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IUnfj -i3 Track
Ali Boxers Ready for Gong at
McLoughlln, and; Long . Sur
Track Team Invited, to Annual
Oregon Agricultural , College
c Expo Rink Tomorrow
prised at Rating on Re
turn' From Australia.
Conference In South--;
Athletic Gossip. '
Opens Season Against Mis
sionary Basket TQSsers. ,
r ' ' - ' ' ' ; ' . " " - ...
I ..... , . . ..,...,.', . .
i . :
mi n :
f '
St X
But -on mora Any remains until th.
long Kpt-tt 'Oregon Athletic club
smoker, ahich take place tomorrow
night in the Exposition rink, with 36
rounds of fat milling. The boxera com-r-leietl
their training today and are fit to
Utep Into ths' ring tomorrow night. All
lira In excellent condition and the smok
er promises to be one of th beat that
has ever been aeen here.
l.'nuaual local Interest ia attached to
the bout owing to the faot that there
are two local boyi scheduled to cover
a 10-round route. Oene West, the for
mer Multnomah club fighter, and Panny
O'Prten, the champion Of the cttr. are
" the boys, and their friends will be on
hand to give them all the encourage
ment necessary. : , .
They meet at catch weights, so that
hoth wiil be at their atrongeat for th.
fray.' Thla meant that their poundage
la cloa to 140 pound, for both have
a hard time to make tha lightweight
limit." js. v.' ,
TH Whitman and Spike Henneaay ar.
hound to give a rattling good exhibi
tion, aa both are In grand ahape. Whit
man probably outweighs Hennessy a
few pounds, but Hetinenay has the repu
tation of being a hard hitter, a fact that
frequently overcomes a surplus of beef.
The rrTnclpala..Frankle Edwards and
lunula Long, are eager to get at each
other.- inasmuch as they hsvs never
yen each other and several statements
that have been going around, there will
he Wttilng of the brother act In their
turn. :. :. . "
The advance aale Is going nicely and
the record crowd of tha season will be
in attendance. : .
J '
v :, ' ' -.; .'' .
' tJ -'- "
malted Pna Lu4 Wlra.1
San Francisco, . Jan. It. Added fuel
waa heaped upon th fire of smoldering
Indignation here because Of the, post-
tlona given Maurice McLoughlln and
Melville Long in tha ratings compiled
by tho aaatern tennis experts, following
th return from Australia of trie team
that' represented the United States In
the Dwlgbt Davie International cup
matches there.
McLoughlln and Long arrived from
the antlpodea on tha liner Alameda late
yesterday. Both war warm In their
ITnlveralty of Oregon, Eugene, Jan.
If .There la a, probability that the
varatty track team may make the trip
to California next spring. BUI Hay-
ward, ' Oregon's Veteran trainer, ta in
receipt of a , letter froni th varsity of
California Inviting. Oregon to partial
tate In the California conference meet
10 p neia at tfemeiey May 7. This corwi
ferenc meet la an annual afalr among
the southern colleges and It speaks well
for Oregon's attuetio status that it" Is
Invited to enter. If the1 vara lty men trip It will not be th whole
th ability dtaplayed by th Island play-
era McLougmin, however, aid not hes
itate to declare that he believed favor
itism had been shown eastern players In
th ratlnga mad by th American na
tional committee.
In these ratings McLoughlln waa giv
en sixth place In tha American singles
lists, while Long was given seventh.
"Of course, I am surprised at the rat
ings given as," said McLaughlin. "Both
Long and I tookth measure of John
son and Nile In the tournaments last
year,, but both of the men weg e ptaced
above ua. remaps w anouia aay Dom
ing, but I don't think that was exactly
fair.. Anyway, we will be much higher
In th Hats next year.
