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    Journal Photogravure
Seven consecutively numbered coupons, when pntented at
The Journal office, with 5c, will be d t th! n'fle'
V of four Fine Art Photogravures offered by The Journal.
' To secure the other picture of the aer, follow the tame in-
strurtiona. These coupons will appear dafty for several weeka.
. For mailinj aend 10c extra to cover postage and packing.
Name ......
- ' " . '-.(,.''
, 'Address
Display'' cf. Air -Machines in
;' Meier & Frank's Store
Be Popular.'
... i
Aviation week is to W started at the
, AViailOn WW v trm -1-. . -v. -.
,.i.. a. vvanv .ion nut Monday at
i"1"' - - -
noon.. Two aeroplanes, bealdea models
of number of other makes, are to ba
exhibited. Admission wlU bo absolutely
free. The plana fof tha exhibition era
maturing now and wttl ba finally an.
nounceJ Sunday. . ' .'
Exhibited In the atora wUl be a Curtlaa
and a Farraen biplane, models of Bel
riot's machine with which he croaaed
'ho Engllah channel. Santoa-Dumonfa
monoplane. Profeeor - E. P. Langley'e
early model and Rogler Summefa Maria
Antoinette and a gilder, the machlna
with which would-be evlatore are first
taught the game and which will ba a
distinctly Interesting and novel exhibit
to Portland people.
. To explain tha exhibit Laurence Dare,
himself an aviator and an expert me
chanic, hae been obtained. Ha la to
give hourly talka on the principles of
aviation and the methods of operating
the machines shown and will give a
atory of how eoma of the beginners In
the art of aviating atari their couroa
of lnatrujtlon with tha glider. '. -
Aa a epaclal feature there will ba
a maas of balloons. Each price tag.
Instead of being attached to tha gooda
on dlaplay. aa hae been tha usual cua
tom, will be displayed from a email
toy balloon. Hourly each day and atart
Jng at noon Monday balloons are to ba
aent out from tha top of the Meier
& Frank building carrying a letter which
when caught and returned by any boy
or girl In the city will entitle tha hold
er to some prise designated In tha at
tached letter.
. The exhibit will be one of. the moat
unique ever made In Portland. It Is
but aeldom that Portland people get a
chance to aea such an exhibit
Pearl A; "Seal, a handsome, refined
looking woman " with Titian hair; told
In the circuit court today her etrange
matrimonial troubles, among -them the
fact that her hueband tried to force
her 'to enterUIn his .women friends.
Bhe went Into ourt in an attempt to
get a divorce from IHvCharlea Arthur
Neal a wealthy dentist of New .-'Bedford,
Mass.. to whom ahe waa married
February 20. 1894. Judge Morrow took
her case under advlaement :-. -
"My husband brought ,hla women
friends, some of them of notoriously
bad reputation, to our home and be
came angered when I refused? to enter-..i-
hm nfied Mrs.-Neal
. Neal, ahe eeld, had a violent temper
, ..x.4 mil humiliated her. ao
by mutual consent they ae parated i about
two yeara ago. eno wem YT'T T
for ber Jiealth. which aha said his treat-
. i.. , i.Mi,ii, Rnm time after she
came to Portland, her husband appeared
on tha scene and caused her arrest.
i.i . .totiiforv .charce. Later ha
..a ArnnnM the case against
her. Bhe aaid ahe did, hot think hj waa
In the right mind. .. u
iri-... MnvAP.vAnr health in can
rnrniar- asked Judge Morrow. ,'Dld you
I recovered." eald the
woman, "I began to get well.
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thought he waa an officer, and btt1d
him roughly uniu tey unw""
Head Bookkeeper Must 8 Bailable.
