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President Diaz of Mexico in
;- Presence of Ereiy Hi'sh
; Official : of ; Mexican Got
. crnment Recognized Value
" of American Secretary.
(Csltre Press Wire.) :
, . Mexioo City. Oct, l-f-The meeting
yesterday between President Dial of
. Mexico and Secretary BooV which took
piece In the presence of ell of the high
., official ot the Mexican government, de
"reloped Into a love feast, in which' the
" moat cordial sentiment were' voiced by
"Secretary Root expreeeed .hie delight
at meeting personally the tnan whom, he
considered directly responsible lor prom
inence among the Latin-American na
tion, rile also declared that he hoped
Tor a continuance "or The present "cordial
relations --. between the ', two ' nation
President Dias, In reply,' declared that
all Mexicans recognise the value of the
American secretary of state's efforts to
bring about a better understanding be
tween the United States and all latln-
. American countries. - ' , - - - -In
the evening a splendid .banquet of
stale was tendered J4T. Boot.
Xeadaoaas aad JTsmralgla Trom Colds.
. Laxative Bromo Quinine, the world
wide cold and ' grip . remedy, removes
cause. Cell for, full name. Look for
signature K W. Grove. lac.
, . .... ; V, ' f
(Continued from Pago-One- '-
too late to catch it. It was their evi
dent Intention of getting on this train.
A hackman who was at the station veri
ties this report, and said that he noticed
the- men running and that after the
train pulled out the men halted and then
walked twry and disappeared in the
darkness. He could not get a very good
description of them.
Air of Xxdtemeat,'
There Is a strange air of solemn de
termination about Baker today. It
broods ill for the men who murdered
Harvey K. Browns should the assassins
come within reach of the Baker people.
The feeling of horror and Intense anger
over the cowardly killing of a popular
man has increased Tether than de
creased, as the facts in tha case have
- become history. . ';
Jirown fought the gamblers -and
ftaloonmen, but It is sure that these
elnmeiiis made no combined effort to do
him harm; in fact he had many friends
among the liquor dealers .who rather.
ailinired him for hie eland. Some per
sons think, like Swain, however, that It
. might have been possible that several
of the tough characters of the city
plotted to kill him sfter the fashion of
t he murder of Bteunenberg . and that
they were carried away by a spirit of
hatred engendered by the active fight
- brown has always made for right.
' Mrs. Brows Prostrated.
Mrs. Brown -Is In a very precarious
, (conumon. i ne snoca nas , completely
i unnerved her and the family physician
will not- allow s any hot ,hr. most
Intimate mends to Visit her. Mrs,
' Brown, it is said, firmly believes that
., her husband was marked for death by
the Western Federation and she does
'not put entire faith in Swain's theory
. although she has the greatest respect
for her husband's old friend and has
." confidence in bis good Judgment.
Governor Chamberlain has been com
s municated with but as he Is oa a trip
, . east it is not thought that the message
will reach him before tonight It is
the Intention of the authorities to ask
, for i a large reward for the capture of
, the culprits. J
Brown told several of his friends
when he was on his way to tha Salem
-f fulr a few weeks ago that he- was afraid
that something was going to happen to
. him. He was reticent about whom he
suspected, but It is known that he was
quietly working on a caae and that ha
. expeoted to make some disclosures be
fore long. 'Whether these disclosures
were to have referred to links in tbs
evidence in the bteunenberg case or
whether the ex-shorlff had gained In
, formation concerning men here in Baker
who have fought -him- politically and
otherwise, cannot be surmised. Brown
- did not talk mwrh about hla affairs and
was given to making indirect anawera
to questions In the matter of some
x that were calculated . to throw one off
too trace. ., -. .
- - tUnltrd - Pnes - Jjeased - Wlre.l : -
Wasliington. I. C, Oct. t. Brig. Oen.
.. wuiiain a. aiccjassey, isieiy in com-
; mend of the Uepartment of Texas, was
.. pfctced on the .retired list today by
.operation ot uie age limit. uen. mc
, Caskey . cornea from Pennsylvania and
. ' evss one of tha first T6.00S men enrolled
, as volunteers in the Civil war. He
' , served as a private tbeoua-hotit the war.
. was, engaged In all the battles of the
, Army .or the Cumberland and. was on
. Sherman's marches to the sea and
, through the Carolines to-Washington.
