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i '. . This Ium ! .
The Sunday Journal ; ;
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Journal Circulation
, r -Tha . weather Occasional ;: fain;.
southerly winds., . , V ; ;"'-;
VOL IV. N0. 9.',
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' . v i ill a mm isr "V - at- wr . .sr-m sw- i . .tiw'"?'jwx - , f a -aw rw jf m m m mm
laughs as if Not Aware of
Seriousness of Situation-
Does Not Appear to Feel
Any Remorse Mandelay
and Radding Out on Bail.
Mrs. Belle Waymire is under arrest at Vancou
ver, Washington. The woman was taken into cus
tody by Sheriff Sappington on orders from police
headquarters at Portland. Mrs. Waymire had been
stopping at the Columbia hotel.
When interviewed Mrs. Waymire declared that
she was innocent of an attempt to blacken the char
acter of Mayor Lane. She said that she would try to
prove that she had never plotted to make trouble for
the mayor, but during her conversation she appeared
to have had her story well framed for the purpose of
convincing those who questioned hefthat she was f
telling the truth. The testimony of other persons in
the case is conflicting wi HMhat of the woman.
At midnight last night L. L. Man-
delay and E. . Radding, the two
alleged to-conspirators . with Mr.
Waymire racceeded In raiaing the
bail required to eciire their
leaae. The bond waa fixed at $500
Jn each caae and Mandelay fur
nished $800 CAflh of this amount
and Radding gave' the remaining
Attorney Seneca Fonts for the
prisoner declared that as soon
Mrs. Waymire reached Portland he1
could arrange to secure her release
on bail. He aaid that be had never
seen his woman client and advised
her to remain In Vancouver until
today, so that lie might talk with
her over there.
Covington and Burilson Escape Seattle Police by Few
Hours Supposed to Be in Hiding Here Stopped
at Davis Hotel Few Days Ago.
With a contemptuous laugh as her only
answer to the charges of attempting to
blackmail Mayor Lane, Mr. Belle way
mire waa arrested by Sheriff Sappington
of Clark county In Vancouver, Waih
Ington, last evening.
When an officer from Portland went
over to Vancouver last night Mrs. Way
mire declined to return to Portland
without extradition papers and she will
be allswod to remain in the custody of
the Washington officers until tomor
row morning.
Mrs. Waymire has been stopping at
the Columbia hotel, Vancouver, since
Thursday night, the evening of the sen
sational scene in the office of Mayor
jjane, during which Mrs. Waymire ana
ner alleged conreaerates attempted
bMmirch the mayor's. reDUtatlon.
Yesterday she was located by The
Journal, and afteolffivlng it an exclu
sive interview, in 'which ahe declares
that she has been greatly wronged by
the charges against her and asserts that
she can show that the mayor has not
- told the truth In Tils account, of the af
fair, she waa taken in custody by Sher
iff Sappington.
Peeks Through Doorway.
A knock at Mrs.- Waymlre's door in
the Vancouver hotel yesterday, after
noon brought forth the sharp Inquiry
"What's wanted" rather uncertain
tones through the open transom.
' When Mr Waymire was told - that
she herself was wanted she opened her
room door-just enough to reveal a wo
man of perhaps 26, petite and with a
most attractively rounded, figure, a
head crowned with a great mass of
golden brown hair and a face, the prln
cipal feature of which was the eyes,
larre. brown and exoresslvs.
If the charge of a conspiracy against
Frank Covington and Charles Burll-
eon, ths two men wanted oy m Well
ington authorities for the murder! of
Mrs. Agnes Covington, the wife of the
former. , nave been tn Portland for
the past few days, though Covington la
supposed to have left the city a lew
hours ahead of the detectives from
Seattle, who wars on .his trail. Coving
ton and Burilson are the two men Im
plicated In the "trunk murder" of Alkl
Point in which ths dismembered body
of Mrs. Covington waa found floating in
a trunk in the bay.
Covington appeared at ths Davis ho
tel. Clay and Water streets, on Thurs
day afternoon and after staying a Short
time left the house but returned dur
ing the evening and remained part of
the night.' He left during the night or
early Friday morning and had been
rone but a couple of boura when two
Beattis- detectives arrived In search of
Hockefeller Declares That
Corporations Are Friends
of AVbrkingman and Time
Is Coming When They
Will Supercede Banks.
