The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 20, 1910, Page 3, Image 3

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Two Old Time Residents Go
ing to Live on Farm; New
. , Building Planned.
George . and Hubert . Slmmcma, who
have' long been residents of St Johns,
biive traded their house for part pay
ment on a big ranch near .Springwater,
Or., nnd have left th city. Georg
Simmon at 6n time had' a ' tobocco
tor in : the city and both brothers
leave many Trlends In the neighborhood.
Ag a result of the successful fair
nd bazaar , held early in the present
month, the Knights of. Pythias are con
templating the erection of a two story
brick building at the corner of Charles
ton and Jersey streets. A -committee has
been appointed , to discuss plans and
opacifications. It Is Intended to start
juilding operations early in the spring.
The laying of the concrete on Pea
senden street which under Contractor P.
J. Peterson had progressed for several
Xmas Gifts
$3.75 CLOTH BRUSHES, quadruple silver, A 1 Q
plated, in beautiful patterns, special CJ) yj
-$1.50 HAT BRUSHES to match the cloth brushes.. ',..95
$600 .MILITARY. BRUSHES in quadruple . AO Qr
silver. Excellent bristles. . . ,. . .... i q) , J J
-$8.oo. Military brushes of quadruple a r q r
silver, in a large assortment of patterns. . .......... ,p J , y J
$6.00 , EBONOID SHAVING STANDS, consisting of large
bevel edge mirror with stand; good badger hair
brush and mug tpT'eT'-
$9.00 GERMAN' SILVER Shaving Stand, with AT QC
adjustable mirrors, lotion bottle, mug and brush.. : i)Oe sD
-ELECTRIC LIGHT attachment for shaving mirror. . .$2.50
lent . mirrors .
$2J25 TOBACCO JARS of Colonial glass,' with A 1
German silver tops ....., l.-aftU
SHAVING MUGS of quadruple silver plate and' A J Q n
brush. Put up in a box .. ........ 4) I evO
$2,00. SMOKING SETS in copper.,v.....,i...:...?1.45 ; - ;
-$4.00- SHAVING MUGS quadruple silver, with1 f d O : i C ''
inner porcelain cup. Badger hair, brush. , pZnl J 1 jp ? '
$1.00 Each
Union ;i Suits of "medium
heavy "-t white cotton. Silk
trimmed " and -hand finished
throughout. Long sleeves and
ankle length.',, , ;
; , : $1.25 Each -
-Perfect fitting,' well made
W,V; "-iou uniun
Sui in ,medmm or heavv
weights ankle 1m
t.;..-. ;t.v-j tt!
ixiumicu auu iiuimicu tmyun-
the very newest designs .and
ends, Put in a neat, Christmas box. , - , -
; From $6.50 to $9.50 a Set
.-.Terry cloth Bath Robe with towel and slippers. to match, in"
many different attractive colors. ' ,
' Double lisle tops, heel and
good qualities. ,
blocks, has been held up owing to the
advent of frost, and It is not likely that
any further work will be done on this
street until, the first of April next 1
. '. Hew Attorney Arrives. - '
Percy Stroud has taken offices In
the First National bank building and
Intends to ensrage In the law business
in the city. He Is a graduate of Wis
consin university and of the la 4r school
of Chicago university, and he has tak
en in hand some of the law work of
the present city attorney, who has left
St Johns, owing to the increase of Ms
practice In the city of Portland. Wheth
er or not the appointment of city at
torney will devolve on Mr. Stroud seems
at present unsettled, but at any rate
he will receive a hearty welcome to EL
Johns and the good wishes of the resi
dents for a lucrative practice.
John Christine today opened up a first
class tobacco and fruit stand Immediate
ly opposite the Palm cafe, of which Mr.
Glover Is proprietor, and as this Is Al
ways a busy corner he expects a large
amount of patronage from the residents.
Mr. Peggs, a newcomer' to St Johns,
has taken over, the new St Johns hotel.
