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WI 5 S Wlf
. . t . . i i .
mm nns
nrt Tfim.' Position. Seoond Team,
Irvine. Irylnfton. .. o . . . , .Bchulta, Ia1l
Haydon, trrlnfton. p Oorham, L.add
Rolln. Ladd. ...... .ae. Bonney, Irvine. tn
ttemler. Irvlngton, lb, ..Holt, Ldd
nurae, K1IOC . , ,,ZD, i ..umiuaun, iug
Rlvercomb, Arleta..8b. , . . : .Upton. Kllot
MolAuchlan, Irv... ,lf . . . ..Beabrook, Irv.
Sit ton. Ladd. ....... cf.... Hall, Holladay
Jecopaon, IJoird'y-.rf.Sehlller, Jrvlngtoq
Tha series of baseball games lo Un
Grammar School league cam to a doe
by th winning of tha championship by
Irvlngton Friday ' Ladl . Tha series
has resulted la tha appearance of much
good material and In ."the playing of
torn 'games that' would 1av bcoira
ort-dlfrto much Older playera.. .
"Tha Irvlngton and I-add teams 'ajA
two or tha beat team aeveinpaa jn mm
league for aeveral soaeons and when
playing la form are capable of putting
it a vary fast -game. This fact waa
brought out in tha flrat game between
these teams, lrvlogton winning by 4
to' I. score, liolladay Mae had a good
m.ln aplta of their small playr,.but
had to stand -'a bard race, playing an
average of a game every three days. In
t ho , finals Arleta . started well, but
armed to lose hope after their defeat
K loomed Isrgo but "blew, up" , In ,th
Irvine of the ehamnions i one ot mo
heat catchers the grammar league has
produced.: H haa a strong,; accurate
hrm,. tha best In the league, perhaps,
land the man who stasis on Mm has to
P pretty fleet. -And ho can hit the pill
n the moat approved .too. ciaas raan
oil, as his homo run 'and threebagger
n' the Ladd game will - teetlfy., Irvine
a- a heady backstop na well as a nifty
Jrecejfcver and, under Ma captaincy- the
irvlngton team played -sacrifice- sna
lilt and run" like, big leaguer, lie
Biaa the oa.ll on tha wlndpad position,
Although ho supplants a, good man In
Sehults of Ladd. ' ,.. - y
Schults.has a fairly accurate arm.
k-uns the signalling well and can sting
he pill almost nshard and frequent as
Drvlne. Next to Irvine ho is toe best
knan In the league. . ; ,y ; f,. . ,t-
4. aTaydon. Strong- Twlrler.,
Haydon of Irvlngton school seems to
I the best pitcher In the learue. , He
as aood control, speed and sharp break
nf curves. I His headwork la rood and
la always cool. Graham of Ladd waa
Ivan second choice because -.of his
teady work. In Irvlniton'a laat Kama
kith, Holladay Itaydon i let '' Holladay
flown with three hits and atruck out IS
ten. Four days later he atarted against
-add and had to bo taken out because
f wlldneas, but that is likely to happen
a .Matthoson. . Davla of Ladd -and
bohnson of Arleta are good pitchers iu
avo ootn, oeen an von irom ine oox .in
aeveral gamea, Williams of Holladay
pitched a great game in his first tussle I
with Irvlngton. bttt waav touched HP
freely by both Ladd and Irvlngton in
the laat game. Powers' , pitching arm
waa hurt. In Ellofa first game and he
didn't have much chance In the .finals. '.
The shortstop position la a hard one
to pick. , JBolln of Ladd and Bonney of
Irvlngton are far' above the average.
Both are fine fielders, good base-run-
nera and hravy hitters. . The poaltlon is
gtvea to- OMIn because of a alight ad
vantage In headwork ana oe running.
Win From Sacramento Sena
tors in Best Game of
. V. the Series. , "
1 f r'tae tnieraaUaaal Kawe riea.
fcacramento, , CaL,j0ne lT.JDeaplte
the heat that prevailed In the ball park
thla afternoon, the Beale and enetdrs
clattered through 10' innings ' of - the
Weill v S V n (vauwvis su - v a . - ,f
Bonney Is given second choice for this II that-has been played In the
poaltlon. r i . I erles, Ifohler'a clique making it their
..Etemier of Irvlngton,. Is . glY0 theiftftk straight win, 4 tot. ' -:
choice for first baae. mo la a gooa i BQnat" Miller started for the Baals
fielder and takea many difficult' chancea f !?r
I. a..m i. a h.m hitter and ncl o mm in toe nztn inn
covera mora ground than any flrat base- lag nd ked to be retired. '.Miller
man In too. league, oesiaea t.b
fine 'throwing am- . Holt of Ladd Is
alao a good first bkaemen but has a
"Charley HoTae which baa botoered
him IA the last fw gamea. Ho la given
second choice for first baee.v 4 ; - ..