Tha chief bookkeeper In a large busi
ness house In one of our great western
cities speaks of the harm coffee did for
"My wife and I drank our first cup Of
Postum a little over iwo yeai. a.
we have used It ever since, to tha entire
exclusion, of: te and coffee. It hap
pened In this way: ' -'
" "About three 'and half years ago I
i. . , nf nnoumonlL Which left
a memento In the Bhape of dyspepaia, or
a memento in im u ubvi i
rather, to speak mora correctly, neu-
ralgla ' of thevstomach, My cup : oi
imtgi vi. v..'- - - - .
cheer had always been coffee or tea, but
I became coovincea aner a un
they aggravated my stomach trouble, I
happened to jmentlon the matter to my
grocer one day, and he auggested that I
' give Poatum a trlaL
"Next day It came, but tha cook made
he mlataka of not boiling It sufficient
ly, and we did not like It rnuch. This
i was, however, soon remedied, and now
! t like it ao. much that we will never
change jfcackvi Postum, being a . food
beverage Instead, of a drug, hae been
the means of curing my stomach trou
ble, I -verily believe, for I am a well
man toaay ana pave ueea nu uiuer rem
" . ''V' . - . ' . . : . L i
My -work aa enter oooxKeeper our
companya branch - houee here U or a
very connning nature, uuring my coi-i
faa.drinlilnr dnv I was eublcct to nerv
ousnesa an4 'th blues' in addition to my
ick spells. These have left me since I be
gan using Poatum and I can conscl
entlouaiy recommend It to those whose
work confines them , to long houre f
; severe mental- exertion.", y
"There's a Reaaon." . u
took In pkgs. for the little book. The
Koad to WellvUJe." ( -
Ever read the Above Ictipr? A new
one appears frorn time to tlme.They
sre genuine, true, and full of human
i oi nunian i
i. . f i
Feb. 11
. ' ' ' .' ; : ' .
mistake, nn then kicked hlra out the
way ha tumbled in.. r
This case was reponea
and an account of It exclusively iveu
In Tha Journal the following day. Sor.
..... Lri.nin ttaa han working; on' im
clua, but waa unabla to locate the exact
apot until last evening. wnn ia
tha IS men Ilka rata In traj . ,
According to the Story toia oj n..
of the -gamblera wtio warn. u
tha sweat, ha had loai onir
became angry. When he lew inpi.
Clark telephoned tha police, and Bar
vi.nlen and tha two patrolman
atarUd.on the raid. Clark led I the war
and got tha orncers inaiae.
officers entered tha room, 'they drew
... m tha men at tha .Ublea, and
Clark pocketed tha money. In front pi
one player ww IJ5. which Clark ta t
m .v. Ki.nn of taking.
cused br the Py'r 0!Ji T-
m.A vutlr "Jot"
-ri-lJ .v. ..mMr were lined up en
!":: . nark went up-
stairs to telephone to tha police station
for the patrol. When he came down
ear the men, he only turned over tlM
to Sergeant Xlenlen. At thet'me. the
playera vtgorouely proteated. m id" wan t
r. .. . . k. atralrhtened out.
dark denied getting! any more than .l'
Thla wae retumea to m. -.-
?,".,.J! of ark.
that the warrant for keeping the money
was Issued. Many or iris PyM
CUrk took the money. Jhelr bltterneas
...rn.t him Is enhanced by hie Inform
ing the police of the game.
CUrk was arrestee; ai oon na
bond of 1260 for bia appearance.
fUtly denies keeping any oi in. nu.
taken from the table. WOT'"."
$28. which he said belonged to a lum-.
ber man f rom ADeraeen. - i n
turned to blm. Clam runner mm. ...
gave tha police the money before ualng
the telephone. 8ergeant Klenlen also
says he received the money before Clara
uaed the telephone. Tha latter aald
he knew something about the gamblers,
and If they were making a kick about
him keeping money, n. woum
them where to get off."
sjlxteea Flaad Ounsy.
t t Thnmtnn aBDeared for
the 1( men thle morning, and entered
a plea of guilty to gamming. ua
Bennett gave eacn a -they
, gladly paid, and hustled out of
the courtroom. . " " ,
The men gave the following names:
John Thomaa. H. Van Loon, Il-Wella,
Ed Waller, W. Q. Bltcllffe, Ward Charla.
