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' HelU-r ...,,... .......'Sftlomy Jane"
iarqoara "The uisha
1 J u l. - MfL T 11 .... t
Empire. ..,.., 'The Little Proepector"
Grand . . , Vaudeville
fcyrlg. "All for Gold"
lur "The uiimq of the Highway
The Oaka a W. P. line
nasebau Twenty-fourth ml vausna
streeta, las Angelas ts. poruana.
'. A reception U being riven thla after.
Boon by tli ladles of tb "First Baptist
church at tha residence of Mrs. 8. W.
Brougher to tha wife of tha assistant
pastor. Mrs. K. A.. Smith, and her
mother Mrs. Cady, recently arrived
from Bpokane, and also Mrs. C, M.
"" BadKlay treasurer of tha Foreign Mis
sionary society ror uregon or me up
tlst churches. Mrs. Badclev has been
In Boston completing the full course of
' study at the Gordon Training- school
and Is now ready to conduct mission
study classes a-t points accessible to
Portland, or to speak on various phaaee
of home mission work of which she
; made special study, visiting Bills Island
ana ouior centers or loreign popujauon.
"North Faclflo Coast Country, la the
title of a profusely illustrated booklet
.issued by the Chicago. Milwaukee.
fit Paul Railway oompany, descriptive
of the great northwest. As a model of
tvDoaraDhlcal and Dlotorlal exoellenoe
the- Mttle- book eonl hardly be our-
rassea. i impartially reveais tne du
ies of the whole northwest traversed
. by and adjacent to the 'recent extension
of this line across Montana, Idaho and
Washing-ton. Oregon Is given a chapter
and Portland la well Illustrated. So
handsomely and 4 richly Illustrated a
booklet Is seldom seen even In this day
of photographlo achievement and. Its
distribution should be eonduclve of
much good to all the country... .
Frank Nolan, the man arrested by the
police Tuesday . as Frank Williams,
alias "Big- Johnny," who is wanted by
tha federal authorities for complicity In
' the Sellwood postof f Ice robbery, . was
' ordered released from custody this
mornlnfby Assistant Vn t,ed , Jlatea,
Anorney james xuian was men
" tlf led by "Toots" Bryant, one of the
men In the county Jail for complicity in
the postofflce robberies, aanot the man
known as "Big Johnny." William J.
M It shell, a federal employe who fer
reted out the robbers and ran them
down, also statsd that Nolan is not the
man wanted. .
good rate of Interest on the purohase
price, and it is announced that Mrs.
McDevltt will hold the property as a
permanent investment. ,
r Closing" exercises of the twenty-fifth
anniversary of the Third Presbyterian
church were held last night In the
church at East Pine and East Thirteenth
treats. The service was opened with a
roll call of charter members, many
-being-freM-who organised the church
. 16 years ago in the Odd Fellows' hall,
which stood "at that time on East Tenth
and Eaat Oak streets. There were brief
addreeses and musical numbers. - Re
freshments were served by the Ladles
Industrial society. .The anniversary has
' been a big event in the life of the
church and has been la progress most of
the week. t. -
""'Arrangements were perfected yester
day by the Mothers and Teachers' club
ot Brooklyn to carry on the, IrJnder-
farten at the Brooklyn school. Miss
one Townsend. a graduate of the
Teachers' college at Indianapolis, Indi
ana, has been engaged for the winter
and the school will open Monday, Sep-
,.r.- ?x win negm at
o'clock and
. moraines.
talned Dy the
will continue only In the
The school has to be main
mothers who subscribe
eouallv for its expenses.
provisions made for the maintenance of
such a department by the school au
thorities. . . . .
Another carrier has ' been added ' to
- station A. making now three carriers
In the district between Sullivan's gulch
and East Clay street and between the
Willamette river and Eaat Sixth street,
the district commonly designated as the
central east side. The Improvement in
the service has been demanded by the
increase in the amount of mall handled
- in this district during the past year.
The lncreaae In the next It months is
expected to be great also.
- - The United State civil service com
mission announces an examination on
-October II to secure an eligible to fill
a vacancy In the position of messenger
bey at the weather bureau in this city.
-This examination Is one of the simplest
beld under the authority of the com
mission, consisting of tests til spelling,
.arithmetic, letter-writing and penman
shin. Ths age limit la 14 to 20 years,
and the salsry sttached to the position
la 130 psr month.
