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51J Douglae atreet, wu also en'erM bert Parker's famoue story "The BIM n I llUrrrj ffiMMITTCr
and lewrlry taken to the value Of lilt, of Way." which U being presented. In UMUl-lllUCn lUMWlll ILL
I jJ M set a. t t - A aV . -a, a k. - 1 . . L. - IWIj
dramatised form at th Dakar this wk
Installation of Offloera The F. O. T. I by a. splendid New.Tork company. The
M. and U O. T. M. of Butte vile, Or., laat three performanoee will ba tonight.
neia joint Inatallatlon of officara rh- tomorrow matinee and night.
ruary 3. Plata Commander Lady Allot
Forgea Inatalled for the ladles, and "Wildfire Nt Wetk.
UnlUd Tr Less Wire.)
Waahlngton. Feb. 11. The conrree-
slonal commlttaa Investigating the Bal-
- enorwooa, aastatad by Blr Knight IL
Sherwood, eesteted by Blr Knight H flr, wU, b- ,8Bn -,t the Baker all "y ,n brlef ' ton and than
next week, starting Sunday matinee. sojourned to next Monday. The reason
Pauline Hall, "the beautiful,' will be ?r " dJournment waa that Attorney
n in ih f h iitnw. Un. I Brandela, reDreeenttnar lunula W niavta
Orand audev e ""war to a correspondent yeatarday Barrlnaton. The mimr.mfint haa sur- " the Inquiry, waa unable to be nres-
!.. 1 SB Mil A V I i IA I M rm anr a(ta 12 ham.. a. a Ika " " I ....a. .a a .
j niuniri i i t i i f . . - i inuirua) iiiwwii tv sass itkm aw iu i paiinui tk. i. .,t t... a wit ti an I win. luosv
file. T ; ' .KfAVlnC PlcLurefl t,rM..n. -x .k. f,.-i tit en if r.- ir vuuiwuiuii-
. iia)aaaa-- tr'"WIU Vi 111 t"l Hi v Y 1. VJ JUIV, I ft nil all at 1 1 V tvanakU amn e a-
- -t wva uvuuiiwu a la, wuiau-
1n im Vlm aa.l4.n TL..
-ti a iiiif uirgiucuki am i a utuwu i . . ,
I la atata preaidont . ACPODaxic i;ivmpioni.
Appaala f oy Proteotlon Far of vio
lence at the handa or a Dana or j. w.
W. men whom he had dlecharfed.
Thomoa Evona. foreman of ft differ
one half mile aouth of the Portland
Whan adjournment waa taken a week
a0 by the committee. Brandela re-
quaUng that the next hearing ba held
Monday, February 14. Thla requeat waa
rcfuaed by the committee, which decided
to meet today,
The meeting today,' however, waa
merely for" consultation and no publlo
hearing waa held. In the meantime at
torney for ail peraona interested In the
controveray have been engafed in exam
Intng documents placed at their dlapoaal
by the interior department.
' Contract for Bridge.
' . (8lm Bnreia ef The Journsl.)
8nJem. Or., Feb. 11. Barron & Bow
era of thla city have been awarded the
contract for constructing a , bridge
acroea North Mill creek on Bummer
street for the Welch Unea now building
from the foot of Center atreet eaat and
northeast towara the fair grounda. Con.
atructlon work: on the new bridge, la to
a tart at once. . ' v
Five' hundred and elxty-elght vessele.
amounUng to ll.117.iH toaa, were
launched In the United Kingdom during
109. being an Increase of 1.!7 ton on
1I0J, but, with that exception, the low-
eat, tonnage for lz yeara.
' Journal want ada bring result a.
