The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 15, 1909, Page 3, Image 3

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-at wiumi piiiifliE sysraisiii
... 7 I . ? pl of a majority
tal collecs er.who has not praetlca4
dentistry In Oregon fop mora than flva
year previous to tit 'psaaafa of (I
law.. If J)t. floott had practical flvt
eauld bavs coma unJsr
Tom , Guise Sajs (3 mud Chief probatiou Officer Ad
Opera Is Losing. Con-
siderabla Ground.
v i
Tom Guise. Old Time Grand Opera
" Singer. , . '-r,
vorates Loans for Jfe-
leased Prisoners.
X syslrm of loan to parolad prliontrs
and'lhs execution of bond from thosa
who hava 'no family or 'property at
tarnmenis, ar suggestion mad by
Chief ITobatlyn Officer Ttuaehar -of the
Juvenile rourt la a report to 'Judge Bro-
naugh. - Moat ' of the persona placed
under parole In the circuit court report
to Mr, Teuscher. and his axnarienoa since
Beptmber, J0, enables him to make
Instructive comment on the ' results
achieved. .
. Mr. -Teuscber Is strongly In favor of
the parol system, and points out that
only seven out of, it prisoners paroled
nava violated th confidence that was
placed In them.
According to. the experience of Mr.
Teuscher thos most, likely to break
parole re footloose men without family
or property and thea should be required
to give a small. Donq conditioned upon
their good behavior, In the opinion of the
probation officer. , The photographing of
ail paroled prisoners he suggests as an
other aid to the. probation officer and
restraint upon tbs probationer.-.
In the;-matter of expense the repot
states mot ir the rive men who were
hortorably discharged last year had been
confined In the penitentiary but on
year each, the expense to the state
would . have been" greater than If
Well paid officer had looked after them
duWng that v time. The system there
fore saves expense to the taxpayer and
the stigma of disgrace to many who
would . otherwise have to become con
victs. ' .
The report" also suggests the-advisability
of setting; aside at least aa large
a sum of money to be advanced to the
paroled prisoner as a loan as would be
required to carry him to the penitent
uary.. a aouar, 11 is pointed out. fre
quently saves a man from going- to the
bad after bis release.
The report commends the provisions
of the Oregon law stating; that prisoners
snati not oe paroled to their friends and
attorneys, but to a member of the Ore
gon Prisoners' Aid association, who will
keep In close touch with the probationer
hliftself. Tha- report closes by saying
that men who plead guilty to a crime
because they know' a defense would
be Useless are not always worthy of
a parole system. - - -
e hearing that the
examiners Is com
Of members who
ave not graduated from. this, associa
tion, but have been practicing th five
years. It al6 came out that th law
was engineered by local dentlata to mo
nopolise the practice In th atatas Dr.
Scott asked to ba examined bv the board
and paid bis examination fee of III. The
examination was refused him and his
fee was not returned, lie nromlaea to
attack the constitutionality of th stat
ute. ,: -.- ; :
rrrotlcT Mcnrlde's IUrthday. .. '
Victoria, B, C. Dac. Hlchard Mo
Orlde, whoae government In British Co
lumbia has bofljt given new leas of !
life by th. recent provincial elections, )
received many congratulations today on .
th occasion of hla thirty-ninth birth
day. Mr. McBrtd haa th distinction
of : being v th youngest of th Cana
dian premiers. He is a aatlv of British j
I.UIUIUOI ana nas oeea Active in pontic
Iocs he waa 2b year old. Eight years
ago h became leader of th provincial
Conservative party, which he has now
for th third time guided to victory.
A tight wagon hub nut may be moved
by placing a long handled wrench on It. 1
tying the- handle of th wrench to
spoke and moving th wagon.