' A party of men who have been en
gaged for the "past few months Insult
ing a block signal system on the O. R.
ft N. are at - the Imperial hotel for a
few days. The men have been working
under A. H. McKeen. who Is showing
them the sights of the Rose City.
, Among the party are Paul Dunkeln, M.
Gtandlsh, E. M. Cutting. U V. Park,
Walter Dickson. W. D. Paulson, F. C.
Stuart and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Slater.
a -This
Is the sesson of the year for
Jardinieres and aa a special Introductory
ale the Elite China A Olasa Co., tha
exclusive crockery store at S62 Morri
son street, between Seventh and Park,
are offering a itper- cent discount from
-regular prices, - This Is pronounced by
visitors the finest crockery shop. In the
United States and has over 6,000 sepa
rate pieces of crockery and art ware. j
Coal oil was responsible for two fire
alarms last night At I o'clock the firs
department was called out In response
to a telephone call, to extinguish an in
'dplent blase at 151 Sixth street, caused
by an exploding kerosene stove. By the
time the apparatus arrived On the scene
roomers In the house had carried the
heater to the sidewalk. No damage was
, done to the building. An alarm from
box at 11:60 p. m. turned In by Pa
trolman Edgerton, brought out the de-
L . A . X
partment for a fire In 'a lodging house
at Sl North Park street. The explosion
of a coal oil lamp set fire to a quantity
of bedding but the quick work of the
fireman prevented the spread of the
flames. The building la a two-story
frame and used aa a Oreek lodging
house. .
Constable Lou Wagner of the Port
land Justloa district will lsave for San
Francisco this evening with the requi
sition papers necessary to bring back
to this state M. Uofdsralth, charged
with the robbery of several business
men la this city. Goldsmith was taken
in San Franclaoo yesterday and will be
beld until the arrival of Constable Wag
ner. r ,,,- - - . - i - .;. ,
A horse hitched, to a single express
wagon, driven by C Wallln of 171 Six
teenth street, ran away at Seventeenth
and Washington streets at 1:86 o'clock
yesterday afternoon and collided with
ear No. 146 ef the Portland Railway,
Light A Power company. The car es
caped damage but the express wagon
was considerably mashed. The horse
waa uninjured. ..-. ... v ,,r.,
A part of the steel rod that were to
have been used in the concrete walla of
the Board of Trade building, at Fourth
and Oak streets, are being carried to the
Beck building at Seventh and Oak
atreeta and will be used to reinforce
the concrete flooring and walls of that
structure. The Contracting -Engineering
oompany has the contracts for put
ting up both structures.
On the plea 'that they are unable to
get material or men with which to com
plete their street improvement- con
tracts, a number of contractor were
yesterday granted -extensions of time
by tha executive board Street committee'.'
A fine of 120 was assessed against the
Warren Conatructlon company for al
leged non-compliance with the specifica
tions in ons contract. ,.
If you see a banana peeling on tha
sidewalk, kick it over to the gutter. So
many, people step on banana peelings
and break their legs. So many people
break down their health by drinking
coffee and tea. Tell them to try Golden
Oraln Oranulea. 26o for a big package
in every grocery stcrs. . ,,
Water through hose for sprinkling
yards or sidewalks or waahlng porches
or window's must be paid for In advance
ud used Ottiy btweTe'a'Tnennou"rso" I
and I a. m. and snd p. s. It must
not be used for sprinkling streets. If
used contrary to these rules, or waste
fully, it will be shut off.
Haines tea store la making a special
effort toward developing new trade and
this week la making an unusual offer
In their display snnounoement on the
market page of today's Journal. A hand
some premium will be given every pur
chaser of coffee. -
" The property known as "Uncle Sam's
fcotelT located at the southwest comer
of.Flfth and Couch atreeta, was aold
yesterday through v the agency . ot
Charles rK. Henry A Son to Mrs. Josle
McDevltt, a resident of Montana. The
lot le - occupied by a two-story frame
building, the lower story of which Is
utilised for business purposes. The
property belonged to M. C. Dickinson,
manatee nt thu Dree-nil nittel. Tha
at aerivsq rrom -tne ontioing uaysi jnnon is cauea to me aa or ttlcnet
" The councilman representing tha First
ward, Hon. T. J. Concannon, who is a
grocer in North Portland, considers It
bis duty to recommend to his patrons to
drink "Oolden Oram Oranulea," which is
purs. ' , ... ' ,
Bros, on the market page of today's
paper. Rlchet Co. is one of tha tha
oldest established grocery firms in the
city and makes a specialty of large fam
ily orders at wholesale prices. . .
