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Substituted Crawfish for Commercial Statistics Because
" Hi3 Stay in This City Was Too Short to
.-. Allow Investigation. :,
Samuel Blythe or Now Tork ha
not yet mastered tha. Pacific, although
t has mad a very creditable literary
effort to do so. Mr. Blythe did not
hare time to do any mastering mas
ticating was his limit and the crawfish
was riven a place In history. Hence the
story of mastering of a mighty 'ijues
tloa during U hours' stay in Oregon.
They are telling It at the clubs.
Three- cities were selected by Mr.
Blythe, so the story . goes, , which were
to,, receive especial attention from him
In the Saturday Evening Pest of Phila
delphia. Portland was not Included in
the list for Mr. Blythe had to get back
to Washington as soon as he could and
a protracted stay In Portland would
have delayed the national game of poll-.
.tics for the New Tork World, to the
staff of which newspaper Mr. Blythe Is
.Attached...-.'--. 2 .
"You are golna; to make a stay In
Portland. Mr. Blyther asked a friend
of the writer.
"No. I am going out this evening or
tomorrow morning. must get back to
New1 York and Washington.' .
"How about Portland and the mastery
f the Pacific?"
. - "Haven't time to stay here, old man;
must get home, was the smiling but
emphatic reply.
Mr. Blythe departed. Then the com
mercial bodies commenced to look' for
the mastery as advertised and no Port
land mastery came through. -A protest
was sent to the Post and Its manage
ment courteously replied that It would
nave Mr, Blythe publish an article
about - Portland " which would do this
city Justice. Mr. Blythe went to the
task but he had pot collected the neces
sary dad a for Portland "Mastery of
the Pacific" article and was obliged to
fall back on the roses and crawfish. The
fentleman had visited Portland during
he Lewis and Clark . fair and had
had knowledge of both of these things
of which Portlsnd Is proud but he
knew not of Its vast commerce, great in
land empire trade and wonderful com
mercial advantages.
- Naturally, Mr. Blythe was somewhat
up a stump when It came to talking
Aslatlo trails atatlstlcs and of. lumber,
flour and big red applea. The crawfish
was the only stable article of trade that
he had tun up against; he figured that
he might Inject a crawfish or two Into
the story and touch up the paragraphs
with roses. He did himself proud, end
Portland, too, for that matter, but the
trade figures were not there and there
was a shortage of Oregon "commercial
literature In the World building. It was
g simple case of crawfish- ortiothlng;
Delay In producing the story followed
find It Is vaguely hinted that the follow
ng dispatch was sent from New Tork:
"Send me Portland statistical literature;
I want to 'have her master the Pacific."
The literature was sent by express; It
got side-tracked and Portland's boosters
became Impatient. - - "
Much wns the relief the other day
when the Post appeared with the "Mas
tery" stru-y snd the table of contents
of a crawfish's claw; the average haul
per net affid the percentage of 111 effect
of over-indulgence. But ths article was
a very nice one, nevertheless, and Port
land can afford to be generous and aay
"Thank you. sir."
f -.'.-'.'.
(Special Dispatch te The JoarsaL)
' Turlington, ' Wyo., Sept. 10. Ethel
fanning, Kate Barlow ad Oretta Car
ter, three Wyoming" girls ranging In
age from It to 14 years have of lata
been doing sensational stunts as cow
boys and bandit In western Wyoming.
. It has . just transpired that . last
spring they disguised themselves as
men and,- going into Fremont county,
went to work; on the range as cow
-boys. They were all aconmpMshedanl..
flaring horsewomen, being able to ride
bucking bronchos as skillfully as the
oldest broncho-busters In ths west:
and cut out steers, round up ths herd
and do all the other tricks the cow-
f uncher Is able to do. They followed
he life of cowboys for several months
without divulging the secret of their
sex or even arousing suspicion, and
then, growing tired of the range and
longing for more exciting experlencea
. than,, they were . likely . to ... meet with ,
there, they threw up their Jobs, got i
their heads together and decided to
turn bandits, '
That was several weeks ago, and
aloca . then, . still wearing - their dis
guises, tbey have been perpetrating
atlck-ups and robberies: In Wyoming
with, a skill . and daring - that would
do credit to the west.- They have held
up no fewer than eight or ten men In
lonely plaoea out on the plains and
relieved them of their money and other
valuables; they have gone to ranch
houses and robbed their occupants in
broad daylight, aa,d they have gone
to j-oadhouaea and, at the point of six
shooters, held up the men they found
gathered Ithere.