:. V, :.arko ood Xilin. )
Little Burk of Eliot lo given' the o
slUon at second haaa. Ho la fine lit
sat in the shade of the grand atand and
in a tew moments toppled over In
rami. He waa revived by his team
mates and was able to walk to tha elub
boiae after considerable ico water treat
ment. ' -! . '
- Henley Went on the hill for the Heals
and . being acclimated, speeded, along
wuiiJ a run brand of pitching, holding
v - - - - i ik. . mi i .
i. t-A-r m rnnA Kall.r and alwava haa ""' "'is.
his ead on his ohouldera. He starts Bn' " me
many double, lays, and haa a apletidld ? "Pio 1 the tenth inning.
iwinr um'fA ma email a bo v. Knud-I With two down Hinley singled to center
mm r iaa ! a mul second baseman I d Shaw rapped tha ball Into. left, tha
and Is given thla position on ine aeoono i aina a oaa nop orr uie nard pan
team.r,'- . . ,.v . ijui aa iMwit atcppea zor the bounce
Third baao. goes td-Jtlvercomo or Ar ana., sRiaci ' out across the , left field
lets- He haa fin tnrow across to line, Henley tallying and Ehaw pulling
first. Is clean fielder, and usually hits 1 up at third. MoArdle ended the frame
in a pinch.. . Upton of Eliot la givsn mis i by bitting to Thompson who pegged him
position on tne secona wim mo outto Dansig,
la Baao of Inr-
mnA 'third Backer, as
McLaOchlanof Irvlngton Is a second
baseman but it shifted to left field on
this Imaginary nine. He , played left
field before being sent to second twee
during the early part of tha seaaon. He
Is .'a fine player and deserves a place
on the AU-Btar. - McLaucblan la a euro
fielder; haa-a flna arm, and Is one of
the beat hitters on tho Irvlngton team.
Ho Is also a fins base runner and haa a
rnnri head. : Seabrook of. tho aamo team
la given " thla poaltlon , on ;. tha.; second
tram. '
Center field la given to Bitton or iano. i neniey, p.
w la a aura fielder, a ; gooa oattar I
anil iiav vm ;
nrown of Irvlnrton la one or mo oeai
fielding outfleldera,Vbufla prone to
In their half of the tenth,' tho Sen.
ators put two men on and then could
not core. . Henley struck out 1 Shlnn,
van uuren and Ueister in thla inning.
r in h ir p n a
enaw, in. ...... I
McArdle. ae. S
Mohler. 2b. ......... 4
Tennanf. lb. I
Melchlor. If.',. I
Powell, if. S
Madden.' cf. .1
Schmidt, c ......... 4
Miller, p, S
o ia
o o
S 30 11 4
.... M.11 nf HolIadavl?"inn
irtMv wm . - i LTKOuraa, jo .......
Is. given second position on account ofjVaa Buren, cf.
his hitting. ' a ... : J DanaJg. , lb.
Jacobson of Holladay wouio m- in warren, rt
in ria-ht field.' Ha la fast on the I pewia. u.
w.-.. .. nrlil of around in I 7 nomas, e.
.. . tr. i. r tha ami-oat I iarcnen.
hitt.rrf An tha Holladay team. 8cnlller
of '..Irvlngton, !e the second choice for
fright -field.-' A, ..' ". : " '' ;
..14 4
AB. R. H. P.O. A. E.
Thompson, p,
0. 0
1 I
" '. 4
S 0
' ' " y 000", " ' .' V ''. ' ' '
i.'.' ' Tr. .',.v ,',.'''.'' ', i;
., '.,". '. .' .-w i I ....... , ,'.;:r '
V.;,-'Vr.'-'-.,-'i-: ' ' ".'--' ' - ',.. ..' ;
.7 'V-Vfi ':? - A Vi' -y
.-; ' . i'-', 4.... 1 a
Former Head of 'Steel Trust
'. States Gates Told Truth;
"' , to the. Committee.
.......IT I I 10 14 I
Jack Knight, tha clover all-around trtlst of tho New Tork Yankee studio,
who playa acceptable ball at first baa in .the absence from the
' gameuot hla chief, Hal Chase.'' Knight' has' filled In at every posi
tion on.tha.. Yankees; Infield.'! But ; let' It not be considered that
Knight la merely a substitute or utility man. He la the crack of
..the whole Infield outfltand la always ou soma Job or another,
. hla regular price at' present being second base, when all the others
are In the game. Knight has been' doing fine work at the bat this
season and Is aa much responsible as anyone else for the great
climb the- New York entry haa been making in the American league
- column. ' " . ' - . , ..
