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Prominent Men to Address the Congress and Leaders In
; , St6dj of Criminal Law r and Prison Admin-
lstration-WULJJe Jleard . From.
V ijtBpeUI Mspatcfc Te taiMl)
'...Chisago, .Sept,- 14. Chicago 'Will be
, -filled with prison workers today. The
' oecasloe 1 th annual congreaa of the
.National. Prlaon association'-' ot ; th
, United State, which , oonvaned thla
morning. , V . - ,
.' . Charle 3. Bonaparte, attorney-general
. of 'the United State, will tarn for tha
'moment from Jailing millionaire and
routIng trat to glv an addraaa on
I'Tunlthnent and Pardon" before tha
oonsreiia. It mar well ba that ha will
'plead for leniency In tha treatment-of
, impnaODed - magnatoa after tney nave
- f rved eentencee of raaaonabla length.
- Two atate governor will ba on hand
- with addresses. Qoveraor Charles. B.
' Itonoen of Illinois and Governor J,
''Frank Hanly of Indiana. Mayor Buasa
' 'of Chicago give ao addraaa of welcome.
"Other well known speakers will bo lira.
. Maud Balllngton Booth, Ulshop Samuel
Fallow and tb Bay. Dr. John Baloora
Stadaat of Orha. -r
' Tha laadars In- tha study of erlmtnal
Jaw and la prison administration will
l heard from. Amors those ara Judae
v Wank 8. Koby of Indiana, Judge Julian
w.. uv( of Illinois, n on. Armur it.
Sager of II lino La. Z.-It Brockaway and
Joeepti P. Scott of -New York, Major R.
W. McClaughry. Fort Leavenworth.
Kansas, It. Frederick Howard Wine of
houth Carolina, Dr. J. T. Gllmour of
-I Canada, Henry Wolfer of Minnesota.
Among those prominent in prvntlv
-work on tha program ara Dr. Charles R.
.HmdarsoD and Lr. H. H. Hart of Chi
cago, Homer Folka, New York, J. A.
of lnainfre"ttTr6riAT Pr1Son-sar
elation Is a (treat semi-official organlsa
, tka whose membership coera tha North
American continent. Every state, three
branches of tha United Blatea govern
ment, the Dominion of Canada and Its
provinces and a large number of cltlea
" ' ,haa appointed of ftcial .delegates to tha
. .-Three subordinate organisation, tha
Wardens association; Prison
Jts association and Prison
Chaplains'- association meat In connec
tion witft this. The conditions and
need of America In the field of penol
ogy in the wldeat aenaa will be consid
ered. . The discussions will cover a wide
rang of subjeota. These Include ertnv
henalon and identification of prlaoner.
polio, causa of orlma, child saving
won, prison ana prison administration.
convict laoor. pronation, parol and final
and supervision
discharge of prlaoners, employment for
of relesaad nrlannera
The opening aeesloa will be held oa
. "'M" !! t tic ii uvroruur
neen will speak: and Hon.- E. J. Murphy,
preaiueni 01 in association,
hi addraaa.
-V- Wna Orramlsed.
Tha National Prison association was
organ lied at Clnalnnatl In 1170 and was
granted a charter by the atate of New
York In 1171. i Among the dosen or more
incorporator ware Horatio Seymour,
Theodore Yf. Dwlght, A mo PUlsbury,
Rutherford B. Haves. Connd Rakar.
unwise r. - onin, jams u. Blaine.
Enoch C, Wines, Theodora Roosevelt.
Morris K. JesauD arid Fnnk R Rtnhnpn
Rutherford B. Haves mrved u nr,.iiani
or tne association Irom the time ha was
lovnrnor 01 onio until hi death, fol
owlng which OaneraJ R. . Hrink phnrr
of Ohio was president for several years.
Amo W. Butler, general aeeretary of
tha association, says: . "No county or
state in tha union is satisfied with It
method of eonflnfnsr . and uHn tnr
prisoner. : - . - -
"With tha WlMnrfnl -Aw-..., ... t-
the Oast is vears In almnat
vi uuuian wion ininnM Dean compara
tively llttls pros-res in prison. Tha
t i ma I im ism
VI viiriaivnuum.