, At the close of the wsr he entered the
, regular service ana in- tne (Spanish war
was present at tbs battles of 1 Caney
and Santiago. . . ..
" . frsKes . Prne , teased' Wire.) '
Washington, Oct. 2. Naval officers
' are much interested and not a little
.mused by an Interview with Assistant
' , Sacretary Newberry, In which he is
a quoted as saying that a swimming test
"s may be demanded of navy of fleers. -Just
-" as a horseback ride has been ordered to
J test tha horsemanship of army officer
'Newberry's Idea is to have captains and
. admirals dive from shore and swim to
their ships. ,
, ' LJ i
rx '
: 3 otv Indicatiois , that the
etoisacb and other digestive
craiw ere weak, tired or
Czl Stated. '. It causes , no
,c: I ct aches end pains end
U r.cst commonv ? where
r cc;!3 t o!t their meals and
Lurry end worry as they
i tils country.
I Zz -TsScrsaparilla
'z:;r:z Cyz?$ti3 lit hcs"a
r - - : t ench l thh disease.
r. t :monia! of remarkable tVN
! i r l ook on Dypepla, No. 5.
CLI 'oi Co, Lowell, Man,
Convicted MajTor Schmitz of
l: San" Francisco'; for Nine
- Years Has Failed to Sup
7 port Aged Parent and El
derly Maiden Sister. -
"i (Ftetfie Coast Press Leased Wire.)
San Francisco,' Oct. I. For' the past
nine years Eugene K. Sohrolts, former
mayor of San Francisco., now in the
county Jail awaiting, transportation' to
San Quentln for extortion, tias not con
tributed to. the support of his mother
and .sister, who have been illvlng ia
humble fashion In a one-story cottage.
supported by Herbert I. Bohralt, -the
brother'. of . ths convicted' ex-mayor,
while tbs latter had been living In: his
sumptuous home, traveling abroad and
otherwise living a life of luxury, up to
the time of his conviction. .--.--These
faets were bought out In sworn
testimony by Herbert Hchmits -during
supplementary proceedings brought In
nan or . narics U. Taylor, who so
red a ludurnent for 12.750 'damages
ana 143.76 costs from a jury for injuries-
sustained by falling through a
defective sidewalk. - Herbert Schmits,
Marsden Man son, T. P. Woodward and
Michael Casey. , together with their
sureties, were ths defendants, they con
stituting tbs old board of publlo works,
which was held resDonslble for the ac
Taylor -has found difficulty la getting
his money. Schmits was haled before a
special commissioner on an order of ex
amination. It was to the commissioner
that he 'Was forced to admit that his
brother. Eurene. had dona nothing for
bis aged mother and middle-aged sister,
but give them sa oocaslonal little pres
ent of some sort.
.A' ; ; . . ..
(Continued from Page One.)
ferent times without obiectlon from the
district attorney ot bis associates, and
sent him back to questions at Issue.
"We do not object to . McOamr'k
course." interposed Bert Hanev. dartutv
district attorney, ' when the court
stopped the attorney for the defense,
"let him go ahead. He will hang him
self if we let him have time. The
court, however, held the attorney within
eeelna- distance of the lines of raatarial
evidence. ,
This afternoon It Is exoected that tha
lurnwn is expected mat tne
II put Ia I Mandelsy, Janitor
M. HabvL A. N. Wills,- Dr. W.
rson . snd perhaps T. C levlln
siais win
lire w.i C
B- Anderson
on the stand. The defense has a list
of character witnesses for Mrs. Way'
mire, besides the defendants themselves
who are expeoted to take the witness
si no.
W hen the aiamf nation
menced w, R. McGarry 'and
sen tea 1.
Lu Mandelav. : The atata waa
represented by District Attorney Man
ning and his doniity, Bert E. Haney.
fprdMyo?'l!a0efa8?' P'-'
v.. ' Mayor Tells story.
After the mayor had been sworn he
waa aaked-to-teU-of the -circumstances
surrounding his meeting with Mrs.
AVaymre at his "office 1n h city JaU
and of her subsequent visits both there
and at his private office in the Hamil
ton building up to the Including -the
evening of the attack mads upon him.
