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Take Interest in Speech Urg
ing Support for Good
Roads Movement.
The rompllsrtentary banquet given at
tli Commercial club lat nttht to th
Oron Btate Retail Hard war & Imple
rnent Dwaleri association filled the large
dlninir hall to capacity, I4S being- pree-
' Urlque souvenir menus, aomewhat re
smblln a trade catalogue, announced
that the retallera were guests of the
hardware, Implement and vehicle, paint
and oil, plumbers' supplies, ; wood and
willow ware, threshing -machinery, tent
ar.rt awning, stove, rubber goods and
machinery Jobbers of Portland,
i ; ' Ont-of-Towa Yisltors.
. About two-thirds of those pronent
perhaps, were out-of-town visitors, and
ttioae who were called upon for a few
after, dinner remarks said they have
learned to think so much of Portland
thai In the future they would like to
bring their whole families along to the
annual conventions, Portland being the
liiaicaJ place for the -.meetings.
Charles R. Archerd, manager of the
John Doere Plow Company's Pacific
northwest department, who was toast'
master, first Introduced J. N. Teal to
Heak on th subject of "Good Roads,'
Mr, Teal set forth many reasons why
toe hardware and Implement men should
tic deeply Interested In the good roads
movement. He explained that there
are two. sides to the road bulldtna
question, the economic and the social,
and that the good roads are not being
urged for the sole benefit of' the man
who rides In autos or 'carriages, but . as
well for the man who rides In a farm
wagon. . ,
As it lies In our own ability to de
crease our cost of transportation," said
the speaker, "so it rests with us to ac
ccrdlngly Increasa our purchasing pow
ers. The ptlnclpfa Involved In railroad
improvements applies exactly to road-
making. Railroads are constantly at
work " reducing grades or removing
curves, and so the wagon roads of the
rountry should constantly be brought to
a higher state of condition."
. ' ' Beealls Xarly History,
' Mr. Teal recalled the earlier history
of' the state and the wretched condl
tion of the roads, lie said in many
places the highways are -little, better to
day, and that to 'this fact may be at
to the commercial men as state build
ers. Toastmaster Archer Introduced A. C.
Calian, of this city, who, on behalf of
the Retailers' association, presented
President Uarnett and Secretary H, J.
Altnow, both reelected to their respec
tive offices, each with a beautifully en
graved gold fountain pen. as tokens or
the appreciation of their excellent work
In the Interest of the association. Roth
responded briefly , and expresaed their
feeling and surprise.
H'-n. W. V. Fenton, counsel for tne
Harrlman linea lna? Oregon, spoke on
"The Outlook," especially In regard to
the state of Oregon, and said that few
pitopls indeed realty have an Idea of
what wonderful development this state
la now experiencing.
Increase of 9100,000,000
Druggist Forced Into Rear of
Drug Store, Where Rob
bers Search Him.
Forced into m rear room at the oolnt
Torri RlchardaOn. of the Commercial Pletols heldT',h!s fact W. C.
club, spoke of the deep attention that Is
being attracted by the state of Oregon
throughout not only the United States,
but throughout the entire civilised
world. Ha said . he expected the pro
duction of the state to show sn In
cresee of f 100,000,060 each year for the
next three years as a result of the
remarkable development going on In all
The election Of officers took place
yesterday afternoon. President Gemett,
Vice President H. H. Fraser and Secre
tary Altnow were reelected, C. N. Stock-
well, of Portland, Was chosen as treas
urer to succeed Frank Dayton, also Of
Portland. Two of three members of the
executive comrrilttee were reelected
William Dellaven of McMlnnvllle. was
chosen In place of W. A. Johnston, of
The Dalles. The other members of the
committee are Drew (Jrlffln, of Eugene,
and George A. Blake, of Baker City
e (TTnltrd Pre LMeee Wlre.t
1 Pittsburg, Pa., Jan. It. A one 4
e cent banquet, which Is In reality 4
a take off on the recent banquet 4
given by the Camegle officials 4
at Pittsburg-, which Is said to
d have cost $100 a plate, Is being
4 planned for. Saturday night by
the striking tlnplata workers
here. The banquet will be given
at Bridgeport ,
All strikers who hsve the car
e fare and one cent extra have
been Invited. The cent will not
be used to provide food but win
e be expended to surchase oil for 4
4 the torches. 4
This is the menu, on tin plates, a)
e which the worklngmsn who hsve
d been on strike since the first of
4 July wlH be offered: Water- 4
cress, crackers, peanuts, smoking
tobacco, cob pipes and river wa- 4
4 ter.
4 4
Wltsel. proprietor of , the Hawthorne
pharmacy, at .1061 Hawthorne avenue,
was held up and robbed of 155 and dia
monds valued at. $260 last night Two
men did , the work. '.They escaped In
the darkness.. '
Shortly before JO.' o'clock, as the pro
prietor was preparing to leave the place,
the two men entered. One walked close
to him, and pulled out a gun, telling
wetsel to hold up his hands. The sec
ond holdup man pulled his gun and di
rected the first man to have the drug
gist walk to the rear room. When In
side the rear room, the $65 was taken
from his pocket, A ring was taken
from his finger and a stud from his
shirt. They then asked for tha keys to
me caan register, whim contained IS
Then the men backed out the door and
Neither holdup man wore a mask.
