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rilifiOTA LMY
Three Champions of Merry
. . -
lisle Are Due to Arrive m
; Tj Kew , York -This Week.
Weirro Marvel in Middleweight Dlvl-
1 lon Hm Appeared on Horteon And
,'. ( Ancient Bob Ualmmona ; VU1
X Take- Him On. " ; ' '
' , ( Vetted Prase Leased Win.)
" w rv-' l A fine lino of Brlt-
' Ish. Uatlo talent 1 duo thla week from
London. There will be three men b
will niin li International battles.
... a a mv!ai nr
. which may mean m ios "
coma of hf title. Owen Mora, th
best 118-ponnd boy of tba British lalea.
pat 0'Kf, said to be the champion
welterweight ot Ireland, and Johnny
Summer, who claims the featherweight
championship of all Britain, will ar,
rive' under the management 01
Harvey. - Both Summers and Moran have
been here. . ' Bummer ' beat -Tommy
,.' wa.- -Tork llshtwelcht.
and was beaten Dy xoung . .
Philadelphia. Moran, who w" ,,,!!?
three years ago. licked Monte At tell.
. w...- . .k... vithar m will take on
Abe. There Is little doubt that either
would -lv him a harder fight than
could any American boy of his weight.
AttelL whose reputation in the east
suffered n his last trip, when he was
bested by Tommy 0Toole la six rounda
at Philadelphia, Is on ' his way - back
looking for reparation and coin. He is
ready to meet many New York boys of
tiA,a.oOBaB, H n n
bis weight, so ne win i ;
' probably the reparation. He has given
ud his attempt to get a match with Joe
Gans, because he could not interest uie
Frisco promoters. , ',
-s, ... . '' -.. . ' '
. r alAAiuiil Inta
York. Stun Langford, the Boston boy,
who la blacker than that other great
Boston tighter, Joe Walcott, showed re-
markable science and punching ability
when ha encountered Jim Barry of
Chicago at the Bharkey Athletic ciuo
for six rounds. It is a -oaf statement
that Langford, fighting on the oquare.
Is ths peer of any middleweight of the
country. Barry Is a big man and a
.? -u.-- Yi mi(1 ISO nounda.
while the negro went In at 1M Yet
after the first round, when the Boston
man was knocked down, there was only
on side to the contest. lttlreon
is there" to wonder tharT Jack TTwlnl
Sullivan, who thinks he Is a good as
any middleweight in the ring, will have
nothing to do with the negro. -s
Borne week ago when Mike tha Twin
was in New York, h was asked If
Jack would meet the negro. .
- 'Oh, we don't want to nght any nig
gers." he answered.
Btill Mike Is now out In Frisco trying
to get - a match with Jo Gans, who
beat him once. Joe la so great that de
feat by him does not mean oblivion.
Again, the short end In a fight with
him 1 worth thousands. , v . ;
:...: j ' '
Bob Fltsslmmon will meet Langford.
He Is, of course, still the middleweight
champion, never having loat th cham
pionship that he won from Jack Iemp
Fey 16 years ago. He has announced
that he will defend hi title and will
meet any one for whom th club will
put up a good purse. But few take Bob
snrlously. While te has unbounded con
fidence in himself, his friends know
that he could not stand long against
v I n,fA,4 . TVi v ari
anxious for him to give up all Idea of
flirhtlnr and Din hi mind down to other
business. But the call of the ring and
the need ef ready money always move
Bob. ' - 1 -
ik. w . . m LMn.tlfi.1 -ntaiu nf ft mtiTM
out at Dunellen, New Jersey, an hour's
ride from New York., He live la a fine,
roomy old house, eurroundtd by great
shad trees and - weeping lawna. It
has been his desire to start a gymna
sium something like Bill Muldoon's sani
tarium for ' the upbuilding of broken
down millionaires, but the venture costs
money, and Bob hasn't enough.
