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; ! Br illS
fO AFFECT 4000
During Holidays; Camps
, Also Shutting Down
Ai.proximatuly -4000 men 'engag-ed in
'ho lumber and logging industry In
ip Columbia river district will be idle
during the holiday month. Most of the
ingoing camps have already closed down
snd mills are closing down one by one.
While the mill pJants ; will be given
! heir annual overhauling. the- general
close down is Intended to result In either
a Ftiffer lumber market or cheaper logs.
In years past, it is said, lumber mann
iciurers in this district have been in
position to fix log values, but this year
the loegprs appear to he . taklnythe
7iye Dollars a Dox
The Price Cut No Figure With Him.
"I want to say for the beoefK of
Fome poor dyspeptic that Staart's. Dys
pepsia Tablets will give comfort and
: stand that the 'value of etumpage and
i the cost of production of logs should "
:be the governing factors in fixing log;.
t values and that lumber prices should j
I be based on these. , ? . . ' ' .' !
J Lumber brokers, who buy from the
, mills and sell to the buyers, say that
i the curtailment in this district'amounts j
(to nearly 2,000,000 feet a day and that j
i as a consequence business that for years
,.. I has come here-isnow going' to Grays
.' ; Harbor and Puget Sound, where, they (
'.. '' ' '. ' 'assert, log valves are from 1 to 12 ;
Number of 'Men Be Jdlo xrrerand '? tban on the Co
Columbia river loggers, on the other
hand, are equally positive that' logs are
bringing fully as much on J rays Bar.
bor and at Puget Sound as here and
that the brokers and mill men complain
ing of conditions are trying to use one
district as a; whip over the other to
demoralize the market. ' They also say
that the curtailment of the output is
ercnerai on rays narnor.
j fWe- are getting
thousand feet
eine operator this morning,
takes a very good grade to bring I10.
That should be the ' established ';. value
Of a good log, basing, It on the value
of stutnpage, Stumpage was , never
known to decrease in value. The supply
Is decreasing and th owner consider
if folly to cut the trees without mak
ing a fair profit. The stumps will not
grow, but the tree left standing wilt
"The lumber market has been weak
for many months, the only way to
revive It is to curtail the output of
lumber. Suppose there ', was an ; over
supply of suits; it would be poor busi
ness for tailors to pot their crews to
work day and night' turnip out mora
suits. j ...,.. -'' .- -
"That would not increase the demand
except perhaps to the extent that a
few. men with mora money than they
knew what to do Wfta. would stock up
for awhile. But the effect of that
would be felt later on and so only ag
gravate the evil..,' ,. "' '. :V: '. V
Lumber fought good prices early in
the year. We charged exactly the same
price for logs then as now and did not
advance them although it could have
been done. We wanted to establish a
basis from which the lumber manufac
turer could work on future business to
some degree Of certainty, and that Is
what the loggers are trying to do now. ;
They do not approve the idea of getting
$T for logs one month and $17 the next,
but would rather get; a, fair price , the
year round. It would sglve a sound,
basis upon whch to work."' ' ' ' j
"5. Among ths big mills tov shut , down
soon is the plant of the'Inman-Poulsen (
Lumberi'company which has been run-,
ning double shifts for a long time turn
ing out about 600,000: reet, every s
hours. - The Clark ,& Wilson 'mill jfct
Linnton is preparing to close downy 'as
is the Standard Box & Lumber company j
and the East Side Mill & Lumber , com- ,
pany. The St. Johns Lumber, com-ij
pany, , too, will . shut down and' the ;
Peninsular Lumber company, and the1
North Pacific Lumber -company, it is;
thought will follow suit 'Most of the
mills down the Columbia, at Rainier and
Other mill centers, have closed down,
the operators explaining- that log val
ues are too high, as compared with lum
ber values. - v i : ;
Declares Mrs. Lida Greene,
Plaintiff- in Suit, Offered
$1000 to Her.
Testimony that Mrs.. Lida C. Greene,
wife of a St Johns lawyer, offered $1000
to a witness in a suit against W. K.