Double "twisters" and similar diffl-
errioea Tomorrow Morning Services! suit daring and dangerona feata, are I
will be held thla evening at Congrejra- performed by the Montroae troupe at the
one na.r miie auin tlon ' Ahoval Sholom, Park and Clay Orand. The aame high grade
ahlp yarfla. .ippnM . to the police lwt -trwt at , O.cloc Thr- wm b, Lc, the aeven Montroae athlet
US did
fMiialii few Va I fAa Dlna1N- DM aakaxaasm
. . - efa Ym tmMn and! " v uw vnuir. ivnigiivw muni-1 aiuuu iui. qiivub, wv '"hm
" " ,k- rvleea will be held at l:B0 o'clock, at the drand,
i"" J.. .bbl R- Abrahamaon will officiate.
n alilnvsnla and teleohonefl trie Do-1 . . . . .1 wimu
- ---.' " ajBuairiB insinn anil aanr aivva mm akn i . . . .
lice. H. was afraid to ko home, and ,7. "T: .rr"- Bringing ma ramoua "Den or Mya
twn nniiremen remslned with him until -V vil" VT. " -1 .7 ! 1 try, Utwreftca .Crane la coming to
hi. T wife and a foreman met hfm late at Xur'ch tonight 'unTh nlTl-O ?rf d' ""J. wh h i1'
nlaht. Evana dlacharged the laborer. Lh " ,.. I mA" feature. . Crane la known aa
aevral days ago, and they aent Wra r"""" 7"ur Irl.h Wizard, and hla illualooa
threats of violence. When he arrived
at the ehlpyards laat evening, hewae cntrig. wlth tf .C,nesa or overwork,
overcome by fright, and the watchman ...,.. .
also became frightened. Evana la m ni. . ...i.. it. I Mclntrre A Heath Next SandAT.
ployed aa foreman for Nlckum ft Kelly. Third atreet, oppoatte Baker theatre. .) Beata are now Bailing at box office
, i ,i - line Bungalow tneatre ror Mcimyre at
T. W. 0. AJTome Opening The Eaat I We' ioonre ana resa Tea Clothaal Heath. Klaw A Erlanger will preaent
Bide T. W. a A. will be opened Monday, I all for month. Main. II. A-4114 (these two greateat exponents of black-
February 14. on St Valenttna'a day. I Wagona run everywhere. Tallotv face at the above theatre for three
ill be I
are aald
to equal any offered by Indian or Egyp-
There will be music and light refresh-ling Co., 101 Stark. .
. menta will be anrved. As room la urn
ttad. the heura between Ham. and II Bt earner Jessie Karklna, for Camas,
p. m. are reserved for business gins, i waahougal and way landlnga, dally ex
and a apeclal program will ba given I oept Sunday. Leaves Washington atreet
from 12:10 to 11:60. Eaat aide women l flock at I p. in.
and glrla are cordially invited to visit
the rooms from I to I p. m. It ia da-1
Sired, that all frlnds understand 'thai baths; finest and largest in city. Im
anon and noaslBllltlea of thla new-work. I Derlal hotel annex. ".. - :
The 'new T. W C. A. la located at the
comer of Grand avenue atuY Eaat Tay-J v James Oarlck si COn the houae mo-
lor atreet i - . 'I era; removed to 110 East Water street
I t . . , -. " I Phone Eaat 4417.
ilfhta, beginning next Sunday, Febru
ary, ii. ,- " ,
' IWd Bros. Have Classy Act.
Comedy, novelty and acrobatics are
all Inoluded In the apeclalty preaented
o am. t.,v vinm, b7 the Read brothers at the Orpheum
.T.0W ..??. " fPnJr?..Turk.Uh this week. Feata entirely original and
of a very different sort are performed
with apparent eaae and grace. ,
Clara Belle Jerome.
For one week, beginning with a mat
Provisions stolen All the Drovlatohal .. - Inee next Monday. Clara Belle ; Jerome,
of Martin Rllx. a rancher on the O. W. I Sr. Onstave X. Brnere announces the 1 and her eight dancing T oodles, present
P. Una. near Berkeley etat Ion, were removal. of hla office to tha Electric I a beautiful and apectacular novelty en-
atolen Wedneadav nlaht T. B. Vale. building, suite 111. titled "JoyUnd." at the orpneum. ill
neighboring rancher, has been arrested! ' , contains a collection of charming naml
for the theft.', It . haa bean learned Xinooui tickets for sale at ana nas maae a grwnn uirvuau-
through the inveatlgation of Constable Commercial club and 81g. SlcTVel'n cigar out the eaat Matinee every oay.