Th Auatrallan players are great,"
McLoughlln continued turning to. a
more pleasant subject, "and the Aus
tralian people treated ue very well
Y)ffAilra mnA WIIAfn AtntA urn falrlv
Ted Whitman, the Calgary light-! and qUgreiy. I beiiev there la but
weight, who will mix matters with one man In th United States who could
Spike H6nneBsy In the Oregon Jefwlt, f r0?"La?1 . rn!a
pralaes of th treatment they reoelved 1 A, . i' t j v a 1 team but a few selected men of rJerU
at the handa of th. Au.traliana. and of ""lv" f'" ' ?v "TC Unoa who can b counted o to win
kane veteran lightweight, who I - Th, ,. v. -.-...- ...
oooas up wnn rrajiKi iiuwarus ror the exceaaiv expense or the, trip,
at ExpOBltJon rink; tomorrow night I whtoh will flgur close to 178 per man,
In ft 10 round no decision contest
Manager Cecil Esner will visit Cali
fornia during th midterm vacation and
axamin the propoaitlon thoroughly.
' r Xnston Oaa man. '
Oliver rvHuston.. Oregon's- premier!
sprinter, will not b eligible to enter
meets In the northwest conference, but
Thar will also b Williams, th pole
vaulter, and several other , varsity men
who would undoubtedly win places wven
in auch fast company as they have in
th south.
In th meeting of track men held
Corvallls, 'Jan. II. In two weeks
conference baaketball will a tart Ore
gon Agricultural college ' will "open the
season with Whitman in a series of
two games, to be played at Corvallls
January II and February 1, and the
following week Washington SUte col-.
leg will corns to .Corvallls for two.
games. ,'.."' ;' "' f;.: .
With th adoption of th collegiate
rules by th conference colleges,- a re
markable Interest has been -stimulated
In basketball' Many of th petty and
puerile features of the A. A. U.; game
are eliminated In the oolleglate code,
and th gam a "played by collage men
appeals to them-as a more manly way
of expressing themselves. : . While ' th
gam Is f re from a number of techni
cal fouls that baaketball followers have
been ueed to In time past. It Is a great
relief to tha Spectator to e the gams
played free from th ceaseless blowing
Of ths , whistle. v ' ' '. . ... v- , ,V ::. r ,
Many of th games played under ths ..
A. A. V. oode seems often to be more of
a personal exhibition on th part of th
referee than a real gam In which two
' n.rrv ' Kmith. nrealdent of thai teams of . vigorous men ar competing.
fnrtmr,t 'tniinnr TtaKAbait lajirii which I Every time th gam warms up and th
closes a successful season tonight. Hsl piay Decomes a hum oris ana- mwree.-
Won. Lost
JTonnymsn Hdw. Co...., 8 1
O ioilyear Oold Seals.. I I
Dilworth Irbies ....... T - I
t'olumbia Hdw. Co. -. I 1
"V. M. C A. .....,...., 1 , s 8
W. P. Fuller & Co. 0 '
Excitement prevails among the play
cs and fans of the 'local indoor base
ball league Over the deciding gam to--
night between the Dilworth Derbies and
the Honeymaa Hardware company.
If the pilwortha win, a tie between
the three leading ; teams will result,
which will then b played Off.
Athletic club's smoker next Thurs
day night la Exposition rink.
': - ..
Present right Champions. . 4
World's champions Heavy- j
weight, Jack Johnson; light- i
weight, Battling Nelson.
American' champions Heauy- 4
weight. Jack Johnson; tnlddle-i
weight, Stanley Ketchel; welter- 4
weight, undecided, lightweight,.
4 Battling Nelaon; featherweight,
Abe Attell; bantamweight unde-: 4
4 elded, 4
4 English champions Heavy 4
4 weight, . , Ian4 Hague; t mlddlft--' 4
4 weight, "Tom Thomas; light"1
4 weight, SYeddl Welsh; feather-' 4
4 weight, Jim DrlsOoll; bantam- 4
4 weight, undecided.' . '
Larned is th best man In the game to
... , . . Aii '"l"u' vi iiia vii-nru-aiw necreiary lor nree year vi iui, i " .nv.w -
Hamilton and Lanad OI jQtm(k trip, Trainer Haywsrd kls spoke the Trl-Clty Baseball leagu. on of I called. JTn th ollegtat gam many of
held In Eugene with Washington Ststetaional players la th west Mr. Smith I whistle and calling fouls ar don away
college and Whitman. Whitman wants I cams to Portland from tha middle west I with. t
th data fixed for. May 7. I six years ago, and became active in the I This does not necessarily Imply that
There will aiso re several trac at-1 organization of th amateur and semi-
tractlons for Washington's birthday. ! professionals Into clubs of prominence.
