The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 12, 1907, Page 5, Image 5

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Scarfs and Squares 79 Cents
The Scarfs ire 20x45 inches, and
the Squares are the 32-inch size.
They are finished with - hem
stitched border, and have fancy
medallion center:- - - HtJ
$1.25 value .............. lUC
Battenberg ; Braid Patterns, for
collars, doilies, center - pieces,
scarfs and borders. A grand as
sortment, priced for-Fri-, E
day only a, each ............ pC
Misses' Petticoats, of fine mus
lin, made .with deep cambric
flounce, and 2j4inch hem
stitched hem; regular 60c Ai
value, Friday .IJC
Misses' Petticoats, a rarely good
and sightly garment, . specially
priced for Friday. Made of fine
cambric and trimmed with deep
flounce and torchtn lace. They
sell regularly for , $1.00 each;
Infants' Tight , Fitting Bonnets,
made of fine lawn and trimmed
in charming manner 'and in sev
eral different styles. The regu
lar prices run all the way from
35c' to $3.00; special for ' 1Qe
Friday only, choice laC
'Jhisk Broom ffiKBSffiS 75 C
These are on sale in the jewelry
department Splendid quality
Whisk : Brooms ' with handles of
sterling silver, in handsome de
signs; regular $1.25 ' ' flQ
values, special I OC
Men's Gold Filled Watch Chains,
a fine assortment of patterns;
regular ' $175 to $2.00 values;
Kffi! .$1.29
Bon Bon Souvenir : Spoons, in
three different styles, have, very
artistic handles; regularly worth
$175 and $2.00, . r
special at ....... $1,10
In tha Leather CooJs D t
ment we offer Women'a Vc...-.
Bags, in green, red, tmu; r
brown.- These are regular 75o
,bsgs, special for
Friday, each .'.,. w.
Women'a Wrist Bags, a very high
grade assortment; we have thi-m
in brown, green, blue and black.
Lined with leather 'and ftnishcl
with strap handle;' worth &.U)
Card Cases of black seal leather,
a good quality that sells regu
larly; for $L0O,
We Ha v e These in
m SuiisMMMS
Very, likely, the last chance you!! have on suits of
this high 'order for so small a price. , The lot in
cludes suits for many uses, rainy weather, shop
ping, outing and street wear. Choose from either
Eton or Jacket! styles, trimmed in good taste and
made from good all-wool materials in checks, plaids
and mixtures. At no- other store can you have a
choice from "so many good style suits as these for"
reductions so great. Come early and have first and
best selection from this sale. Be on hand and have
youn share of a bargain phenomenal, for the real
values run to $25.00 each, and we 1
make the entire lot, your choice
Women's Percale Wrappers, very fine house gar
ments of fast color materials in mapy color com
bination and neat styles. -The colors are red and
white, blue and .white; gray and white or black and
white.; The -patterns are stripes, dots or figures.
Made with deep flounce and in full sizes.
Women of Large and Fairly Large Size Come in sJLt fV
and BuV a Wrapper Vorih to $1.25 for Only tjf W
The third floor comes into line Friday Iwith,
bargainsnbnorie of " the" best : known line ti
irverware-ift the-worldrrThef amoarRogers
Bros. M18rt7" platec .ware at prices that mean
pronounced Savings. V-.. y.-1.. 'S2ZZ''
Pfaiu Fui ks, set of-orspecial . . . . . . . . .81.70
Plain Dessert Spoons, set of 6, special. 31.50
Plain Table Spoons, set of 6 special.;. $1.70
Fancy Tea Spoons, set of 6, - special .T."; 05s
Fancy Dessert Spoons, set of 6, special. 81.70
Fancy .Table Spoons, set of 6, special:.-..! (1.00
Fancy Forksfset of 6, special ',.$1.00.
Fancy .Sugar Spoons, each.'. ."..,. .30.
Fancy Bujter Knives, each . . .:. .... . . i .35f
Fancy Cream; LadVs, each .
Fancy Gravy Ladles, each
ancy, Jelly Knives, each
. . .
. . .