'On 1 V bv A ramniltn m'hmHam
this be removed. The Increasing inter
est and the forward step recently taken
uuio ney are notaDie), I
larrelv the result f h .i..
National Prison association. It recent
rwwin ana increasing auDDOrt iDatki
Eemains of. Frank F. Gilham
Buried in Eiverview. r
' v-rt" CemeterT.' ' i J
I .r ' 1,- . r W
- ---1
Th funeral of Frank T. Gilham. wu
held, from the- chapel of Flnlay A Bon
at J o'clock - thi afternoon. If was
largely -attended by - sailwar men with
whom ha decsaaad. wa associated (or
many, year.' Interment was - la the
family lot at Rlverview camatery.
Prank F; Gilham was bdrn oq tit
I 1-
. .'-;':"
; - jf , - : - r i-
Asks Railroad Commission
.. s ; w ai.v uiaivc Aiiceu
'(paelal Dispate. to TUJoaraal,) ' -Aatorla,
Or, Sept 14. During the
consideration recently by tne chamber
of eommaro of tha discrimination of
the Oi R, 4 tN- steamers running te
tween ' Ban'- Fraaclsoo, Astoria ' and
Portland asalnat Astoria In favor
Portland. Manager Whvta wrote den.
Home Phone Will Begin
Pajingr Dividends With;
. in Next Sixty Days. ;
InstAlUtlon of Beqnlred Kamber of
" Phones la Three Coast ClUo WUI
Bo Finiahed lnld of Nest Two
Month. .-. ,;
. Within 10 day the plant of th Home
Telephone company her 1 In Portland
and those 'at ' Belllngham and Taeoroa
will be ready to .be turned over to tha
stockholders in th respective local cor
porations by, th. contracting builders
aad underwriter. From that time on
th properties will b In position to pay
k par cent on their bond issue. ,4 par
cent in dividend on their stock issuaa
and provide for the operating expanses
a wntcn is 10
of taking
tha bonds a they mature 10 years irom
maintained for
this time.'
Thla 1 th opinion and statement of
William Mead or Los Angela, ona ot
th heavy stockholders In tha National
Securities ' company of Loe Angeles,
which cornoratlon underwrote the bonds
for toe Portland. Tacoma ana ueuing
ham planta.
- "The construction work on tha Port
land and -the-Tacoma plants will ba
completed and everything In readiness
to turn over to the stockholders within
to day," said Mr. Mead . yeaterday.
The Bellnaham rjlant is nraatlcallv
n.J .it, tn turn over at the present time.
1 AllfnTieccmatrmmn-arork. thiwrii
Quit laying and work or that ort ba
long since bean done at all th planta.
and all that now remain 1 for th
contract number of phones to ba cut In.
"The bonds of tha three plant were
underwritten by the National Securities
company of Ix Anaeles and the work
of construction was done by th Empire
Kiectrio construction com pan y. These
two companies have nrectlcallv com
pleted their tasks and will hav done
so entirely within f day.
Accordln to the term of the eon-
tract tha contractfna eomnanv .was tn
build the plant In th three- cltle and
turn them over with 9,000 telephones
connected up and in good working order
In Portland, 6,000 In Tacoma and 1,000
In Belllngham. In Portland there are
now aome 4,000 talephdhaa In operation,
while there are ordera waltina- for a
total of 16,000 Instrument. The con
tracting company will connect up the
s.vuo inatrumenie. nowever. arter wnicn
It will turn th plant over to th Port
land stockholder.
('In rr m .hAnf AAA In.l.x m , m
out of the 5,000 contracted have been
Installed, while at Belltna-ham sractlo-
ally all th work has been done. '
"Within 40 davc" continued Ur.
