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    jcu:.::.l, roinxAND.. Friday eve:;i:;g, December is, isio.
4. AAiJ
c:::;cou daily
T' '
IN h I .1
fc w .. J I
i i
Crick Frcm H: W vC "I til CI! 3
2 Hears Ca::.
r'frtpii! ''..vv ;. . -. '.
That '.was' the plea made by each of
the nine plaintiffs In divorce proceed
ings before Judge Cleland this morn-
. Ins for relief from the unwelcome mat
rimonial bonds and In each case the de
eree waa granted. . . : .-
It) the case of Sarah S. Cohen asralnst
Leon Cohen, a brace of ducks which the
defendant said he had sent to bla wife
5a the straw that broke the camel's
back. Mr. Cohen declared that on the
day following Thanksgiving ' the de-
" f endaijt came to the ; house and asked
why he had not been Invited up to eharo
the ducks he had -sent up. pn being
told that no ducks ' had been received
he began to curse and abuse his wife.
E. 'J. Rosen, who 'accompanied Cohen
to the house on that occasion, affirmed
what Mrs. Cohen said. In addition to
. this, Mrs. Cohen stated that ever since
her marriage, ' December 6, 1893, her
husband has refused to live with her
unless she paid htm a salary" to do so.
This she did for some time, but on her
refusal to do so any further he went
away and was gone for three years,
Ths plaintiff was given a' divorce and
the custody of her 16-ycar-old daughter
Leah. Mrs, Cohen owns considerable
property. V . -,J
Brick EUrtles Court.
"While iudgra Cleland was hearing tH
case of Mabel Annie Charrlson sgalnst
Edward Y. Charrison, a brick, from the
new building fell through the window
at the Judge's side with a terrific crash.
The plaintiff in the case on trial al
leges she was married in London, Eng
land, February, 1905. She alleges that
her raason for asking' for a divorce is
that her husband refuses to stay with
her, preferring the company of .lewd
women Instead.! Mrs. Charrlson states
that she met her husband on the street
In company with another ' womaa and
when asked to accompany her home, he
cursed her. She was given a decree and
custody of 4-year-old Gladys. , t
, Hattle M. Eddie, who married Egbert
J. Eddy in Wichita, June 3, 1SS0, al
leged that she had not seen her husband
since May 3. 1909, and that before that
he was given to courting other women,
A girl IS years of age and a boy It was
Siven Into the custody of the mother.
' KnifcaxiA Goes Away. .
- ' Mrs. M. A. Simmons declared that Q.
Vf. 81mmons lived with he. Just a few
months after she married him in Port
land, , August 21, 1905. Without any
words,4 she say .lie returned to his
home one July morning." changed his
clothes and went for his morning walk
and never came back. She got her di
vorce. i Esther V. Pilklngton led Baby Pilk
Ington by her-aide when she waa called
, to the wjtnesa stand to testify against
Ora D, She eys she married htm
April 9, ir'7, o .3 Cat on Ju!y 19, 1 ?".
he left ho;i-9 f.r a bu-:1ii."8 trip in the
southern port of the state. Ten days
later a letter tame Baying be was not
going to refarn and did not want his
wi'a with him. : She was given a de
cree and the custody of her chtM and
bar maidon name, lather V. Deardorff,
restored. - '
John II. I, ;trlckor made very serious
charges of infldtjlty against May Bell
Strieker and named Charles Barnes as
a codefendant. 'i hey were married Oc
tober 8. 1910., The plaintiff also al
iases that his , wife threatened " and
abused him.
Belle McGonlsle secured a divorce
from Ilutth F. because he deserted her months after her marriage, Novem
ber 18, 1908.
Lena S. . Biggerstaff married David
Bifrgerstaff at The Dalles, January 3,
1907, and on March 25. the same year
he went away and has never returned to
her. The decree was allowed. .,
, William II. RIdgeway alleges that
Harriet It Ridsew&y deserted htm on
November 12, 1896, at night, leaving an
infant boy for hours, unattended, until
neighbors, hearing it cry, came to care
for the child. Since then the mother
has never seen the child until a few
weeks ago, when she returned from
an Francisco to get him. The court
gave the hoy into the custody of the
father and granted a divorce. The at
torney for the plaintiff took the stand
and stated that the mother had declared
she would not live with the husband
kohdica loses :
. (tJnlUd Vrmt Lee4 WlrO
i New York, Dec. 16. The police and
several private detectives are seeking
Madame Lillian Nordlca's famous black
pearl. The gem, which the prima donna
wore as a pendant from a, necklace, has
been lost since Saturday night, when she
wore It to the opera here. Whether the
p'earl was stolen or became unfastened
and fell to the floor of the box In which
she was sitting is not known. . An ad
vertisement offering a reward for Its
return appeared in today's newspapers.