1UD nillSH
About Every Hit in Baseball
Turned ,Loose By;Angels "
1 in Two Innings. '
McCredie's Crew Take's Fourth
.Straight Game. From. the
- ; ; Vernon -Tigers. ' 4
(Br tka IntrraatloaJ Mr Itarrlra.V , ' I 19$. the Intaraatieaal Mevra gerrlre.t .
fSan Franclaco, June II. At the close I o Angeiee, June-17.Hp Hogan's
he aearenth Inftlng todai In th Vernon Tigers were butchered again for
tame between theepaka and the Angela another Portland holiday thla afternoon
he acore Stood s to 1 in ravor or ine i or in. score or u 10 . this makes four
Mtks. ' Scores of fans took tt ror granieai-""7 ,",""'" "na lne
hat everything was lovely for another h0'00. V L"'' 'M
lay 'and departed for an early supper. atZjmr7 t'lZ."TI -" Ac"
h-heyvmlaaedhe tnost : "'"nf Part tf 0f tho game just kept buay enough to
h Mini. rDlte the handicap. Ia I -ton .nvthft... ni,. . v
Ingeles opened up on Tyier cnriavan , Roy caetleton weathered two lnninaa
ri the eighth. aul in wie or me most apd left th0 ami ft . -
rarlous . batting rallies - or we seaaon, ,alx hltB c,thored off hla de"
Inade sl safe; clouts coqnt;for four ,lverjP Th. flm werrlble;
ln"- ' - ' ..',' v ! ' -A At .men facing tho Vernon alahatr and
J Again in the ninth alter .two were oui tft0 be MM f thfc ,."7
loward poked the ball over thno d' Enough" he haaVbade ffSS
Inaklng the acore to s. Bernard , h warVmt nt.i, .! -ZL,. "
'Batted for Warren th ninth. , .
San Francisco ..1 1 I M 1 t I t 14
Hiu 11001000;
Sacramento ..'..1 Mltlllt 0 t
.Hits S tllirill 11
r SUMMARY. t -
Four hits, one run. off Miller in five
Innlnsrs. Tiiree base hits Van Buren.
Shlnn, Shaw. Two base hlta O'Rourke,
I Mohler, Jwls. Saciifloe hit Powell,
O'Rourke, ' Tennant, Lercheri. Sacrifice
files Melchlor.- Stolen bases Shaw,
Mohler. Bases on balls Off Thompson
l. off Miner i. on Heniey i. Btrucic
out Bv Miller- t, by Henley 0, by
Thompson . Paaaed balla Schmidt.
Wild pitches Henley. Time 3:1.
Umpire HUdebrand. -
Pacific Coast League.
Won. Lost
Portland 43
Ban Kranclaco ....... 44
Oakland 41
Vefaon 84
Sacramento SO
Lost Angeles ......... to
Northwestern Leagce.
Won. Lost.
t. ,
Tacoma .............
e Another double-header Will bo
4 ' played at .Vaughn Park thla af- 4
4 , ternoon between the Spokane In- . 4
4 . dlabs v and .. tha Portland . Nlcka, 4
e tha first game starting at t
4 o'clock. Yeatorday Portland won j
4 ' both games and Manager Wll-
e llama la anxious to duplicate the 4
4 feat this afternoon. If tho Nicks 4
4 take two more and Tacoma trl- 4
4 umphs over Seattle, the Indiana 1 4
4 rwlll likely loae their lead in the 4
e league race to the fast coming e
'Bengala. .. 1 ' , ' . ' -"".-'w
a 71 Mnt ,n ,n th" th,rd innIn' $
naklng th. acore vg to s. Bernara ,nnln. na forked nlcilr
ounced a grounder to mm oeep 0f tho game, r I' 7 "
ltory. Christian covered the bag and
he rest - of tho Oaka started ror tne
lubhouse. But they had to come.nacit
for Pf yl'o toss got away t rrom ; na
Mtcher and Bernard waa safe.
I ' Little Peto Daley, the next man up,
It the ball for-what . seemed K' sure
Patterson opened tha
ping Hosp'a heave, allowinr Chadbourne
a JifS 't first Barry walked, Ryan
walked, filling tho baaes. Krueger
singled to center, soorlnr Chadbourna
and Barry, Ryan, going to third. Krue-
X !
', (Br tha International Ntwa Sa
London, June 17. Judge
Moore a
Giants Are DefeatxL
(Ualtad Preae Laaaad Wire. I
St Louis, June 17. A pitchers' battle
between the great Mathewson and Bob
Harmon marked todays Gl&nts-Cardi-
nala game. The New Yorkera were
held to three bits. Score: ;-
n m w
New TorkNl 0 Mill 0 1 13 3
St Louis . .1 0000010 3 I 0
Batteries Mathewaon and Meyers;
Harmon and Breanahan. 1
Umpires Klem and Emslle.
