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Wangled by Wheels While cn
Way to Euy Gum; Mother
Thrr-ft y?ir old Joe Gasser, while run
ning across Morrison street, at Eleventh
.street, about 4 O'clock yesterday after
noon, v-as run down by t. street car
and his tiny body , cut almost In two.
The babe died at St. .Vincent's
hospital soon afterward. Councilman
Georfte Baker was one of the Witnesses.
When the car was stopped, he crawled
under It andt extricated the mangled
body of the child.) . '
r Joe was the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles " Gasamy" 'of Boise, idftho,- the
latter of whom has been living, at The
Fern, Eleventh" street,- f between AM
and Morrison streets. The mother fol
lowed the rraahgled body ; of her" son
to the hospital, which aha reached. In
a hysterical condition. - . A " '
. The street car was In charge of I.
L. Abernathy, motorman, .and F. F.
Moore, conductor. Abernathy did' not
know the child had. been, struck until
the boy was under the wheels. The
boy had been allowed to go to a Morri
son street store to purchase two sticks
of gum, and not heeding the approach
ing street car, tried to dart tn front
of it. -
(United Vnm Leased Wire.")
Pullman. Wash., ' June 17. President
Bryan will remain at the head, of Wash
ington State college. He made this
positive statement this morning. Bryan
formally resigned the first of the week.
Yesterday at their final session of tha
year, the board of regent refused to
accept ' the resignation and urged the
jrsident to take, . Instead,, a leave of
absence which would allow him and
Mrs. Bryan to regain their health.
- , This was In accordance with 'a peti
tion signed by (every member of the
faculty, the ; student body, the alumni
association, tKe Spokane Chamber of
Commercet and the Business Men's as
sociation of Pullman. '
; Mr. and' Mrs. Bryan will leave -for
Europe at once and will not return un
til late in the fall term. If this' does
not suffice to restore their tiealth,' a
further-absence will be" granted Mr.
(Speclil DispHtch to Tha Journal)
Olympia. Wash., June 17. A baby
boom Is scheduled fqr the capital city
this summer If plans of the Olympia
Women's club materialize.?- The reason
for this desirable condition of the mar
ket Is a baby show to be held on July
4 under the club's auspices, ; The women
expect to sell votes on ; the favorite
babies to raise the mortgage, on their
club house. The judges are to be se
lected from among the bachelors of the
city. . , i .
.. The .entries will Include the follow-
Make Your Plans Now for a Trip to S
cXVI i H.ii 1 VVJ I I VUl
Cor. Pifth and! Morrison
irj; r;:.i ; s: I1 -i 1 bsl y thrr-e
nmiiths oil; h.-nv? -n:'st baby six
months old; heaviest bnby unriT six
months; handsomest boy or cirl b-'tween
one and two years; handsomest boy or
girl three years old; handsomest rod
haired boy or girl under flva y.?ais of
aso; handsomest jalr of twins; hand
somest Indian baby.
In order (o secure at least ISO auto
mobiles in which to give the homeless
children of Portland an outing tomor
row afternoon from 3 o'clock' to 4
o'clock,, M. C.jt'ickinson, president of the
Portland Automobile club, has issued
the following appeal: ' . '
"To automobile owners and members
of the Portland Automobile club, in
particular: For three years it has been
the custom of the Portland Automobile
club to entertain the inmates of the
various children's homes about the city
once each year with- an automobile ride
about the city. The time is at hand for
the event this, year and Saturday after
noon at 2 o'clock we plan on doing this.
"There , are In the neighborhood of
2000 fatherless and motherless children
being Watched over In this city by the
various institutions and any pleasure
we can put into their lives will never
be forgotten. The children have gotten
to watch for this event from year to
year and the thanks and appreciation
which one carload of youngsters heap
upon their host is enough to maks any
man glad he was able to extend even
this small favor to them. ;
"The Portland Automobile club asks
every automobile owner in the city who
can possibly leave his business for a
couple of bours Saturday afternoon to
come to the corner of Park and Davis
streets tomorrow afternoon and assist
in the carrying of these youngsters
about the city. Cars should be at the
play grounds opposite the custom house
by . 2 o'clock and the ride should be over
by 830. Trusting that you will, one
and all, respond to this call and assist
us, I am - ' -.'' . .