Ixu Wagner's office that Vale and Kits stores, v
have had trouble, in which the former " - , PRPMPH I IWFR Airi
elatmA tha iwtil him monev. It I Jefferson htch school books at Caatle. ntlln Lllltn uniu
waa not paid, and the rancher, it is I nan a pharmacy z Kiiiingsworth ave,
mimwmA JImama IKa wh.H Tll - ' w - I
waa not there and carried away his pro
visions. The matter will be. heard In
the Juatlce court.
Swiss Watch aVepalrlar CV Christen'
I sen, Corbett bldg., Id fir. Take elevator.
(United Press Leased Wire.) "
Pal ma, Majorca. Island. Feb. 11.-
Sr. M. O. Brown, eye-Ear. Marejnam.
"i KBaaaaaeaaax
Sr. Kaynes, optioUa. Marquam bldg.
Two Bakers ArresUA 1L C. Hof f
man, 1010 Belmont,' and :W. 8. Taylor,
10A4 Relmftnt mtrmmt Halrera. wera ar
rested thla morning on complainta sworn " Thurman. atreeta,
to by Market Inspector Sarah A. Evans.
The charges In both caaea were for keep
ing and maintaining unwholesome, filthy
and unsanitary conditlona In their bake
shops. . - .. "
' Transfers will not "ba Issued between
the hours of 4 and 0:30 p. m. from the
Voodstork, Richmond and Brooklyn fines
eastbound to Caxaderot cars or Oregon
City cars at Eaat Water and Morrison
atreeta,. or to Hawthorne avenue, Sell-
wood or Mount Scott cara at Orand
avenue, and Hawthorne. Effective Feb
ruary is. jaio. .
W. A, Wise and assoolatea. painless was reported here this afternoon that
dentists, Third and Washington. , I the French-Atlantic liner haa foundered
off the north coast of this Island and
Sanaa Sanaa? Bighta, Seventeenth that only on pasaenger was saved. No
details of the wreck have neon receivea
so far. . ; - - ' ' '
Thla lalind Is the largest of the Ba
learic group in the Mediterranean, 118
miles aoutheaat of Barcelona. .
5 rent Violinist at Pantages..
Since January 1. 1909. In the United
States, horses have. Increased 400,000,
mulea 70,000, milch cowa 11,000, other
cattle decreased 1,100,000, sheep ln-
WUh charming melodlei, Vlolinskt tat creased 1.113,009. awlne decreased .83.-
acoring a tremendous hit at Pantages 1 000. . In total value, horses Increased
this week., This talented musician not S302-11-000' mules Increased $57,013,000,
onlv renders claaalral malodl.a .Ith . milcn cowa increaaea iw.sotf.uuw. omer
Steal Phonograph Burglars entered U'" technique, but In popular selections cattl . ,.n"'!dn(1 i3,,t99,' "h'fp.,,,n"
e warehouae of ' the Graves . Music he wins much applause. - ""eAtt MWW.000. swin Increased 181,-
company, 5 Xorth Park street, early
yesterday morning, and stole a phono
graph and a crate, of records. The
Mile. Iouise and Her Simians,
The greateat troupe
value la 1180. The home of Ira Linger, atT, wm b. presented as T the topllna at-1 nlM aJFvq' TW
rMMtnti Tat TAae 1. a I 'i-,- -.- r " 5 . . H- . 'Z
nine with Monday matln by charmJ CUTC the Dnnkmg Husband by
will prove . Tatrong drawing card ?ZtSZ . U5lnS Vym"CW" DC wy"
perform, many notable feats under thel ' . ttl oecretiy. ,
aucervlslon of their daJntv mlitnu I 1
more icmDii miiuciiun can coma
to any home than the craving for strong
drink of husband and father. We ap-1
Terrible Sriffcrino
"When my baby waa 4 monlhs old
hla face broke out With ecxema, and at
10 months of age, hla face, handa and
arms were In a dreadful atate. The
ecsema spread ail over his body. We
had to put a maak or cloth over his face
and tie up his hands and arms. Final
ly we gave him Hood's Sarsaparllla
and In a few months he wits entirely
cured, and today he la a fine, healthy
boy." MRS. INEZ LEWIS, Baring, Me.
