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The Most in.Valuo Tho Best In Quality ,
New Idea
. New Idea
, Pattern
CO T"'- ' ' L
150,000 People Witness- Pa
, 1 geant Which Is Neariy Two
Miles Long;1 5000 Marchers
: in Line; Fraternal Orders.
4 Trin Winners of Military rarafle.
Company Four, econd pattai
battle to Get. Transcript of
V Testimony Before Grand
Jury Is Won. y
,e Ion, rerular aoldlefs, a liver cup,
for the bent drilled company. ,
Oregon National Ousrd, third
4 ;' column,' Second battalion, beat
appeartnf company. , "
Largest number uniformed- In
parade, Woodmen of the World.
Beat nnlformad fratrta er-
dar. Loral Ordar of Moose. '
' f Moat unlqua . features, Bad '
Man. .;'. v . .' ' '. ' V, - -',
. Beat appearing ordar , passing;
4 reviewing stands, Kiugnta . ana
e- Ladles of Security.
4 General award. ' silver cup, 4
' made to Spanish war veterans. .'-,"
r .,, ' , --.0
, One hundred and fifty thousand cheer
ing people witnessed the vivid military
and" fraternal narad n Grand avenue
last night ' 'j. --t''!.
I With . 5000 participants the pageant
waa greater In point of numbers than
any other of the Rose Festival. The
parada waa nearly two miles lang and
Its features ranged all the way from
the magnificent to the ludicrous. ,
,' For, distance of -two miles Grand
avenue waa tieevlly decorated with flags
and streamers. . Great flags, artistically
draped at regular' Intervals on. both
sides of ths broad thoroughfare, gave
an appearance of an extended arched
highway. A multitude of electrlo lights,,,
which swung at each street intersection,
added to ihe charm. Lines of -red lire
da each aide the avenue luridly Illum
inated the scene and contributed to the
semblance of an enchanted place.
In Its visor and militant air, spectat
ors, commenting, said the parage was
tvolcal of the enthusiastic spirit of the
strong East Side Business Men's 'club
under whose auspices tne event was
viven ahd bv whom every expenae was
.' Spectators 0et Flaa near.
k It was notable, too, that where on
the west side a place to see the festi
val paradea la- difficult to find, on urana
avenue there were a number of high
banks which with two large standa and
a mumber of small Ches gave comfort
able view points to every one.
The parade formed at Grand avenue
and East Clsy street. : It waa gotten
under way soon after I O'clock. Swing-
In up the thoroughfare thousands of
tram Din a feet, keeping time to the
crashing music gave an Indescribable
sensation like to that when one aeea
first a arreat army on the march,
IfTbe Judges were Colonel James Jack
son. General Beebe, captain stepnen M.
Foote and Captain Percy Willis, both
of Fort Stevens. They w re given spe
cial places In the grandstand at East
Ankeny and Grand avenue.
First In lien was the dragon or the
United Spanish WarLVeterkns carried
by 200 men, and loliowing It a Human
dragon of grotesquely costumed men.
some of them dressed like the Filipinos
whom they once crossed the Paelflo to
subdue. i
Oregon national Guard.
A sauadron of mounted police cleared
Che street. Came then the police band
and handsomely uniformed company of
police commanded by Captain Baty.
The Oregon National uuara, com
manded by Adjutant General Flnzer,
who served also as grand marshal, waa
followed by So regular soldiers In
dress uniforms, their officers mounted
on prancing, glossy horses, with music
furnished by the Third mranrry band
and 'a company of artillery closing the
Thousands of, Woodmen of the World,
accurately uniformed and well drilled,
l maae an - almost enaiess processional
Order or ' Moose, with caparisoned
horses and a majestic float, waa im-
presrslve to a degree, X
: There passed then In rapid succes
slon the Maccabees, United Artisans
. (Uairtg Pms Um srire.1
Los Angelas, June -Union labor de
fending B. M. Connors. V Xra Bender
and A. B. Maple, aocasad of attempting
to dynamite the hall of records building
last September won a signal victory In
the first real aklrmlsh with the prose
cution when the eases of the three men
to Plead on indictments against them
were called today In Judge W tills' court.
