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'' TfeO Vefcttier Rain. an4 warmer
VOL. VI, ; NO, 178,
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nnriic rnirnn
IVILUL niiEinu
oner Siiows Decided In
flation to Protect Those
o Are Suspected of Con-
liracy Against Mayor
fa.. Belle Wgjrmtre, accused of ba
th woman decor uaed In the aensa-
dal attempt to blackmail Mayor Lane
u Thuraday last, consented to com to
ortland this morning- from ' Vancouver
where she had been held by Sheriff Bap
pint ton since Saturday afternoon. She
will aopear for her preliminary hearing
In the municipal court on Wednesday
morning:. ,
In the. meantime an effort is being
made br iter attorneys, Senaca Fouts
and W. R. McOarry. to secure the $1,000
. Dial required by tne court, out tne task
is provlns; a hard one. Up to 1 o'clock
ao one. bad been found who would go
security for the appearance of toe wo
man on weanesaay morning.
So far there have been no added d
. ' velopments in the case other than the
setting of the nrellmlnary hearing- foi
: Wednesday.' Raddlng and Mandelay
v- the two men accused of beina consplra
' tors In the plot, were arraigned In -the
- municipal court this morning- and the
" ease was then set by Judge Cameron.
i uotit o( tp jnea. are out -on oau, , , ,
- Womaa Holds to Btory. ; : .
The woman in the case still maintains
her determined stand of injured Inno
1 rende and it must be admitted that she
f "does well In sustaining ner part. If she
) is guilty, of the charges made against
her she-is maln-taining a very stralght
terward front and story. All the stories
rsne iQAe-iire mo paino, wtiuuuv uevm
"I do not know what Mr. Raddlng has
f told, or Mr: Mandelay, whom I 69 not
a now Jit all, but I do anow that i nave
only ne story to tell and that 1 the
truth.". That is the way she puts her
case and sticks to It She declines to
discuss the, facta or to go Into details
saying that the trial will reveal all she
knows. Until that time she will remain
silent " --
-And she does remain silent She
talks, it la true, freely and openly, but.
whenever the conversation ranges close
t anything vital as affecting herself.
Raddlng or Mandelay, - ahe veers- off
most skillfully or else says very frank,
ly. "I can't talk about that now, you
know." v
Mr. Waymlre says ahe Is going
straight into the circuit court with her
story, for she wants to escape the pre
liminary hearing and get past the lower
court to where she thinks ahe will get
justice unadulterated. ,
"Will you waive your preliminary
hearing and go straight into the upper
court er will you go into the lower
court first V she was asked this morn
ing as she set in the sheriffs quarters
at Vancouver,
- "1 do not want a preliminary hearing,"
he jsald.. "I want to go into the cir
cuit court at once, for I believe I
I ' X '. -
- A . . i
Pi J
r ' t t '
I Los Angeles Constables and
United Eailroads, Attor
neys May Be Called to Ex
plain Attack on Fremon
Bulletin's Editor Alleges
Agents of Calhoun Threat
ened His Life 3Iessage
Seized by Southern Off!
cials to Whom Entrusted
(United Pri Uawd Wire.)
San Francisco, Sept SO. Indictments
on the charge of abduction may be
launohed against Detective Luther
Brown, Attorney Porter Ashe and Con
stables Cohn and . Cochrane after the
grand Jury finishes Its consideration of
the testimony of Fremont Older this af
ternoon'. - Whether the Los Angeles
constables will be called as witnesses or
defendants haa not been definitely de
cided by the district attorney's office.
Fremont uioer naa not been sum
moned, but will go voluntarily on the
stand to relate the details of the at
tempt that was .recently. made to kid
nap mm. uider win testify that ne
Was lured to the Savoy hotel bv tele-
pnone, taaen in an automonu by pri
vate detectives In Patrick Calhoun's em
EaiL . laying on Portland- te40 &welth.W IS
rpiacea on s irain Dounn ror uom Angeiee.
He was rescued bv a habeas coiuus writ
and released at Santa -Barbara, return
ing to Han Francisco under bonds.
-Older will also testify that he was
threatened with death by ajne of Cal
houn's meri -if - he made a struggle or
Within 20 days there will be received outcry. consuiDie -eonn jnay also be
in Poruaad the first ' consignment of cXgto Vde..lTo'nVyTt
rails that will become a part of an Ban Jose to telephone to Older wife to
all-electric railway reaching from Port-1 allay her fears. Older says, he discov-
land to Salt Lake, 1.000 miles. The T uo,euenuy mat tne message
name of the road will be the Portland telephone where Cohn was sunnosed to
eastern, a corporation mat receivea a I nave wirea.
charter from the state of Oregon- six
months ago and has already graded
about IS miles of Its line from Falrview
to Bull Run. ; -.' :
What the connection at its eastern I
terminus will .be Is , still, a mystery tol
most people. The' few having- that I
knowledge have succeeded in keeping It I
secret. Tne rock island or the Bur-1
Sift? Me1 Line Starts
, . JUBY mm SUltlDE
get justice there. The police court of-
ncers are ait unaer obligations or can
trol of the mayor," continued Mrs. Wayt
mire, "and they would be afraid of los-
(Contlnued on Pag Two.)
