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. . . . .. . ' r.
Captain Riley at San Francisco
" Drags Lieutenant Valente
From Certain Death.:
fT7nIt4 Pkms Lmm4 Wtn.1
Pn Francisco, Feb. I.-At tha risk
of hla own life and with an effort that
t , left him mora dead than all, Captain
. John J. JUley. of ths local flra depart
went resoued Lieutenant .Eugene Val
ente from certain death in tha base-
t.nint,f Morris brothers' .building at
California and Markst street today,
, when a flra that for a time threatened
to be dleaatroua was attracting, tha at-
. tantlon of all their oomrades.
' The fire started In the basement and
five firemen were aent through a door
" In the sidewalk to fight It The amoke
' was so thick that they were aoon
' nearly overcome. In a panicky struggle
tn escane ther fought for the leader.
In the excitement both Riley and
Valente ,wera thrown , backward Inta
tha basement Riley recovered Quickly
"i and groping bis way started to ellmb
to the sidewalk, when ha Douoea vaj-
enta, face downward In a pool or water,
(Sortil aw If a dtllr f tur. of Tb Joarttat,
Any on wlshlna to luMrt eacb mwi bonld
end It drnrd to tb soHttr editor ee t.U.
pbooe It bvfare 10 ( clock la the morning.)
Mrs. Parish I Willis will leave to
night for a visit with ber daughter.
Mrs. George Nottage. in Beattle.
8. Benson and Miss Carolyn Benson
returned yesterday from a four months
pleasure trip through Routhern Califor
nia and Honolulu. Miss Benson was
reoently a guest at a dinner riven by
T. 1L Bnng Pee Tung,, first aocretary
to the Chinese consul In. Honolulu.
Other - Portlanders Dreeent were Mlsa
Helen Van Schuyrer. Miss Huff. 'Mrs.
W. J, Van Schuyver and Mr.' and. Mra
C K. Henry.' ... -,; . l: ;. , ,
Mrs. Jamas' Kverlhrton Is being ex
tensively entertained In Manila, where
her. husband, Lieutenant Everlngtotv Is
stationed with the.Jolo regiment Be
fore her marriage last December. Mra
Everington was Mies -Helen Stever,
most attractive ' girl -and a dramatlo
reader of ability. Mrs. Everlngton le
nieoa or Morraaa Haekett ' tha well
Known -aoior.
Mrs. WnMara JL Baker will leava this
week to visit her old-home Jra Phlladel
phis. Mr, Baker will , accompany Jier
as -far as Denver,' Colorado. Upon her
unconscious. Riley wee nearly over- I return tha first of rAprtV Mrs. Baker
coma and tried U Yun n i '
onto. Then his hand fell upon a pieca
of rope. He tied It about tha fainting
man's shoulders and drarged him to
Ha then tied the other end of the
rope about hla own shoulder and with
a auperhuman effort drew Valente out
f the hole. Riley then fainted. , The
two firemen were ruehed to a hospital,
where they were revived with treat dif
will movainto her new home on Coun-
au creel . .. A ...
Mrs. . Sarah Jay has returned : from
Seattle, where aha has been a guest of
her daughter Mrs. Thornton Williams
for two week a "
Mies Ada.Doernbeoher left last week
for tha east 8he will visit her old
home in Milwaukee and later will go
to Chicago and New York. Her father,
The wholesale" grocery stock of the F.. 8. Doernbeoher. expects to Join her
Morris firm and the stock of the iiern
atore were badly damaged by smoke and
water, but the actual damage from fire
was not heavy., Tha origin or tna lire
is unknown.
January was considered a slow month
police circles. The numner oi ar
rests HronDed below the average, crime
decreased and municipal court receipts
fell off $500 The detective branch of
the department made a good showing.
. In the report of Harry Circle, deek
sergeant to Chief of Police. Cox, the
number of arrests Is given aa 1338. Laat
month there were 1511 persons placed
behind the . bars. ; Forty women were
arreated as against 1 to December.
Only two gamblers were arrested.