; Cincinnati Trims Brooklyn.
Cincinnati, June 17. Caspar . held
Brooklyn to six hits this afternoon
and the Reds won, S to 1. Score:
R H. IS.
Brooklyn .,1 000000001,6.3
Cincinnati .0 4 1 0 0 .0- 1 0 -r - i
Batteries Scanlon, Knetser and Ber
gen; Gaapar and McLean.
Umpires Flnneran and Rlgler,
' Cubs Phillies Go 13 Innings.
i Chicago, June 17. The Cu defeated
mixed team, which started fifth, was tn phm, by 4 to 3 In a. 13 innnlng
hit' the nail ror-wn seemea ' aure i .,r -II. 1 ma iirsi 10 arrive in ine international i .m. vrrora bv Knab mil Doolai
wo tagger against the fmce.Zacher ".rr,i"?ul? ny Kappa, l coaching Marathon held hero today. ,m ThltllM fha tram .rt.p Alar.
i - iv.ii ...... i wn touiiu, oneetian arew a waiic i mu. . - ... i
X," . " "f, ",.. ' "lander had pitched wonderful ball. The
IITtminlal -- rn1ataBafl i.' rtAaihaa ai4ekW4aajt I . :W ' k..
Roston Drops Two to Naps.
- Boston, Juna 17. Thla waa a holiday
and thouaanda of the faithful flocked
tothe American league park to see the
Red Sox twice go down to defeat be
fore Cleveland. The aoorea:
Afternoon game:
Cleveland ..,.3 0000100 0 1
Boaton 10011000 04 8 1
Batteries Falkenberg and Land
Karaer and Hall. 'Umpires Evans and
Mullen. ,
Morning game; . . . u
t , R. H. C
Boston 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 03 4
Cleveland ..0 3001004 07 IS
Batteries Moaer and Nunamaker;
Gregg and Land. Umpires Mullln and
Evans. ,
; Sox Defeats Athletes.
Philadelphia. June 17. The Chicago
Americans defeated the Athletics In
awatfest this afternoon. Tho White
Sox batted Plank out of the box In tha
fourth; Score! , v . .
' R.H.E.
Chicago ....0 1 0 S 0 0 0 1 13 13 2
Philadelphia 40000101 00 3
Batteries Walsh and Sullivan,
Payne; Plank, Coombs and Thomas and
Lapp. Umpires Dlneen and Perrine.
Detroit Loses to Yankees.
New York, June 17. The New York
Americana made a strong finish and do
feated Detroit in today's game. Score:
B. H. E.
Detroit v-.t..O 0 1 0 1 0 ft 03 1 0
New York ..0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 13 8 3
Batteries Donovan and Stanage;
Warhop and Sweeney. Blair. Umpires
O'Loughlln and Connolly.
Waahlngton-St Louis rain.
f t tha (ataraatlim.1 N.a abrU
-London, June IT Charles M. Sohwab
today confirmed the story of tho meet
ing between 'J. P. Morgan 'and Andrew
Carnegie that resulted In tho formation
of the steel trust aa related by John
W..Uates before the Blaster committee
ia Washington. : .. -. , : , ? , . ;
Mr. Schwab aays he called on Morgan
at the requeet of Gates and prevailed on
Morgan to take the first' step toward a
meeting, ho being younger than Carne-
glo. Judge Oury. he said, knew nothing
or tins meeting. ; .
Mr. Schwab was asked If he bad been
subpenaed or requested to appear before
the committee, of congress that s con.
oueung too steel inquiry at Waahlngton.
L. J ...Xs WUUng to Testify.
"No,' I have not been asekd to ttsti
fy." was the reply, -but Iwlll appear
gladly before the committee. If I am
Wanted," ' .' .... ' . 'i i
Mr. Schwab waa asked If he. could
throw any light on aha leaucs of ve-
raolty raised, between. Mr, Gates and
Chairman Oary of the ateel trust. In
tneir testimony. . .
-Well.-. ald Mr. " Bdhwab, "TV only
know tia'tes atory concerning the for
(nation of tha truat from tho newapapcr
reports, but I can aay that as reported
In the press, it Is substantially true."
v (United Preaa taaars Wlre.t
Washington. June 17. A temporary re-
splte for the steel truat at tbo hands of
tho Stanley ateel trust Investigating
committee of the hoaae appeared today
when Chairman Stanley prepared for a
sojourn of a week or more at home In
"We have Just about finished with all
the wttnesaea and material we had on
hand." said SUnley today, "and it la
probable that we will not get together
again for a bearing before tho first of
Stanley plans a session In New York
In July, with former President Rooae
velt aa the chief wltneaa. .The oommiy
tea will also call J. Plarpont Morgan in
New York. If he has returned from Eu
rope by that time. V ,
City and Owners of; Present
' Plant Expected to Agree .
on .Condemnation.