He told the story without questioning
substantially In the same words with
which he has detailed ths occurrences
before. -
'The lady, or this woman rather"
the mayor corrected as he began his
story, "came to my office during the
summer, during office hours near the
close. She. stated that she was In
trouble and wanted my advice and help.
She said that-she was a married wo
man, but that she had separated from
her husband and that in the separation
she had signed over the custody of her
small child to her husband. She had
then come to Portland and had found
work In a restaurant, but that her heart
was wrung by the separation from her
child, and that she waa seeking soma
means of securing Its possession and
bringing It back to Portland with. her.
Tlslted Mayor's Office epeatedly. ;
"She asked me If she would be liable
to the law should she kidnsp the child
and bring it to Portland." tha mayor
continued, "and I told her I was no law
yer and therefore could not advise her
as to that point. ' I told her, however,
that I would take the matter up with
Mrs. Trumbull, whoss connection with
the board of charitlea nut her in touch
with similar cases, and would turn the
matter over to ner,
"Mrs. W'aymlr asked ma not to do
this." tha mayor continued, "telling me
to delay awhile, as she did not like to
So about detailing her troubles. In a
ay or two she called again and said she
had about come to the conclusion that
she had better leave the child with Ha
grandparents, who had charge of It, as
she herself waa only earnlnc 18 a week.
and It was hard for a woman to live sn
tnat amount. -
'Following this visit shs came to the
city hall again and aaid that aha would
like to discuss tha question with me
again, but that she was not able to talk
privately with ma and ' asked If sne
could see me st soma other time. -1
told her it miaht be possible if she
would come to my office in the Hamil
ton building either at noon or between
e:?0 and ociock in tne afternoon.
Wanted letter JTrom Mayor. .
Shortly after that," ths mayor
sumed, "Mrs. wsymirs cams to my
? rivals office and talked over her plan
o get possession of ths child. . She
Id she thought she would go back,
get the child, or have her mother do
so and then all three come - back to
Portland, where shs tbousbt her mother
would be able to establish a rooming
nouse or some similar means or earn
ing a living. She made several visits
and br this time I was setting; tired of
aisoussmg ttie matter and would excuse
myseir as soon, as t could do so.
"tine toid me tnat ner mother had
rromlsed - to send her money for her
rip back and that it would come about
the end of the week. She therefore
asked me for a seneral letter of rood
character and I told her she had better
come to the city hall for the letter or
shs would not get It. for I would in all
probability forget all about It, and be
sides did not have the official Stationery
at the Hamilton building. ...
"She came again in a short time, say
ing she could not get me at the city
hall by telephone, and I told her to tele
phone to my Stenographer telling ber
to remind me of the letter. She did
thla and I Instructed the stenographer
to write the letter, whioh I signed and
took with ms to ths Hamilton building.
There I discovered that the name had
been misspelled and so kept It for cor
rection. - .; : , . ,
Talis of Woman's Assault. .
i 'The scene in the offloe took place
on Thursday afternoon, and I cams to
the Hamilton building earlier than
usual. I had been out late ths three
nights previous and was tired and
anted to go home earlisr than usual.
Mrs. Way ml re came between 6:!0 and
8 o'clock, and I told her I wished to
leave ths office. 'I era tired and will
have to go and I will have to fire you.
Come when you hear from your mother
and I will get ths latter for you," I
told her. - -
"I started for ths door to show her
out," continued the -mayor, "when this
woman arsbbed ma. when I got out
of my chair aba got tip close in front
of me, grabbed .ins. and .began to isaks
Fout. appeared ?or Mrs. Wm." -ndlfh:n ia'Jo'ur"
Raddlng; whUe John K, Kollick repre-Uf1" haiL wa" j,,l"ii "'I0" "
Overwhelming Proof that Lydia E. Pinkham'a
i'rr-'-r. Vegetable Compound Succeeds. ;
One of the freatsat triumph of
Lydi C Plnkhains VegUbls Com-,
pound is ths conquering of woman's
dread enemy Tumor, - t
Tbs growth, of a tumor u go Im
sldloua that frequently its presence,
is wholly -unsuspected until it i well
advanced. , 1 ,
Bo called1 "wandering- pains" may
coma from its early stares or the
presence of danger may be " made
manifest by excessive monthly periods
accompanied by unusual pain, from
the abdomen throag-h the groin and
thigh..-.'" ;r-'- v ,"
' If you have mysteriou pains, if
there are indications of inflammation
or displacements, secure a bottle of
Lydia E. Finkham'g Vegetable Com
pound, made from native root and
herbs, right away and begin its nee.
