The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 12, 1909, Page 71, Image 71

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    Tin; ohi:gon Sunday journal, tortland. Sunday morning. December 12. 1003.
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Ideal Xfiias Gifts
and Old
znaaay -
tliat ar , rl!y "Chrlet
ar a walcom at th
Ctirlattnaa party aa tha apanalad
traa or tha dainty refraalinianta.
Her ara a fw ffatnra that hava
proven entertaining to children at ttioir
Chrlatmaa keeping, aa mentioned la tha
Cnrlatmaa number of Suburban Ufa:
Kolly aad Klatlatoa, '
To atart.wlth a lively tarn that will
looaen llttla tongue, and banUh fhr
neea, try "Holly and Mlatletoa." Tha
children join hanria and kneel at arm a'
length tn a clrrla, dropping hand again.
Ona child a tart a around e-utald tha cir
cle; touching tarn child's head, and ray
ing. "Holly, holly, holly," but tha ona
ha wlahea to' hava catch him ha eaila
- Miaueioe;- Tneir . tha leader runs.
. winding In and out imonf thoaa In tha
: circle, Mlatletoa mutt catch him, fol
lowing in hla exact track. If Mlatle
toa mleaea going where tha leader went.
lie. muat alt In tha center aifd tha leader
chooaea again.: If Mlatletoa calchea the
leader he can go around naming "Holly,
. aouy, mlatletoa." . V
';' luta Claoe' naif. 1
'We hava had no and of fun with
- "Santa Claua Sleigh!" It la the old
' fashioned game of "atage coach,", con
verted to Chrlatmaa playing. So few
of the children of today ever played
"atage coach" that It aeema new. Give
each child a name that will fit Into
etory of Sent' a annual trip. Lot one
ha Santa, another the alelgh; there
. ahould be "Dancer and Prancer," , the
pony, the doll, the hill, the chimney.
the. stocking, the snow, etc. Then let
aome on who. Is old enough, to bring
.in the names often, tell the story of
in trip, throwing in an upset by way
of excitement. Kvery time a name la
. spoken that child whirls swiftly and
sits down again. To keep as many as
manes the run. .When the doll, the pony,
tha automobile, the' piano, house and lot
and a few small things Jieve been auo-
ceaaruuy- put into on , stocking, the
narrator says suddenly, : "Then Santa
went, home!" All must exchange seats,
the on left standing having to tell the
story, next time. ' .
Gbrletna Dlnae.
' The children march in a circle tinging
to"8t. Patrick's Day In the Morning;"
"I saw three thins go sailing by. '
I saw three ships go sailing by,
I saw three ships go sailing by.
On Christmas day in the morning!"
sine leader then continues
"O, one was loaded with turkey brown,"
ana tn rest join in:
"With turkey brownwith turkey brown,
O, one was loaded wl"h turkey brown.
-m wnriimB aay in tn morning.
Then all sing the first versa again,
and the child next the. leader starts the
second, loading the ship with whatever
ne likes best to eat, the rest Joining in
aa soon aa tney near his choice.
When Christmas dinner has been
played opt, let the children take seats.
The leader throws a
' ' ' ' By Miles C
lid with another child's 'LD T1MEK8 In
ona side of tli paper, f 1 fUH tel1 1
a gift to give the one I I - when .J(h
has drawn. .The glfia W familiar fir
paper to each child
nam written on
Let each chooee
whoae name he has
may be something he knows the other
wanta very much or Juat something fun
By Miles OverholL
southern . Oregon
the Christmas of
Joaquin Miller.- then
figure at - Jackson
villa, dlaarmed a "bad man" and
rhaatd-hltn out of the camp. James 11
ny, like a donkey or a rat tie box. Then '"". meowonea in in rouowing
each draws a picture of the gift h verses, drov the stsge Into Jackaon
will give, on the blank aide of the paper, vllle In those days and Is now. a real
The. drawing need no be skillful, to dent Of Boise, Idaho. ,,- ,
make a lot of fun. Let all who are old K Chrlatmaa storyT iat m
enough writ nonsense verses undar u muet ha' been In sixty-three - '
their pictures or joke explafnlng tbem. when jmmy Twogood came to town
Then choose a girl to be the Christmas ila drov. ,s. .,lm,. rrom , Roaabure
ini. cue can ua aawraiwi wiin iii-i down '
tie tinsel and hold a lighted candle In I To Jack aon villas. a nrw rii.
each hand. , Each child hangs his "gift". J who never hunted . up a fuss,
with a pin through soma part of ths n, wouldn't tote a big six gun:
"tree's" dress or hair or slipper rfb-lit waan't Jlmmv'a at vie at fun.
bons. When all the gifts are hung with Says Jimmy: "Always stop and think
ine names in signt. ine enwarea join Refer vou shoat. then take a drink"
nanus and aanc around th tre. ing-i ,, It was In 'slxty-thre .w
Ing to. the tun of "John Brown's Body:" I On Christmas sve. It seams to me.