Industrial Combinations Are
Here to Staj Believes
Present Laws Are Wholly
Adequate to Deal With
Dishonest Magnates.'
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Chinamen, Have No Use for
Women's Clubs and Suf
frage Movement.
the mayor -are true the men behind the
plot could not nave pioxea a more cesir-1
ame Dait xor weir game.
"Well, what Is it V she said.
"Mrs. Waymire. The Journal wants
you to give It your story of what nap-
"Well, I'm not going to givs it!
snapped back the little woman. ' "If I
want to make a statement later f '11 do
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(United Prcae Leased Wire.) ,
Hons- Hong. Sept. 28. The newest
peril here, according to the authorities,
Is the "Chinese new woman." So great
Is the fear of it that a native writer
with wide Christian Influence was pub
licly flogged today for inculcating
western ideas of independence among
women. .". .
After many thousand years or . nia-
den existence the women of the em-
?Ire are beginning to make some claim
o the privileges of existence, but of
ficials are determined to check tne
movement and prevent any show of
female Independence.
la Canton the police sre enforcing
an order prohibiting females from be
In? aerved In tea houses and restaur
ants even when attended by men. The
Proclamation .also prohibits women
rom Rambling and heavy penalties are
Orchard Case Continued.
(United Pry teased Wire.)
Boise, Ida., - Ifept 28. Harry Or-
charp was taken to Caldwell today
where he appeared In the district court
ana bis case was continuea xor a term.
Orchard was accompanied by Guard
Ackley and Deputy Warden Mills of
the state prison.
John Edgehill Caught Be
tween Floor of Cage and
Door Casing.
(United Press Leased Wlr.)
New Tork, Sept 28. His ribs crack
ing one by one, John Kdgehlll, an ele
vator operator, was slowly crushed to
death today in the lift in a West
eighteenth street apartment house.
Edgehill left the car for a moment to
do an errand on the ninth floor. In
stead of coming to a dead atop the
car slowly ascended, and the operator,
returning, tried to crawl between the
floor of the car and the celling. He
became wedged In the crevice ana was
killed by the car, rising so slowly that
us motion was almost imperceptible.
John D. Rockefeller Is the poorest
man M the world physically. He
the richest man in the world
financially. He makes money so
fast that the very minutes work for
him. Recent developments in the
Standard Oil cases have made It a
matter of court record that John D,
has an income from Standard Oil of
$42 minute.
Forty-two dollars minute or
$2,520 per hour, or $64,480 per day.
772,800 per year.
There are Other. interests which
materially Increase this estimate of
John P.'s annual drawdown.
By Willam Hoster.
(Hearst Kcws by Longest Leased Wlrs.)
Cleveland, Sept. 28. From the
Idyllic retirement of Forest Hill.-
John D. Rockefeller on Thursday
gave this message on the economic
"My faith in the future is bound
less. We are but in the infancy of
our economic development, which
must proceed, as it has followed
during the past 40 years, the line of
consolidation end cooperation.
."If you ask me particularly what
think of the future of the busi
ness corporation or trust, so-called,
I say that my faith in the Standard
Oil company, for instance, was
never greater than it is at the
present hour. It has a future that
will far transcend its achievements
of the past. So will all the great
industrial corporations.
I II --iV fS&ZC st:. ' III
y ' ' -' ;- r
' . -
Shoots Through East River
Belmont Tube at Mile
a Minute.
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(United Press Leased Wire.)
New York, Sept 28. Racing far be
low the bed of the Cast river from
cremation or suffocation in the new
Belmont tunnel a party of IS men es
caped so narrowly today that several
were obliged to beat the flames from
their clothing when the car in which
they were making a trial trip shot
from the Long Island end of the tube.
The car took fire from the overhead
trolley rail.
The motorman turned on full speed
and the car covered a mile In less than
a minute. Its motion fanned the flames
to such an extent, however, that a
three-foot hole was burned In the roof
as it sped.
Hicks-Chatten Engraving Company Sued by Mrs. Rose
Parker, Wife of Army Officer, for $50,000 foHTs
ing Her Likeness in Advertisements.
