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It Will be Noted That Sliort Sellers
Are Taking All the Hops Offered at the
Present Price Small Renters - Selling.
Selling of Eastern Eggs as
; Oreons Said to.Be Com
- i raon Along Street.
l Front street feature:
11 Ma tarn egg a Oregon.
' poultry market still alo.
Banana arrive In fair shap.
,. Orape market still overloaded. '
i. Looks like a (lour advance.
Exportera take muoh wheat. '
Nothing doing In potato shipment.
. Onion, of fers not heavy.
Peach market he large upplls.
.", Snort aellera after bop. .
Ball Baatera ana M Oregon. ,
' Operators : In agg are feting verjr
, bold theaa day and are selling prao
. tleally all the eastern stock aa fresh
Oregon. The pure food laws are be
Jng, violated every day. according to
commission men, and while the govern
' merit la said to be gathering evidence
in the cases, nothing baa yet developed
-; to cause Indictments. It Is stated that
' most of the eastern eggs are repacked
. In Oregon cases and then sold at the
.value of the latter product. The price
, of eastern eggs Is f So a dosen and it la
' stated that the manipulators are eelllng
tneni aa noma stock at xoo a aoxen, tnus
Insuring them an additional profit of lc
a aoten. besides allowing tnem to maae
smaller returns on what few Oregon
There are. however, some fresh east
ern eggs coming to market by express
' every day that are about of the same
quality aa the home goods because they
- arrive in market about the same time.
These, however, are being aold aa fresh
express eastern and bring practically
in same vaiue aa tne noma, gooas,
. Chickens Are StUl Slow.
The chicken market Is still very slow
with quite liberal receipts today and
but little demarfd. Borne houses car
ried over liberal supplies from Saturday.
Creamery butter market is lust about
loldinaa its own with receipts slightly
Increased. Prices are aa previously
auoted. .
Cheese market movement Is only fair
with some dealers still trying to sold
up for the former high prices. Those
quoting the recent declines are selling
all the cheese.
Orape Market Is Overloaded.
This season has proven an exceptional
one for the grape Industry. The pro
duction everywhere has been the great
est In years and practically all markets
have been glutted aa a result of the
enormous receipts.
A report from Stockton, California,
says: "For the first time In the his
tory of the country the grape output has
Decome so congested that it js neces
sary for the railroad companies to put
on special freight trains from Stockton.
li?Thrs Isn't.;; anything doing,
in potato shipments at this time
'' because of the1 lower prices In
the south aa compared with hers. ;
vi Wt get car of onions ones In
awhile, but growers are not Jet
4 ting go any t aater than there is
4 demand. This Is the reason, why 1
4 they are able to hold prices up to '
4 the present level." W. L Swank, .
, a local shipper.. , '' , '
MOHAIR New 197 H SflVie.
each; short wool, 2tQ40oi medium, wool.
svc' 1 9Q eacn; long wool 7raj sacn.
TALLOW Prima. rr lb. lUfllo: No.
s ana grease, so 1 440, .
- tmu and Teretablea.
POTATOES Fancv. 31. 0001. 3S sell
ing; ouying. white, lotiieo per sack;
sweets, t o lb. ' .
ONIONS Jobbing pries Oregon,
n.0003.26; buying, Ul.sO; garlic,
To lb, '
APPLES New, tLOO 01.50.
t.00; bananas, io lb; lemons, .60
box: llmea Mexican. 14 par 100: pineap
ples, l6.tQis.00 doa; grapes, 7eor
Concords, liUQ30e; peachea, 606;0o;
cantaloupes, 31. 6; watermelons, IK c;
crabapplea, Jo lb; Bartlett pears, f 1.60
per box; casabas, $2.00 do.
VEGETABLES Turnlpa. new. I0e9
11.00 sack: carrots. 75c$l per sack;
beets. 11.60 per seek: parsnips. 11.004
$1.26; cabbage. lttlKo lb; tomatoes,
Oregon,' 4tj60c; beans," lolc; green,
i3o per lb; cauliflower.' $101.10 dos;
?eaa, 6c; horseradish, to lb: artlchokea,
647(0 dos; green onions, Ito per dos;
bell peppers. 7 0 8a per lb: hothousS let
tuce, $1 box; cucumbers, hothoune. 16
25o dos: rsdlsbes. l6o dozen bunches
eggplant, 11 Ho lb; green corn, 76a
aack, celery, 760c.
Oroeariss, Vuts, ate.
SUGAR Cube. 35.92 tt; powdered.
$6.07 Hi berry, $6.67 ft; dry granulated.
o.o(ft star. o.i i; com. a., (D.oitt
extra B., $6.07 golden O.. $4.97 V4: I
yellow. $4.874: best granulated. $5.27 H
barrels, 10c; half barrels, 2tc; boxes,
600 advance on aack basis.
(Above prices are 30 days net cash
HONEY $1.60 per crate.
COFFEE Package brands. flS.SSe
1 6.63,
SALT Coarse Half around. 100a.
flLeO per ton; 60s, $13.00; table, dairy
60a, $17.10; 100s, $17.36; bales. $2.26;
Imported Liverpool, 50s, $20.00; 100s,
$19.00: 4s $18.00; extra Ana barrels; 2a,
6s and 10s. 14.5C05.5O: Liverpool lump
rock, izu.&u per ton; ou-io rocn. fii.uu
100a. $10.60.
(Above mices a only to aales of less
than car lots. Car lots at special prices
subject to uuctuatlons.)