,tM T 4A mJ 19 w.a. i XV " Wi Lilacs IU H CIUlh AfiiUOK TV
f tniBmorntng IK "V Je?"tmL.! .th!..,cLrc.u;l
court today. : Mrs. Orecne is suing for
$10,100 damages because she was chased
by a Jersey bull and fell over a pickot
fence while scurrying to safety, " '
" Miss- Anna Bohrer was the witness
who testified to . the alleged offer of a
bribe and her testimony was corrobor
ated by Mrs. Addle Bohrer, her mother.
She did not wait to find out what Mrs,
Green wanted her to testify to, she said,
as she indignantly rejected the offer.
Miss Bohrer said Mrs. Greene first of
fered 4250, raising to $508 and then to
$1000. - Mrs. Bohrer testified to hearing
the $500 and $1000 offers made. Mrs.
Greene paid she expected to. get $2000
soon, the witness stated. A man on the
car bad told her about it and she would
give $1900 of it to Miss Bohrer, was the
alleged statement . , i
Mrs. Bohrer lays when they spurned
the offer Mrs. Greene remarked: '
"As poor as you. are, I should think
you i would take money for , any old
"That's insult enough for me for 1000
years," Mrs. Bonrer said she retorted.
That closed the interview. She said she
asked the name of- the man on the car
referred to and was told it was John
Ditchburn, Mrs. Greene's attorney. '
Testimony in the case was closed this
forenoon and Judge Hamilton took his
decision under advisement.
were brought forward by the Ashbys to
day to show that the bull they owned
was a kind, gentle animal, always well
behaved. ,
Tokto, Dec. Forty-one million dol
lars for a navy is the sum called for
by Japan's newest budget made public
today. Fifteen million of this to be
spent In the next year is' the budget
stipulation. .The .amount is to be used
in "supplementing and improving" the
navy, so that it will Correspond with
the. navies of otaer couhtries. The bal
anco of the budget is to be spent in the
next six years. '
According to the budget, Japan has
Just completed a very prosperous year,
despite the heavy inroads on her treas
ury entailed by the annexation of Ko
rea and i the disastrous floods, 'The
budget as announced follows: v-
Receipts Ordinary, $246,061,090; ex
traordinary, $24,398,486.80. " i
Expenditures Ordinary, $202,861,617;
extraordinary. $66,910,849. ; y ; .
Premier Katsura says he and his Col
leagues are particularly well pleased
with the manner in which Japan's pres
ent system of finances la working. ,
Next year's estimates for railroads in
Japan aggregate $26,000)09. ' '
Washington, Dec. 1. Declaring In
favor of a schedule-by-schedule revision
of the tariff. Champ Clark. Democratic
minority leader, today Issued a formal
statement The announcement is re
garded as extremely Important, indicat
ing the course ; legislation will i take
a cure every' nil. c. Five dollars a box
would, not "stop my purchasing them
should I ever suffer again aa I did for
a week before using them. '
"The one 60 cent box I bought at
"my druggist's did the work, and my di
gestion is all. right ' again. ' v
"Many. of ' my neighbors have also
tried these tablets and .found them . to
be Just as represented and Mr, Kllins
also' wants me to use hls name ,in- ln
rtorslpn Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets."
. Signed ". . ;
A. EHms and Chas. V. Busaiell,
. j t . Asst Postmaster,.
'. South Sudbury, Masa
y.rz, Jss. Barton of Toronto, Canada,
writes: "Kor 18 months I suffered from I supposed was bladder and kid
ney trouble, and took medicine from
jiirot ; different doctors; without any
fisn of cure. I felt so , ill at last I
iva hardly able, to do my work.
"1 thought I would try a box of
i'.iiart's Jiyspepsia Tablets and see if
they.' would make me feel bet tor, never f
reaiiy- thinkfng I had dyspepsia, butt
Kiter only three or four tablets had i
bten taken all the acid trouble dlsap-1
reared and. then I discovered I had had j
acid dyspepsia, while the, doctors had i
been treating me for kidney' and blad-!
ier trouble and one of them treated me t
ior rheumatism. ' t .. . ': r ... I
- "My digestion Js' fine, my complexion
clear and I .am able to do my., work
and low spirits are unknown to me.
.- "I am thankful for finding a cure o
?ood and so pleasant to take as Stuart s
liyspepsia Tablets. I am' surprised nt
the change they have made , in me."
