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(Continued from Par ,Ono.)
The nresldsnt arrived at 10:11 a. m. I his people of the virtue that build and
-. ,i . ,iPu I conserve the atate, society, and the
th Children at the High school, after "Berkelev. Mav 15. 101."
which he waa escorted to the atand In I it would be hard to Imagine an epl-
front of the monument taph which a good cltlaen would be
Tha unvalllnsr ceremonlea were wit-1 mora anxloua to deserve or one which
nessed by 3.000 persons from the atand would mors happily describe the aualt
nd 1,000, more were seated In the fv.b- ties' of that jrroat and good citizen
lie atanda. It la eatlmated that 1I0,- whoan life we here commemorate. He
000 people from surrounding towna poaaeaaed to a very extraordinary de
were alto. present Two thousand rs- gree the rift of uniting dlacordnnt
tilar tnnr aoldlera and i.OOO OWo mill- forces and securing from them a har-
mnivn 4ruinuiu jrrrniuvui juurmi i iiiuiutiun nuuun wnmi (tiiu km nni
and other notablea and kept the crowd government. From purposes not merely
from breaking through the ropes. diverse, but bitterly conflicting, he waa
Areata Uttle Child, aoie to eeoure neaitnrui action rorine
I a aaI a 1 U a a a fa. Vi nl It hAlaa at a si
On the war to the school the Presl- fudgrnVnt he ro.T level to the" ae'yerM
emergencies - he had to meet aa leaner
or the nation, and like all men witn tne
. dent rode with Major Trumbull. Becre-
i tar loo ann two anoret service men.
vZW i," . r?. , , -. . ,, v I;T t , 1 rot ' true greatness In them he grew
hSj,!?J0...,Wn larger stature under the
i.hPrLw -?,hXor-.rrJrrfViM "t"""" of 'heavy responsibilities. He
ght talking with Seoretarlee Garfield I .. . .,. m. .;. . t.-. ... ..iji..
"honest men of ftteans: thl-1 the dis
couragement or nianonest Dullness men,
the war upon chicaner and wrongdoing
which are peoullarljr repulsive, pecu
liarly noxious,' when exhibited by men
who have no excus of want, poverty,
of Ignorance, for their crimes. Ilea of
mean a, and. above all men of great
wealth, can ex let In safety tinder the
ficoceful protection of the atate, only
n orderly aocletiea, where liberty mani
fest Itself through and under the law.
It fs these men who, more than any
uthera, should, in tho lntereata of the
class to which they belong, In tha Inter
eats of their children and their chil
dren's children, seek In every way. but
especially In the conduct of their Uvea,
to lnalat upon and to build up reapeet
for tha Uw. It may not be true from
the etaadpolnt of aome particular Indi
vidual of this claas. but In the long
run It la preeminently true from the
tandpolnt of the claaa as a whole, no
leas than of the country as a whole,
that It la a veritable calamity to achieve
a temporary triumph by violation or
evasion or the law; ana we are tne oeai
friends of tha man of property, we
show ouraelves the atancheat upholders
of tha rlghta of property, when we set
our racea ilka runt agmnst tnoae Of
fenders who do wrong In order to Bo-
quire great wealth or who use thla
wealth as a help to wrongdoing.
Mo Claaa la W roar doing.
Wrongdoing is confined to no class.
Oood and evil are to be found aniens
K H w V n,l nnnr n ni In H ta w Iti ar thn
1 1 naa amin m nnr To i m a tbv a mnar n ru
Rev. W. II. Heppe is Transferred to Grace Church Ac
cording: to the List of Appointments Given Out
Today by Bishop Mooro Closing of Conference
and Wilson.--At one of the Ohio sta- rrhl:f VxTcutwrwhose wlidom entTtled U ? conducl .tnd on .'' P0"
tlona the oresldent waved his greeting a."'e"?c"'''wn! In the abetract moat of us
to a youngater standing on the platform J,h"oulh(1.7' ,1" natn n. wai not 1 wli' "amU thJ8- In.the c?nr,rt w" c,a"
with Teddy bear In her arma. ii2u'Jlui S JPAf'S"-. et "Pn uch doctrine only If we really
- " : . , T. " ----- - r gf;rfniiriiai 1 II uiv hubi.bui liivn t ut usi
him to the trust which he received wU1 BdmU thB In the concrete we can
throughout the nation. Tie waa not o nnn ni r ,..nw
ii. .v.. .iJ. . w. ..ui 7. nil. "y ir oi men qui preemwuinwy have knnwlerlne nt and avmnathv with
v.- . i - -.l -1 . u...i.i neiper oi men: Tor one or nis mom , nn ,nmhir re hnih th miAira wnricnr
K mnnuir u i wi i 1 1 .iia.uui , w. ,u v. . . n - - ...... . - - - "
pet, O. A. R., waa knocked down by tha "'-",7" .m. VZr.L ,v ,n(1 the capitalist are able to enter each
carriage Mntalnlng Vice-President Wlr- IV the other a life, to meet him no
v w- t nrvn..v mi. .- r inawr, ne nm mernr preacneu. no u, tn inin .Annln avmnathv with
1L Harris, former mlnliter to Austria. iJ??0" "J.U" ?JL- wl ,,n' n'" of tn 'r.lsunderatanding bo-
GlHxrt was not Injured, . itJjAlJSt " m.V ."i i tween them will disappear and Its place
. JZ hlgheat place served u undonsc ous w, UJten hy a Judgment broader.