' Tb other day he was asked why he
did not farm hie land. '
- "Don't - mention farming to Bob,"
broke In Mrs. 'Fits. "We bought J0
worth -of ' seed corn last year and grew
rniM n 11 m n 1 k ... ,
' A battle that will bring together two
of the best lightweights of ths middle
west and the east la that which may
take place between Tommy Murphy of
New York and 'Packey McTarland-of
Chicago at Indianapolis. Johnny-Oliver,
the manager of th former, received an
offer from Manager Ferreti of th In
dianapolis club, and he is awaiting the
.settlement of -the arrangements. It Is
not known that Harry GUmore Jr. of
Chicago, Packer's manager, wants th
match just now, for he has - several
other engagements. Still some -weeks
bene he said in Chicago that he would
tnke on Murpny oerore - any , ciuo uu
would mak the battle worth while.
The retirement 0 Joe Gan will cans
a scramble for his lightweight title, - A
contest between Murphy and McFarland
would give a verv good line on th suc
cessor of th great little coon. Th wln-
plauslblllty claim that he had. the rjght
to the championship, for It 1 difficult
, to figure out that there Is a lightweight
who could beat him. ,
1 Jack Sullivan, who fought Bill Squire
4m . CI atui 4 m nni hnlf mm wall lennwn
j lh maual ollower of tha rinf as
.he should be. Here-Is Tommy Burns,
whom he beat, standing at the bead of
the list-of notable, while the Boston
man Is of apparently little consequence.
He has accomplished even more In th
ring tnan nas tturnn. in mcuun nurns
put B1U Squires out Jn. a punch he I
t np as th chief ot American flght
ers always barring-Jeffrie. Yet who
Is there who believe that Burn could
beat Jack Johnson If the big . negro
would flrht on the square? .
Jtoth - Jack and Mike Hull I van are as
liHld as Poh Fltsslmmona. But Jack la
v.iln of hi looks, while -Mike Is not
hen th former got blm to Cambridge,
MaxKnohuaetis. last summer from Cali
lorn'a he Tor a toupee. '
-1 .1o 1 I -tell y," exclaimed Jre
rnlah Hiilllvan. the father, who Is a r- -' inn tamstsr; "didn't-I tell ye
tht if ou used some of that horse
ImiMi- nt 011 .your, head It would grew
Ye did father," answered Jack. '-"But
OS Imir wrtw on another man's . head."
r Mw.i. ut the I u I ' I n of Austerlltx. be
, 1 1. p y r'N icMt leader In the world.
t .'lard r-oow Unlm-nt hae shown the
, ,,!.! ,. it is (tie hext liniment Jn the
1 iulik cure for rheumetlsm.
, , 1'iun. ruts. etc. A. C. Pitts.
1 l.oiiiilaiia. save: "I u B11I-
' , ,t - s io J Inlinnt In toy family and
1 ( It i.n.-xi ! .1 f -r enre rhi-it, head-
i-rrna, Irt I'nt for anything that
, t t. r'-f-hed bv a llnlmeiii." buld by
1 1 (!: I'.i.lnts. .' v . '
Official of th Portland Hunt club,
who ar making extensive arrangements
for th horse show that wlU b bldi In
th Oriental building at th L wis and
Clark xpoltloa. grounds, are mora than
gratified - with the splendid . support
glvn them by Portland' Smart et.
That social Portland Intends to - mak
th show the society event of th a
on Is evidenced by the demand for
boxes, and T. 8. McGrath. president of
tne club, who ha In charge th disposal
of tha boxes, ssys that he la sorry that
he has only 60 instead of Jo. ,
' A. H. Cederberg. the architect who
has designed the show ring and also ths
Interior -decorations of th Oriental
building, submitted his plana this morn
ing to F. O. Downing. Mr. Cederberg'
has so arranged the boxes and th re
served seat section on th lowar floor
that there wlU be little choice in either
th boxes cr th reserved seats. In
The basketball season at th Mult
nomah club will open tonight with tb
organisation of team for th playing
of a club league series. . Th 40 or ft
men who ' will take part in th sport
Will be divided Into Bix or vn teams
aad a aeries" of game will be played.
ths schedule being arranged ' o that
each team will -play each of th other
once. - The winner of the leagu series
wilt be presented with a gold medal.
in gut 01 tne duo. v
The club first team, which will rep
resent Multnomah In the a tat league
aeries, will not be selected for a month
or more. It will be picked from the
men making the beat ahowlns In the
club league teams.