Hood's Sarsaparllla cures all blood
diseases. Get it today in usual liquid
form or chocolated tablets called Sar
aataha. J00 doses 11.
"Peadwood Dick's Last Shot."
cr!nfhiS P U,,C.,h0W ! tb peal' to -wire mothers and slatera to
Portrand this week Is making people a t ,av, th, husband and father or the
n-t ' tDe1,0'J brother with Orrlne, a scientific cure
."S.i.fLr" the drinking- habt Can be given
- . r Vk VT-i i 1 VTvt w eeretiy.
Saaad.A la. a. av M ...Aaa -
h.''l.i' th ,rUand nt that It will cure the 'drink habit
n fZ.P m M, ;R,Ul" ""- or money will be refunded. Save th
nee tomorrow. ,.,,. f ! ,. .v.. u
"The Right of Way" at Baler. Orrlne 1a sold bv Woodard. Clarke A I
viivery reader or. the beat books oflCo., distributors, 280 Washington, US
modern fiction is familiar with Sir Gil-1 117 Fourth street ..;
. Here
a- .r.v : ,'. :. . . . .... .. ... . ... ,,
I : l'f,
t tie Greet est
of the Ycjar
YouTl get the highest class shoes at the lowestprices you ever paid.
This is a broad statement, but is capable of definite, positive proof.
142 Second Street. Near Alder
Women's Finest
Dress Shoes
In patent calf,'gtinmetal, vici kid
and ' Russia calfs, cloth tops and
the new short vamp style. Also
new spring strap pumps.
FaiP G2.00
Boys' S: Girls' Shoes
at $L00 a Pair ,
A big assortment to choose from.
Satin calf, vclour vici kid , good
solid leather shoes, go df AA
at, per paL.' tbleUU
.Men's Finest
Dress Shoes
In tan and black leathers, lace or
button style, box calf velour' and
leather lined shoes and W. L.
Douglas shoes.
Falr S2gQ
Shoes $1.50 a Pair
This lot comes in box calf, vici,
gnnmetal; in lace and. button,
shoes ; newest spring styles J all
go at, per pair,- rt
only . ol. oU
; ; Children's Shoes 69c s
Th,is.Jot o Children's Shoes conies with fancy stitching and tops in
tan and black and patent leather. Oxfords, Strap Slippers and a?A
Shoes, all sizes .' 0C
See Win
dows ( for
Prices; 142
Alder and
" f ....
II Furnis
Home V. ;TUM tt UlbOO, JlnC.
JAirnished Complete
Sold on Easy Paymt'i
lishings II
ymtnts j
lect Any Rante In Our Line and Try It Out for 30 Days and After
wards Pay for It on the Liberal Terms$5.00 Down, $5.00 Per Month
ffi' Waf$W8 now, at $6 and to $25
In the Children's Garments lha now S3,2S to S9.2S
Prices Range From $6.50 to $18.50 w w
Theyra the odds and ends of our Winter stock Just s tew of them, but nevertheless all desirable gar
ments and in the materials and shades that have been popular this season. You'll feel the need of a
coat or cape for many weeks to come the children will, too. Your size andfavored shade may be
in the lot Such interesting values make it worth while investigating.
' : . ; . L.; -J -
Silk Petticoats
$5.95 Values for Only $4.98
Many women will respond to this Saturday
offering of fancy striped, silk taffeta Petti
coats, made with full, wide skirt and 10-inch
flounce. They art shown. in brown, rose,
green, blue and gray and hare the Heather
Bloom dust ruffle. At the regular price these
Petticoats are exceptional values, to say noth
ing of tomorrow's special price.
These Special
In the Drapery Department for
Tomorrow s Selling
Window Shades Special 25c Each
Up-to-Date Models ipwerafre
in Popular Priced VUOlT-eu;
They are 3 feet 6 inches wida and 6 feet long,'
mounted on good spring rollers. In green
only. Regularly, they sell at 40c each.
Curtain Rods Special at 6c Each
For hanging sash curtains.' Extend from
24 inches to 42 inches. Regularly priced at
iSc each.
Screen FramesSpecial 90c Each
Three-panel "folding . Screen Frames of
, weathered oak; standard " height and regular
$1.50 values.' 1
Striped Tapestry Special 30c Yd.
