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-J T"
1 -. y
posed to that nobody could get near the
dresser or tha table, tha ahost became I
sulky a,nd refused to manifest.
Thla morning a" Star representative
saw Mr. and Mrs. Cupid, who ars'so
frightened : that they ' hava removed
many of their" foods and chattels from
tha house, and refuse to return.. They
ara lodging, with a kindly ielghbof. Tha
neighbors up and down tha atreet are
all In eUt of excitement over tha
Strange Case Similar to-One 2 SSiES- "1
Affecting Local Lad Is Re
ported in Sheffield.
Charles Oster Here Studying
Oregon Method of Hold
ing Elections.
Charlet. Oster, . noted barrister of
primary. ,, - , i . , . v
"Franca la not yet ready for tha at
rect . primary, or tha modern .election
awa now operating in tha' United
States," said Mr. Oater today. "Never
theless, wherever I have been ! have
Plebaiaa "Spook.
"It started Its physical manifesta
tions iam days ago. and la a plebeian
; 'spook aelactlng for tta habitat and
acena of operations not a picturesque
auggeatlon that the Cuplda hava been
victimized by a silly and too obvious
practical Joke.
Tha floor of the kitchen waa thla
morning atrewn with broken crockery,
Mr. Cunld told our repreaentatlva that
ham rhrtat Ytasf Yisantt 11 n a itm ripanbg
In Sheffield, Torkshtrs, England, Ugaln laat night. Mr. Cupid and an-
rhyalcal manifestations almllar to thoaa other.' drawn hither by tha fascination I Farla, France, and author of worka on
attributed to 11-year-old Ernest Harps I of tha unknown, went laat night Into I American election lawa and legislation,
of Portland hava terrified tha natives. th kitchen where all tha manifests-1 j Portland atudylng tha working!
Tha Torkahlra Telegraph and Btar for "on" urrta. " P' a oow on of th direct ' primary, , Initiative and
Monday, January 10. received by Charles t'A ' ' " referendum and recall. When ha re
Jonea of Portland, aaya: ' I hllnr but inotilaltlve. Mr.Cunld re- turns to Parle, In May, Mr. Oater lo-
-Moat of the Inhabitants of Candow J pieced tha bottle on tha dresser, ButltMids wr,t book on tba direct
. . . 1 a 1 -11...- I. . a,AKKA.iAM 4 I M J . I- . .J I u . U 1 I n . f . . a. .. " 9 ' 4. - r
th time being tha budget, tariff reform thla time tha spiteful ghost amaahed It
and Mr, King Farlow. The fear of thai "While Mr. .Cupid waa relating thla
ghnat Ilea heavy on their aoula. It la an lateat Incident a crowd of open mouthed
Invialhle groat at any rate, one that I onlooker, who wre assembled about
does lta work In tha dark and It poa-lthe open doorway,-commented In awe-
aeftsea tha vindictive, deatructtva ln-atrlcken accents on tha . myatery,' and I ..,. th. AiTmrt Yrimrv In ra.t favor
atlnct that distinguishes ao many of lta the cynical smile of tha skeptical . ra- . Dredlct, lu eventual adoDtlon In
1 uva am duAia twt 4 n a at 1 as tr intti fan itna - - -. . - - -
-Com. lata.' aald Mr. Cunld. 'and - Convention System la larl.
mu enn hava tha house to yourself aa "But at thav present tlma, tha con
long aa you- like." , Ivention system, auch aa It worked dur-
Mrnest Haras aaltated Portland and " tha administration of President
I...- .1 - - . 1 . w - MkIJar.kiim'In tha ITnftaA Atntea im In An
country manalon. redolent of tha my- pchlcai influancea auppoaed to ba araUon. Our alecUon ' lawa ara crude
tery of eenturlea. but a working man a by hlm. WM, alleged to bava nd yet not too crude. Wa alect by
r.!i ZZZ ? W .n Vf h.rrVfM cauaed furniture, brlo-a-brao and crock, roeana of two ballota If. on tha flrat
latd part of tha eaat end of Sheffield. t . mtu.t , lh- hom(, ot him ballot none of tha candldatea hava tha
election is neia anq
who had tha largeat
at tha flrat election.
Togemer wiin aira. uupia. wires mui nesed the cavortlnM of tha furniture, ara voted on. In caaa of a tie. tha
children, ana two nrotnera-in-iaw. Ben. .t. u . .....i- .v,. .,... inMr nMKi r.nniM ir.i.inn.