Mead, "the' Empire Elactrlo Construc
tion company will turn the Portland
plant over to the local stockholder. A
meeting of these will be held and offi
cer elected vand -a board, d I rec tors
provided for from among tha moat solid
and conservative members.
ine conduit system of Portland has
era! Manager R. P. Bcbwerln of the llnalJi? .constructed beyond th present
asking that . Aatorla. -. recelva- , bettr'"mlta required by th city authorities
treatment. Mr. Schwerln has not had I and 0,6 charter and I of sufficient ca-
Frank F. Gilham.-
Newton ailhaea donation land claim near
Mount Tabor. April , 1140. being 47
years of age. . He was. th oa of Cap-
tain Nawton QUham. on of th early
pioneer of thi awrtton. At an, aarly
ar Mr. ailnam decided to become a
civil engineer and when 14 want out In
cnarg ot a party. For mora than ten
years D was assistant to Chief Engl
neer Kennedy of the O. R. A N. com
pany. Ha. had charge of th building of
in viearwaier una a in tim tn
O. B. A N. and Northern Pacific wera
at aworo s point and It was largely
due to Mr. Oiiham ability that tha
O, R. A N. triumphed over tha Northern.
When the Morrl brother purchased
int. oia vrefron uitj uectne una and
decided to build tin tha Clackamas river
ne wm r, -M iiitu iu jsy out ana tase
marge oi it--onstructlon. Ieter he
lain out ' ano manned tha link. ih.
; famou resort on the Willamette river.
Bine th consolidation of the trolley
tins "vnuer nm managerotini or tn fort
Und Railway. Light A Power company
he wa chief engineer of tb O. W. P.
division of th company. .
Mr. Ollham leave . a . wife and ' a
daughter, . Mra" C, Cv Gibson, both of
Portland, also three brother and three
slater a follow: c F.' Ollham of
Walla WaUa, Wahlgtont Ml la Ollham,
came uronnn, Washington: Newton
Gtlham, H!lhd!w.Oreirotir- Kr. Ell
Bhrnn. Mount T1ot; Mrs. C. W. Oay
Mount Tabor, and Mr. Vf. W, Bklnner,
Kaeem, Oregoar - ,
Oratlfylng gain In memhershlp were
reported by the officers of th Vermont
fctet Federation- of Labor at th n-
nual convention of the organisation
ptMi rereniiy m trorungion.
th courtesy to reply, although th let
ter waa written' aav Ions- mm Ann,.,
Manager Whyt M': how ?nt . th
followlna- communication to th Oregon
tat railroad commission regarding the
'Th Astoria rhimha, a mmn.a
alre loJay bafor you a complaint
mm iuuu.1. io, saia .nan rranciaco
A Portland eteamahlp company, which
Ilea between Aatorla, Portland and
an Francisco. Insures all mr
Portland to. Ban Francisco, and there
for pay any losses that may occur
from shipwreck en route to shippers
from Portland to Ban Francisco. But
said Ban Francisco A Portland Steam
ship company does not Insure cargoes
shipped to and from Astoria to Ban
Francisco, and la case of shipwreck As
toria ehlppers must Incur tha total loss
or Insure their cargoes through Indl
Vldual policies. The memher.
chamber of commerce hold thi to be
a discrimination, and respectfully aub
urn mis io your nonoraoi body for ad'
juatmant" . . - .... ,
i (Special Dispatch to The Janrnal.)
Astoria, Sept. 14. Th trial of John
Moeback on three bills, charging him
with flatting during th closed season,
and of Knut Nllaon.on two bill on
similar charges were held In th Justice
court yesterday. Moeback wa accused
or operating rismrape Belonging to tha
Columbia River Packers' association,
while Nllaon was aocused of operating
flshtrap belonging - to - Nllaon - A Mc-
itowan. aii me Traps in question ar
located on Tens Ililhe Island, and an
cording to th testimony submitted at
th trial war not only flahlng, but also
had fish in them at 4 o'clock on the
morning of September 14, about three
hour before the fall fishing season
opened. No- evidence wa submitted hv
th .defense, excepting It was claimed
tha ownership of the trDS had nor H.
shown, and tha defendanta war fined
440 and costs on each of tha five counts.
Notice of appeal to th clroult court wa
given by th defense. ,
- School Shoes.
That wear and fit well at Roaanthal's.
pacity to take car of 26,000 subscribers.
This waa dona In anticipation of tha
growth of the system within th next
lew year.
