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Give JThcm .Help ,nnt Many
Portland People, Will
City Voting In Future Will L ;;:;!Bc :IIapplcivv.:
Hare to Ba Done Less
Throw Out the fclfo Uae"
' Tho kidneys need help.
- They're . ovrworked-caa't get
poison filtered out. of the blood.
They're fatting . waxse every minute.
Will you help themT
Doen's Kidney mia have brought
:l. That reform methods will be lntro
. duced la oomlng ett election la a.
' Sured by the cltr oounolL That body I thousands of kidney suffsrrs baok
yesterday waa eomcelled to swallow a from the rente of deapalr.
' fitter -pui la ordering the payment, of ..Will cure any form of kidney trouble,
leotion bllla that were coneldered ex- W." Jenkins of 411 East Mill street,
orbltant. One particularly dlaarreeable Portland. Oregon, ears: T hare no oo-
dose waa the printing- account, discus. " v"al
Ion of which brought out the fact that ago la reoommendlnt Dean's
100,000 more ballots were ordered than Kidney Pills, for alnoe that time other
were used by the entire count In the members of our family have found
.fclLiJ?.!1!.-??- J?" Qually beneficial results In treating
1 f wi kivu l 11 w wusavaa -.isaa-a, a Si lava v yu . . a a . .
'used ballots three feet high were re- k,lMr complaint Before using Dean's
Posing in the engine-room of the city Kidney Pills I suffered with aeute at
hall ready to be burned. tacks of backache and a derangement
VrtRorrrAo action of th. kldn.ys. and dull
whose twe acoounts reached a total of dragging pains made It difficult for me
:76. councilman Vaughn asserted that I to attend to my work. As the result
'J.iKl7.w-uJ?.JFi,7.?.-tllS-ot s,n tWs fine remedy I hare been
I "wga represented by ex-Counctlman I m uwj uav"v
I 1 Si'Y-i I ache for over three years, and there.
lWF .Swn t0 rct thlLt " was impos- fore feel great confidence- In
c .--- -siuia ie oomnieie me new senerai ouua-1 ... ,
i. 'In. Arillllru ul4 that tutrtlna . mnuiu", vuvui w
' it wblob applies to the height of struc
tures was ordered referred to the spe
cial com mine, rne new measure 11m.
its to three stories all buildings not of
Steel, reenroroed concrete or brick with
metal lathing throughout' Bulldlpgs of
,?ne last named construction may be
'erected five stories.
' City Engineer Taylor submitted plans
' and specifications for the new Union
-avenue steel bridge across Sullivan
kulch, under the Menefee resolution.
;The structure will be 40S feet long.
OouDle-tracaea. ana will cost
The Belmont street . paving flght was
"Carried Into the olty attorney's office
to determine tne legality or certain aiK-
tiaturea on the petition for bltullthlc
pavement If more than half of the
! Property Is legally represented bltullthlc
'pavement wlu m iaic on tne inorougn
' Councilman Baker introduced a more
liberal ordinance in the council yesler
dsv resrulatlna the olartna of chono-
' graphs, electric pianos and like instru
ments In the city limits. It allows
uch musloal devices to be played until
11, o'clock lnetead of 10, at' night and
tney can be operated in saioons, which
is eiricuy proniDicea ac present.
'. The oounoll unanimously voted to
adopt the liquor license committee's re-'
port preventing me aaie 01 liquor in
restaurants after 1 o clock In the morn-
For sale by all dealers. Price 10
cents. Foster-KUbura Co., Buffalo,
New York, sols agents) for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no outer.-
Adopts Kesdlution Demand
ing Abatement of South
Portland Nuisances.
Because of the alleged unclean prac
tices f Italian gardeners In South
Portland and the closing up of a part
f Of Virginia; street by ona.of.th4 gardens,
;he South End Improve'meht ylub met
last night and adopted a drastic reso
lution demanding that the street be
pened through the garden and that the
several nuisances complained of be
For some time complaint has been
made that school children were com
pelled to walk by a round-about way.
through mud. to reach the school house
because Virginia street remained closed.