. . . . . .. W11SI1 vujr woilfc iruiaiuv tuv huuh i - . - .
jamin ana ueorga iAipia. nava peen aia-1 . in th. T.nilara uauallv held two weeks anart.
1 I ,. I I -.. '
, mrKU B, m vi bi riciini mci-1 .. o.r.i avs later Ernest Harnal "Unaer tne convention . ayatem now
dents by which, by a steady aura prog- WM uken i0 . th. Valley hotel te be I In operation, everything la cut and dried
" " "" with hla mother, Mrs. Annla Harpa. tha Derora xne elections, soma sort of a
thlnga in tha houae hava bean complete- housekeeper.' There, on aeveral occa- primary under tha convention aystem,
y5.",?tIu w . alona. tha ohalra and tables danced and or-aaaembly plan, la being tried out,
"All tha happenings hava been In the .k,. but ao far has been a farce, auch as
car. ei na rainieai iiicaer irom a I nui In phirn nf I la your old convention ayatem
- . -. . 1 a iivu asaswD n , r"- m vi - w
wax isper appear, ana tne supernatural j x,ieB Qjibert. and for more than Campaigning Different.
...niwm. vunait mi 1110 iniuni. rMTij 1 . .4, rlnaelv Watched. NOthlne I n 1. An .
r .1.V vT. C- V'-""''''1'3" occurred during tne uma no was un- fr0m electioneering In tha United
In tha kitchen by the famllr upstalra. dfr the phydclan'a care. 8everal daya Btatea. Public meetlnge aem not to
and on Investigation two platea and a aftr beiB taken back to tha Valley chan th, mind ef tha massea TJie
bread loaf wara found on tba floor. On Uti however, and while tha boy. hlaUi. .ni., kmiii w. J...
ji . 1 " .C -" - motner ana aeverai omrr. wro -Mins that is no sign they will vota for them.
"""" V , -"?m ".' " luncheon, a lemon pie suaaniy roue in .-The best method to gain votes'ln
" inn ir, nua .m.u ..v. - 1 rTance is ny personal, inaiviaual so-
f(.uii aruuuu nu nai 11 niratu was i anace or time, ana tnen leu dbck to ins 1 iiMt.tinn rnirin. nn. t
" "" 1 taoie. rouuiyiin sonaiiy viaitea 1600 persona In a period
On Thursday nigh V. when Mr. pie silverware and crockery rolled from of, three weeka.- French hoaplUlity
Ciplda mother and elater and brother i off the table and pandemonium reigned lnrn m.u, th...
"y m. nomini Dui nn tn rmrai iurmir v" w tha candidate. One candidate of whom
uumyinsi! Yirro xiraro, oui 1115 DHllwetKI) nominjf ouv 01 nw uiuiili iimij knew Visited 2500 VOterS In
nigni wnen neianoors went in to prove I occurrea in tne preeanca 01 wm-yuuin. 1 months.
or disprove tnese nappeninga, orna-
iata pan or ina east ena or Bnetrieia. , D0 t , tn- boma ot ballot none of tha grindpsrenta. at Sixteenth and Mar- majority, a aacond
,f-uy."ln tt CnP- Zhau-.treeta. for a period of mora than tha two candldatea
!1:m."W!!rwt'h?' Four hours. About 100 peraona wit- number, of vote, a
six I
ments were flung off the dresser and
amaahed, a basin cantered acroas (lie
room, narrowly mlantng a human head;
a plate waa crashed and a woman
Barrel nies Back.
"When on top of thla, a beep barrel
humped down the cellar steps, one at a
time, rattled : ominously and flew up,
contrary to all known phyalcal lawa,
to the top of tbe etepa again, of lta own
accord, tha only thing left to do was, of
course, to call In those omniscient per
sona, the police. A large number of
people, gathered outside the - house,
when, on Saturday night, several mem
bers of the .Attercllffe police force,
' COMMITTESS FOR YEAR " registration is compulsory In
. - I 8.500.000 voted at the last el
'In Franca a much larger per cent
of people vote than in tha United States.
Out of 10,800,000 registered voters-
T...M.n Twvwlth - of h rnmm.r. auaing mat percentage to ran la tha fact
clal club haa announced tha appointment tnat nav atandlng array of 00.
of the following atandlng commlttteee 00. mtn' " f whom ara registered
to aerve for the ensuing year: out are not allowed to vote."
