The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 16, 1910, Page 14, Image 14

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. .1 UHUiULo
IS" Gi'iCT
General Wood and
:cn end All Who Say
nlry Unprepared; Time
jr;h After Attack. '
...-lilnKton,' Pec 36. The war d-v-nt
lias Joined the Jingoes aftd Is
j: to .'Hobsonlzn' the country," ar
. ii sr to Congressman James A. Taw
, ri, airman of the house committee
. ;proprlations, who hears In the cry
:.'ipreparelnea for war the prelude
;m assault on the treasury. -..wnny
does not believe the t'nlted
i'S la defenseless, and he does riot
:-ve there Is an immediate demand
a record breaking appropriation for
war department. He means to hold
financial fort against HolWon. Mi
ll lan and their war " department
mis. . 1 -
T.iforts to f?et the ronfldentlal re
t of the peerr-tary of war In reply
McLnchlan's resolution asking about
i-ountry's ability to repel a foreign
1 atirr," (said Tawney today, "art a
t of the propaganda by military, en
lasts to secure the support -of con-
i for larger appropriations. Anyone
i 'ii!; Jiohson's lecture on 'The Tellow
.1' uml than reading Mfiu confidential
"rt -wil find difficulty In distin
. -hingr one from the other. '
Eaye It JLeaua Treainry Bald. -
"General onard Wood and on-"-.fmiiii
Jlobson realiee that the Demo
ns will control the lower house In the
.t congress. The appropriations for
army will be controlled by that
irty. They believe that if they can
t larger appropriallona from the pres
t congress they can get still larger
s from the next"
That Is the secret, according to
wncy, of the fuss lhat has been made
it the report handed to the house and
n withdrawn when Speaker Cannon
'usej to aeceRt a "confidential" com-
There are no facts to warrant any
arm, as Tawney sees it. He thinks
e American people are the equals of
irybody else and have no need to
iver over a peril of any hue,
"No one but a coward will admit In
liuiity," he said, "and whai Is true
r an Individual Is true for a nation.
Hocati's of militarism ignore entirely
. S.L.( , 2k.. .lid Haul
mi i,uirt nvcfliuiiif vi uuicuaovui kichi
itional resources and the spontauicty
Mi which the people's patriotism
.mid te aroused in the event of an as
ilt by a foreign foe. Tiiey also Ignore
.r guographlcal Isolation."
An old-ape pension plan, giving JljO
year to all members of the Carpen
3' union 60 years old or over, after
continuous 25 year membership In the
ilon. Is being submitted to a referen
im vote In that organization through
it the country. " -
.j, , "
Charging the guards at Kelly Butte
with failing, to call a physician to treat
him after he had sustained a broken
arm and tt had become black and swol
len, James W. Weston has begun suit
in the Vircuit court against Sheriff
H. L. Stevens for MQ.OOO damages.
Weston was given six months on the
rockpile for a misdemeanor in the mu
nlcipal court last August, and It was
while serving this time he says he
broke his arm.: "
Weston alleges the injury took place
on September 19, and although he re
peatedly asked for a doctor, none was
called until nine days later. The de
lay, he' says.- has caused him much
suffering, ho could ' not sleep and the
bones of the forerm and hand will net
knit as they should, He la being cared
for at the county hospital.
John F- Logan, attorney for the sher
iff, has filed a demurrer, asserting that
If there Is any liability' at all the coun
ty should be sued, and not the sheriff.
. Clarence Eaton to Lecture.
Clarence C. Katon, C. S. B ..of ,Ta
eoma, who Is to lecture on Christian
Science at the Masonic Temple West
Tark and Yumhlll streets Sunday at 3
and S D. m was for some time pre
vious to taking up this public work a
newspaper correspondent and owner. He
has for Beveral years been a member
of the board of lectureship of the First
Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston,
and has lectured extensively througn
out tho country. These K-ctures arc
free and are "provided semiannually by
tht local churches of that denomination
for the purpose of affording the pub
lic an opportunity to hear the teaching
of Christian Science expounded by an
authorized and qualified speaker.