The following letters should con
vinee-every sufferinf woman of its
virtue, and that it actually does
conquer tumor., y .-
Mr.'' May' Pry, of Ww. Colfax
Ave. Btfutb Bend, Ind., writes I . t .' ,
Dear Mrs. Pinkham J -f.'X
1 ; take kreat pleasure' in writ
las' to thank you for what Lydia E.
Pinkham ' Vegetable Compound has
done for ma. I also took the Blood
Purifier ia alternate doses with the
Compound. Your medicine removed a
eyat tumor of four years', growth,
whioh three of the best physicians
declared I had. They had said that
only an operation eoujd help me. I am
very thankful that I followed a friend's
advice, and took your medicine. It has
made me a strong and well woman and
I shall recommend it as long as 1 live."
Mrs. B. F. Hayes, of H EuggleaSt,
Boston, Ma., write ,
Dear Mr. Pinkham: " ' ':
'I have been under different doetor
treatment for a long time without
relief. They told me I had a fibroid
tumor, my abdomen waa swollen and
I suffered with great pain. I wrote
to you for. advice, you replied and I
followed your directions carefully and
today I am a well women. Lydia E.
Pinkham' Vegetable Compound ex
pelled the tumor and etrengthenedjny
whole ytem,"( : , T.'f''
Mr. Perry Byera, ei MU Pleasant,
Iowa, write I -.' ' "" '
a gurgling sound. I thought she was
going to have an epileptic fit or some
thing, and then aha began to raise her
volc and et up a violent .screaming.
I aaid to her, 'woman, arc you crasy,'
but she continued to scream and to
claw at my clothes. ' , ; ,
. VcOany aefnddlad Ag-alss. '
swora at her, but aha waa making
so much noise I doubt If shs heard, and
flv people standing there
and more
coming, when the door
the woman ducked out."
k The mayor stated at the close ef his
wesyMhaAeAstd not remember having
ever aeen itauaing or Manaeiay. He
saw Janitor prew, who opened : the
door, but did not remember who the
other people In "the - hall- were, : other
tnan tne elevator man and the Head
janitor. . f -
Attorney McQarry In his cross exam
lnatlon tried .to break down the mayor's
story and to show that he had gone to
the private office with the expectation
of meeting Mrs. Waymlre ' there. He
attempted to create the Impression that
the mayor had used Improper language
In addressing the woman, but failed In
his endeavora.
- - T. W, o. A. Oave ire Aid.
' While a request waa made upon mem'
bers of the X. W. C. A. for the assist
ance or Mrs. Belle Waymlre bv the or
ganlaatlon and its members, officers ef
the order made a statement today to the
effect that absolutely no action had
been taken In tha matter. A man who
aaid he reDresented Mrs. Wsvmlre
called at the office of the association
and made a plea in her behalf. Nona of
tne erncer waa in at tne time and
nothing was dona
Wanted - Position With ' Streetcar
Company a Confidential Man.
K. K. Raddlng. en of the alleced con
spirators In the plot against . Mayor
jane, nas, ouring tne isst rew weexs.
attsmptea to secure employment witn
the Portland Railway, Light St Power
company, as "confidentlal"snan. Rad
dlng, even up until a few days previous
to the occurrence in the Hamilton build
ing, had frequently celled on 8. O..Reed,
treasurer oi tne company, in me nope
of convincing him thst he could do a
a-reat deal of aood for the company If
employed in tms capacity, --
Raddlng informed Mr. Reed that If
he were given a lob he would not only
be-of great -assistance to -the railway
company, but to the union men as well
In brimrins about amicable settlement
of all labor disputes. .
When Raddlng first appeared st -the
offices of the oomosny he merely asked
that he be given employment. Later
Mr. Reed asked what kind of work he
wanted. Raddln- explained that he
could hardly go to work as a platform
OooA JMod Worth More Than a
,. Mima. .
To find a food that will put an anso
lute stop to "running down" Is better
than findl-na- a sold mine.
Many people when they begin to run
down go from- one thing to another
without finding a food tnat will stop
ths progress of disease.' Orape-Nuts is
the most nourishing food known and
will met one rlirht If that Is possible.