-' iSiwetal Manatrh ta Tka Joaraall
Hood ftlver. Or., June 17. The Hood
River water situation, which has caused
more city scraps than all other Ills to
which the city has been heir.' ia appar.
ently about to be eettled.:J The .present '
llitht and water company, which bought
tho plant of U. f. Davldaon a f.w.
months ago, and the fire and water
committee of tho council, have been in
conference for several days attempting
to reach conclusions whereby the city
would become owner of the nrivata niant
so that there would be no competing
yaicm wnen me city brought its own
plsnt in from Tucker spring. Reports
are current today that tho water com-,
pany and the city will agree Monday "
night to have the present water niant
condemned by the eourta and to have a
jury fix Ita value. The suit Is to be a
friendly one and the verdict of tho iJry
to be final , v
Several attempts have been oiada hv
the city to purchase the plant but fig. .
urea submitted by engineer relative to
Ita value have seemed too hlarh to tha
city council. It is expected the metier .
will be disposed of within the noat is
days. Tho cltlsens of Hood River hava
always favored municipal ownership but
nave oDjeciaa to a competing plant
Three attempts have been made to an ..
city bonds n the sum of 330.000 for .
the purpose of installing a municipal
water system, .but oach haa ; nroved .
futile. It la thought that It will be en
eaay matter to dlapose of tho bond.
aa soon as the competitive water plant
nas oeen aoaorooo.
Spokane, Wash.. June 1 7. Charged
with ombesslement of city water re
ceipts amounting to $89, C. E. Horton,
former chief clerk of the Spokane wa
ter department, la aought by the police
tonight A warrant waa Issued by the
proaecutlng attorney today.- The total
ahortagea found by employee of tha
state board of accountancy in checking
llortnn'a hooka for 1SJ la ft trl In
amount to bundreda of dollars' and more
a being bunted. Horton waa tried for
alleged erabeaslement more than a year
ago. following an investigation by the
city council, but waa acquitted because
the ahortagea charged were not shown
by the office books. . . -
Locas Soon to Bo Named.
. ISpaHal tNatiatrk to The J-xsraai.t - "
Hood River. .Or- June 17-rrlenda
of J. P. Lucaa, who have had hla cam.
palgn In hand here for postmaster of
tho Hood River office, are now well u.
sured that ho will ret the appointment
i ciearama received hero rrom friends In
Wsahingtoa. D. C, Interested in the ap
pointment of Mr. Lucas, etate that his
appointment will bo made in a few days.
His friends here are Terr Jubilant ae the
fight for the office waa a, bard one
among aeveral candldatca. ....
(United Preae Leaaeit Wlre.
San Francisco, ' June 17. David Au-
guatus White, made, chief of police yes
terday after a fortnight's battle with
Injunctions, may lose, hla Job. in; po
lice circles tonight It Is Intimated that
White's resignation will be handed in
in tha near future, and that some other
man will be appointed to fill the place
permanently. A resignation with ' a
blank date is said to navo oeen nanaea
tho police commissioners before White
Attempted to take the job away from
John F. Seymour. j.
acked nn Mi9B?& t uiWtinia-tb ba,M!" once oreThen P
acked up against. mo onco ann aiano i . B w.ifcft-frtrrt r
n on mm y"" 1 .,, .nr Vrr oli,. ,Z
aurht the ball flusn against tne ooaras. i
Olyxnpla. Thirteen coaches started.
The Americans were Judge Moor and Chicago Vio 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1-413
t was a wonderful catch and a dating
banco, but It ended the game and saved
hosslbly one of the most humiliating do
eats of the season, i,:.,..?;. j-'.; :,..'.-;:.v
Score rv---r-----;-:;-:;.-nu-
At San .rTanclscor':s.,A'.0v;;ii;;,,'.;
?.4. LOS ANGELES. ','
Four runs and five hits wero chalkMi
up in the second and Han Hoe-arf took
caaiieion. ana nimsein out of the game,
Shaohan going behind tho bat with Glpe
on the hill. Three runs and four bits:
were i registered off QIdo before tha
Alfred O. Vanderbllt Mr. Vanderbilfs
four waa sent away ninth and finished
fourth, 24 minutes uehlnd Judge Moore,
who, won first place. . ' - v
UrnrA rt ...... . . . S . 1 : 3 . 2 0
naley, cr ............. & 9 .1 a ro o;
Moore,- 2t ........... 4 0 0 v 1 ,.' 2
bfezxer. ss i 4 0 3 1, 2 -1
ivkln; 2b ............ 2- 0 M sly 1 0
nuon. in .........: o , v 1 ,11
;mlh n . 1 4 ' 1 V 1 ; 0. 0 v 1
I riger, p...' .,9 .0 e.9t 0R 0 ' 0
Wheeler,., p. ..... r. .. 2 j., 1 .,.!. o v .1 ,0
AB. R. H. VO.k. E. I brakes were put lnv working order.
