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To take the Ehariedie off
an appetite that wca wait
for, meals -
Plains for iVew Style Resl
, ; dence Make the Coitserva
' , tives Gasp for Breath. ;
',' aasBaaaaisaaBBaBaaaHa
To sharpen a poor appetite
that doesn't care for meals
eat V; - -."5 V'.,::V'V,;-V-
Departure From Usual Plan, Pnt-
ting Kitchen In Space Usually Oo
, copied by Parlor Not Likely to
Be Accepted Here. "
Th Journal 'reproduce today the per
. spectiv and floor plans o-a house
, Illustrating . two features of residence
architecture very much In voeu in the
far has been little utilised by Portland
' architects and Jiome builders. . As la
shown In the" prpsntlv. It Is an in-
tereaHng example, of rough-cast and
half-timbered work; th ' plaster, how.
everlargely predominating-, the wood
work being mora docoratlve than con
structive. There are perhaps less than
half a dosen ciamnlci of this at vie of
architecture In Portland. But now that
it is becoming- the Dooular thins- with
architects end builders throughout the
eastern states, it will n all probability
come Into more general use in th west.
Compute Tnra About.
, An examination of the flst floor
pians snows the kitchen and service
ronton of the home brought well up to
he front, with the dining-room Immediately-In
rear. This is what might be
termed a daring innovation in architec
ture; nevertheless. It is an arrangement
wnren is coming into ravor among east
ern architects and builders.
Many housekeepers also psfer the
plan, but it Is needless to ssy that the
arrangement must be perfect, or else
be a decided failure. It must not en
croach on the life of the house nor ad'
vertlse Itself to visitors. It must be
. so' designed -and deadened that it is
neither seen nor heard, and so venti
lated that It never proclaims itself.
Observe the arrangement of pantries,
cupboards, etc.; it Is admirable, and
will be of absorbing Interest to those
who hsve a kitchen hobby and are con
templating building. Bo much la writ
ten nowadays about kitchens, that It is
refreshing to find one where theories
are so well put into practice. '
Is plan Is a comnlate reversal of
the old-time scheme wherein the nsrlor
evervthlna and tha kitchen and
dining-room were tacked on aa a. mere
' after-thought The old-time parlor has
not only lost Ita place of prime tmpor
tanc, but in-many homes ha been done
, away with altogether. A big living
room usually fulfill the part of the
old-fashioned, formal parlor and the old-
time. Informal sitting-room.
Portland architects and builders are
usually quirk to adopt innovations of
& roved merit, but they will doubtless
a alow to sreept the scheme of build
in the kitchen In the front of the-
x in- 'inn imi nfHnr oojec
tlonabl feature that would be diffi
cult to overcome; hence It la not likely
to appeal to home builders, unless there
are compensating advantagar -that -are
not now apparent.
Note the aecond-floor plan, where the
.... four large chambers are arranged with
that perfection nf detail In the war of
Dainrnums. areasmg-rooma,. etc.. which
the- American architect has reduced Xo
.. such a fine point. - " .
."' Special tHapatcb te Tbe' Jaanul.l
Enterprise, Or., Sept. It. The cltl-
gens of Enterprise and vicimHy have
been pleaaantly - entertained by - the
Fourteenth United State Cavalry band.
A detachment of ISO cavalrymen sta
tioned at Walla Walla were camped at
AVallowa lake, and on their way back to
headquarters stopped at this plaoe. and
the manager of tha KntcVorls opera
nouse sec urea tne Dana ror a concert.
- The band, -composed of 10 pieces, ren
dered some very excellent- music., which
waa greatly appreciated. 'J' he aper
house was well filled.
Teams waiting their turn to unload wheat at wheat' warehouses. The crop of Umatilla county this year was close to 8,000,000 bushels, or
nearly 1 per centMf all the wheat harvested In the entire United States., In other words," one hundred counties each producing an average
quantity with Umatilla would make np the total of the aatlon's annua! wheat crop. ' ; . . , ,' " I
.- -. . ' -
-'--J . f
Institution Organized in the
' Suburb hy Davidor Gas --
Interests. - -
Among other important Improvements
recently announced for tha other side
of the Willamette Is th construction
of a bank building la St. Johns for the
newly organised bank soon to open la
that elty.' Tha structure will b of
blink, two-stories high, and - will have
a frontage of 60 feet on Jersey street
The Bank of 8
directly opposite the big Holbrook block.