The discovery that they are women
was made after they had perpetrated
a hold-up and robbery near Meeteetae,
a few days ago, and they cams near
being captured then, , but they con
trived, by a bold effort to make their
escape, and' they are now believed to
.be operating In eastern Idaho. They
have no relatives In this state and
have. ben141ng wlllJJyesXorjeY-I
era years.
Adopting Dead Mother's Children,
. Ernest Thompson Baton's wolf artlole
in ths October American Magazine,
which contains many Intsresttng facts
about animal marriage. Includes a great
many stories of actual cases. For ex
am pi : . "
"When I . was at Sidney. Ohio, la
March. 1102, I met ail old hunter who
related a curious and Interesting story
that Illustrates the motherllness of the
She wolf. About 20 year before, when
e lived In Wisconsin, s bounty of 110
each was put on gray wolves, and he
spent si good deal of time In hunting
them. One day he saw a wolf come to
the river to drink. He shot and killed
It. then found that It was a female
suokllng young. Hs searched many days
for the nest and oould not find It.
"Two weeks later he shot another
female wolf oomlng out of ft hollow log.
She alao was- suckling young. He
crawled Into the log and found 13 wolf
pups of two different sixes six - ver
smalt ones, seven much lertrer. This
wolf had but six teats In commission.'
so ha oonoluded that this shs wolf had
rescued the young of the first female
he had shot.''
What Hurts. ,
It may he Tory hard to climb
-t p in tne wena, pm nea
Journal's Special Edition Ee
ceiTes Praise From the
Atlantic to Pacific.
. Congratulations and praise for The
Journal's great anniversary edition con
tinue to pour In from every quarter.
Every mall brings letters of commends
tlon and many readers of The Journal
have called at the office to express In
person their satisfaction at the excel
lence - of the Issue. Following are a
few of the letters which have been re
ceived: Best Annual la the West.
"We have critically examined yoar
annual anniversary edition of The Jour
nal and In commendation of the progres
sive spirit which is making your paper
famous as a friend of the common peo
ple ef this city and of the entire atate
of Oregon, we certainly must congratu
late you for having published the
strongest and moat attractive . annual
ever known In the west. This edition
will tell the world, of the beauties and
charma of Oregon's Scenery, and ' the
whole truth of her resources snd oppor
tunities for thousands of homeseekers
to- 4tve-4oog and prosper within -her vast
domain. With best wishes tor ths suc
cess of The Journal, we are youra very
truly, C. A. WARKEN,
'President Warren Publicity Co." "
' Frond of the X dittos. .
"Tou are to be congratulated on the
special number ss ft wort of art, for
without question It Is far ahead of any
thing I have seen of Its kind. You are
also to be commended on your enter
prise snd courage for planning and suc
cessfully carrying through such an
elaborats number. As sn advertisement
of the northwest. It surelv will bring
results that could be obtained In no
other way. Frankly, I am proud to send
a work of this kind to our eastern peo
ple as a sample of what can be done In
Portland. Tours truly 1
TT" ' I 0.Ta1I.Manager;-
Deserve Thanks of Oommnnlty. ."
"Permit me to add a word to the
many compliments Justly paid Ths Jour
nal for lta recent maxnlncent anniver
sary edition. Interested as I am In the
growth and development of Oregon, I
examined with much Interest and pleas
ure the product of what must have been
many months of effort. It certainly
was ona of the greatest . editions ever
published on ths Paclflo coast. As a
publlo effort , you deserve the. sincere
thanks of the entire community. With
many wlahes for your continued suc
cess and growth, i am yours very sin
cerely, H. M. CAKE."
. "Bosquets Save Beeax Qalore." .
T wish to extend to you my sin
cere congratulations upon ths -splendid
anniversary edition of The Journal Just
to hand I have shown it to quite a -few
It's harder on your nerves what time
Tou're climbing down again.- '.,
Philadelphia Press.
and if I might use the expression, "Bou
quets have been galore." I wish you
would send us on for distribution 20 or
25 copies If you can spare same. Ws
will put them out where they will do
the most good. Very truly yours.
"Irving J. Benjamin."
WIS Bxlnr Crood Besults to Stats.
"Your- anniversary number Is a fine
specimen ef -printing. 1 1 does credit-to
The Journal and Its force of photog
raphers, editors, printers and engravers,
it Is a splendid advertising medium and
will bring good results to the state.
Pleaae accept mv compliments for vour
excellent work In honor of the fifth an
niversary. May The Journal live many
years and enjoy the range or prosperity
so well Illustrated In Its cheerful pages.
"Editor 'Twice ft Week Post-Intelll-
- genoer.
, XBs-kraotlve ftad taterestUur.
"Otir copy of last Sunday's Journal
will be sent to Edinburgh, Scotland, oo
you msy Judgs our opinion of. that In
structive, Interesting edition.