Mrs. Clara G. Eaaon. aaslatant mufnr
of the Rodney avenue Christian church,
corner Rodney avenue and Knott
streets, will be tendered a reoeptlon at
tne ctiurcn this evening.
Forllquora phone' the "FaraTyt,!qlidTt
luiw. j. si, neuy, successor to (Jaaweli
A Kelly, ! Morrison street, corner
Park. Both phones .pacific, . Main IS.
and Home. A-2S02. .
Let school children drink Oolden
Oraln Granules, the 100 per cent pure
cereal coffee. A to package will go
aa far or farther than 1 1 worth nt milk
and do the children more good.
We sponge and press your clothes
nd ahlne your shoes, all for 11 per
month. Main (14. A-tll. Wagona run
everywhere. Unique Tailoring Co., got
Brooklyn Improvement As
sociation Clamors for
' Speedier Repairs.
Street Improvement was ths princi
pal subject discussed at tha meeting
last night of the -Brooklyn Republican
and Improvement club. It waa aaaerted
that atreet Improvements are progress
ing more slowly in Brooklyn than In
any other aeetlon of the east aide.
The crosDecta for further repairs on
Mllwaukle street were announced aa
being good, but a committee waa ap
pointed to discover If possible tne rea
son for the delay in the improvement
of other atreeta
The committee appointed soma tlma
ago to secure the suppression of whist
ling and ather noises made by southern
Paclflo and Portland Railway trains in
the early , morning . in Brooklyn an
nounced that it" had accomplished -its
work. The committee was tendered a
vote of thanks. The committee on hy
drants also reported success and that
between IS and 20 hydrants had been
promised for Brooklyn. It waa report
ed more lights could not be secured
now aa the aupply waa abort.
The Brooklyn Hall association re
ported ' stock subscriptions amounting
to' 11,200" and" that' one-half-had' been
paid in. Tha capital stock Is 14,000
and when one-half Is aubaorlbed, In
corporation will follow. It Is the plan
to get the erection of the hall under
way within the next two montha.
A general entertainment and rally
will be held In the Sacred Heart hall
on Mllwaukle road. Thursday, October
S. Father Gregory has tendered the use
of the hall. The city officials Includ
ing the mayor will be Invited to attend.
Mlea Jaaata ' Isett. together with I
excellent company, will present the
western drama, "Salomy Jane," at the
Heilla- theatre. Fourteenth and Wash
ington atreeta. ton! tfht - and- tomorrow
night at :li o'clock. A special price
matinee will be given tomorrow after
noon. Beate are aeuing at tne ineaire.
Phone Main 1. '
"In th Bishop's Carriage."
All next week, beginning Mondsy. Sep-
tember 22, with a -special price matinee
Saturday, ths charming actress. Miss
Jessie Busley and a most capable sup
porting company will present the In
tensely Interesting drama, "In the Blah
od's Csrrlaa-e." Seats are now selling
at the theatre for the entire engagement
"Ih-usa Wayne" at the Lyric.
MaXlne Miles, the talented end beaut!,
ful vouner leadlnsr woman, will loin the
Lyric company jiext week, commencing
Monday nlsht. and will make her first
appearance at tne neaa oi inai organisa
tion In the title role of Franklyn Fyles
brilliant drama. "JJrusa wayne. ,
"All for Gold" Makes Good.
Ana of tha most Interesting melo-
drairui ever seen In Portland Is offered
by the Lyrlo-alortk cnmrianr-lbJawaek
In All ror UOia, ine Dig semi-miiuary
f lay that has been pleasing local thea-re-goers
since the opening last Monday
O. "W." Obera."
tlcular customers demand Golden Grain
Oranulea The others drink any cereal
Tha JTo-Tlp estaurat A Kaadeome
Cafeteria Open. .
Portland Is behind other oltles, espe
cially Seattle and Los Angeles, in tak
ing up the novel Idea of the Cafeteria,
which In eastern cities has become the
principal point of attack for diners.