RICE Imperial Japan, No. 1, 6c; No,
Z. oh New Orleans, neaa, 7C
Atax. 6c: Creole, ttc.
BEANS Small white, $3.76; large
white. $3.65; pink, $3.66; bayou, $3.90
Llmas. $(.60: Mexican reds. 4 Ho.
NUTS Pe nuts. Jumbo. sia0 per io
: ' .Wiwssssisssss
Erice at One Time Was U Export Flour to Go to U.Oo
Points Higher Close is Cliicago Market Has a
12 1-2 Points Up.
Severe Set Back.
St. Paul ......
Erie ..........
O. Nort, pfd...
Mia Pae.
NaL Lead . ...
S. Pact fie
U. Paclfie ....
, to a dlaunt pofnt in order to handle and ,X,.rJnla. 7Ho per lb; roastea, f0o per
save the season's vintage. Commencing
this week the Southern Pacific or Santa
Fe, or both companies, will run two
special trains each week to Richmond
laden with grapes only."
Several cars of bananas were unloaded
this morning. In quite fair shape.
. Peach market has very liberal sun
piles and althougn quality la best Tor
this late in the season ror many years,
I demand Is very slow. Too much other
W fruit. ' Apples are dull for the aame
a, reason.
Very small offerlnga of onions are
Shown In the local market of late. Grow
ers are still very busy and cannot bring
supplies to market and tney are not in
any hurry to sell anyway. This la the
reason why prices are holding so well
In the local market
Potatoes are alow with no outside
movement to speak of. Pricee practl
cally the same.
Cabbase offerings are still verv lib
eral with but little demand. Prices
therefore dull along- the street.
In line with the advances In other
milks, the manufacturers of Sunrise ad
Vanced their quotations 30c a caae thla
Shorts Are Baying Hops.
Despite . their denials of- business,
hort sellers are buying hops quite free
ly. or as faat as the poor renters are
: forced to let so. Sales are kept secret
as heretofore. Eight and a half cents
Is the top price being paid at this time
'. but this is for prime goods and there la
" no doubt that something atrictly choice
j would bring. 90 a pouna or petter. uur
' ing the past few days there haa llke-
wise been considerable buying In Waah-
' ington at close to the price paid here.
Thla Indicates that local values might
.. go higher because 'there Is always a
material difference between the price
' of Oregons snd those from Washington,
i the difference alwaya being In favor of
! Oregon because or ' Detter and known
l mini lav. '
ront street prices:
Orala. Flour and Teed.
GRAIN BAGS Calcutta, le. large
lots; smau iot, wyta.
wnJCAi it v n .tuu, ev, ru ru
alan. 79c; bluestem, 4o; valley, J2o.
f1fTTJ Whrt . D ' V A .....
V W AV-" 1 1, u.u, vjva. ...
BARLEY NSW Feed, $22.60 23.60
per ton; roiled. $.&o f26.eo; brewing,
rye ii.ftft per owl
OATS New Proucers' price Na 1
white, $24.00 per ton; gray, 123.00.
FLOUR Eastern Oregon paten ta,
24.80: atraights, 4.zs; exports, $3.90:
valley, $4.804.40; granam, s. $8.76;
whole wneat, .ow; rye, sua, .. it.fio;
ales, 31. vu.
MILLSTUFFS Bran. $17.00 per. ton;
middlings, $25.00; shorts, country, $20;
city, iiv; cnop, iit.uvwii.tiv.
HAY Producers price Timothy,
Willamette valley, rancy, 316.00 917.00;
ordinary, $12.oui.uu; eastern Oregon,
13.00; mixed, 3io.oo)io.fto; clover,
10011. grain. iooii; cheat, $100
Barter, xgga ana roanry.
BUTTER FAT F. o. b. Portland-
Sweet cream, S3 ttc; sour, Jittc.
BUTTER City creamery, 16c;
seconds, 32 He; eastern. 82 He; state
fancy, 3032Hc; seconds, aosjslttc;
atore, uregon,
'eastern storage, 28c.
; CHEESE New Full cream, t lata,
.16o per. lb; Young Americans, 17 Ho per
j POULTRY Mixed Chickens, 12e lb;
i. fancy hens, 12Hc; roosters, old, 10c
.'lb; fryers, 14c; broilers, 14c lb;
ducks, 14c lb; geese, old, 810c
. $2.50 dos.; jUgeona, $1.26 dos; dressed
'poultry, 101 ho per lb. higher.
Sops, Wool and Hides.
HOPS 1907 crop Choice, 88Hc;
prime to choice, 7H8o; ordinary, 7c;
1906, choice, So.
WOOL lf - clip Valley. 20021c;
astern Oregon, 18 21c.
lb:, Japanese. 68Hc: roasted. t&lMo
per id; walnuts, t aiirornia, tvvtc per id;
pine nuts. 14 16c per lb: hickory nuts,
lOo per lb; Brasll nuts, 18c per lb; fil
berts, 16o per lb: fancy pecans. 18 02OO
per jd: aimonaa. if trciHo.
.Keats, Fish and JProvtslons.
FRESH MEATS Front street Hogs,
fancy, 8 Ho per lb; large, l&io per lb;
veal, extra, 9c per lb; ordinary, 8yi
$Ho per lb; poor, ts7o per lb; mutton,
fancy. 8 9c per lb.