The experience of a Louisiana lady
mav ba interesting. "I received a -se
ver nervous shock some years ago and
from thst and overwork gradually broke
Mown.. My food did not agree with me
and I lost flesn . rapidly. I changed
from ona. kind of food to another but
was unable to stop.' the loss of flesh
and strength. - . -
"I do not exaggerate wnen i say tnst
I Anally , became. In reality, a living
akeleton. - My 'nights . were sleepless.
and I wan compelled to take opiates In
various forms. .Alter' trying an aorta
of food without success- I finally got
down to toasted bread with a little but-
tor. and alter a srmie -mis oea-nn- to
sour and I could rrot dlgeat It. Then I
took to toasted crackers and lived on
them for several .weeka. but. kept get
ting weaker, -r - ,
''One day Orape-Nuts waa suggested
nd it seemed to me from ths descrip
tion that It was Just the sort of food I
could digest.- I began by eating a small
portion, gradually increasing the
amount each day. '
"My Improvement began af once for
It afforded me the nourishment that I
had been starving for. No more harass
ing pains end Indigestion. For a month
I ate nothing but Orape-Nuts and a
little Cream, then t got so well I could
take on other kinds of food. I -gained
flesh rapidly and now I am 4n oetter
health than I have been In yeans. I
still stick to Orape-Nuts because I like
the food, and I know of Its powerful
nourishing properties. My physician
say that my whole trouble was a lark
of power to digest food, and thst no
other food thst he knows of would
have brought me out of the trouble ex
cepl Orape-Nuts." "There's a Jtaaaos." ,
Dear Mr. Pinkham '
.. "1 waa told by my physician that I
had a fibroid tumor and that I would
have to be operated upon, I wrote to
you for advice, whioh I followed cars
folly and "took Lydia E. Pinkham'
Vegetable Compound. I am not only
cured of the tumor but other female
trouble and dsn do all my own work
after elga year of suffering."
Mrs. a J. Barber, of Soott, N.'.T.
write t . ; . . . .
Dear Mr. Pinkham!
"Sometime ago I wrote you for
ad vies about a tumor whlcvh the doctor
thought would have to be removed.
Instead I took Lydia E. Pinkham'
Vegetable Compound ind to-day am a
well woman.".,,
' Mrs. M. M. Funk, Vandergrift, Pa.,
writes: ' ;' -. ... ?, . ..
Dear Mrs. Pinkham 1 '
'I had a tumor and Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound removed
it for m after twe doctor had given
me up. I was aiok four year before I
began to take the Compound. I now
recommend Lydia E- Pinkham' Veget.
able Compound far and. near.", .
fluch testimony a above 1 con
vincing evidence that Lydia E. Pink
ham' vegetable Compound sband
without a peer a a remedy for Tumor
Growth a well a other distressing
ills of women, and such symptoms a
Bearing-down Sensations, . Displace
ments, Irregularities and Backache,
eta. Women should remember that it
is Lydia E. Pinkham' Vegetable Com-
Kund that 1 curing so many women
at forget to insist upon It when
some druggist ask you to accept
something else whioh lie call "Just
a good."; -T7r . r j---
Mrs. "nnkliMtt Urttatlot f Womct.
. ; v.. ' .':-'V ','
. Women aufferlng from any form
ot ' female weakness are Invited to
write Mr. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass.,
for advice. She 1 the Mr. Pinkham
who hu been advising sick women
free of charge for more than twenty
J ears, and before that she assisted
er mother-in-law,- Lydia E. Pink
ham in advising. Thus she is especially
well qualifled to guide sick women
back to health. ... . ; ; -,
6 1 hi ' ' ' m
man en the ears, ss this would put him
In bad way with his union.
Mr. Read told Raddlng that there was
no. other position hs could give him.
It waa at this Juncture that .Raddlng
suggested that he ba taken in as on
of the "confidential" men of the com
pany. . .
Two days before Mrs. Waymlre called
at the mayor's private office for the
last time. Raddlng went to Mr. Reed,
still desirous of securing the posltiou
besought.- .-'-'-:-'.'. .
Obsarvatloas by J. X. Aekesoa en riaaa.
elal and acnsiolpal Oonditlona.
