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f.lrs. ; Abigail ' Scott Duniway
Writes on Development of '
1 Movement in East.
; nv AbirU Scott rmnlway.
t New York, Jan. 28. Being aware that
h majority of the readers of The Jour
Hal. Whom thai Initiated leaders of the
ifrrago movement on the Pacific coast,
tnow, and appreciate a the "silent
mf fraglsts of America," are eagerly
watching for tldlnga of our work from
the Atlantic side of our widespread eon-timnt,-
I draw asido from the rush and
. furry that surrounds m on every hand.
Jo give to your columns a running ac
count of thing I have wen and heard.
- JHrs. Greeley Reads Faper.
llrst. there .was : Mrs. Greeley's
v.i..iie, olv.-n cm Tuesday, at the
lValdorf-AstorIa, -where a representative
katiirrlng of club women, chiefly of the
aii.nt airffraae order, were treated to, a
L.iit,ifnl nner bv. Mrs, Greeley oil
franco .and Hpaln, - ending wlth-an Inv
f-roinptu address by the writer, followed
by a reception in her honor, with Mrs.
hrlott Wllbour. veteran suffragist
., rinh woman. t lta head. The In
irfur that has followed between
rnyself and the silent suffragists of the
tlty, who form : the large najoriy i
women everywhere, who deprecate. the
rataplan and tambourine hurrah of the
trust '-that wrecicea-ua in vrriu "
1 905-6. and made our cause a roaring
farce in the atate of Washington last
June, has been almost continuous.
"Trusf Wrecks.
: That the wrecking of constitutional
amendments submitted for women's en
franchisement In Nebraska, boutn ua-
kota, Michigan. Kansas, wasnmgron ana
wm caused by the domination
of this "trust," working in more or less
secret conclave with the fanaticism mat
Induced congress to pass the anti-canteen
law and then make that law both a
secret and open excuse for refusing the
right of suffrage to all women, Is begin
ring to open the eyes of all honest co
workers wit a saia '-trust," is ioowb jo
It la Illustrated oy the formation of
numerous "leagues" or women wno can-
rot longer be kept Jn "sllenoe,': ana by
the Quiet determination of. many well
imnwn ana level headed advocates to
ehanre the present national . admlnls-i
trstlon Into a system that will convince
voters everywhere that the majority of
women are not seeking: for the political
epportunlty to enforce ,blue laws.
) ; .women Who Most work., v
I They are seeking to free' the vast
array of women who must work .for
wages, , starve themselves - and children
to death or live -the lives of shame that
fosult from the subjugation of woman
as a class. " '-.'v !,' - V v -
Among the leaders ofi the movement
who have reached 'the parting, of the
ways are . Mrs. .Carrie Chapman " Catt,
president of the International ' Woman
Suffrage association, a wealthy and
beautiful woman, who lives In elegant
comfort In a grand apartment bouse
Overlooking West antral tfarki and Mra,
Clarence Mackey, to whose meeting at
tle Garden theatre a party of four of ns
was admitted yesterday by her special
invitation.' -. "" K" r -'.'
-, , ' . Mrs. Mackey Active. V
Mrs. Mackey Is a tall, willowy,, ele
gantly gowned, handsome, young and
wealthy woman, before whom the aver
age man will bow In admiration, though
he would turn with contempt from the
pleadings of the worn out mother of many
children whose sad - experiences have
taught her the need of the ballot In the
interest of equal pay lr equal work for
men and women In the struggles of the
submerged majority for a livelihood.
The chief Incident at the meeting yes
terday was the scholarly, comprehensive
and almost too exhaustive address of M.
ponls Anspaeher, who Is proud to be
known as the Tiusband of Katherlne Kid
der, the ; famous actress, whose gray
htiiied "grandmotherbeamed, upon hlnj
from a conspicuous position through the
hour and a half, of his. oration.' ' ' t
- Bad. fpr;Botlvv-;'-S;''
' "The control ot women by men ,1s pad
fur both,? said the. apeaker, , 'The . In
dustrial fxpLoltatloa. of-defenseless Wo
inon has dono more to disrupt the home
timn any other power ever could. .
-Slan Js growing, to hate woman as
he hates a cheap machine with whloh
he tiMist compete. , Poverty Is our
real Gorgon. It Is very easy to tell
the poor to be virtuous. Te deny the
ballot to women till they know how to
use It Is like denying us water till we
knov how to swim.