Besides th cross country run wltlr His experience as player, coach and
O. A. CL there will b an Interelaas I manager sines 1888, has helped him
Days Only Ones Above
Hundred Mark.
collegiate baaketball Is air unnecessary
rough game. In fact, in some parucu
lara ths rules ar much stricter than In
the old code." Tor Instance, if man
commits fiv fouls, h is arbitrarily
barred from the game, or If ha Is guilty
Instead of playing tne T. M. C. A.
basketball team last night, the Mult
nomah, club took on the Hill Military
Academy team for a practice game. The
squabble over Toung, the former T. M.
Boston Jan. 18.- Harry Btovey, who I u- inera wiu d an inisrciaasi manager sines ia. : nas neipea nm
... '-.- - I varsity's closed track has been put in vsncsment of ths young playsrs.
phia Athletics in yi so s reureo irom i condition and Is a ' busy Discs theae I Several of the big league stars have I of Intentional or unnecessary roughness.
th diamond with a record for stolen I days, i " a at one time or another made their start I he Is barred from th gam. .This ln-
bases, which will probably sund sal 1 . xa Htowtag WsU. I In baseball from teams under ths per-Ures a clean game, and as th rules
long as ths gam of baseball Is played. I ' Bweral of the men are showing nnlsonal guidance of "H. K." Unllk most I have worked out a much faster and
Stovey. during the season of 1888. pll-1 antAniMiv fnr thla .rl in th nn.lot th old timers, he has taken good I mn intereatins ram than th snecta
fered 1S8 b&aee, and this feat gave him Captain Williams has already gone con- cars of himself and with little training I tort havs been accustomed to In th
the reputaUon of being th fleetest slderably over 11 feet In the pol vault can put up a. pretty' fair article of ball J past - "
baae runner in the game. He holds ths college record In thla today.- i ; " r I Many of th high and preparatory
in only tnre seasons sines oioveyi event and lr he keeDS un hia imnrove-t was umiy "iremn i schools m the east navs aaoptea me
afixed his record havs players reached I ment should be sure oi first place that ths two organisations of semlpro-1 collegiate rules, and U Is quite possibl
or passed the 100 mark, uiiiy wamu- this coming season. Foster, captain of lessjonaw ,or (hit befors very long, ths preparatory
ton of th Philadelphia Nationals, wnom i Whitman, will bs practically, his only come prommmiv m u i BChools and high schools or tne nortn-
soma critics rate aa in rastest Dase i compeutor, and when Oregon meets t "t,"rv'"a v'."-"" :
runner th national game ever produced, I Whitman next spring It Should be a
th Multnomah club, seems to have died
away, and ths lack of a team at the
association is assigned as the cause of
ths Inability to play ths game.
8everal days ago the association lost
th services of Hart man, who injured
In 1886 Bill Lang of th Chicago Cubs
totaled an even 100.
Sines tho-olden days, fast fielding
and a seneral improvement in team
work has had a tendency to decrease
th activity of bawe stealers, as shown
The Multnomah club has offered !ts.ra Dt America will visit nreat
large gymnasium at Nineteenth and and play against the professionals of
his foot, and then the team waa fur-1 by the records. A player who nowadays
ther weakened by the absence of Lang. I steals 80 bases in a season is counted
the former Tals university player, who I as being a fast man. For the past two
was compelled to leave town on bust-1 seasons, in 1907 and ios. nan wag-
ness. This made tne r. M. u. A. seo-lner .was the champion base stealer- in
Bas MoCaf ferty and Valla Stoops, last
night s selections in the two-step con
test on roller skates at ths Exposition I
rink, owe their victory toUhe toss of, a I
coin. So close was the contest that the I
west will bs playing th gams of bss-
ketball In-accordance with trr rules ar
ranged by ths collegiate committee.