"President Portland Automobile club."
: Each one of the several ;" hundred
children -who are taken on the ride will
be presented with a htrrt by Julius
Meier of Meier & Frank, BO the children
can make themselves heard along the
course of the ride. r ; '
(fepocial Wipatch to The Journal.)
Olympia, Wash., June 17. The Olym
pia Booster club has placed "kick
boxes", in several prominent : ; places
about , the city including ; the ' railroad
depot and steamer docks. : Some of the
complaints relative to the management
of the municipality are eye openers to
the city councilmen. Whenever a sug
gestion is practicable It Is acted upon.
.- Visitors arriving on the boats gener
ally proceed at once to the capltol as
the show place of Olympia, only to
find locked doors. When they would
rest In the park they must sit on the
grass or stand. "
: Canadian Rockies. ...
No trip In the world so "enjoyable
as -one - throu gh the Can ad ian ' Hackles.
Try the Canadian Pacific route; up-to-date
equipment; excellent service.
Journal Want Ads bring results,-
4 '
-The Addition with Character
You cannot sit in your home and imagine what Laurelhurst will
be. There has never been a tract platted in Portland as large as
Laurelhurst and none so highly improved or restricted or with
so many rare natural advantages. Consequently you can form
no idea of Laurelhurst unless you - ,
Get your feet on the ground. Walk over the property. Seethe
tremendous improvement work now going on and which is trans
forming Laurelhurst into a most beautiful residence park. Look
oyer some of the sightly, lots being. sold at;from $900 up;- Then
and then only you will realize why nearly two million dollars
has already been invested in 'Laurelhurst by Portland people,
or Monti villa cars direct to the prop
erty. Ttike Snnnyslde or Ml, Tabor,
oars to East X(uh street and walk four
uliort blocks north. Or call at our of-
fl-e and wa will be glnd to take you
out to Laurelhurst in our automobiles.
U'nfis. J.I. liurrowf-s Ad. Hvvii-f
i1 , il l
wmm w
Oregon's Executive Pro Tem
pore Plunges Into Mass of
Work at Capitol.
(Salem Bureau of The Journal.) .
Ealem, Or., June 17. Jay Bowerman
of Condon, took the oath of acting gov
ernor of the state of Oregon about 4:30
o'clock yesterday afternoon. 1 His first
official set was- to sign a commission
appointing E. M. Fowler notary pttblic.
In a very few minutes after receiving
the congratulations of , a number . of
friends who had gathered to witness the
installation of the ' new acting . gover
nor, Mr. Bowerman was wrestling with
the many. Intricate problems af his new
position and was plunged at once Into
the business; of the dcserNland board,
Though it was not certain whether
an oath was' necessary, it was decided
that it was safest, so upon his arrival
at the state) house yesterday Mr. Bower
man took an oath administered by. As
sociate Justice JEakin of the Oregon su
preme bench, to support the constitution
of the United States and of this state
and faithfully to perform all the duties
that may devolve upon him as acting
governor of the state of Oregon. ; 1
' NWhat Bowerman May Do. .
The new acting governor may do all
things that any' governor of Oregon
may do until Governor Benson recrosses
the boundary line Into Oregon. In case
of vacancies Acting Governor Bower
man has full authority to make any
appointments he may see fit to make.
He may Issue as many pardons as he
pleases. Until Governor Benson re
turns, Acting Governor Bowerman will
draw the governor's salary of $5000 a
year. However, Mr. Bowerman Is not
secretary- of state, and Governor Ben
son will continue to draw the stipend
of that office, which Is $4500 and which
makes Governor Benson's salary; under
ordinary circumstances $9500 a year.