1 "In my Opinion, concluded Mr Mead,
"the bnnda of th Portland, Tacoma and
Belllngham companies are very good
securities.- As soon as tha properties
are turned over to the stockholders they
will ba In running order and In such
hap that they will be rapebl of pay-
jus uiw m iwr nni proviaea tor in in
bond, a 4 per cent dividend en th
tack, besides providing for the running
and maintenance expenses and exten
sions aid the further provision- for a
Sinking fund for tha redemntlnn r.t Ih.
bonds at their maturity SO years from
According to Mr. Mead th delay in
tha comDletlon of tha miini an
three places has been due to tha slow
ness with which the materials hav
oeen receivea. 1 ne teienhona lnstm.
LmenU and cables, and In fact all tha
appliances, nave oeen neid back In de
livery becauae tha factories were over
loaded with ordera.
Mr. Mead left yeaterday for tha aaat
on uusinena in p. - ne came to Port
land to attend to business connected
wlth -th transfer-of the local plant
from th .contractor to th atock
holders. -. - r
Nursing Mothers and
i- . Orer-burdcned lVomen
In all station of Ufa, whoa rigor and
vitality may hay ben mndermlned and
broken-down by over -work, xactlna
social duties, th too frequent bearing of
children, or other eas, will And in Dr.
Pleroa's Favorite Prescription th most
potant, invigorating restoratlv strength
giTsrarerdevlMd for their special bane
fit. Nursing.motb.ers nd It especial
ly Tmlusbl IK sustaining helr strength
and promotlngan abundant haurUbment
lor th child. tJpVetant mdtmers toa
win noa it a, priceleAsAjAwTrj pej)e th
svtiem for baby's coming and rchJcln?
dlicu4sacl with asarneastni
as InhundrBdB of Homssa. and deal
lb ordeal compamrvTr'painleMrJU--ha future of you rig peso pi 49. ptl
SffilgSiggtel m f nm: cho' matura. What cour sihall bo takerlAVHatAvlIt bs
-'vww 3 1 IVMt OT ? WVUIOIil WIIV
suffer from frequent headaches, back
ache, dragglng-down distress low down
in toe abUomen, or from painful or Irreg
ular monthly periods, gnawing or dis
tressed sensation In stomach, dlxxr ol
faint spells, sea Imaginary specks or spot
floating before eyes, hsva disagreeable,
pelvic catarrhal drain, prolapsus, ante
rerslon or retroversion or other displac
inent of womanly organs from weaknest
of parts will, whether they experience
many or only a few of th above symp
toms, una relief and a permanent cur by
using falthfuily and fairly persistently
Dr. Pierce's t avorltw Prescription.
- This world-famed speclflo for woman's
weaknesses and peculiar ailments Is a
pur glyceric extract of tha choicest na
il re. roots without a drop oi
alcohol In its make-no. All its ingredi
ents printed In plain English on Its bottle
wrapper and attested under oath. Dr.
Pierce thus invites the fullest Investiga
tion of his f Tmule knowing that It will
be found to contain only the beat agents
known to the most advanced medical
science of all the different schools of prac
tice for the care of woman's oacnllar
weaknesses and ailment,
II you want to know man about the
composition and professional endorse
ment of the "Favorite Prescription " send
gwtal card request to Dr. R. V. Pierce,
uffalo, N. Y., for his res booklet treat
ing of same.
You can't -fford to accept as a substi
tute tor tnis remedy o r amount compostMun
a secret, nonirnm o tmmoten compost
awn. votv it it. .
Interstate Commerce Com
mission Begins Session at
Chicago Next Monday.
(United Press leseed Wire.)
Washington, P. C. Sept. 14. Th In-
teratate commerce commission will meet
In Chicago Monday to take testimony
In Mveral Important rat caaea.
Th semi-annual session of th Mex
ican congress will ,b opened Monday
evening with the reading of the message
of President Diss.
The anneal In tha e v,. ..,. t
Korth Carolina' against the- Southern
railway. In which the railroad company
waa fined for aelllng tickets at a rate
in exceaa or l it cents, will b heard
by thsupreme .court af.. Raleigh .on
A unuiy, .
The week will be of more than nr.
dlnary interest In politics. Tuesday the
peopia or umahoma and Indian Terri
tory will Vote to accent or. relect tha
constitution which, if accepted, will admit-
the two territories a th state of
Oklahoma, and at th earn time will
vote for atate officer and member of
congress. .