..Tha prrld-nt spoke at the opening of HJMiSi " lh."-'i!JaiT! u.' Ju,'- Wpl'. "d "-:
tho ceremonies as' follows: JSV .hVfVJKSKlJaT r In tnhff? Mf. tha
W's have gathered together today to "? hf '?.5ndAt,0A0Lubn th
pay our meed of resnect and affection ' . im nora.
to tho memory of William McKlnlay. Zssoas of Xls Career.
who aa Prealdent won a Place ln the u .lunma m t.nvht h hi.
hearts of the American people such as oareer, but none more valuable than the
but three or four of all the erealdents I ,rm nr
of thta oountry have ever won. He waa w4 among all of our cltisens of all
of aJngular uprightness and purity of classes and oreads. - No other president
character, allka in public and fn prfvats has ever more deserved to have bis life
lif.' gs ritlMn vISa rvfl n fiifl . u. -a.i a i r i - i j
his fluty faithfully and well for four bnj carrled on "with mallcs toward ! brotherly democracy of the spirit. It Is
years of war when the honor of the none, with aharltr toward alL" As a ' not f'',ei to many of ua in our lives act-
nation called him to arma. Aa con-1 w . u. .i.u t.i- i t . k. uailv to realise thla attitude to the ex-
- - . , wij wui nau UIMU n i.n 1 1 . iimuun, li o - , , A . .
prenrain, as romror or nis siaie. inn ni. th. artnv nr aM r.
flnallyas prealdent he roae to the fore- he kM-r DOvertv: he earned hla own
:"" .i"1."" iirinooa ana Dy nis own exertions ne
for each will find ln the other the aarae
essential human attributes that exist
In himself. It waa Prealdent McKin
ley's peculiar glory that In actual prao
tlee he realised thla aa It Is given to but
few men to realize It: that hia broad and
deep sympathies made him fee ha genu
ine sense of oneness with all till fellow
Americana, whatever their station or
work in life, so that to his soul they
were' all joined with hfm in a great
The Important buelneas of tha 86th Lacy; Springfield, George Ellis:' Wend-
annual aesslona of tha Qrejon confer- .Unj. t. W. Perkins; tfoncalla,
enoe of 'the Methodist Episcopal Buiem district, B. F. Rowland, presld-
church cam to a close at li:80 o'clock Ing elder, Salem, -OregonAmity, G A.
thi. aft.rnonii at rtr.r church with tha Stookwell; Ballston, W, C.8tewart;
announcement of appointment, for th. gja lSWS!
ensuing year by Bishop Moore. s Hs Hamlin; Canby, W. J. Wber: Carlton,
promlaed many surprises and they came. Joseph Knotts; Cedar, J. H.-Woods;
rm in ntii.iniiim.i mn. ohuimi Central Point circuit, Arthur May;
Contrary to anticipations, many changea clacK.m Md Oswego. W. B. Moora;
in puiowN wsre-mouo. Cornelius, Henry Bpelss; Ijayton, J. J.
In Portland proper there was a gen- Pat ton; DIHey and Banks, C. L. Creesy;
eral changing about out of far moat Estacada, M. B. Paranouglan; Forest
Importance, perhaps, was th changing Orove, Hiram Gould; Oresham, A.
of nluces of two of th moat widely Thomoson: Hlllsboro. 1 K. Bel knap i
known ministers In that church, they Hubbard, W. T. Beattyj , Lents circuit
were ut. twrniin irui nura u i w. m. ingaiis; Lincoln, u, o. n. rraiaer,
W. H. Heppa. These two minister Marquajn, John Oval; Mehama, D. L.
change places. T. Wilson will preside Fields; McMlnnvil), A. & Brackenbury;
over r!entnarr church and Rev. Mr. u.h.r i. UiniiiM. North vam.
llepp will do lkewls over Oraclnm( F. a. chapman; Oregon City, R. C
church, on this side of th river.
