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Eagle Valley Railway to Be
Constructed by Eastern
Capitalists Will Tap the
Eichest Mining Country
In Eastern Oregon. v
(Speelal 1 Plspatca to Tht Jonraal.) ,""
Baker City, Or., Sept. I. It ia now
Almost a certainty that th railroad
from Baker City to Essie and Pin val
ley will be built, and tbat construction
work will commen,c within' a ". short
tlm. ' ;' t '':'' -
W. L. Vinson of this eltr ha spent
kt of his time durlnr'th east three
br four years. In Interesting tbe people
in this city In the projected road. Only
a few weeks eao Mr. Vinson returned
' from the east, where he scent the past
'winter endeavoring- to .Interest the
financiers who had control of large
funds in the proposed road. He sueceea-
ea in impressing me fooa points vi m
project upon a syndicate of capitalists
who sent a representative out here to
look over tne Held and report 10 mem.
The under taklna-4ooked very ood. to
hrepreentUy. ind iipon .Jiis report
the syndicate authorised him to say
-thatt hey would build the road upon the
condition that the people of Baker City
and those who would be benefited by
the new road should raise 100,000 In
subscriptions to the stock.
A meeting of the Citlsens' league and
the Business Men's association was held
Thursday evening In tbe city hall and
Lieutenant-OoTernor of New
York "Will Combat Eoose
velt's Choice.
Easterner Believe He Can Win Of
fice When President Tries to Crarfi
Taft Down ; Throats of . Common
People. ' -.'"'yf- '' ' '
it was.. unanimously decided. , to. accept I nurnberwlU be of the same' stripe,
the proposition. A cffmmittes offteerrf West crthe 1sBlsstppr-ttaer,wm be
something- Wee l.s aeiegaie. every one
of them a Koosevelt man. With this
aggregation all the president will have
to do la press the button, and the con
vention will do the rest. At this thna
was chosen to call upon the business
men and the property owner to secure
uharrlntlnna tn the canllal stock. By
Friday afternoon more than naif or tne
necessary stock had been subscribed and
it Is thought that it will not take long
to secure subscriptions to the remain
der. The stock has a car -value of 1100
a share and 1 placed on the market at
,so per anare, one-rirtn or tne price
of the stock Is payable upon demand,
one-fifth when the first five miles of
road have been completed, one-fifth
when the first ten miles have been com
. nleteil one-fifth when twenty-five
miles are completed, and tbe remainder
. upon tne completion oi tne enure roau.
"wYf." "'' Biff SopOBtt. - .:u -r-
As guarantee of good faith the syn
dicate, has deposited 25,000 in one of
tha local banklne- houses and will begin
- the Immediate construction of the road
a aoon aa the people here subscriDe tne
. stipulated amount, of capital stock.
There la no doubt in the mind of any
one who is familiar with the conditions
, that the road will be a paying proposi
tion from, the very first. , .
1 lie country inrouan wnicn ion ruv
"w1TTlEass"lSome of the most produc
tive in eastern Oregon. After travers
ing Powder valley for a few mile from
Butter City the road will go Into the
hills, tapping lower Powder. valley and
cnntier and s-old mines in the Sparta
district.-The road will afford an out-4
let for the ores of tne ncn copper mines
that are now being developed in the
rich mineral section east of Baker City.
. The -road will then proceed east and
will secure a heavy tonnage from the
VIII. kl.k MtvmraA with imtlllftna
of feet of fine timber. It ha been lm-4
possible to place mi umner upon me
market because of the lack of transpor
tation facilities. v !... -
The products of Eagle valley will also
be placed upon tne market If this road
la built from Baker City. This valley
is one of the most fertile and produc
tive in Oregon. It la a veritable garden
spot and produces fruit and vegetable
In wonderful abundance.' The surround
ing hill are-covered with-cattle that
could be fattened and shipped directly
to the large markets. .
