The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 17, 1911, Page 12, Image 12

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rr- j r Salesmen, ' . . - '
Tf you t ftutomobil I will
how you practical working ptn that
la producing greater results for our
salesman than any mnr r.T"""'
i- - O a, Ik as t
' f'i.Mni,ViJ k.rMu1 narauat I fI.MAN.fIIT Vounf man want poal
l.l.l'A. L - I - --- " T . r . i .
floor 1 vers, pl
...... KMPI.OYE.
MAIN m; A-6614.
In nlMfflin
Apply III J 718. Journal
tlon. aa olothinr
UOOd raierenoes.
salesman or travel
a- ItMin
Ildnr t m r j'wiiht ...-...-. --, -
fitter and nt metai worjr. w..
.. I n All! fir IIIWTL J UU1 L
("nmmerrlal club blng. I a Nrt 1 I ', n.i lnod and rallabl Iran
VANTKi Man over 11. ona who ha I 'who can furntah city reference If d-
business ability an1 little money, ror I tired, wishes position ft janitor or pop.
rood pr7rmsmon 141 Sth. CU btwft her. G-711, Journal
I and t this evcntnr. ' . J CHAUFFEITR would Ilka poaltlon with
. WAITED Salesman for tilth clea in-i prlvata family, I year
' duatrlal atock preference required. 1 on tilth grade car. Can gly baat of
Apply 10 ft. tn. or S p. m. 101 Railway reference, pnnn Main 7gs,
Exrhanre Mda. WANTED Position aa night watchman
i . ii 111 nccggraaa m I , or Bptciai officer, trill give bond or
. itifl.P WANTED MISC. 03 1 reference, 1 years In Portland; atady
. .Ah.. W.7I1 Innrnl I
Mmnnt Auto School 'Li.nVr:
rim nniv. thorourhly equipped onoi to Bruce Hood, general delivery, roru
-j " ' ON THE PACIFIC COAST, land, Or. n
Complete cour, Inctudlnr J'W; IWANTKD Steady poaltlon by tobar,
; rlvln Inatruotlon. Uchnlcai and prao- I truatworthy Otrmtn aa night Janitor
. Uf ai wnri in -an n
' Takft 8-8 or Mt. Tabor car. look at up
bofora dvlllnir to enroll alafwhfra.
MKN wantotl. age ovjt I. 9 JPK$rS
for flramen, about l0 monthly.
hrakemen. 180. nearby rallrnada. F
. nerlenea unneceaeary. No atrlka. p-
fofflca bulldlna' crefcrrod): rood city
referenfea, W-7Z8, Journal
ilO TO anybody that will ahow and get
ma ft ataaay joo operating an eiavaior.
F71. journal
ELKCTftlCIAN wanta work, knob or
tuba or pi pa A. wortley, general aa-
IV um" ...alii .
altlona aTiftranteed competeni men i , . ,
a.nt to Doeltlona In lio. ftja.a-a. WANTED Work aa apprentice to fin-
letl traae: nan a ynara experience
cabinetmaker. a. Honn, lift uranam ay,
f aend ttanip for partlculara. M-17, Jour
Earn t2( o 110 weekly: learn bual
peaa In I daya; lesenne reeeonehle.
Waehlntton, near 17th.
ANY Intaltltent iwreon may aarn ateady
Income correapondlng for nwpper.
Tperlnoe unneceaeary a "J?"
Corraapondenea Burefttt. -WMhUigton. D.
bSob lla .roan can earn II .80 ft dy Jn
IXMKK1C5aN mtddla ated man; lian(yT
Intalllaent and truatworthy, wlshet
Htm employment. E-Tll, journal,
TWO ateady men want work on farm al
once. u. uroccer. u tpinur au.
A COLORED man wanta work aa lanl
tor. a aood worker and rood hub I la.
113 i It. iin n. r-none mm
fcXPERlENCED carpenter flnlahar
wanta lob. Can give reauita. none
. ..v . Kania nnr automatic I
: um" ,uw" j a... a i Emit mis. vnna eeiivr. ,un. . - r I - . i i
Economy Pamper C- f Sherlock FIHSTLASS Cnina cook wanta poai-
J,'!;,i.nd IOr. k tlon In hotel, raataurant or boarding
I . ' ..,,-Ut n nrc houae. C-717, Journal.
Ssln- C6LORED man want. Janitor . work,
Addreea MTera. t Flftndert tt, Port- good reference. K-70T. Journal.
VTaln I51J
land. Or.
WANTED two men to learn taxloab, I helper, experienced. B-7U. Journal.
autotruck and automoblU driving ana I
n.iri.r. call at once. ornc i crriTATinxs vvi i.n a
TTawhlngtow at., room 418. .. .. ... -
&OVERNMENT employea wanted 8end a COMPETENT colorad woman wanta
poatal for Portland anamination tched- work by the day, novae cleaning,
ule. Franklin Inatltute, Ip't 107 Ck, washing and Ironing, experienced and
Kocneeter. N. T. - a good worker. 10IVN. 14th ftt Phone
International Correapondenca echopla. Main I00.
Ivcal office. ISS Alder at M. 1011; a MIDDLE-AOED lady would like
1 houaekeenlna? for club of' four man.
HELP WANTED FEMALE 2 Can give beat reference, In city or
I P"untry. vua, journal.
ELDERLY woman, flood cook, do the
work and cook for few men. Small
hotel, ranch, camp. Mr. Hasel Glnder,
iit T. "tn at.
refined middle ated woman
wanta a tvoHitlon aa housekeeper In
widower's home, where there are chll-
dren. W-721, Journal. ;-
WANTED By young lady, position
selllnr tlcketa In moTlnar
ahow. W-T2I. Journal.
NKAT lady of II would like to keep
Kouse for gentleman. Mlaa M. Fry.
IMVb Mill at.
WANTED Children to care for from
two to seven veara. tr elderly ladr.
I A rood home. Tabor 1631.
LIGHT work wanted by lady; home
more object than wage. 4g Main at..
room t.
' Tho Burns
Centre Uy located, new brick bulldlpg,
nicely .furnished, hot ftnd cold water
and free telephone In all rooms. Rates
by the day, week or month; apeolal In
ducements to permanent arueeta. 10SV4
Twelfth near Washington. Phonft Mar
ahwll 170. ' .'
. Hotel Burton
' Mr. and Mra. riurt W. Fisher bay
taken the management of the Hotel
Burton, corner Yamhill tnd Second ate.,
and will be pleaaed to serve their
friend and the general publlo with the
moat modern and up-to-Hate hotel eery
Ice poeslhle. Call ard be convlnoed.