,y'ZmTeamtr Split' Even.
Vancouver, B.'C, Juno 17Th Isl
anders and Vancouver broke oven in the
a I The Vernon runs came in ' tne third I double-header this afternoon, - Victoria
when Burrell doubled to left and took
third when Sheehan hit the top of left
field fence for a double. -Kane'n Infiaii
single scored Burrell. The Tlgew got
tho other two in tho fifth. . -Sl, ,. -
Artec tho third inning tha fans took
tha gam as a Joker ' The score j -
'.;AttKs. Angolear v:..,,..v.,. 'a
...... ;L4.3S ' .11 24 U
v , OAKLAND, mk
S.t AB. R.' H. PO. A. B.
e o . i io ,.o . o-
U-4M" 'AB. R. H. POA.B..
it y ti in ...
.oy, rr ........
tortman, ir ........
utanaw. 2b
F.acher. cf .
rvoivenon, id .......
Wares, ss ...........
htitse. o ;...........
uirlatlan, , p . v ..
6 0 v 4 : 1 '
2 1 2 0
0 2
xoiais - , . .
,.:.':., iV2 4 r 12 :mtt
Bt IOTnNOs1:,.v.1'lf-?.. i
.....0 0 0 0 04 1 0. 4 1-
0 0 0 1 2 0 6 111
0 0 0 0 0 4 4 8
Jb Angees . .
i'MUS'.'i .
Jaklatwl .
Hlts.iv..ii...l 1 0 1 0 4 6 a 13
Sevan runs. hlta Off CrlMr In 0 1-8
'jinings. Home runs, uucenaw. jiowarn
Avo has hlta Bernard. Cutfiliaw. Hoff-
nan. Smith-, Whecier. . aacrtneo nits
kins,. Wares. Stolen baaes Howard,
lernara. ' jjase on dbib oii vnprn i.
-truck out By Crlfrer 6, by Christian. L
lit . bv nitcner Hornnan ny criirer.
f ImO pi game 3:05. Umpire Finney. . r
Carlisle, cf ... 4
Kane, If ....... 4
Patterson, lb ..........4
fciraanear, zd ; y. ......
Hosd. ss ......... .
McDonnell, rf i .'.
rsurreii, o
Hofran, c i . I . . . . . . .
j. .eneenan. o
Castleton, ) p
Vipe, p ,i
v. Totals...
.t, ......
:'...-'. f
1 1
" 0
1 1
winning : th first game by a acore -of
to 2 ana the Beavers grabbing tha
second by a score of t to 8. In tho
first game Cates atarted to pitch for
tho Beavers, and pitched good ball up
to th sixth, inning, when th Islanders
scored enough runs off his delivery to
Cinch tne gam. - - t
- Starkell for th - Islanders pitched
steady ball, and waa never. In danger.
During- the second game Gervata, pitch
Pliila. . . . .0 00300000000 03 10
Batteries Molntyre, Brown, Archer
and -Graham: Alexander and Dootn.
U Umpires Eason, and Johnstone
Pittsburg-Boston rain.
' Nelson and .McVeigh? ..
(TTnltad Preaa Leaaed Wire.)
Seattle, June 17. Lonnle Austin., lo
cal fight promoter. Is making efforts
to match Battling Nelayon and Peto Mc
Veigh for a 2e round fight to be held in
this vicinity about juiy i.
0 , 0 0
0 0
.85 8 8 87 12 - 3
PORTLAND. .'ij ,.;'A-;i-'-v-
Chadbourne 'Vf ?4Vi-V'j, '' i : S 0 i;'l
Barm 2b i.i A' t S o K n
Kyan Cf 8 i 3 0 1 .0 0
K.rueger. ir i i, . 5 : 2f,4 2 0,0
appa, io ., o I j 13
T. Sheehan. 8b . i . . . 8 : 1 j 1 1
Pecklnpaugh, sa X.. --4 0 1 it
Murray, o , s . iri f 4 0 1 4
oteen, p .,,.........., t ' 0 1 1
Totals ;i...,..i.4.,8 11 1427,12
h score bx ' nwmo.'j
yernon".w .'.;.' ifoO. 0 I 0 8 0 J"- i
Base hlta 0 0 8 0 8 1 0 0 l 8
Portland ....,..4 4 t 0 0 0 0 011
j ase nits u.y: ,.! 4 i .i i i 1 f 14
Marshall-Wells Company Wins.