' Blah ItlBUr Platrle. ' -
Beyond Eagle valley Is Pin valley,
which la larger and equally, aa pro
ductive as Kagla valley. At the head
of Pine valley In the Cornucopia moun
tains are some of the richest mine in
Oregon. Thousand of tons of or are
now. awaiting shipment to the smelters
to have tbe gold refined from tbe rock
with which it 1 mixed.- Many of the
rich mine of this section have 'not
been developed because of the lack , of
transportation facilities. With the com
ing of the new road there will be an
era of development in the mine of east
ern Oregon suca ha never been
known before. . - -- -
Development work 1 now being done
in many of the mine in the Seven
Devil country of Oregon in anticipation
of the building of the road down Snake
river. Tne road wnicn will run rrom
Baker City will pass through a richer
mineral country than that reached by
the Snake river road and will be the
outlet for a - much larger amount ef
With the building of the road to the
Seven Devils country 1 the promise of
the syndicate that a smelter .will be
erected in Baker City. If this smelter
1 erected It will add greatly to the
prosperity ef Baker dtr and will be
the oause Of great activities In the mln-
Inc section east of here.
within the last year two copper Broo-
rttes, practically undeveloped, have
been sold for 1400,000. There are many
other properties - that are Just as rich
as ins ones mentioned, out aa yet mey
eaure not been fully explored and no
aeveiopmom won aone. :rnese proper-
tie win r investigated - at once ana
development work started slnoe the new
road win arrora an outlet for the ore.
Garfield Real Estato Move.
: Garfield, Wash., Sept. . C. H. Walk
er of Ballna. Kansas, ha iust Durchaaed
the Led better brick building on Cali
fornia street rrom tne uarrieid Land
com tan v for a consideration of 11.600
Mr. Wadlck has purchased 100 acVes
of land weet of Oarfleld for which he
paid ts.suo or 160 an acre.
(United rress V Leased Wire.)
Washington, Sept.- t. There lv,
great deal Of interest manifested her
among Republican politician aa to the
Character of speeches- the president will
make on hi southern tour. He 1 sched
uled to mak flv talk, and It is known
that ha put a great deal of hla time tn
on them at Oyster' Bay this summer.
Whether the speeches will bo academlo,
ofwhat might be oalled political, I
what good many people with . Wall
street connection would Ilk to know.
Aa yet. no on, not' oven the ubiquitous
Loeb, ha an Inkling aa to what the
president baa on hi mind.
'4' he politicians who have been oppos
ing Taft have just awakened to the fact
that the president aerlously Intend to
force hi nomination on the party.
There will be (92 delegate in the next
Republican national convention, and 407
will be enough to nominate. The south
will furnish ISI of these delegates In
the shape of federal officeholders. The
delegate from the territories, it in
Crisp, Toothsome and Beqnlre Kp
: - Oooklaf. , . ..TV:
A little boy down In North Carolina
asked his mother to writ an account of
bow O rape-Nut food had helped their
. She say Grape-Nut was first brought
; to her attention on ft visit to Charlotte,
vrhere she visited the mayor of that olty
who was using the food by the advice
Of hla physician, fib says: , '
' "They derive o much good from it
that they never pas a day without
using It. While I was there I used the
food regularly. 1 gained , about 14
pounds and felt so well that when. I re-
, turned home I began using Orape-Nut
In our family regularly.
. "My little lt-montha-old baby shortly
after being weaned was very 111-with
dyspepsia and teething. She wa sick
nine week and we tried everything.
She became so emsclated that It wee
painful to handle her and we thought
Severe oini to iuav oar. um amj m
n thouxht urged mo to trv Graoe-
, -r soaked in a little warm milk.
"Well. It worked Ilk ft charm and shs
began taking it regularly and Improve
ment set in at once. She Is -now getting
well and round and fat as fast aa possi
ble on Grape-Nuts.
"Sometime ago several of the family
were stricken with La -Orlppe at the
ame time, and during the worst stares
we could not relish anything -In the
shape of food but Grape-Nuts and
prurtres, everything ele nauseated us.
"We all appreciate what your fnmous
roM h done for our family." "There'
t iiMnn." Read "Th Road to Well
riuv la pkes.
it look a If Taft wa a good aa now
' It i suspected that on reason why
the president la going to make theee
five speeches is to pave, in some fash
ion, the way to this result. The pro
ceeding Is a little high handed,, even
for a Roosevelt, and need a llttl soft
ening. .