Th 1 8 foot knockabout association
of Massachusetts will held a series of
Interstate races with the Narragansstt
Bay Tacht Racing association off Mar-
blehesd during August. .This series Is
In addition to the races to be held be
tween the best 18 foot knockabout boats
of Massachusetts and the leading craft
Morrison street, for ths game, and ar- EngUnd.' They Include Alex SmithTth. oteam VrongerThan th. flrTt thl 'talor leaT In 1907 h stole !. after debating for Half an hour ast nlght.between th. ssnlor. and Uie
Play the 61 bases and last season he had 63 TZTZZ ;r.Tr .7":ri" 7"'
tn tKe aquatic meet at th. T. M. C A. J.- - VlTJT
rangements ar being made by ths club New York champion; H. II. Barker of I th .emnd team concluded to
' Y,lV.i Z?JZ m L l.JGardfn Hunter of Essex 0iub. but yesterday they backed out to his credit Th. leading bas run-
" - naiuui,, v nir mmuiin oi ine ixaa-ion account or tneir inexperience. Tne l ners since 1890 follow:
.n-wiH ulBr, uu in. sau vouniry cjud, au wen Known or- second team averages 185 pounds In i09 Bascher Cincinnati 64
. ....... . . , e,,ov.u..- .un w w jomi weigni ana wouia oe nu imicn lur in. i jwus Wagner, ntlBDUrg M. ....... oa
decided their choice by th flip of a 1 17 to 9. Ths juniors mads a good show
coin, ling and several of them made the As-
Last night's skating marked tha most relation aquatlft team. Th winners
Kam may be looked for.
A dark horse will be Henry Solomon's
opponent In the three cushion billiard
4ournament at Solly's billiard parlors
tonight Edwin J. Tyler of Chicago be
ing the player. Tyler is said to be a
whirlwind by those who have seen him
in practice games. The game will take
place f 8:80 o'clock. , t ,.
. Vancouver Boys Want Gaines. " '
The .Boys' club of 'Vancouver, de
sires games with basketball toatna com
posed of boys about 18 years of age.
Write 'Austin- McCoy, Vancouver,
Wash.-1 - ;
The Sporting Editor.
JIb leans back in his swivel chalrj
Ills eyes are fixed in glassy atare
i pon the distances aiar; , ,
There is no light to his cigar;'
Ills thoughts have flown away, away.
The Cub Reporter stops to aay:
. "I'll bet he thinks with all his might
About the Jeffries-Johnson fight'
The office: sare. with sneer In face,
Replies: "That's where you're off
your base; the Sporting Ed. lives
out oi town; rie lias a sort or nana-me-down,
truck patch or garden,
' where he sweats, and raises beans
and pumpkinettes.' He doesn't give
so many derns for Johnson, -Jef-
, fries, Hchreck or Burns. His oia
..; bum garden's frosen now, and that's
why sorrow lines his, brow; he's
i ' counting up tha days and weeks till
. ne can plant his blooming leeKs,
and artichokes and cauli-beans, his
- parsnips and his turnipines. Go to,
my son; the sporting Ed. has rigs,
not lighters, in nis nead.
The Cub Reporter weirdly laughed.
One fond Illusion gone; and he
Fell down the elevator shaft
;Ta end the griping misery.
By Walt Mason, in NewspSperdom.
' , Cornell University's new alumni field
ff 67 acres, for the equipment of which
, ?100,000 has been raised, will be partly
put in shape this spring. The work will
': t-onatat of varsity football and baseball
fields, a stadium and other training
house to meet the .Immediate demands
ot the athletes. To equip the flold aa
originally planned will cost 8350,000.
clty Another group which will join
the .New Torkers over there are Isaac
Mackie,. of the Fox Hills club; Gilbert
Nichols of Wilmington, Peter Robinson
of Pittsburg, and Qeorge 8impson of
Chicago. Matches are being arranged
with teams composed of the leading pro
fessionals of the United Kingdom.
veteran clubmen.