"Tea, I returned from New Tork last
evening," said J. M. Acheson of J. Int.
Acheson Co. - "I also visited most Of
the principal cities of the east. Busi
ness seems to be running full handed
there, but I don't know what's the mat
ter in New York. Talk about mohey
being tight, the banks will not renew
paper,' and this worked much hardship
on firms whioh were trying to handle an
Immense fall buainess. Tha trusts, or
something In New York seem to be
trying to make everybody hard up. But
I found when I got outalde of New Tork
no one appeared, to tm scared or very
hard up, while backs had plenty of
money and were willing to place ft on
good collateral at reasonable rates. This
waa something New Tork wouldn't da
I'm no banker,-but these are my views
of things. . I bought an invoice of goods
of a fellow and paid spot cash. The
frice was ridiculously low. He wanted
o know if I could Joan him a couple of
thousand at 1 per Vent? I didn't do it.
He failed during the week, so that's the
way it. la ( But It Is gratifying to know
It does not effect the rest of the coun
try. I aaw things to commend and crit
icise In all cities, and of course the same
can be said of Portland, hut I wish to
say that New Tork makes Its street
corner signs so a person can read them,
and that, too, at any aide view point.
The stranger likes that, and Portland
would do well to copy. I. saw some
street block pavement there that looked
good, but I suppose engineers know
more about that than I. Kansaa City
la afflicted with tha worst case of bill
board craze J ever saw. It was really
disgusting. ' Portland - can't begin to
compare with them. ' Omaha needs thou
sands of painters at work, a thorough
reorganisation of the Union depot ays
tern and about -15,000,000 spent on a
water system. Chicego needs a street
cleaning department that cleans. I am
?lad to be home again, and I told my
riends In New Tork and the east that
they didn't know what real downright
anod living waa, but If they could come
out to Portland they could find out.
Most of them would like te eeme; some
lack money, some nerve -while some
haven't sens enough."
Empress v Announces That
Country Will Be Consti-
tutional Monarchy. ;
fUstte Press ' tesse Wire.) '
Iiondon, Oct l.--A special dispatch
to. a news agsnoy from Peking reports
the promulgation ef an order by the
dowager empreas In which she declares
China to he a constitutional monarchy.
steps win do laaen soon loosing
toward tne selection ot a parliament.
The announcement, ir true, menna
the dawn ef a new era for China. The
special commission - which toured the
world studying the governments of var
ious nstions recommended the clan for
tne reeauoiisnmeni oi a separate con
stitution for each of tha It provinces,
similar to Japan's, with an elective
parliament authorised to choose a pro
vincial executive, who wf be subordi
nate to a governor appointed br the
throne. . .-. , - r ... - ,
'See Mother After St Tear. ,'"
"' (SpeHsl Plapstek te Tke Josmell
Bt. Helens. Or.. Oct. I Martin Whif
sheriff of Columbia county returned
last evening from a month's visit to
his aged mother at Concordia, Kansas,
whom he hsd not seen for 11 rears.
..".. .
Snrtl Dlitwtcfc ta Tke JnsrnaLt ' '
Freewater. Or. Oct. 1. Tha fruit In.
gpeouur ' for Umatilla eeujntr. ' Howard
The price of the Piano In thi sal are alone enough , to command the attention of every intending i
:. . purchaser within a radiu of a hundred mile or more of Portland. But when one consider the extent
: of this offering thi Annual Fall Clearance and really appreciate the splendid character of the to- ' f
trumenta weU known make from many of the best home in thi city taken in part payment toward ,
Pianola Pianos the attractiveness of the opportunity is doubly emphasized. The selling during the'.!.
. past two day ha been brisk, but the liat was a large one there are yet many moat exceptional bar- :
fains. There are Squares, Uprights, Grands and price are a varied a the many makes a low a
12 for a fairly good old-time Square, and from that up to $395 for a Grand and others in between .
i om even higher but every one an irresistible bargain. Look them over Judge for .yourself
. and youll not be disappointed. But respond quickly they're going fast. .'. .