A committee was (appointed last night
4.0 formulate a plan to have this street
Relative to the Italian garden nul
sance- th following resolution- was
adopted: ;
. "We, the South End Improvement
club, hereby protest against the .prac
tices or the tenants or tne Italian
gardens of piling noxious fertilisers on
the open around and of burning rubbish
and foul waste too near the residences
of South Portland residents, we de
clare this to be a menace to the health
of the community nnd a damage to the
property in bouth fortiana ana ruiton.
- It was also resolved to ask the city
'council to take the proper steps to
abate these nuisances.
The club has a large membership and
proposes to carry on an active cam
paign for the betterment of its terri
tory. The regular meeting night is the
second Wednesday or every month.
(Special DUpatcb to The JoerniL)
Boston, Sept 11. Wells, Fargo &
Company ' report on operations for the
year ending July 31 as follows:
.$22,984,425 $4,261,390
. 1M66.403 8,428.313
. 8,368,022 823,077
. . 645,882 426,865
. 4,813,904 1,248,942
as already averred
To frequenoy of serious accidents
In France has led to the formation of
a society for protection against the
abuses of automoblllng. It will not
obleot to 'touring and real sport but
will endeavor to secure the enactment
of more rigid speed laws and of laws
allowing persons Injured by automo-
oiies to recover damages zrom motorists.
Farmers throuchout Connecticut who
have amused themeelves the past two
summers by passing special ordinances
tow a meeunse limiting tne speea 01
automobiles, and then have spent their
aunaays tying in wait 10 eaten tne vio
lators of their lawa have lost their
Jobs, for the state law provides that
Dorougna and towns cannot iix tne speed
Ensllsh Insurance companies and the
new-workmen's compensation act have
riven a distinction to the chauffeur br
charging him a higher price for his In
surance policy than Is charged toe do
mestic servant As the chauffeur, in
case of accident Is likely to sue his em
ployer for damages, roost employers, to
avoia responsiDimy, insure tneir cnaui-feurs.
The Lone Island railroad will share
with the proposed Automobile Owners'
association of Long Island the expense
of posting conspicuous signs to warn,
motorists that they are approaching
railroad crossings at grade. Eventual
ly, at a cost of over $3,600,000. a part
of which the state of New York will
pay. the railroad will abolish all grade-crossings,
On its -first severe lonr-dlstanoe tetrt
otie of fhe new Union Pacific all-steel
motor, cars followed the fast Overland
Limited, as a second section, more than
160 miles. In a third of this distance
the motor car gained on the limited to
such an extent that the car was held at
a block signal six minutes. The newest
type, of these cars la SB feet long and
seats 75 persons. ,
A storage battery will lose Its
strength If left for any long period of
time. If it is desired to put a battery
away and sun retain tne charge, the
laiea snouia oe removed rrom tne
Furniture Vaiues Consigned
W'-5 t A
4-Hole '
Range with
Ths September Furniture' Record is beint; broken into small bits. No furniture house In the northwest "ever
handled the volume of business that has swept through our doors since September I, la like amount of time.
Surely, there was never before offered such a frand opportunity to the furniture-buying public, and every saving
price is in reference to furniture of the best creation -furniture that has been designed and built by experts and
finally stamped with the "Gevurtg motto: The, best that can possibly be" -the quality accepted in the best
furnished homes as being highly satisfactory.
40c Coffee
andTeapots 20c
e .
Buffets in Every Different Style
A Sals Offering Reduction
Considering the fact that our regular prices are less
than others ask, and that our stock is by far the larg
est in. town, this sale means much, both in range of
.election and in point of saving. Our stock includes
in line of variety every style, .from the richly plain
weathered pieces to the most elaborate leaded glass
and rirp wood Buffets. There is every possible ap
pointment offered, making this a most necessary part
of the furnishings of the well-equipped dining-room.
Our elaborate stock of Sideboards, Tables and Dining
Chairs offered at material reductions.
" 1 1 ) 'A i ;
4 V 4
-1 "9"
Oros earnings.
Total expenses.
Net earnings. . .
Other Income...
:Total net . . , 1 . .