(Caltod Press Leased Wire.)
fiat Wanflani Hmrf 9 A llnnA M 4 . a
11 t J -.4 . vi.-il -a- --
connections, land it has been surmised countT JaU at InleaWe. watting trial
that Senator W. A. Clara tuid D. H. Mot-1 ror murder, jonn Morreii, gray-haired
fat are in the combination with their I and a srandfather of arown-un children.
properties, the San Pedro Los Angeles I expiated his crime with his own life.
& Paciflo and the Denver .A Northwest- Morrell chose a blood-chilling way to
em. both coming together at salt Lake kill himself.- Firmly fixing a large nail,
and meeting the Portland road. It Is point outward, in a crevice of his cell
certain that the Portland .Eastern wilt he lowered bis head and threw his
penetrate through central Oregon and weight against It head foremost He
that It will . afford connections that died last night
will bring one or more eastern trunk Morrell was being held for the kllllns-
Into this city..
Crosses Central Oregon.
The route of - the new road extends
from Portland to the Junction of the
Sandy and Bull Run. rivers, 25 miles,
thenoe follows the' Sandy- and its tribu
taries to a pass at the south of Mount
Hood. Its course then follows the Des-
alrashouse, last Ju
Killed in Anto Accident.
(United Press Leatod Wire.)
Pittsburg. Sept 80. As the result of
an automobile accident todav. Geora-e
chute, river to the peninsula of the D M,?fe!S StTSVi?"
ohutes and . Crookef rivers, - where it
takes a southeasterly direction, passes
near . Crook, Fife and . Smith, crosses
(Continued . on Page Three.)'
George A. Morgan, Ex-County Clerk " of Washington
County, Meets Untimely Death in Camp Near Hills
: boro Associated With Lytle & Hare.
(Special DUpttch 1 Tb jroaraal.)
Hillsboro, Or., Sept." lO.-Oearg A.
Morgan, ex-county clerk of- Washing
ton county, was killed this morning, at
a logging camp 12 miles northwest of
this place. Mr. Morgan was associated
with K R Lytle and J. C. Hare in the
aawmill business at Hillsboro. He went
out to the company's logging camp this
mornlnsr and In some wav was knocked
down by a heavy log. which rolled over
nis boay. fining mm instantly.
. U waM 'a ann-ln.laav nf .Tiiiaat TIT T
Hare of Hillsboro and a brother-in-law
of . J. C. Hare: of- Portland. , He leaves
a wife and two' children. -
Mr. Morgan wss about 45 year tld
and had been a resident of .Washington
counny lor many years.
Advertising Record for the" Week i
Ending September 29lh J
The-volume of paid advertisintr carried' bv"the'three -?1
! dailv oaoers' of Portland. forthe week ending , Senterfiher
$ . 29, was as follow i ' ' '
; f ... . ' ' ' - t Journal Oregonian Telegram ; t
Local, indies 7,237 t . 6,839 . , 6,018
Foreign, inche 841 vJ 1,023 517
Classified and real estate ins. 2,086 3,370 1,7G3
Total .A .-11.054 - -11.232X 8.298
; The increase in 'The-Journal's : advertising for the' week f
t oMast year was 2,607 inches, , ' ' - ' 1
the machine and crushed to death and
four companions were injured.
Seattle Boosters Told by
Lewiston People That
Portland's Lead Over the
Sound Would Be Hard to
Dedication of Final Resting Place
of Martyred President-Theo
dore Roosevelt Speaks of Great
Ohioan's Character and life
Excursion of Business Men
Entertained by Commer
cial Bodies of Gate City
Must Establish Branches
"or Lose Business.
(Special DUpiteh to Tbt Journal.)