I Black well; Pleasant Horn, C E. Cran-
Each mlnlater wprB hmlf Vdall: Pleasant Vally, Thomas Wiles;
heartily pleased with th chang and of-1 g,.,,, Flr,t church), W. H. SelUck;
fered as reason that no mlnlater In th I j,, V. H BelknaD: Bherld'an. A. J,
Metnoa.isi jcpiscopa! cnurcn nao any i HolUn- orth. sliv-rton. h r. Balls-
bury; Tillamook, I. V. Parker; Turner
complaints to make when th best In
terests or th church a a wnoi were
O. O. Oliver; Woodbum, James Moor.
Klamath district, R. E. Dunlap, P. E..
Tha Inn nf ffia Mnfur. I - -
ence openld this morning at l:S0 JtJ:
with an ntertalnlng lectur on blblioal X?nti "point n ? 2 Hi.tol FoVt Kla"Jni
history by Rev. J. T. Abbett. The bus- Central Point B . A. Brlatol . Fort Klam-
First that almost TrT operation
In our hospital, performed upon
women r boomea necessary baoana
"of neyleot of suoh ijmptoma at
Backache, IrrefularUie.,, Displace
ment, Pain in the Side, Dngring
Senutlona, Dizziness and Sleepless-'
ness. -' ' .-'w ' '' "
Second, that Lydla S. Plnkhsm't
Veretabls - Compound, made from
native roots and herbs, bae,
mors case of female jus than any ' .
other one inedlclns known. It rejr- , M..M-
nlates. 'iStrenfthens and restores women's heslth
preparing women foyhUd-Wfth nd . durbf ths psriod of Changa
Third, the rreat volume of nnsollcltea ana etiui ... ,
file at th Pinfchem Laboratory st Lynn. Mass.. many 0'hJa"?
Urn to time being- psblUhed by special permUelon, flTei boluU !
dene of the Tain of ldl B. Plnkham'S VejeUbls Oompoand
Plnkham'sadvlc. ; ; -l;.S.': r-'" 'yi'
Lydla EPinkbam's Vegetable Compound
Tor snore than 10 years has been onrlnf Female compiainw, -on
Drafglnr Sensations. Weak Back, FallTnr s,nd WspWmenIf
flammaUon and Ulceration, and Orjanls Dlsesses, nd It dissolve
and expels Tutors at sa ssjtIj sure. , i.: : "
Mrs. Plnkham Standlrigtnvltatlon to Women
Women snffsrlnf from ar rm of female weaknsas fOnteai
writs Mrs. Pinkham, Lrnn, Ms, for advice. ShslstheMrs. Plnkhamwh
ha been advisinr sick women free of charg-s for mors than i. twsnt J
years, and before that she assisted her mother-in-law, LydU
bam 1a advising-. Thu she U especially well qualified to n.lda slot I
women back to health. .Writs today, dont wait until too late. ... -
mens session loiiowen naii n nuui .:, .... ,n.- ,i n-... .
later until adjournment Reports of -,"WV,T"1?L. 1,.rv'
i j s --ji . I xvimniBtn r mum. jr. vuiiaun, ivtainatu
VnriUUS OUIII IIIl l ItJSJ WOIP I OHU U -K I I.Jl nsTI.-lnH tl T tmta 1 Wa.
protred..- Principal amon. them were ?- A"Tohn' AYm7tron:"Merrlu:"j:
in; a position wnicn would satisfy tn nnuy rose to th position of a man of
i VV? - i .L' " .... , T.. V" ,u7l '""i moderat means. Not merely waa he tn
elmpl and thouhtful kindness toward p-r,onal touch with farmer and town
very humaaj belna; . rreat or small, lofty dweller, with capitalist and ware worker,
or humble, with whom he was broujht but h felt an Intimate understandlnff
n cunuioi. wnico so manna nun 10 0f each, and therefore an intimate sym-
our people. H had to arappl wHh p.thy with each; and hi consistent
more serious and complex problems than effort waa to try to Judae all by the
any president lnc Lincoln, and yet, same standard and to treat all with th
whll meettnf every demand of states- same juatlc. Arrofanoe toward th
mansnip, ne continued to live a beantt- weak, and envioua hatred of those well
ful nd touching family life, a life very 0ff. wer -equally abhorrent to hla Just
healthy for this nation to see In Its and rentl souL
. foremost cltlsen; and now the woman Surely this attitude of hla should be
who walked In th shadow ever after the attitude of all our people today. It
Ma death, th wife to whom his loss would be a cruel disaster to this coun-
wa a calamity more cruahlnf than It try to permit ourselves to adopt an
could be to any other human belna, lie attitude of hatred and envy toward suc
bsld him hr In th earn aepulcher. cess worthily won, toward wealth hon-
. Honored hy California. eativ acauirec. Lt ua in mis respect
rv. - - .. i. profit by th example of th republics
tha tf,7rHnM liJIf VrP thl western hemisphere to th south
roTt.rn P wnJ- ii!m u2fS.t t 8om of tn republics has
n?anhbri!!Si prospered sreaUy; but there ar cer-
tMUZTt$PlF 7 tain ones that hay lacked far bhOnd,
'It mm.i th,lt tlU contlnu In a ondtlon or
in thi Tanrti of l fpiJUMft wi,!lS mtertl poverty, of social and political