.. The case was continued one week by
request of the defense,-but the victory
was contained not m mis dui in vne
bsttle to obtain possession of a copy of
the trsnacrlpt of testimony taxen before
the grand Jury td whleh resulted tn the
indictments. . . .- .
v Judge Willis after listening to argu
ments decided that the defense waa. en
titled to a copy flvodaya before'tha
date set for tne trial, mat oewg ma in
terpretation of the law made by the last
legislature which .provides that defend
ants In the grajid Jury cases shall re
ceive the copy "five days before their
'trial." v ;' "'-"..'-.' .
.Following Judge Willis' ruling. Attor
ney G. Ray Hortotv repreaenting the
atato announced that It was not the
purpose of ths prosecution to hamper the
defense and the transcript- would be
turned over, to the defense as soon as It
was typewritten.
The proceedings were short '
Many New improvements Made at Big- Columbia, River Reaort,
" " i'.' '.''' Including New Bathhouaea. , . t
with their splendid" float Boy Scouts,
the handsome company of Knights anl
LadleS of Security, the Modern Broth
erhood, Modern Woodmen of America,
Knights of the Boss these with gaily
dressed horses, a beautiful float asd
uniformed members. r ,
" aved Xea's War Basea
. Laugha ame with the Bed Men and
the war dance they gave after the pa
rade waa hugely enjoyed. They bad
real Indiana excelled in enthusiasm and
gerlness of their waa paint .
The cowboys with their - ludicrous
stunts brought as many-laughs as did
th Red Men. Perhaps the most eta Wi
ly formation of all waa tbe uniformed
company from the Italian society. .
' Many words of commendation for
the work don by C. A. Bigelow, chair
man of the parade committee; by Seo
retary Walter, and Assistant Secretary
C. C. Hall of the East Side Business
U.n'i nlitH. ... InnV.n last nlflrlit ThA
club has been, planning for the parade
many months and tbe expense In ef- J
fort was even greater than th. money
cost. Words of .appreciation were
heard, too, for the aomlng of the regu-,
lar soldiers to participate in the pa
geant A surprise ' was prepared for
them In the form of a lunch spread for
the return trip upon the steamer Mon
Collins Hot Borings has been so
thoroughly overhauled,. Improved' and
altered this year that old timers, who
have always spent their summers there.
quia scarcely recognise meir via
haunts. F. A.Toung, the new owner.
ha spant thousands of dollars in sew
buildings, new equipment and a new
spring, .below the - old one. where a
stronger, hotter and mors highly min
eralised stream has been discovered.
Dressed up in Its new clothes, Collins
looks ke sew place. - To formally
Introduce all his Innovations, to the
public, a general reception and opening
has been planned for next Monday night
and Invitations are now jMring mailed
to all ths frlenda of the celebrated resort,''-
, ', - .' , .f
Ths hotel building has been consider
ably , enlarged by the erection' of
three-story annex, on the ground floor
of which ths bathrooms are located and
above a number of new and elegantly
furnished rooms, many with , private
baths,t hot and eold watsr and elec
tric lights. .- Mr. Toung Is particularly
proud of ths bow mattreases and they
are far above ths averags found at
first-class hotels. , i ' V ,
r -Those who have reeelved so much
benefit from ths hot mineral water of
th summer. ,Th wide,. pUU glass
windows serosa th front of ths room
will always b remembered by those
who have 'visited this pretty-dining-room,
t reminds one of .the big ocean
Side rooms at th coast hotels, while,
to niany people, th ;view . across th
mil, of Columbia river is ; regarded
aa superior to any environment ta th
Ualtd lutes,.;' -'-if . ';,
As a matter of fact while It is true
a large number of people visit Collins
for the remarkable properties of 1U
miners! water, and for the marvelous J
cures which It haa to Its credit in the
line of rheumatism; kidney, bladder,
liver and stomach troubles, there are
hundreds and thousands, vry year,
who visit the spot for th magnlfloenc
of its scenery. Located as It is right In
th heart of the Cascade Rang, sur
rounded on all sides by. mammoth
mountains, lh place Is resplendent with
IU beautiful soenlo effects.