On th ssm day there will be char
ter elections. Involving principally th
We may be able to help you. solve the important question under consideration.' These ire
facts ours is a growing Institution. We occupy 2 floors 65 by 100 feet, and have a $20,000 .
equipment. All schoolrooms are large, "well ventilated, perfectly lighted, warm and comfort-
. able. Our building is new, plumbing is modern, general conveniences are first-class in all re
spects. Our faculty is composed of bookkeepers, stenographers, lawyers and others who have
practiced what they teach, know business requirements, and instruct accordingly. -: Supervision
of the. work of students is .dose, their progress rapid and substantial. Reports are mailed to
'parents at intervals of. two. weeks. This is an incentive to regular and punctual attendance,.-
- earnest application to study,; and' correct deportment. It also conveys valuable informatioivto ;
4 parents, and enables them to cooperate with us to impart business-like habits to, young people,
- - The dominant feature of the Portland Business College is quality of Instruction. No school
lit America outranks it in this respect Reputation for thorough work brings us mcny more calls :
for office help than we can meet A position is certain for each student as soon as competent, ,
Spelling, Grammar, WritlngV Arithmetic, Correspondence. Commercial Law, Bookkeeping-, Banking, Busk ,
nest Forms, Business Practice, Corporation-Accounts Office Work, Shorthand, Typewriting, -
, ... Letter Copying, Mgnifolding, Mimeographing, Legal Forms,-
- Office open from 8:30 until 6 o'clock, and at any hour in the evening by appointment, v
THB SCHOOL OP,QUAUTY' ' . )..; ":,
'XV. P. ARMSTRONO, LU D., PHnclpal . . : PMONtiSt MAIM 064 and A 1377 'A
Successor to Father Martin
Will Cross Ocean to See
the Jesuits Here.
(United Fress Leased Wire.)
Roma, 8ept 14. Practical confirma
tion ha been received of th rumor that
the "Black Pope," a the general of th
Jesuit order is called, will oon pay a
visit to th bouse of his order In
America, Francis JCavler Werns. a
German by birth, is the present head
of the order, having been elected Just a
ear ago in aucceaalon , to toe late
ainer .mariin. At n un ox ma
election Father "Werns. was rector-of
the ttrerorlaa university her.. He has
devoted himself principally to canon
law, nd ia considered one of th great
est living authorities on this subject. '
The Jesuit ars.a remarkable body
of men. Th- Internal regulation of th
society ar very similar to -those of an
army in respect of obedience and ex
ecutive. There ar at the present time
about 11.600 in ths world, collected la
iiiTuiTiu pruii;ijaiiy ins I liniviliuei Uliuvr ma cuihivi v w-
queetton of home rule and the rervi!a-f vtnclal. Every official except the gen
eral, who la elected tor ine, ana can
tlort of public utilities In Chiaaao. Min-
neapoll and Grand Rapids,
New Jersey Democrat will
Tuesday to name candidates for cover-
' (Bperial jrHspsteh t The Jeom.t.l c
. ,. .-. "fc. ,Qiai
aseeesment of Lewi county, a equal
ised uy ins county .Doarev I ,filt,ts,
an increase over last year of Sl.tss taa
Of th cities Chehalia lead In assessed
valuation, her total being . 4402.001.
Other town follow in the , order named:
Centralla, 4610.187: Wlnloc. , I12174S;
re eii,; utut ralla, 174,147:
a! aJ ilA 444
A UltTUU, 4f VaSTsf
. (Vsltsd Praaa " Uased Wire.) ,
' Rutland. Mass., Sept. 14. Exercise
of mor than ordinary lntereat, together
with an historical pageant, wer held
here todar under tha umiiu, h
Rufu Putnam Memorial aesoclstlon to
commemorate th event that led up to
th foundlns- and ettlnmanf nt th.