Mrs. Rose Parker, wife of Lieutenant
Hugh A. Parker of the, regular army,
well known in Portland society circles,
and a daughter, of Mrs. J. N, Sutton of
784 Hoyt street, yesterday afternoon
"-fllefl suit w th Circuit court for 150.
000 damages from the . Hicks-Chatten
Enrravlng company, alleging that then
t company had used her photograph in a
' magaxlne advertisement without her
consent. . ; (. . -, vl , ... , . . - )
" It Is charged that tths company Lss
cured two of Mrs. Parker's photographs
and used them in advertisements of the
f company's business, which were-printed
'in the Pacific Jtfonthly magazine in the
months of December--February and
IMarch. . --
I Mrs. Parker knew nothing, of ths use
f her likeness by the cdmpany. she
iays, Until . mi saveruaemenia p-
xiarea. ens ny. ww nwvr ivuiiii iuu-
llclty. was never - oerore ine puDiio in
rty way, imu hc.e f. m. wmwij
,ie right to use bpr photograph. -
lone alleges mat bud, uig wu. d
Ii ofiloer or me regular army, nn ip
Xivf with her husband to the differ-
army poets In ths United States and
the various islands to which he is ordered.-
The use of her Dhotos-ranh waa
a wrongful invasion on the privacy of
her life. It la alleged, -bad caused unfa-
voraoie comment everywhere she had to
go, and had a tendency to bring her into
disrepute among her friends and ac
quaintances generally.
"Mental aUigulsh.v sorrow and chagrin
are alleged by Mrs. Parker to have re
sulted from the publication, damaging
her to the extent of 850,000. Lieuten
ant Parker i new stationed In Cuba. He
went to that island about five months
ago from - Fort finelling. He waa for
merly with ths Twenty-eighth United
estates inrantry in ins rouippines.
-;'v. ; (Colted tPrsss , Leased Win.) -
yaahlngtan, D. C, Sept 28 Ths de
partment of Juatlce authorised ths an
nouacement tonight that to Ha knowl
edge. E. II. Harriman had not been In
dicted in San Francisco in the rebate
cases against the finuthem faoifio and
Government Rebukes Gug
genheims by Granting
Rival Concessions.
(United Press Leased Wire.)
Washington, Sept 28. The govern
ment's answer to the fatal assault by
the employes of the Guggenheim Inter
ests upon those of the Alaska Horns
Railway company, over a right of way
through the Keystone Canon, a mili
tary reservation In Alaska, was the dis
patch today of a telegraphic right of
way to the home company. This will
enable both concerns to reach the new
copper field which the Guggenheim ln-
icresis iriea to seal up.
General Greely. commanding the de.
partment of the Columbia, haa been In
structed to prevent further bloodshed.
T. S. Howard, Manager of
Willamette Cream Com
pany, Robs Prominent
Firms and Business Men
of $1,500, Then Vanishes.
Lived in Lavish Style in Ele
gant Apartments Busi
ness College and Advertis
ing Company Heaviest
Losers Through Con. Man4
(tTnltsd Press Leased Win.)
New York, Sept 28. Ths
Countess of . Warwick, one of
England's beautiful women, a
friend of King Edward, noted
Socialist despite her titles and
riches, arrived today on the
Cunarder Campania.
"I shall stay only a fortnight"
says tha countess, "and I wish
It were but two hours. My visit
Is purely social."
T. S. Howard, manager of the Willam
ette Cream company, haa left Portland.
m f MflH. ...... I . I '
firms out of money amounting any '
where from 81.600 to 15,000, and a war
rant will be sworn out for his arrest'
this week by L M. Walker, secretary of
the cream company, for embesslinftV
$11. .
Howard left Portland September 14, -
oatenalblv tn m tn T sm 1 n mU.
but it Is believed be has gone to Hone- -
lulu. He had telegrams sent to him at
his apartments, stating that his mother
was dangerously ill at Los Anaelea. but
an examination in the telegraph-of floes
showed that no such telegrams wars
ever received. : ,
Little is known of Howard save that
he comes from a a-ood famllr in Naar
Tork. where he la said to have a wealthy
uncle and several brothers. The woman
who posed as Mrs. Howard Is said not .
to be his wife. She is known to hare
oome from Denver, where ahe worked In -a
shirt factory. She is described as a .
beautiful, modest yosng woman, who Is
not believed to have known of How
ard's crooked deals. The couple lived '
In the fashionable Wellington Court
apartment bouse. 621 Everett street.