Indications ar that th atat leagu
Neck and Neck Eace to Close
Saturday With Chances
1 Favoring Detroit. - -
, (Dalted Press Leased Wire.) (
, Chicago, Oct. 1. Detroit and Philadel
phia are still - In a neck and neck race
for th American leagu pennant th
Tlgr-lead4ng by a margin of-aov
point,, having won two mora and loat
on mor than th Athletics. , , ... .
Each team won It' gam yeaterday,
Philadelphia shutting out Cleveland, and
Detroit beating - Washington, aad th
relative standing I unchanged. ' With
six mora games for each team before
the season closes next Sunday,, the re
sult Is bound to be In doubt until th
very close, although Detroit Is conceded
the best chance. Not only ha Detroit
a lead of one game, but the team It ha
to meat ar presumably easy to defeat.
Th t liters have three mora eamea
with Washington at Washington, and
will close the season with - th three
game at noma with Cleveland, and will
go to Washington for the final struggls
of four games. Washington ha been
soft ricking for both the leading teams,
but Cleveland should give Philadelphia
a harder fight than the St Louis team
will Detroit The final eerie with Phil
adelphia In Washington and Detroit In
fit, Louis, the very laat of th week, can
be expected to tell th story. - -- -- --
how to Tniiow OUT
r - y
(Otutei Press Leased Wire.)
'" Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct J. Mike Mltoh
ell to date baa thrown out 40 has run
ners who did not sit up and- notlc th
fact that hi arm la an up-to-data cata
pult with nothing to decelv on but a
ball playar' ahlrt ; .
"It 1 ndt th man who can throw
farthest who doe th - moat damage
with hi wing," explained Mitchell, mod
estly declining to be called the greatest
thrower that had broken Into fast com
pany in recent years. "It's the fellow
with the whip that can make 'em travel
faat and accurately that get th as
sists. .1 know a lot of fellows that can
throw a mile, mor or lea; yet, when
It comes to stopping base runner they
don't get anywhere near tha spotlight
The recipe for getting a reoord for
making assists from th outfield ia sim
ple. Listen:
"B In position to throw th ball be
fore you get It.
in t - aim too mgn -skimmers go
faster than file.
ays mak ud your mind bafore
th bail get to you what you're a-olna
to do with It and then do It
"Several year ago, when I was In ths
New York Stat league, I led th out
field. In assists. I hops I'll mak the
same, record In th National leagu thla
year, for it' worth something to be
able to throw out more men from the
outfield than any other fellow la th
College Football Game Today., ,
Yale vs. Wesleysn, at Nsw Haven,
Connecticut'-, .,.. ...
University of Pennsylvania . Vll
lanova, at Philadelphia.
Harvard ' vs. Bowdoin, at Cambridge,
Massachusetts. ..
Cornell vs. Hamilton, at Ithaca, New
Tork. -
1 .Carlisle Indians vs. Susquehanna col
lege, at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Naval Cadet vs. Western Maryland
college, at Annapolis, Maryland.
Dartmouth vs. University of Ver
mont, at Hanover. New Hampshire.
- Lehigh University vs. Jefferson Med
ical college,, at Philadelphia.
Prewn University vs. Massachusetts
Agricultural college, - at Providence,
Rhode Island. - - i ....... 7
University of Virginia vs.' Richmond
college, at Charlottesville, Virginia.
Phillip RXeter-v. Wllllston ml
nary. a Exeter, New' Hhjnphlro.
' 'American la-ague. ' : ,
' At Philadelphia Philadelphia ,
Cleveland 0.- - --.. ,
At Washington Detroit (. Washing
ton S. .