.' V-' V sfrT? 1
1 Cook Doolc ; on receipt of V
J mailed tree . v your address.
TcHj Hot. to lZis 178 Iur.da cf Caha
!f Colics of aDInnds for all people' p
11 l . .1 .i r. 1 ;
ore Cwi inna'j viin iioyai
' - i
i ' : c.' iaMvcv. VAiC1Sh -'111
For men, boys, women and children. ' Oar prices are based on selling
good, reliable footwear at prices within the reach of everybody.' Re
member, these are perfect shoes oar newiaH and winter stocks, the
best' that the leading American makers can produce to sell at the reg
ular prices. ; Realize that these are the most marvelous shoe bargains
ever offered by any shoe store anywhere. Bargains that must appeal
to every thrifty, frugal, careful , shopper In Portland and vicinity.
Come prepared to supply your , family's" shoe wants for months to
come at these wonderful saving prices.
y $3.00 and $3.50 Men's
Shoes Reduced to
. Sale of Sample Shoes for Women
M EH FOR WOMEN'S $1.00. 4 rn
vj) is j U AND $3.50 SHOSS 1 J U.
We can fit-every foot in this sale. 'Shoes in various
leathers, -and have added a line of patent leather
blucher styles--shoes with welted sole, of which we
have all sizes. But, of course, early choos- $1 CA
jnsr is the best Safc Price ....... '.. Q luU
' Union' Made, High Grade Shoes,, consisting of all
the hew shapes in patent leather, box calf, gunmetal,
velour calfskin and vici kid, from the 'world's best
makes. All sizes and widths.' Regular $3 1 OC
r.and $3.50 values. During this sale ....... $&oD
Women's Piano Feltv S1.50 .Value ; . . '
f " -Home Comforts at 75c pair y ' - " ''
. 500 pairs Women's Home Comforts, in ' I
i assorted colors,"- $1.0 yajue, turn sole. f
Sizes 3 to 8. Trimmed'with heavy black"
, nJ fur, sewed soks, common sense heeL A.-.,: I
1 house shoe of absolute comfort. " .;
. . SALE PRICE, 75c PAIR .
'.. '. v.-.- ... . i V '
Men's High Top. ,
REGULAR $5 AND $6 VALUES ?3.95 ,
Here's your chance to get a' pair of these
shoes' for only $3.95. Our regular prices V,
are $5.00 to $6.00 Come in and we'll prove .
it. Leathers- are black chrome, Robur tan,
western oil grain, Napa tan, in blucher cut;
very heavy full triple-California oak sole,
stitched ' edge, ; Goodyear 't welt. Sierra
or 'Star, -last, cap toe, large Klondyke .
eyelets, rawhide laces., Just the kind of .
shoes for surveyors, prospectors, miners
and teamsters. . Made especially to with- v
stand hard wear and give long service; 12,
inches high, with buckles; sizes ftC
6 to 11 Sale Price ............. VJW J
v Boys' High Top Regu
. lar $3.00 Value at
These are exceptionally rood
winter shoe for boya. Jhy
are constructed with aView
to frlvinff the best possible
wear. If the lad needs a
genuine waterproof shoe, we ,
etrotiRly advise you to X&ke
advantage of thlsTeat op
portunity. Made fn bl!k
ohrorae calf, very toafrh, euft,
damp-proof ,-' and durable.
Brnsa . standard screwed,
. etltrhed edge, full double Cal
ifornia oak soles, large Klon
dike typleta, Essex last with
cap bellows tongue. Made
with the care and strength
of our men's high-cuts. Sizes '
8 to 6. Each shoe is 9
Sampson School Shoes
' v" $2 Vajics
. $1.00 .
These are the best bargains of
the season in shoes for boys,
and 'we expect more purchasers
here than ever I before. The
leathers are box calf, satin calf
and vici kid,' all stoutly made;
. nizes l 'to SlA; $1.00. Extra
good quality, see them XM A A
Sale Price ......,...?1VV
67 THIRD STRLLT, Bet. Oakland Pine
Two blocks North of Washington Street, Next to the United States
National Bank. Store Open Daily to 8 p. m. Saturday Until 10 p. m. .