The Democrats In the south are alive
to what i going on, and they Intend to
line up this time behind ft live candi
date. It U expected that when Presi
dent Roosevelt visits the south Lieuten
ant Governor Lewis Stuyvesant Chan
ler of New York state will also be
there. ' Governor Cbanler ha been in
vited to make a southern trip by some
of the most Influential Democrat In
the south. Since the candidacy- of Chatt
ier for the presidency has been an
nounced the Democratic leader la the
south,, who have been at the . capital,
have taken very kindly to it. ' --
Chanler"- father came - from ft moat
distinguished southern family. He mar-
rled the daughter of John Jacob Astor,
and made hla home in New Tork, where
he won fame aa ft lawyer. - - . .'
-. In - thla sense the southerner look
tmon Chanler as - on of - their ' own.
They' feel that thl Is. hot th tlm to
ak th Democratic convention to name
man who Uvea In the south for presi
dent, so, In rallying to the support of
cnanier, ineyi are aoing a next -Deei
mini. - -
.Chanler will not. disappoint hi aouth-
ern audiences. He has a pleasing per
sonality, stand over six feet and 1 ft
fiery orator when he geta ft going.
His visit to th south will stand -out
In vivid contrast- to- the -one mad by
Senator David -Bennett Hill of -New
York on his memorable hunt for south
ern delegate ft dosen year ago. Hill
wa cold and calculating, and never
for ft moment could, he get away from
the business that took him south,'
Chanler . 1 ft good mixer. - He I a
chivalrous aa a Bayard, and while he
will keep hi eve open for anything- that
"Is doing" politically, he can be relied
upon to measure up to th requirement
demanded of ft southern gentleman.
It, Is predicted here that when Gover
nor Chanler gets through ' with th
south he will have th -delegate of
every state that goee to - make up th
"oiid soutn" wiui mm. ,
The candidacy of Chanler has given
the Democrat ft waking up. It ha
brouaht all th flrhtlne- men in the oar-
tv to th front, and they now talk hope
fully of winning. - Of course the fact
that Chanler is ft millionaire may . have
something to do with that. Politicians
are known to be much more eager for
battle when they see th ehadow of
th 'Hong green" even In the distance.
Be thla as it may. Chanler i a, force In
the Democratic party, and will continue
to grow irora now on. - .- - - -
Woman Who Claimed to bo Notor-
; long Holy Roller Proved to
be Importer.
' - "pedal Dispatch t Taa IcnraiL) ,
Aberdeen, Wash.. Sept . That th
woman claiming to be Eathar Mitchell
of Holy Roller notoriety, who wa ar
rested, by thepolio here last Thursday
night, 1 an impostor ha bee" shown
by th receipt of ft message from th
superintendent of th asylum at Stella'
eoom, aaying that Esther ; Mitchell . 1
till there. .......
A woman by th name of Esther
Mitchell la wanted by the authorities at
Tacoma, and it la thought that thl
woman - may be th one. She told ft
rlaualbl story and resembles very much
he on who name ah bear. The
police here were completely deceived- for
ft time. Th woman baa again disap
peared. ... . : r.- '
' (Special Dtaaeteh e The JeeraaM
BqlseJtdaho, JBept tv-- Suit Involv
ing title to land ihclu31ng ft pifTof The
river bed of th Snake and of the Sho
shone fall have just been filed in th
United State court. - The oases were
taken in ft cang of venue from the
countlea of Lincoln and Twin Falls.
The great Shoshone tt Twin Fells
Water Power company la the plaintiff
and Ex-United State Senator W. A,
Clarke et aL defendant. -
Th power company l. seeking to
have the land condemned. Thl course
la taken by the company in further
ance of It Dower plant and irrigation
project.. - . r
ine Dig notei mere is inciuaeo in
th tract of land Involved tn the aults.
N. M. Rulck I attorney for the de
fendant and 8. H. Hay for th plain
tiffs. . ... .
(Special fM.pateh to Tee 7nraa1.) '
Boise, Idaho. Sept. Citlsens : of
Caldwell will Invite William J. Bryan to
that city when he visit Boise Wednes
day and should he accept will render
him a rousing reception. If he atnna
at Caldwell ha will come on to Bolae
over the KoIho A Intemrhan railway,
accompanied by the Caldwell band and
ft ouwutUte of d'vU:n frora that flac.