Other Odd Pieces at Same Proportion of Reduction. '
s I
"Value $6. W, special
-Value $8.00, special
Value $9.25, special
5.25 Value $14.00, special
7.00 Value $17.00, special
87.15 Value $20.00, special ..
Special Prices on Coal Oil and Gas Heaters. , ,
Black Voiles $1.89 Yd
A new shipment, no one need be disappointed,
plenty to last the day out no matter how large
the number of calls. Hard, crisp finish, the
sort that doesn't wrinkle. The $1.00 grade for
85 ; the $1.25 grade for 08; the $1.50 grade
for 81.19 and the $1.75 grade, - A OA
yard . . . ... r.. 1 J7
Mew Fall Suitings, an assortmernsof the best
patterns in ombre and Pekin stripes, checked
effects,' etc.", Darker colorings predominate in
these; they are" the correct things for shirt
waist and tailored suits;. worth $1.25 AO
yard,' Friday . ; ; : . . . . ''. ; . . uQC
$1.00 Plaid Silk 78c
These silks are in : the chiffon finish taffeta
weaves, and in an endless assortment of pat
terns and -colorings. There are many designs
in the wanted Scotch clan plaids, and 50 pat
terns in alLT See the window display in the big
window on Fifth street, then come for your
share of the silks; worth $1.00, - -. vjq
Friday, yard , . . . . . . . OC
Moravian Bloadcloth, the new fall line is ready
for inspection and sale. This is the smartest
fabric we have for a natty tailored gown. Every
yard is guaranteed, comes ready , 0 9 fl A
sponged and shrunk, the yard . . . . . .Oo UU
25c Tooth Paste
: : ' ' ..... .,'..'.."
Sheffield's Tooth Paste, In
tubes; value 25c, special.. 1JC
Woodbury's Facial Cream; j 1
value 25c, special llC
Bathaaweet Rica" Powder and
Bath Powder; 25c can, special..! I C
Toilet Soap, violet, rose and - carna
tion odors; box of 3 cakes, If)
special, ...... ....w.";.. ...1UC
PondY " ttatfscfTaiemfl-Fuwdet;11 in
fancy glass bottles; 25c , "I Q
value, special IOC
Wbisk Brooms, in large aires;' extra
quality; value 2?c,
special . .. . X U w
Fancy Decorated Crepe Paper, in 10
foot folds; 20c value ; 10c
Passepartout Pictures, all new 1C
subjects; special, each........ IvC
"White Waxed Paper, for "wrapping
lunches, etc special, perroll 4
of 24 sheets.. iv
PenciT Boxea,'""with lock and ' O
key; 5c value, special, each?. . . ; . JC
Ruled 'Writing Tablets, for pen and
ink; for schooj use; -value 8c; ' Cn
special, each ................. C
Whiting's Stationery, each sheet with
embossed letter; 50c value; OO
special, the box ....... JJC
Silk Garter Elastic, with fancy ruffled
edges, in pink and blue; value 1Q
25c; special, per yard . 1C
Fancy Hat Pins, with pearl or crystal
ball top, in all colors; value . A
15c; special, each .' IvC
Toilet " Pins, ' black or white heads;,
sheet of 100 pins, i. .. . C,
special ' . .... . .
Skirt Markers, great ' labor - i
savers; value 75c, special...... JC
Unen Button or Carpet Tfiread, large
size spools; special, . A
the spool ....... r....rr:...C
Hooks and Eyes, .black or white, tn
visible eyes; all sizes; value 1 O
5c; special the card-alv
Sensational special pricing in the Millinery Department for
Friday. - The most staple article in the whole department is
me one we maKe tms Dargain on, an
item that we expect to have immense
and . enthusiastic demand for. The .
Plumes concerned are not nar-1
now : or.r stompy, but tuil width (
and quite long. The sort that aref-
seen en" the beathatsrch4ookingr
fluffy and artistic. Here are 300
ni - r t..i ..'u
a-plume buying Friday. That means
300 of the . best ostrich feather bar
gains in many a day,' for when this
lot is'gone we know that we can't replace-'
them at this price. -Bought -about
one fourth under the regular
values. Priced to you like this for
Friday. See display in case. Show '
case on Fifth street. . '' .
Plumes regularly
sold at $6.00 each
priced Friday at
only, . . . ,.