FOR ft clean, oool, comfortable ploe
try the new
110 outside rooms, hot and oold water.
iTCinc iiani etna pnonv in vvvrx win.
free baths, free auto bua from ftnd to all
trains; lowest rates In the olty,
V EAST bide r :
FOR light housekeeping. I room apart
ments, furnished; outside rooms, light,
airy; 10 minutes" walk from 1'. O, on
east aid, In fin neighborhood. 111 Jer
monrn. tail is. on.
FJKDMNT room houe. lilU Union
ve., cor Belmont, fumlaheff house
keeping rooms, 11.40 up; clean pleaaant
outside rooms. 1
OS 10 aulte or I or I room well fur
ntshed, tea range, electrlo lights, hot
water heat use of hath and atatlonary
wasn tun, mi Kmr, rnon tz7.
6U1TK and slngla housekeeping room
tor rent, cneep. - 11 H Liniun ave.
YW WM , .
nachelor snsrtments at the Bucking'
ham Itotal for vnu and your chum. 11
per week, with private bath 14 per week;
lest location In Portland, acres th
street from Portland hotel, lio Tamniii
Corner Heventh and Tftylor
Oppoalt Halltg theatre, on block from
Portland hotel: atrlctly modern; nice
home for business people. ; wain in
TiTE "COLONIAL A number. of ' njoe
. double outside room, flut ftnd seo.
end floor, 3.60 and 14; also aom very
haninme room witn njnnmg - water,
IS.50 and I. 18 lotn, oor. Morrison,
T. ..'W. 1 I.. M tk...
bath, gas, phone, 1110 week. 475
two ladlea or coudI to take my apart
ment for summer; vary reasonabl.
THE Rlectrlc Hotel New building,
modern, nicely rumisnea room i.ow
and up per week. K. litn ana Aiarion,
He I wood inns.
FOR RENT 6n pleasant nicely fur-
niahed sleeping mom, lie par monin.
bath included. 174 E. 15th at and
KKWLY furnished rooma, breakfast if
desired, gas, bath, laundry, J in
room, ll.IS week each. 1014 B. ath
i. n. y
TTfi RENT On nicely furnished
front sleeping room. 110 par month;
bath included, in m. jstn. st.
THE ' OAYOSA. modern room 4 pr
week up. orand eve, and tn. Biarit.
TWO modern furnished rooma, walking
dletnnce. 49 K. Ash. Phone H-1163.
FOR RENT Modern furnished rooms!
814 E. lltn.
FRONT room for rent. Phone and bath.
49S Commercial t.
FURNISHED rooms, with or without
hoard, t'5 E. Oak. B-ll.
MIDDLE ared lady
The Meier A Frank Co. .need expe-1 housekeeper. Call 291 2d st, room I
work a
rlenced waitresses n thft returftnt. Ap- WOMXN WBnU d,y work J5o mm nour.
viy w uiuimwmcui. - - i phone Main 2610,
xv a. m. ,.. . ; ...
TWO waltresaea want poaltlon for fu
taurant. B-7H. Journal.
COMPETENT lady wishes work by day
WANTED At onoe, young ladles ' ot
good figures for mli''rv and fancy
arming, eometning inierewiina; "" .3
rood Udy cometlst Call Tabor S77
or by hour. Call Marshall 140.
for appointment.
MAN and ' wife want oar of fur
nished house, during summer months
WTiMf. M mnA rlrla to work I i our sanl
tary cannlnr plant. - Inquir Lang A lean furnish best of Portland references.
Co.' Factory ntranc cannmr "T""!1"! journal.-- -
ment. Burnsld fttreet, between Front MAN and wjf(, WM)t worIt on farm
nd First. ' ' - ' - 1 364H E. Morrison, room . B-1195.
til KLM ana women nam v v..i.m". j i
of Oregon Packing Co, East Ith ftnd
neimont. Bteaoy wore- ppt 1
flIRL, for cooklnr and general house-1 GRADUATE nurse. Germsn hospltftl,
work. Small family. 747 East Madl-I N. Y.. with suburban home, will car
on. Hawthorne or Bunny side car. tor Invalid or convaleeoent; child or
WANTED Experienced hand ironera. Idult V-717. Journal.
feeders and folder. Palfto Laundry PRACTICAL maternftv nursft. refer
Co., E. loth and Everett ata. I encea, will take patient horn. Phone
WANTED Hand Ironera ftnd girls to
learn other department work. - Yftlft I MATERNITY nurse want eaa; will do
Laundry, 600 E. Morrison. 1 eome work. Marshall 1917.
TOUNO girl for housework and ftaslst I WHITE SHIELD HOME Conflnemen
- wttn cooking;. no cnnaren; can morn- case oniy. iti rarto- warn
lnrs. Ill Oth. .
WANTED A girl to do general house-
work. Oarman or Swede preferred. ISO
per montn 630 nan st.
LADIES' tailoring, alterations, aulta at
WANTErv flirl for general housework: . reduction P to July 1. Mrs. Muckler.
uwu B 0. WVl.bVD) . v v. 1 1. j, 111 11 111 1 , 11.
venue. ; I UAUiXtX- suits to order, your own ma
terial, alterations, i. KeuDin Kiite i.a
dlW Tailor, Selling bldg,. 6th and Alder.
tV-V V .:- FEMALE 29
: Tor rraduatea last year: men and wo-
;r?V Trans,. Never Closed
to 111 weekly; expert Instructor; tools Ona trunk, SOc; additional trunks. 26c
' xree; wit ror catalog, juojer orsieni 1 zit Madison. Marshall L'894. A-469.
at cohere, it 1. 4tn rt., portiana
..ititt. rutr Artr our a r Ti
PRIVATE shorthand lessons, Gregg and find this house a raodern, respectable
nimin; aay ana nipni classes; speea ana reasonnoie place to stop. zizvt
onii ana positions lor ienograpner. 1 so, -corner salmon at. A-zei.
Main 7622. Modern Business Collets. I TvvTT
11. mA W..V.Ir.nn I wanyinij uuu.r .low .!...-
ftgement, hot and cold running water.
WANTED Competent and experienced rtiofce rooms at 2.60 up per week, iki
. law Bienograpner. eiaie experience wasninrton St.
!,"?rjalaj7o SKSa.- y.2ifeS5S?- T. TWO large well furnished hoflSekeep.
quired. No beginner need apply.