Lewlston. Ida., Sept SO. A peculiar
outcome of the visit of a delegation
of Seattle business men to this city
was that they came here firm in the
belief that they would capture Lewis-
ton and It now appears that Lewlston
has captured Seattle. In brief, bust
ness-Uke addresses the men of Lewis-
ton sketched to their visitors the chang
ing of the Lewlston country and with
that change the necessity of the Seattle
wholesale houses opening branches in
Lewlston If they would keep that por
tion of its wholesale trade which they
now eniov. vvitti' tne onenins- or the
Celllo rapids giving an open river with
Lewlston at one end and Portland at
the other, and with the building of
direct, water grade railroad lines be
tween these two cities, the roundabout,
heavy rraded roads from Seattle will be
outclassed, witn tne result mat Lewis-
ton's trade will go to the Rose City.
The Seattle boosters were 80 stronr.
They thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality
of Lewlston, partook of the choice
peaches and grapes produced here,
sipped of the wine from Lewlston cel
lars and viewed the twin cities of the
northwest from touring cars which hsd
been provided to whirl the visitors
about Lewlston and Clarkston durinar
their Drier stay.
The rooms or tne commercial club
were made the headauarters for the
party and it was there that the peaches
ana grapes were passea ana oner ad
dresses of welcome delivered and aotlv
The special train bearing JM party
was received at the station Saturday pntfSTrncNT THOrwiRlR inonSKVE'irTrT.T . WHO ; tnm.nriTirn
uy a aeieKaimn oi uuniom men. toe , . . i
xuciviiuiii i iUAin inau -r-jn.cioiJJii.ii,' ai iticj uuuiuatiuin ur
The most 'striking feature of the pro-
visitors immediately took automobiles
and began the tour of the two cities. At
8 o'clock they returned to the commer
cial club.
The address of welcome was riven bv
Judge E. S. Fowler. In the absence of
Mayor Heltfeld. The responses were
made bv former Governor John McOraw.
now president of the Seattle chamber
of commerce; United States Senators
Ankeny and Piles and I. A. Nadeau, dl
rector general- of the Alaaka-Yakon-Pa-
ciflc exposition. .
(United Press Leaed Wire.)
Canton,' O., Sept. SO. To the many
memorable events which have taken
place in Canton since her most 'distin
guished and beloved son, William Mc
Klnley, first entered into the public life
of the nation must be added one other,
the dedication of the filial resting place
of the martyred president and Mrs. Mc
Kinley with solemn and Impressive cer
WTTVT AMtfRTTU'S PTTP emonles this afternoon.
presence of the president of the United
States, by the aovernors of a numbfer of
states, oy memoera -oi tne -senate ana
house of representatives, justices of the
United States supreme court and count
less other persons or prominence wno
were associated personally pr in public
lire with Mr. Mcjumey.
(United ' Preaa Leased Wire.)
London, Sept. 80. A dispatch to the
London News agency from Stockholm,
says that the Swedish Tacht club has
forwarded a challenge to the New York
Yacht club for the America's cup. The
details of the challenge are lacking.
in I ri J I I
J 4
.r. ttlW"'
nit L
from tne r;
many men of wide prominence, wasr the
great parade of military which preceded
i no iormai aeaicauon or tne mausoleum.
The thousands of troops In line included
detachments of regulars from nearly all
of the army posts in the east, south and
middle West. In addition to these there
ws a full representation of the Ohio
national guard. The procession moved
through streets 'lined with spectators,
Who-cheered the soldiers enthusiastically.
The stars and stripes floated from all
the public buildings and business houses
along- the line of march, and from hundreds-
of privathe residences.
The mausoleum is set upon a hill In
the picturesque West La wn "cemetery,
and it was here that the , exercise of
the day took place. Great attention had
been paid to the care and comfort of
the scores of distinguished persons who
had been invited to witness the exer
cises and to listen to the address of
President Roosevelt
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New Steamship Governor
Sends Word of Approach-,
ing Storm to North Head
Station Glass is Falling
and Blow Will Follow.
Two Bii? Carriers Off Co
lumbia Bar and May Keep
Away for Day or So Tugs
Near by to Give Assistance,
When Needed. - ' .
North Head wireless telegraph sta
tion received this morning a message '
from the Pacific Coast Steamship com
pany's new steamer Governor. '-. The
Oovernor was passing the Columbia
river en route on her maiden voyage to
Puget sound. According to the Gov-
ernor'a message there la a severe storm
brewing. A strong northwest wind waav
blowing and gradually increasing - and -
shifting to the south.'' The barometer
was down to 21.79 and falling.
Two French sailing vessels, the four-
masted bark La Filler , and the' ship
Laennec, are today-riding out the first
autumn storm of the season off the
mouth of the Columbia river.' ' The
Laennec is 16S days out from Swansea,
Wsies. via Hobart. Tasmania, and the '
Le Filler, comes direct from London,
16 S days out. The Laennec - went bv
waV of Hobart to earn mileage bounty
and to take on provisions. i '
Tne irrencn vessels were sirnxea
from the I station at North Head late
yesterday afternoon and they were also
seen by Captain Mason of the Harri
man liner Costa Rica which arrived
here this morning from San Francisco.