The 'next , national missionary con
vention of the Christian church will
be held In, Portland probably between
July 4 and 12, 1911. according to a
decision reached last night at a meeting
at the Y. M. C, A. of the local Chris
tian 'church workers and I, Is. McCosh.
the general secretary of the American
Christian Missionary society, and A.
McLean, general secretary of the For
eign Christian Missionary society, both
of Cincinnati.
These two men lnade the trip to the
west for the purpose of perfecting the
.details for the convention. Until" last
niprht it was not fully decided where
the convention would be held.
A luncheon was held at noon today
at Moor-Vs restaurant, at which the two
secretaries spoke at some length on the
plans for the coming of the delegates.
The date was fixed so that the conven
tion here would follow tho national
Sunday sch'ool convention to be held. In
San Francisco. ,
Mr. McC'ash will remain In .the city
until Monday, speaking Sunday morning
at the First Christian church and in
the evening at the Central Chyistian
church. Mr. McLean will leave to
morrow morning for Cincinnati. .
sellIng"made docksT .
commission chairman
The public docks commission held Us
first -masting this afternoon at the city
hall. Ben Selling was elected chairman
and C. F. Wiegand, deputy auditor, was
named tin - temporary secretary. The
commission decided to hold meetlngs.on
the first Thursday In every month at
the city. hall. 'The next meeting will
take place January 6, when it is ex
pected organization will' be perfected.
The marine, engineers have a total
membership on the coasts, lakes and
risers of the L'nlted States of 11,000, -
' ' , ll
- u it
'"Ih '"aid- Jt,
r WEHCl 'FAT?": '
Any product which contains hog fat is , subject
to the taint or possibility of disease germs. Lard is
made from hog fat it may be pure and it may not
At any rate, it is at best indigestible, and will raise
havoc with any but the hardiest stomach, 1
Cottolene is a vegetable product, - which is far "
superior to lard for' all shortening and frying pur-
poses. It is an absolutely pure and healthful " .
' fat made from cotton oiL
Cottolene is a product of nature and is bound to be jC ".
wholesome. It is the one dependable, healthrul product r,f C
t . t J -L l ! J ... l. J J ' -sfi'7 Jt aVV
ior irymg anu suuuciuug, aiiu is vroreiuiiy uisueticu auu.. , , . f J7 szz$.p .avm
miA tn rnntnrm wirn nil rnire - i..WiM" H'.
. slitUiUV V WW w www- ir , mw. ,. f-" m w. . .. r . . ft ' " 1 ", . f . n . I " ' .Tilt 11
food laws.
Made only by
Ths S7ino or
. the.Flovcr? .
i:A 1 mm
suc:.:it'E!D3 c:j
construction of dam
v '
Bids wer,a opened yerfterday after
noon in the offU.e of the United Ujtates
roclamatton eervice for the construc
tion of the dam across Lost 'river on
tho Klamath projeoi. Three bidders
were present, . The daro is to-be 200
feet long arid feet - lilRh. This is
listed on the bids an Schedule A, and
was bid on separately froiu Pchedule
!!, w ! i . h ii f t'.e conftruet'.on ff
culverts uml briJi.-s in the vlemily cf
the dam. - -
The foMmalr r t!,1- were Fub:Ht te.l:
Oeorj-e, C. t'lari e fe Ca, Kverett, Ya'-Y,
Schedule A, JsJ.CIC; Schedule B, $15.