7Z. journal. :
'FREE lessona In shorthand; new plan 824 14th st,
ana system; sea us at onoe; oniy iu
iner rooma. Gas. bath. Rhone, also
steeping rooms, witn or without ooara.
NEWLY furnished housekeeping rooms
in suites or single, also sleeping
rooms, at a cheap rat, uem iftotei,
685 1st St. Main 9336.
taken thts montn. Stenographic Instl
tute, 810 Chamber of ' Commerce.
I TWO single front housekeeping room
CD UAMOTM P nn I "na one double suit, rent reasonable.
1 Ki HANotN Gt LUt Take "S" car south, get off et Sher-
Vf l aMaa 9f . V A . D1.ii4' i . -r. -. J l. . m ' 1.-1.1- JZZ
juauiea aepanmeni, nn ana waaa. tav.
1 , upstair, Portland.
Hi Front Ave., Spokan.
17-19 4th St., San Franolnoa
Established I87C,
1 or 8. small room, free bath ftnd
phone, rent reasonable: clos In. 189
Wet Park.
4 BEAUTIFULLY furnlsed rooms,
nhone. bath and lirht. centrally lo
cated, In refined neighborhood. 264 12th.
Red Cross Employment
N. Id, cor. Bamslde. M. 6298. A-67IB.
money selling our well known lin of ror ounces or stuaio,
FRONT alcove room with Piano, suit
able for one, two or more; bath, pnona
ana neat. lztn, near paimon.
LARGffi nicely furnisiied front rooms,
with or without board, also suitable
168 10th St.
fcftrdy non-Irrigated treea. shrub, roses. FOR RENT Furnished room, Williams
etc. Outfit furnished; cash weekly. Ad
Oreiico. Or.
Salesmen Ho!
i Salesmen wanted to sell the most
ave. and Russell St.; free phone In
room. Phono Kast Z8H.
THE ELM PLACE. 414 Yamhill: rooms
hot and cold water, steam heat, pri
vate baths and suites.
247 ft 6th St., room
81.50 up
j " 1 1 Salem. Or.
CASH every week for salesmen sailing
FURNISHED room 12 and. up: suite
85; bath and phone free. 271H Morri
son. ,
nnr nlMn. hnrdv. wii.rnn nnni THE HYLAND. 490 Morrison. 2 house-
stock. Outfit free. Good territory. keeping suites, 120, 126; also single
Washlnrton Nuraerv Co.. TooDenish. rooms, cheap for summer. .
Wash. PLEASANT front room for two: other
SALESMEN make money selllnr our nice rooms; reasonable.
nome rrown. ruaranteea stoc.K. flood s"'y ".
r . . i . . . " i ' '
427 Mont-
territory: money advanced weekly: nosl- FURNISHED Blecpinc rooms for rent
tlon permanent; complete line. Yakima cheap, 313Vi lt sU or. Clay. Phon
Valley Nursery Co.. Toppenlsh Wash. A-4730. - ' '
WANTED A man familiar with auto- TWO connecting rooms, suitable for two
' lhoblle to take th agency for Port- gentleTneu, all modern conveniences,
mna, lor a new patent Diow-out rent reasonable, Z7j Montgomery st.
TATE agency on jutck selling prqpo
,: 4 ettlon. . No charge for territory. Call
, 1 to 4 p. m.. room 1 New Osborn, cor
rr Grsitd ave. and Ash et.
WANTED agent for quick selling,
money-mgklng proposition. 4 Call -1
- to t p. m. Room 14 Grand Union hotel.
- ItTt, K. Purnoide.
SALESMEN wanted to sell our Una of
Pacific coast grown nursery stock;
h paid weekly. Pacific Nursery Co,
. Q Corbett bldg. '
f" &OGD canvasuer wanted, from 11 ta
ti a dsv. Call Rnndav mnmlna- from
to 11, mX 7S Alder. Ask for Mr, Wab
AMSDON Hotel Furnished room, hot
water, room with 2 beds, reasonable.
288 8d st.
FURNISHED front room, with or wlth
out housekeeping privileges. Call at
4oz baimon st. Main 7X40,
LARGE front furnished room for rent,
suitable for two. 170V 10th ftt
NICEf rooms, furnished or housekeeping,
bath, eleolrle lights, phone. 231 0th st.
FURNISHED bedroom fgr 1 or 2 work
ing men; cheap. The Idaho, 889 6th.
ROOM 11.26 a week, nice and clean. 610
Davis. Main 4214,
NICE clean . sleeping room, 17 month.
II JOth trb iNMtr SUit)
URNISHED I room flat for rent;
walking dlstanoe. Phone East S001.
THREE rooma for rnt 21 N. 20th.
Main 1784 or A-1784.
LAMBERSON, 164 Couch t, outside
rooms, single and double; good home
cooking, convenient location; permanent
and transient.
FIRST class board and room ln refined
private family. Two large room. 1
having private bath adjoining. 117 Id
st.r near Montgomery.
THE Whitehall Family Hotel, Amerloan
plan; every modern convenience, 4
squares from P. O. 268 8th.
FINE large room with private bath;
horn cooking. Th Magnolias, 617
PLEASANT room, first-class board,
pleaaant home, man and wife or, two
young men. Main Z.ibo or bus pin.
BEAUTIFUL room, breakfast and din
ner. I per week. 471 Clay st Phon
Main 6621. '
ROOM and board, .120 and 126 per
month. 1 larte front room, suitable
for 2. Main 8804. 606 6th st.
ROOM and board in private family;
TWO nlse, clean, well furnished hounf-
keeping rooms, on w it canine, ?
Clinton f.
THREE or 4 nlc housekeeping room
to aduita. raasonabie; reioranuaa. isi
iVERC.REEN rooms for rent; leep.
tng and housekeeping rwrais, 10 East
stn street, j. M. zimbrlcr.
RENT Tchean hotiaekeeblnr
rooms for worklnr rlrls ln private
r mny. ta 1 tnion ave., n.
hH OA YOB A . housekeeping rooms.
Oraftd ve. and E. Stark.
LlOHT housekeeping room, ' 4l T-
coma avenue, Bel I wood. ' - .
FURNISHED eottare, 4 room, HO
month; 'another 117.80; four room
lower flat. Ill, I room suite, f If). $ 1 a
month. Apply 114 North 26th, W car
from depot, 6th, west on Morrison to
Mth. block north.
'Wai can furniaft your nome at great
saving. Be u bftfor purchasing
lsewhera. M. Ostrow A Co.. 14-61 N.
Id st Complete housefurnlsher. , Rt
onaUl prioe. ' Essy term.