Here we go a-merchln round this when Blaok Jack Wilson, awful drunk.
preur iraaj . . r'ama Inln tn Hknll hla trnnlr
Iv' w go .a-marohlng round this rw anvthinv hut inc m. intut '
pretty Christmas tresi v - - lOf . whlakov stralaht. . Ws mlsht ha
i.u. we go a-marcmng round , thisi knowed
' pretty Cbiiatmas trael I There'd be a row whence come In.
To se what Santa brought!" 1 por evervbodr felt like sin. . .
. Th circle stops, th leader looks over I Becauae, you see, 'twas Chrlatmaa Urn
in ire unui ns nna nis girw Tnen An' out hore In that lonely clime ..
they ctrcland dance and sing again;! Was many men who thought of horn
another hunts ms girt, and so on, un- w iiy'd lrt their raraiiiea just to
til th tr is stripped., 6,n w,h1 W"""" looked a roui
. . No friendly faces could be found,
. j . A XABoaeom oam,. Except Jim Twogood sitting ther
Our war of serving refreshments last Who Smiled, for he had . draw
i"1 !Lr ? l.h" CUi Bom.hSw'lhai smlla mad. WUaon' mad
uvko i ai.w;KiiJaB irvm Vina: anuilJIml amlla wnnM miki tnoat iuin la
green cneeaecioin. it loojt only u mm I giaqj . -
utea to. atitch them rni'iml fnl.n a I A! . he . pulled his gun an' shot
- , . " " , . " 7 . . Tn biggeat light out on the spot,
bit of tinsel to ths Instep of each. Into! We all Jumped up an'; tried to hide.
the, before the" guests arrived, want Except Jim Twogood. Jimmy tried
andVhaKl WSjSSS'L
and h!LfuI f Ena-llah walnuts. But aswn't no use to argufy
cracked. The stockings were hidden I The rest of us began to fly'
about th rooms and lust as th children Out every door an' winder, too
finished the lsst gam a Jangle of The bullets klnda helped us through.
Slelghbells sounded on th porch. , i,?I,Wm.2 itSA'. ,,1 . v.,-
, K ki-i, Th bad man stopped him with a blow
t,2!l i,P.i5ht.Jyf i f htath fcpon th head, which knocked -him
children heard that Santa had lust down.
filled all their stockings and gone, leav. An then he thought he owned th
ins word that each was to find hla own I " town.
stocking, and we would all investigate I rt'JTif ir-,n.'K-n,ilie Jfitr.
our treasure, together at the big uble. -M'o.trth.n.h.rjU
We thought he'd' surely murdered him.
At laat somebody aald out loud: ,
"Wen this Is sure a nervy crowd.
To let a man. a drunken lout,
Run all of you "brave" minora out
An' 'bus a man Ilk Jim Twogood."
Says he. "I've allua understood
That miners was considered brave, -And
feared no thing this aide tha
'look here." says hs, "give m a gun."
An then he started on a run
I P to the Helms saloon ha went
Hla chancea waan't wuth a cent.
In 'bout a.mlnuta mil a half
It was enough to make you laugh,
if ?n ih mtrl the lad man flew,
in iu nana ne naa a anoe; .
J d lost his coat and vest an' hat, .
He had on ahoe and carried that,
An' clone behind him, breathln' quick.
Was Jimmy glvln" him a kick.
VVhll up the atreet, to help the fun;
The Other aw ih
Was ahootln' up the atmosphere
in iun wuion run of fear.
Large Arm Turkish
Lcathrr Rockcr, a com
plete line. 'c have them
m prnuiue leather as low
as $25.00.
$33.00 9x12 AxminstT Rufj;..f0.00
$6.00 36x72 in, Axmiiuter Rug.M.OO
$3.50 27x54-in. Axminttrr Rug.fa0
$2.50 2754-in. -Velvet Rug... .$1.50
Morris Cluir, exactly
like ' cut; golden ok
frame, spring liphol-
A f r Mil am-.. au,,iI avitt.-l
ptod Boston leather; d- lii'fjf,
jumaoie dsck. fpcrmi kJi '
orice HS.OoFJ r
We have lh lame rlialrVTl "
with revtrtible ciikhiont
hurt, exoent a crack
Jnch wlds on his head
ier much than beln' dead.