A brief visit at suffrage headquarters,
605 Fifth avenue, found the plans, for
conducting the campaign of the national
officers to be a magnified duplicate of
their headquarters' In Portland daring
the national campaign tn 1905-.
Many raid Employes.
The whole of the seventeenth story
of the great modern building Is occu
pied by these salaried officers and their
ru. r""r'T-i as a gift for the year
frtfni the bountiful hand of Mrs. O. II.
Belmont, who was not present at the
lme of my call.
But Ida Husted Harper, editor of
"Progress" and a newspaper woman of
worldwide fame, received our party, and
showed us through the rooms, so strik
ingly resembling the Portland headquar
ters aforesaid that I. could not help pre-
dieting the same results In congress that
have followed their hurrah visit la Ore
gon and other defeated states,
But I was gratified to learn, from
many, sources, that 'the cut-and-drled
system of the national "trust" Is about
to be abandoned.
Jfo Mre Invasion.
No longer Is the Invasion and .'defeat
of any statn campaign by the : Ahna
Bhaw regime to be permitted anywhere.
The women of the many states whose
ters. C. L. Mckv TV. J. BUley, P.
Arcy, M. O. Buren, August Huckensteln
and otoers. . '
Mr. -Buren said that Mrs. Moo h el'
eoeech was the best of the evening and
upon his suggestion a collection of
112.11 was taken up for the Woman's
club, v A telegram was read from Fresi
dent Frank Robertson of , the VaUey
Electric, which Ststed Mr. -Robertson's
Inability to attend. The regular, aohed
ule of the Valley Elect Ho operated by
the Oregon Eleotrio went Into effect
this morning. Twenty-two trains will
be run dally In and oat of Woodburn.
Management State That the Casino KaU
Is Blghtly Conducted.
No possible objection can be voiced
against legitimate criticism of any
amusement enterprise, where there Is a
disposition to flaunt vice In the face of
the public or a desire evinced to disre
gard the laws of the municipality, but
when the innooant are compelled to suf
fer as the result of the acts of a few
lawbreakers, It Is meet that those unr
Justly assailed should be given an op
portunity of making some statement In
their own behalf. v
In connection with the recent and not
unwarranted attack made upon the
dance halls of the community by the
authorities sa the Outgrowth of numer.
ous cases of young women Jured to a
struction by the male habitues of Terp-
..itiZJl .7. ;.. niTL 'ho"n those ra-
suffrage campaigns she has dominated I ... , . , 4h ui,.inn tnciudlns
for ' her . own exnloltatlon. with her mlllar .,tn ne ltut,on' InCJL". "f
for '' her ' own exploitation, with her
almost matchless oratory, sarcasm, and
the ridicule with which she has assailed
the voters to whom, alone, we can look
for victory, have had their lesson
No longer will we consent to lie down
as a-state lamb. Inside of thlr national
lion, " She has had her 'day, and we are
left with the experience, ,
'BabM Wise Entertains.
: To .be entertained at luncheon In the
elegant home of mine and Portland's
valued ' and - honored friend. Rabbi
Stephen & Wise, and his charming wife
and children, has been one of my de
lightful experiences or the week.
To say that Rabbi Wise has aroused
New Tork to an extent that has caused
Its money mad votaries to sustain his
auruisiio ana practical pians, ror tne
betterment of Manhattan's struggling
poor is to state the fact mildly. That
he IS a mighty factor In the suffrage
movement is gratefully acknowledged by
all patriots.
Next Monday Is to be Soros Is day,
and, anxious as I am to be moving
westward, I cannot resist the temptation
to accept a cordial Invitation to stop
over and attend the meeting.
"The second of the series of chamber
music concerts .will be .given at the
Women of Woodcraft hall, Thursday
evening, February S, by' Alf Kllngenberg
and HUBettman, assisted toy T. Konrad
and Carl Denton. ,
A splendid program will be given. In
cluding the Balnt-Saens Trio, op, 18a
delightful' modern.', melodious work,
quite typically French. .
By general request, Mr. Kllngenberg
will play a piano group,, giving several
Chopin numbers, the Barcarolle, op. 60;
two etudes, op 25. Nob. and 7, and the
Scherzo, op.. 89. . ,
The' second ensemble number In which
Mr. . Denton" ' will play viola, IS the
BTahms quartet,, op. 25, which Is in dl-
teot oontrast -to 4he Trltt' 5T, belnr serM Casino dance hall Is conducted, and any
suggestion on the .part Of peace offlcere,
newspapermen or others for betterment,
will be gratefully received. Portland
Is to be congratulated on having such
an excellent amusement- enterprise as
the Casino dance hall. .
ous. Impressive and full of. dignity. At
the same .time it ,ls ,rujj , or cnarming
melodies and will be sure to please.
