The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 22, 1910, Page 2, Image 2

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fs .raise
posed by the Oregon ' Good Roads as
sociation, but believes1 ,that "in the main
they embody 'the principles of a good
working system. He expressed the
opinion, however, that some limitation
should . have been placed upon the
amount of bonded indebtedness which
counties taay assume. "
i "Th people move slowly In matters
of this kind," he said, "but when they
do move they - sometimes go too fast
beyond. .the point of safety. While I
think there should have lcen some lim
itation on the amount of Indebtedness,
the legislature should be able to work
Ompnt Workers Fall; Two Dead.
tt!ultc4 Press heated Wire.)
Los Angeles, Doc, 22. Earnest Tear
man, 25 years of age, a cement worker,
was instantly killed, and J. Lawrence, a
fellow workman, was mortally injurod.
when an elevator on, which they were
working at the hotel Alcxan-fvla Acr;?x
gave way yesterday afU-rcouo. Tie
mt-n fell 70.. feet) Lawrence died, aooo
after the accident occurred.' ' -Charles
Tenta and Ftcve Emit! were
I and their enthusiasm may carry them
out measures that . will be generally
satisfactory," '; ', '.' T
injureu, uui nut :iivujij, . ,- .,
:r Han, Denies He Pro-
cs to Drop Out of the
Speakership Fight. V
r e
v w
Henry MoKinney of Bakr, candidate
f r sppiiker of the house in the next leg
i. iulure. who Is in the city '.butiatng'up
hi f ences, declArea-! ho : i - in ttoe
i ire to stay and believes he hw m good
chance for. election M anyone. - The
i port that he would, give. way; tp Jerry
7 of Wallowa, the other eastern Ore
gon candidate, arose from mtslnterpret
i 7 what he said, lie states,;
, McKJnney says he hau nine of the 1!
astern Oregon votrs. ; He concedes the
nther three to Rusk. Eaton had hoped
to pick up some support in that section,
but it appears he has been nosed out by
the two men from that end of the state.
ne man In the Multnomah delegation
i out for McKinney, end the Baker man
says he has others, but does not care
to disclose their names, t ; ;. ;
: "I have the, beat of it, as between
Husk and my self. " he said, t "What I
said about getting out of .the. TS.ce was
this: That tf Busk could shew a good
bunch of votes Jn western Oregon, I
would talk the matter over with my
supporters In eastern Oregon and see
if they desired to go to Rusk too in
order to choose the speaker from that
r-nd of the state. . :
"I did talk with the eastern Oregon
delegation,, and found they would .not
l p willing to go to Rusk, except those
already for him. I found the only con
dition to which Rusk would agree was
that I retire, and this I will not do, in
view of the situation. I am in to stay,
end the outlook seems good, for I; do
not believe Eaton has the support
claimed for him, in. Multnomah county
or elsewhere. ' : . - - ; ' ,, s . .5 ... ;
As far as Multnomah county is con
ccmed, the . best - information is that
"Raton haa four, posulbly . five votes,
Husk fftur, McKinney one and two non
committal. , Rusk will pick up i num
1 cr of votes . in the valley, and his
friends say he is now in the lead, with
Knton in secQnd place and McKinney
Out of this situation. Rusk's friends
figure, he will emerge the victor, for
n lien the break comes, they argue.
baton's force will disintegrate and
enough will turn to the Wallowa ma,n
to elect him. .'
McKinney while declaring that Rusk
can never gather In a majority of the
eastern Oregon delegation,, spoke a good
vrn xor usk, .
"Jerry is a good man," he said. "J
tine mm., He is a man for the peo
ple and one of the most independent
men in trie legislature. . ,
Fewer Cases of Contagious
Diseases in City Now Than
Ever Before. : ' -:
"There are fewer cases of contagions
diseases under surveillance ' in Port
land right now than- tners "ever-- have
been at one time before since the health
office was established," Bald City Quar
antine Officer I. R. Beeman this morn
ing. "The city Js in an abnormally
healthful condition. Perhaps this state
of affairs is Santa Claus gift: thiS
year. ;; ;.v-.-.--.- f .-: ,--., -.-,(;. ';v ' -
"As compared with December,. 1J09,
which was a normal month for disease,
the quarantine cases now, under the
observation of the health department
are more than 100 per cent fewer. Dur
ing December last year px cases -. or
scarlet fever and 15 cases of diph
theria were placed in quarantine. .