; Just
. KNABE On of the most ex
pensive atyle. en- - COQQ
graved panl..,.....V;'V
of this well known make (two
old since Monday);
'thi one goe for....,
Orgahsi Orcli eofcrelfec Player Pianos
;iPiario -Players AlGO;-IricIi!fied;
There' a representative list of these instrument also to choose from. Organ of mall lz that have
been exchanged for larger one; larger organ that have been traded toward Pianola Piano; magnif
icent Orchestrelles (which bring into your home the very finest clasa of Orchestra muic) instru
ments which have been used for demonstration and display us; player piano and player which
have been received a part -pay toward Pianola Piano. It's really a list to choose from that give the
music-lover every possible advantage and an opportunity to satisfy any and every longing in the
musical line. .
If you live in the city, come at once. If you reside out of town, write for complete list and price.
But be prompt for keen, wide-awake, buyers will soon make short work of the selling. , Another op
portunity such a thi will not com again for months. .
The Honte of . - -Highest
, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Tacorna, Spokane,' Boise and Other Cltie.
5, Store Everywhere California to Alaska, v ; -
m i : - .
" Contains flnc.nllirfMV
I . lU'UUilaS. aiOIUlCiy
NO artificial
fi&tr fc' -. sstmm.
Preferred Stock Catsun reuim the full, natural flavor of the tomato.
an appetUng relish for grilled meats, cold meats, oyster, fish, etc. Comet ia three sizes, small, medium and Urge. , I
.. iTJ.fOf Ai IXWI3, wooleaal Groctra, PoAuLND, 0MG0IT , V. 6. A. ' '"
1 aasas
Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Sour Stom
ach, , Torpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to take
Make the Un In i.i- . .
like you want
j wcv ii3 ia m nuDKOd
A. liquid preparation for the Face, Neck,
Arm and Hands. Cannot he detected.
- ft U neither rticky nor greasv.
7 ' It' karmless, clean and refreshing.
Twocoljrs, ritrk and White. .
Use it morning, noon sod night, Spring,
Summer, Fall, Winter. SAMPLE FREE.
'' tTON MFO. CO..
' ' 44 Booth Fifth 8., BsooaLTitv M.Y. ..'
Evans, has submitted the following esti
mate for fruit shinned from the vicinity
of Freewater during the past fruit sea
son, not Including tha bis? melon croo
and the vast amount ef fruit sold br
a Scmp!3 of the Vclu
ton make; mahogany; splendid
condition; the $32) ClCft
style; sale price, ..... .yluU ,
BELL Plain case, mahogany
- .. .'.'ii . - w. . . m
toes seasoned with pure condiments. i: V' r:
Preferred Stock
jr ' Packed Wnsreror the Best aieOrswa . 1
are uniform in their high quality and purity. "
ton bazm mr tu rootT.
- ' '." . n At ths r v -"y
'. rum wiiiTirniT
' - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Hi Mllwaiikl St. Brooklyn er
Beilwood car.
Dr. Sanderson's Compound
Havln and Cotton .Root Pllla
The best and only reliable
remedy for DELAYED PfcR
10D3. Cure the most obsvln-
ate, cases In I to 10 days. Price II
per bos, msllsd In plsln wrapper. Bold
by drusglsts everywhere. - Address T.
J. PlKftCT. 11 Flrt st Pnrtlnnd. fr.
rears. 4ft
' Aonls
IS.noo boxes, IR2.000;
40,000 boxes, $,000; pearhas, (!,
InA K a a A Ann. vrn rlnma f RAA
rounds, lis.000; plums, 40,000 pounds,
1.0001 strawberries. $0,000 crates. 0.-
. - - 4
VAN . ORUSEN An Imported
make; walnut; hard to ff70
mi at.... ..............
STEINER Ebonixed finish;
another bargain for very (QQ:
little money. JO
Biggest, Easiest
end Best
- o
Stock Catsup
v. ' . .-"' ' V ,.-
is manufactured especially to
for us by the most approved
methods from selected, red ripe Toma
Canned Goods
It ii not too highly seasoned hut"
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
tx sallow complexions of
; wet weaiher
shoes ; .
;-,.,:' -:-. , ;.,
it ; $3.50 acil $IC3
Also New Stock of Rubbers
for Everybody -
t Ts ''-' .1" .
2IMerrUa St., aeae fttXft
000: raspberries. 1,000 crates. - 14.000;
blackberries, 1.000 crates, ( StiO; logan-
onrries, inn crates, i,ooo- grapes, 100,
vuv pounus. i,wuu.
Tout value. $!!.-