The slnsrle tickets are now on sale at
peace officers, agree that' the' Casino
dance hall, conducted by the Rose City
Amusement company In the former x.
M. C. A. building, Is entirely above re
tiroach. ' :
So sealoualy has the management of
this popular dance hall guarded against
the entree of objectionable persons and
forcod patrons of the place to refrain
from any style of dancing, which could
be criticised In the slightest degree, the
public has been satisfied from the open
In of the amusement pslace, that Port
land at last could boast of an Institution
lsdles and gentlemen of all stations In
life were at -liberty to pstronlie witn
out fear of any untoward Incident oc
curring to mar their pleasure.
Thu Casino dance hall, which Is lo
cated on the second floor or tne oia
Y. M.C. A. building Is the largest In
stitution of Its kind west of the Missis
sippi river, having 4784 squsre feet of
floor space. A floor manager, three as
sistants snd two special policemen have
been nrovlded by the management to
prevent any possible violation of the
laws of the city or society. The "turkey
trot," "dip." "Frisco rsg," or any other
form of dance not tolerated In the ball
room of the elite, la not allowed in the
Casino. The special orncers nave posi
tive Instructions to bar all minors or
any Intoxlcatoa person rrom .tne nan.
and either men or women conducting
themselves In a manner calculated to
offend the most fastidious, are summar
ily ejected.
An artistically decorated rovjsr, re
cently has been constructed in tne
Fourth street side of . the building,
where the dancers can rest during In
termissions.. A woman's checkroom Is
maintained where ladies In attendance
at dances can check , their . wraps and
hats. For the men a Turkish smoking
room affords an opportunity of enjoy
ing either cigarette or cigar, without
giving offense to the' fair sex.
Every facility is arrordoii to memDers
of the police department or representa
tives of the press or any person or per
sons Interested,', to make- thorough In
vestigation of the manner In which the
After' Many Complaints Made
by Passengers.P. R., L. & P.
''Promises to Heat All Subur
ban Cars. 1 -X
fSpecli'l Dlnpitrt to Tb Journal.)
' Woodburn, Or., Feb. 2, t,ast night
a carload of Salem boosters arrived
over the newly completed Valley Elec
tric line to help the cltiasens of this
city celebrate in fitting style the com
pletion of the road from West Wood
burn to Woodburn. The visitors were
the members of the Salem board of
trade and the Salem Businessmen's
league. They were greeted by a big
gathering In the Odd Fellows' hall with
Honorable , K. P. Morcom, president of
the Woodburn Commercial club, in the
chair. Mayor Robert H. Scott wel
comed the guesjs and E. Hofer of Sa
lem, responded. Among the ' other
speakers were Honorable- J. S. Settle
mier, founder of.'Woodburn,- Mrs. Maude
Mochel, president of the Woodfnim
Woman's club, and the following from
Salem : Senator T. B. Kay, c: .S. Wal-
Ilenry W. Taft Is Improving.
(Outted Press Leafed Wire.)
Los Angeles, Feb. 2. Although suf
fering from an attack of erysipelas,
Henry W. Taft of New Tork, brother of
President Taft, Is reported to be con
siderably Improved today. He Is at the
Good Samaritan hospital. Dr. Edwards,
his brotheiln-law, who Is attending him,
would not state when Taft would be able
to leave his bed to travel. Three trained
nurses are in constant attendance at
the bedside.
Dr. Edwards stated to a representative
of the United Press today that he ex
pected Taft to be out of bed within 10
days. He said:
"Mr. Taft is suffering from a. fairly
severe attack of erysipelas. He Is un
comfortably ill and suffers severely
from pain at times. He is doing very
well, however. There are no alarming
symptoms. He answers his own tele
grams and letters and. ought to be out
of bed In 10 days at the most."
How to Get the Pick of 3,000,000
We put tip three million cani of Asparagus
this year, - All high grade, tender,' California
erown.. - 1 --: ;,v .
..'This great quantity was taken from over
2,600 i acres of Asparagus beds, cooked and
'- canned the day it was cut; . ; .' -
j Most of the three million cans were put out
tinder our four hundred
odd brands and some
for. dealers who own
their own labels.