Net earnings as already
ualed 53.92 per cent on the eanttal
stock, as compared -with 88.31 per cent
tne previous year, me company s con
tracts now cover 47,619 miles of rail
road In the United States and Mexico;
stage. Inland steamer and ocean steam
ship mileage totals 8.691 miles, making
a grana iotai or oe.siu, an increase ror
..the year of 1.625 miles. The company
has 4,842 agencies, an Increase of 804,
and J.3,357 employes, with correspond
ents In all quarters of tbe globe.
Francis Smith Seeks Divorce.
(Speclol Dlipatcn to The Jearaal,
that her husband had repeatedly slappec
Pendleton, r., Sept. 12. Complaining
lat her husband had repeatedly slanned
, her In the fact, called her vile names
,and once threatened to kill her, Fran
ces M. Smith has started divorce pro
ceedings against Marlon H. Smith. The
suit was filed yesterday, and accord
ing to i..e complaint the domestic trou
bles of the Smiths "began a few days
rafter they were married In December.
1906. itl
Id and nunc up In a cool, dry Dlaoe.
Thar will then suffer no deterioration.
no maiier now long iney do leit un
It seems surprising that neither
Franoe nor England has appreciated the
value of meeting, the demand for medium-priced
machines. They have de
voted their energies slmost exclusively
10 manuraciunng ine most expensive
type of care, and for this reason it is
not surprising that England has turned
to America to meet this want. There
Is a great field abroad for runabouts,
and English makers are beginning to
wake up to this fact and are preparing
to supplv this demand. While rew if
any of the expensive American cars are
exported, statistics show that there Is
a e-eneral Increase in the number of
American runabouts exported.
II I V i
fl 7
ro J
I y
2 Big Chair Specials
$6.00 Reception Chair $3.25
$2.75 Dining Chair - - $1.55
What so adds to the finished appear
ance of the reception hall or parlor as
one or two right pretty chairs? The
chairs like cut are in solid weathered
oak, built extra heavy, and with a pro
nounced "quality" air. The price, $6,
is small in comparison to the real
value. Now the Record rt OZ,
Sale price ULu
How often, when company is in to dine,
the hostess is compelled to drag a parlor
or library chair up to the dining table. Such
a state of affairs is always embarrassing.
Now that we are offering high-grade dining
chairs at about half price, there need be
no shortage when guests arrive. Solid oak,
cane-seated dining chairs, the regular
$2.75 values, Record Sale a
Phenomenal Carpet Selling
Savings of a Pronounced Character
Portland will be well carpeted this fall. Carpet impressions will climb high and'
boost in their climb a large number of Portland homes. The Record, Sale ii,,
playing: havoc with our immense stock of Carpets. We are offering now, the two,
greatest carpet values ever presented. All of our best gjrade Tapestry Brussels
carpets that present a highly-attractive assortment in pattern and coloring'
Not one ia this vast lot ever sold under $1JS per yard. The Record M no
Sale price ..plUO
Now comes the flower of Carpet creation. Carpets that will arouse enthusiasm'
br their striking beauty and fine qualities; all Wilton Velvets, Extra Wilton .
Velvets, Axminsteri and Extra Axminsters, both floral and oriental designs,, that .
are marked $1.85, $2.00 and $2.25; now cut to the Record Sale price, j ii -per
yard v .
Carpet Department, 2d floor. All Carpets Sewed, Laid and Lined Free. - ;
Magnificent Pedestal
Dining Table :v
The Best $25.00 Value in Town."
Record Sale Price $19.65
Tables are highly finished, in quartered oak;
are of solid, massive build, and present; an
appearance much to the liking of every -good
faste. Department on third floor.
Department on Third Floor.
Arabian Net Curtains ;
Exquisite Draping and Decorative
Materials at Less Than Half Price
Thirty-inch Art Silks, Oriental effects, all regular $1.00 values, yard 45e
Regular 60c yard Derby Cloth, 50 inches wide; yard.. 33e
The famous Bobelin Art Drapery; regular 50c value, yard
$2.50 Arabian Net Curtains; per pair , 07V
$3.75 Novelty Lace Curtains; per pair S1.75
The Great Record Sale The Only Furniture Sale Worth While
"Baseball players, like actors, are al
ways in tbe grlare of the spot light,1
said Fielder Jones, the great leader of
the White 8ox, not so long ago. "What
would be said of a man on the Btaare
wno wouia stop on me street and
threaten a dramatlo crltloT Or a slnver.
comedian or tragedian, who put up the
silly excuse that he couldn't go on with
ms act Decause some one had criticised
his worKt
"And yet there are ball nlaver who
go all to pieces If nubile attention Is
called to their brain blunders. I wouldn't
have such a player on my team If lie
would work for nothing and nay his
own boad and travellnr nntnaM a
player who revels In praise and files
off the handle when his mistakes are
pointed out Isn't worth the room nA
occupies on the bench.