He Intends to ; remodel and enlarge It
considerably and when the alterations
are complete, this hostelry will be as
well equipped .and furnished as any In
St Johns. '
: , Take nrta-rest la nM.. : r-
Arrangements are being made for a
special boat to run to Vancouver to
see the boxing ' bout on December , 21.
Considerable interest Is being- taken by
many St John residents In the contest,
as young Kruegef. who Is figuring n
one of the principals, was to have taken
Holly Ribbon Novelties '
4-2 Inch Width 10c Yard
1 Inch Vidthl8c Yard
Vi inch width 25c yard
. rFrench imported holly de
signs of ' fine, quality gauze.
Suitable for Men
STANDS, excel
. Knit Underwear 43c
- -1 " . ' -
- '. -'. if. t. '- 1 1' ' -..".;' -y
A Vests or Tights of me
dium weight white cotton. The
vests have either long or short j
sleeves. ......
. 50c Each .
Medium or medium heavy ;
.weight . white ribbed ; long
sleeved vests and drawers or
tights to match. . . ;
65c Each
Extra large sizes in white or
cream colored ribbed cotton
vests or drawers in a medium
weight, fleece lined.
; $K75 Each ; ,
Forest, Mills brand of hand
finished white silk and wool y
vests or '. tights In medium ,
weight l , x ; , f
, : $!.95Eacfe :
." $ .95 Each .
' -: .' .
, .
-Forest Mflls medium heavy
mik inusiicu ana mmmcQ.
Mens Guaranteed Socks
; $lJ50 PerBox
What could be more acceptable than;
a box of these sox, which come with sixJ
, ' pairs to the box. In colors, black and
tans. "A most excellent quality; '
. . 50c to $2.50 Each .
. High grade Neckwear for men in all
shapes,, with extra' wide flowing
50c TO $2.00 A PAIR
toe; in all the solid colors,
part In the last evening's entertainment
whioh was scheduled to be given by the
St Johns Athletic association and which
came" to such an untimely end. r .
The Salvation Army, which has for
many years been working in the vicin
ity, has now secured a long lease on
the llolbrook room next to Frank Clark's
store, and intend to open up a branch
department in St Johns. The room Is
being remodeled and arranged to suit
the requirements of the army organiza
tion. No actual aggressive work will be
done In this city until the beginning
of the year, when Staff Captain S.
Bradley of Corps No. 1 will be In
charge, being aBststed by Xiawrence
Greene. At present LletttBnant Greene
Is engaged In looking after the wants of
any poor folks he may find In the city,
presenting them with a ticket entitling
them to a family basket at the Christ
mas dinner to be" given at the head
quarters In Portland on Saturday night
; Owing, to the ' general desire of the
realty men to be present at the ad
journed ferry meeting last night, the
usual weekly, meeting , of, the realty
board was set over until Wednesday
next The question of the general pub
licity' campaign Will , then again come
up for discussion. ' , ,
(Special Dimateh to Tb JearsaLI -
University of Oregon, Eugene,- .Of
Dec 20. Miss Ch rystal ; ' McNary, ' a
freshman at the University of Oregon,
died early yesterday morning from ty
Made . in the new Empire
Waist stvle of Wisteria CTepe
, ; design with satin trimmings on
neck and flowing sleeves. . ,
KIMONOS $2.00 ;
In a loose flowing style with
"V" shape neck and plaited
front and back ; has w puff
:; sleeves ; of wisteria -crepe in
: cadet, light blue, lavender and
navy; trimmings of satin.: f
Special Sale Christmas
: Gloves ;
.'. ; $127 a Pair ,
Ladies' Gloves of fine qual--ity
glace kid in the two-clasp
style, Paris point stitching on
back, and over-seam style ; in a
good assortment -of colors;
slate, tan, brown; mode, gray,
navy, green, black and white.
Pocket Electric Flash
Lights 85
-7-Xmas Cards . and , Booklets
for ,..504
V-Xmas Bells' 3 to 25
Xmas Letters . 10 to 50
Xmas Garlands 10 to 35
Maiden Hair, and , Air Fern
at : ;
Natural Artificial , Flowers
at v.... 15
XIT' 1.