HAMS. BACON, ETC. Portland pack.
uocaij nam.- iv to it ids, iso per .d;
14 to It lbs, 16c per id; 18 to zo lbs,
16c: breakfast bacon. 16HG22o per
io; picnics, ivc per id; cottage roll,
13c per lb; regular ahort clears ua
smoked. 12c per lb: smoked 12o per lb:
clear backs, unsmoked, 12o; smoked, 18o
per jo: union putts, iu w in ids, un
smoked. lie per lb: smoked. 13o per lb:
clear bellies, unsmoked, 11 Uc per lb;
smoked 13 H per lb; shoulders. 12 He
per io; picaiea tongues, ivo eacn.
LtArtL Kettle leaf. 10a HUc
per lb; 6a. 3Ho per lb; 60-lb tins. 12o
per lb; steam rendered. lOn, .12 sic per
jo; os, izc per jd; compound, iuc.
llc per lb.
Rock cod. 7c per lb: floundftrn.
6o per lb; halibut, o per lb; striped
bass, 16c per lb; catflah, llo per lb; sal
mon, iresn loiurid s cninooic xc ner
lb; silvers, 7c per lb; herrings,
5c . per lb; soles, 6c per lb;
shrimps, 12c. per lb; perch, 6c
per lb; tomcod, 7c per lb; lobsters, 16c
per lb; fresh mackerel. 8c per lb; craw
fish. 26c per dozen; sturgeon, 12 Ho per
lb; black bass, 20c per lb; silver smelt,
7c per lb: frosen shad. 6o per lb: black
cod, 7Hc per lb.
OTBTER8 Shoslwster buy. ner
lon, $2.60; per 100-lb sack, $5.00; Olym-
ria, per gallon, 32.40; per 116-lb sack,
8.00 If 8.60; Eagle, canned. 60c can: 37
dozen; eastern In shell, $1.76 per hundred.
CLAMS Hardshell, ner box. 22.40:
razor ciama, sz.uu per dox; ioc per dos.
Pacts', Coal OU, Etc
ROPE Pure Manila. 16c: standard.
13c; sisal. 10 Kc
COAL OIi. Pearl or Antral f!n
19Ho per gal: water white. Iron bbla.
14c per ga'.; wooden. 17o pr gal; head
light. 170 deg., cases, 21Ho per gaL
uabuuhh B deg.. caaea. 24 ner
gal; iron vbls, 18c par gaL
BENZINE 3deir.. cnaaa. 18n Ti.r VMM
Iron bbla, 28o- per-gat
TURPENTINE! In cases, 9o car nlr
wooden bb'-, 93o per ral.
WHITE LEAD Ton lotM Jit nr IK-
600-lb lots. 8o per lb; less lots, 8 He
WIRE NAILS Present baala at 3.1 80
per keg.
car. & F.
smelter ......
Anaconda ...
Atchison ....
North Pae.
Reading ......
U. S. Steel .... H
do pfd. ..... H
Colo, Fuel . ...1 UN
N. Y. Central . la
(Leased Wire. Overbeck A Cooks Co.)
New York. Sent. 80. A movement of
14 points was today mads by Canadian
Pacific. The low point was reached at
67 and the high mark at .71. At the
close It was 13 H points higher than
the end of Saturdaya session.
Todav'a aesslon waa not excltlna ex
cept for the great squeese of shorts in
Canadian. So aeared are traders of this
issu thst shorts are compelled to pay
lo a share over night for borrowing It
This means an overnight Interest of
$1,000 on 1,000 shares.
Money rates ruled tlaht alt dsv. owing
to the Canadian Pacific Incident. Calla
sold at 86H per cent all day. There
was some talk of a corner on Canadian
and this Is what Induced the shorts to
rueh to cover.
Official prices
lonu On esses on the Wsathsr.
Western Oragoiy Rain: warm
er Interior tonight; Tuesday
.rain; Fresh southerly breeze In
terior; fresh southerly gals
along coast
Western Washington ' Rain
tonight and Tueaday; strong
southerly breeze Interior; fresh
southerly gala along coast
Eastern Oregon, Eaatern Wash
ington and Northern Idaho
Rain and warmer tonight; Tuea
day rain.
Southern Idaho Fair and
warmer tonight; Tuesday prob
ably fair.
Three Weeks After Marriage
3Iitlehner Complained of
His Meals.
166 jl5HI 164H
1?S 20 19H
Am. Cop. Co.
Am. c f., c.
do preferred
Am. Cot Oil. c
Am. Loco., o.
Am. Sugar, &
Am. Smelt, 0.
do preferred
Anaconda M. C
Am. Woolen, c.
Atchison, c. ...1 85
do preferred . .1 88
B. & O., c 89 H
do preferred . .
Brooklyn R. T
Can. Pacific, c.
Cent. Ieath., c.
C. & G. W., c.
C. M. & 8. P...
C. A N., c
Chesa. ft Ohio..
Colo. F. ft I., o.
Colo. South., c
do 2d pfd. . .
do 1st pfd.
Dela. ft Hud. .
V. ft K. O., c...
do preferred . .
Erie, c
do 2d pfd. . .
do 1st pfd. ..
Great Nor., pfd,
Illinois Cent. ..
lrf)ul. A Nash. 106
Mex. cent. Ky...
M. K. & T.. c. .
Ore Lands
M. K. ft T. D
Mo. Pacific 66
National Lead . . 47
N. Yr Central 101
N. Y. O. & W 32 H
N. & W. C.
do pfd ,
N. American . .
N. Pacific, c. . .
Pac. M. 8. Co..