However. Mr. Lee, the T. M. C. A.
coaoh, says he Is organising; another
first team and will whip It Into shape
to play th club on the next scheduled
date, February 9. He expects td b de
feated, but- says the Y. M. C. A. will
fili Its engagement with th clubv
. ' Tomorrow (Thursday) s is positively
the last day for discount on, east side
"-PUS 'bills.'.1'' '";' '
G20 325 330
! Washington
Frssk .
l At ts Entrane of the Bothchlld
ril.. Jii.t West rf Fourth St..
Nowghat Eddie Summers has signed,
the Detroit twlrlers are all in line.
fV- .,' i'-tf v "v.. - "
The contract signed by Eddie Lenno
of the Brooklyn team forbids any barn
storming trips.
Manager Lake, of the Doves,, and a
squad of players will leave Boston
March 14 for Augusta, Oa.
Th GlantswiU have a string of it
pitchers in -training at Martin Springs
before long. ! ,
Roger Bresnahan says that It is his
intention to catch every game the St
Louis Cardinals play. this season..
Manager Griffith, of the Cincinnati
team, proposes to give Pitcher Hosp,
the California rscruit a trial as short
, "Kid" Gleason will be missed in Phil-.
adelphia next season. The "Kid" will
perhaps lead 'some minor, league aggre
umpire Hank O'Day- made a hit in
Cuba and is considering an offer to re
turn to the island and umpire until the
season opens at home.
Any manager needing pitchers ahould
get in touch with. Manager McGulre of
Cleveland. The "Deacon" has 28 sllngers
signed up.
Southpaw Bailey is on the Job early.
He has5 reported to President Hodcres
and will stay in St Louis until the
Browns leave for Houston.
An effort Is being made to form a
Missouri State league, with Jefferson
City, Kirksville, Mexico, Fulton, Sedalla
and Chlllicothe .in the circuit
The veteran Perry Werden, who was a
big leaguer when they used flat bats in
the game, will manage a semi-profee-
hionai team in Minneapolis next season.
Edward Swatwood, one famous as a
Pittsburg batsman, is a candidate for
the position of hangman of the state of
Pennsylvania. "From batsman to hang
man is some jump. - . '
' , ' a ? .':.:"
Henry C. Row of Buffalo has twice
won the Countess Aproxine golf cup
in Italy and winning again on January
28 at Sah Remo it will become his prop
erty. - '".'.'.'... ....
" v
Th Jockey club handicap, 13760, at
the Canterbury, New Zealand, spring I
Drake university's new gymnasium Js
In use. '
University of Pennsylvania Is to go
In for Indoor track racing this fall.
Including entries from California and
Mexico, th Coney Island Jockey club
received more than 1100 for the 18
stakes that were closed January 8.
Hollle, Philippine Islands, has a ten
pin league mad. up of sight five-men-team
clubs. .
Montreal will hold the annual Can
adian skating championship on Febru
ary S.
Ths open American golf champion
ship has never been won by an Ameri
can born golfer. It Is said.
Pugilist Ad Wolgaat is 21 years old
and has been fighting 4 years.
Princeton, will make cross country
running compulsory . for candidates for
the 1910 football team.
Baseball player Bill Abstetn haa
Joined the' St. Leo soccer eleven of. St.
Louis and will play in their Sunday
league games.
Jesse Westergaard, the giant Danish
wrestler from Des Moines has received
a request from Jack Johnson to assist
in his training for his contest with Jim
Jeffries on July 4,
The Yorkshire Fishing board Of Eng
land has distributed SlOOO yearling
trout to angling clubs there.
Germans for 85 may soon be able to
take airship" excursions from Berlin to
...,"' ' :V
"Aleck" Dunbar, a well known east
ern bowler, is now located in Baltimore,
The Baltimore tourney committee has
given out a contraot ror iz aiieys on
which th national championships- will
b called, commencing on April 11.