TT1." J T TvT I
t vm.
-Dennisons' Paper Novelties
for the table, from 3 to 50
Stockings Wled with
tops '. . . . .V... .JIO;..
Fan cyx Playing Cards . - with ,
gilt edges 25 to 50
-Paper Dolls . . .5 and 10
Dennisons' Doll House Out
fits 35
Uncle Sam's Register Banks
for .$15
Crepe Paper in; Holiday de-
sign ;v ,l5f
Xmas Boxes for eift pack
ings, all sizw...... 8 to 10
Juvenile Stationery in Xmas
boxes, from , . .10 to $1.00
Gold and Silver Tinsel, 6
yard pieces ......25
Xmas Snow Box..., . .5
500 cretonne covered boxes
filled with the best linen paper
and envelopes, ribbon tied. -
$1.50 PAPER $1.00
--Pretty holly cabinet boxes,
containing 100 sheets and 100
box; ribbon tied. v , ; v v .
- 300 fancy bridge and 500
covered score lists, special 35c
phoid. The body of Miss McNary was
removed to her home at Medford today
f(M Vllirinl Th. rtMOAnt tvnMM Aril.
demio at . Eugene Is very light In Its
nature, oniy one case naving oeen re
ported as at ail serious. This is the
case Of Miss Pearl McKenna of Pendle
ton. The case Of Miss McNary was com
plicated with meningitis and would
probably have resulted fatally without
the typhoid. The new water plant and
filter system Is now completed and in
operation , and it is probable that no
more cases will result among the stu
dent body. '. ; . .
(United Prw Leed Wire) ' '
Scranton, Dec 20. The appellate
court yesterday afternoon decided the
George B. t.eavltt and 8. S. Bass elec
tion contest In favor of - the former.
They ran for supervisor In Lassen coun
ty, the vote resulting In a tie. Bass
was supervisor then. The election took
place at the general election in 1908.
By the decision Ieavitt loses two years.
i (Satan Bnreaa f Tfce JoarBati
' Salem, Dec. 20-t "Lord's Oregon Laws"
Is the copyrighted title of the new codi
fication of Oregon statues authorized by
the legislature two years ago. The last
form sheets; have gone to the bindery
Christmas Novelties
$1.50 DTER KISS Toilet water
for .,......$1.25
Toilet Waterall odors 89f
an odors ,.4.. .69
baskets; all odors '. . .. ... .i .25
Oriental Serving Trays
Beautiful quaint Chinese silk ;
gorgeously hand embroidered in
all, the unique colorings and de
signs of the Orient ; these silks
are handsomely framed in hard
woods in both the round and ob
long shapes. f - ;
works. of art and not onlv form
an exquisite' gift for their beauty,
but for their usefulness,
Special $3.19 , .
100 of these superior qualitr
.folding Card Tables covered with
all wool green felt; made of se
lected oak, in mahogany or
weather finish ; the top measures
30 inches square. ' ' ; . ,
20caSheet -
For filling pin cushions, , neck
tie cases and fancy articles; this
wool is manufactured inhc most
careful ; manner ; the cleaning of '
the wool is perfect and the. anti
moth' treatment, renders it inde
structible; sold in sheets at 20.
the sheet " ....
' , , 50c and 75c ,
A complete line of little soft
sole Shoes and Slippes for the
baby ; in new velvet, suede, pat
ent and kid, also little sandals.
: Price $2.50 ;
1 :
' . '7 ' ,
These outing Turbans are the
mos,i popular taq ana lasmon.ot
the day; they tan be made in any
solid color or combination of
colors that you wish. ,We also
make a "specialty of school , and
college colors with tassels or rib
bon bows on one side. , . - '
Just the thing for all out-door
and the entire edition will be ready
within a month or bo. The first copies
to be ready for the legislative session
when it convene 1ft about three weeks,
are now being bound and packed to
await to the opening of the session.