Plumes regularly
sold at $8.00 each
priced Friday at
only . . :
rN. , : ... . X - I
Flannel 29c
A special in the Linen Aisle'
for Friday, r Fine Scotch
Flannels, bargainized for this
one . day. There are 50 full
bolts for this day's selling; a
glorious, chance for mothers
to" fit out their girls for
sensible school dresses or
shirt waists, and though new
fall goods and patterns, arid
regular 40c grade. , we offer
them Friday for, ' OQa
4the yard . . . . . , . .V. . . . V
Lace Curtains $ 1.50
,Seventy-f ive pairs- ;of Cur
tains ., in fish net patterns.
Pure white and of splendid
quality. They're the' kind
that , sell regularly at $2.50
the pair, t Good width and
length and surely a 1 mighty
good bargain, spe- fl" I Eft
cial, the pair ....... P I sOv
- - i k - - - -
; from 8 to d:"":'-------1
Women's $3.50 Dtf Barry high Shoes, made in
6 styles, showing a patent lace Blucher, a pat
ent button, kid lace Blucher, a kid lace bal, a
dull calf low heel lace, a gunmetal lace Bl
cher. ' Six very popular shapes; C 1 QQ
your choice-. .-.. . t.. . . .ej 1 U O
FROM 9 TO 10. V
For Women Any tan, brown or champagne
high shoe in the house. $2.19. Mind you, your
choice of any $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 j0 J Q
shoe, broken sizes, Friday ........ .DaC'x7
FROM 10 TO 11.
Women's Oxfords, in almost any-style -you
could wish for; patents, kid, calf, gunmetal
leathers, made in. button and lace, light and
extension soles, swing and straight lasts. Take
your pick from a very large Assortment of
splendid"shoes in $3.50 and k fl?1 CO
$4.00 grades . .... . . . .'. . . . . .... ..UO.0
, ROM 11 TO 12. " , ;
Women's' Light Sole Dress Shoes, an assort
ment embracing patents and kid leathers,
military, Cuban and French heels, plain and
tip toes. Several styles that will meet your
approval. As good as you have ever QQ
seen at $4.00; price pM07
- FROM 12 TO 1. '
Men's Shoes and Oxfords, - patents, calf and
kid leathers; 8 styles! that are good $3.00
grades ; "a chance that' lasts only one hour;
shoes .that you'll be proud of; choice, ACk
one hour . a sua ftf Assf aft &
J C; . FROM 1 TO 2. " , ' '
Men's Shoes in patents and kid, Blucher and
button styles, welt sewed soles, dull calf tops.
Several very nice patterns in $3.50 V Oft
and $4.00 grades .xr .xl;r7.s5aOa
f FROM 2 TO 3. ;
Women's Narrow Shoes We have about 200
pairs of shoes in patent, kid and calf leathers;
made Blucher, button and regular lace styles;
welt and hand turn soles. Mostly narrow
widths and regular $4.00 and $5.00 . (Jo
grades,-one-hour -.. ..... t ayaWaTs
s FROM 3 TO t
Take your pick of any white Canvas Oxford in
our stock. Gibson, -Grecian and Garden ties,
button" and lace styles i values to QQ
$3.00, one hour .................. .jlaUO
" FROM 4 TO 5. .. " ,
Girls' School Shoes, made in kid and box calf
leathers. Good weight oak sole. The assort
ment embraces all popular styles.
T Sizes." "rT"!''. "r'r," "": Special.
5 to 8, regular $1.75. . :. , . . , .... .31.29
Yt to 11, regular $2.00. ......... ..,.81.59
WYx to 2, regular $2.50............ ..$1.79
: 24 to ' 7, regular $3.00.. ............ .81.09
: y.l: ' , FROM 5 TO 6.
Boys' School Shoes, made of pebble goat, box
calf - and kangaroo calf leathers. Splendid
shoes ; some have brass quilted soles. ;
- Sizes.- . ' ,: ' Special.
9 to IS, regular $1.85............... 81.49
1 to 5, regular $2.50... v..... ...... 81.89
Not many of these, but they're pricea so,
low that they're sure to go mighty fast.