044; M''Or!h Cofi'truction comprfny,
tlrrtcn luv, Win, tSelieduie A, $112,270;
Schedule B. $11.67.50: HtranKe-J'e'I-ire
citmrnny, l-.ilt Lake City, Schedule A,
This cor,j.(iny l as no bid on Sched
ule B, ar.J t,he JIcGrath Construction
company stipulated that neither con-
tr.ii t v ti
wei e s ,i
forw.a,v 1
eveeit. &r
ment of t
tt '.i
1 ! ii ! .
i V i -"1
t " 1 1 . 1 '
I it is U-.
e t.
t i u- i i
'J i 4
- , C,
: t t .
ul 1 ; tji-r w;I
tf the I
' Ti e
at i'.-i r
1.' 4, ! i
U C a t
K'Uff of o
. rians
r j. ,i 'i lVJc
it annual c
I 1 t') CI'!
i e t I
' .--.ei 1
n ill he rr
' I rf I.:,
n i, ii ''! In
t in
r ;.i this cr
: i rn 1 v Ui'o t
ci -i-
The average family man buys
shoes for five people and with prices -i
as they are and with the way shoes
wear out--he has his hands about
: full. v .
The worst of JJt is thcres no prospect of
. things getting any better so long as you buy
the average run of -shoes made of trust- ;
tanned leather and saddled with the profits
of four middlemen. . ,
. Endicott-Johnson Jiocs are made, by
the only shoe concern in the world that tans
its own leather builds the shoes complete
from the hide to your foot and sells direct
k to your home dealer, 7
Endicott, Johnson & Co. can save you
from 50c. to $1.00 on every pair of shoes you
. buy and, give you twice the service and, ,
wear you ever got in any other shoe at equal
. prices. ( - , . '
The END WELL is their street and bus-,
iness shoe $3.00,3.50 and $4,00.
END WELL shoes embody foot-comfort with -all
the, latest kinks of fashion. You are not limited
as to styles. You can get all the modish lasts all
; the shapes of toe all the colors of leather.
Look for the name stamped on every shoe
2 -U
, , : . i ,,,,
''V f-vi
. '.v i-:.-V:-
v i'X
M. GALE & SON, 4 North Third Street
Slioe buyers wio live ontside the city where this "paper is ptiblished can learn the! names of their home dealers a .
carry ENDWEjuL Shoes by writing to Endicott, Johnson & Co, Endicott, N. V. - , t
Tl W , '-An A V? V
5anto Clam Has Just Arrived, Bringing Million
of California's Finest Oranges the "S UNKIS TJ
Kind. On Sale All Weak at Your Dealer s!
SI il
't... ; J 1 V ft X 1
7 U iv
t". ' ' il l
.... v-1 ; , ill
I -' "ni t, l
hi , , lO ;
Oringes for breakfast! Oranges for lanek! Being thin-skinned, fibreless and seedless;
. Oranges Ittccai tr.zch! Oranges served txhch thev are nearly all "meat" and no waste.
i , and in halves! Oranges in dcsszrts and tcdsdsl You v&stc money when you buy any other
Oranges in every cexceivalk form. kind of oranges.
inat is inc program ior vnnstmas ana tne msy a oox cr "&im&3t 'oranges ana your
Holidays. The people of this city and vicinity fruit dealer tri'l rnahs yea a epzeial price.
are to be riven an orange treat such as thev haye You find trczbh in keeping them as
never had before.
For tntSons of delicious, frcsn, tree-ripened,1
hand-picked oranges, direct from California's
fruit farms, have arrived. They will be on sale
Monday morning, Your fruit
dealer will supply you at a very
reasonable price.
zch yozt in exczilznt condition.
Llcst HcdfthfuJ Fruit Known '
Physicians. now claim that the orange is.
the most healthful of all fnuts. Hence,
it is a food that can be eaten liberally
and &3 often as desired. It is much
mora atroetizinp' a n d healthful for
Tt T-tXZZZLL-;Of4 AaA .1 cntiareni men ana women tnan canay,
. t iJ . vivc fCji V rV Pastry and othr too-rich foods, ;
"bunkist'' isnotapccxcnseori?ffneo' r .S? .
of orange it is a certain grass or quality,
Orange Farmers, who produce 60 of the fh
luc, cxjoiccsl oi catu m j,uw. vaiuorma Vif,-,W7
state's entire crop, incy pack all their per- ysj
Medical authorities state that to
H J counteract the meats and other heavy
foods we eat, one should eat orangres
feet oranges under the one name, "Sunkis'
and ship them by special fast freight.