The choice selec
tionsthe large,
.tender spears, we put
up tinder our favorite
brand, Del Monte.
. Del Monte Asparagns is the pick of this
great quantity. It is chosen because of its
Canned Fruits and Vegetables
' Packed Where They Ripen
The Day They're Picked :
excellent flavor, tenderness and color.
All ; Del Monte Asparagus is carefully our expert gardeners. One or two
hours. make a great difference in the quality,
for Asparagus grows one to two inches a day,
and unless it is cut at just the proper time it be
becomes tough, "stringy" and takes on color.
Yoti will like Del
Monte Asparagus. It
is cooked, ready to
serve at a salad, or it
may be heated. You
will find from twenty
to twenty-five large
spears in each Del
Monte can. The
retail price everywhere is 35c a can.
Most grocers sell it.
The Choice of all Our Fruits and Vegetables is Packed
Under Del Monte Brand
W put up six ot every tea cans of Peaches; more To-
matoes than any other five concerns; the largest amount
of Sugar Peas; and handle more than six-tenths of all
the canned fruits and vegetables grown In California.
More than thirt thousand people are on our pay roll
during the canning season, and thousands of others
contribute In various ways to the growing, canning and
distribution of qur products, - , J
We put up fruits, canned and dried, vegetables, pre
serves, jams, jellies, catsup, condiments and peeled
Chili peppers. All are packed under hundreds of differ
' ent brands, according to quality, and for different
dealers Stfho use their own labels. But our choice, the
pick of this vast quantity, is packed under the Del
i Monte label. . You get our favorite selections when you
,get Del Monte. All grocers can supply you,- -
The Largest Canners of Fruits and Vegetables in the World L
All the suburban llnss of ,ths Port
land Railway, Light & Power company
ill be htated next winter, ' the com
pany already having sont to an eastern
factory lor 100 sets of heating" appara
tus. This was the definite assurance
given . yesterday afternoon by Traffic
Manager Franklin, of the local street.
car company, to the special council com.
mltlee on trolley transportation.
The action of the railway corporation
is taken after the receipt of numer
ous complaints about the , oold cars.
Many protests were also received by
the council committee, - but Manager
Franklin says his company has already
ordered the new heaters when these pro
tests were filed.
bombard Tavors Company.
After the traffic manager had prom
ised to heat the cars. 'Councilman Lorn
bard wanted to table the complaints
anent unties ted cars, but Councilman
Rushlight wanted something stronger
thsn the mere promise of the corpora
tlon official. He pointed out the fact
that many promises had been mads be
fore the company finally put In the
present slrbrako system.
Mr. Franklin said be would at the
next meeting of the committee send In
a llst.of the.outslde lines on which the
company proposes to put the new heat,
ere. This wss sgrecable to Councilman
Rushlight and the complaints were ta
bled until next Tuesday.
In answer to protests about the ser
vice on the Montavllla line ,the railway
official stated that on January 11 a
new schedule was inaugurated provid
ing for a five minute -transit during
rush. hours morning and-evening, .The
former schedule was seven and eight
Other, Complaints.
Similar answers were filed befqre the
committee In regard to complaints
against the lines on Alberta street, and
between l'ortland and Bellwood. On tho
former the service was changed Jan
uary 1, according to Mr. Franklin, from
seven and eight minutes to six. The
Sellwood line will have a five minute
schedule in rush periods.
Since the last meeting councilman
Lombard aald he had been besieged
with numerous telephone calls voicing
general protest against the height
of car steps.
The company s answer to the com
plaints against the steps was that the
height of Portland car steps compare
favorably with that of cars In Seattle,
San Francisco. Oakland. Tacoma and
Snokane. -Manager Franklin presented
statements showing that the height of
the bottom step in these cities varied
from 1H Inches in Los. Angeles to 20
lrtfches In Spokane. . - '
Highest Zs 80, Xnofces.
The highest car step In Portland, says
Mr. Franklin. Is 20 Inches. He said the
company has no objection to reducing
the height of the steps If the people
demand such action. However, he wants
the council to decide on any change
that may be made so that In future
other changes will not have to do maae
The committee postponed action on the
complaints about steps pending further
Manager Franklin said It would be
impracticable for the company to re
lieve the congestion at the transfer
point of Grand and Hawthorne avenues
by running the Mount Scott or Sell-
wood cars to East water ana Morn
son streets owing to the single track
leading to the latter point W. F.