WILL rent my I room modern home,
ruiiy rurnisnea, zor two montn; gar
den and herrlea. Call . and see th
place at 1166 Rodney ave., cor. of
Killlngsworth ay Reference required.
FOR RENT I room house, near Wll-
ilama are on Ivy sL Price 1 22.5 J
per month. Apply J. F. IH1L 698 Wll
llama ave.
Coxy little 6-room cottar, with ts
range and heater, fin yard, choice rose.
997 Mississippi ave.; key next door. !
FIVE room houpe; fruit trees, newly
papered and na'nted. 11 per mnrth!
1036 N. 11th. Phon Wood lawn 2671.
or call 614 Alberta st.
110 NEW, clean 7 room houe on Haw-
tnorne ave. canine, close in: strictly
modern Fin nelrhborhood. Phone
Tabor 2270.
ROOMi modern house, corner lot, H
block of car, on Vancouver ave ftnd
T. C. Stftley,
208 16th St., Near Taylor . Eagle Dump Wagons '
. -.' . I Refor vou buy etlhsr above, se
THW APARTMENT iimTSB FOR THB stork nd get prices. W are located
FAMILY W(TH ALL THE COMFORTS outside th high rent district and for
up iiuMUi. . 1 mat reason can sen cneaper. no uuj m
These alerant I room unfurnished I second hand vehicle when yo j can ret
spsrtments wnicn- are now completed. 1 a new on at about tn aama pi iter
are aituaiea in tn neart or tn city, 1. - , . k. M. WAD hi :..
within jo minute' wik or th business . , 121 Hawthorn ave,
h.Tl.rb ,m n hooK1..; .nd TnTf uS PL?ht, d ftuutlon. jTTvTbooth TUs been
in.Hi 1 ?1ih okfi'Jt? fd U-h appointed ftdmlnletrator and will sell
wi?! "dissnlartn! idnrtyit pi. U "tock mentioned bolow t fturtlon:
TullilnZlY?i:,&&&I& .-? driving .nd work horsey I
. - - 1 DUKKie. a et nouDie von nrnri.
et of
. 1
" . I .... ...... I.,- K A
" . ' . ' Imentioned will he eld without reserve
. Park Apartments
Park and Harrison sta ' I mt... . ..'... v. . a t.i.i . i
Befttitlful l and 4 room furnished 1 'If: JV,,. ' j:: ,V S,"?1",',
m,wtm A m.m nnitail I v kiius iiv wssmw Kla'i s sr w
to the highest bidder. Sale to take else
t 4H iast bistk t., Monday, 10
anarp. rain or snina.
hmi.ova.nln m n m m .
eonvenlonce." walking dls ance good car J?" iffl 'TSf To-d loti Jlsohue'
.rvlc Parents will find this an Ideal "clf'n,v nVL e !Th- nfJ
plac for child to be out In the cool a't, ""Vaston hi In TKi cuZ
park. Summer rate 4I and 110. Tl- ?iL,.y 1",,iB lLu. ,rJ-- Tnj-d,,1
Chnne Xfarahsii Ta regular aurtwn sale every luesnay at
none Marshall itniQ. mii , t p, m prtVat Bales every day, '20
Hawthorn avenu. Phones East 71; B-
U IIIM' lf.flU.lUJ II II wll II 111 llff II IU.IIII . I ui . j .1 mii 11 1 .1. .i
. w " - w 1 OWING to removal of out bualnesi
I MINUTES FROM P. O. ; !- .1 Into th John Deer Plow company
Well furnished room anartment. 180. 1 bulldlnr on Enst Morrison St.. wa will
also 4 room unfurnished apartment, 140,1 offer ft reduction in prlo for the nex(
moaern in enuioment. tin to data in zo day on nur stocr at iiu f ront st.
service. ,261 th. Main 6581. Thnklng th publlo for past generou
"rr 7VT 1 Zr1 I J ' I patronag ana soliciting snare or your
' I tie LneSTertielCl I future business at th new store.
Cor. 10th and Kearney remaln.YOtirS truly A. 8. JACUBS CO.,
New and k..,.ih.n. t.i.h I Hy ... f ClarR. Manager,
Till NO. v -Highest
price fisM for men an1
ladlrs' enstnff clothing aiy shoes. Mala
iupio. zyp 1st.
WA NTK D Penole of. T-ortls'nd to knot
that I py ts htshest cash pri-e for
secona nana nnsenoio toons. , lb I
Kester, 1 g nneiell Fast Jg.
TOUR cant eff cloTSTnr and shoe ar
worth something: we pay the beat!
price; we also ,, uuy noninoia gooas.
Alain 1176. - -
TOOLS ifiglirs. prices paid for second
band farmers , mechanics , lorgerr
tool. Itvln Hardware Co., z2 Front.
WANCFn JdTiand j furniture. Fsst I 111"
' i ""wtbome ave.-Rioter a Msrtln.
WE bON'T bhk wli at ytiU want for your
furniture we matte ran nrter. m-zj.
AM anxious to sacrlf!r good tiprirht
plano perfect condition. 1160. Call
dly or even I nr. Always Itoin, 121 Ith
et., neiwcp" main na naimnn sis.
11' ll TT tk l tt . I.. I
' exceptional bargain. Leaving city. 10 I
went rHTKf
rtWlTTEH-1 jd .labbe cMr violin!
musical Instruments mado nd res.
unfurnished apartments of three room I FOR SALE The famous stallion Sliver
and bath. Very desirable location.! Bell, 4 years old. No. 6186, by Juhill
Rents exceptionally reasonable. Call I ei Jarnett. No. 1864.' Pred on Broot
personally or phon Main 8381. or Meier I Nook ranch, color dark bay, very gentle,
A Frank's rental department . to b aold at ft acrlflc,'' Inou(r W. C.
ORDERI.KIOH pta.. cor. Orand ay. ". '
East Stark St. New. f I r en poof hHrk I FOR SALE Good team of horses with
building, beautifully furnished, two and! nearly new express wagon. Fine out-
three room apartments, private bath, I fit. Everything In A-l order. Oood op
fre phone, hot and cold water: Ice box. I portunlty for the right party. Alao a
no car fare. Summer rate. Fast 100. I short cut fuel dump wagon. Must fteli
766 Brooklyn.
Bain st. 111 par month.
626 Henry bldr.
FOR RENT I room house, fine gsr
den and wood. 16 dot month. 1216 Di
vision st.