J,f th PHnlv.!tV of ?7fn!2tlP? nTat confusion. Wlthouf ixcep
tlJtto lElyi Uon th WWcs of the former class
iSr mZVVLSLtlEt XZZ -lJS r thos In whtch honeat industry has
thl T flsMdion. taaSTSf Jon wl ft btMn "red of rward and protwtlon;
Ilf f . M i ! ... 5 ?T'.I!2 thos wher a cordial wlcom ha been
Z-m r&f-it . from' ."d.nt rflt? t
biff substantial reward to thos who
th ' re
th average
id the lot of
reouestf Tu will have 'the words in 'aD""nm" .w.? "5 ?F'l
t - ...-u n.i i . iciaeiv inoae reDUOiica in wnioa lnauairy
me wmarkabTs " welTOwei Md rtSeW " ben becaue wealth exposed
;MVSU0tam, SrViSSnl owners spollatloni To thew com-
McKinley. a If tter which now m.'"'"a'rx
ffiiaSS? f ; ? nc?r ,ou' SSSS. Pwn.rdh VpuhbiUh.;
a at Vx cltlsen 1 lat deairabl. and
IQ SI myif,. i.w.. man it all
"Dear- Mr. Prsldnt
VPTieeler 'sent sit th Inclosed
tent thst he did: but w can at leaat
have It before us as the xoal of our arv-
deavor, and by so doing we shall pay
honor better than In any other way to
the memory of the dead president whose
srvlcs In Hf we this day commemorate.
. (Continued from Page One.)
4. ujgniiieo cauuii 10 sorvtf ions I i .,.l .,.!
hence, please Ood aa-your epitaph. "Iwunltle forelf n i capital now. jarely
H iZ2aurmi faJthfullv I somes,- bcaus M'.hasbeen found that
V y4ti-Pt9--;rlIfa wiVw on s capital U employed so as to
iJniwrsitr.' er-. tann
' th Prealdent B authorlt
f mn by -the repent of the Unlveralty of
California., i roomer tn degree or Doo
- tor-of Maiw upon William McKinley,
president of the United 8tates, a states
i man singularly gifted to unit th dla
. cordant force of the government and
mold the diverse purposes of men to
i ' ward progressiva and salutary action,
' a. magistrate whose pots of Judgment
ha been tested and vindicated In a suc
cession of national emergencie; good
' cltlsen, brave soldier, wis reoutlvs,
v- helper and leader of men, exemplar to
to those
gnorant envy
t In such od-
press! ve aot.on, within or without the
law, aa sooner or later to work a virtual
confiscation. Every manifestation of
feeling of this kind ln our civilisation
should be crushed at the outset by' th
weight of a aensibi public opinion.
BlBoonragM Dishonesty,
From the standpoint of our mate
rial prosperity there I only one other
thing as Important a th discourage
ment of a spirit of envy and hostility
toward honest business men, toward
There are all Kinds of Tea
1 v --r -
5 Good tea bad tea artificially colored
tea and pure tea.
They may all look alike but
there is a vast difference.
Folger's Golden Gate Teas
are pure- flavory-r health"-"
ful. Six flavors
lnr their jobs If they did not give me
the worst of it. I realise that It Is a
pretty tough Job for a woman to go
against the mayor of a big city."
Mrs. Way ml re states that she went
to Vancouver simply to escape noto
riety and th JalL She had no intention
of running away, she says and was not
In hiding. Her assumed names were
Imply to assist her in keeping out of
X did not want to be put In Jail." con
tinued Mra. Maymire ln telling why she
wnt to Vancouver "I never have been
ln Jail and I did not desire tne experi
ence. I am wlllln to return to Port
land as soon as I can be released on
ball and have no fear of the outcome."
Mrs. Waymlr contends most emphat
ically that h ha Yio connection with
any plot or blackmailing scheme.
seal Complaints.
1 had no raaaon to blackmail the
mayor or to Injur him,' ah aald. "I
am not in that bualness anyway. If I
thought that . Raddlng or Mandelay or i
any oiner person was connected witn
such a plot 1 1 would turn on them ln a
minute... aut i--ao noi neneve ii ir
there is such a plot It Is entirely un
known to me. ,j
"It is testified thst Ridding-told C
M. Habyl that he waa going to get
S 1.000 for a deal and that there was a
woman in It and waa going to be
pulled orr -on Wednesday or Thursday
night of last week," Mrs. Waymlr was
"I do not know anything about that.
I do not bellev that Raddlng would
have been such a' fool as to say that
even If there had been such a plot But
I do not belteva he said It. I do not
know what deal Raddlng was going to
Full off. I did not confer with him.
had no understanding and do not know
that he was in the building at the time
this thing happened. If he was there
It was not with my knowledge, for I
did not know he was going or knew that
I was to be there.