ton, J. W. McDonald. S. H. Zlngaheln,
H. Schear, Ben Franklin, A. Shants,
J. A. Untly, Fred Johnson, Frank Con-
iTvmA U.nn.niv and V. CoaaV. '
The general satlaf action expressed
by the gamblers over receiving euch a
light fine from Frank , Bennett caused
miiKh nmmnt Chief of Police ' COX
is displeased over the " disposition of
tha case, as hia orncera nave Deen iry-
in tnr mnm time to locate me aame.
inH in hrpk un rran and noker Dlavlns.
the light fine is that na wae not aware
It waa such a big game, and waa not
fully Informed of. all the facts. He
further said the, men were willing to
plead guilty, and from, the evidence he
nau, , Ji9 consiaerea a iignt jib. ui
flclent , ... . . v
Abraham Llncoln'a birthday will be
celebrated In Portland tomorrow night
with a , banquet given by the members
of the Union Renubllcan club at the
Portland Commercial club. . 8. C. Pier,
president of the Union Republican club,
will preside. -;--.-v i-'.,
Among the guests It Is expected that
Judge George II. , Williams, who, al
though he has been confined to his
borne for some time, ie iow slowly re
gaining his former atrength, will be
numbered. He has expressed a willing
ness' to attend should the weather be
such as would permit of bis Jeavlng his
home. Salmon Brown, a son of. John
Brown, the patriot and a resident of
Montavilla, will also attend.
The speakers will Include many prom
inent Portland men, as well as a great
many prominent out of town Republi
cans. The ' Republican state central
committee Is to . meet here tomorrow,
and most of Its. members will remain
over for the banquet Listed for
speeches Are C." W, Fulton, Judge R, R.
Butler of Condon, B. F. Mulkey, prose
cuting attorney from Jacksonville, Thad
J. - Cleeton, Charles H. Carey, Colonel
Owen Summers and Judge George 1L
Williams. ' ' - '
(Spclal DUpatcb to Tbe Jonrntl.) - '
Pendleton, Or., Feb. ll.Becoralng
rngntenea, a nana or ewes oeiongmg to
Jo8eph ounha of .Echo stampeded and
. Deyond control of the herder.
rushed over a high bluff and plunged
to their death In the Umatilla river.
Forty-two were - killed and a number
w.ere injured. '' ' ;
January Railroad Casualties. ,
C (Salem Bureu of Tb. Journal.) -Salom,
Or., Feb. 11. The summary of
railroad casualties In Oregon for the
month of January aa jreported 'to the
railroad . commission shows - that there
waa one collision . between passenger
ti-olna :ak nlllalnn
between ' freight
trains. In which three passengers were
In 1hm4 a-nrn varar.n ai rtf awl iinrl at rmn.
irmot iriUmA And thrM ln1ur1: on train
--- -- - - ln1uwk. n(i othfir
A and three treanaaaeri
jfifo:-f . . , . , . '
. Tha property damage was estimated
at 11225, exclusive of the accident on
the Oregon Short Line near Arcadia.
', , .......ii.i . 'i 1 1. 1 in r u r.ii i yi'y,y"
Interest in Bruckner's Death.
(Bpedal DIpttch to Th. Joarntil.) .
Vala, Or' Feb. ll.--Tbe account v0f
the sensational death- of "Dutch, the
Piano Man." of Vale. ' which occurred
in Boise some days ago, .created con
siderable Jntorest His name Was Fran
A. Bruckner.': He waa born in Germany.
U 1 i u.i4 v, 1 4i Mi,nnr1 m rA
went t0 fiolsl 8,x yrm ng6 as traveling
. A. . i.- ...
aim x ,k
(Social aewa l a dailr fiur. ef Tb Jonrn.t
At7 on. wUhlns to loMrt ucb Mw. ghonld
Bbone It twlut. 19 .'clock In tb. ntorulnl ) ,
Mrs. Georae 8. VVhlteside was hostess
at a bridge party In her Northrup atreet
home veaterday afternoon when 20
g-ueats were Informally entertained. Mrs.