FOR RENT 7 room house, with large
yard. 701 Whltaker t. 120. Inquire
muiimi wui ni ism ami Morrison l , ,- . i
t.. beautifully furnished nsrt A NUMBER of first class horse and
mania. K mlnutea' -llr frnm nn.lnru. I mares, welrht from 1200 to 1600 lb..
very reasonable, laundry prlvllegeo, lso"ra from 4 to I year; all horses guar-
nice sirepinr romrn. ii ner ween ud. I ainwrju. m rai nnuin, .
Phone Main 4081. 1 186H Madison St.. at bridge on west side.
lATHrVTART'a APARTMENTS, it itrt GOOD work mar, 12S0 pounds, very
" AND COUCH STS., NEW BRICK 11 gentle single or doUhlft, years old,
t room apartments with private bath, sound. 1100 julok sales Portland Height
raa rentes ana pnones, rent ror sum-1 car, i-atton roaa, diock west. A. j&
rner montn 121 to 617.60. Phon East I Ming.
'" WANT to buy. team of horae for farm
HARRISON COURT. 194 6th Two and work, also harness and wagon. What
tnree room unfurnished apartment. I nave you to offer T Glv full particular.
an moaern -conveniences; most reason- I twiu, journal
anie in tn city. Main 6I4S. A-7Z63.
886 1st et.
FOR RENT Fine new 9 room house.
C-1861; East 273. W..H.
THREE room house, garden, wood and
poultry house, premises. 1811 Danna
at. University Park.
FOR RENT 7 room house, furnished
-or unfurnished, 46th and East Main
ata. phone Tabor 1406 . about 7 p. m.
ROOM house with garajre, east aide,
rood residence district modern. 60S
Lumbermana bldg.
ROOM house furnished or unfur-
nl.hl etna. I.wn ft-.,!, 6111
Knott. Take Broadway car.
SEVEN room house, atrlutly modern,
window shades, curtain rod and llno
leum. Key at llll E. 21st at N.
OR RENTC room modern bungalow.
120 month. Possession July 1st 971
E. 19th N. Take Alberta car.
MODERN 7 room houae. 871 Kelly at.
west side, 125. Phone Sell wood 1640.
FOUR room cottage on Eugene at In-
MAHR apartment, elerantly furnished.
comfort of home, prlvata phone and
baths, elevator, private plaground for
Children. 128 N. 20th at Marshall 1018.
THE LILLIAN. Ith and Montaomanr
sts. Nicely furnished basement room I nnT1T
and .n.ptm.iitl' hav tinlllne- all mil. nu,AU
lfa .IK U' IaJ ' I BtOC.k
WANTED Small bunch of teams for
K. R. rradlnr. Phon Main till, or
ran room n, ma 1st st. -
FURNISHED apartments, lli Jefferson
st. wain otiz. -
whit Wyandotte, breeding
V. rerular prices: t Pekln
ducka, 11 each; blue and whit Fan-Tall
ireon. W. D. Kelley, I E. 60th, -Tabor
2412. '
FOR SALE 100 Rhode Island red lay
In hen: 100 chick from X to 8' week
old. 1321 8. Hood t. F car to Fulton,
M2SA 2S2U3flf ft??.' 2iI;B0l.nre FOR SALE Extra fin Jerey cow',
room rented bring 115; wt aide, fr..h. verv --,i. m pri,.
w 1 1, 1 A,.nU.... I Wl, T1IJ riiii
1.1.11,. uankmiivc. lUIIIUUl. . U , I W. . . . 1 IT l.a n k.
..I. T)t.n. V A . m if IT, nr.i IVIUUIF.-Viiii,
-rr: I FOR SALE Thoroughbred blue And,
brirht luslan hena. II each. Mra. Knowles,
muubkn upper flat Jarre
rooma, Kasi : zd and Clackamas; fin Oak Grove.
I'tihiiitii. v- 1UUJ. I 1 . , . . ,
ljiuKutuiiiisiJ tiarrea Jtocn gra,
quir 640 E. Stark st, cor. 11th.
home conveniences. 661 Morrison.
WANT a couple to room and board In
private ramuy. xaoor paoe.
WANTED Board and room by two gen
tlemen with use of rarare or barn
for auto. E-716. Journal.
FOR RENT Modern 6 room house near
2 car lines: L. A Tt. R. 181 Mason st.
1 ROOM house, 876 Rodney ave.. 1.
A-4776, C-1483, Main 1637.
HOUSE on Nob H'll for rent very rea
sonable. 686 Flandefs
I Want Furniture .
Something good to trad for 4 to 4
rooms or rurniture. f-714, journal
rim oionern s room upper r at. I rholnj. stnek aneelal rates nms iha
btNlce9locfttlon. 16th ftnd Everett Num- ge?l I86. V " tf 'U'
i.tK.!h . ' . . .. . . . ! I It HEAD Jersey and Guernsey milk
Vi- , :..a..a , i,VaM.7el' 5ulTi?vnecl: cows, average test S per cent butter
P.iiiVn ill's V ( I """liit K. P. Kasmussen, corbett Or.
" 1-11.'""" - v- iwuAr t . t.Am , i i . . , .
MODERN five room flat all conveni- "Buffs-black and whlteT Erii very
ence. 335 H Cook avenue. Ill month. t.iIMl:ChAKKm -yr.
ri--0S. ,. I nr a i'rri XHf.'xtrt.,. 1 J..' L1
Vir.TI7-.rfV K room f1 1 1 K n.e month' " i" KVT:' U".1" rEn,n a"CB- e
f ' Sftnond : Hand f:flr.i
STEARNS 1909,' T pasa.. 4 y1,
- 60 h. p.. fully aaulpoed. fine con- '
dltlon .........1JI09
CHALMERR 1610. 10. ( pass., it
1 k. 1 fully equipped 1001
PEERLEFR I9P9 7 P.J fully
-' eaiilppno", good buy, i,. 1000 I
NAAWKU. I cyi p-aso, for
nulck ssl ................ ....-v 411
REO 2 cyl, pa., ton ..,..... .401 lios. ft pas., to h.
p.. fully eoulpped, repainted ,, 1000
BOICK i. eytr Paft. fully .. .
eoulnped .7......... ..... 411
PIERCE 1916. I ev!.. SI h. o I
pass,, A-l cmdltion , SOU
buick Model 10. 4 cyL runabout
with top A
The owners of that ears have left I
tnm with aia Tor sale, they liavlnr pur.
chssad 1911 Pierce-rrow or Camilla
car. Our I1t of urcd ear la cen
tinnallv chanrlnr. It will ear vou
v m.viiiKifl,
covkt w rrnn n n rnMPiirr.