In Seattle and Loa Angelea It has
InmnMl lntn niihltn favor with aatonteh-
at Thej psri'tng' OUIcTrnesgrtheTeby demonstrating tig-
Seventh and
J. P. Fuliam. arocer. 411 Bvaratt
street, remarks that tha mobU in tii
neighborhood want the best and that Is
wny uoiaen oraln Granules Coffee sells
Desk ' , r. ' "
Steamer Jesse Harlclna." fnr rinu.
Washougat and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington street
aocs ai i p. m.
W T. Tlat aMM IAS -. .
recommends Golden Grain Granules, 100
per cent pure. - Everybody la talklna
uvui iu ... . , .
P. Lsnks. s-roeer. Fourteenth " and
Gllsan streets, says: - "Oolden Grain
uranuies gives entire satisfaction."
M. B. A. Social.
Saturday event n a.
Eleventh street
Whist and dancing
, W. O. W. half.
Erlckson at Co., Sit Glfsan street, say,
vis.: "Oolden Grain Granules ell like
noi cases. - -
K. Helmsr. grocer. 418 flHaan
Golden Grain Oranulea because all
want li
Woman'a Exchana-e. ill Tenth at mar'
lunch 11:10 to 1; business men'a lunch.
Acme Oil Co. sell safety coal nil anil
fine gasoline. Phone East 78; B-1007.
Diamonds, Watches Beck's, 101 Alder.
Dr. E. C. Brown. Eye-Ear. Marquam.
D. Chambers, optician. Ill Seventh,
Berger signs 114 TamhUl phone.
Bark Ton Id for rheumatism, - ------
F.W. Baltos
and Company
invito your
inquiries for
V ( Horn A1165
St and Oak
Harry Hamilton, rlsrk of the Tmna.
rial hotel will leave tomorrow' on a
ten days' vacation along tha Columbia
river. Fishing and huntlna- will ha tha
cnicr aiversion or tne Jionirace who ax
pects to bring home a long string-of
oiacs. oaaa.
- Vnul T ntiv.h nf na v.t.t
haa returned from his honeymoon and
vacation. Mr. Bloch left Portland last
month for Belllngham where he was
married to Mlaa L. Smldell, a belle of
tne souna citv. a wedding trip of a
month followed in Waahlnarton. Ores-on
and Idaho, the happy . couple arriving
In Portland yesterday.
Splendid tAowlnff Made by aa Baert Bid
' Oepartmeat Store. .
j We Invite you to come Saturday, (to
i morrow) afternoon and evening to our
store and Inapect our very complete
i display of fall and winter needs. This
season has found our store more modern
i and up-to-date than ever before. Every
I department Is overflowing . wtth good
I things at reasonable prices. Come and
i see. . Refreshments will be served. , Be
! sure and come, v
1 ta to 649 Williams avenue.
; ',' Take V car. .
Many' school children suffer from
-.aliut..lsfecta 0f.Y'"lo'Wlil-'h-lf -as.L;
lected, can only penult In eerioue ln-
jury. ur. ueorare Kuoenntein, tne ex
pert optician, examinee children's ayes
free. Only a small charge la made for
proper lenses. If needed. IS Fourth
street, near Yamhill.
Little liners In The Journal coat only
a cent a word. Fifteen words or leeg i
II rents an insertion, fhoncgi Main I
h;i -.1
particular features are what the people
Mr. L. O. Thompson has splendidly
fitted and arrngxi "the Cafeteria" at
120 Stark atreet and aa it la work In
which be has the advantage of long and
thorough experience, tne neat oi every
thine- -la assured.
Thompson states he "started on Stark
street, with all plans laid for opening
at another location, on which lease has
already been secured, the largest, best
arranged, moat economical Cafeteria In
the United States, Just aa soon aa the
people understand and appreciate the
aervlce. s
For the busy man there Is no delay,
The novelty of going directly himself
and getting wnat ne wants not naving
to put in an order and loae half hla
noon hour waiting for It appeals to
everyone. -
The quality,' Mr. Thompson states, he
will put to the very beat and will at all
times endeavor to make It superior to
anv other Cafeteria In the city. .
The economical feature will also ap
peal to everyDoay, ana tnis aemon
strstes the fact that the labor In main
tenance of cafe aervlce la one of the
largeat. If not the largest. Item of ex
pense. Quality and quantity considered, tha
Brlces are aatonlnhln. aa comparison
with city cafes show less than one half
the coat at 'the Cafetrla."