If any paper anywhere has gotten out
anythlnx better or more credliahle than
the book-paper edition of-the big Jour-
am. run ought to reel proud of what
you have accomplished and of the hard
work wnicn nas made The Journal a
success. Prom what It was to what It
la. In Ave years, means that you are on
the right track. Congratulations.
. "f lttJJ LOCKXJET." .
(special Dispatch to The JearsaL)
Roseburg. Or., Sept to. Miss Lain
Hughes of Roseburg and John Veason,
reoently of Minneapolis, were married
at the bom of the bride's parents In
this city last Sunday svenlng. Rev. C
A ' Rexroad ef ths Msthodlst church
officiating. - It was . quiet home
wedding, only ft fsw Invited guests be
sides Immediate relatives of ths bride
being present. They departed oa ths
north-bound train Sunday night for
Seattle and the Puget sound cities. They
will be absent about ft month, after
which they will return and begin house
keeping in the fine new residence on
Cass street reoently purchased by Mr.
Veason for his nsw home.
Ship Staking fat Quick sand.
- From the Seattle Times.
Broadside on ths sands of ths west
coast ths big Kosmos liner 8eeestrls
Is bleaching In ths ' sun, ft helpless
wreck, frustrating every attempt to
move her from tlte quicksands Into
which shs dally sinks lower and lower
until. U thftpourgPlLHm.lha will
firobably be completely swallowed. The
ast and final effort to says the Valu
able ship was mads by ths Anubls, one
of the Kosmos ships, now lying In this
. The Sesestrls went aground at Ooos,
Peru, about six months sgo due to her
having lost her anchor. Although shs
struck bead on, aba has been washed
by the wavea until shs has swung
around broadside and Is now high and
dry on the beach.
It Is possible at ail times to board
her without wetting one's feet, snd at
low tide aha Is completely out of the
water. There were at one time rumors
of her being converted Into ft hotel.
Over Seventeen Thousand
Paid Admissions, Is
the Report.
Bat Today's Record Will- Par Sur
pass It, Is the Prediction - Senator
Fulton. FsJls to Meet Date for
Speech Stock Breeders' Banquet.
(Special Dlspeteh ts The Jesraal.)
Salem, Or., Sept. JO. Yesterday was
Portland day at ths stats fair and no
better description of ths crowds can be
given than tn the statement that there
war 17,117 paid admissions. This) doss
not nearly represent ths total attend
ance, which probably reached at least
t0.00.,'lt was thought that yesterday
was record-breaker, but' It Is estimated
there will be fully It per cent more rn
attendance today and 10 per cent more
man naa ever oeiore auenaea stats
If the streetcars could not take care
of the crowds Monday, thsy were abso
lutely submerged yesterday. Even In
the morning before the special trains
from Portland arrived there were crowds
on ths grounds. After the trains came
In only the quickest stood any chance
of getting a car, and the people walking
from ths depot resembled an army. At
the doss of the races and lata In the
evening when the people were leaving
: MiSB4irtrKtw-mtuMMi t
"Tour fifth anniversary Journal has
set ft new standard In the west. I doubt
The Cook
or should
that his
reputation Is safe when he
prepares a cup of Ghlrar
delU's Cocoa. " He may be
sure that its delicious fra
grance will please the most
exacting guest. With his own
breakfast, also '
k Slinks
am ef
ths grounds largs numbers walked to s
place that the cars slow up at the rail
way crossing, and rare were. often more
than fully - loaded before they arrived
at their etnpplng place at the grounds.
Though the greater number of the
visitors left town, on trains yesterday,
every spare room In Salem waa taken
and people slept last night In halls, ho
tel offices and any place where a human
being might poealbly sleep. .
Testerday's program.
The judging of stock was carried on
In all departments, commencing on cat
tle and horses and finishing on sheep
and bogs. In the afternoon the racee
were' held and an unprecedented crowd
watched the record pacing of the north
west. In the evening entertainment waa
held In the auditorium as usual." A dis
appointment wae experienced here, as
Senator C. W. Fulton, who was on the
program to make the principal address
of toe evening, found It Impossible to
be present.
An address was given by Congress
man W. C. Hawley. which met with
much applause. Hs praised ths growth
of Oregon and ths state fair and spoke
of timber and land fraud cases and the
effect the returning of theee lands to
ths state would' have on agriculture.
There were also the usual colored min
strels, band selections snd moving plo
tures. ' Stock Breeders' Basque.