Woodward's suggestion that cars on
lonr runs ston only at every other
street In order to Insure a faster sched
ule was unanimously tabled.
Provides Double Track.
In reply to the complaint from the
Mount Scott district that the company
had not iven good service on its sin
gle track Manager Franklin stated that
the improvement budget or tne cor
poratlon for 1910 provides for a dou
hie track. !
The committee will further investi
gate the matter of shelters for trans
fer and Junction stations ana tne com
pany will be called upon later to pro
vide these wnerever tney are consiu
ered necessary. ' '
in discussing the Mount Scott com
plaint Councilman Rushlight remarked
that he had . neara on gooa auiuoruy
that the company had threatened to tear
up Its single track on the Mount Scott
line If complaints were noi auronunueu.
This was in bad taste, said Mr. Kusn
light, and the company should not be
twrmittd to abandon tracks at will
and thus deureclate property after in
vestments had been induced in. the first
place by .the presence of the tracks.
The first lot of hew men for the po
lice ' department s has been selected and
notified to report for duty. ;rney arc
George L. Cnson, 1438 Rodney avenue;
Walter B. Odale, 103S Vernon avenue;
Joseph H. Black, 102 East Polk street;
Herman Oelsner, 843 Borthwlck; Wil
liam B. Stram, 1344 Hawthorne avenue,
and Russell C. Nelson, 642 Oak Street.
Sergeant ReiUy, who has been. On
first night relief, has been shifted to
the day relief, and Sergeant Cole wllj
go to the first night 'relief. Sergeants
Wanlasa and Roberts, newly appointed,
will be assigned to duty on the sec
ond night relief under Captain Baty,
and will be on the east side of the river.
Several .of the new patrolmen will be
placed on the east side, as that part of
the , city ' has been calling for more
protection,- because of the rapid growth
of that part -of the .city . . ,
1 (Special Dispatch to The Journal.!
Grants Pass, Or., Feb. 2,-Judge H.
K. Wanna as one of his last Judicial
acts has handed downvhls decision on
the Golden Drift.. Mining, company re
ceivership,' ;The -demurrer was over
ruled and the receivership stands. '
Ing the residents of the east Bide and of
their aectlon of the city tn particular to
go to the polls and vote for the bond
Issue for a new high school today. They
are planning on making a personal ef
fort to get all their friends to go to
the polls and vote for the bond Issue,
for thsy thlnkMha ! west side greatly
needs a new school building, : ,
The old Officers of, the association
were reelected last nlghf. ' They are: M.
J. Morse, president; Alex Harper, vice
president, and J. B. Sawyer, secretary
and treasurer., Delegates wilt be sent
to the meeting of the United East Side
Push clubs Friday evening.
- V I... "i ' 1 1 ' - .. -A r' " . '.
.. "The east , side should help the west
side just as the went side has helped
the east side," declared the members of
the Waverly-Richniend Improvement
club at their meeting last night. Ac
cordingly, they passed a resolution ask-
; (Coiled frees Uaaad Wlre.l '
Sari , Francisco, Feb. I. It is an
nounced by the Panama Tacfflo expo
sition committee that a chairman of
the finance division, upon whose shoul
ders .will fall the duty of superintend
ing the raising of all the funds for the
big fair projected to celebrate the
completion of the Panama canal In
1115, .will probably be named this
evening. When this official Is chosen
the actual work of collecting funds will
begin. - - . .. '
The ' committee has estimated that
the fair will cost at least 150.000.000,
Tnis amount, its members say, Is a
minimum. OneMenth of this la needed
almost immediately to assure national
of state help, ' . . '
Beginning today. . the varloiA -execu
tive and finance committees will hold
dally sessions until , the preliminary
steps necessary to planning the cam
paign are completed, ,
Tenia Promises S. P. Extensions.
(t'nltod Press lrt Wir.)