This Week Only
' None Sold to Dealers
7 $22.00 Axminster Rugs, 9 by 12 ft. $14.20
$27.00 Axminster Rugs, 9 by 12 ft. $17.50,
. $28.75 Axminster Rugs, 9 by 12 ft $18.50
$32.00 Bigelow Axminster, 9x12 $20.00
Oriental, Medallion
and Floral Designs
Rare harmony of colors, in two-tone effects, in
rich combinations of tans, reds and greens ; the
latest of patterns, the newest of goods, and above
all is the Bigelow standard of quality.
If any of th older generation of
Portlandera visit 'The, Man of ; the
Hour" at th Bungalow' this week they
may hav difficulty In recognizing their
old friend. Tom Guise, the grand opera
singer, In th character of th scheming
anS heartless financier, , Walnwrtgrht.
Ir. Outs began his grand opera
back in th early eighties with Emma
adooii ana aniow jucu oo i una nine i -ijfTTT T VTU1T C1TVC1 1 m
was known as th most useful grand H l) I J LIS till DlAlio AT
.opera man In America. a If any
thing happened to anyone" It was
"Send for Tom Guise," for h could play
from two to three to four part In all
of the current operas.
It has been hie misfortune to see
grand opera steadily lose ground In
this country from the time when three
or four srrand opera companies were
touring the . country and making ' money
to the present day when a good grand
opera company played to practically
a handful of people In Denver a short
time ago and has since broken up be
cause of bad business. v.
"The wane of interest and the lack
of education .In music In the last 30
years Is lamentable," said Guise. "There
are now only three music centers, Bos
ton, New Tork.. Chicago and San Franr
claco and. outside of , two or three, of
the "grand operas. people. In general do
hot know or care anything about them
Concerning th extraordinary effect
upon the audience of some of the great
song poems that Wullner will slug to
night at Masonic temple, West Park and
Yamhill, Pan, in the Montreal of October
20, says:
"The audience was frankly surprised.
Nobody knew what to make of this ex
traordinary interpretative singing at
first. But after they had listened to the
passionate wall of the deserted lover in
"Thou Lovest Me Not." and shuddered
at the imaginative tragedy of "Der Dop
pfelganger." the . power, the gseatness,
the mystery and the marvel of this new
singer's art became more and more eas
ily to be comprehended, left its impres
sion more deeply upon thorn, and
aroused among them to such an intensity
of enthusiasm as has not been witnessed
Incidentally. Mr Guise was forced out s'nee Schumann-Helnk drove gray haired
of aratld oncra bv the Iosb of his voice men io sianamg on tne Dack or benches
8 I ll 1
... . , , , .
'' ' ' : . . f ' . . . . . . I ' i ; . , t
Given Away
sololely Free
morrow Real
? liraci lace 1
like Illus
tration at
through clgrarctte smoking, but the love
of opera still remains and he has only
entered the ranks of the dramatic ac
tors from necessity.. His first dramatic
engagement was with Charles Froman
in 'The Girl I. Left Behind. Me."
Mr. Guise .nade his stag debut some
thing Ilka 27 years ago with Lillian
Russell and Jlmmle Powers In the mus
ical comedy, "Fu" In a Photograph
Gallery." Slnca then he nas been with
DeWolf Hopper four years,. Francis
Wilson two years, 'Tlvoll Opera com
"PW"'iff ffa ff'WjfiHgpt6ur,'"foars;
and his visit to Portland before this one
was made as Interlocutor with Richard
Jose's Minstrels.
and yelling like maniacs. "Wullner Is
not only a singer, he Is an Incomparable
artist, a man who feels every emotion
depleted In the songs he sings,"
Th great program to be presented
ronignt includes auch a reast of song
as has probably never before been given
to a Portland audience masterpleoes
by 8chubert, Brahms (Wullner's Intl
mate friend), Hugo Wolf. R. Strauss and
Schumann. All of these will be found
in both German and English, on the
program. The pianist who accompanies
Tvuiiiici, vuiiiuu dub, is aiso one or tne
worid'a greatest artists.
Prices Did Itt
Two little advertisements in the Sunday papers
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388-390 East Morrison St., Near Grand Avenue
. .,). j- .