"une reason why the White Sox won
the pennant last year waa that Ana
Chicago critic was fearless enough to
call attentlbn to the misdeeds of some
of our playera.
"Tnere are men on our payroll who
wanted to whip this crltle. lthn-h
they knew that he spoke the absolute
truth. There were two or three who
gave signs of going to pieces. But
they finally listened to reason.
" rBovs.' I aald. 'this writer la wnrw.
Ing for hla paper, and not for the club.
It la his duty to let the public know
wnat is going on. He nas simply noint
ed out our mistakes. Let s correct
The Quality
Pals "Eclipse'
and Heater
A Perfect
$60.00 Sewing
For $25.00
MM 0
The Best Scotfrfag Soap Made
A Scouring Soap
A Metal Polish
A Glass Cleaner
, mr,l a-n nut and win that flag.'
"Everybody knowa the result The
men who had been criticised the most
severly came back and played the best
ball. All cutting up off the field was
abandoned and we played ball together
m 4.1 a. st ..k.el1 V. n ha rrtls1 ' m
championship won. '
George Mnllin baa been the willing
boy among pucners, Duicing mio o
games. f
O'Leary. Cobb and Rossman have
been In every game played by the Ti
Nlr Clarke has been in 84. Billy Sul
llvan In 87 and Charley Schmidt In 83
Isbell was the heavy hitter of the
Sox brigade, leading In double and
Bradley leada the league In sacrifice
hits with 41 ana iick in stolen bases
with 38.
Oldrlna has averaged almost one etol
en base in every three games, having
46 in 83 games.
' The Naps have fared worse In extra
base swats againsi tne uecroit pitchers
than any Others.
Claud Rossman has made 18 doubles,
8 triples and 21 Sacrifice hits, besides
swiping 18 bases.
HarryDavls leads In home runs with
seven. Flick In triples with 18 and La
jole in doubles with 28.
. Cantlllon'a crowds are the bandits
right when It comes to stealing bases.
They have pnfered over 150 to date,
Cleveland's outfielders have stolen
mf)re bases, 77 in all.- than any other
bynoh of American league gardeners.
There Is a driver of an Ice wagon
that stops In the morning. In front of
the Imperial hotel who Is preparing
for himself a place In glory, or who
may bave ambitions looking toward a
permanent home In a dime museum.
Probably at night he has gorgeous
dreams of a spieler standing outside a
gaily decorated tent where cabalistic
symbols of mystery are painted about
a group of horses being tamed by a
man, a tent with the flaps bearing in
flaring letters the sign:
"wonas ureatest wonder! A FreaK
of Nature! Most Patient and Humane
Man In the World! A Father of a New
Theory that Horses May Be Led! Very
Rare Outside of Museum! Species Al
most Extinct!"
The Inside horse of the driver's
wagon was startled yesterday by .an ap
proaching car and tried to escape It by
mounting the pavement walk. The
driver did not undertake to beat the
horse baok into Its senses and back on
the street, till it should become a mass
of quivering flesh, an eyesore to human
spectators with no right to Interfere,
and an eloquent witness to his own
brutality nnd stupidity. This driver
was different, and standing by the off
horse, he extended his hand and coaxed
the horse off the walk and Into a state
of quiet.
"Doesn't like cars muoh. does her
waa the conductor's comment as he
watcnea with a curious, almost un
believing expression.
"That's the finest team in town," the
driver answered, slapping their sides
airecuonateiy, and putting his head to
lucril uuava.