San Francisco. Feb. 2. After a trln
to New Tork to confer with Judge Rob
ert H. Lovett president of the' Southern
Pacific railroad, William F. Ferrln. chief
counsel for the system on the Pacific
coast, Is In San Francisco again. - Her
rln's return has been anxiously awaited
by persona particularly Interested In the
situation surrounding the Republican
gubernatorial nomination. Today, how
ever, he refused unqualifiedly to dis
cuss political matters. According to
llerrln. President Lovett Intends to Im
prove the service of the Southern and
Union Pacific roads on the Pacific coast
and make extensions, for the develop
ment of new territory. - '
Taylor Board Resists McCarthy
McCarthy Board Pre-i
' , pares for Business. :
r (Baited Preni Leaeed Vl- ' '
Ssn Francisco, Feb. I. -Two boards
of health will be In session here next
Frldav. "The Taylor board, whloh la
resisting the mayor's attempt to oust
It, will hold a session, while the Mc
Carthy appolnteeg are-planning to take
charge . of. ,eity affairs. Unless . the
eourts Intervene It Is likely a serious
municipal tangle will result The
m.mher. of the Taylor board; who re
fuse to resign, are making preparations
to apply for an injunction to restrain
the' mayor from removing mem. iiw
declare- they have done their duty and
cannot be removed for cause. The
men of the McCarthy board, who se
cured their seats with the aid - of a
locksmith, who removed the bolts snd
bars that kept them from the offices
of the board of health, will hold ses
sions In the regular board room, while
their opponents will meet at Jhe of
fices of one of the contending oom-
Dr.. Guy K. Manning, a member of
the old board, who-was appointed yes
terday by the mayor to the new com
mission. Is placed In a auandary, but
It Ib considered probable that 'he -will
cast his lot with the McCarthy, ap
pointees. The rank and file of the health ofi
flee apparently are deciding the matter
for themselves. Several f the higher
officials have tendered their ( resigns,
ttons to the McCarthy board, while
others ' have applied to the new board
for orders.
In the meantime the McCarthy board
has selected its subcommittees and Is
proceeding to the routine work of the
Milton' nursery paid out 118,000
wages last year.
Mrs. Herman Hepner, president
the Monday Musical club, has callci'
confreice of the presidents of all '
federated clubs of the city, and the pr
ldents bf several other women's ortu
satlons, for 3 o'clock Thursdsy.'nt i
men of Woodcraft hall, Tenth and n
lor streets, to hear the Teports of
mittees, and further consider thai
ter of a woman's clubhouse. ,
It Is houed that something'- del
will grow out of this meellng. .,
week It la proposed to hold a mans lur
ing of all the club women of the cli
In order to get a areneral expansion
opinion. If it is favorable, to the clu
bouse scheme, committees wlu be i
actively to work to further th matt
The time and place of meeting will
arranged at tomorrow's meeting.
Notarial Commission.
(Suli'tn RnrMJl nt Tha JnnrlmLl
'Salem. Or., , Feb. 2. Notarial oomml
nlons have been Issued to J. T Frlel J,
Cherryviile; A. W. Mueller, St. Helui
W. 11. Scott. Crawfordv11le;ni. M.
rtw Portland; K. B. Tongue, Hlllsbo
F. 1. Alex Mayor and L, E. Hunten
Portland: K. A. Miller, Uland
J. i D. Edwards, Portland,
The startling . Increase of death
suiting from kidney trouble makes
advice timely. ' At .first symptoms. 4
aa backache, frequent Or high col
urination, scalding , urine, .rheum
nlm li the, Inlnta. nufflnvaa im1r?
eyes, dimmed vision, etc, use the!
lowing prescription:- Buy from
good druggist one half ounce Mi',
compound In . original aealejd packi
and ml with one half ounce fluid j
tract Buchu and six ounces good, r'
gin. 7Be sure to get the genuine liJ
compound in original sealed packs
Shake bottle well each time and
one to two. teaspoonfuls .. after
meal. This mixture Is Bald to
wonders. Local druggists say the!
mand for these Ingredient la lnc:
Ing every, day. J ; . , -
Closing out all odds and ends from our Men's Clothing-Department, embracing
many different patterns in small sizes 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37. Some of these suitFj
are regular $17 to $20 values. AVe overbought on small sizes and cannot carry
any ovcrvtill ne,xt fall. They must be sold or given away before spring-stock ar
Values from $12.00 to $20.00
Small Sizes 33 to 37
going at
Thursday, Friday
ami Saturday
If Your Size Is Here You'll Have a Great Snap
Many" different patterns, .colors and styles. Good, serviceable working
suitsin 'fact, many of them are suitable, for any occasion. Three days'- sale
Thursday, Friday and Saturday. . Why wear overalls when you can obtain a good
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Cures Coughs, Colds, Croup, La Grippe, Asthma, Throat , Th Genuine is in the j
I and LungTrQubies. Prevents Pneumonia and Consumption yellow PACKAor
ESldmore, Drag Co, 151 Third street-