During - January 4T drunken men
- arrested, r For this 1 same offense 3I
were taken In during December. The
clopartment , oarrled jwar against ""po
lice dodgers" in the north end and va
granta in general. , There were 365 ar
rested. Only two men were arrested
, for "cussing.. Three men tried to whip
policemen and were arrested.; i
f- Out of 11 bogus, check- cases reported
uto the detective department. H . were
' cleared up. Thefts ttt tha- number of
1398 were reported. Investigation of
1 minor reports and gathering of evidence
In ' cases In the "municipal , nd , circuit
"courts was' also carried on with much
Energy by the detectlva bureau., The
report from this department shows that
more work' Is being accomplished now
' than has been the case in tha past two
years. ' The changes and reorganization
by Captain Moore are having a splendid
: effect : v : '"T-;-.1 -
' ' It cost the city 3339 to board the men
in the city Jail and 1150 for those at
the rockpile. The municipal vourt took
In $1234.
In Chloago, and together they will visit
New Torn. Miss Doernbecher will re
turn in April. .
MTa D. W. Belger. who makes her
home with her daughter, Mrs. A. O,
Chaloupka, in Irvlngton, will sail Sat
urday from San Francisco for a ' trip
around the world. Mra Belter's trip
will consume six months tlma
Miss Dorothy Morrison will give a tea
Friday afternoon, complimentary to
Mlsa Evelyn Wilson and Miss Anita
. .. r -
Mrs. Charles E. Rumelln will give a
small bridae dinner tonight In her
Thirty-second 'street homo. The . table
will be' arranged with pink carnations
and ferns. The guests will be Mr. and
Mrs, W. It Hathaway. Mr. and Mra
F. A. Jonea and Mr. and Mra Thomas
B. Foster.
Mrs. Edwin Caswell will entertain
Friday at her hone on Overton street
with 10 tablea of bridge.
Mrs. Lloyd X Wentworth'gavs a small
tea yesterday afternoon In her Irvlng
ton street home In honor of Mrs. E. II.
Dodge, and,Mtss Pond of 8an Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. Dodge have recently come
here from San Francisco and are oc
cupying the C T. Whitney home on
Marshall street while the Whltneys tour
southern California. Miss Pond la the
guost of Mra Dodge, About fifteen
friends called to greet the hostess and
meet her guests of honor.
. - ." e :
Miss Anita Bums will give a lunch
eon Tuesday of next week.
. ., ,' . ' , . '
The Toung Men's Social club of St
Lawrence churoh will give a whist party
and dance tonight at St Lawrence hall.
Third and Sherman streets. ' The club
bas arranged a good program Jfor the
occasion. This will bo the last party
given until after Lent
, ' i ...',. e . , i ,,.,, ', '
. The wedding of Miss Mabel Knowlton
and Robert Strong waa solemnised at
the home of the bride's mother, Mra
Dexter A, Knowlton, In Freeport, 111.,
yesterday afternoon. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Howard B. French
of Chloago at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Strong is
a sister of Mrs. Frederick Strong of this
olty, whom aha visited laat summer, and
a Smith .college graduate. - She Is mu
sically Inclined, having ' studied with
Qodowsky, Reglna Watson 'and Harri
son Wild, following this by two yeara
as assistant la the musical department
of ' Rockford college.
iongs. to one
here, and for the last three years
been manager of 'the Corbett estate.
His father was ths late Dr. Curtis. C
Strong."1, He Is a brother of Miss Alloa
Strong.' Frederick Strong and Stewart
Strong and a nephew of Mra. Matthew
P. Deady. Mra Edwara ..Falling, Mra
George Murch and Mra.. John Cat I In.
Mr. and Mrs. Strong will sail February
I from New York for Gibraltar on their
honeymoon trip, which .-will consume
some three months' time.
Epidemic Feared and Stringent
Regulations Applied Seine
Again Within Its Banks.
(Cnltea Press Leased Wire.)