All druggists n sell ' and recommend
t n A ;
That's How It Looks in B
- ball Circles;. Comiskey SnicJ, j
to Have String on Him.
Ladies' and Men's Suits, Coats, Dresses and Furs in
fact, everything, in the store, will be marked jdovn t-3
to l-!2 of original prices. ; , , - '
This season's apparel; latest styles, fine quality and ex
, quisite designs, will be placed on : sale the' rest of the
week at a big saving to you up to 50. We; must .un
load, so it is your chance to make big, saving! ; I z:
$1 Per Week
felted Prww leased wire.) j
New York, Deo. 16.-Fk)lder . Jones, '
former manager of the Chicago White
Sox, will be the manager , of the St.!
Louis ' Browns, . notwithstanding state- i
mei'ts he has made to. the contrary,!
according to a belief expressed In base- i
ball circles here today. --
Mark Ewing, Lee- Hall, iBenJamin Ad
kins and E. M. HodgkinS, the new own-'
ers of the Browns, today 'called on
BetlOth and llta. ' - -
Ftuart's Dyspepsia Tablets because they 'Charles Comiskey, owner of the Chicago
contain only the simple natural, diges
tives and taken after meals prevent
acidity and cause prompt, digestion and
assimilation or iooOj
team, to obtain Comlskey's permission .
to make Jones an oirer. comiskey, it is !
understood, still has a ."string" on Jones,
his contract . with the Chicago White
Physicians everywhere .'indorse, them (vm .vr h- w .nnnii.4
because they are as isafe Tor the child ; -: Comiskey has agreed to permit Jonea
as for the adulti they -are invaluable (.t0 tlKT1 a st Louis contract, and the way
for sour stomach, nervous dyspepsia, i i n. .& mv.Ki .
heartburn., pis on . stomach and bowels I 0-4, .hn
, etul enxdmcntfot year aa boa.
est endeavor to nake u hont tm.
tdn lhca bve nuke) in tit
bat meumatam ipecibc known.
Orimailr t phywaan'i pRtcriptian, it
cared to many can ot rhaumatiam
hal the Bomber of the pmaiptioat 6088)
became widely knows to tlx resdentt of
Sopenoc. V acooaia when the phynciu
- pfacticei - . '...'
tyt adrartiK tha rrmptJr n a 1
aMe, tatxnal way. It it I wamnahk.
rational remedy. It will belp your
rheumatism. 11 it coca not do ao your
drwfnt willndnd youtnwoey, ?
' U rile lot our ioatractife (raa booUet "
TvWical Adoica oa Rhwiiaaliaa."
The National league directors con-!
eluded ' their meeting by adopting the I
playing schedulo proposed "early this 1
week, i It provides for 164 games, the
eason opening April 12 and closing,
October 12. 'I
Relative to the above dispatch Fielder ,
Jones said this afternoon that if the
new owneis of the St Louis club made
him a satisfactory salary offer he would j
; accept it, but until it came to htm he 1
jvvas unable to state Just what he would j
j do; When asked ,if he would lead the j
urowns tor a salary oc ;&,uuu a year, 1
Fielder Jones glanced at the .sky and '
opined that it might rain all night,' but !
forgot to answer the Interrogation. He i
added,-however,, that he did not know I
who Messrs.. Ewing, Hall, Adkins and
Hodgkins are. ;'.;, ,'
Vanishea Forever
, ......
frospt Relief-PennaBent tun ,
hi Purely A k.
grabott nnpiofe lK coir plouoa - Wig))tea
tae eyes. Sbmu Fill, Sall DoM,SauIl Pries
-' The feature of the . county school su
perintendents' convention that is to be
held - next Tuesday at the .Washington
high school will be an address by H. B.
Dewey of Tacoroa, the state superinten
dent of public instruction., The balance -I
lof the program will be informal. It is!
expected that about 30 superintendents !
.will be present. ";
T . . . .-.
- Knfcrle at Emeryrille.