. r.s.rHnn rininnei eirinnv oht. I Mr. Oster will leave for San Fran-
man; W. J. Hoffman, vice-chairman, aa- f ?huI?Al- b5t.wlU "rn to Port-
sioted by the board of dlrectora.
land In March, before going back to
Memberahip Roger B. Slnnott, chair- Krftnc r Prtlelpata In tha apring cam
man; Oeorga Lawrence, vice-chairman;
F. S. Weat, E. B. Piper. I J. Went
worth. Auditing L. J. Wentworth, chair
man; F. II .lianaon, vice-chairman; C,
C. Colt, T. W. B. London, Oeorga W.
patgn. He Is A gueat at the Hotel Ore
fearinar nauaht. entered with other nel
sons, and then a 'number of plates I simons.
amaahed, . a table turned over on Its 1 Library and Property George W.
Bitle and a walking atlck walked. But J Simons, chairman: T. B. Wilcox. J. C.
when the persons In the room were dia- Ainaworth, F. J. Fuller. R. B. Sinnott.
Eapo Negotiates at Merrill.
Merrill. Or.. Fob. 2. 1L P. Hoey. 'as-I
slstant engineer, and W. - 8. Worden.
right-of-way agent, met with tha cham
ber of commerce to discuss the construe-1
lion of the proposed Southern Pacific
Automobile Contest
Ends Feb. 10th
You can help your little friend secure
one of those handsome motor cars
without cost to yourself.
Make your purchases at these stores this
week and next VOTES with '
every purchase.
REDUCED PRICES in aU departments
Third and Oak .
First and Yamhill:
Kj First and Morrison
m I J f 1 If ..v I 1 '.V. & I . m . mm m.i v
line through Merrill A survey' was
made a year ago, when Merrill 'offered
a free depot -alta and right-of-way for
elx nUlea to the north-toward Klamath
Falls.'. Y V ; . ;
Two suryeys were made, one running
to Klamath Falla and tha other to Mid
land. Mr. Worden anggested that Meri
rill provide rlghta-of-wuy half the dla-
tanca to either point, and tha chamber
named a'commlttee to begin' work ae
curlng tho desired atrlpa of, land. -
Captain 'MarNhall Vislta Newport,
(Special Dliuitrb to Tk. Jour nil.) '
Kewiort. Or., Feb. 5. Captain John
Marshall of Portland waa In the city
yesterday. Captain Marshall ia one ot
the) ownera ' of tha ateamer Newport,
which plies dally between Newport and
Yaqulna. Captain Marshall la na of
the oldest ateamboat men on tha north
west coast, .'.
' 3 Mlloa f Pip at Newport.
Newport,' Or Feb. 2. About three
miles of pipe haa been laid on the line
of tha Newport waterworks, nl
la DroKreislngU It la expert.-d t
. a .ftl U alila fn .
nniiTinrTPri wiu us naav v vntnn i
mountain water by June 1.
t-AXATIVK t)HOM Quinine. th worM 1
Cold and Gilj rml, w""2 ' al1
lull O.uio. Vok t .liiture M. W. Ur.
Concert Daily by M. Q F. Ladies' Orchestra, Seventh Floor Restaurant, 1 1 to 2 ;30Tcke Lunch Hen
Agents Warnei1 Corsets, Perrin and Trefousse Cloves, Nulife Shoulder Braces. Fay Stockings, etc.,vctct
the iGimtllsr':. Frauk Store
tl)iggmgXhIt?, Ddds and Efldo Thursday BargoinG
DigginR Out' women' and children's Handkerchiefs.
Great cleanup of Kerchiefs, fine hemstitched, embroid
ered and lace edges; large assortment patterns;, "1 O-,'
rrg."25c valued, .special Digging Out price, each Xds
1 Oc and 15c Kerchiefs at 6c
Great cleanup' on soiled and mussed , Swiss and linen
Handkerchiefs;, regular . 10c and ISt values, spe-. I?
cial Digging Out Sale price while they last, each Ui'
75c-$ 1 aOO Drape Veils 29c
Odds and ends "of Lace Drape and Chiffon Drape Veils
with silk embroidered borders, scalloped and OQ
plain edges; assorted colors; while they last, ea. aL
Women's 50c Hose3Pra$l;
r : t , . j t r.. .ill fath'
ioned, silk, finish, extra long legs, fast dye, CI fl
all sizes;1 regular 50c values, three pairs fof.VfW
Children's 25c Hose 1 8c Pr
Boys' and. girls black cotton Cribbed seamless i fose
m nf heat rnmhfrf mien varn. fast dve and 10J
will wear satisfactdrily, all sizes; 2Sc values, pair
Women's 75c Hose 3?c Pr.