Marlon F. Dolph and Mlsa Rhoda rail
ing received . appropriate trophlea for
high . eoorea. . Mr Whlteelde's guests
Included Mrs. Andre Foullhoux, Mra
Samuel M. Meara, Mrs. IC C Mears, Mlae
May Falling, Mlae Rhoda Falling. Mra.
Marlon F. Dolph, Mra. Ouy ,W. Talbot.
Mra. George F. Russell, Mra John B
Young, MUs Von Deatlnon, Mra Frank
E. Hart, Mrs. Robert Waahburne or
southern Oregon, . Mra E. C. Shevlin,
Mra Loula H-' Tarpley, Mra. rrtA'H.
Pua. Mra David A. Shlndler, Mrs.
David C Lewis, Mra Otla B. Wight
Mra Harrlaon Corbett and Mrs. Frea
ertok O, Wheeler, . ; '-........ ., . ...
tr-m t v r.inman waa hoateaa yeater-
day afternoon to her Fortnightly Bridge
club, the members 1 of which Include
Vf r I n. riaiachnar. Mra Rose Sell
ing, Mra Charles Kohn. Mra Julius
Meier, 'Mra Adolphe woire. wra w.
Lang, " Mra Quatave Simon, Mra B.
Mih,ni Un vimiu A. nelBchner,
Mra Leon Hirsch and Mra PhUlp Goe.
llnsky of San Franclaco.. ' k
Uf and Mra . f. Detwller of Penn
sylvania are the gueste of their eon,
William V. Detwller. thla week. They
have Juet returned from a trip around
the world. . . : w
.:-. w . e ,e . , -
. Mr. biiu ,m I m, -
nacted home Sunday from a trip of sev
eral months In the eaat Mr. and Mra,
Ehrman vlalted their old home in uaiu
more and epent aome time In Boston,
Nsw Tork ana rnuaaeipnia, -
r ...a ttmm a vt Varti are In San
Franclaco, where they are registered at
the Union Square hotel. .';
tr..M m,i. f n.w Tork la the
guest of Mr. and Mra H. L. Beach at
the Reward -hotel. Mr. Flaher la a
brother of Harrison Flaher, the well
known Illustrator, and the eon or tiugo
8. Fisher, a landscape painter of repu
tation. : . " '
..... e , , ,-.
Mra' Edwin Caswell gave the second
of a serlee of partlea yeeterday after-
nook, entertaining Informally at rive
hundred. There were seven tablee and
those winning prises - were Mra F.
Toung and Mrs. M. A. M. Ashley. Mra
Jones of Los Angelee was the guesjt of
honor. - '
Miss Kate Holman entertained ln-
xn.n-'i tnr Mra. Georra F. Cart-
wrlght of London yesterday afternoon
with a small tea.
Mrs. C W. Hodaon will give the seo-
ond in her series of - bridge parties
Thursday, February 17. V s ; : . , ' t
t ocnft TirnnVa entertained at dinner
laat night followed by a theatre party
at tna orpneum. v U . , . .
Mrs. Ahnla Leathers and small son of
Astoria are gueste of Portland friends
this week. ...
f f lU'-'
In honor of MIsS Florence Plerson of
Seattle, Miss Ida Lai entertained last
night at her home, 388 North Twenty-
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Speaker Cannon and 67 are against him,
according to the poll. The poll Included
all the Republican and Independent ed
itors of the country, and the percentage
for the whole la similar to that of Ore
Tha piMria was mada br the Trib
une In. order to test the sentiment with
respect to Cannonism, tne paper oeing
an active opponent of Cannon, The Rec
u.r.M and h Ntwi are anions'
other leading Republican and Indepen
dent dallies in wis cy mat oppu.. yaw
The Tribune's poll was "made by In
,.iri.,a ! dtr.nt to the newsoaoer edi
tors, and the flguree now published are
made up from the replies received.
Question No. I. Do you endorse the
Aldrlch-Cannon tarin ana tne -organ-
IxatlonT" - -
California Republlcana, yes
119; lnoependents, yea 8, no 36,
39, no
yea 32. no lsa.