With each 25c purchase at our store tomorrow, you will be presented with a linen lace doily of which
the illustration above is a photograph.
We have an immense quantity, enough for everyone; they bear no advertisement and are the product
of the world famed Zion industries of Zion City. They are delicately dainty and would make an ideal cift
to send through the mails. BUT ONE DOILY WITH EACH INDIVIDUAL 25c PURCHASE. .
On Sale Tomorrow The Following Big Holiday Specials
The annual election ot officers of the
Brotherhood of the Pllg-rlm Congreca
tlonaj church was held Monday evening-.
This organisation la composed of young
men for social and athtetlo purposes,
It was formed a year, ago, when a few
young men got together and, under the
leadership of the able president. Joe
Montag,' the club grew. '
The club haa a basketball team that
will be-beard of in the future. The
team plays the Sunnyslds aggregation
Friday evening. Captain Arthur Thomp
son, aspects to walk away with the
Sunnyatde boys. The club's officers for
the coming year are as follows:, Alvln
Kraeft,' president; Bay McKalson. vice
president; Clifford Zelgiee, secretary;
Fred Whltehald,' treasurer; Toals Tost.
sergeant at arm a
Prudential Tax Case.
Ifawarlc. N, 3 Deo. IS. Tha New Jer
sey state board of equalisation of taxes
met In this-city today to hear argu
ments on tha' appeal of the Prudential
Insurance company from .the 114.000.
000 assessment on. Its special deferred
-dividend reserva fund.
An Egg
Scrambled with
"It's urprising' what a de
lightful charm is added to
the old di?h. " ' - , . ' s
Manv othrr recioes in
book: T1d-Eit madr with
Toasties" in every" other pkg1.
rectum Cereal Company,
ri't Crrrk. Mich. 1
Two deeds executed by Mrs. Rebecca
Peffer. - widow, con veying - one lot In
Stephens' Addition to the Patton Home,
and two other lots In the same addition
to t-rl ooidenberg, are attacked in
suit rued in the circuit court by
David Louth, her only heir. Be asserts
mat tna deeds were without considers
tlon, were never delivered, and he wants
we properly Himself.
ii appears tnat Mrs. Peffer left the
deeds with an agent and .told no one
aDOUt tnem. She died last October and
lert no will. She evidently believed
that these deeds sufficiently defined her
wisnes -regarding the property, and
Kney were duly placed on record ft.r
ner. aeatn. ene did not wish to part
wna tne property during her lifetime.
and continued to collect the rents and
cxvroisa cuuirui aner tne deeds were
ioutn ww now tr to establish hla
ngnt to tha property on the grounds
set forth, . thera being no delivery of
me aeeas ana no consideration.
At a meeting- of the Deaconess Board
of Nina, Oregon conference, called Mon
day at tha Taylor Street Methodist i
church ror tha -purpose 0f considering
the establishment of a Deaconess home
In Portland.- - tha board instructed - Its
secretary, Mrs. T. 8. McDanlel, to write
-the general deaconess board - and ask
permission to establish auch a home.
Tha general board meets In New Tork
soma time In January, and If the re
quest ts granted It will be brought up
before tha annual conference of the
MeXAodlst church la Oregon neit Sep
tember. Tha home will have to ba es
tablished by .donation and gifts and can
probably be opened only, on a -modest
seal. - The members of the board are
very anxious to hara tha work mtrA
so that there Will be Something defln- j
lt to preeeat at the conference next i
. . - M . . . . . l
tut. nm oprawinf me intention or
tbe Woman's borne Missionary society
to establish a center for charitable work
la Portland will. also be sent ta th
board. i
' I
DR. L. X. S00TT GOj
Dr. tm X. Brott. a dentist of 11 reara
eiprlnrt was discharged yeaterday af- i
ternoow fn themank-tpal court by Jadg
Betiaett after threa Jury trials had failed !
io mnrUt htm cf practicing without a
Th stf law rnTrf,:n A.nfi.f.'!
i ..-.T : -
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