"You walked away with him after th
scene tn the mayor's officer' It was
suggested, but Mrs. Waymlre was un
certain. "It ha been said that I was with
him, but I do not know anything about
It," she answered. "I do not know who
I went out of the building with. I was
excited after what had Happened and
just went away. I do not know Man
those on missionary funds, steward.' J,' "jS ford w & feeuter- Nw
appropriations to wornout ministers and nfLivkM-awwVl
their widow treasurer" report and n- PnfTCrf..t V. Parkr.
deavor. along temperance and .vang.l- r,r"w" a PeDDer;" . "
icai lines. i - - , . . .
Home missionary funds to th amount Special Appotatmonts.
of $,59 waa apportioned by Blahop I The following speclaf appointment
Moore where he thought It would do the will be made:
moat good. I A. N. Fisher, librarian and lecturer on
Ala fo unsranaaated. I nirtoric Meinouiam. jumoiu ocnooi oi
Th chairman of the tward' com- TIJ?0l?gyV.,f. e.u ...r.i.f. interna.
i-out ministers and . their widows l .'w ,..,..-i ....... pnrii.n
VIIUIVII. VI 1 1 . . L . . 1 V.Mi.v I .in.., . w.
W. P. Drew, professor In Itnox coi-
with $4,000 subscribed. Th balance
ws wiucnno ana 4,vuu is over wniuu i , n , h -tiii,,,.!,. .
will be the uncluee tor permanent fund le5e0'hKorIfi;, 'upe'rlntendent; H. T.
ih. f, - lAtklneon. missionaries to AiasKa.
the fund.
Blahop Moore appointed O. H. Feeae.
W. T. Kerr and C. M. Van Marter con
ference evangeliats for the ensuing year.
A resolution presented by Kev. J. H.
Lt-iper, field secretary of the Northwest-
H. J. Talbot, superintendent: F. B.
Short, missionary to Utah.
D. L. Fleida. H. x. Adam, lert with
out appointment to attend on of
D. A., Watters, financial agent, con re r-
ern Sabbath association requesting th cfamtnt fund, member of" Central
closing of theatre in Oregon on Sun- nnilr(,h ouarterlv conference. Portland.
Tetsuljl Kltlxaw, Pacific Japanese
day was passed. The conference prom
ised Its ardent aid in seeking legisla
tion on that line at the nanus oi tne
next state legislature.
Appeal for th Advocate,
Dr. Rader mad another strong ap
peal for subscriptions to th pacltic
Advocate. He said the official organ of
the conference ahould have at least
Georte H. Feese. w. T. Kerr and E.
M. Van Master, conference evangelists.
E. F. Zimmerman. missionary to
Black Hills mission, stationed at Spear
fish, South Dakota.
Other Appointment Made.
District committee appointment wer
oil UT rr
oflii a rc II
Railroad Case Opened This
Morning and Will Last
For Weeks.
'nrlclrouUtlon ot,0'.?.0i.COple and announced by Blahop Moor:
ne hoped pastor would aid him.
Dr. J. 11. Colaman of Willamette uni
versity took occasion to express bl
heartfelt tharuta lor tne manner in
which the endowment fund was being
District missionary secretaries Eu
gene district, foreign mission, D. H.
Leech: home missions and church ex
tension, D. H. Trimble. ,
Balem district, foreign missions, w.
delay, and I do not remember whether
I was with Raddlng or not
ae(. j'i.1 Elshop Moore's assistance I jj. Selllck; homi misefons and church
he said h knew he would be more than I M .n.ion. n c. Black welL
UCCeasfUl ln his fUlurS endeavors. Rn.rrl of rhnroh Inmllnn Portland
Many younger minister. , some of ai. ..
other talths, were introduced and.Blshop M m WIr8: home missions and church
extension. J. K. Hawkins.
Klamath dlatrict. foreign missions. C.
O. Beckman; home missions and church
M . . . , . . . , . . , , . v iiivwii vijtj ill iLiaiuiii.i , nniiiiun II r a I
ie of the touching thing of the Rev. w, H. Heppe, with Rev. D. H.
Ion was i the raising of 100 for the Trlmble as alternate. . x
w of the Ute John Nagl. evange-1 Tn, conference deaconess boarfl, pre-
Moore, prior to making appointments,
maae an auareaa in waico ne vungraiu
luted the conference and termed it bv
. , .. . I DCvklUKHi UUlll- III 11
far the gTeateat in the history of Ore- extension. p Conklin.
list, who last resided ln Portland. Per
haps the deceased was better known ss
"Camp Meeting John." Death overtook
the evangelist with a wife and large
family. He left all practically pennl
leaa. The money waa raised by collec
tion within Ave minutes, Bishop Moore
contributing 16.