Van of Great Attainments. '
Few men have come to Portland, set '
up so good an appearance and fleeced
cftlsens of the Rose City with the) '
aplomb and Skill Howard did. He ot
talned credit wherever he aaked for It.
and when he could not get credit he waa -not
loath to reach in and help himself. -He
hss the reputation of knowing mors
men in more cities of the world than
any other man In the world,, and can
manage any business from tinned goods
to cooklnsr Philadelphia aauab on toast, .
He has a marvelous memory and a won
derful grasp of detail, which makes him
an expert in any branch of business.
Howard came to Portland last sprinc
snd went to work for the Beaver Stats
Hotel Supply company in April J. W.
Thompson, manager of the supply com-
f any, met Howard and the latter asked '
he manager for a position.
Mr, Thompson employed the man and
stated last night that Howard had lain
awake nights for six months trying to
think up some plan to rob him, Howard
even went so far, said Mr. Thompson, t
as to try to break open the cash door
drawer In the supply company's of-' '.
flee In the Fliedner building, aa well
as to break Into me safe. - 1
Catches Drug firm. " " '
Howard lft Portland two vtka ut
yesterday, but the day before leaving he . .
caned up Keaci & .Bates, oruggists at
494 Washington street, and ordered a
"wedding present" for a "friend" in ths
shape or an expensive dreas suit case.
The drug store does not carry dress suit
fnnpK hut nnt waa ordered from ai -
wholesale house costing $4S. This was
filled with toilet articles, bringing; ths
total cost to 65, and then turned over
to Howard. Howard went away the
next day without paying for ths suit '
case. . 1
Howard went to work for the Willam
ette Cream companv about two weeks :
before he left Portland. - Behnke and .
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Daughter of Wealthy Kansan Walks Into Back Yard
and Is Found Dead a Few Minutes LaterShe Was
Never Engaged and No Motive Is Found. ,
(Hearst News by Longest Leased Wire.)
Iola, Kan., Sept 28. Miss May Sipp,
the beautiful daughter of John N. Sipp,
a wealthy man who lives with his fam
ily In the little town of Moran, 10 miles
east of here in this county, was found
dead, with her throat cut in ths back
yard of the family home last night
There appears to be no reasonable ex
planation of the cause of ths deed. .
The townspeople ars divided in their
theories regarding the caae. . Some as
sert that it Is a case of murder, while
others say it could aa well be suicide.
Miss, sipp : was an unueuauy pretty
young woman, one naa aamirera, nut
none who called upon her so constantly
that It could be termed a love affair.
She was 2S years old and In excellent
health. Because she had -not so far as
anyone- knows, -ever been' engaged, ' she
was regarded? as ratner a peculiar gin,
when her wealth and beauty were taken
Into consideration. At dinner last night
the young woman chatted -with her
father and mother and appeared to be
Id the best of spirits. Later the father i
want down to ths postooioe tor tn main
and ths mother busied herself about ths
house. The daughter stepped out into
the backyard. It was about 1:20 o'clock. -She
had not. according to her mother, ,
been gone two minutes when she. hoard
a soream of "Mother, mother I" - -
The mother rushed Into the yard and
found her daughter lying in a pool of
blood. The daughter apparently waa
dead- when tre mother reached her side.
At first nothing was found, but later
in the night, about 10 feet from where)
the body lay, was found a raior which
bore the firm name of Montgomery
Ward A Co., ..Tha raior was closely .
a mined, and here ths mystery deepen.
There . Is no trace of, blood upon tho
handle or blade. This was s great sur
prise to the coroner, who had arrived ay
short time before, and the thortta be
gan speculation upon the palilttty e
tha murder, if It was murder. The coro
ner says it ths cuts were small - on
ther' would not nfteeiuitrilv leava trai T
on the blade, but whr tne !tr
throat waa cut severing uA the vaina, it
would be) sure to stain tiio blade or un .
handler ;- ' .
The murder theory Is wli sualslri 1.
however, because the tloui.: of n
young woman were torn auI m e I
been cut upon ths bands as if a, mi -,
(l had occurred, . ,