When Jim got tired he moseyed back
rtv waan v
About affl
"Twa btVr
The bad man left the .town for good.
aiuiib nun I x h II ii 1 1 1 si mmv mrm mtmt ii
An; Jimmy was all right next day.
An' lust before he drove away,
Ha hurt our nn .il kil ,
ToU couldn't blame th man for It
He said: "I owe you all a lot.
For runnln' when tha tai man ,hii
An' then the stranger who alnn
Had gon an changed th man man's
ivns. ...
Com down sn' shook hands all around
All Hid a Ilal L na WSl in t ajai.i hm.M
Thn Jimmy took him by the hand
yj'ln hl" ir'orious land
There sin t no braver man than you
nere. inere, aays he, "now that will
It made tha rat nt ,'ia fi
nis nam waa Miller. Who? Joaauln.
Ths stockings were basted securely
shut at the tops, and when w' war
u seated, great waa th surprise and
Joy at their content. Small cups of
hot chocolate added the finishing touch
10 mis game.,
Let the company b seated around the
room, then make th declaration that
you can mesmerise any one present so
that hs or she can not rise alone. Your
orrer win be instantly taken,, probably,
then make a few peases over the select
ed and tell him to get up if he can.
Probably he will anrlna- tn hi fut
I which you must do also, saying: "I told
you you could not rla alone."
'$2250' Bran Bc.d. now 14.50
$12.00 Iron Bed, now fTBO
$3.50 Rocker....f2.50
$4.00 cotton-top Mat
trem, now..,.'. ,f3.00
. I
Desks like cut
in early Eng
lish, golden
oak and birds
eye m a p I e
Special f 8.25
Large Arm Rock
er, similar to rut;
solid oak frame,
upholstered with
good -spring seat;
covered in th best
of chase leather,
and workmanship
first cJass. We can
furnish this Rock
er in the following
finishca: K a r I y
Iinglish and golden
wax. A useful
Xmas gift. Special
price aj-l.50
Princess Dreaaer
like illustration,
made in whit ma
ple and royal oak
finish; sis of top
!0xS5- lnche; haa
French bevel plat
mirror 11x30 ina.;
the top drawers
are serpentine and
divided Special,
In white maple,
at $10.75
In Royal oak, now
for f9.T5
Schmeer's "Solid Com
fort" Mattress, floss
and felt. Special f 6.50
Taubenheimer & Schmeer Furniture Co.
1 74 First Street. N. tr. Cor. Yamhill
to her neighbor, ssytng: "What will you
put into this Christmas stocking?" Th
neighbor answers with something, the
funnier the better, which begins With
the initial of his name. Then he tosses
the stocking to the next with the same
question, and so on, -
Put one child in the center of a circle,
For Older People.
Th Christmas day amusements need!
not he confined to those for 'children.
No doubt their elders, who-, are- still
young at hart will enjoy ths following:
. Parlor ataglo.
"Show the guests a ball of light snow
and offer to make It burn a thing that'
the smallest child knows is Impossible.
Your offer will be taken Incredulously.
babyg stocking I Then, after all have examined th ball,
and found It to be genuine, press a tub
of camphor into It, tn small end com
ing flush with the outsid surface of
the snow. B very careful that no one
sees this don. Next light a match, in
smiling confidence, and touch the -point
of camphor with It The effect will be
" VJ WliV4 VI SX. VI t "vlCi 4 , t . .. i . . .
as Santa Claus. He Is blindfolded, and i.lE. 2? campnor wui burn
a mask with Whiskers adds tn th run. i
Laying hi Jiand, on one in. tha rng, he
says: .. ''What beatlo i thjs in aata
LiuuB pasturer
Oaess That Kos.
Hahg a'-ctpth- M front of a 'doorway
end place one half of th company in
The child answers, perhaps; "A pony. ch room, only on of which is lighted
Uon't give me away.'
"Walt till Christmas Eve and see.
snswers Santa; and passes to the next,
asking th same question. Each gives
Cut a V shaped hole in the cloth and
let those in the dark room place their
noses tnrougn it, one by one, those in
the light room guessing to whom the
the same answer, choosing the name I nose belongs. When a right guess J I
of any animal he wishes to represent. made, the owner' of th nose roust cam
When all are named, Santa says. "Go I out .and join tn guessers, but, if
and get fat!" and they break the clrle I wrong guess is declared, the one mak-
and scamper , out of his reach, but not I ,ns" it must Join the players in the dark
out of the room. Then Santa says,
"TIa Christmas Eve. and I muat go.