WashingtonRepublicans, yes 23. no
73; Independents, yes none, no 13. To
tals, yes 23, no 93. '
Oregon Republicans, yes B, no 60; In
dependent yes none, no 13. Total, yes
S, no 63. :r '",w" -
Upset Prices, o
r Men's sample suits, 310.75, $13.75,
$16.75; values $20 to $35; 1 alteration
frea ,"Knew" Sample Suit Shop, 315
Oregonian building. Jlmmle Dunn, Mgr.
, MaasBBaMHBwaaMMMBaMSAkawMeBB'aw-4BNaaaaeM
There are now five entries In the race
for the Democratic .nomination for gov
ernor of Alabama. The contestants are
W. Dv 'Serd of Tuscaloosa, S., D. Weakley
of Birmingham, Colonel Emmett O'Neal
of Florence, H. 6. D. Mai lory of Selma,
and Charlee Henderson, president of the
state railroad eommleslon. -
Life is whfit
You make it
Take a fresh grip: r
"Cheer up", with a bowl of
' t -i vi .' t !.ii-'y.,;:J ;v.': .'v-.
' . ' ; -;.--; ' v," r .?. V . '.. -V
Dainty, fluffy bits of ;
Eipe white corn
Toasted to a "turn." , .
It's a delightful,
Comforting food .1'
Served right from the pkg. .
With-cream or fruit., f ,v '
"TheMemory lingers" V '
Ask .Grocer. 1
fourth atrrot. Fturrs of the evening
were Mm, mualo and refrt-phnienta.
Mlaa I'leraon will leave aoon for Is
Angelea. Those aaked to me.t the
visitor were Mis Bessie Zldoll, Miss
Be'rUe Chan. Miss Gertrude Tape, Miss
Lena IaI. I-tward Kan, Tom Kan. W. B.
Moy, Kam King and W. K. Lai. ,
. .
There will be a valentine party at
the X. W. C A., Seventh and Taylor
streeta, tomorrow night at $ o'clock for
the membera of the asaoilatlon, tlielr
friends and tha T. W. C A. men, .. ,i
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from liombard etreet dock In that city,
and an effort will be made to arrange
for the exc!uslveuse of that dock for
the company's vesaela In any case, It
Is stated, they will try and secure some
.h. n thai anl. IIBa fnP the- hand-
niinii . ' . v . . ... .
ling of Portland freight, as In thla man
ner they can expedite tne nanaima pi
the freight and consequently the Bail
ing of the steamers. --'. '
In sneaking of the matter yesterday
afternoon with - the firm of Little m
thn Mnlalned that
the different companlee Includedjlnhe
. - . . i . w mM.Ii
W.St toast Biaamanip wmwui
before the preeent Incorporation, was
the name under which the paeaenger
bualneas of the different eteam eohoon-
ers waa handled, have mergaa tneir iu
...... i nrAif nnt nnlr to irlve a bet
ter service to their patrone, but In their
own Intereat ae wen, aa m mu
mriu .An aw.-v with the necessity
of chartering outside vessels whenever
there Ie more freight man ma .im
ers of one oompany can handle,
ii.ninfnn whiia the., companies
have run, their vessels independently,
whenever one or mem naa naa rw
to transport Immediately they have been
under the neceeslty of chartering a
steamer rrom one or ine ovn.r
which was not only unsatlafactory, but
... . .La n.nMifirihl In tha Ion run.
Therefore, they decided that a coalition
would be the beat mmg lor an mm.
earned, tha oneratlna eompanles and the
Portland merchants as welL
They espect to lncreaae meir oinco
room on the Oak street dock in the near
future and will be in shape to handle
all of the passenger business at this end
of the Una
As soon as fttes permit they have no
doubt that four other Unea. which are
now running to puget sound ana urays
kiriui, mHll ha Included In the We at
Coast Steamship company and will make
this port as well. Tney are: Tne wnarie.