(United Preaa Leased WtreA . ,
: Kmeryvllle, Dec 18. Entries for to
morrow: . First race, six furlongs
Prosper ' 109, . Summertime 8ft, Father
Stafford 109, Green ' lale 8, ' Maxims
109, Nebraska tass 109,: Oolf Ball 113.1
Eiellsnieker 109 Platoon 109. Ftiexe 109.'
lilacksheep 109, Captain1 John 112. . j
, Second race, futurity, course Arion-I
Kte-110, No Quarter, 109, Lord of the
Korebt 10s,, "Old Mexico 104. Madeline
Musgrave 10, 'Metropolitan 105, Bam
bro, 105, Native Son 107, Domlthilda
91, John H. Sheohan i.03. .
Third race, mile and a sixteenth.
Chester Krum 104, Spellbound 112, Koya,
Jr., 107, Coppertown 96, Blackmate 102,
Jim Gaffney,10. -
Fourth race, Oakland handicap, six
furlongs John H. Sheehan 104, Duke
of Ormonde 97; Enfield 116, Big SUrk
98,' Raleigh P. D. 99. ShellboUnd 112,
Veneta Strome 103; Bubbling Water 110,
Arionette 400, Arasee 108, Coppertown
101, Jim Gaffney 106 Winning Widow
90.. Sealiff 10a, ,v t,-v.v;- ,
r Fifth race mile and f) yards Sepul
vtda 107, aAUamor 109.' Miss Officious
W9, Star. Actor 104, Pap 109,,Alness 10,
Lotta Creed 104, 2a lira 10 L !.;.
Sixth race, six furlongs Little But-f
Ui'cupVaOir-liaralfcitMJa-vlO,- Uurning -Bush
109, Ben Stone 109, Ironbound 109. i
Titus II 109, Frank 0. Hdgan 109 Do
neen 109, Court Lady 109, Louise B 89.
Lady Adelaide 108, Port Arlington 89. ,
Writing .'paper
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TJtic L; C. Hcnrlchocn Co.
when the Democrats assume eontrol of
the house neit year. It Is generally
believod that Clark, as minority leadur,
and the probable majority leader at the
next session, issued his statement only
after consultation with the other mem
bers of his party, and it is believed
that it, indicates that the ' Democrats
will attempt a schedule-by-schedule re
vision. '
, Washington, DC. 16. diamn Clark
wni not be a dictator of the next house,
Even though he. is elected speaker, he
will not endeavor to nama the commit
tees, but instead will support the "com
mittee on committees" plan of the in
surgents. , ' ? ;
Simultaneously with th
ment that the Missouri minority leader
will favor this plan a petition was cir
culated today calling for a Democratic
caucus January 19. It la xnteteA that
Clark will be nominated for the speaker-
snip at this caucus. Clark himself pre
pared and circulated the petition, but
would, not say what the nurnose of the
meeting was. - -
IL mi . . 111
sq;u;i-lv; sfehds
STEVE omdi'sco:;!
1 ICaited Prw teaaed Wire.
Seattle, Dee. IS. Helen Brodie Hay
den, daughter of Steve Brodie of New
York, the marr who "took a chance" and
was first- to jump from Brooklyn
bridge into the East river in safety,
is seeking a divorce here. She alleges
that when she was married here, three
years' ago she was given 110,000 'by her
father, and that her husband, Walter
B. Hayden, has dissipated it, refusing
to go to work for more than a year after
their marriage. Two children have been
born to them.
Brodie, on the' strength' of his repu
tation as the first miin to jump from
the big bridge, opened a saloon on the
Bowery immediately afterward and
made a fortune. .
" f r f
Cr-..-a A3T" CCV 1
- - ?
fj . - - .4
A limoJe, asis aoj Inaiaienl far btoi
cb'at itouoisi, aoming drus i. Vipt:7rd Creio.
lenc opi tha paroiyunt ot VV'lioopin Couph and
rlirt Croup at ence. It la in to auiftretr
from Aribma. Tb air rtatlcrcd nronfW tnv.trp.
tie. Insured wilh eery breatb, make brcuhini;
cairi loothet the anr throat lad 110m tiivK- s,
umrlnf resit il n;; ht. It : laiamauic l noiueri
wilh jrour.t thiiJren. ....
tend ut pottal for denntW booHft.
TiyCrj.n Jntluffti
TkHit TnkUts for tk j
Irritated threat. .Tber r-
are itmple,e..-'tiv and
antlM,ttc. Of your
drupgi.' or froa ua, loc
in tamp.
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62'CortiacJt Si., N. T.
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