Captain Mason believes that the ves
sels have pilots on board and one was
In close proximity to one of -the bar
tugs. For some reason or other the .
tug did not bring her. In. -
This mornlnsr the vessels had disap
peared from view, but It Is believed they
stood out to keeD free from the danger
of drifting ashore in the southerly gale
that was springing np along the coast.
torm warnings were oiapiayea ry tne
weather bureau at 7:30 . o clock this
morning and by S o'clock the-. wind was
tearing atong witn a speea ox av miles .
an hour. indications are that it will
attain a velocity, of from, 60 to 80 miles .
mis aiiemoon. i .
The vessels are In no danger what-
ever, both belna well laden and deen.
but the blow may keep them away, from '
port ror a lew aays. tsotn - are con-
lanea to tuurour. uutnrie co- tne -
Laennec with a cargo of coal.- and the
Le Pllier. with general cargo, prtncl- -
pally cement They are also under char
ter to tne same zirm to carry vwneat
back to Europe. 1 v v ' s ..
District Forecaster Heais stated tills ;
morning that the blow Is making Itself
reit along tne coast ana at sea win
robably be noticed eulte perceptibly
ere this afternoon and evening becaus
of the storm center traveling In an eaaU
any direction. t..i,..t .
1 . ii i ii -iy';,. r,
-.; . Taft to Talk Peace. 1 ,-. '
(United Press Leattd -Wire.)
Tokio. Seot. -30. Secretary Taft will
deliver his only public address during .
his stay in japan at. a Danquet to te
ven In his honor tonight "Jointly by
he Toklo municipality -and . the local
chamber of commerce...!. ,-.
This Led Thomas C. Johnson by Imperceptible Grada-
tions to Manslaughter and the Pen Supreme
Court Says Stay There.
Ira Hicks of St Louis, the weather prophet, has said .that there will be .storms this win tef and fair that would bet
ter be prepared for. -Hicks predicted the great Kansas City storms and floods last year and hit words; cams) true, a A la;
shown In the above picture! - Tbe'flrst. big sfnrfti of the season ,1s raging oft the California and Oregon coast,- aa told"
la tbgtorx ef .wkaiesa ntnaga txoo the ft$attaiJ Goxerpoc s rout Xron gaa Fraaolaet) to gagtUa.--. ,
(Sperlil Dispatch to Tbs JonniiL)
Olympla. Wash., Sept. 30. The su
preme court has affirmed the case of
the state of Washington, respondent, vs.
Thomas C. Johnson, appellant, from
Spokane county appellant having been
convicted of manslaughter.'
According to the testimony In this
case, appellant was sleeping in -his room
at the hotel when suffering from neu
ralgia, and-was finally awakened by a
noise In the ' hallway. The noise,. ccm
tlnued so long that he was unable to go
to eleep, and he recognised; the' voice of
a man and-a -Womnn,rtha latter, as he
thought, the voice of a . chambermaid
whom he knew as Lizzie.
He got out of bed, opened his door
and called to the disturbers to stop their
By that time the woman had disap
peared, and the man said: ."What da
you wantT" "
Appellant replied r "I ' want to tetl
Llxzle to atop, that noise." ..- : ,
. . Well," replied the -other' man," a
stranger to hlm,1f you have any kick .
coming . at Llisle, go and Jump or Lis
sle. anl not on me." - v '
This, controversy goon Ted up to a
fftrsonal encounter, I resulting . In the
tiling of the man: Scott,, from kntt -wounds
- inflicted by Johnson.
The supreme court refuses to disturb;
the verdict ef the lower court, r
- (tTBlted 'Press';- Ltestd Wire.).,. -
-Sanr Francisco,.-' Sept JO.- Abraham
Ruef will be a' witness before the grand
Jury this afternoon. Ruef has of lata
been, frequently . summoned -to supply
what the prosecution believes to be
missing links In the United -Railroad
briberies and has failed to. give evidence
that - Uia proaecuVloa- i coaviaced he
i haa up his sleeve. " Efforts lo secure thi
Information will be repeatvd denue
Ruefs- attempt . to- turn ' ronsyn a
from the district atti-irnr's cnice.
Ruef. it is said, will now t.ll of th
passinr of the coin from himaolf tt
Oallagner and mar make a diw t
ment connectlrin f riirk-k Calhonn i
the payment of the nioricy. 1 da r r--cutlon
thinks tlmt 1 if win t. a t.. )
factg and aid to eoav.a i'u; i.