Thla evenlna- at 7:30 o'clock Will oc
cur the temperance anniversary, with
Rev. EL F. Zimmerman presiding. Ad-
dresaes will be delivered by Rev. D. H,
Trimble and Rev. Asa fileeth.
Prior to adjournment thl afternoon
th conference extended vote of thanks
to all who had aided in making the
meeting a success, with an especial
thanks to the Portland cany news
A resolution presented thl morning
oeiore tne uregun tuui.rui; ifiiumi
mar the member of the executive board
of tha Woman' a Horn Missionary so
ciety to ask th deaconess board of
nine to formerly consent to tne opening
of a Deaconess Home in Portland unoer
(rtetfle Coast, Press tatd Whs.)
Lo Angeles, Sept SO. After a pre
liminary skirmish lasting for many
month, th first railroad rebate case
to be triad ln th local United States
district court opened thla morning with
th Santa F company aa defendant It
Is expected that the trial will consume
nearly two week. Th government ha
summoned mora than 60 witnesses.
Ponderous book of account, ledgers
and Immense plies of documentary evi
dence will be presented. If th railway
company shall be found guilty. It Is ln
maximum fin running up Into th mil- obtain an equal V J
ilon. I under the proposed reduction, prcv
Th prosecution depend on the al
y -
Oil 1 LI
y v
Eeduction of Tax on VehicK T j
Will Cost Street Bepair
'Should th city
council wfuiv .'I ?
sanction th recommendation thi.t,,
of the vehicle used ror iranspr. '
passenger and merchandise ln thr!4.f - fi
be licensed and reduce th r.v
cat of S2p a year for.doubl ruv ,
a rear for lngl rigs to si a yr -4
H.IU oar annum to th street.
fund. . ,
Under the present system the revenuy I
I actually $9,320 from the 466 doubl
rigs and tSS from the tit single
maaing a luimi vi u vmir-
me auspices of the society, unanimous.
You' went up to your room with
;; M (JoWentate
i -1 ifT
f-w Tea
f- m rFVlflN
EntfllaH BreaKfast
BlacR A Green
Packed flavor-tight in dust
proof cartons to protect the
delicate leaf from exposure.
J. A. Folger (EL Co. San Francisco
Importers of Pure Teas
The choice of flor
b s matter of tuts.
Raddlng and according to the story had
some words with him, did you not,"
was the next Question.
"That is -an absolute lie," was th
way Mra. Waymlre made answer. "That
story has not a single word of truth
In It. I never bad any words with Mr.
ttadding. we never have
about anything,
Assignments by Bishop.
Assignment as announced by Bishop
Moore, with several minor places yet
to be filled, are as follows:
Portland district W. B. Holllngshead,
presiding aider, Portland; Astoria, C. C.
RaVlck: Clatskanle. E. Glttens: Houlton.
quarreled Asa Bleeth; Llnnton, J. D. Voce; Knappa,
A. J. Edwards; Portland uenienary,
There Is nothina I csn talk about. " n fintnn. Trua. TOTUann! Antral. J. T.
continued the woman; "I do not want Abbett: Chinese mission. Chan Sing
r fmthi .
CpF THAT mch-talked-of model of
JLL Bayocean Park; It is
true-to-nature, and it tells the truth as
Lj ,no map or photograph can do. Come
aim see n ueiore noon tomorrow ana
; ask all the questions you wish.
to discuss the-case. I have talked more
now than I intended to do or should
have done. I have only one story to
tell, however, and am not afraid to tell
it when the time .comes."
Grows Uneasy.
Mrs. Waymlre agreed to come back
to Portland without extradition after a
conference with her attorney yesterday.
Accordingly she accompanied Detective
Hlllyer to the city this morning, reach
ing here a short time before noon. She
was taken Into the private office of the
chief for a short conference and was
then taken up stairs into the woman's
department of the Jail. For the first
time since she has been taken into cus
ody . sha showed signs of uneasiness
when she found that her attorney had
not been able to find bail for her before
ner arrival, wnen tola that she would
! have to go upstair she hung back an
' Instant, then recovered herself and went
j quietly without remonstrance.
! According to Senneca Fouts, Mrs.
1 Waymire will have no statement to
make to the district attorney until she
is on the witness sand.
"If Mr. Manning wants to talk to her
she can ,go up and call upon him, but
she will have no statement to make be
. fore the trial." Is the way Mr. Fouts
aisposes oi me suoject.
The police court was crowded in lt
capacity this morning when the pro.
ceedlngs were opened. The crowd was
a motley one, drawn from all walks of
life, and all bound by the common
bonds-of morbid curiosity, yearning for
a sight of the three prisoners. The non
appearance of the woman in the case
seemed to be a great disappointment to
the majority.
Kai: Eoworth. C. T. Mcpherson; First
church, Benjamin Young; Grace. W. H.