Nelson Lines, J. Homer Frltch line, end
th. trnamiii itna. now ODeratlnar be
tween California and Graye Harbor and
Puget sound, snd tne auaaen L.oris-
tlanson line, wbicn runs to uraye ti ar
bor. .. -- -' '
l; Steamers Operated.
Itia lumon nnerated br the West
Coast Steamship company are: The Ol-i
son & Mahoney. Jim Butler, J, Marhoff-
er. Thomas L. Wand. Ban Jacinto, uiym-
ni Bhaalu frtaklvnu. Racrlnaw. Qulnault,
Shoshone. St Helens, South Bay, all of
which are freighters, wnne woee m
ha,ye passenger accommodations are the
Tosemite. Yellowstone, Klamath " and
Northland. To these the company an
nounce that they also expect to add tne
t n stAtann ffralrht and naasentrer).
HorneC Wasp, Bee, Nome City (freight
and pasaenger), uowacan ana uiicb.
Of theae craft two are equipped with
wireless apparatus. They are the Klam
ath and the Tosemite, while the Yellow
stone and Shoahone will have apparatus
Installed as soon as ' possible. It IS
thought that it will be only a matter of
a short time when all of the vessels
running 'w. this- Unaepeclally those
carrying passengers, will be .equipped
with wireless apparatus. .
Nearly v all of the eteam'- sohooriers
which will be operated by this company
have been: more or less frequent callers
at Portland, but the manner .1A ' which,
they have been coming has been very Ir
regular. They have either befen coming
up independently for their owners " or
under charter toY'other Companiea f ..
Jany JArrtve Recently. ' ; ;
. In the last few months a great many
of them have been coming tip here on
the Richardson Steamship line, which
has been chartering the steamers to car
ry their cargoes northward. Tbe steam
er Northland, which belongs to the E.
3. Dodge company, has been making reg
ular trips from San Francisco to Couch
street dock, and the Nome City belong
ing to Gray & Holt, which Is one of the
steamers that the West Coast company
expect to add to their list, has also been
running to that dock. - r;, Y
A few weeks ago the Olson &. Mahoney
Steamship company, which" had been
chartering their vessels to. the Richard
son Steamship company, began, to -run
them between San Francisco and Port
land Independently, and when necessary
A most comfortable
and stylish
15 cents each"-2 for 25 cents
Cluett, Peabody & Cow, Makers -ARROW
CUFFS, 29 cents a Pair
All Rose" City Park' Cars run
through Laurelhurst. -Take car
at Third and Yamhill ts. Sales
men on the ground, . ffice 522
Corbett Building. ' f
' ' - ' i I . h
v a.l .4 j .
:i i laJ.tljjj&t' .Li!'."lj-.' sjtsiSaa .S: f'"
T e vmi 'Vfi rr$ i-t rriPTvfvmmVf)''. ?
ROSE! fn WjO! ;
ciTr i
PARK (I -:-:) '1$- '
" ' if?
I -
chartered other ateamere to carry enr
goea up hpre. ' ,
Bummed up. tke A7e.t Const Steam
Bhlp company, by the coalition of the
varioua companies mentioned, has made
lts.lf a powerful factor In tha passen
ger and fr.iaht trafllc between Port
land and the Bay City and la practically
In control of the steam achooner altua
tlon aa far as the Columbia river la con
cerned, ,
WlU Saadle Through Trelght,
On acoount of the close relatione be
tween the Weal Coast Steamship Com
pany and the Open River. Transporta
"The East Side People's Store" . SSS-OOTE. Morrison SL Near Grand Av.
Advance - Spring Display
The prices attached will enable the, woman of modest
the season's latest styles "and qualities at but little cost.
y ' .. .