The Bank of St. Johna as tha institu
tion Is to be called was organized by
the Davidor a-as interests, with the fol
lowlng: named ' Incoi poialore" '8. NV
Davidor, W. H. Btreeter and A. v:. Em
mons. The rmanciai institution win
begin operation In temporary quarters
as soon aa preliminary arrangements
can be made, i -
First of Its JCind Erected in
the City of San Diego,
' " California. ,f
. San Diego, California, possesses th
distinction of having built the first re
enforced concrete school house on the
Pacific coast. 'The structure Is being
built entirely of concrete, even the roof
and stairways are concrete. The build
ing Is three stories high and covers aa
entire block. An Interesting feature
of th plan Is a Sx80 foot assembly
room .in the center of the building,
which will seat 1.000 pupils. Ths
building is classed as absolutely fire
proof, the minimum amount of wood
being used in Its construction..
Local Capitalists Will' Coin-
plete Board of Trade -'
' Structure.
Dr. E. H. Parker From Whom Site
Was Purchased, and Oar Lorn
bard Enter Into, Agreement With
Receiver Devlin.
" The. Important , announcement
made during th past week, that th
uneompleted - Board i of Trad - building,
-T6urtBSnd""X-iitrestr, would-be
ttfKen In hand by local capitalists and
finished. Dr. EL H. Parker, from whom
tha site was purchased, and Oay Lorn
bard have entered Into an arrangement
with tha receiver of th Oregon Trust
V-Barings bank, which .was financing
th enterprise, whereby t work will be
resumed on th struoturs at one. . - .
- The depositors have an equity of
$10,000 In the property and will have
on year In which to redeem the build
ing after foreclosure proceedings, have
Been concluded.
The Board of Trade Building cont
ra r-
ground floor ana ' basement or tne new
building had already been rented at
the rata of f 1,700 a month, leaving the
ramalnina- 10 stories to take care of
the fixed charges, maintenance and divi
It Is estimated that tn gross revenue
from rentals On the same Das is aa that
charged for the Wells-Fargo would be
$88,000 per annum, while the fixed
charges and coat of operation would be
but tJs.000, leaving an annual profit
of $60,000.
in xsoara ok inw. nuuuing c
pany purchased the lot from Dr. ;
ker, agreeing to pay for It at th
of t LI 2 ( a month for years.
MR. CHAS. STAILEY, Warrensburg,
Mo., gays; "I suffered for years with Indi
gestion and Stomach trouble and tried many
remedies without benefit. '. Your Bitters,
however, cured me in a short timev I cheer
fully recommend It."- j.J : - ; ; '.. , -. ' -
MRS. L. GOLDBACH, Chicago, IH,
says: "I suffered terribly from Cramps,
Headache, and other Stomach troubles and
doctored a long time without relief. I com--,
menced taking, your Bitters and I am en
tirely cured. I cannot praise it enough."
W. H. Moor of th Portland Trut
aV Saving bank had concluded arrange
ments to borrow $300,000 from th Fru
dentlal life Insurance oompany with
which to buHd the istructure, but news
or the bank's fallurb reached New York
before the money-waa dispatched, and
the Insurance company then declined
the lean, leaving the building levthan
TOmiieea. neverai local capital
lats ar figuring on redeeming the
building for th bank by repaying the
f 06.000 to th receiver of the bank and
assuming th contract of th building
company with Dr. Parker.
The excavation and foundation for
th flv-tory apartment hou at Park
and Madison streets ars complete and
ths general contractor has begun lay
ing th brick walls. This building Is
being put up by W. L. Morgan and
Th"-0!." tco'.o' 'about $40,000.
The building, when finished will pre
n?ve appearance, no two of the
five stories be in a- of the
The-flrst7tory7win be of Bpokah
preaaed. brick: the cond will be "fa
light cream colored, brick; the third will
b In rough cast and the fourth will
be of mansard construction. Th base
ment which has th height of a tory
""V-i .rouJIa, of concrete. It Is ex
pected to .finish ..the structure by Jan-
Jessie Bnrlejr at Hellig TonJghC
.Tonight at the Hellig theatre, tfour-
teentn ana Washington streets, th at
traction will be th charming actress
Miss Jessie Bus In tt.. i....;..r.-
. in iJisnop s Carriage." Beats
s i uuir, 4-none jaaln l.
'Little Johnnx Jones" Tomorrow.
Beginning tomorrow. Sundav. nih
th' Hellig theatre, , Fourteenth and
'"to" etreet. Joseph W. Oalter
will Dresent Ctmnrrm u r..
mualcal comedy, "Uttl Johnny Jones,"
for aa engagement of four nights Heats
Great Northern and North
eni Tacific . 3Ien Go
v Out on Strike. .
TThe Prince of PUsen ComJn.
TT star ' a
' nenry w. BavSg will nraa.n. k.
beautiful and fascinating musical cora
fJ r?c,ea- "Th Prince of Pilsen," at
the Hellig theatre next Thursday? Fri-
uay, Bacuraay nights, October I. 4. J.