A special lot of women's staple and fancy Hose, in
eluding plain black lisle wilh extra. wide gartered.tops
unlit mafrt'teet. and full fashioned imported styles
with embroidered and all lace and lace boota, 07 p
in all colors; special Digging Out Sale price, pr. O M
The Grtat Fifth
. . - - - ' " 1 " - ; 1 J
fPL.'. L f ' - t "' Li'.' - ""r . 1' ' ' i T'lj.tJ 1 l.... mU AnM,mi4- '
xms tumprcncn5ivc exposition 01 gooa imngs to cat 15 one oi inc greatest evenxa xortiaiiu nouacaccpcta "" upituui ut
attending. Fifty exhibits, arranged in. tastefully decorated booths, thousands of free samples and iweet music all day.;-You'
know how thoroughly the Meier & Frank Store does things. See what, splendid entertainment and display have been prepared
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Thursday's Big Fpigr Specials Tomorrow Only
Every Item Presented in This Lot Is a Sensational Value Attend
; : : : : ' : r ; ;
One of the Big Four Basement
V? , . ; .
Sugar Cured Ham I8V2C Pound
Tomorrow only, in the basement Grocery section, best sugar
cured ham, an especially mild cure, deliciously good; buy
all you want for this one day; a rousing special 1 nj
for one of the big four at low price of, per pound I
One of the Big Fotir First Floor
121&C Ginghams at 6Ac Yard
Remnants and short lengths of best Domestic Gingham, in
stripes and plaid patterns, a clean up of all remnants at half
the regular selling price. Come and supply your 1
needs Thursday at the very low price of only, yard. v4v
One of the Big Four Third Floor
$5 White Wool Blankets $3.57
For Thursday only in the third floor Bedding and Blanket
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wool, pink or blue borders; regular price $5 fl CF
pair,; tomorrow for the big four, at, special. . ffi a.a C
One of the Big Four Basement
500 No, 9 Wash Boilers $ I; 19
Tomorrow only for this remarkable special. A lot of 500 tin,
copper rim Wash Boilers, No. 9 size; sell regularly at $1.60
each. A stirring special for the big four ft
Thursday specials, at low price, of, each. ,4) 1
Edition De Luxe Book Sale Save $4 the PnMishers Prices
; : ; ' ' ' - '. . :. ... "v - . - ,1. - .-....- j . - . . - -
This sale is, attracting the attention of every bookloyer in Portland, for this is the first opportunity the better class book trade
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$2 White Petticoats 89c
Digging Oat Odd Lots Mnslinwear
Women's white cambrk Petticoats,' with lawn
top; made lwith wide flounces and trimmed
with lace insertions, edgings, clusters of tucks
and embroideries. Regular $1.50 and QQ
$2.00 values, special for this sale only Oil
Framed Pictures at Half
Digging Out Odd Lots in This Dept.
An exceptional offering on high-class Pictures.
Large selection of frames, subjects, sizes and
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add to your home at small cost. ' Remember
that these Pictures never were marked high
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Some of them are slightly. damaged, but the
defects in any case are hard to discern. Water-
colors, hand-colored gravures, pastels, engrav-'
ings, carbons, etc. Regular prices run 1
from 50c to $20 Digging Out Sale price '
Icto $5 Each
Remembrances for
St. Valentine's Day
should be purchased
early, then you're
surer of a full
choice. Many are
buying riow and
those who attend to
the matter promptly
while stocks are. full
have wide selec
tions. For sale 'on
4th f floor, lc to f5
Cement 15c
Favorite vase or piece
of fine:china broken?
Don't mind. Mend it
with ."(Fixit. pement."
Hot water bag leak?
Mend that with "Fix-it,"-
too. Sticks tight.
See the ' demonstra
tion on first -. floor.
Flxlt t Iot Water Bag
and .Rubber cement,
with patches . ,. .25
Plxlt Chlnnand Crock
ery Cement 15di 25
Women's. White Petticoats,1 regular- fl" JQl
ly worth $275 to $3.00, special at DlaUi
$3.50 and $4.00. values, now on sale at.-, . $2,-59
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Digging Out Women's Underwear
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I 1.00 1
TAX 8. I
33 c
Sale Short Lengths Carpets SAVINGS
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Digging Ou: Men's Furnishings
Regular gl.75 Dress Gloves S1.15,
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cial and Perrin's Imported P. Ki Kid ; also Eng
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