1 Tho MSrshSU-Wells ; Hard war com
pany, team won its seventh game yes
terday in ' the Portland . Commercial
lng for th Beavers, allowed only fiv leagu defeating th BUk.McFall team
hits, while the speed marvel, Thomas, 8. . ...'. -A - ' ; jy;-;
was touched up for nine safe . -.' - '' "' ' ' - .-
' ; .Goha in for P aversl
. vtnmn wins oanie. , a, t ; . th' nut week
Raymond,. Wash., June 17. Central la I nt thaie old nlanoa to Ellers
took the first gamo Of the' Berlea by 1 xral TTmiaa In nart navment for on a
the acore of 14 to 6. Two costly, horn ot th latest new Autoplanoa or for an
puns were secured by Centralia while Ellers Do Luxe Player Piano, or a
Raymond with four to their credit only punola Piano. Why not bav music,
counted for four runs, Wlnehoit getting tha Dest of music, at bom by means
two of these and Pickens and Reed the . mwn anf imnrnvad nlavar nlana
other two. . Gleason .and . Bo direr for I .h mm h iriTera unala Hnnm and
Centralia ,wr tho horn run .. -bitters o; wnlch Very member of th family can
that foam Sr Ara ; . t t I . . .t.i . S
oiivr see ma aioiviuun sinnua now
. 0
that team.
and Wnlte.
f ,". .. . V ..- 610- 0
,(,'. . . .14 15 i' 2
-Baker' and Wirteholt; Guyn
on sale at Ellers Muslo House, Seventh
and Alder.- i Zi,.'" ' - ;'' "-?-.;..,.:
. South Bend Beats Chehavlis.
Chehalls, Wash., June 17. South
Bend defeated Chehalls today 7 to f. In
tho stat league. Coleman and, Taylor
were the batteries for Chehalls and
Green and Troeh for th visitors.
' - , ;,
.' (UnltaS Praaa Laaaad Wln.t
New tork, June 17. Two more fa
talities were mis afternoon added: to
tho already long list of deaths which
bav occurred at th Wee tbury station
crossing on the Long Island Railroad,
known as "death curve," when a train
smashed an automobile Into kindling
wood. Th victims war Wilfred Jay,
formerly editor of "WWp and Spur."
and C J. Ross, th official photographer
or tne MeaaowbrooK Hunt club. '
The accident occurred in full view
Of hundreds of handsomely gowned wo.
men en route to witness a fashionable
polo game. Several falntedv
Why Not Do This, Too?
Nine famillea during the past week
have , sent their , old pianos to Ellers
Music'. House in part payment for one
of the latest new Autopianos or for an
Ellers De Lux Player Piano, or a
Pianola Piano. Why not have music,
tho beat of music, at home by means
of a modern and Improved player piano
such aa sold by Ellers Muslo House,
and which every member- of th family
can play? See the exhibition pianos
now on sale at Ellers Music House,
Seventh and Aider. , '
Tom Lawson at Hood River.
(Bprelal Diapate to Tb Jonraat '
Hood River. Or., June 17. Thomas
La.waon, of magasin farne who haa
been apcndlng aeveral days In. Hood
River, ia very much captivated with th
Hood Rlvervaller. He elated that ita
scenic beauties . vaero unsurpassed and
ita orcharda the most marvelous he had
seen. . , . v ' r
Tahonia Takes High La ml In;.
- lapeptaf Dtaiwte " Tha uari. '
Hood River,. Or June 17. Th-first '
steamboat to land at the- Hood River .
high water, landing, th Tahoma, earn
Into tho channel this morning and un
loaded a cargo of freight and aeveral
passengers. The water la rapidly rale .
Ing at Hood River and tho river steam
era can, now land with safety. ,
Forty Cars' of Berries1 Gone. ,
(Sovrtal Dtnt(k in TW Mmraalt
Hood River. Or., June 17. Strawberry '
shtpmenta 'from the Hood River valley
are now at their best and it ia probable
that shipments wilt fall off the latter
part Of tha week. . With tonight's-shipments
nearly 40 cars bav gone forward
thla season and it is thought that a
total of about 65 car will be shipped
thla year. Most of th bcrriea are now
coming from-the Willow Flat section .
snd tho upper valley., There are plenty
of pickers and packers on tho ground to
insure a complete-harvest The crop
was cut short eome on account of the
cold weather in iityf Many of tha ber
ries on . thla account did not 1 recover
and attain their full alse. ........