After the meeting a banquet was held
by the Oregon stock breeders. In the
building used by the Episcopal reatau
rent. A gold chain and fob were pre
sented to Mr. Welch In appreciation of
the able manner In which he had con
ducted the ousiness of ths fair. Pro
fessor W. Elliott was sleeted t. -.
master. After partaking of the re
freshments meny speeches were ir
The members had an enjoyahle i
Many members spoke very hlRtilv ef i
way In which the public money h.) bi- i
spent In carrying on the work of in
fair, and many Instructive ape )'
were made on thoroughbred etook. "1 tie
meeting ended In a vote of thanks to the
officials of the fair.
limited Bftxebs of espies ef the soa
reals tssae of The Joaraevi oaa he had st
The Joanal efflee e SI each, ready fot
IB seat
Batcher's Inference.
From ths Washington Post.
Ona day Emperor Francis Joseph was
sn taring a villa in his domain on horse
back and was met on the outskirts by
ft butcher who hsd gons out In hops of
catching an sarly glimpse of the Aus
trian kajeer. Ths emperor asksd the
buteher ths way to an Inn, and after
directions hsd been given ths butcher
In turn Inquired: .
"Hsvs you seen the kalserf
"Very recently,' answered Francis
"Are you - sure Do you know him
certainly r' esked the eager butcher.
"Well, I ought to." replied the mon
arch, puffing out his ehet. ,"I have
shaved blm often enough."- -
"Ah, and you are the court Barber.'
said the abashed butcher la awestruck
tones, as he doffed his cap and backed
to the roadside.-
Supply Your Heeds in Vines andllqcsrs
. - AT THE
ST0CKr Saturday, Cor. 2nd & Yamhill Sb.
Stirring List of Satorday Specials
500 Bottles of Rock and Rye tale price, per bottle. .CO I
1,500 Bottles of Imperial Rye, honest, full quarts, regu-
- lar value $1.50 Sale price ,700
500 Bottles of California Riesling, regular 7fc Tslues
Sale price -v; ....'.,..........450
500 Bottles of Claret Sale price, THREE- BOTTLES
FOR 50. or, per bottle 180
- 500 Bottles of James E. Pepper Whiskey, .'distillery bot
. N tied,, sold ererywhere at $1.50 Sale price........ 800
250 Bottles of Baltimore Hunter Rye Sale price., .080
1,500 Bottles W. H. McBrayers Cedar Brook Whiskey,
bottled in bond, $1.50 value Sale price... ..... $1.00
500 Bottles of Guggenheim er Rye,' bottled in bond,
sold everywhere at $1.50 Sale price. ......... .$1.00
All above named goods are absolutely guaranteed under
the National Pure Food Laws. Every family in Portland
should take advantage of this unusual opportunity to pro
cure high grade standard wines and liquors at these ena-
tionaUy low prices on Saturday."-' " " ' ::
RnrriMft m mmm- so
li Mffietoi Aisles
.- f .
Assignee's Forced Sale ofi Merchandise Stocks Embraced by the Golden Eagle Dept. Store
And when the big gong rang for closing," the crowds were loath to leave.- Nojsuch monster carnival of extraordinary bargains was eve r before held in Portland. The peculiar and regrettable circum-
... . . ; ... . . x.. . .. stances compelling this merciless and W. i ' ' : ' , . . .
Are well known. The condition is unusual and without precedent in Portland's mercantile annals. This great group of specialty st ores that comprised the ;
Is stocked, basement to roof tree, with the best and finest merchandise the markets of the world afford. Thousands of dollars' worth of new fall goods had arrived and were in the stocks at the time
of the suspension. All these are included in the sale, making this a most unusual opportunity for supplying the fall needs in every line, for personal wear or household use, carried by this great
Competition there cannot be! One might as' well tryto lift .him self by his own boot-straps as to equal such values as offer themselves here in the MONSTER ASSIGNEE'S SALE! The sacri
fice will be merciless. v Everything included and nothing reservedv It's useless to quote prices here for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE DRASTICALLY REDUCED. Cost,
value and loss will be ignored in this imperative slaughter. Order 3 are authoritative. Our command is positive and unmistakable. '"Sell everything clean to the bare counters and walls for what
'twill bring. regardless of cost, worth or loss." "Sell, Sell, SelL" "'Get the money for the creditors, and that without delay," comes the order from Major Kennedy, assignee in charge.
JfllliGOO Worlh .Seasonable; Stylish Mercbandlse in a ftliglity, Merciless Massacre! Doors Open at 9 Ml
By Order ot
1. P. Kennedy,
ASSIGNEE otthe z
r rl i I M i I .1 1 1 V,- i II 'i I I r ' 1
r i f i - - i ni - J J i sj- i"wm r i"i I j
The Store That Made the
Corner Famous
At Third and Yamhill Sis.
to tde dc::
liei.W Mm s a e.ek ek 4