A special erica matinea m k i'
ItS?- e opens next Tuesday
From the above you wifl see that the Bitters
cured these folks after - all other remedies had
failed and it will surely do as much for you, too;
Therefore don't delay any longer for that only
makes your, case so much the harder to cure and
besides, your health is too important to trifle with
Get a bottle ol v v
today and let it restore your appetite, tone the di
gestive organs and thus ture Bloating, Headache,
Vomilin'n, Biliousness, Costiveness, Dyspepsia,
Indigestion, Female Ills, Sleeplessness or Mala
ria, Fever and Ague.
i b , ; ; '
vunv ntccr cr ctrus is a slre guaranuc or us merit
r i
MFtinituw Sunday. .
- Only two mora performance win be
given or -raunltxa" at tn Marquam by
-!HII'fo!!n This tuneful opera,
with Its military atmosphere and Its In
sight Into the Turkish harem, hai mt
with unqualified welcome during th
"Marttana" Monlay Night.
omantlo opera Is promised by Tom
Karl for th snauing week at th Mar
quam. He will present ths Callfornlans
In Marltana," th opera which port
lander hav not heard In years. The
lovable Don Caesar de Basan and his
courtship f Marltana form -the founda
tion for fhe opera, which Is filled with
sparkling gems and Is considered one
s lew vperas wnicn no on should
imtg iu are. ,t .
Onljr One More Performance.
Th4 Iaat opportunity to see "A Btran
gep in ew Torx- will be tonight at the
Baker. If you have not een if arian
Barney and Donald Bowles In the beau-
iitui uioson piotur song, you will over
look one of the prettiest and most ar
tistic specialties ever put on a stage
"For Mother'g 8akeH Tonight.
Tor Mother's Sake". Is a sort of smal
edition of the femou "Old Homeatead'
or "Wy Down East," and It never falls
to pleas. - It ha been at th Kmplr
all week, and th laat chance to see
n win oe tonignt. .
) Bee f Drnsa Wrne.n
Ask anyone what has been th most
attractive and Interesting play of the
week and In a minute you will be told
to go and e llrusa Warn" at tha
i,yric ana juoge ror yourseir. That I
Sufficient. Performance tonlaht. in.
morrow afternoon and tomorrow night
----- Sunday t the Grand. "
When seeking entertainment tomor
row, remember thst there Is a frat-clasa
vaudeville entertainment at tha Oranrf.
Zamloch, the wonder-worker from Aus
tria. 1 heading Ih program r with
some marvelous tricks. Hayes and
Wynne are two of tha beat dancers that
have trod the boards and these are only
two of the many pleasing acta.
; "King of the DewM-i.?
That Oriental comedy drama. "The
King of th Desert." which ha "been
th talk of th town all week, will be
played for the last time at th Star
theatre tonight. It I a play which tha
patrons, of th Star hav atamped with
their approval and the production 1
complete to th smallest detail, i
"Slave of Rttasla."
Commencing Sunday (tomorrow)
ernoon. the Kirnara j;.
French stock
company, at the Htar theatre, will pre
sent "Slaves nf Russia," a stirring and
realistic drama of life in th Innd of
the cssr. This will be different from
any other plsy wnlcn til t reni n, stork
company has nriero. i win p s
cenio proUuctloo, '
Boiler makers of the Northern Pa
cific and Oreat Northern shop, ar on
trlk for an sight-hour day and 47 H
cents an hour. Ths oompany ha of
fered an Increase of tH cents over the
present wage, and a reduction of hours,
which ths strikers havt refused, alleging
that In effect ths offer would reduce
their wage cent per day.
1 a eiatemrntof grfevimces."7ilgn
ued, th bollermaker say their re
quest to the company have Included
abolition of the use of the nerve-racking,
long-stroke pneumatlo air hammer;
an agreement on employment of handy
men of experience instead of those, ad
vanced from areen handa: an elaht-hour
day with 47 Si cents an hour.' They al-legthat-4he
eompany has violated thy
shop rules heretofore In effect.