Penn. Ry
P. O. L. ft C. Co. .
Pr. Steel Car, c
do pfd
Reading, c 91
do 2d prd. . . .
do 1st pfd.. . .
Rep. I. & S. c. .
do pfd
Rock Island, c. .
do pfd.
St. L & S. F. 2p
do 1st pfd
St. L. ft S. W. c,
8. Pacific, c. 83 85 H
do pfd 110 110
So. Railway, c. 16H 16H
do nfd E2 62
Tex. & Pacific. . . 26 ?6H
T. St. L. ft W. c. 24 24 H
do nfd 45 45
U. Pacific, c 126 127
do pfd 81 H 2
U. S. Steel Co. c. 26 27 H
do pfd. 89 89
Wabash, c 10 11
do Pfd 19 19
W. V. Tel
Wis Cent, c
do pfd 89
The highest price In 15 years Is likely
today In the flour market For export
grades there will in all probability be
an aavance or ioc a barrel before 24
hoqrs have paased. Thla will put the
price of export at $4.05, the highest
price reached for that grade since the
present generation. While nothing den
nlte Is known It Is likely that local
grades will likewise be boosted. This
Is because of the record-breaking de-
iiibiiu iur . acinc nonnweii wneai rrom
Europe. Exporters continue to take all
supplies offered at the present market
Chicago Market Suffers From De
cline Abroad.
Sept. 10. Sent. 28. Lose. 10.
sept. 95
I Dec 98 B 99
May ....104 B 105
. .100
(Leased Wire Overbeck ft Cooke Co. I
Chicago, Sept. 80. There waa a sharp
break in wheat valuea today on ac
count of the lower offering In Liverpool.
The gain at the closing there was not
reit nere at an.
Official prices:
Low. Close.
94 95
97 98HB
104 304B
100 100
Open. High.
95 9
99 99
106 1061
100 1011
. 23H
Sept 63 63 69 62-
Dec 68 69 67 68B
May 6 60 68 69
Sept 62 64 62 64
Dec 62 62 61 62
May 53 63 63 63
Rept 1380 1880 1380 1380
Oct 1390 1395 1875 1880
Jan. ........1640 1640 1620 1625
Sept 910 910 895 905
Oct 910 910 895 907
Jan 886 890 876 882
Sept 812 8WV 787 790
Oct 802 802 790 787
Jan 802 825 790 795
That her husband three weeks after
their msrrlsge, because aha had not
cooked the breakfast eggs to suit his
taate, threw the eggs on the floor and
then ordered tier to clean the floor, ia
one of the many charges made by Mrs.
Minnie Mltlehner in a suit for divorce
from Albert Mltlehner, filed In the cir
cuit court this morning. .
On snother occasion her husband
ordered her to leave, and told her If
she did not so he would throw her out
of the window and burn her trunk, says
Mm. Mltlehner. He swora at her family
snd called them liars, murderers and
thieves, it is charged.
(Several years aao Mltlehner became
angry while at dinner one day and be
gan throwing thlnga around the table,
ending by picking the baby out of ita
high chair, running with it through the
rain to its arandmother and informing
mat astonisnea oia lady that the baby
waa oeing siarvea.
While Mrs. Mltlehners uncle wss
dining with them about a year ago,
peace and harmony reigned until she
passed her husband a warm dish. It
was not so warm that he could not
hold It ssys the complaint but he
remarked that It burned him. Where
upon the wife remarked in a nleaaant.
agreeable manner, Vgood," and Mltleh
ner flew Into a terrible passion and
daahed the dish violently to the floor,
and swore so lustily that Mra. Mltleh
ner left the room.
They were married at Vancouver,
Waahington, In December, 1897 aays
the wife, and her life has been a aurden
to her ever since. She allegea that her
husband has a violent temper i which
ha does not control, and aaks the court
to grant her a divorce and the custody
of her child.
Superintendent Higlcr Goes
to Philadelphia to Gather
Points for Use Here.
This Allegation Made at Vancouver
Respecting at Least Three
Places No Arrests.
Superintendent Frank Rlgler of the
city schoola will leave for tha east
Wednesday morning on a six-weeks'
quest for Information concerning trade
schools, domestic science courses and
public playgrounds in connection with
proposed departures in Portland's edu
cational system.
Mr. Rlgler will go first to Philadel
phia, where he, will Inspect the publlo
trade school there, said to be one of
the finest In existence aa well as the
only one of the kind in America. Phila
delphia's domestic science department
will also come In for a large proportion
of his sttentlon. He will then go to
New York to Investigate the manual
training work in the high schools and
the public playgrounds, which have
readied their greatest development in
the Empire a tat a
Further Inspection of manual train
ing and trade school work will be made
In Chicago. A privately endowed trade
school In Chicago ia aald to have
reached the highest attainment at pres
ent poaaibie In these Institutions. Play
grounds will be given additional con
sideration in Chicago.
In Indianapolis a special visit will be
made to the manual training high
achool, an Institution where advanced
instruction Is given In mechanical work.
The prime object of superintendent I
Rlgler's visit to the esst is tha trade
school, which will probably be installed
here in another year. It Is slso very
likely that the conking courae will be
addod to the High school course by
next February. - r-
(Bpeclal DUpatcb to The TooHil.)
Vancouver, Wash., Sept. 30. Although
no arrests were made yesterdsy for vio
lations of the Sunday closing liw, aalde
from the warrants that will b Issued
for N. W. Scott snd O. A. Hager, It
Is stated by a business man that sev
eral aaloons were open to tie rlaht
persons. One place Is even credited
with doing a larger business than on
the average week day. Within a ra
dius of 200 feet, this man atafs, three
saioons were serving liquor.