Of Ohio. -
Rutland I known historically as th
' v . .in t y. i Uvrv uvea uenerat
Putnam who nlanned and mxur. h
Ohio company, which went out into th
men wua western country and settled
th town of Marietta In 17l Th.t.
wm'i old house her still -stands, tha
house from which waa lasued tha call
for th convention which led to th or
aanlsatlon of the Ohio eomnanv ,h
over th threahold of which the famous
old soldier went to lead that- company
to the great northwest v Th house is
now a publlo memorial, with Its rooms
aomiraoiy restoreo ana ruled with a val
uable historical collection.
Today' commemoration began thi
morning with a representation of the
ucpanure ot uenerai nitnam and hi
party for Ohio, Th party want; with
nor and other atate officer and ths Ra-
fiubllcan atate convention will be held
wo daya later.
Th taking of testimony In th arov-
ernment'a suit against the Standard Oil
company will be resumed in New Tork
Important . conventions ot the week
will include those of the League of
American Munlcaplllllea and th Amer
ican Anti-Saloon league at tha James
town exposition, the sovereign grand
lodge of Odd Fellows at St. Paul, tha
National Prlaon Association at Chicago
and th trades and -labor congress of
vanaas svi Winnipeg. Aoroad there will
meet the International Dairy congress
t The Hague, the Intematlonsl Con
gress for the Study and Prevention of
luoortuiuin ii vtenna. ana an interna.
ox seismologist at
tlonal conference
Th Hague.
h '-
-- . 1-
. . IBomi.. .
The Bcxt Scotcrlag ; Soap VUU
A Scoirrlnr Soap ,
A Meu-Toliia
AC'.su Cleaner ,
M ) 1
hrae ox teama. two vokes nf ,
each' team, one two-horse carriage and
Oeneral ' Putnam's saddle horse. They
took four eows and ons bull. Tha n-t
started from the Rufus Putnam house
and passed through , th village and
back, pausing for brief exercises be
fore th church.
Thla afternoon a publlo meeting was
held In Town hall, at which President
Carroll D.-Wright of Clark college pre
sided. The principal address was given
by Professor James K. Hoamor on th
subject of "New England and the
West." His address was preoeded by
words -ef greeting from representative
Of th Western society of Boston and
tb Ohio oclty of New Tork.
. (Catted Fnae Leased -m-e.)
St Paul. Minn., Sept, 14, Odd Tal
low from - all part of th United
Btatee, Canada aad Mexloo gathered
ner toaay lor ine annual communica
tion of the sovereign grand lodge, which
will be opened Monday. It Is estimated
that by the first of the week 100,00i
members of th fraternity will - be la
th city. ........
For-the entertainment, of tha dark.
rate already In tha city there was
excursion on the Mississippi river today
to Stillwater, where entertainment wa
provided for the vial tor. ; Tomorrow
aervlce Under th auaploe of th order
will be held In several of tha ehun-hu
of St. Paul. Th sovereign grand lodaa
will be welcomed Mondav hv iiovunp
4nnson ana oiner. i ne reception In
the new state caDttol Mondav .u.nin.
and Jh parade on Wednesday afternoon
ar the principal feature of tb weeks
program. -r J .
(gpeelal Dlfpatek to TB fasraal.)
Salem, Or.. Sept. 14. In answer to an
Inquiry by Iabor Commissioner Hoff.
Attorney-General Crawford gave th
opinion that newspapera and other
printing' establishments where motive
power i usea, tne Duiidings were liable
to the factory Inspection law and would
oe required to pay tne inspection fees.
In giving this opinion th attornev-s-en.
eral quoted th law on th matter, and
aid that aa manual labor waa employed
In th printing entabllahmenta. as far
as ths Inspection law la concerned they
in n, wy niurr iruni oiner lactones,
0 - '
Give Them" Help and ' Many
Portland People Will
'.f : -:: Be ' Happier. ; y
''Throw Out ths LIf Lin" '
; Th kldnays need help.
They're overworked can't est th
polsoa filtered out ef th blood.
, They're getting worse every minute.
win you neip tnernT - r-i.- -v
Doan's Kidney Pill have brought
thousands . of kidney sufferers,, back
from tha verge of despair.
Win cur any form of kidney troubl.