They had been seen around tha Place
early in the evening.
ratrlck Canlvan, saloonkeeper at Sev
enteenth and Northrup streets and seven
customers wea held up . by one man last
night, shortly after nldnlght. The ma
rauder lined the seten men up by the
bar, and took Z0 from the cash rear-
later. When he aecured the money, he
slipped out the door. ..
Gatea Hawea, proprietor of a pool
room at Portsmouth avenue and IV II-1
lamette boulevard, reported to the police I
that as ha left Ma place at 11 o'clock
he was held up -by a lona highwayman,
who took MO from him. ; , t ' :
Carreno, who plays here a week from
tonight at the Bungalow theatre, haa
frequently astonished tha world of art
and music by her vigorous grasp upon
her particular art, but she haa rarely
charmed ax she has been doing at her
reoent recitals throughout tha east.
Every year she seems to gain new
qualities. The recital at the Bungalow
will be under the direction of Lois
Steers-Wynn Coman, .and will undoubt
edly be one of the most brilliant af
fairs of the winter.- There are so. few
pianists of the gentler sex and to find
one; who h;s been accredited with all
the genius, and accomplishments Of her
own, aa well, as tha so called stronger,
sex. Is to prepare for a real event when
ever and wherever she plays., ' j
Quarrel Over Iloorej Murder.
- Iioa Angeles, Jan. 1. -John Mlranrto,
a teamster, la In Jail pending an Investi
gation Into tha death of Zeno' Robles, a
shecpshearer, whose head waa beaten, to
a pulp on the outskirts of tbe city. . A
bloody1 brick Is held aa evidence. There
were no witnesses to the crime.. Two
friends of tha dead man told the police
that Mirando and Roljlci were qusrrel-
Ing over a bottle of wine shortly before
Robles body was, dlsoovered. '.:
. 1 . .
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the last day for discount on east side
gas bjiia. ;. ,
. m. i . i. t! .
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The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Since we introduced Whalebone Teeth in Portland some' two
years, ago many unscrupulous dentists have used the name
Whalebone in their advertisements in the hopes of procuring
business through our reputation. ; ' ' - . ?
We have never given any dentist in Portland the right to use :
the name Whalebone in their advertising, and we are the only
dentists that make, the celebrated Whalebone Teeth with a 20
year guarantee and we cannot guarantee any other teeth for
that period. Whalebone plates give thorough satisfaction In
every case and are made, only by The Chicago Painless Den
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dentistry in ail its branches. , v 1 '
the fact that tha bova and I
fi'!?.?!f.t,S:Z!l!! PHONY TALE OF WOE;
p uwi4 a iuv v.viau v v 111 lutr vvwsa-
try and yet enjoy 'the pleasures and
comforta of the city people, because It
would b 'possible for them to get out
)d return home without taking their
ll-.vs In .their hands or having to spend
a. day or two on the read,
tile called attention to the fact that
(CnlUd Preea Lesied Wlr.
Globe, Arix..' Jan. 1. Camello Lu-
cero, 'employed' by the local telephone
company, is : in jail cnarged wttn oo-
talnina money under false pretenses,
an educational campaign for better because he collected cash from fellow
roads has been started by the Oregon I workmen by , exhibiting a permit to
Good Roads association and thought this
work should be lent every ericourage-
mnt. And he, said better roads meant
much to the hardware and Implement
Men in volume of trade. J i .
J. B. Kerr, counsel for the Hill lines
lo ' Oregon, was the next speaker, his
utibject being "The Pioneer." Mr. Kerr
explained that he. in tended to keep as
far fsbm the subject as possible, and
uccoeded in doing so. He sstd that
since coming here some five years ago,
In? had heard a great deal about how the
Pi-ople had been deprived of the "neces-r-ary
transportation facilities at the
hands of the Harrlman people, repre
sented at the banquet by their counsel,
Hon. W. U, Fenton and that In this re
fcpect the Speaker said that his people
had entered Oregon simply. and aolely
fur the betterment and general ameUp
rtlon of the suffering and downtrodden
public. . ' ' '
' As to the hardware men Jo particular,
Mr. JCerr aald 4by-had always followed
closely the man with the ax who cut the
trif through the virgin forests.
ev. Charles Soaddlng Talks.
iRfght Rev. Charles Soaddlng, V. V.,
Bishop of Oregon, 'explained why the
' hardware and implement dealers' busi
ness waa much like his own. After relat
ing several Interesting anecdotes of trav.
ls through various parts Of the state of
Oregon, the speaker said there could be
no distinct line drawn between the secu
lar jand sacred work; that It was the
man., who works who succeeds. '
"I do not feel that I want to make a
real serious talk this evening," said the
bishop, vbecause I do not wish to take
U3 a collection, but 1 do like to say em
phatlcQly that I wish to be counted In
on every movement for the'good and up-
builoing'of the state."
! In this connection he paid high tribute
bury bis 3-year-old son, while real
teara streamed down his cheeks. 6ub
sequel ly It became known that the
child was alive apd In the beat of
health. Lucoro's arrest followed.
The man first came to the manager.
W. C. Edward, to whom he told a
pitiful atory of how the ahild had been
accidentally scalded to death. Ills
his employes, all contributed to ssslst
In giving the child a respectable burial.
Lucero then left the office.
His trick was discovered later, when
Mrs. Lucero called, to Inquire regard
ing the whereabouts of her husband.
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