At New Tork New York , Chlcag X
At Boston fit. Louis . Boston I. -
it- -; Xorthwrat League. 7
At Seattle Butt 1, Seattle 0. -At
Tacoma Taeoma 1, Spokan 0. ,
' ;' V ; National Leagiie.
At St. Louis Ft. Ldufs I, Boston 1.
At Pittsburg Philadelphia It, Pitts
burg 5.
At Chlcsgo Chicago t. New Tork 1.
At Cincinnati Cincinnati. I, Brook
lyn 1. ,
front of th sho wring will be a six-foot
promenade, planned after th promenade
In Madison Squar garden, where the
national horse show Is held. This walk
will be one of the most popular placea
during the show hours, for it will afford
thos holding box and reserved seats an
opportunity to make and receive eall
during tb show hours. It will also
afford an -opportunity for the women to
display their horse show gowns and fln
millinery. 1 :
G. A. West gat, who 1 ' assisting
President McGrath In arranging th
classes and obtaining entries, has com
pleted arrangements with, the railroad
for a special rate during th three day
of th ahow. The rate will be made
from all point in th Pacific northwest
He alao mad special rates tor th ship
ment of live stock. From letters which
Mr. Wsstgat ha received from breed
er, thl part. of th show will have a
big entry and th display in ltaelf will
be well forth seeing.
will have two or more team this year
than last Oregon and Corvalli. neither
of whom took part In last year's com
petitions, are expected to liven up th
league a lot by their nresenee this win
ter. Seven teams composed the leaguoJ
In 1108-7, two of which wer from Port-1
lana, one rrom Multnomah and on from
th T. M. C. A. Th championship
waa won by Dallas.
The executive . board " of th atat
league 1 - located at Salem thl year
and, aa the vboard ha not met th
schedule and general plan for th sea
son ar not yet known. -(Another
Important event will occur
at toe Multnomah club tonight, when
a business men's gymnasium class will
be organised under Professor Krohn.
The business men will assemble at I
Local and Otherwise.'
Th San Francisco papers hall Kenny
Fentoa of Portland a th bright partic
ular sfar of th Stanford Rugby team,
.. ' - - -
Bill Squire will not go back to Aus
tralia Just yt ' He banker for still
anotbsr chance, gay he' etlll young
enough to learn, being only II, Fltsslm.
mons' age when th latter cam to thi
country. Thre I talk ot giving Bill a
fight with Ai Kaufmann.
-- - , e ,:..'.-..':..'.'
Four dava ef field trtili nr .ut.
dog began today at aaatUa, under th
auauices 01 101 -aoirio Nortnweat Field
ciuo. . -
... e . e '
- Taooma will probably win th North
west league pennant - The team I mak
ing a magnificent spurt, and la 1101
practically on even term with A her
deen, which ha led the leagu all sea
ion. Thl week Is the final on In h
Collegiate lawn tennis player ar at
odd over the eligibility rule which
were framed last-October during th
playing of th national Intercollegiate
ohamplonshlp tournament - Under the
new rule all freshmen and player who
hav competed three year for their
alma mater may not be considered as
competitors. Even a change of uni
versity or college may not be taken Into
consideration, for virtually It Is three
year and out Thar was an effort to
put auch a ruling against Robert Le
roy, of Columbia, last year by Wells of
Yale, a as to fore him out of the com
petitions. -- Harvard' representative,
Norse, was ready to sustain Yale,-but
as no positive rule had been established.
Prlnoeton, the University of Pennsyl
vania, Cornell and Haverford stood for
th retention of Leroy, who cam
through tb victor. .
" , . ..'''
Edward Payson Weston, th old tlm
pedestrian, has eompleter-hls arrange
ments for his record breaking walk from
Portland, Maine, to Chicago. Illinois.
The start will, be made on October 29,
Just 49 year to an hour, from hi start
over th hum route In 1T.