W. Jenkins of 424 East Mill strt
Portland, Oregon. aya: - I iiav ho oo
caslon to chang anything that I ald
three years ago In recommending Doan's
Kidney Pills, for sine that Urn other
members of our family ' have found
equally beneficial, results - in treating
kidney complaint. ' Before using EMail's
Kidney Pill I suffered with acute at
tacks of backache and a derangement
of th action of th kldnays, and dun
dragging pains mad It difficult for m
to attend to my work. As ths result
of using this flneremedy I hav been
free from kidney, complaint 'and back
ache for over three years, and there
fore feel great confidence la recom
mending (hem td others." .
For sale by all dealers. Prlc to
entf, , Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New Tork, go Sgent for th On I ted
States. . . '..v. .
Remember' the . fnam Doaa's--and
tak uq ether. ' .
only be depoaed lor aom moral, per
sonal error (such a thing ha not oc
curred in tn tvo yeara oi it exist
ence). Is elected' for a term. - r--. -The
general of the ociety 1 on Of
th hardest-worked men in a hard
working world. Every member Of the
society may write In complaint or for
advice to th -vry rvred father, and
though there la a permanent staff of
secretaries, the general la euppoeed to
paaa every reply.. Moreover, fi must
control men. many of whom ar more
brilliant than himself, and tremendous
ly trong-wllld, and In addition he ha
to conduct th external relation of the
society. The political Influence of the
"Rlark Pone" Is a matter of history.
Another ecclesiastical dignitary who
will soon go to the United State Is
Cardinal Vincenxo Vannutelll who will
repreaant th Vatican at tha Kucharistlo
cona-reaa at Plttaburc next month.
Cardinal Vlncenso Vannutelll shoullaot
be confused' with his better known and
more ambitious brother. Cardinal Sera
fino Vannutelll, who is prefect of the
Congregational council. The two
brothers are the grandaon of a maa
who rose from an altogether menial po
sition to that of major domo of the first
Napoleon's moat beautiful sister, Prin
cess Pauline Borgheae. She - was as
free In her gifts and her expenditure aa
In her affair. of the heart, and under
tha clroumatances it ia not aatonianm
that her factotum should have amasse
In her aervlce the large fortunea which
his two grandsons, the two cardinal.
enjoy to thla day. -
v . '. r ....
. (Cslted Press Leases Wire.) "
.' Chicago. IlL, Sept. 14. Boor of dele
gates ar In Chicago for th twentieth
annual meeting ot the American Seotlon
of th Theoaophioal eociety, which Is
to begin it session tomorrow, Th vis
itor represent almost every atate of
th union, well most part of
th civilised world. Th great Interest
or tux
A. if.. TO 1 tt. lt,
.. w . FROM I KU gOMlC
"fayih- AeeoTiTrre, -Inter Oom-
poundsd Semi-Ann ually. -
Balanoea of Chk Acoountg.
orORQB H. HILL. ' - . Vice-President
T. T. BURKHART Treaaurer
JNa-JC. A1TCHIS9I-. Secretary
240-244 Waahinxtoa Street
(Corner Second) .
HOTEL llf iTiTfl-DnN
i Ttrmic ajts oovoat miTaT
New hotel, faces Jefferson ' Square,
Tw, hltfwtlr-; enm V-n V -. . ... i
resent shopping district. Car iins
rsnsf erring all over city, pass door. oonvenisnoe, sen room
slngl or en suit. 150 privat ba'.ha.
American and European plan. Prioe
moderate. Omnibus meets all trains.
bravtxfto nw
Hotel "Key Roufe Inn"
22nd S tree t , and Broadway
In this year' convention will be th
advent of M
India, th ne
of the society.
India, th newly elected world pres
Th Theosooblral society, th obiecta
and vlawa of which ar mor or lea
famlllnr to the public, waa organised In
Mew lor in ty Mam ana Helen P.
Blavatsky and Colonel Henry Steele Ol
cott, the latter formerly a well-known
newspaper man and a veteran of the
civil war. Ita headquarter ar In Adyar,
India, and It 1 represented by active
bodle on every continent and In most
of the civilised countries 6f th world.
It looses ar sen-governing and the In
dividual members are accorded the ut
most rreedom. Aim. Blavatsky was
auccaeded In th presidency by Colonel
Olcott and on hi death early In the
preaent year. Mr. Beaant, a woman of
world renown a a writer and lecturer,
wa ohoaea as ths head of the ers&nu
HUUU. ....