Scott's confectionery aaaln 6
office business snd Hager1
nouses were well patronized.
a land
Liverpool Grain Market.
Liverpool, Sept. 80. Official prices
Open. Close.
Sept .7s 8d 7s 9d
I Dec. . .7s 11 d 8s d
March 8s Id 8s ld
Oct ..6s 9d 6s 9d
Jan. ..6s 6d 6s 6d
Sept. 28. Gain.
7s 9d Hd
7s lld
8s ld
5s 9d
6s 6d
San Francisco Grain Market.
San Francisco, Sept 20. Official
Wheat December. 31.61 H bid.
Barley May. 31.64: December, $1.60
per cental.
(Special Dlipatch to Tb MtnaL)
Washlnston. D. C. Sent. 30. Plana
nave progressed rar enough w permit
Chief Engineer Davis of the reclama
tion service to snnounce that hna third
or the 20,000 acrea in the Umatilla irrl
gallon project will be opened for set.
tlement some time this fallJ Hereto
fore It has been much in douit that he
could open any of these landslthls year,
but careful examination of retorts seem
finally to warrant the announcement
that about 7,000 acrea will be ready
before January 1. The remainder will
probably be opened a year lajer. Davis
expects the Umatilla project to become
the most productive of sll rovernment
Irrigation enterprises, owlngfto a favor
able climate, nearness to transportation
ana rtenness or tne sou.
Portland's bank clearings for
September show the splendid In
crease of 20 per cent over the
same month of tha 'preceding
year. The last month's clear
ings aggregated 330,172,440.01.
aa compared with $26,098,609.86
In September of 1906.
No other city on the Paclno
coast with the possible excep
tion of Spokane, Washington,
has shown so large a percentage
of gain in commerce and bank
ing. The percentages of other
cities hsve averaged 8 to 15 per
cent, which is slso a great gain
compared to the Increase ordi
narily ahown by eastern cities.
September In fruit and agri
cultural regions Is a month
usually showing less gain of
bank clearings than any other
month in the year, for the rea
son that ready cash Is con
nerved for taking care of the
great crop movement that be
gins about thla time. The clear
ings of October, November and
December In Portland will. It ia
believed, show the greatest In
crease in the history of the
Cl j !,., ,
b ... ',
Rhuriierr and associates. Mr; ' Shflrt
ten la personally managing tne prop-
erty and la installing a roaster of blsii
own Invention, ' to treat the t Treasurs
concentrates. Tna operation t of thai
roaster Is bring watched with consider
able Interest, Inasmuch as Its .success
will revolutionise tha treatment of ore
In the Cascade mining section, portions ,
of which are considerably removed from
rail tranaportatlon. .
Kour thousand five hundred feat oi
tunnel has been driven on thla claim.
piercing a veritable mountain- of ore
The manager expects to have tha planO
running by October II. .. i V - "
Usloa Claim Equipment. .
The Union claim, which ia located on
the aouthweat slope Of Gold Hill, and ,
which ia under the management of Mr.
Coffin, haa made soma extra Una show
Inga of late Resides the underground
development work, which la being .. as
tenalvely curried on, many surfaca lm-4
provementa are being made and a large)
blacksmith shop and other building
sre being maintained for thla purpose
One of the principal Improvement la
the construction of an aerial tramway,
carrying two bucketa, each Of l.O0
ftounds capacity. The tram is 1.100 feet
n length and is capable of transporting
st least 40 tons of ore dally. Over 2,000
. . . , i v , .
u& ucvfiupmem wrn nae . uvtsu
don on the Union snd recently an ora
body waa encountered 2 feet in width
carrying valuea assaying from $16 tot
3825 per ton. with a low estimate aver
age of 380 per ton.
A. ft. Taylor and w. F. Himea. own
ers of tha Oregon Treadwell group, bava ,
opened up some very fins bodies or trtm
milling ore on their new location and.
sre at present installing an arraatra foq
testing ana developing the property.
Great Western Shows Xt jraltn.
Tha Great Western Mining A Mlllinsj
company, which owns valuable property)
in, the district, foresees a great pro
ducer In its claim. Valuable or bodies
are being opened aa development, pro
gresses. A contract for extenalv tun
nel work has been let and by the first
of the year aeveral hundred feet will ba
run in on the monster ledge, which on
the upper level Is free milling. Com
1 fortable cabins and good roads ant
I - a i
Major Harts So Declare In Connec
tion With Fort Wright Right-of-way
Journal. )
SO. Throusrh
W. L. Cris-
erdeen cham
Toledo, St. Louis & Western pre
ferred, ex.-dlvidend 2 per cent.
New York Central, ex.-dlvidend 1
per cent.
Call money closed 4 per cent ask.
'Total Bales for day, 620,900 shares.
(Special Diana tch to The Journal. t
Milton. Or.. Sent. 0. For th flrxt
time in the history of this district Mil
ton has sent to outside points straight
carload lots of peaches. During the
ui rutin season mora man v carloads
nave Deen snipped direct to 8nnkn.
Montana and the Dakota. Heretofore
the shipments have been made in
smaller lots and to the commission
housea. This time the shipments have
been made to dealera direct. The nrlca
rtuigeu iruiu iu ii.ou per POX,
Hop Bale About Over.
(Special Dispatch to Tna Journal.