A 11 f
I ' 1111
y man
Mb ;
Shiit'e 'Sale
Shoes for men,' women arid
children offered tomorrow at
exact factory cost. Every pair
of &ioes in' our .stock marked
for, tomorrow at the price they
cost to make. No profits. 2000
pairs shoes for boys or girls, all
sizes up to 2s, all solid q'q
leather $1.75 vals. at. . JfOC
- . ,
Boys9 Blouses
Twenty doz. Percale Blouse
Waists for Boys, .in light or
dark patterns, best 50c quali
ties, 11 sizes up to w OP
years, tomorrow
tion company, arrangement have been
made whereby the latter will hant's
tliioush freight for the Inland Empire,
which comes up from San Francisco
on the West Coast steamers, by means
of their stamera to the upper river.
In appsklng thla morning of a reg
ular pHSnoiier aervloe from Kan Fran
cisco by atcam schooners, I). Franklin,
a wull known- waterrront man aald:
"I don't that a aervlcv of thla
description would affect the buslnrsa
of the regular liners which carry pafc between the two porta, but
would undoubtedly, afford a cheaper
aT Wi,. ft
dcllclotis. healthful 4
pTClhe most valuable issro. (
td M tctiveprincip!?, to
Insures xvliclj
If ew 0 W
j w a-M4
delicious food for every
cay in every li
m Aim
vW. .i-A -.'t'.-'d-.
V nnnuhr (nrlnc Rhanra now in
JV J'VMIW. f " 1' '
you nave uccn.auusiuiucu- w
Exactly Lilcc
A new B. & G. tapering waist, long
of fine coutil, handsomely trimmed,
hose supporters attached on front and
model, all sizes, tomorrow at . . .
- - '
A.TtfAMr VP fir
fTX iaVW 4J4.
. raenaea
Skirt Model
Lilcc Drelvving
An extra long shape with extended ;
skirt of fine coutil and intended to
give a suggestion of the prevailing
straight mode to the figure. The s
peer of any $1.50 Corset i
market; all -sizes,- att:?-..r ttjt
yonly . , ... ejlAevvr t 5
M ill I "I '
Am R. S G.
V , A new batiste style of "great merit aid
beauty; 13-inch clasp .with long slop
: ' in? back' and hips; has f6ur lisle gar-'
. ters arid every stay silk stitched at bot-
. Ttom, fully gored and strongly boned,
' "t all sizes, in white only,' '
Boys' Overall
Fiftv 1 dozen ' Blue Denim
Overalls, 4., to 14 years, good!
:ight,-' any' size, .at, o I
: pair j 1 C J
niesns of travel with better thn ate-
age accommodation. . and would pr.
ably be the muatia of incresKlng t!
travel between the two ports.
n .11 times thtr Is- a certain
migratory class of people who would
without doubt take ailvHiitHa of thla,'
. . ,L.Il .1..., I, I) .
inenns or travel, i
be a very "good thing for Portland, par
tlcularly at this time. whn there I"
great call for men, to work on the dlf-.
fcront rallroada under construction la
thla aertlon of the country, as I be-,
lieve that a great many men will taku
advantage of thle line of steamers."
9 af
means to equip herself with
stock. and a special price in-
, , ' . . . ,
hip and long back, model, made
gored ; throughout; f
sides. A splendid f
........ ; ,
02 ,11 . rJ
on ' the "
AA '
Lace CuptaInsN
200 pairtf Bungalow Curtains, in
white, Arabian, dark rfcd or. green
colors; handsome designs, copies;
of - high-priced" patterns, and just
the thing; for the modern bungalow.
On Sale tomorrow at the QQn
..,,.. eVUV
We will place !on sale tonaorrow
500 women's 26-inch and men's 28
inch Umbrellas; the best $2.00 Unr
brellas in4he market to-Qt-'AA
Hay; $2.00 value, eachrU V AaVl
50 pieces imported strictly all-linen f
Table Damask,' beautmiL patterns
and the best $1.00 quality. . On sale
tomorrow at "half price.
HaiP NTeto
We. will place on jsale tornprr.
rnw the . hast 2oC Invisible
. v .... .4. t
Full-Sized Hair Nct;on the T-Ji
I market, all colors, at, r r - f 1
Uach . . . .V. . . ... . . . . OCj
JrV . )
' . mm
II Ha. ' '