The time table which Mr. Weston has
laid out bring him Into Chicago In 2t
walking day, and he I very confident
that he will be able to clip many hour
from hi reoord made over a generation
ago. He wa then in hi twenty-ninth
year, and confesses that h knew fry
little about caring for the feet under
such a strain. Since that tlm he has
footed It nearly 70,000 miles in recorded
contests and feels stirs that be has mas
tered the problem of proper foot treat
ment .',',.,
1 t
'- J lUeea at Spokane Fair.
t:40 trot Lady W. won second, third
and fourth bests; Iran second, Freddie
C third; time. :21.
Flv furlongs Golden Win won,
Marl Antoinette second, Sktmmerhorn
third: time, 1:044.
One mile Distributor won. Beautiful
and Beat second. Lorida third; time,
1:45. - U
Seven furlongs Oeorg T. Crane hand
icap. HOO Eduardo won. Cabin second.
Senator Warner third; time, 1:19.
Six furlong May Pink won. Elfin
King second, Iadora third; time, l:ti.
Science Has Now Found the Trne
.Way to Care Indigeatio.. -;
A few year ago, when a sufferer
from Indigestion went to a stomach
specialist, the result wa a rigid diet
Hat that almost meant starvation.
But th first thing to do In th can
of Indigestion or stomsch weakness I
to strengthen th muscular wall of th
stomach and Intestines, so that they
will car for th food that I eaten. In
no other way can thl b don a well
a by taking a Ml-o-na tablet before
each meaL Thl restore strength to
ths stomsch muscle and stimulates the
pouring out of gastrlo juices, so that
th food Is ' digested Teadlly and It
nourishment retained In the system to
build ap energy and vitality.'
, Do not think the sick headache, heart
burn, bad tast In the mouth, coated
tongue, spot before the eyes, aleeplaas
ness snd ths manv other cvmtilnmi that
are ths direct result of Indigestion, will
go away or tnemseives. - The stomach,
must be built up and strengthened by
Ml-o-na before you csn be well nd
strong, free from suffering and dis
tress. '
In many of the best homes in Port
land end adjoining - towns, ths . handy
IWtla UI.A.n. I.l.l.t. ... nlu..n, . .
take, yet so effective, have given quick
and lasting relief from Indigestion and
that disagreeabl full feeling after eat
ing. The guarantee that Wnndard. Clarke
A Co. give with every 60-cent box of
Ml-o-na, to refund the money unless
ths remedv cures, shows their confi
dence in th trestment. They taka the
whole risk, and -Ml-o-na will not oost
you a penny unless It cure. , ,
Pernbll Donates Many Bases
on Balls and Safeties in
- v Early Innings.
. Oakland T. Portland 4.
Loa Angele and San Francisco,
. i .'." . Won., . 'Loat ' P. C
Loa Angeles ......It . .(
Ban Frsnclsco ....91 . SI , .6J1
Oakland , 91 .612
PortUnd ...19 91 .10
(Pseifl Oeast Press Leased Wire.) ,
' Ban. Fran cl boo, Oct -1. Pernoll was
easy In the opening innings yesterday
and th' Oak took th first gam of
th . rle. getting thro run U th
first and three n tha third off , hits.
bases en ball and errors by Casey and
Byrnes. Th Beaver hit Hopkln hard
and often, but war not o luoky In
bunching them. Both Hettmuller - and
Kartery knocked the ball over the
fence for home run. Th. official
cor; . t , . ..
ah. R. M. Pft a ty
Casey, tb. ........... 1 0 0 111
narterv, cr. 1
Mocredie. rr. t
Johnson, ss. I
ttassey. 11. .......... 4
Mott lb. I
Kennedy, lb. ........ 4
Byrnes, c. 4
Pernoll, p. 4
Donahue, lb.
Total ',.....
,.a 4 11 14 10
, AB. R. H.PO.A.E.