Aurora, Or., Sept. SO. Hon baling Is
nearly finished in this section and not
withstanding the mold that was in the
yards at the time of picking most of
ins nops uuieu wui graue a iair io good
quality. Very few sales have been re
ported so far, and those made mostly' by
renters who had to have the money and
were wining to sen at any price in or
der to come out somewhere even. A
more cheerful view of the situation is
taken by the growers since the picking
Is over, and they think that 12 to 14c
hops is not among tne impossibilities.
United States Government Bonds;
Sept. 30
"1 rather think that there will 4
be a better demand ruling for 4
chicken the latter part of the 4
week, although there's no tell-- 4
lng what, may happen' to the t4
chicken' market any , mora than )
In a baseball gams. Quit a lot 4)
of atock waa carried over from 4
Baiuraa? by Front , atreet deal. 4
era because of the lack of de- 4)
mand," B. W. Graham of Tern-.
pleton 4 Graham-, -
New York.
bonds: Bid.
Twos, registered 105
An cnunon 100
Threes, registered 102 H
do coupon iuz
Threes, small bonds ....101?
nts Columbia, 3-6Ss 113H
Fours, registered:, new...i2n
ao coupon izd .
Twos, Panama ...105
Philippine Four ....... 109 H
106 H
Liverpool Cotton Higher.
Liverpool, Sept 80. Cotton futures
closed firm and steady, to 10 points
- A ' ' ,
v 'Livestock In East.
Chlcairo. Rent SO Hoirrt war. atrnnr
today. -Cattl were ateadj and heep
Hons. Cattle. Sheep.
Week ago 258
Year ago i 65
Previous year ... 66
Portland Union Stockyards, Sept. 80.
The future of practically the entire
livestock market depends almost entire
ly upon shippers. For instance there ia
a most excellent demand ruling at this
time for well-finished hogs but the fact
that the receipts are most of Inferior
grades, causes lower prices to rule than
would otherwise be the caae.
Of this President Caughtrey says:
"If we could get finished hogs we might
be able to obtain a better price, but the
fact is the present run of poor hogs Is
keeping tne market down.
. "Sheep are firm in all lines.
"The cattle market Is very well main
tained around the high figures, all re
celnts beinir aulte read II v nicked 11 r
This is in line with what The Journal
predicted a short time ago."
A year ago today pest cattle were zsc
hisrher and lambs were firm (tie aame
amount up. 'Hogs were steady.
urriciai yard prices:
Hoks Best eastern Oregon. 86.50
6.75; stockers and feeders, 35.006.25;
China fats, 6.006.25.
Cattle Best eastern Oregon steers.
3.S64.00; best cows and heifers, $2.75
3.00; bulls, Jl.Ytx&z.uo.
Sheen Best wethers. 34.B0f?4.75:
mixed. $4.004.25; lambs, $4.75 5.00.
Portland Bank Statement.
Clearings today 1...8 1,638,473.78
do year ago
Gain today $ 277.819.S2
Balances today 182,446.89
, .. no AAA r tf
00 year rru, .......... .
Clearings, September. 19q7. 80,172,440.01
do September, . . .1. . z&,og,&09.86
Gain. September, 1007... f 6,073,880.16
Seattle, Sept 80. Clearings, 21,420.-
075: balances, 3141,428.
Tacoma. sept. aw. uieanngs, (1,018.-
390; balances, 357,006.
New York-London Sliver.
New York, Sept 30. Bar silver. 67Hc;
Ijonaon, i 9-100.
(Leased Wire Overbeck A Cooke Co.)
San Francisco. Sept. 30. Ooldfield
shares were dull and lifeleas. forced
liquidation still carrying the list down
In tha Falrvlew list there was a frac
tlonal advance.
Official bid prices:
Sandstorm 86c, Columbia Mt. SScA
Jumbo Ext. 31.35. Pennsylvania lc
Ooldfield M. Co. 31.27H, Kendall 18c,
Booth 2SC, Blue Bull 23c, Adams 7c,
6c, Blue Bell 12c. Dixie 5c, G. Columbia
Z7c, Hlbernla 6c, Ht. lves D7C, conqueror
10cA, Blk. Koca ic, lone Htar loc, a.
Wonder 4cA. Potlach 14cA. Kendall Ext.
2c, Sandst. Ext 4c, Mayne 4c. Atlanta
32c. Great Bend 89c. Simerone lOcA,
Empire 9c, Red Top Ext. 19c, Florence
33.67 H, Diam'f B. B. Con. 20c, G. Daisy
98c. Commonwealth 27oA, Comb. Fract.
31.56. Gr. Bend Ext 9c, Gr. Bend Anx.
8cA, Mlllstorm 25c. B. B. Bonanza 6c,
Kewanos 43c, Eameralda lOcA Port
land 20c, Cracker Jack 12c, Francis
Mohawk $1A, Red Hill 84c, Mohawk
Ext. 8c, Lou Dillon 8c, Y. Tiger 17c,
Grandma 12cA, Y. Rose 5c, Col. Mt Ext
5cA, Goldf. Cons. 36.37 H, DlamT Trl
angle 13c.
Ophir 45o, Mexican 69c. Gould &
Currv SOc. Con. Virginia 94c, Savage
88c, Hale A Norcross 31, Yellow jacket
32.95, Belcher 64c. Confidence 31.10,
Sierra Nev. 71c, Exchequer 44o, Union
Original 4o Bullf. M. C. llcA. Mont.