Pacific Wants Fifty Freshmen.
' (Special Dlapatcfe td Tha Journal.) ',
Pacific Unlverelty, Forest Grove. Or '
Jun 17. A "Whoop 'er Up" meeting
was held : yesterday . afternoon ' at th
laat gathering of the Paclf lo atudents
for- th school year- Exam matlona-had
finished In the morning so th students '
enthused ' heartily' "In th meeting.
Speeches ' were mad by I ' L. " Hope, '
president of .the student body. - and
President W. N. Ferrln urging- each ln
dividual student to - boost for Paoif lo
during. th vacation, months. : Professor '
Proctor, who is carrying on a vigorous
campaign - for new " students, spoke at
length of the plans along, this line.
Fifty New Freshmen, next year - Is
Professor Proctor's alogan. j ' '
. . 1 . II .III .1 . : , . ' ,
Great ' Britain ' Imports nearly. 80.000,-
000 electric light carbons very year. -
: Call and Get One. .
A latest doublo disc record for 10
cents 'la furnished to every owner of a
Victor or -Columbia' , talking machine
who calls at- our new talking machine
department, second floor, in our: new
building at Seventh and Alder. The
supply Is limited. Call at once. Posi
tively only one record given to each
talking machine owner. . Ellers Music
House, Seventh' and Alder. " Headquar
ters for all makea of talking machines
and all the records, v , .
i lit tha Iatenuttoaal Nan gervfra.l '
Patterson, N., J., June 17. MStln
r. Sheridan of the Irish-American Ath
atlc club, the world'a champion,- made
W new record for tho dlsaua.ln the an-
mal games of th Knickerbocker Row-
nv -and Athletl association - held - at
fVUlard Park this afternoon. He sailed j
he steel plster 141 feet BH . Inches,
ddlng , 4 inches to the old mar. .
S --. - tpaai uiipatra to tm jouraal.f
a . .1. w..k T .. . - c .... -
feated Tacoma,. today, ft to 6, in on of
th hottest finishes of th. season. The
Tigers touched Fullerton. f or two borne
runs and two singles In the- ela-hth. and
Three taa hit T. Sheehan. Two-base In th ninth he wa relieved by Knight
wno stoppeu tne run getting- Flv home
runs featured tho game." f Score: ' . .
Seattlo t. . t'iJv;-.!. .iilil
Tacoma tfir..i.:;.i.....i.f 5" 7.
BaUerles Fullerton, .ICnlght J and
) . : For' additional 'sporting
hewa see PajfeV 4, 5 and
6,' Section" 4. .trrfY
Rheehan. Kane.. Sacrifice bits Barrv!
i . onmnsn. ; oioien Dases cnaaoourne,
Bppm. Baae on ball Off Castleton 6.
off Glpe 1.. Struck out Castleton 3.
Steen 2, Glpe 1. Time 8 hours. rjL'm
plro Mcflrmy,'j.i.;i,r.-.ii(i... r
, - I,,.-, in x ,
, ' ' Tale, It Cornell, "O. - ' ,
New '.Haven.! Connu Jun 17. Fight
ing througn eight innings of scoreless
tall, Yal. and Cornell locked horns In
the ninth for a, dogged finish, the Ells 1
managing to ahove the only ran of tnel
game. over, tne plate.
Shea; Hlgflns, Annin and Burns.
j avuinur jnixirr, ,csrui,-j-.
v Rumor was going - the - rounds last
night that Kid Miller, the Denver outfielder-
who has been, playing' utility
vardenetv ret ' th.; Nicks. haa - heenf re
Till this inning t ieaaed br Manarsr William. He ,was
Niabil-of the-Ithacas, had Tale at bis la -good! fielder ancKfaat on the bases
mercy. Score: Tale, 1; Cornell. 0. ibut larked , in th jstieWpg: department
Your IfcWhy Not?
I Have 1 your clothes made
' by responsible tailors, when it i
you can get them t these 1-yfs '
Lane & Johnson
In i Our New Hom-One Doot South of Our Former Location
;-.7,- 143 SEVENTH STREET. NEAR ALDER..X.-. , ,
C 5
4J17CA F. 0.,B. PORTLAND . ;
plfJl . Fully Equipped. '-j- V
Where Excellency, and
Beauty Prevail ;
is distinctive In addition it has superior mechanical qualities.
Its motor is powerful, flexible and quiet. 1 i 1 " . '
In every detail, where it applies to staunchness, wearing
qualities, the comfort of passengers and attractive appearance
'the WARREN "30" has set a standard, in cars of this type.
Poirtland-Detroit Auto Co.
- . J E. MAXON, Manager. .
14th and Couch Streets. ' Portland, Oregon.