To Till the stockings in a row,
Come, pony!" .
The child who is pony whinnies softly.
and Santa must locate him by the sound
ana eaten mm. Every time Santa says,
come, ponyr the pony Is obliged to
,t. t U - 1 l a. a M . . I
room. The game ends when all are In I
one room unless they tire of th play
Detore tnat th larger number being
tne -winners.
33t Cat and th aXoaa.
A large number of players Join hands
In a circle, in the center of which staiid
i wo, . representing- tne cat and the mouse.
Ths mouse may go In and out of the
a Mi
The Gift of Gifts That Will Please
the Whole Family
repeata his line ,and. calls soma other I clrcl freely, but th cat must break
animal, which must make. lis own se
culiar noise until caught Ihls make
uproarious fun. v ;
Ths Christmas Tree.
Pass a pencil and half sheet of note
through and, one out muat fore 4 way
m again, tr tne mouse remains inside.
When tha mouse is caught ha becomes
a cat ana chooses his mouse.
The Ideal Gift Gloves
"Lennon's Best" Kid Gloves have antictptftd
every possible objection that could be made
by the most critical woman. -
"Lenhon'a Best" Kid Gloves are made only
from the best parts pf the best obtainable skins
a detail accounting for the splendid service
they Rive. ,
In "Lennon'f Best Kid Gloves there will
come to every woman that pleasure and satis
faction which results only from a glove that
is properly proportioned, correctly cut and per
fectly finished. v
Present "Lennon's Best Kid Gloves through
the medium of a Lennon's Glove Order. Sold
for as many pairs as you wish to purchase." .
203 Morrison Street
A ' ! till
. iiimi
i -.:-
1 :
f j'
" ; i I I"'
I i'
A Genuine Pianola
"The Gift of Gifts." We sell, you not
only the piano, but also- the ability to play
- it. Can be played either witfr the hands or
by means of a perforated Pianola roll.
t Remember, we are the exclusive repre
sentatives for the genuine Pianola and
' Pianola Piano. Come in any time and hear
your favorite selections or play them yoMr
cli. Demonstrations daily. Terms.
The Very Latest!
A splendid Xmas gift would be an Arts and
Crafts. Piano Lamp, We have a complete
assortment, strictly hand-made Verde metal
and colored Art.Glass. in clusters of lilies.
poppies and other floral designs. Can be
attached to any ordinary light socket Sen
sible, practicable and very artistic.
comes biit
once a year
Let this be a
joyous Christmas
Hints from the House
of Eilers. The Ideal
Gifts for the whole
What more appropriate than a
Piano a Baby Grand or a
Good Upright?
Or a Pianola for your "silent"
Or the genuine Pianola Piano?
Or a Parlor Organ?
Or a Talking .Machine ?
Or a nice selection of Records?
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Or an Arts and Crafts Piano
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Easy payments to suit
your individual needs.
An Art Grand
The one great desire of the cultured home
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selection of Grands and Uprights in costly
and rare woods, from America's foremost
piano-makers. Glad to show you even if'
not quite ready to purchase.
A Fine Piano
Can you conceive anything more lasting,
useful, enjoyable and acceptable than a fine
Pianol Make this the happiest Xmas of
all the one never to be forgotten. As lit.
tie as $6 a month places a good piano in
your home. We'll deliver it any time you
say. Dependable Pianos for $146, $172 and
up to $2150, according to style.
lml nP-"-J5fc KIT
A.Sound Reproducer
litre U a gift that will delight the 'roaog
and old aa welL The highest achievmrnt
yet attained in this field if undoubtedly the
Columbia Grafonola and Victor Victrola
(hornless). Come in and investigate the
lateu tnitrvmenta. They bring th whole
w-crld of music to your own fireside. aiy
and Best
353 Washington Street it Park
Edison Phonograph
The- greatet iiivrotimi. o. that if.
Thomas A. Edison, is undowbt? ! r f
Ihoflograph. Th Ed:on i kn n tSr
out the entir(e world, and tV--- r i l
homes have been made happ'T a-.' i l.i-.-' if
because of their I'Mi-' fi n:ichmc W '
job pay. We are Tairsr Vai-fv
jBarter all the bt nnW of .. .
and all the Records s'l the t.n.-.