Most of them are in pink and blue, fine
.examplcsoLtlej bestunderwiear made.
Odd lines of regular $3.00 4 VH
grades, special at, each . . . . . . .) 1 UD
Sale Box Hose Continues Friday,
Women's ; Hose, " fast black, in
either lisle or cotton, our famous
O. K. brand. These are regularly
sold at 50c the pair; we've made
them the best 50c hose in Port
land. Special, box of
6 pairs ... .'. ........
Children's School ' Hose, good
wearing, and fast dye; regular
25c values ; special, 3 - pairs for
&Uf , or pne pair
t, pr pne pair - J
Women's .Cotton Hose, fast
blacksplendid wearing quali
ties; regular 25c grade; special,
the box of 6 pairs, 1A
Friday ............. )1.1U
Women's Hose, plain black or
with split white sole, a guaran
teed dye, and a regular 35c qual
ity ; special price, box 'fA
of 6 pairs for Friday.OiaUU
Superb Gloves Only $1.23 Pair
Women's two-clasp KdGioreioverseamrPn7"poiht stitched; backs;
Columbia weltr ofVery fine quality. . They are .perfect fitting; made by
one of Europe's best manufacturers. Colors black, white, nary. dj 10
brown, green, tan, oxblood and mode. Reg. value $1.75, special ,P A tO
Pure Silk Ribbon 37c the Yard
Thousands of yards; 3j4 to 5-inches wide. Plsin satin taffeta, worth 60c
the yard; corded stripe ribbon in all colors, worth 50c the yard; double
faced or reversible satin ribbon, in red, green, navy, gray, etc.; 6 inchea
wide, and worth 75e a yard J or your choice of many other styles. . O
Any of this ribbon sells Friday at, the yard ............. ,.OiQ
Women's 25c
Vesls 16c
Low neck, sleeveless style, made of white
ribbed cotton; one of the best 23c values
in the store, and come in the popular
sizes 4, 5 and 6. A great Friday special,
so come early, each, : " C "
only .".. 1 v
' (ApMllt t)lntrfc til Tht -WTI.)
Aberdeen, Wastj.. Bpt II. At the
' conoluBlon of William H. Tuft'a ail1r
bar yesurtlx mttor 1 lea, .in behalf
of Louis . H. Burnett. 1 preeented tha
secretary with a gold spoon aa a sou
venir. It bore tha lea-end. "A 40-foot
channel to the sea," In hi speech
Mr. rile Tfforrnd to the ttrt thxt thla
te tho a rme.t lumber mrao port In the
world n1 tht (leaner weter w
nrvilnA. He advled the secretarv to
stir his coffee wlta the spoon, and IX
ooreelon mim to ettr a mint ns
well. Aecretitry -Taft, In reply, stated
that ttle mil In topic of his sponch hml
bean forgot ten when he m to apeak,
and went on at some lenath In retard
to the need of a deeper channel In the
harbor. , ,
Seven-Jewel ' Klf In watch.' lS s)s.' J0
rau cam. s.. Metier a. IU Waah.
, iRpedat DtapntAl to Th Joaraall
Kennewlck. Waah.. Sept. 11. At a
meeting of the Kennewlck Commercial
elab last night a committee was. ap-
. .... . . , Ap
pointed to collect exhibits fo repreaent
the valley at the ftpokane fair which
will be held Peptetnber 23. to Ortob-r
t. All hinds of frulta will be exhibit.!
but a eiec!alty will be made of fenrjr
f Tepee and pearhea whlrh are arown
o perfection In the Kennewlck valley.
A committee wee alo appointed to
attend the invention of the commer
olai clubs of the Xaklina and Kenne
wlck valleys, which Is In aeaaton at
Toppenlah today.. Mayor Johnaon. sev
eral members ofhe council and a num
ber of prominent bu.lneas men from
Kennewlck will attend the convention.
School Shoes.
That wear And Ot wc.l at Itoaonthal'a.
N. t .
for the t
i-.le will
for--ToM i'
mftttKlin H I
Ii- M 1
for Well I
n. Or . S. : t.
b m .-.('. i . I i
.-.t V-' t r
. i . ' I
., (,.,.-
thli r,
-1 i