Paris, Feb. . t.- Several cass' of ty
phoid fever . were reported to the au
thorities today and , an epldemio Is
feared among , those who have used
water from tha city's usual supply. This
water has been polluted by the breaking
of mains and.tronk Beware uae?or he
Streets and the health authorities have
Issued warnings against lt consump
tion. The department of health is urg
ing npon the people thenecessity ,of
Mr. Strong be- hniMT'ih. w.tar thev una for domestic
Of the . pioneer families i numosea. Its asrenta have Placarded
has I tv, ,th . ttoatera advlainar' this
4 ' " (Special toV The Journal)
e , Oakland. Or; Feb. t.-Last
e night waa the first time that
e "Comet A-1810" waa visible at
e Oakland, It waa distinguished
e here at 1:39 p. . m. and at T '
e o'clock the body and tall were
e very Plain. As it descended to
e ward the horUon tha toll became
e . so bright that it cast raya elml-
lar to that or a prignt moon.
, Albany. Or., Feb. I. With a
aky as olear aa crystal Comet
A-lllO. waa visible to the naked
eye last evening aa early as ;59
o'clook. - Gradually . It became
ef brighter until Its head shone
Pendleton, Or, Feb, 1 Reports from
the Interior of the John Day country
say a great number of stock are stair
Ing to death. In this immediate vicin
ity there are no losses reported, . bnt
the cold weather Is entailing great ex
pense on stockmen.: Feed Is almost e
hausted and If the severe weather .con
tlnues sheep and cattle raisers will suf
fer heavily. The thermometer reached
sero last night
Dayton. Wash.. Feb. 2. With snow
falling at the rate of an inch an hour, a
fierce wind driving It In blinding sheets,
and the thermometer standing 15 above
sero, the Touchet valley Is In the grip
of the worst storm of the winter. A
warm rain which continued for two
days turned to snow yesterday and the
meroury fell rapidly. The storm has
abated but Indications this evening are
for a continuation of the snowfall.
Baker City. Or- Feb. E. Very" little
uffering is reported In this section as
result of the cold speimn eastern
Oregon. The recent warm , spell was
not sufficient to cause much of a thaw
and stockmen are well provisioned. All
ths stock In Baker county is reported
In fine shape.
Joaenh Commercial club has Issued a
neat folder about that Interesting and
prosperous 'town.
the City with posters
course, physicians . today are inveatl-
gatlng the stricken, districts and ex
treme measures if necessary," will be
taken' to prevent . a spread of the dis
ease. ' . i . . t-
Ths Seine Is falling Vapidly and is
practically within its banks. The au
thorities have permitted the use of most
of tha bridges that were' deemed unsafe,
and trafflo is fast resuming its nor
mal conditions.' - t r
Aside from a few minor dlstarhanoes,
the police have little difficulty in re
straining the. lawless element Ths
Apaohes continue their depredations but
their disturbances are promptly queued
by tha officers.- ' . - t
is to build a 130,000 sohool
like a star. This Is by far the
beat, view: of tha oomet Svs had
; at Albany.' ... y - t : I
' Roseburg, " Or Feb. S. Last
night . was clear and hundreds
viewed Comet A-1 10. It was di
rectly over, the western horlson
near the evening, a tar. t. :
'..,. '..'..".. ..
,. i i
. Filing on Klamath IUrer.
;' " 8aem BnrMQ f The JoontL) 1
Salem. Or. Feb. 3.-1L K. Brown
made a flllrg on waterpower alt on
Klamath. river. yastarday in the. office
of the atate engineer. He paid a fee
Of $1070. Tha value, of the filing (s
represented to be 1280,000. . '
Tide TJncorer Agate. -
. (Apeclal Dtupateh to The JoareaLl
Newport Or.,- Feb. ,.-The - recent
high tldea have .uncovered Urga areas
of agate bearing gravel, and. when the
weather permits large orowds may be
seen on the beaches' searching for the
agates, which have made Newport fa
mous. '','. ... '" ,'''-"
Several 'doses will make your
out-of-order Kidneys . !