Heppe; Kelly Memorial, S. J. Kester;
Laurel wood, E. H. Bryant; Mount Ta
bor, J. W. McDougall; Mon ta villa,- H.
Oberg; Patton, M. T. Wire: Sellwood,
A. P. Boyd: St. Johns, F. jL. Young;
Sunnyslde, T. B. Ford; Trinity, L. F.
Smith; University Park, W. R. Jeffrey
Jr.; Woodstock, H. P. Blake; Wood
lawn, W. J. Douglass; Rainier, W. C
Fry; seaside, A. U. Wagner.
Eugene district, M. C. Wire, Presiding
Elder, Eugepe, Oregon Albany, S. H.
Dewart: Coqullle & Bandon, W. S. Gor
don; uoDurn & HarrisDurg, w. M.
Ersklne: Brownsville. T. L. Jones: Cres
well, J. H. Skldmore; Cottage Grove, B.
M. NicKie; corvauis, v. h. Leech; uai
la. X XI mAH riMln T T . f... f?
Elkton. J. M. Sweney: Eugene, D. H.
Trimble; Falls City, G. F. Round; -Oar-diner,
C. H. Wooley; Halsey, George
uiame; independence, eanrord enyoer;
Jefferson, R H. Allen; Junction City,
T. H. Downs: Lebanon. J. L. Beattv:
Marshfield, W. R. F. Browne; Myrtle
Point, W. F. Roger; North Bend. A. F.
siding elders of the four districts, Mrs.
O. J. Balls. Mrs. F. W. Brooke, Mrs. T
8. McDanlel. J. T. Abbott. J. C. Roberts,
C. T. Wilson. H Oberg. Salem district,
presiding district; W. II. Selleck. James
Moore, W. N. Barrett. F. Is. Beckett.
Eugene district, presiding elder, J. H.
Skldmore, T. H. Downs, R. A. Booth,
J. J, Walton. Klamath district, presid
ing elder. H. J.'Yan Fossen, G. A. Gray,
J. L. Gllkey, C. Meeker.
District missionary secretaries port
land district, foreign missions, T. B.
Triers of appeals J. T. Abbott, D. H.
Leech, W. M. Ersklne, C. T. Wilson,
James Moore.
Union Service Testerday.
Conference sessions end tonight at
Grace church with the observation of
the anniversary of the Temperance so
At the union service yesterday morn
ing in the Marquam Grand theatre,
Bishop Moore preached to one of the
largest audiences ever crowded Into
that playhouse. Every seat was occu
pied, hundreds stood and as many more
were turned away, xne speaker por
trayed the life of Christ, declaring that
ne was uod, manifest m tne riesn.
Rev. B. D. Watters conducted a tes
timony meeting. A collection was taken
up for superannuates, 15 In number, and
10 widows of wornout ministers.
Last evening two- large Eoworth
league rallies were held at Grace and
Taylor Street churches. Rev. J. W. Me
Doucall. psstor of the Albany charge
and delegate-elect to the Baltimore gen
eral conference, preached at Grace
church, and Dr. John H. Coleman, pres
ident of Willamette university, preached
at Taylor Street church
leged giving of rebates to the Grand
Canyon Lime A Cement company, which
lust year billed hundreds of carloads
of material from Nelson, ' Arlsona, to
the Ganah Lumber company or Kedondo
and other dealera. The dealer ar not
Secretary Taft and Viscount
Terauchi Discuss Immi
gration Situation.
Trio Occupied Housekeeping Rooms
For Two Weeks.
Additional detail of the career of
Mrs. Belle Waymlre previous to- the en
counter Thursday evening with Mayor
Lane -ehow that she has led rather an
unusual life during the last few weeks
In the fact that since BeDtember la ahn
Lhad been living at the Marquam room-
iib, iiuuDo, nijim a.,, .niuor streets, in
company with two men, presumably
Radding and Bell. Mrs. Waymlre en
gaged the rooms for herself, her hus
band and a friend. She did not give any
The trio occupied two rooms and did
light housekeeping. Fror. Information
gathered at the rooming house little at
tention was paid , to the woman and
men, as they were not unusual -In their
The man who answers to the descrip
tion of Raddlng -was not seen around
the hotel very often- The other man.
however, who I thought to have been -went back to work repairing watches.
t - , maw
03 OOVCM BIWCIh 109 TOTXT STXEET ,v)v:;"!'
iaJ&W Portland, Or. wl-c
one week ln advance. When the time
was up she came forward with money
enough ror anoiner week occupancy,
Thev had considerable baggage, consist
ing of trunks and grips, which are still
st the room lnr house. Raddlnar and
HaII e vman kal Via lham li&va
visited- the room sine Thursday but
Mrs. Waymire seem td have left on
the night of the affair ln the Hamilton
Little was eeen of Mr. Waymlr at
the rooming house. She went out fre
quently during, the day, but at other
times remained ln her apartments most
of the time and did not associate with
the other guests.