Anything Is a success that provides
features needed by the public, especially
when It Is done so at less cost, pro
vided, of course, it Is given proper man
agement, and In this respect ths stsrt
of the business In Portland is particu
larly favored. -
. Drowned Man's Body Found. .
'ftneelal Hlftoitrh to The Journsl.)
' Astoria. Or., 8ept. tO.-The body Of
M. Bwanson, wnn was drowned at Fort
Stevena two weeka ago while unloading
rock for the Jetty, waa picked up yes
terday In Hhoalwater bay, near South
Bend, Washington. The body will be
burled at the expense of the govern
ment unless relatives who live In Port
land and Oswego otherwise direct.
Constipation causes headache, nausea,
dlsslness, languor, heart palpitation.
Drastic nhyalca gripe, sicken, wen ken
the bowels and don't cure. Doan'a Reg
ulate act gently and curs constipation.
15 oenta. Ask your druggist.
United rnamber of ooplea of tha sou
venir issue of frha Journal can bo had at
Tha Journal offloe at (1 each, ready for
mailing poatage 18 cents extra.
i ' j
issue traycUersV;
checks, payable -;
everywhere For
: eign exchange
! bough(i-and-rsold
at attractive rates
all times.
FnHaXeed Psrsswes XtaWKay
No longer nec'
esaary for Eaat
6idr to cToaa
- th Bridge.
Offered ct Prices Hitherto Unheard of in Port
land's History of Retailing
It Appeals to You, Madam Shopper !
AJl horng.
auoted In tha
- following, ad- -vertiaemcnt
be) on aal
tomorrow only
at these price.
Zt will pay you
to giy tha
- items doe
7 inrtsdtation.
Announcement Extraordinary qnd Grand Distribution of
K , Bargain at , ; ; . ';
388-390 East Morrison St, Near Grand Ave. "Near the Busy Corner"
Be East Side!sJoremostiPepartm
Announces for Tomorrow a Grand Exposition of Autumn Values in
Celebration of Its Fall Readiness
' Yoa hare been urged in the past to TRADE ON THE EAST SIDE. '
Until recently you have had but very few substantial reasons for dofaig" so, the limited
stocks and lethargy displayed by some of our pioneer merchants have proven somewhat dis
couraging to the woman who wants to "be shown.'
We have entered the field with the determination of catering to your every need and
drawing your attention to this district with the all powerful and only logical inducement with
in our means, viz., more and better goods for less money than you pay over in the established
"High Rent District"
Because we are situated where the rents are not" so high as are asked for the uptown
.buildings, .. . .. . - '. .... '
Because being under low rent expenses we can make as much profit as competitors and still
quote prices astonishingly lower than, the merchant . who isunderjhethumbjprthesyndicate
landlord. - .. .
Because conducting as we do a chain of stores in three of the leading cities of the country,
as well as maintaining agencies in the eastern markets, we are placed m closer intimacy
with the makers of our particular lines than most merchants. And then again, we are pos
sessed of an abnormal desire to make good to you "our patrons." . :;
By turning over for your disposal our entire fall stock of High Grade Dry Goods and Shoes
at prices such ai you have never before enjoyed. It will be something more than a mere
- . - Drop your eyes a bit to the partial list of prices as mere examples of this mighty con
certed conclave of wanted articles, fresh from the hands that made them.
AT 10 P. M.
Embroidery Sale Tomorrow
Thousands of yards Embroidery Flounc-ings,-Edgings,-Bands
and Corset Covering,
al lover patterns, 8 to 24 inches wide; values
from 25c to 75c a yard. The entire lot at
your disposal at, per yard, IOo '
Umbrellas for Men and Women
A source of astonishment to merchants who
have- Umbrellas for sate2,000-2(Mnch and
28-inch Umbrellas, rainproof and sightly; a
handsome line of -fancy handles; best $1.00 Tomorrow 48o
Women's White and Black Lawn
Shirt Waists
100 Dozen (all sizes) Lawn Waists, in black
and white, neatty embroidered and open
work fronts; excellent 75c numbers. Your
choice at, each, 38o ,
Women's $8.90 Long Coats $4.95
A rather unusual bargain right on the
threshold of a new season 50-inch Long
Coats of black broadcloth, collarless effect
treated in elaborate style. On sale at less
than the price of materials tomorrow.