- - (gpeelal Dispatch t Tb Journal.)
! Salem, Or, Sept 14. Over 14 eompa-
nlea ars required to present their an
nual reports to ths railway commission
before September II. 'end uo to last
Klght only tbre wer tn. Th law pro.
vine a line u aiuu per aay ror vry
day each report 1 1st, and should many
remain behind time long th recelDta
will go a long way toward reimbursing
the atate lor tne ooai oi tb oomml.
ion, ,..
A report wa received yeaterday aft-
erneon from th Central Railroad of
Oregon, a email oompany la Union. A
ynopal of thi report Is a follows:
Revsnu irom pasaenrev traffic. 41..
T7I.14; frora. mills. 1104.17; axpres,
1141.(0 extia bageage . and atoraga,
. " '.' ' - v' "
1Eb Portland
- TRAVaXERS. - -,
" Svery thing te eat and drink, aad
It eoate ao mor la tb
- PortUal Hotel Rathsksfler
than e!awnr In th city. Every
weekday night from 1:14 to Is. .
St. O. SOWVSS, TaTanarev.
Sunny room nrlvata hatha. . lonvla.
tanoe tlpbona, compressed air a lean
ing, large lobby, cafe a la cart with
oulain, and aervlce unaurpaesed. - For
rates, etc, add re
N. S. MULLAN, Manager. ' ' '
Formerly Assistant Manager . Palace
Kotel. Baa Franclaoo.
Hotel Hamlin
dot and mranroKTH ITS.
. .. Viva, Vim
'hotel down town.
-' CoatatnslOObssQtiroIrr
furnished stsam heated
apartmeata, 40 bataa,
. Private telephone sen.
. vlee. Sample rooms far
commercial travelera.
Eddy St ear from
' ferry paaa the door and
eonnem with Srd Bt,
ear from S. F. Depot, .
Kates frora 41.00 aa,
-Photi Prtvat Eg.
rranklln 42.
a n
r a n c i
, .. -. , - A liquid preparation
for Face, NecJc. Arms
. ' aad Flands. J.
. It Is Belther sticky
nor greasy. '
It's harmless, oleaa
and refreshljis;.
Caaaot be detected.
Two colors, Pink aad
Wnlto. ' 1
V ' Us It morning, nooa
aad night. Summer,
. . . . 1,! Spring, Fall.
. . : SAMPLE' TUEJtt
Lyoa Mauafaotarlng Co.,
44 S. Fifth St, ' . Brooklyn, W.T,
. . 1$ Taylor St.. Kear Market. "
Two blocks frora railroad offices,
mint, postofflc and city hall Th
moat K.odra and handsomaly fur
nished hot! n th blty, European
plan. Rate 11.(0 - up, t Our 'bus
mests all tralna V
V f-yV- AUH. DRUCKER. Mgr.-
Miwnntr eaminra
11,117.41; frslght earning, l,114.t0;
piner earnings, leiepnnnn. fieprrspn.
etc., 1144.41; total earnings, 1.. 14.14;
iperatlng ejr-.nses, 44,114.37; total lo
om, i,iii..
Insure aaralnst wear -and tear ef fin
fabrics by using Ossen Soap. . .
A Boarding and Day
School for Toung Men and
Preparation for eol-
i"s, v. -n. Military and I
Naval Asademlea. Ao- 1
credited ' to Stanford,
. rmiwjt -v.Qmen, Am
herst and all Stat Unl
versltle and Agrloultural
Collegaa. Manual train
ing. Business eourse.
The principal ha hod 14
years1 experience tn Port,
land. Comfortable quae-
: ter. - Beat environment.
Make reservattona now.
Far llluatrated catalog
and other literature ad
dress -;
J. W. DILL. M.D.,
Frinolual aad FreprlsSo.
The Allen Preparatory School
Corner E. 11th and Salmon St.
Fit for eastern and western collea-as
end scientific schools. Soth year be
gins September 14. 1147. .
For catalogue address Th Allen Pre
paratory School. Telephone ast 44S1.
Office hours, t II. .