It is a tree-ripened orange. Every "Sun
kist" orange is firm, solid and sound. - It"
is picked by a gloved hand. No orange
'lc::!d:tw Lemcns, Too!
The better grade of lemons are
' 5?S l"at tnc ground or becomes bruised
"J1 or damaged in any other way, ever bears
a tne ouniust' name.
now pscxea m anniast" wrappen. Yea Save Mcnoy by Getting "Sunkic!
T'" .f nin r" "Ciinlriiit" ' l.mni.. . J . .
kind that are thick-.
u nvou tne
:hned, pithy and insipid.
!?rr',r;5 -contain-SOper- cent
In addition to being the finest flavored of all
oranges, "Sunkist" arc also the most economical
you can buy.
liberally. It is a universally known
fact that orange juice is an excellent
food for the brain cells and a tonic for
run-down nerves. , No better laxative
than sound, ripe pranges can be found.
Save Your SBn!dof, Vrappcrs,
By saying, your "Sunkist" orange and lemon
wrappers you can easily secure a. full set of genuine
Rogers orange spoons, dessert spoons and frtrif
knives., The patterns shown are new;1911 styles,
designed exclusively for U3. They .are as attractive
and stylish as money can buy. All are Rogers qual
ity, standard A-No. 1 plate and are fully guaranteed
.by the maker. No advertising appears on any of our
premiums. , ' '
valuable premmms and how to get fAm,
rc juice than any other lemons. TIi2 California Fruit Grovcrs' Exchange, 34 Qzxk street, CMcajjo, ML
Roscrs Orasza
'.Spoon Free ,
The picture
shows our new
1911 design,
Spoon, ac
taal size; being
a genuine Rog
ers product and
of the latest,
style. This
spoon will be,
sent you, charg
es, packing,
etc., prepaid,
on receipt o(
12 "Sunklst"
wrappers and-
lzc. .Foreacn
spoon send 12
wrappers end. ;
12 cents. . -
iff mi
- VihaLIa Dessert "
"' I $fw& Free
- The picture
chows our new 1911
design. Dessert'
Spoon, actual size.
It is of the same
excellent quality
and beautiful de
sign as the orange
spoon, but being
larger and heavier
is more valuable.
Sent to you on re
ceipt of 24 "Sun
kist" wrappers
and 20c additional.
For each addition
al des3ert spoon
send 24 "Sunkist"
wrappers and
20 cents. 1 .
Kxife Fret'-'
Onr 1911
Knife is shown
here. sternal size.
It is made of
special tem
pered st eel heav-llysilver-plated.
Fully guaran
teed by manu
facturer. Sent
to you on receipt
of 24 "Snakier
wrappers and
20a. For each
additional knifo
6cnd 24 "Sun-
( klrt" wrappers
and iv cents.
On all re
mittances up
to 2ic please
send one-cent
stamtfs. on
amounts abcr,-e 2ic, send post oClce money
order, express money order or bank draft.
Do not send cah. Make yoflr money order
or aratt payable 10 ine vaiiiorni; emu t, ; :
Growers' Exchange, and address your let
ters to The California Fruit Growers' Ex
change, 34 Clark atrect, Chicago, 111. .
- You can secure these premiums with "Sun
kist".. orange wrappers, "Sunkist" lemon
wrappers, "Red Ball" orange wrappers, or
"Red Uall" lemon wrappers. If yoa will
make it a point to buy only "Sunkbt" and
Red Hall" oranges and lemons, you not - . C r
only get the finest fruits that graw, eeo tO
nomically priid, bnt you will soon have enough wrappers to seenr-j a
complete set of the beautiful spools and knives here howa.
WtllhUII'll'iulinl I '.lil li.l.UI..Ul.i.,M