W. P. Bell Proud of His Acquaint-
ance With Mrs. Waymlre.
W. F. Bell, the Jeweler who, accom
panied Mrs. waymire 10 Vancouver,
Washington, Thursday night, was not
inclined to discuss his connection with
the affair this morning. That he is in
fatuated with the woman he does not
"Mrs Waymlre seems to , appreciate
your errort to cetena her, a Journal
reporter said 'to Bell today, "and from
her talks she apparently think a great
deal of you."
"I am proud of It." Bell said, T am
glad to have known her."
And with thl remark the young Jew
eler tapped his breast near where his
heart lies and almost dramatically, but
still In a way rather mechanical, he
Bell, waa around the place more and
the general Impression from his man
mere and lnteret In Mrs Waymlre, was
ihst he was the-hnsband,
, Mn , Wkjrtnjr paid Sot the rooms for
Bell would not av that he went with
Mr. Waymlre to Vancouver and en
gaged room for her, "t hav nothing
to say," waa about, the extent o Hell's
Washington State College Opening.
(RcMelal Ptamitoli to Th JoarnaLt
Spokane, Wash.. Sept. 80. Washing
ton State college at Pullman opened to
day. About (40 students have enrolled.
President Bryan expects the enrollment
to reach cloae to 750. Many changes
have been made In the faculty and new
buildings have been added.
(United Prats Leased Wire.)
Toklo, Sept 80, Secretary Taft and
Viscount Terauchi, mlnlater of war,
passed two hours Sunday Informally
discussing relation between the United
States and Japan. It Is possible their
conference will bear fruit In formal ne
gotlatlons between the two govern
ments. The two war minister are
close friends. Boon after nis arrival,
Taft drove to General Terauchl's house,
Minister Terauchi expressed a wish to
discuss at lengtn tne general relations
between the two countries and Secre
tary Taft promptly Invited him to call
Sunday. One of Minister Terauchi'
aides acted aa Interpreter.
Both agreed that there waa no real
difficulty or difference menacing to
peace or seriously threatening the good
relation that have existed.
Idaho Logger Killed.
' (Special Dispatch to Tii Journal)
Bolse Ida Sept. 80. George Rich
ardson was killed Friday at Rossi's
logging camp about 60 miles above
Boise on the south fork of the Boise
river, while unloading logs from trucks.
His head was crushed almost to a pulp.
The body ha been brought to this city
He leaves a widow and two children,
who were livlnar with him at the camp.
A brother of Richardson was killed near
the same place ln a similar way four
years ago.
all il.llv.rv ti.h.1 Ifi llcnSMf f
must be 1.864 double and 1,10 si i
rigs ln the city which are Uxi
These do not Include pleaaur vehloUK
Without extending the license to InvV
elude private delivery wagons ana r- i -
.1 I . Y mm. fm m Ik, npAMTll fl 011 M . . '
UULI 11 tiwt vwna " ... - " , -
to the proposed one, the revenue will
amount to IS, 010 for both double and
Ingle rigs.
Seventy-five thousand dollar Is re
quired yearly to keep the street In re
pair nd th loss of $9,674. It I said,
will cripple the service. The total
revenue to the street repair department
from the license department amounted
last year to t.6,771160.
- .. 5
Says Verily Believes It Was
Kill JlcBroom or Be 4
Killed. -ii;;,
(Special Dltpatch to The Jonra!. .'
Pendleton, Or., Sept. SO. Th Aii
closed It case ln the Horierr jr
today and the defense opfrg
tat made an apparently
agalnat the defendant. Geoi v
man, who is accused of kllllnUI
McBroom, as the climax oi o. t
feud. - ifi'ti
Horseman made a remarka,t J
ment in his own behalf thl i
He said:
"I did not want them to kill me.
I shot to keep them from 1L I h i
tney intended killing me. McBri l
had threatened me. I believed my till
had come, and I verily believe now tl
It would have been so if I hsd not she I
He told at length of hi troubles wl 1
McBroom. '
i Aiiorncyn rra anci naiey are ror ill
defense and District Attorney Phel-.I
ror me siaie. jnany witnesses are ytf
A HKni aeainst tne usa nr nnnrii
labor in the state of Wisconsin ha
been taken up by the Wisconsin Stat
Federation of Labor. The federation '
desires particularly to stop the manu-j
facture of brooms by convicts, v
"No meat
brpakfast for
mine! I can hardly
wait mornings for the
. clock to strike time for
The KID.
- Begin the day well by saying '
"Malta-Vita and cream." : -
-A crispy flake that melts in.
your mouth-dainty and appetizing, yet "
full of nonrishmerit. 'Trie
that ever went onta a 'table. ' '
5C T
10c, all jrocers.