Tall Orders
Pro mptly
vmzu m doust wiiat to give, purciiass A cqve or LrzncHAKDisz corcp Tii v: : : :
tho ;
' V .J
f v'b N
..... . . v 11 ' Z: i ,Jy y :
y ,r- -y;'iz Aviv
ck. -r. i ' 1 u u;
The question of what to give man, woman or child fades away as soon as you' step through the main entrance
here. If you have troubles of this kind, just come'in and look around, visit every section, go all through the
store, and youll see half a hundred things '.that will- exactly meet your particular requirements. - Now with
this in mind, read the news which follows:
WOMEN'S WINTER SUITS-Elegantly taflored garments Lfr
at popular prices; medium ana tnree-qnancr xaiiorea cqais,
lined with satin -and new styles in pleated and, gored skirts;
fabrics are serge, tweed and cheviot, in plain colors and sty
lish mixtures. Saturday only at these special prices for
only i. $12.50 and f 17.50
XMAS FURS A variety of the very latest in furs from
which to make your Xmas selection, v Capes, Scarfs, Cravats,
Muffs and Sets, plain or finished with tabs" and 'lined with
fine quality plain, shirred or brocaded satin. They are shown
in real Japanese or brook mink, Isabella fox, Lynx, Astrachan
and French Coney. Popular prices at , f 1.50 t0t,?25.00.
WOMEN'S COATS Stylish winter coats, full length) semi
fitting with storm, notch or presto collar, Tailored in the
following 'popular winter coatings: Serge, broadcloth, ker
sey, cheviot and tweed, in plain colors and stylish mixtures.'
Values up to f 17.50, 97.50, f 10.50 and $12.50. '
SILK WAISTS Many pretty new models in Silk Waists
Pleated or tucked effects and others .with lace yokes. They
are of taffeta,, messaline, Jap silk, Persians and net. Others
of voile, underlined with Persian silk. Made with the long
or new short one-piece sleeve. 1 All colors, $2.95, $3.50,
$4.95 and $5.50. ' , '
CHILDREN'S CLOTH CAPES-apes : of good quality,
navy blue Kersey cloth. Made with braid trimmed military
collar or lined hood; unlined or lined throughout with a
good quality black 'and white . checked or scarlet flannel
lining, $2.75, $3.50 and $4.50,. ,
V .
- tK .
No store is better equipped to 'meet all
your demands in this line. Here you will
find neckwear, gloves, shirts, : sweaters,
handkerchiefs, bath robes, smoking jackets,
etc, ete, at prices within the reach of all. 1
These special bargains for Saturday: d
Men's Fancy Suspenders, in attractive pat
terns. Each pair in a holiday, box; Cfl
75c values at . C
Men's Fancy Suspenders with garters and
arm bands to match; $1.00 values QCj
Men's Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs, in new
patterns and coloring; SOc', values 9ff
at ............................ i ..
Men's all iinen Handkerchief., in holiday
boxes; 6 to a box; priced for this 1 Mf
sale at . ... .'; . . .......... .J i U
Men's i eiderdown , bath robes , with eord
fastner and girdle, neat colorings, in good
shades, $4.50 values, for this sale 9 A(
only at JiJ
Men's Bath Robes at $5.55, $6.50, $7.50
Men's House Coats at $5.00, $0.00, $7.00
50c Bradley Mufflers.' priced at; ... . l.,30
yPrcsident Suspenders, priced at . . . .... g
o t T7pmenq
Italian S i I II
Hose, - alG
Sp e cial at G 1 ,00
Very appropriate for gift purposes. .
Made of the finest grade Italian silk and
shown in all the popular new shades they
are" guaranteed all silk and perfect in every
vway. They come in light blue, pink, reseda,'
green, old rose, tan, gray, navy, champagne,
brown; also 'fine black silk stockings in the
regular weave made with lisle heel, sole and
toe and elastic rib top. All are good dur
able ; stockings, i especially appropriate ; for
ift ' purposes and priced for ;, this sale at
half value. Best $2.00 grades on 61 A A '
sale at f,, ...... i .j.--, .... . it . . . . .V 1
An Bstpaior dinai?y Sale of Toyo
and Polls at About Half Pgico
. Come and visit onr Big' Basement Toy Department tomorrow and see what great bargains
we have arranged for this sale, , '
Christmas Trco Ornamonts Aro Greatly Reduced
A great special Saturday offering of a complete line of
iine Christmas tree ornaments; make your selection
now before the lines are. broken. -
10c tinsel, 6 yards to a piece ; 5
15c large tinsel, 6 yards to a piece ..10f
15c Ball ornaments, assorted colors, for....,...,.10
60c Fancy ornaments, all colors and shapes, -for. .39
10c large tinsel balls, fancy shapes, each. .......... ,7
15c extra large ornaments, each .................. '9
Christmas Candles, 36 and 48 to a box, at........ 8
10c ornaments for tree top, at v. ............ 5
15c large ornament tor tree top, at..... .....xuf
;ij i a in -
02.25 Bdcldng Horsea 01.49
A special Saturday offering ";' of children's
Shoefly Rocking Horses, shown in large sizes.