In the event of the death of Governor
Benson, Mr. ' Bowerman would have to
appoint a new secretary of state,
Mr. Bowerman . becomes acting gov
ernor by virtue of a provision of the
Oregon constitution which . had never
before been given actual demonstration
that provides that In the event "6f the
resignation, absence or other disability
of both the governor and secretary of
state, the president of the senate shall
be governor, Governor Benson has
been absent from tha state at other
times since being chief executive but
this time has decided to stay In San
Francisco and be relieved of state wor
ries long enough so that his physicians
would have an opportunity fairly to
prescribe for htm and to restore his
health. It was. for that reason that
Mr. Bowerman was called in to dispose
of a number of matters that had ac
cumulated during tha governor's ab
sence. The governor will return In
July and will make a campaign for re
election as secretary of stata In the
primaries and November election.
it Is the first time that a president
of state senate ever became governor
of Oregon or even acting governor by
virtue of this provision of the Oregon
constitution. - v.-"--' r---'-
::Fcr.Hclj;..:::EC0urj 1
(F,!' m Fnreau of TLe Jmrnnl.) I
.Salem, Or., Juna 17. Oral arguments.
In the Itosclalr ' murder appeal from
Washington county will be heard by j
the supromo court Wednesday, June 19, 1
at 10 o'clock. Iloselnlr was convicted j
of murder in the first decree' for killing1
his wife because she served him milk i
instead of cream for breakfast oncl
morning. He is undor sentence of death j
and occupies a cell in tha death row at j
the penitentiary. j
The'appoal in the case of George Mey-j
ers, convlctod of murder in tha second ;
defrree In the circuit court for Marion!
county and under life sentence,' will be j
heard by the supreme court Tuesday,!
June 28, at 10 o'clock. Meyers was con-j
vtcted of killing Night ' Officer Eckart !
of Salem while under arrest, and evaded
the local authorities for a week before)
giving himself up to a retired minister;
in tha country who gathered In Siooo
reward offered by the state fjr his de
livery to the officials. .
State Vs. Tee Gung will" be heard
Tuesday, June 28, at. a o'olock; state vs.
McAvoy, ; Wednesday, June 29, at 3
o'clock: state vs Erlokson, Thursday,
June 30, at 10 o'clock, and Porter vs.
ri . . I,, rT'l.. 1 T . . 4ft ml- Q '
Pettinalll. Thursday. Juna
30. -at t
' Several dozen Greek laborers, work
ing' In the neighborhood of St Johns,
have complained to the district attorney
that Dan Uzdath, who was a sort of
subboss and their pay checks are missing.-;
'''i : ."
J. A. Cole of St. Johns, also lodged
a complaint against the man, who, !he
saidi owed hJm about $800.-:' No warrant
has been - Issued for the Greek's ar
rest . " J,'-"',',-v, ' :a " w Vy
Freight Agents Visit Salem.
(Salem Bureau of The Jonraal.)
Salem, Or June 17. Nearly 50 west
ern freight agents arrived in Salem this
morning from Portland where they had
beeain convention. Special preparation
for Thelp entertainment was made by
the Salem board of trade. They were
shown the city and surrounding country
from automobiles. . .
frse Samoa, Say Druggists and Put oa
Good rieso, , 1
The almost universal interest in phy
sical culture is the best evidence that
can be offered as to the need ; of a
simple and scientific method of mak
ing thin people fat. increasing strength
and restoring health.
Athletics, when carried to an ex
treme, often result In straining tne
vital organs. " How much better , It
Would . be for the average person to
regain health, strength and flesh by
using Samose. This flesh forming food
is assimilated as soon as it enters the
stomach; It helps the organs to as
similate the food and extract the flesh
forming elements; It builds up the
muscles and rounds out the limbs into
shapely plumpness.
Samose has been so successful In
making thin people fat and restoring
tha weak .and run down to strength
and health thafc leading druggists sell
It under j thelr .;; personal guarantee to
refund the money If it does notbeno
t it. ' :; -iv: :.v VW v ..
; Sent postpaldxon receipt of price, 60
cents., For sale by v Woodard, Clarke
& Co. - . ?
r"y'''S?;Ll?:''V?lrAr'T .
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