Main I47Q, A-4687. list and Waah. at.
STEVENS-DUBYEA cyl.. Boach dtial
system, demountable rims, top, banker
winn shield; just overhauled;, 11760,
terms. - - -
' , r HOUSE.
Ith and Madison flta.
Main 111. Phonea. A-tllt j
Is Ot'R used car department w hav
ine rouowing;
1 1910 40 If. P. tilck gurrey.
1 1909 40 H. P. Bulck surrey.
1 1910 IB H. P. Bulck toy tonne
1 1910 26 H. P. Bulck runabout
1 1911 14 II. P. Fulrk runabout
1 1911 10. H. P. Rulck runabout
1 Bulck delivery waron.. .
All of the shove have extra eonloment
ana ar in nrst ciasr mechanical ooadl
tlon, guaranteed by na,
1 Pop Hartford touring car.
1 Monitor truck.
Paclflo Coast Distributors Bulck Aate-1
mobiles, 7th and Couch t.
WHITE gf ear. fully equipped, 4 pas
senger, detachable tonneau. Ptioft
6th and Madison Sts.
Main 61. Phones. A-1214.
Mrs. Cramo. 601 Alblna ave.. corner
Btanton st,
for hatching. D-719, Journal.
1 ROOM flat west side, walking die- . " . . "
tftnce.-..U,outaldft rooms,' . reasonable. 1 FOR SALE Milk rout. Address. W-
4S lZtn St. I . ' Journal.
diking dlc-
FOR SALE 4 fresh cow. 483, Insley
Tr. peiiwwiq cnr.
-OR RENT New S room flat JT5 A GOOD family cow for aie cheap, til
Camtherw. r Liarrapee.
FOR RENT Four room .flat $10. ' 161 1 FRESH cowa, one Jersey one Durham-
Alberta tut.. West woodiawn 1411.
Holsfeln. 95 E. 10th, cor. Wash.
Spring guaranteed. 11 N. llth ,
OIJ3 auto tire 7c per lb. delivered. In
ner tutes IZc We also buy copper,
brass, aluminum and solid tires. .. J.
Leve. 198 Columbia. Main 6198.
5 PASSENGER auto 8300; this Js a sac.
riflce price; must have money. 211
West Killlngsworth ave. Phon Wood-
lawn 1714.
SIX room flat, suitable for 2 families,
close ln on west side. 120: furniture of
all or part for sale. Inqulr at -405 lat
St., corner Harrison.
I15West aide, 184 Porter at, aulte
of 3 lovely rooms, absolutely clean
and desirable for two persons; nicely
located, within walking distance and 8
minute car service; beautiful lawn,
wood and raa stove, lights and oatn.
Phone rleliwooa llo. ,
FURNISHED cottares. flats, room
room eottare. 120 month: ftnotnor
117.50.; furnished housekeeping suites.
rooms, 38. lio. iiz montn; lor sis.
Apply 314 North ,26th. , W car from
depot. 6th, west on Morrison to 26th,
blocr north.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms ln
private ramnv: private batn. station
ary wash stand, kitchen with nic sink.
buck range and gas plate; nice;
private entrance, 14.60 per week. No
children. 632 Clay st
Newly furnlahed housekeeolnr room.
electric lights, gasange, hot and cold
water, free baths end phone. W and S
car., Cor. 27th and Thurman at. Main
20S6 A-4174.
Hunt's Express & Baggage Co,
i trenx, doc. Additional trunita too
fach. Grin with trunks free.
A-3415. Marshall 1416.
Rose Citv Park Tfansfer
Trio to Rosa City Park dally. Piano
and furniture moving. City work ftlso.
zuz tn. Main Kizo, a-7Zt.
NEWLY furnished housekeeping rooma
in 1, S, 8 and 4 room suites, very
convenient rooms, price 13.60 to 14 ft
week per suite, 795 1st. at Tel. Mar
shall 840.
And 25o for each additional trunk;
moved promptly. Phone United Ex-
press- Co. Marshall 1408, A-7488.
FOUR beautiful large rooma for bouse
keeplngr, beautiful surroundings, 49
UIPIO DDHC; Trans. Co.. furniture
nlOM DHUOimovinr soacialtr. 71
2d st. Main 1909, A-1012.
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping
rooms on lower floor, reasonable.
Phone A-6701, 294 14th et
149 Lownsdale . et, nicely furnished
rooms, with or without housekeep-
nr Phone Main 7857.
112, THREE room, housekeeping rooms,
raa plate, steel ran re. sis 7tn st Mam
EXCEPTldNALLY well furnished Irv
ington house, with piano ftnd garage,
S months to adults. Address giving1 ref
erences. W-726 Journal.
1276 Furniture of 6 room flat, owner
going south, will sell at ft sacriric.
401 H 3d.
ti, w
Ji '
ROOM cottage on carllne,
month, furniture for aal. Ca
bor 575. : ;
HOUSE for rent , with furniture for
sale; half price; at 562 East Main.
can arter l o'ciocK.
12 - ROOM apartment house for ! rent
rurniture for sal; walking distance.
695 E. Morrison. Phone East 1433.
FOR SALE Furniture, 4 room modern
flat; rent 125 month; location . flrat
class. 444 llth st. .
FIVE room house, fence, 115, furniture,
everything 3176. 1Z7 i. xamnui at.,
corner 44th st.
TWWft II 4T TP )t A . a a
MODERN flat, 6 room and bath, com- 'uu . . ,13 m m.i-
nletelv furnished very reasonahlA. . poodlft puppies. Six weeks Old, little
40 Bn, t !. i r Teaaongbift, beautje,. alBO eomtt tintt Columbian
vv : m 1 1 1 Rock and Houdan hens, prise winners.
MODERN 4 top flat, well furnished; On fin male black Java, and nine
fine yard: allult preferred,
C-11H0. 853 Sacramento st
pnona large heavy hens, reasonable. Take
cazadero or Gresham cars to Gilbert
station. See my slrn. 1L Miles. Lents.
S4 Or. Rout J., Phon LenU B-Slll, No.
TOURIST 1 cycle roadster, as rood aa
new: lust overhauled. Price 1650.
Ith and Madison Sts.
Main tit. Phones. A-2234.
HOTEL. PORTLAND European pUa 1 FOR SALE Boston terriers, registered
only, 3, 15 day.