Smith, If. 6 I
Haley. 2b, 1
Van Haltren, cf. .... I 1
Eagan, ss 1 1
Hettmuller, rf. .11
Blgbee, lb. 4 0
Deveresux, lb........ I 0
Hopkln,. p. ..4 0
Agur, c 4 0
0 1
1 14
0 1
9 1
Portland 0 01001001- 4
Hit 0 t 1 1 S 1 i 11
Oakland 0100001 T
Hit 1 1100001 !
. -. 8UMMART. ; , ' ' '
Horn runs Heltmuller," Raftery.
Two-baa hits Pernoll, Johnson. Sac
rifice hits Haley. Mott First base on
balls Of f Pernoll. 7 : off Hopkins. 1.
Stolen bases Raftery, Devereaus.
Struck out By PernolL I; by Hopktna,
X. Hit by pitcher Mott Double play
Devereaux to Blgbee. Pas sad ball
Agur. Time of geme 1 hour, 41 min
utes, ympire perrine, ,1
(SpeeUl IMseeteh te Ths Jaarast)
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oct
1. A new plan has been evolved thl
year for the handling of the student
body funds for every department In
cluding athletic. Every bill outside
of a few Incidental traveling expenses
will be paid through the student body
treasurer, Registrsr Tiffany. Buoh ac
cusations as those of Jack King will.
as a result, o impossioie in tn rutur.
- The money received will be at one
turned over to the treasurer, and when
the bills are presented, vouched by th
manager, the treasurer I authorised to
pay them. In thla way th managers
will have nothing to do with th hand
ling ot th money immediately after
their gat receipt ar collected. , , ...
. Sharker'a Racing Tlpa."
Hamilton First race Lee Harrison
II; Escutcheon; Cloton. Second race
Caper Sauce: Moonraker; Half Caste.
Third , race Lester L. Hayman; Steve
Lane; The Chef. Fourth race Solon
Shingle; Rather Royal; Wabash Queen.
Fifth race Flavlgny; Willis Green;
Chanlda. Sixth race Ketchemlke- Ban
yan; Suderman. Seventh race Piinc
Brutus; Paul Clifford; Excitement.
Latonta First race Uneasy; Grey
Steel; Agnes Ford. Second race Im
boden; Unci Henry;- Docile. Third
race Rose of Pink; St NoVd; Stoner
Hill. Fourth race Tackle; Mackerel;
Melier. Fifth race Dunne entry;
Colloquy;' Miss Sain. Sixth -race-Heine;
Lady Carol; Dulclna. Seventh
race Ban Trovato; Judge Treen; Harry
Scott . , ,. , ,
Latonla Race Reanlta.
First race, flv and on half furlong
-Royal Queen won. Lady Martha sec
ond. Dr. Clmrall third. -
Second nee, one mile, selling Jim
Simpson won, Warner Orlswell , sec
ond. Kemo Rldgley third. -
Third race, one mile Lady Esther
won, Convolo second, Mlsa Strom
- Fourth rare, seven rur longs, nanfloap
Lexollne won. Donna Elvira second.
jjeutecnisna intra.
Fifth race, six furlong C W. Burt
won. Ball second. Rebel Queen third.
Sixth race, mil snd eighth, selling
Quardl won. Charlatan second, , Henry
u. tntra. - -
HEN you want a rain coat you
v v want it good, to keep you dry
and to keep you well dreised.
Every well-dresed man should
have a rain coat; it ia the proper thing
and it's" useful and necessary. The
rain coat serves as overcoat and wa
terproof garment; we put the Nicoll
style into them.
Raincoats 523 to 340
Nicoll's handsome array of fall and
winter fabrics await your critical in
spection. - - :
The most critical and exclusive
taste in garments,. the most exacting
requirements as to fit, quality, tailor
ing, style, will be met and satisfied by
Nicoll.- . You will see nothing- better
worn by anybody, at any price.
-ATrousers 56 to $12
Suits 525 to 550
Fatlafaetlon guaranteed In alt ease. '
Oarmnta to order In a day If required.
Full-Dres and Tuxedo Suit a peulaltr.