Women's Walking Jackets
50 light, 'tan, covert or black . broadcloth 4
Jackets, m setm and -tight-fitting styles,
piped seams and nobby effects. Regular
$5.00 values tomorrow $t98 .
Women's House Dresses
White Lawn Dresses, embroidery trimmed,
colored chambrays, of new designs, the bal
ance of our summer stock; values from $8.00
to $10.00. A few left and to be closed out
'At $l.QO Each
Women's Kimonas
200 Dozen Fine Organdie Kimonos, flow
ered and Japanese designs, silk trimmed;
these exceptional values at 50c Buy them
tomorrow only at, each IOo ,
Bleached Table Damask
Fully worth 90c a yard and more if new
prices on linens were taken into considera
tion) all bought under the old import price ;
one thousand vards Scotch Linen Satin
Damask, a table linen sale that may never
happen again. Choice, per yard, -
Women's Suits
All-Wool Voile Suits in black and blue ef
Yects, an even dozen of them, a good range
Xfftizts, new draigny-and- regular; $18.00"
values. The lot on sale tomorrow at;
Shoes fortlenVomen, Children
200 Pairs 'Women's Best $2.50 Vici Kid
Shoes, with patent tips, solid sole . leather
counters. On sale tomorrow only, :
Children's solid leather School Shoes, everv
pair guaranteed solid, best $1.75 grade. To-jnorrow-only-PO-
American Prints
5,000 Yards American Print Calicoes, light
and dark colors, over 100 patterns to choose
frora, in - stripes,- dots - and : checks ; other
stores ask 7c for these. Our price
5c Yard
Women's Flannelette Gowns
100 Dozen Women's extra" heavy Flannel
ette Night Gowns, in pink and blue stripes,
silk trimmed collars and cuffs, ordinary and
extra sizes ; best 85c value. Tomorrow 47o
Read About Notions Now
Nearly everything in the line of Notions at.
less than wholesale cost.
Pearl Buttons, assorted sixes, worth 10c,
at, dozen 5e?
Ironing Waxr regular 2 for 6c, choice.
Alpaca Skirt' Binding, regular 15c value,
at, bolt ............. 0
Dress Shields, light weight, double covered,
15c value, pair 94
Hooks and Eyes, black and white, enameled,
8c value, card 5
Women's Supporters,, pin on, regular 25c,
at, pair , 15
Children's Supporters, best 19c quality, at,
pair 10
Women's Corsets
200 Dozen Corsets from the leading corset
factories, embracing a great variety of styles
in all popular makes; these are discontinued
models and broken lots of $1.00 models.
The entire lot at, pair 39o
Children's Stockings
200 Dozen heavy ribbed double knee Cot
ton Hosiery for children, high spliced heels,
double knees and a guaranteed color. Best
20c quality on sale tomorrow at
5c Pair
Blankets and Comforters Cheap
This announcement should suffice to bring
you to our store.
50 Pairs regular 75c Blankets at, pair 49e
50 -Pairs-plain-white BlankeU, best $1.50
quality, at Ofty
DO Pairs twill Blankets, gray and white,
$2.00 value .......91.48
60Lj!airshite-.wooLXlankeU,. $!L00 value
pair -;v.; . . ; ; . c. ;;v;ttv7. .v.;vt. JJ3.08
30 Pairs cotton-lined Silkoline Comforts,
$2.00 value , f 115
Bannon's Honest Ucndry Soap. t!te best lYislUsj Se:?ca fti Uirltl.U izUHztl tin tic
1T-Rubr Jeweled Hampden- adjusted
Watch. 20-year, trold-nlled auaraa
teed ease, jugular price It& .
Special $14.75
Goodman's, the Watch V
' House" i:
Sll Moittooa, kee rreat aad stra
GOODMAN'S Headquartar for
watches and watoh repalrtna;. Mall
orders (Ivep. prompt attention. '
Painless Dentistry
Tear need kave ner fear of tha den
tal chair If 70a come to our office.
Our scientific methods of absolutely
palnlee dentistry awe- at-your -disposal
without paytnr aa mnch as you
have been In the habit of paying for
Inferior work.
Bridge Work. 'per tooth...... S.OO
uoia ruiings, up rrorn. . . ,
Silver Fillings, up from TpO
enamel uiinga, up lrom....iai
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Oriental Bric-a-Brcc
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At very low price.
Western Importing Co.
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Visitor and tourists eordlally Invited.
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Saturday Only.
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