BELVEDERE European, 4th and Alder,
mmm i. 1111 . ,000
MAKE your reservations now for camp
ing and hotel accommodations: fin
Climate, oeautuui scenery, eiegani loca
tlnn dellf.lrtiia and health o-tvtnfr wlUrl
ln Seaside, - furnished; bargain If
taken ftt once. P. O. Box 490,' Portland.
Beautifully Furnished House
For Sale
12 'rooms, all newly ; furnished
with blrdseye ' maple, solid oak,
large brass beds, beautiful rugs,
ln fact, this place Is furnished
complete and Is right In the heart
of 'Nob Hill." ftn ideftl place for
roomers. - The rent li but 160
with good lease.
This furniture can bo bought for
$1420, of whloh 670 can be paid
at $40 per month. Rooma. all full
at present. ' v ;
Call Marshall 1456
JN ' IRVINGTON 8 room furnished
home, sleeping porch, den, Dutcn
kitchen, hard wood floor, basement
aula, well furnished, piano, etc., on
carllne, 8 minutes fromCiheart of city,
will rent for 2 months. Call at 688 B.
15th N. for particulars. Irvlngton car.
THB Drew Jiall for rent, any night la
th ween. 1I Id st
LARGK plaoe," 10x178. on Front
betwasn Main and Madison; Just
the place for machine, blacksmith,
boiler ahop or jead storft. .
Druggists, Look I
Storeroom, cheap rent, fine location
ror arur nore. ut a. Aioena st., cor.
24th. Phone Wlawn 1608 or Main 1234.
HALF of new three eiory brick. 60x100,
plate glaa front 16th and Marshall,
ful table for light jobbing, manufacttr
ng or retail; divide spac to suit tew-
ant or tenants; lopg lease. A. m. txng.
244-180' Front at., long lease, Bear
Madison at bridge. J. Bimon at Bro. ,
FOR RENT General store location, cor-
ner E. llth and Marlon. For further
information can at this address.
FURNISHED housekeeping suites, 13
and up, close ln, 264 Jefferson i,
corner 3d st
FOUR furnished . houaekeepling rooms,
front ras. vard. 114 a month. 692
Front st.
HOUSEKEEPING, furnished, J room
suite, first floor, desirable location,
very pleasant. iVasonable,. , 847 Hall at
FURNISHED housekeeping and sleeping
room. $1.50 to $2.00 weak, ' DeSoto
house, 291 2d at. '
TWO large pleasant housekeeping
suites, $2.76 and 13.25 per week, alao
Dasemeni room, 3, 414 otn St.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms,'
626 5th St. Marshall 1854.
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms. ISSTS
1st t -.- - - -
TWO suit housekeeping rooms. $10 ft
- month and -axo, 71 1st st.
MITCHELL housekeeping rooms;' light,
gas: moderate. 7th A Flanders. A-4071,
6 1 NGLE rooms and two room aultea,
110 to $20 per suites 656 QUean.
klCK front room with alcove, suitable
for two or three. 471-Main. ecu. 18th.
Ft?RNISHED houkefping rooma, elos
COMPLETELY furnished 9 room house,
largo grounds,-Close in; piano, etc.;
rent for year or lonrar. 160 month:
162.60 month paid on board by two la
dler; Investigate. Phon E. 4444..
BEAUTIFUL new 6 room furnished
houae at Rose City Park: no children:
rn be leased for a number of montha
If bond Is furnished, or for gale,- Ad
dress P. O. box 201 7, station A.
TO RENT for 5 months, 5 room mod-
ern bungalow; furnished, ' electric
lights, phone, piano;-2 blocks to car.
L. O. Hughes,V272Washlngton st. .
THREE room cottage partly furnlahed.
$10 per month.; 6103 37th ave. Stew
art's.1 Mt. Scotfcar. : .,' -
FOUR- room, nicely furnished, clean.
modern house, close in,', yard, base
ment flowers.- 64 Mllwaukie ave. ;
FURNISHED cottage; phone, bath, gas
and piano; close In. Tak u cas. $62
Page st ;
TWO nice store rooms, new building
on Russell at. . Lease. Phone East
100x1 00 basement, light and airy, for
storage or manufacturing. Phone A-
1943. - - - ? - '
DESK room ln - new office building;
telenhone. office attendant
Phone Marshall 257.
DESK for rent; choice rooms, Railway
Exohanre bldg.; both telephones.' 309
Kaiiway t;xcnanre bidr. . .
WANTED to rent I - -or 8 rooma for
. housekeeping; not over 812; one child
' years.' ; wn or aoaraas - at.
Grand ave., room 1. - -" : ', '"'''
" 1 three room furnished apartment, pri
vate batn, eteam neat, us Stan
ton st East 1065. .
NORDICA apartments, tor. Belmont and
Grand ave. 1 and I . room . furnished
apt'.; free light, heat, bath, phone.
THE DAYTON S Well location, fine large
6-room every con-
venience, reasonable rent. 668 Flanders.
NICELY furnished modern apartments,
concrete bldr. 1162 Union - ave. N.
Woodiawn 2379.
THE Camar. 7n4 Lovejoy, furnished
or unfurnished apartmaoLai summer
rttas,.- AAftTSntU 833a, ,
WANTED Some vacant house to rent
List your vacant . houses and -flats
here; we can rent them for you. Phon
cast jjB. 1 '' ,L - .. ." ' "- - - '
ROOM and kitchen or two unfurnished
rooms, gas range, 12 week; permanent
E-713. Journal. '. .
WANTED Good locatli n for buffet
down town district W-7 1 8, Journal.
DOUBLE floored - tent for rent . pheapt
foot of-Mead st. - '
GOOD young-team; wagon and hemes
. for sale, reasonable, , Phone - Wood
iawn 2678. - - '
TWO express wagons, cheap... 1100 E.
Zbtn st. rt. , . . ,
TVO good heavy- teams. . prices right
P. B. Powers, Snedds. Or.
A 84 ton roosa neck furniture waron
i. for aai cheap,-77 ReV St. Mala 8157
males, brood bitches and nupple. Bert
C. and Belmar at atud. , Stuart's Ken-
neis. 1037 E 24th st. N., cor Alberta st.
FOR SALE -Canaries, II: cages 50c;
large dresser, 3.60; 602 Rosclawn
.FOR SALE Cheap, peanut and pop-
corn macnine, made by cretot ft uo.,
nearly new and In first class condition.
Call on or address 410 Main at, Oregon
Cfty, Or. ,
NEW and second nana pool and billiard
table bought and sold on easy terms;
bowling alley, refrigerator for Imme
diate delivery. Addree tu Brunswick
Bslke-Collender Co.. 46 6th t
1910 AUTOMOBILE. orfect condition.
. 7 passenger. 4(i m. p., easv terms.