108 Third Street
Rain Coats
Gopher State Alumni Pull
ing for Post Season Game
. . With Washington. K
. (Special Dispatch ts Tb Joaroel.)
Spokan. Wash. Oct 1. Minnesota
alumni . living In Washington, Idaho.
Oregon and Montana, backing J. M. Li 111
gren, manager of th Evergreen tat'
football aquad and 60 graduate of th
Gopher atat eolleg now resident of
Spokan, ar boosting for a poet-season
football gams between Minnesota and
Washington In Spokan thla fall, and
there Is every Indication just now that
arrangements will bs completed to pull
off the contest at Recreation park at
ths close of the regUlsr seaaon. -
Donald 8. Blair, assistant cereallst at
the Washington State college. Pullman,
a graduate of Minnesota, say that
Frank Reed, . manager of football for
Minnesota, favors ths proposition, and
If the slight : prsjudlce against post
season games Is overcome there will be
no difficulty In arranging ths faoulty
and student body of 1.100 from Pullman,
and excurelona from various parte of
eastern Washington, northern Idaho,
Western Montana, northeastern Oregon
and -southeastern British Columbia are
talked of, while it Is expected the Puget
sound and Pacific coast cities will also
send delegations in ths event of a game.
Lllllgren ha received letter from ev
eral hundred alumni of Minnesota tn th
northwest, and they are heartily In fa
vor of bringing Minnesota team to this
cu'- ' : i
An Investment that will lncreas In
value 40 per cent In four days Is wait
ing for you at lit Couch building.
WhcnPlatcs or Bridges
v Arc Ordered
An Work at Half Price for a
short time to .introduce the
"Electro Painless System"
Full Set, that fit.:. 1... $5.00
Gold Crowns, 22-k.;... 93.50
Bridge Teeth, 22-k....;$3.50
Gold FUlings ..... . . . .$1.00
SUver Fitting . . . . . . V. - 50
Guaranteed for10yearv
Open Evenings. .
303 Washington St, cor, 5th,
Opposite Olds & King's. , ;
t have eea 1a CueareM tor tateaaela, 1k
Joar ataaar beak.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago Ml. T. (a
Amrszaua ts.
Heilig .TheatreVkST.
.. roanon, tiis O'oxoox - -:
.. Oeo. M. Cohan' Muelral Play
.'urli JOKinrr jobtib"
- Catehy ltnaio Freety Olrl
PRICES Kntlre lower floor, SI; bal
cony, flrt alx row. $1; T, S, t- row,
7 So; laat row. SOc; rallery, IBc, 16c
Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday Night
8perlal-Pr1c Matinee Saturday .
Henry W. Bavaae Preaent
Th Beautiful Musical Comedy
Evening. fl.SO to SOc; Mat, 1 to ISo.
Portland' Faman Theatre.
Tonight and remainder of week; mati
nee Saturday. . , , .
. MAmiTiora.
Beautiful eon g, elaborate eoatum
"In Happy Momenta," "Let Me Like a
Soldier Fall," "Scene That Ar Bright
eet" and many other.
Evening. 2 (Sc. 10c lie;- Mat., ISo, lOe.
Next Week The Mocking Bird."
... Oeo. L. Baker, Oen. Manager.
i Portland' Homa of the
All thla week, Clyde Fitch unusual and
nAwarfiil nliv
nn oimT, with th emBasr mr
A Beautiful production.
Evening prlrea, 38c, SKo and'lOe; mati
nee. Ho and ISc. Matinee Saturday.
Vest Vfmmh "Barbara rrletohla."
Phone M"ln 117.
ToalgBt All Week ataUn Wedaeeday
aad Sara rday. r
araroi.a osx raKaUsrs"
Rlngera, Uencers and Comedian.
- Be Uncle Joah at the County Fair.
' Price Night, 10c, 20a, SO and SOc;
matlneee, lOo and 10c.