Coat of living, they claim, has been
shown by government reports to have
Increased 26 to 40 per cent, and that
"the statement of the company that it
has increaaed our waa-ea Is ter cent
clearly shows that we ars falling be
hind." "They declare "a bollermaker is
entitled to some compensation for loss
of hearing. eyesight, and the general
nerve-racking caused by air hammers,
besides taking chances of being scalded
to death in tne not noses, where hun
dreds of our brothers have been cooked
A. W. Rickett, secretary, of the
Boilermakers union, waa In Portland
yesterday. In the interest of the Oreat
Northern and Northern Paclfle boiler-
makers. i
OA .4ilaM. ea...Jjl -V ' , '
f x gested, that they have becbcie . )
the staple wheat food. : - v ;
V 5
A wV
In moijtur$ and
dust proof packagtu
The Kind You Hare Always Bought, and which has been
In me for oxer SO rears, has borne the sismature of
and has been made under his per
JS tonal saperrislon since its Infancy.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good "are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiments
Castorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
gorie, Drops and Soothing' Syrups. - It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance... Its. age is Jts guarantees- It destroys Worms .
and allays FeTerlahness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cares Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Object Lesson in Unusual Line of
Promotion Furnished by Young
. J . Montana Man. , .
iSpsetal Dispatch t Tb JooraaL!
Helena. Mont- Sept. St. Articles eC
Incorporation of ths Beaverhead Ranch
company hav been filed as th closing
act la on of th largest deal In farm
lands In th history of the state.' The
company has taken over the ranch of
J. El Morse, situated - on the Oregon
Short Line In Beavarbead and Madison
counties. Th sheep range tributary to
tne rarm extena ror i mue. rne ir
rigated portion produces about .000
ton of hav and 100.000 bushsl of ars 10
Th oompany I capitalised at 1400.'
oov or wnicn izao.suo
acrlbed. principally by residents of Hel-
has been sub-
ena. who are virtually the same persons
who have taken over the stock in the
four other companies organised b
Lewis Penwell of Helens, all of whlc
have made earnings this yesr ranging
Jrom 14 to IS per cent on their capital.
Thus residents of this city within the
last two years hav taken over ranch
properties In excess of $1,260. 0,
It Is estimated that the Mors prop-
Th property. ntted Morse 4(2.(00 laat
ear- .. .. .
rne worse rancn is tne larr
ted property in th state. It la wa
th largest Irrt-
ntet nroDertv In th state. It la wa
tered from reservoirs filled by melting
- Flv rears an Penwell wa a atrug'
rllng lawyer but ha grown wealthy
h rough the promitlon of ranch plan
and la now estimated to be worth 1(00,-
000. Montanana for th first tlm ar
naylns- attention to farminc landa oulta
on a parity wiin mine. ,
(BpeeUI tMspatrk to The loaraal.
McMlnnvlIle College, Or., Sept J
Harvey B. Stout Jr., of Indianapolis,
profesaor-slect of English and . public
speaking, a lawyer by profession, has
Just arrived here. ,H Is a Junior part
ner In the law firm of Elktnan V Stout
of Indianapolis and holds th degree
of I.U B. He wss captain of th
Shortrldga-academy debating team for
! year and also captain or th de
bating team of Wabash college. Mr.
Stout waa winner of the tnt ere lass dis
cussion st Indtsna university, which Is
th highest honor attainaoie in this iin
at that school. While at the I'nlverslty
of Michigan at Ann Arbor be waa a
member of the debating club.
He was captain of th Indiana Law
school debating team and haa atumped
the state or Imllana ror nia party two.
rears. Mr. Stout s major subjects while
n college were history and English.
He la already lining up the debater
and orators la this institution.
Beats the Signature of
The Kind You Haye Always Bought
' In Use For Over 30 Years
vwa sssTatia ssieasv. v swwiaav arassvt a ear vesa tr.
fVZxtSX to o'clock for IS cents. ICBBOKAJrTS : 1 i'i
; r X.tnrca It TO S roa as. Dinners a la ; ,
ivBL cart or table d'hote. Sumptuous dining M'ttlT. V
i lvVS-t quartr will b provided for theatre par- Ill'S O
VA?c$I 'n1 'nll,y dlnnera This Is th only ' ' 4 : Is iy
T5C hlgh-clae American reataurant In Port- & liX Jt
fcuWlitAlT land serving th flnst Cblne dlshe and iJ"'fU
rtTslted rres tetsed Wire.)
Sootfshurg. Ind.. Sept. Jl. The mnnu
ent erected her to the memory of
Wllliarrt' H. Knsllsh, Democratic nomi
ne for vlpe-presll"it on th Hancock
ttrket In IS"", wa unveiled her tmlay.
The memorial wa erected at the ex
pense of t'ntaln W. K. Fnpltih sn.l
other rteecenManta of the famous Tnt
sna statesman nl oecui u a pruinlutnt
piac In tti courthouse
1 1
1 1 v
L ss
tnmmaas;:a r.
Borne Decorcllnn
It hot a dlfSoult matter wha you
the chilmal i7c:3 n:::zi
A combination of moat dnrabl Vsr.
nlsh and Stain for Interior W'ixjI
Work, Floor, Furnltura, ata.
: V
I" ors'T AIS'D
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