88 Tenth St.
illl STODDARD-DAYTON, 6 passl', 30
h. p., ft bargain.
86 10th st.
AUTOS bourht and sold. Writ for our
barraln list; we are aura to have th
car vo l want custom House Auto co,
831 Everett. Main 1649.
I NEED money worse than ever; will
sell my 7 passenrer Kludebaker, In
A-l condition, cost 13300, for 11250. 1035
E.fl2th st N. woodiawn &oi.
BEST rent car in Portland for sale;
guaranteed; is hired at 125 a day for
all summer; aon i answer uniesa you
have 12000 or 3Z)UQ. m-3, journal.
1911 STODDARD demonstrator, 6-7 pas
senger, 40 H. P. A snap. " v ;
- 86 10th St
SAFES -New and Id band; low price t
eaay term; safes opened, repaired and
tainted. Puree 11 Safe Ca and Port.and
afe Co.. 86 5th st Main 1109. A-411A
EXCEPTIONAL bargaina during Rose
. Festival. Remlnrtons lao. fl. Pre
miers $27.60, Blick 117.50. Northwest
Typewriter Co.. 90 Stn st .
COMPLETE elec. engineering course,
Bcranton scnooi, v oouna voiumer,
good as new; will sell cheap for cash If
taken at once. B-719, Journal,"'
AUTO, nearly new 5 passenger, very
cheap If sold at onca, ezi inenaiem
ave. . '
1910 REO runabout rood as new. ln
ntllre 94 B. Main, city.
$100 Speed boat, 19 feet long, torpedo
shape, first class condition; also small
marine engine: will sell- toretber or
eparate. pnoneuaoor tDtii arter p. m.
FOR SALE One pair of extension lad-
uor, as xeei, pairs 01 o loot step
ladder, all nearly new. L. B. Ruland,
215 W. Mohair t St. Johns. v
MOVING picture theatre that you can
buy with little money down, or rent.
Doinr rood business., . ..404 Rothohild
bldg. ' ' ;: - . '
FOR SALE Several pleoes household
furniture. Good condition. - - 971 E.
19th N. Take Alberta car.
CONFECTIONERY "and furniture of" 8
room house for sale, cheap rent . 142
n. nin.-
TEN drop Jiead sewing machines, com
' plete attachments, at $10 each. Hurrv.
White Agency, cor, llth andWash. -sts.
$10 DROP-HEAD sewing machine with
all attachment. Call 883 E. Morrison
nesr Grand ave. - -
WANTED From private Party. $10,000
on property worth $30,000. Provident
Investment & Trustee CO.. 201-203 Board
of Trade. . J " j
WANTir.n I1S00 An 5 room bungalow
worth $3500;' will pay costs but no
kMli.,... ' U' -T n 11 .Tiiirn1 I
"I-".-.' ' W. . V ..J. .m..
$360 for one year, , 8 per cent Interest,
on two lota and small house. B-710,
Journal.; "- - -' '
RESPONSIBLE party want to borrow
$260 for 2 years, rood vacant prop-
erty security. W-727. Journal.
'" Tot building or house purchasinv as
lstance. payable th same a rent Th
Standard Real Bstata .Loan Co. (Inc,
426 Chamber of Commerce bldg.
MONEY to' loan on improved property.
fT.t.- erj...... f ... T7a,U tiid VK
and Oak.
IS foot launch for sale cheap, 6 h. p.
raa engine, cheap.. F. W.- Harris. 1271
Macadam et. , . '
FOR SALE New, - second stoves, fur
niture. z7 rianaers. Mar. 1370. .
qONTRACTOR'S equipment, by United
- eng. ypnm. io., 111- tiewii Dlog. -
SHOWCASES, fixtures, store fittlnrs,
nw,. 2d band. 812 Everett M. 7617,
FOR - SALE Household furniture
heap. -107 Bevere st. , '
FOR SALE Pleasure launch, worth
1250; will sell 1180. G-711, Journal.
FOR SALE Almost new
camp wagon. Call Tabor 1692.
top for
9 .
i li. Indian Motorcycle, bargain; Clark,
box 74 and 46tn avg.; city.
- Quick loan on furnlturo and I
planoa, storage receipt, Ufa lnur-j
a nee policies, livestock, real estate, I
etc, y, 8, Real Estate & Brokerage
Co., Ill Hamilton bldg. Main 2084. I
You can have it for th asking. ; 1
loan on furnitur, pianos, auto; or
eoultv in lota: lowest rates: confiden
tial, prompt service. M. Maldec, 603-4
awetiana oiag.-
$100,000 ou mortgages, city or farm
property, fir Insurance, - McKensi 4k
Co Gerlinger bldg., 2d and Alder. -MONEY
to loan,, large loans a specialty
- building loans; lowest rates: fir. In
surance. W, G. Beck.-812 Falling. .
MONEY loaned on diamond and jewelry';
trlctlv ' confidential.
near Aider.
141ft 3d. st.
FOR my price, I would sell a small dia
mond, pnone East z.
FLAT top desk nd chair, nearly., new.
Bargain, pnone Marsnau 3S44. ' '
MONEY loaned I. on- equities, contract. I
18 oregonian bldg.
WE LOAN money , on -rood securities i
quicK ana quietly, oiz swetiana piog.
MONEY to loan, -ft to 8 per cent Ood
nough & Seitx. 310 Spauldinr bldg. r:
SE: ' ret more for vour second
hand furniture by selllnr It to Ford
AUCtlc.i Q.. 311 1st. Main 8961. A-244R.
870 E. Morrison, phone E. 1021, pays
highest -caah price for furniture.
EAST SIDE auotlon Jobbers wand zd
- hand furniture, htrha.t price paid . s4
Grand ave.- E. t 1051. -- -
MOTORCYCLE wanted. 'Will' pay cash.
... ua w ..mi .iu - . .. 1 m , . 11, -a. Ala
Washington, -
MONEY to loan- on improved real estate.
I. I, white. 701 Belling bldg.
$6000, or part, to loan on Improved city
. property. East 2063. ,
F. A. Newton. 818 Henry Bldg.
LOAN for the asking. satrv or .
tel. Ttier-lWS (.,-'414 WKBIII Plflg.
OIUCK loatn. on all aeeuritiee. 8. W.
a-vi . a v. amnnfcinFn num. -m.m bipo.
' uvula SAUonoa. tit stark, bt.