Ex-Governor W. P. Lord who nai
charge of the work will go to Califor
nia for his health, next month after
which with his son, W. P. Lord, Jr., he
will open law offices In Portland. The
larger portion of the new code is being
bound by the George Rodgera Paper
company of Salem though Allen Eaton
of Eugene procured the bid -from the
state, bidding lower than Rodgcrs but
subletting-the greater portion again to
Rodgcrs. ,
F. S. Murphy, a Salt Lake City lum
berman, lsiat the Oregon hotel.- ,. 1
W, P, Blssner of Nome Is at the Ore
gon. '
B. C. Adams, United States snperin-r
tendent of construction at Baker City,
who also Is in charge of repairs being
made on the post office building here,
is at the Hotel Portland. . k
I. M. Glen, of the faculty of the Uni
versity of Oregon, 1 Eugene, is at . the
Seward hotel. ,
Dan Campbell proprietor of one of
the largest : canneries in the country,
which Is located at Bellingham, 'Wash.;
Is at the Oregon.
A. C Hough and A. H. Gunnell, land
operators of Grants Pass are at the
Seward. V
R. C. Viet, an. official of the Standard
A' '
, Cept-
v w
SWEATERS at $2.75
All wool Sweaters for wom
;en and girls, in cardinal and
whl.tei made m a new fancy
stitch in semi-fitting style with :
pearl buttons and high stand
ing collar and two fancy ,
pockets. .
$2.25 and $3.00
Beautiful large collars,' both
round ; and square " style, : so
yokes with pointed fronts and
stock collars attached ; these
have the pretty Irish rose pat
tern, and the baby Irish de
sign so i popular this season.
Many little dainty jabots
., and tabs used so much" with he
laundered v linen collars and
the ; narrow round 'Dutch cbl-
lars with dainty crochet edge
in the wheel design.
Crowded conditions compel
us to discontinue our pyrogra-
phy r department Our - art -
needlecraft business has so in- -creased
that we are compelled
1 to do away with pyrography : '.
All 25c articles 10
All 35c articles' ...18
"All 45c -articles 23
All 50c' articles ........ .25
All 60c articles ..SOt
. All 75c articles .38
All $1.00 articles 50.
All $U0 articles .75 ,
All $2.00 articles t. ... , .$1.00
. AH $3.00 articles $1.50
All $5.00 articles .'.....$2.50
Miss Mysto
Rag Doll
for 59c
The new rag
Doll. Here is
what she says;
''You can never.
- l - break - mer - even
if you try. Hurt
me all you
wish, I never,
cry." . ,
Oil company, of New York, Is at the
Hotel Portland. '
Dr. N. C ' Cos, of Bend, Is at the
Hotel Portland. . 1 , .
J. IS..' Lawrence publisher of the
Bend Bulletin, is at the Seward, '
Among the passengers to arrive from
San Francisco this . afternoon on the
steamer Rose City, will be Miss Frances
Reed of Reno, Nev, who will spend the
winter In Portland with her brother, T.
R. Reed, an assistant observer In the
local weather bureau, :
Mrs. W. H. Falrman of Coos Bay. is
spending this week with relatives at
Lents. .
Andrew Davis, Marshfleld, arrived In
Portland yesterday for a business trip
of three days. He Is at the Perldna.
srs Good.
Join the Book-
lovers' Glub
$1 Down, $1 Week
Sale of Rogers'
Vintage, Charter1 Oa
Knives 'and Forks ....89.60
Table Spoons $2.85
Dessert Spoons . . . . .$2.55
Teaspoons ...$1.43
Soup Spoons ........ .2.85
Bouillon Spoons .....,$2.70
Chocolate Spoons ...'.S1.80
Orange Spoons . . . . . $180
Ice Cream Forks $2.25
Oyster Forks $1.90
Butter Spreaders $2.55
Medium Knife ....... .$2.25
Medium Forks .$2.85
Dessert Forks' .l$2.55
Butter Knife and Sugar Shell
for V...S1.10
Child's Set J. . .' . . $1.25
Child's Spoon and Pusher 75
r JSU. V5
' . iiiiT. i KZ
. MM :
mint tt m a 11
; ; set of six
Medium Knives . . . . ... $1.63
Medium Forks ....... .S1.62
Tablespoons . . .'. . . ... .$1.62
i Dessert Spoons .$1.49
Teaspoons '..84
Sugar Shell and Butter Knife
for 64
Oyster Forks $1.12
Butter Spreaders .....$1.49
Salad Forks ......... .$1.67
Child's Set 89.