An Oriental striped material, suitable for
conch covers and hangings; 50 inches wide,'
and regularly priced at 50c yard.
Phone, mail or C. O. D. orders will not be
in out; ueuci uueieu any
-where at these prices.
There's a marked degree of dis
tinction i about every well-corseted
woman. She not only looks styl
ish, but feels it, and produces a
favorable impression everywhere.
We are showing a remarkable line
of Corsets for every type of figure,
at very reasonable prices, making
it possible for every woman
well corseted. Following we men
tion three distinct models in our
popular priced Corsets:
At $ 3.SO
tall, well-developed figure. Has
a medium bust and the extreme
long hip. It is made of French
coutil and boned with rustproof,
steel. Finished with band of em
broidery and ribbon beading.
A t5 CSHi ! model for the short, full
afUt p&Jf figure. It has low bust and is
long over hips and abdomen, but not too long. Made
of excellent quality coutil and finished with "taffeta
ribbon. Three pairs of supporters attached.
A fr H (H) I a model for the slender,
a-a,iwwpetite) gir'jsh figure a girdle
top, long-hip Corset of batiste, boned with flexible
rustprooi sieei ana unisnea who iacc ana riuuon. oup
porters attached.
It's the "Standard" Sweeper of the celebrated Bissell's
make, that the Carpet Department offers at this special
price tomorrow. In the mahogany finish or golden
oak. No home should be without one. Saves time and
labor saves the floor coverings. Mail, phone or
C. O. D. orders will not be filled.
i ;
A Few Cleanup Bar
gains in Odds and Ends
' 1 '"' 11 .hi ! mi" ai ii ibi 1 1 1 a sa ssi i i n is -
From the Basement StocK
Economies that one is ever readv to share in. These
pfor Saturday's special selling in the Basement Depart
ment. Phone, mail or C tj. D. orders will not be
accepted. 25c Quick-Cut Bread Knives at 15 each.
Three sizes in brown earthenware Teapots
20c size at 12t 30c-size at 17 40c size at 21)
60c Berlin Tea Pots, nickel-plated and with copper
bottoms, at .. 38e
75c Combination Graniteware Roasters at. .....ia39e
50c Slicing Knives, at...,.,,.., 25 f
75c 3-piece Carving Sets, at .47
$1.00 "Eureka" collapsible Clothes Dryers, at.....75
$2.00 "Excelsior" Kitchen Sets the "housekeeper's"
friend,-comprised of 9 pieces, at 98f
$1.50 Food Choppers, the "American," at. .'St
$2.25 Umbrella Jars, of terra cotta, at....,.....f 1.75
' , .., , , , ; ,
Magazine Rack
Special To
morrow at
Every home 'has uscfor
a Magazine Rack. The
one that we offer at the
above special price to
morrow is 43 inches highv
well made and of solid
oak, with four shelves.
You can have your choice
of either the weathered or
dull golden finishes. Phone,
mail or C O. D. orders
will not be accepted,
I If' '
' A-V4liee4kk i I -
The cost ef Interments have been
greatly reduced by the Holman
undertaking company.
Heretofore It haa been the custom of
funeral dlrectora ' to make charges tor
all Incidentals connected with a fa-
Ineral. The Edward Holman Undertak
ing company, the leading funeral dl
rectora of Portland, have departed from
mai ouBium. vvntn cumi is iurnisnoa
by ua we make no extra chargea for
embalming, hearse to cemetery, outside
box or any aervicea that may ne re
quired of ua, except clothing, cemetery
and oarriares, tnue effecting a aavmg
or ZB to S7o on eacn zuneraL
All Montavilla cars run throueh
.Lauremurst, unly 19 minutes
ride. ' Take car on Washington
street, between -Fifth and First
Salesmen on the ground. Office
522 Corbett Building.
okfeeOX UW ECHOOI, 8. T. Rich-
viuwii, unu. :-jf. inorougn, practical
course In law; no time lost. from regu-
I at t . AnoimartAn ,. ea.U eii. . j
as a vvvv.j'wuuii, Sv LSa, IIUI (Q VCtl 111 MB,
Terma low.-j Buslaew pfflce 815 Com
Boston Dentists
The best la the chenn.
eat no students. Our
methods safe and reli
able. We work for half
the charge made by
otner nign ciasa aen
tlats. Examination
free. extracting free.