Bullf. 4cA, Nat. Bank 12c, L. Harris
lc, Amethyst 14o, Gold Bar 43c, Stein
way 6cA, Denver Buf. Anx. 2c, Bonnie
Clare 35cA, Mayfl. Cons. 26e, Monty.
Ohio Ext. 5c, Monty. Mt. 9cA, Home
stake Cons. 85cA, Yankee Girl 6cA,
Nugget 5cA. Tramp Cons. 21c, Victor
4cA, North Star 5cA, Sunset 4c
Ton. Nev. $10, Mont Ton. $2.20, Ton.
Ext. 31.45, MacNamara 26c, Midway 77c,
Ton. Belmont $2.10. Ton. No. Star 17c.
Ohio Ton. lc. West End Cons. 57c, Res
cue 8c, Ton. & Calif. 7c. Golden Anchor
8c, Jim Butler 63c, Ton. Cash Boy 3c,
Ton. Home 5cA, Monarch Pitts. Ex.
7cA. Mont Mid. Ext 3c.
Manh. Cons. 40cA, Manh. M. Co. 6c,
G. Wedge 6c, Seyler Hump. 3a, Dexter
lOcA, L. Joe 8cA, Crescent 12c, Combi
nation lc. Granny 19c. Mustang 12c,
Little Grey 15cA, Cowboy 4cA. Orig.
Manh. 9cA, Broncho 6c, Pinenut 60, Buf
falo 4cA, S. Dog 10c, Y. Horse 3c, In
dian Camp 6c,
Falnr. Silver King $13cA. Fairy.
(8pcUl Dlipatcb to Tbi
Aberdeen. Wash., Sept.
correspondence held by
sey, secretary of the a:
ber of commerce, with eistern parties.
about 40 persons are explcted to arrive
here next month from vinous parts of
the south and east. Sfme will como
from Maine and some from Florida,
with others from still llfferent states.
These people representdifferent voca
tions and Mr. Crlsse'y Is desirous that
they shall be provide! with employ.
(Special Dtspateb to The Journal.)
Spokane, Wash., Sept. SO. The Port
land & Seattle railroad is a necessity to
Spoksne'a future prosperity, according
to the reports of Major William W.
Harts of the United Statea engineer
corps, whose report to the secretary of
war has Just been made public.
Major Harts condemns the two routes
proposed for the road and advises one
around the outer edge of the Fort
Wright reservation. There has been
much trouble over this right of way.
The road wanted to cross the parade
grounds and the cltlsens of Spokane ob
jected and picked another route. Both
of these routes, however, according to
Major Harta, would mar the fort
ment when they arrived To this end he I Grounds and cause it to hT ninUJ?
1 iions ror me rood, as follows: That the
ness men of the
their cooperation in
(Special Dispatch
Enterprise, Or.,
Parquet who it la
.lunuarv last from
ted States cavalry.
wana. was arrestei
by Sheriff Blakely
confinement in t
old Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern right
of war. now oit of use, he donated to
the reservation: that In case the road
damage the grounds, the secretary of
P i POTTTT J war " K'ven power to say what the
1 AltyUXil damagt is without appeal to the higher
ui, nu uiai a cummon uaer clause
be iiserted In the right-of-way agree
ment Major Harta met the citlsens at a
public meeting recently and has since
been working on the report Just ren
dered. The work Is a voluminous docu
ment, containing over 21,600 words
trails are some of the Improvements of,
these enterprising owners. This prop
erty Is unusually well situated from at
standpoint of natural advantages.
Among other properties in the dis
trict under course of development are;
Blue River Consolidated, Wood & Dia- .
mond group. Princess group. Crown Boy,
Western Mining A Milling . company,.:
Cinderella company, Chrisman as Fisher
group, Cuba, Alpha, Chubb Creek, Jay- "
bird, Bluebird & Red Cloud, Morning,
Noonday, Rowena & Ruby, Rambler,
Keystone, Happy Jack, GlendaJe, Big; ,
Four, Tate Brothers' group, Sparka
group and others. All of these proper
ties are showing good values arid prom
ise much when fully developed.
Janitor at Multnomah Club
Skiddoos When He Sees
Burglar. ' .
Th JoBranl.)
ept. 30. Wlllism
lined deserted in
e tnth Unl-
tationed at Walla
In Wallowa county
id after one night's
-county jau- was de
livered to Lleutenaft Ellis. At the time
of his arrest Pardiet was engaged In
digging: a well f( a farmer about 16
miles northeast off Joseph. His where
abouts was dlscored last week at the
time the Fourtenth cavalry was
camped at Wallora lake. Young Par
quet claims that lie enlisted from Port
land. He la 28 t ears 01 age.
(United Hm Leaned Wire.)
Cripple Creel Colo.. Sent. 30. Nate
Thorpe and Water Alexander, rival ex
pressmen, and Klbert Bills, an employe
of Alexander.became involved in a
quarrel Saturday night at the depot
over wno snqiid nam two incoming
passengers to ie hotel. The men began
fighting and frhorpe shot and killed
Bills and wotrded Alexander so badly
that h died i short time later. Feel
inar Is hltrh adilriFt Thorpe and he may
be lynched.
New YA k Cotton Market,
Jan. .
Feb. .
May .
June .
July .
Sept ,v,
Oct. .,
Nov. .
Dec. .
Klamath's Forests Bear Added Stack
of Million and Half Improved
Property Lowered.
I Sept
Opel. High. Low. 80. 28.