Anil the nassensrars lnnlrt n nnd
muea approvingly though wonderlngly
(SimcU! DlDtcta to Tbe Jon nul. )
Salem, Sept 12. The camping ground
at the state fair will be a town of many
hundred inhabitants and Superintendent
Albert Toiler Intends to treat It as anch.
Council, city reoorder. police Judge and
an the machinery used In governing
Exactly 88 men have participated In
games under the Washington standard
to date. And the season Is not over.
''," - . ..
Cobb and- Jones are the only two Ti
gers to lead Rossman in stealing bases,
the former having 30 and Davy 25 to
his . credit, v. .
The' Athletics have made II horns
runs, Boston 18, New York 12, Cleve
land, St. Louis and Washington 8, De
troit 8, and the world's champions 8.
-:: , , . . ,.;. ... ;
Cy Toung has been yanked from ths
box leas than any other American
league pitcher this season. Only twice
has the derrick been used on the vet
eran, against St. xxuis and phlla
delphla. . .. v
jut OTOCB or nxTX9Txon
Is worth a pound of cure. There, are
many poor, suirerers. onsvmpuves who
are hopeless of getting well who, if
they naa taxen care or themselves,
wouM now be well. A cough Is the
foundation of consumption. Ballard's
Horehound Syrup will cure-that cough.
Mrs. 8 . Great Falls, Montana,
writes: "I -have. used. Ballard's Hore-.
hound Syrup In my family for, years
my children, never suffer With coughs,"
Bold br all drugglsta. . r- -y r; Tf I
cities will be there, elections will be
held on Monday, and meetings will be
held In the city hall, which Is a tent on
the roof of Superintendent Toxler'e
The 10 streets of the camping grounds
will be the wards and an alderman will
be elected from each. Equal suffrage
will prevail, every man. woman and
child on the grounds havinc a vote, and
dogs If the measure meets popular
favor, but cata and parrote strictly
"What business will be taken up
first?'' was asked Mr. Tosler after ha
nad outlined hla plans for the city.
Dogs, probably," was the answer.
"How to take care of them has always
been a live Issue on the grounds. Five
years ago nine of them were shot dur
ing Mir week- We'll try 4 wake some
arrangement to divide up the work of
watching the tents so the people that
have dogs will take a share as well aa
the ones that have not."
"How about -the mayor?" was ths
next question.'. "What about hlmr
un, ce il not be elective." waa the
answer. "He happens to- be getting up
the election and he ia afraid he'll oaa
bis. Job.- i, ; " . ..
Mustang Liniment
Goes qulokly to th
vary oora of the
disease ana steps
the most deep-sat,
xomelatlng pains
almost Instantly.
Mustang Liniment
Oures every allssaal
of Mos) or Boast
that a good, hoaost
Llajlsjiont oan
Nona Ittttsri
Mono so goosla
Receipt for it: Buy Schil
ling's Best and grind it your
self.. V . 'fy -''' C-
Tour grooer. returns' your-money tf
you oa't Ilk it;, we pay him.
O. 'Ttrk.nomlnatit Iit the TJann-h-
licana of Oklahoma, for ,Ueutnant-gor
orar iu m tia.
Tbe CUff Eeaie ef Ofegea - .-,. ,
Dlreet -ea the beach, everlmkmr the
ocmui. on hii saiaa ana serf Satnnm.
Recreation Pl- ft , tUhtof. ' Sua sarlora.
elactrie llf hU.- fireplace sad raraace bant,
riae walks aad artvee. See foeas a speelaltr
Rates, $2.50 and $3.00 per day
, . 0411 A MOOBB. nsa.
Spend your vacation at Seaside and st
delightful Lecksley HaU. More at trac
tive than ever before. Aceornmodailo-
of the highest order. One hundred -
gani outaiae rooms; private daihsj c ,
trio lights; :.ot and cold water.
Annex overlooking the Paelflo en 1 i
lightfulTy situated cottages.
Ouisiao vazaxvassed. Ba T '
peotaltj'. , .j .
T- A rrrrw, T A. C
ernor, is a native or jk.
years ago wns pum..i!ii(r t
Cherokee tnp. H i
ganizfre of t:.o F til.
limit lerrlmrv en-i l
lineal ad liiui, 1 c