Wind MounUIn, rising to an Eleva
tion considerably above tOOS feet In
vites th hardy climber, while Shell
Mountain, the bane of the railroad com
pany, sliding always toward in nver,
Is on of th greatest freaks of nature
on the western coast Back toward tbe
Interior, ther ar two little lakes, from
whficb the finest strings ef trout ar
J I . Ri
I""'""" !mmii " I,.,-..... iniarssusssssssssMu
PAfc'-lV5 ks' ' ;1
III S i-'-9- ill t i v.:: I i
Hi i ' ,-J "Vj. . r 1
l m&mw i
Ills II 111 I
T7a1te PtMS L4 Wlra.t
Boston. Juno . Delegates to th nat
ional conference of charities and cor
rectlons today are discussing ideas of
Louis D. Brandels, on workmen's con?
pensation mad In' an address before
their body. . . v -.
A cerUin per cent of wage earners
IneviUuly meet illness, accident, death
and lack of employment," said Brandels,
and these conditions must be met with
something , more definite than sporadic,
emotional charity. The cost of insur
ance -would be high. Ten per cent of
the current wages would go far, yet
even such a charge would afford merely
alleviation, and complete . indemnity
jvould probably coat 26 per cent of the
average dally wages. Th apparently
prohibitive expense should not fetef us
from acting now. On the contrary, it
brings clearly to mind th enormous
waste pi social nd Industrial condi
tions.", , ,:, .,;
' Abcolutcl Furo
Tho only baking Bowdar
mada from floyai urspo
;, Cream of Tartar ' .
Laxative Water
- Centlo
. Quickly Relieves '
' (United Praaa Leaaed Wire.)
Borlln, June 8. Designed to stimu
late aerial navigation and th use of
aeroplanes ior military purposes, Ger
man aviators are today tuning up their
machines in preparation for the great
est air race ever held In! this country.
Trial flights will fee held tomorrow and
the start will bo made Sunday from the
aviation grounds at Johannesburg, near
Berlin. The course is 1200 miles long,
as roiiows:
Berlin, Magdeburg, Hamburg, Kiel,
Schwenn. Hanover, Munster, ' Dussel
dorf, Cologne, Alx-Le-Chapelle, Duls-
burg, Dortmund, Caeseili Nordhausen.
miberstadt. Dessau. Berlin, i
None but - German machines, steered
by Germans, are eligible for the' die
tance. The winner will receive 126,000
In gold. Several smaller prises are offered-
byaero clubs- and the citizens of
luwriH tuuog ine ruuio. -
The war ministry has offered two
special prises for achievements of mili
tary usefulness.
' Texas Lets Up.
(Smclil nlanat-b to Tba Jouraatl
Austin. Texas. June 9. -Marfy of the
Important laws enacted by the last ses
sion of the Texas- legislature ar to
come into effect at midnight tonight
Among the new acts are several Impor
tant amendments designed to lessen th
severity of th drastic anti-corporation
laws' passed several years ago. Includ
ed among them, is an amendment to the
anti-pass law, which will permit the
railroads; traction lines, express com
panies," telegraph;' companies and other
public service corporations, to give free
service or service at a reduced rate to
practically all etate, county,, and city
officers, delegates to conventions and
numerous other classes of parsons.
' Commencement t "U.w '
(Bpeclal TXiMtek to' Tie JourntLV-
Btoomington, Ind June 9. The com
mencement exercises of Indiana univer
sity were ushered In-today with th re
ception to the graduating . class .' by
President and Mrs. William I Bryan.
Numerous festivities- will oooupy the
attention of the students until next Fri
day, when th law school commencement
will take place. On the Sunday follow
ing -the , baccalaureate sermon will be
preached by th Rev. A. B. Storms of
Indianapolis. The graduating exercises
of the university will, take place Wed
nesday, June II. The address will be
drllvered by President Edmund J. James
the springs will be pleased to learn
that th new bathhouse adjoins the
old hotel, ' making, it possible to go
from the bath to th hotel rooms with
out going out of doors. With reference
to the bathrooms themselves, it Is safe
to say that - there la nothing in the
northwest that is equal to them In per
faction of equipment, siae and furnish
ings. There is a large room for wo
men, with hot and steam rooms, tub
bathes, showers and aleeping rooms,' ac
commodatlng over 100 women in a day.
The -women's baths are made complete
by th engagement of a graduate mas
seur, and to her has been entrusted tne
task of annlylng the baths to the
greatest benefit of those who patronize
the place. The men's department Is
larger, with room for 100 bahts a
day, under the supervision of an expert
masseur. The bath equipment in tne
men's Quarters is similar to that for
the women, except they are larger.