Bouillon Spoons ......$1.62
Coffee Spoons 8-t
Medium Knives . . .... $3.89
Medium Forks $39
Teaspoons plain satin finish,
at ..viV;' S1.49
Tablespoons .'.'.:..:.. .'.$1.49
Knives and .Forks ... .$3.00
Of all
Stockings $ 1 .00
Of imported , pure . silk, fast
black,' with ; double silk lisle
tops and soles,
desired colors.
Also m various
Stockings $2.00
Extra fine silk Stockings
black, with extra strong ' lisle,
lined soles, heels and toes and
double silk tops. , ,
: Special at $4J95, $6.95 and $7.85
- - "
We have just received a large shipment of real Indian patten
and colorings; an immense assortment of well selecte d, trni ;
patterns; one of these will make a: most accqitiblc O ri ':
gift, especially suitable. for your eastern frirrh.
- HOLDluG UP UuOL.!)t
Detectives Hetjuon and Abbott 1 s i
night arrested William Ban at SV.
North Second street aJ lie m la t!
act of holding up the landlady.- T!:!
man . Is suspected of bi?lag the at
who- last Saturday nl'-?lit enterod t!
Parker House and attempted to ho; J
tip the people' In the housa, but wus
frightened away. '.In police court how
ever, he was charged with carrying a
concealed weapon and "on explaining
that he was drunk, was fined Hi and
the gun taken from him,
Jonrnal Want Ads bring result.
In appearance of a rumpled and tolled
Overcoat or other garment Ton would
- not believe It until you see the garment
"before and after." We do the dry clean
ing and thorough pressing and thus
make your clothing Took like new again
to the disgust of your tailor, of courn,
but to your profit and satisfaction. Do
not spend money on your tailor wh-n
It Is unnecessary. We can save you
scores of dollars yearly. ; .
.. Vienna Steam Cleaning
and Dyeing Works
824-336 Third St, Bet. Salmon and Main,
! 84 7 Tableware
atidl Sharon Patterns
Babr Spoon
Olive Spoons i...
Salad Spoon U..
Pickle Forks.
Salad Forks
Beef Forks
Cake Fork
Cold Meat Fork .
Jelly Knife,
Pie Knife
Pie Server .
r . t ji -
. , .90
... 52.00
.....! 55.25
.... .551.25
Gravy Ladle
Oyster Ladle i.
Soup Ladle
Punch Ladle ...
Cuctrmber Server
, Nut . Cracks
Berry Spoons ........69
Meat Forks ..........43
Pie Knife ..$1.05
Sugar Shell ..'......,...29
Cream Ladle ..39
Gravy Ladle ...'..53
Salad Forks 98
Knit Wool Slippers
65c Pair ;
Heavy wool knit slip
pers in cardinal, black, sky,
gray,-striped effects. Made
with " fine lamb'si " wool inj'
soles. Soft, , warm , and com
fortable. ....
Stockings 25c s
The wear-well .: brand ; of medium
weight cotton, Fast black,, strongly
spliced, and made for long wear. Also
in fine gauze black lisle or, black cash
mere. ' "... V
Stockings' 35c ' '' :
Fine gauze imported silk lfsle Hose,
fast black. Also black, white or tan Ksle
thread, made with garter tops and extra
strong heels, soles and toes.
Stockings 50c
silk with black cotton tops." SUk
usic sujcKings ; gauze iiKUi or raeaium
weight lisle stockings, fast black, and
gauze in light or medium weight.
$1.50 a Pair
Kayser ' brand black thread
' A sk Stockings,-with double al1-
silk or lisle tops and cotton
soles ; also various " pretty
shades of ' colored silk stock
Stockings $1.25
Pure silk stockings, made
:. with extra strong soles, heels
and toes