An International winter sports ex-
hlbltion has been opened at Trlberg
Germany. It will remain open until
February J. .
.,.: , ...-'-.
Americua (Gus Schoenleln) the light
weight wrestler. Is president of a new
Baltimore boxing and wrestling club
incorporated in Annapolis.
Missouri Athletic club of 8t Louis
hopes to secure entries of .prominent
1K07 Wagner. Pittsburg ........... 81
1906 Chance. Chicago 67
1905 Maloney, Brooklyn . .... ........ 69
1904 -Chance, Chicago 42
1903 Chance, Chicago 87
1902 Hartzell. Athletics 64
1801 Sheckard, Brooklyn 42
1900 Barrett, Detroit .... 48
1899 Checkard, Brooklyn 78
1898 Clarke, Pittsburg 63
1897 Lange, Chicago ...... ....... 83
1898 Lange, Chicago ,....100
1895 Hamilton, Philadelphia 95
1894 Hamilton, Philadelphia 99
1893 Ward. New-York 72"
1892 Ward. New York 94
1891 Hamilton. Philadelphia ...115
1S90 Hamilton, Philadelphia 101
Columbia oarsmen and track and field
athletes will meet th. navy on water j
and field at Annapolis on May 17. '
Interesting night so far. Nearly , 20
couples Joined In the quest after the
pretty silver cup offered by th manage
ment A more graceful gathering of
skaters probably was never on the rink
floor than th. on. last night, and th
task of the' Judges was difficult Indeed.
Ther . ar. now two couples, th. on
chosen last night and Clarence Harrison
and . Miss Emma-Hyland,- who will be
allowed to enter th. finals of th. con
test Saturday night ' Two mors couples
will b. chosen by the Judges, oh. to
night and th other Friday night. All
four couples will contest for the cup
Saturday evoning.
Geera, Murphy, Cox, Snow and Shank
wsr. th. only drivers to -win money, at
every grand circuit meeting last year.
were as follows:
40-yard swim Derllng and H. Phaen-
der tied for first place. Time, 2 Z-B.
Gross third. Tim, 25 8-5. " '
100-yard swim Abby first Time,
1:13. Boyls, second.' Tim, 1:13. Free
man, third.- Time,' 1:28.
220-yard swim Abby, first, 8:18;
Markertc, second, 8 :87 H ! ' Boyle, third,
8:87 8-5. ,
Diving Skidsmo, 48; Abbey, 18; Hale,
82. ,
Red Fox. th. only son of Flying Fox,
th. great English race horse on this
continent has been landed In safety at
Brookdal. . farm of . Messrs. Dyment at
Barrio, Canada. Red Fox Is a . big bay
horse with black points, th. color of his
famous sire. 1 '',
Oregon Athletic
Club Smoker
, tokobkow masT
Reserved seats on sal. at Cadwell's,
308 Washington t Waldorf Billiard Hall.
Seventh and Washington streets; Wer
theimer'S 151 Sixth street.
. , '
meeting was won by Ringdove, an im- J college relay teams, east and west
ported mare, 1905, by Collar; out of
Miss Chaffinch. Carrying 102 pounds,
she won by a length from a field Of 18,
Including some of the best animals in
the colony, In 1:40 4-5 'minutes. : As
Ringdove is Collar's first winner in New
Zealand,- it is the eleventh country in
which: he has winning stock, and he
must now be regarded as the moat cos
mopolitan sir. in existence, for no other
stallion nas ever approached his record.
which will feature the indoor athletic
meet to be held about th. middle of
. i-v'SV'.'.'--'..' i ''.;:''!J? t'l; -i-
Frank Shallenberger won th. Carroll
Cycle club of . Baltimore 1909 mileage
contest with a total of 4480 miles, cov
ered .in seven, months, in which he wan
a membejtof the cltib. He will receive
a geld meflatx The total mileage ridden
by tb entire organisation tra. 41,767.
e 4 y
jf fJ
W' w.
1 A "
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der to quote' a low- price. A critical' inspection " of our stock . will convince
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&.fif f v-.
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