Th locating oi a new won, soout
Quarter of a mile below the old one is
a great improvement - at Collins, owing
to the fact that the water is consider
ably warmer, reaching a temperatare
of about 100 degrees. 'This spring Is
connected with the tanks by electric
pumps, doing away with the old method
of pumping by steam. - ah or tn pump
lng Is now governed from the power
house, which has oeen remoaeiiea.
All told, the accommodations at Col
lins Hot Springs are- now sufficient for
nearly 200 people, without counting the
tenting facilities which will provide for
many more. The dining-room is mam
talned on a plane unexcelled in the
years past, even at Its best while the
private herd of milch cows rurnisties
milk, a half inch thick with cream.
butter that la delicious and a character
of living that cannot be approached at
the ordinary recreation resort. Mr.
Young has his own pork and many
other clever ideas in providing eatables
that will prove popular to tho health
resprt this summer.
Those who have eaten In th Collins
dlnlng'room. In times past remember
the large, light, and airy room, over
looking the - magnificent Columbia
river, with Shell MounUIn on the other
side. This room has been thoroughly
renovated and made spick and span for
brought almost dally, Th Ions) wind
ing trails through the woods, along tbe
shore of the river and into the very
depth of the mountains, keep one fslrly
busy .wondering which place to visit
next A whole summer spent at Col
lins would find some new plac to visit
every day.
F. A, Young, tho new owner, has
spared no expense to provide every
possible comfort for his guests this
summer. The beautiful launch Omo is
at their disposal, as well as rowboats
and saddle horses. The river boats up
and down the river every day, provide
opportunities for Innumerable side
trips, while to reach th orest of Wind
Mountain -seems to be the ambition of
almost every one who visits the place.
The transportation facilities for Col
lins Hot Springs this year are almost
without equal. The North Bank trains
leav Portland every morning at 8:20
o'clock and every evening at 8:20, re
turning morning and evening. This
gives splendid accommodations be
tween Portland and Collins. Four river
boats stop dally In front of the hotel
th Tahoma, which plys between
Stevenson and The Dalles, and th J. N.
Teal, Bailey GaUert and Dalles City,
between Portland and The Dalles. The
railroad depot is just back of th hotel,
not over 100 feet away, while all boats
land In front of the hotel grounds.
The evenings spent at Collins, sitting
on the wide veranda facing the river,
are. among th pleaaantest Imaginable,
The long slants of th setting sun,
throwing the hotel Into the shadow
early, linger for hours on the peaks of
Shell and Wind mountains, painting a
picture so gorgeous as to throw any.
one Into raptures. The natural beauty
of th place, as 'wall as the strict
regulations Imposed by Mr. Young, will
make Collins a much sought after
resting place this summer. . The best
people of the Northwest have always
felt a summer Incomplete without a
few days at Collins and many of them
are 'making reservations for the sum
mer already. ' Men feel perfect safety
tn sending their families to the 'hotel,
as no liquors are sold or ' permitted
and an air of pleasant sociability per
vades the big house all day long. '
Factory v Special
iuiiai mavcu ijuucd
Mea s Tan Shoes
. ' Dumpy Toes
Hi Heel
Wear Like the $4.00 Kind
Bet Stark and Oak
'. XV .. . Ill
v ID
WlitW -A-- Trfc.swilaiswTsswa!Wja)si
i AH
Styles -Slse
June White Sale of
' , Value That Are Way
r Ont of the Ordinary
Muslin Gottoj s o i '
gl.6Q Values ioU
, An iextra fine line of Muslin Gowns, shown in the
; high-neck bishop or low-neck slip-over style. Made"
of fine quality cambric, nainsook or Masonville
muslin, trimmed with fine laces, embroideries, rib
bons and pin or hemstitched tucks. All made very-
full and extra well finished. ' Regular- AO
$ 1,50 valines priced for this sale. .r. V. . ; .".70V;
Combination Suits
01.25, 01.50 Vals
Fine Combination" Suits, trimmed with pretty
laces, embroideries and ribbons. They come in
the drawer or skirt combination and are exceed
ingly well made and neatly finished. Reg. OQr
l. 25- 1.50 values for this sale at. ..... . yOL
Fine quality Cambric Drawers, with extra
deep embroidery flounce. Reg.