. and painless. Come to
- day, aee us. sava
money. ,The 80ITOV
rison, opposite Meier. & Frank" ana" Post.
office, Open eveninga until 9 and Sun
days until 12:30 for people who work.
Estates. sutta, deeda, divorcees reason-
' atfle.' Advice Tre. '
(Late of Imperial Hotel Cafe
The Journal
"Up in 11:3 Air'
Many a man is in this pre
dicament when it comes to
choosing a perfect , suit of
clothes. ,:
When it conies to a question
of fit, I guarantee to excel any
thing you ever tried on. ,
When it comes to a question
of value,' material, ' workman
ship and the like, I can give you
better-service for the money
than you can .find elsewhere.
The ordinary man is usually
"up in the air" when a choice is
left entirely in his own hands.
Yet there is. jio reason why a
man should suffer as a result of
his. ignorance In these matters
why he .should f not, receive
value for every dollar invested
in the purchase, of apparelIf
he but exercises a little judg
ment, a little common sense.
AH a man need do, be he ever
so ignorant of clothes value, is
to put himself in my hands.
can give him better service for
his' money than he can obtain
elsewhere. I '
Tweeds and worsteds all anv
one could ask for, in latest
plaids and stripes. .
Open Saturday Evenings Until
9 o'clock. ' Phone Main 5039.
filyrue clvyn
America's foremost Pianiste
Bungalow Theatre
Prices: $2.00, $1.50, $1.00 and 75c
eat Sale Opens Tosaoi
Klaw & Krlanger Present
In Jiualcal Play, TOr KJLTTV
At Bungalow, Jbmary 18. 14, 15. ;
pveninge, f 2 to 75c; Mat. $1.6p. 0c.
Oeo. Xb Baker. Manager.
Tonight, All Week.
Frea. M. Blork Co. Present
"THJD RIOHT OP WAT." -Dramatized
from the nowarful nnval
by Sir Gilbert Parker. .
strongr eaat- Original Production.
Saturdav matlnaa. 2fif Enf .v.nlnr.
26o, 60c, 75e, $1.00 Nejtt Week. Starting
Sunday Matinee, Wildfire." ...
Matinees Thursday and Saturday.
' in
ropuiar prices, auc to ooc; matinees,
10o and SSr.
Neat week, 4,SJ, the Circus Gal," same
uaxbt e, A-ioso
7SO .
y."u, VI vumvnn' -
Trert Lindsay Whip, Manipulator, n1
waiter Keny, .'"jnavtrglnla
WorlA's Oreatast
AoroTtata, Montrose
Seven People, : late
Peatnra 'Singling
Bros. Olrena. v-
Matlnee ever;
Mathews Ii Bannon
Miller Mack
Herbert) Wini
fred Stewart f Jim
Rutherford as Co.r
Pred Bauer, Grand-
Are appearing
every day,
Don't forget to cut them out.
Talted States and Torelga, . C2i
Proenred. Defended and I tU
VAUirzo coast PAXsirr AQxarcT, t$
' aioectom. caj.
ry day. 2:30: an nnat. IRc.
Evening performancea, 7:80. 9:16: bal.
cony. 15o; lower floor, JSc; box nnts
IM, s lUi av4iafa' ..:
Week Commencing Monday Mat. rt. 7.
1 1 cantliin avtrunrHltiQi'ii lleaa "l?nai
on pare '2 ,pU1 tl0d" ' '
Otte, Hmall, ' Ploane & Sheridnn.
Blake's Mule-Maud Hee Baw.
Popular Prices. Matinee Jjaily, Curtain
8:30.' 7:30 and o'clock.
Annual Concert of
Songe Stnnts Bnrlique
DON'T aJISd tSftlKKNO TUI3 fl.l.l "";
BOYS Nearly ae (rood a !,., t
edueaflnn end Husnn t ") i iin- i.
fKICXS 600, 750 and tl.
Csn-jalaiv, Safarday, Ii.:;, 1!
Journal Ads Urii. Kf