Vex Week "The Deavev Sapree&M
The Orand
Tandevllle d
I,nia, Headed by
not; pa
Panpla. ' '
BH.I.T uasc
John Iempeey
Pierce A Hoalyn,
Merrill A Hume,
1 torothv F.arl. Joe
rThompaon, 10th
century motion
nri r
w.ici i aa.v imieiM for .r iw.0.7 f.ara,
aad I aaa tar iaak ('urinti b.e tiv.a aie awre
rallaf ftban an? othar rmmmAy 1 bava ever triad. I
hall aartaialr raeoaimand ihem lo ami irUade a
beta au thai at npreMntad."
i . Taee. wiuara, sugia. ul.
f mJr Bowels - j
-Pleaeaet, Palatabla. fetaii,TMOed.IeOee,
K.T.r Blskam, Waak.e ar ttrfp., lta. Um, Urn, K...r
2 old la knlk. Tba (.aula tablat tama4 0 00.
laanataad I aaia at nu aH haak. .
, ' : - Aa-, ' :
s The Best $3.00, Hat in the- World,
f; ? j Fall Styles Now Ready :
The Government of the U.'S.
the only Oovcrn ment In the World that provides,
its citizens with a JV simple meansof distinguishing
between REAL whiskey and imitations. Under;
the CoKng la I Bond Act whiskey bottled tin-.
r t?wTkl5 ' " Crn Stamp -on!
ls TZr-i wnicn is plainly stated!
rTK Zmtvmwn ..he exact age; strength f I
in son
i,. , , -
Ml K
'-.' Disnuxa
(Sea rea'eHSI KNOW taaS-tto
tt mr edabiirela ia eay wmy.
taapea ybly. rtaeaad aad flavaaad
lL eas-
I, i;j
I v 11 MM nblll
1 US. laaarel Sunn Ofaara. Mi
If I f aaataty a4 e rtck Botot Saity araai
aaaaaaaammmammmm 1 wf ctMsaBHa) 0vitMt ( KwfiaCl(ys yiMMM
Ine au '! ' ' '""
Kfta.HI. . jTmrJl r.
ht . "Vjr .... 77.
: In session every night Tuition 6, months, $25.00; 12 months, $40.00.
r y ; Each teacher a specialist; all branches taught.' x '
-, - Stew, A. 14M
Opening Sunday, Sepetmber IS -For
the Entire Week ,
Th W. H. Preach Stoek Oompany la
Matlneee Sunday, Tuesday. Thurs
day and Paturdaye at 1:10. Price lOe
and 10c. Kvery evening at 1:16. Price
IO0. IO0 and too. I'hon for reserved
seata, either phono.
Both Phoaeai Malm 4SM Xoaae, A-loae.
Week commencing Monday, Sept 10.
Matinee Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
nd Sunday. Price IS and lOo. Ev.ry
venlng at 1:1 1.- Price 10c. 10c and SOn.
Boxes to. Offlc open IS a. m. to 10 1
A Perfumed Luxury for A BatL I Best Toflet ixwder. Aftutepfically (
Softens Hard Water. Better '- I pure. Relieve sunbura and - j
NaaAan Perfume.. 25 bathsJA cJug. Best for m
p. v . .. ....... , ..-- . . .. .
' !.
oer uovernmeni supervision,
, must bear over the.
a "( quantity of whiskey 1 1
in the bottle. When your.
requires a stimulant, demand,.
m anrnjbar -'r
fctlebre f ta mmt iSSmmKimimS .
by aly, aad baltta i
Portland, Oregon, Distributors.
; .; Carpenter J
'.WlU only aa flnrt-olaaia wola, a tkey .
, ar th only kind that will te efficient
work fot Mm. Oarpantar tool a a
specialty wttk aa, aad w nave th beet
steel tools, with hardwood handle, that .
Ba-ve UapyotBt tha ozpozt oi ovRloal
48 Third St!. Bot. Pise and Ash ";
aaaaar aa ra
eearved m wUUtmy a nbaal mm ail- St.
Ijtm ' 2 VT
St- ttith ihMft'
1 - .I ... ., 1
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, 7