75c-85c values priced at
58 c
Muslin Skirts of fine quality cambric,
with extra deep embroidery or : lace
5. Regular l!2.5o.3 C 1 O Q
priced at aD I eVO,
Women's Silk Hose 50c'
m ' " i "
A decided bargain in women's fine all silk Stockings, made with full fashioned leg and lisle
garter tops, heel and. toe; good,' durable stockings that are extremely fashionable. They
come in all sizes and in black and the new shades of tan. On special sale tomorrow f"A '
- t,... ...... JUL
at, the pair
Silk Lisle Hose at 25b a Pair
A new line of women's fine full fashioned silk lisle Stockings in4all sizes and shown OCf .
in black and the new tan shades. Unusual values at, the pair................'......,. DC
Children's Hose Priced lOo
A fine line of children's Hose, made of best
grade maco cotton and shown in black only.
They come in all sizes and will wear fine.
Specially priced this sale, 3 pairs for q
50c, or, per pair... v.. 1C
Women's Underwear 01.19
A special offering of women's lace-trimmed
Union Suits, made of fine quality lisle thread,:
and shown in low neck style, lace-trimmed .
yoke and knee. Come wide knee i ia
length and are specially priced at 17
A Great Sale of Shoes
Pumps and Osfords
In the season's best styles are in this sale, and each value offered as?C
is a real economy. We feature for tomorrow's sale several of
a m mm a a .a taMaaa
our Dest-semng lines ot men s, women s and cmioren s bnoes
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Women's Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps, $3.00 and $3.60 o 07
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Women's Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps, $2.25 and $2.50 At
grades, per pair ., pl f 7
Children's Patent and J?id Pumps, sizes 5 to 11, $1.75 qq
grade at ............ . . 7C
1 Misses' Patent and Kid pumps, sizes 11 y to 2; $2.00 rfjf
grade at Ok.Lo
Boys!- All Leather Shoes and Oxfords, sizes 1 iQ, 5 Af t -
$3.50 grade' at ! 7. ... 777777. ... ...... . . . . . . . Job f 0
Children's Barefoot Sandals, sizes 5 to 11, $1.50 grade, qq
specially priced at..... 77C
Children's Barefoot Sandals, sizes 1VA to 2, $2.00 Af t A
grade priced at
Men's Russia Tan Shoes in all sizes; $5.00 grade spe- Al AQ
cially priced at tpffUU
A Full Showing of the
New Sweater Coats
We are now showing a new line of women's and misses'
new style Sweater Coats in both plain and fancy weaves and
the most popular colors and white. Ihe variety of styles is
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MISSES' $2.00 SWEATERS AT $1.29-A special under
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all sizes, in colors white, gray, red,, etc.; fine, well finished
garments that retail regularly at $2.00 specially A ? aa
priced for Saturday at. ..'................ ........ $l,t
Bel. Stark and Oak
Corsets alt
' An extra strong line of these Corsets at
this popular price. Included in this lot are
the high, medium, low or very low bust
effects, with medium and long hip on extra
. long skirt models, made of fine quality ba
tiste or coutil, trimmed with Hamburg em
, broidery or fine lace. Every cor- PA
set guaranteed. Priced at onlyJl)DU
A Fine Tooth O&r
Brush at . . . tJU
With a Sanitary Holder FREE
' Saturday we have arranged
a special sale of 100 dozen fine
French Tooth Brushes, made
with . open sanitary back ' and
best quality - bristles that are
guaranteed not to come , but,
and with each purchase we will
give you free- a splendid
sanitary ' tooth brush holder.
These are made of glass and
nickel and well worth the price
of the brush alone. Tomorrow
vou mav have the brush and
. .
the holder at the regu
lar price of the brush. .
Handkerchief Kfkg
Perfume, Oz. 0J2
A special introductory sale -tomorrow
of the new Handker
chief Perfumes at an unusually
low price. ' You , have choice
of Cashmere " Bouquet, 1 Wood
Violet, ' Superba Pink, " White
Rose, Peau d Espagne, White.
Heliotrope, etc. all at 5Q
Hand Bagrs QQ,.
01.50 Values HcIC
A special sale of several doz
en new Hand Bags, shown in
a variety of pleasing styles in
suede, velvet and satin. Thev
are made with neat frames and
silk cord handles and have neat.
coin ' purse fitting's the, kin-1
that sell reeularly at n
$1.50 on sale Saturday w '!
of the University of Illinois.-. ,