"At this time there are only 27 cases
of scarlet fever and six eases of diph
theria in quarantine. Of course Port
land's great climate and the pure water
supply, of the city are two factors that
make, for the present satisfactory con
ditions but an auxiliary to these should
not be forgotten, the efficiently or
ganized and directed work of the health
department under Dr. C. II Wheeler.
The medical school Inspection depart
ment has, also been a large factor Jn
preventing the spread of disease by
detecting it at its inception and making
prompt reports to the health office." t
Manager John A. Johnson of Pantages
theatre today forwarded an Invitation
to County Judge Claeton for the in
mates of all children's charitable socle
ties to attend a special Christmas mat
inee given for their benefit, following
the regular matinee on Saturday.
The children of the Boys' and Girls'
Aid society, the Detention Home and
other publio and private institutions
will be invited- and there will be no
charge made at the door for the little
folk while grownups will not be al
lowed in the theatre. - 1 .-
--All newsboys -and children t who ie-
sire to come will also be invited end
at the conclusion of the performance,
which begins at 4:20, Santa Claus will
make his appearance and each and every
child will be remembered.
: Notarial Commission.
(Salem Bureau of ft Journal.) .
Falem, Or, Dec. 22 Notarial' com
missions have been issued to John W
Jtobinson. Madras; W. H. Cooper, Sweetl
now, Newton Kour.atree and Jeffer
fi.n Myers, Portland. r
Hc:iy Wreaths. .
With lots of h?rrlCH, large size ' 75c.
5 Inch ryo'emans, 3 to 5 blooms, special
fur tiip holfdav 50c.
l.L'BLINKB, Florist, 823 Washington.
r;,;; Vi 1 ' - -'! :''.:
"We are chiefly interested in good
roads legislation and that Is the sub
ject l nave most at nearv said judge
A. J. Derby of Hood River' today. In
discussing prospective legislation at
the coming session of the legislature.
Judge Derby will retire as county Judge
of Hood River, In January and take his
seat as one of ; the .. two Democratic
members of the house of representa
tives, f I ;
'rs county Judge the 'Hood River man
has given much attention to- the iques
tlon of good roads. He says he has not
had opportunity to study the bills pro-
'Lii.-Li. -Ir r
Make the First Payment
On Your; Xmas Piano
After New Years
' You can have any m of the following pianos delivered to'
yoar home without your having to pay a cent down until after ;
the first of .the year: ' , . ' ' , ' I ,
Weber, Steck, Fischer, Kohlfer & Chase, Kohler & Camp
bell, Weser, Hoffman, Andrew Kohler.
Steinway Pianola Piano, Weber Pianola Piano, Steck
Pianola Piano, Wheelock Pianola Piano, Stuyvesant Pianola
Piano, Fischer Player Piano, Aeriola Player Piano.
: Kohler & -Chase :
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id eliminated if you light your Christmas tree wfth'our Electric''
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'3 L
W w u
irf ewji mm w . -.,.,J 'W O
Second and WsIin-tcn Slz., Over r.!:rc!.ir.!3 Er.!;
"The PrC,resJve Centljts"
We ktep in our' employ only dentists of practical experience,
who have spent years of study in preparing themselves in all
branches of dentistry. When people visit Portland from out of
town they must take advantage of the opportunity and have their
dental work attended to. We have a-tfult corps of old-time, tried
crown and bridge workers and painless extractors. And dou'jt for-..
. get our prosthetic dentist in making up your mind where to go.
Open ;
10, .
.Year, ,
: Written
With .
- Lady ; -Attendants
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ern methods. , ; r
Another feature of this office, thereby eliminating the danger of
infectious-diseases. , Jt very instrument is caretully sterilized
expert attendant every time it is used. :.. . ; ,
The Owl Dental Coi
Second and Washington Sts., Over Merchants Bank1
Conciiial Tnociira
ara prepared in cottrenlent form of topl
medicinal tubvtAnras, most beneficial In U
.treatment of throat affections. Fre from
opiat a or ot her harmful in rredjenta. .
Price, 23c, 60c and $1.00. SmplVfre
John I. Brown A Son Boton, Man.
) mm-
t f J ..
t4' , it fie (, i
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ir fir
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vvjjj ,y." LLJiiN,'
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S. t' - ' 1 I
t V " S f ' i "-i I
1 v;V;&:-:."v'-V.;" I
- "is ,,tei -
.... ... ... Y. . . y. -M;i-:.Vv .- ... .
' - - 'I ' v.- I
Firsi snsi .amuul
sou k ami
Second and Ycr.Iii3'
V !r if
... . y .:
( V'l N