They have 1 plush covered . and velvet seats,
wita piay Doxes ana gooa neavy ,rocKers.
Regular values to . $2.25 each, ffl A(
Priced while tbey last, baturday at.,. v !
V Pri
Boys Tool Chests at 01.10
A ; fine offering of boy's large size tool
chests shown with extra' large, set of tools,
including saw, hammer, mallet, rule, square,
miter box. screw driver, chisel, plane, brace
and bit, etc Values to $2.25, Spe- M yffl J
daily priced for this sale .. . ... . . ; v 1 T;J J
, Handlicrcliiof s Suitable
for Zroas Gifts
The most popular of all Xmas gifts,
always acceptable, you first give them
as a matter of choice and afterwards
give them when you cannot think of
anything eke. This sale is a great op
portunity to buy beautiful handker
chiefs in boxes that make ideal Xmas
gifts. They ,are embroidered sham-,
rock, lawn, Swiss and linen in assort
ed patterns and hemstitched. '.
A FoW of II any Bargains
$1.85 box of six Handkerchiefs on. 1 OC
sale at. ' . .i .Jv
75c box of three ', Handkerchiefs : : ' Cf
on sale at.'.-. . -v. .'.' . ?. .V1. ' , ;i'. , .; .UU W .
$U5 box of four Handkerchiefs on QO
ale 'at. ''.'; ';iviVj ji'jVv"i 4. : ',;".'
$li0 box of six Handkerchtefs on QQ
sale at ...... . . . ; , . . . ...... vUi
$2.25 basket of six Handkerchiefs d CA
on sale at . . . . . . i . U , . . .v 1 u
$2.50 box of six Handkerchiefs on 1 QO
sale at, ... . . ...(. . .... .? . ''. .
Initial Handkerchief s
8c Swiss Initial Handkerchiefs on sale C
at, each. ' v
15c Nainsook Initial Handkerchiefs, in
on sale at, each,... .lvc
20c AH Linen Initial Handker- . . 19-
chiefs, on 'sale at, each Ifci2w
35c All Linen Initial Handkerchiefs,
oft sairar,-ach .Trr:T,r7rrrrrrr,rrTMO.
35c All Linen Embroidered , : Hand- OC
keTchiefs, on sale at, each . . . ..... . . v
SOc All Unen Embroidered Handker- QC-,
chiefs, on sale at. each ....... . ; J
Interesting OiTerings in
V7oincn's Ifeclrwcar at
Bargain Prices
An extraordinary sale of the season's
most Stylish neckwear -an unlimited
assortment . of YaL lace jabots, embroid
ered and lace stocks,' silk bows, jabots
and stocks, lace and net scarfs, hand
embroidered 1 collars, Irish stocks, ja
bots, sets, yokes and collars, jabots and
Lsets, Chiny jabots, fancy scarfs, etc
All are , shown in attractive holiday
boxes and stl are underpriced for this i
sale. -
Don't Hiss This Salo ;
AH 35c Neckwear, this ale 25c
All 50c Neckwear, this sale ' . $$C
All 75e Neckwear, this sale JQ
All S5c Neckwear," this sale '
at uac
All $1.00 Neckwear, this sale ;
AU$i.2S Neckwear, this sale gtj
AlV$l J5 NeckwearVthis'sale , gQ.
All $1.50 Neckwear, this sale .' gCj
All $1.65 Neckwear, this sale . g
.AlV$l75 Neckwear,' this . gal';
All $2.00 Neckwear.his sale' JJ JJ
An$225 Neckwear," this Vale' ';" " J g J
:.- ; ." f v1 " ", '
Few things give as v much genuine
pleasure to the mother or father as a
pair of comfortable'1 slippers. Few
things would delight the . sister or
daughter more than a pair of fancy
slippers. Our Christmas stock of slip
pers for men, women' and children is
the fullest and best we have ever had.
Here are a few of the specials:
Women's Felt Slippers, $1.50 values ; Gf
.Men'$ Slippers, $1.75 values
Children's Felt Slippers, $1.00 values y $
Misses' Felt Slippers, $1.25 values
at.....', , ,4.,
Babies' Felt Slipprrs, 75c .values
at., .;;,...,...;,,.
Women's Shoes; regtilar $2.25
Boys' Shoes, all sfy1e;, $20)
vaiucs, ai. , , , ,
Boys' Shoes, all styles, '$2.50
values, at.'.... j...
Children's Jockey Boot"!, $1.53
values at......,.,.