
About 100 rugs grouped into these three lots to
morrow at one third to a half less than regular prices.
To $40.00 Rugs Now at $18.85
i Mostly jMossoul Rugs in this groupt , .
$25.00 Rugs.. 3.2x6.1- feet
$32J0 1 Rugs, ; 3.4x7.4 , feet
$30X0 Rugv. 3.4x5.8 feet
S35.00I Ruks. 3.5x6.5 feet
127 JO Rugs, ' 3.4x7.0 feet
130.00, Rues. 3.0x7.0 feet
$30.00 Rugs, 3.7x8.2 feet
$40.00 Ruga, 4.5x0.5 leet
To $50.00 Rugs $23.85
Rich 'Kurdistan Rugs at this lot: '
$45.00 Rugs, 3.9x6.2 feet
$40.00 Rugs, , 4.1x6.7 feet
$45X0 Rugs, 3.9x6.4 feet
$40.00 - Rugs, 3.7x5.10 feet
$50.00 Rugs, 4.0x5.4 feet
$37.50 Ruga, 3.10x5.10 feet
$4000 Rugs, 4.1x6.5 feet t
14S.00 Run. '3.7x6.5 feet I
7 - ti I
J it,?
- ;i r - a
To ?5c Embroideries for 39c
BIG lot' of dainty Swiss Embroideries to match in the prettjest
' flbral, Baby, Irish and eyelet designs. Edges and Insertions,
ltf to 6 inches wide; Flouncings, 12 to 18-inch. For f
gowns, waists and undermuslinsy Regular $1 to $1.50
grades, yara, wc; ooc ana voc graacs ai, ycr yru,
85c Corset Covert for 50c
, -The dainty "Uly White" Semi
Made Corset Covers sold here
only in Portland. Embroidered
in exquisite .eyelet designsre
quire little sewing to CA'"
.makeup.- SpT tomorrow DUC
Lace Bands Greatly Reduced
Handsome white and cream Not
tingham Lace Bands, 3 to 12 inches
wide, in filet and round mesh de
signa2r dresses and waists:
25c Lace ' Bands, yard only 18e
50c Lace 'Bands, yard, only 42f
$12$ Lace 'Bands, the . yard 08e
To $95.00 Rugs $39.65
Special of Irani Heratl and Sarouk Rugsi .;
60.00 Rugs, 4.1x6.10 feet 1
feet '
f 1 " . v
4x6.6 ,
Rugs, 6.7x4.10 feet
50c Mail Boxes, Special at 37c Each
U LI 1 MXXBB nimra-iiAiiiinnni
$20.00 to $30.00 Genuine Beloochistan Rugs Aver-,
age Size 3.6x5.6, Only 50 in Lot Monday Only $13.95
"Tbe Racquet" Waist $6.75
, Ktun ii- surx'--soox9 noos voxpni bt acaxz '
OULD'youjmagine a jauntier. or more ideal style, for sum
mer outdoor wear-7-tennis,' golf, at the mountain or beach?
Jyst- received by express--oi;
course we are the first to siow
them. . Made,,'as shown in,
sketch, of splendid quality
white and natural' color linen
with smart colored turnback
'cuff's arid sailor collar. Finished
in double row of large white
pearl Z buttonsblack K patent
leather belt with each. Shaped , -to
fit correctly at the waist-'
line. In, all ( p (?;
am m
lHi JASON why you shouldn't have your
letter box when vou ran r.t nn.of
yveve just received 500 black japanned new-Mail-
' "'j- n iiiuaLia r . n rmi ir ii am aaaar j."-
? a rXrT ,y, as "'"strated. Regular 50c '
kind. Whi U th if & . . ;
ivi losta lunjurrow at Only 1
90c Letter Bni.
and durably made." Fitted
'with lock. Finished in old
copper and black. i
Special Monday for 04C
$15 Letter Boxes Ex
tra high grade in appear-'
ance and make. Finished in.
copper or dull brass Q12
with lock, . at .only- ''iC
nnv u, l
aJ; f'Tf 11 Vl-U .ffV',vfcy rx s.: - .;: ,
- II r
. iD DJ'F')
pi Ljf ri
done here, in 24 hours and
tiff AVE your ;developing arid printing1 don
fat the lowest prices i the city! '-'J
FREE-A sample bottle i of our General Developer to every 'pur
chaser Monday in.ouV.Kodak Section. . - c , - .
25c Developing Trays, 5x7 six 19c I - Phototone Albums, containing
25c Post Card Hera, special 19c 16 leavcs x9 jire AJb
M.4F. General Developer for 19c 0 -. . J I . , ... J '
,35p Snap Shot Albuma, containing j 9c; 2oc 10x13 sizeAlbum - at loc
lS leaves, 7x10 sire, apecial 23f -lOc 5 Size AJbums'Sc -