' . M fine, r
Hundreds of folks here are needless
ly miserable and worried Decaues qi
out-of-order kidneys,. backache or blad
der trouble. ' .
If you will take several doaes of
Papa's Dluretio all misery from a lame
back. rheumatism, painful , stitches,
inflamed or swollen . eyeiias, - nervous
headache. " irritability, dizziness.' worn-
out alck feeling and other, symptoms
of overworked or deranged kidneys
wil vanish., .'.--. - " . ?
TTncontrollable.. amartlng, frequent
urination (eapecially-at night) and all
bladder mieery ends. -
This unusual preparation goes ai
onoe to tne aisoraerea sjuneys,.' umu
der and urinary system, and, . distrib
utes its healing, cleansing gnd vitalis
ing Influenoe dlrecUy upon tn organs
and glands affected, and completes the
oure before you realise It
- The moment you suspect any kldnsy
or urinary disorder, or feel rheuma
tism coming, begin taking this harm
less medlolne, with the knowledge that
there is no other remedy, at any price,
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prompt a cure as a fifty-cent treatment
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Your Dhvalclan. pharmaciat banker
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Only 'Curative reium cm vuuiw vm
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kidneys, bladder and urinary organs
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Accept only Pape s jjiureuo inty-
eent treatment rrom any . oryg wrt
-ny where in the world.
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. ,T Fun at Pantagos. .;''",
I...' .For thff merriest evening's entertain
rrtent in town don't fall to see Fantagea
this wepk. One of ths feature acts Is
-presented1, by Ilarland .and Rolllaon.
European, eccentric ; musicians,, who
tilng down ths house with their hilar!
.'ous comedy and excellent, though eccen
tric playing of various musical Instru
ments. , ..t . .. .
: Orphfum Bill Pleases Everybody,
' It Is a bang up comedy bill .at tha
Orplieum this week. Bert Leslie and
company top the program In a scream
ingly funny playlet called "Hogan in
Boclety." , The comedy la spontaneous.
Mr. Leslie la a capable character actor
and. hlsi lmpersonatlptt cf the Bowery
' saloonkeeper is as artistic as It Is funny.
JMatlnee every day. ,
I . Till , 'm III! ' Mil".'- "
' Brewster's Mflllons Attracts. '
I ' Anything that makes a noise Ilka a
million dollars is bound to attract; and
In the case of 13rewster's Millions" at
tha Baker this week, a record breaking
' comedy , fills every seat at every per
forraance. It goes through the throes
of spending a million a year legltl-
nifttely with a lively young man and Is
i rich In comedy situations. .
5. '. Iiast Time Blanche Walsh Tonight,
rt ' Tonight "at 8:11 o'clock the last per
J 1 ormance of the ; famous and favorite
American actress, Blanche Walsh and
; her company, In Joile Eckhert Goodman's
k flay, ri'he . Test,", will be given. This I
J will ' afford your last opportunity of
w seeing this clever drama written by a
former Portland er. .
J; . ; Louis James xt Sunday.
The favorite American actor, Louis
James, supported by Aphte James and
an excellent company of players, will
present Shakespeare's "Henry VHI" at
w the Bungalow theatre, nest Sunday and
Tuesday nights, February 6 and 8, The
Merchant of Venice" February 7 and 9.
Dainty Bicycle Girls. ' ,
Six pretty and graceful girls riding
bicycles In a mass of evolutions are the
particular attraction this week at the
Grand. ' This is the Bessie Yaldare
troupe of cyclists. Other attractions
ars Lora, the human bird:' tha Craigs,
In a first class musical act; ."Politics
and Fettleeats," a playlet, and Jackson,
the cartoonist
Warrenton Man Arrested. .
fSiwli.1 lt,Ptch tn Tb Journal.!
W'srrenton, Or., Feb. 2. Maud- B.
Blake of this city caused ths arrest of
tier husband, Albert A. Blake, for threat
ening to kill her and her 6-months-old
chiht Preliminary examination of de
fendant will b held before Judge Eas
tatrook. .
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