... 118 1132 1113 1121
1 1123 1126
... 1U0 1142 1124 1129 1133
... 13 1134 1132 1132 1137
...llo 1149 1130 1135 1141
... .7 1137 1144
...116 1146 1138 1142 1148
... 1,96 10 1096 1096 1097
... 190 1105 1089 1096 1097
... 95 1098 1090 1095 1099
...108 1124 1105 1111 1113
(Special Dispatch to Tha Journal.)
Klamath Falls, Or., Sept 30. Assess
or J. P. Lee haa Just completed the 1907
assessment ron ror Klamath county.
It shows a total valuation of 37.561.779.
as against 36,094,094 last year, an In
crease of nearly 31,500,000. T'oiber
lands bear all of the Increased valua
tion, and more, for this year the non
tillable lands are assessed at 35,182,828,
as against 33,495,915 last year, while
tne improved property of the county,
together with the improvements thereon
and the cattle, horses, sheep, etc., are
valued at 3219,828 less than a year ago.
As there has been a great deal of money
spent In Klamath county the past year
in jmprovemems, me general opinion Is
that the total assessment, outside of the
non-tiuaoie lands, should have at least
equaled that of a year ago.
A burglar, evidently with more nerva
than mentality, made an unsuccessful '
attempt to hold up A. B. Ross, Janitor
of the Multnomah Athletic club, at 3
o'clock this morning within the sacred!
confines of the clubhouse. Instead of
obeying the command of the thug to
elevate his hands, Ross took to his'.
heels, despite the fact that the nigh- -wayman
was armed with a revolver of!
heavy calibre, and upon resetting tha
street blew lustily on his police whlstla .
for help.
Special Policemen Fitxslmmon ana. ,
Hemsworth who were standing at tha .
corner of Nineteenth and Washington
streets hurried to the scene and after
making a search of the building noti-, ,,
fled Captain Bailey at headquarters. A
wagon load of patrolmen was .dis
patched to the clubhouse, but although
every nook and corner of the ground
was overhauled no traca of the house-
breaker was found. v
Muddy footprints were found On one ;
of the fire escapes, however, Indicat
ing the manner In which entrance waa
effected to the building. According to
the Janitor's story he was sweeping tha
first floor and had occasion to turn
around, when he spied the crook on the
stairway. "Hands up" said the fellow,
but Ross lost no time in beating a
hasty retreat and summoning the po
lice. v
There is considerable speculation aa to
the burglar's motive in breaking Into
the club building. The only thing of
value which he could carry away are'
the silver trophies and these could aot
be disposed of unless melted. r,.
burs- Silver Peak 31.23 U. No. Star Won.
der 5c A. Eagla's Neat 36c, Ruby Won
der loo. Ailc of Wonder tcA.. .
. Djliver the Wheat.
(Special IDispatch to Tha Journal.)
Lewlstonl Idaho, Sept 30. The grain
of the aaejtern section of Nea Perce
prairie ant from Mohler and a large
portion of the country lying to the east
will this war be delivered to the ware
houses at I'ollmer, very little of It go
insr to th market at Culdesac. The
delivery Bit urday at one warehouse
reached 4J00 sacks, the aggregate for
the day fctng above 8,000 sacks.
Feel lar
ache? St
case of la
ters tonei
uid, weak, run-down? Head-
mach "off"? Just a plain
liver. Burdock Blood Bit.
liver and stomach, promotes
iurifles the blood. .
Cooperative Grist Mill.
(Special Dispatch to Tha Journal.
Long Creek, Or., Sept 80. A company
has been formed here for the purpose
of buying the Long Creek grist mill,
paying 34,000 for all the property. Each
person In the company, is also required
to furnish a quantity of grain in pro-
fortion to the number of shares held,
t is the intention to buy all the wheat
necessary to keep the mill going full
. . r '
Sugar Company's Model Farm.
(Special Diaoatch to The JooraaL)
La Grande, Or., Sept 80. -The Amal
gamated Sugar company at this place
lias rxpenuea o,v tne past season on
(United Pceaa Leased Wire.)1 '
Boise, Ida., Sept 30.---Another scan
dal in connection with bills of the Pink
erton National Detective agency ' for
services in connection with the Hay-.
i wood trial developed today, when tha
fact was published that. In addition to
bills paid by the state, James Mc Park land,
chief of the Plnkerton in the case,
waa paid witness fees and mileage by
Canyon county, although he never took
the witness stand. :,".-.
The records show that on July 13 his
bill s gainst Canyon-eountyj-aHowed-and-i-paid,
was as follows: Witness fees, 73
days at ti uer day, 3144; 560 miles, at
25 cents, 3125; total 3269. Tha record
shows that during the same period bill .
of McParltwid paid by the state, Includ
ing wages, railway fare, incidentals.
Pullman fare, board and room, in all
amounted to $1,769 80.
(Special DlipatcV t The Jnarsai ;
Vancouver, B, C. Sept.i 30. -Ovana
King, Chinese vice-consul at San Fran
cisco, has left for home, having com
pleted . his official mission hare In con
nection with tha preparation of a re-
Improvements at Its model farm near ( port on the recent riots end losae sus-
Hot Lake. This farm consist of about talned by Chine subjects, lis cam
8,000 acres of choice valley land. At her on lastruction from tha Chliw
present nearly 100 men and teams ar embassy at Washington. Th toMl
employed on the place. New road ar amount of tha Chines claim will l
being built and baraa being put up. . ,1 123,400. . , . : .
'' i t.-