;r...-;.; '; ' y r7':.
..... : . - V ."a, - '
p'w - ... ; . m
-. , t't-.r; . -'t I
' - - '.
:i''"::v;,-V-.;y:-:r ' jr-NV
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this City take time this week and visit our JUVENILE,
DEPARTMENT, the handsomest and most comfortable
shopping place in Pbrtland---If you do not find more ; v
suits on our trikrtna
we will not ask you to purchase., '
' :: " :'uy .: - '; ' . "v ' ' y " j.. f '.y v .
They are all NEW and FRESH-this season's choicest y
patterns It is araost needless to say they
' So that the JJoys may start off for school ON TIME
we will GIVE AWAY with each School Suit AN INGER-
SOLL NICKEL WATCH guaranteed for one year.
Every requisite for School Wear, except Shoes, in our store.
V t?A TvnvTrs. nr nTun?o
ir- f . : ' . 3llr.JJXi.VJ VA-W A. A-iV
v Wc bought two producing gold properties of SIX claims
. each and consolidated them into 0NL
Wc Are Selling Stock in Producing Gold Mines
- . :-'',;,;y;,'y." ?w;:;vj:;:y i "y.-- :'y ''''I' y:r--'
Not in'progpecta or hope-to-be'," ' Bat our mines are not producing a they should. .We have owned
them but a few months, and our predecessor worked with the pick, shovel and wheelbarrow. - We most
get out of that .old-fashioned, slothful rut. We have a mountain of rich ore, but the rock is worthless
to us unless we fet it out Then this rock is susceptible of treatment by tbe cyanide process cheaper
method by $8 to $12 per ton than by smelting. - . . ,v j., vu, .... , ( : . -
We are now selling chares of stock to raise money
to make these additions to our plant When!, this is
accomplished no more shares will be disposed, of.
And in addition to our PRODUCING gold mines
'.We. have consolidated these also with our gold
mines, and each share of stock covers both our gold
'and copper holdings. These mines are located in
Siskiyou county, California just over, the border
line of southern Oregon, and only 390 miles from
-the city of Portland. The fare by rail is only $12.60.
and passengers leaving Portland at 7:45 p. m. will
reach their destination between 4 and 5 next after
noon V.; " ; V'V" ''."" : X '"y:''
But within a few days our stock will, be- 75 cents
per share. It is worth more than that today. -We
ousrht to sell at par now. but to ouicklv raise the
funds to make the improvements necessary to our
equipment we are willing to make the sacrifice. We
are willing that others should hsve s shsre in our
prosperity that the treasure we possess in northern
California should enrich and gladden others equally
with ourselves. :
In turn scores of these mines have made their 1
owners these small investors rich, large numbers ,
of the millionaires of these dsys dating the begin
ning of their prosperity to the time they, Invested,
their meager savings in mining stocks. , ' .
-Here are 18 instances of the accumulation of mon
ster wealth through mining , ventures. We could
name 18,000 similar instances and not exhaust the
list The "millionaires of the mines" sre found on
every hand. , In fact, the gold mine, the silver mine
and the copper mine is the short cut to opulence.
No man can ever acquire very much wealth on an
ordinary salary. We have shown in our advertise
ments, that a man working at $10 per day, every
working day of the year, would earn less than Z2,
000 in 10 years. , ' - ,; t
Robert f. Scott of the First National Bank, Portland, Invested $150
: v i y ; : in and Cleaned Up $1 05,000 in Two Years: y
We offer such an opportunity to all readers of this advertisement todsy. Will you embrace It? Ponder
for moment this list of names. Every one of tne following made their wealth in gold mines:
W. R, Hesrst Estate ';w..i,-.$40,000,000
-C Pr- Huntington. . , ... t ,. a . 35,000,000
Leland Stanford ;...V...r. r..r.. 23,000,000
ames O. Fair 25,000.000
larcua Daly 25,000,000
Senator Clark 25,000,000
Charles Crocker 22,000,000
Peter Donahue .-S.. ........ 20.000,000
J. B. Haggin l.T. 20,000,000
y- ----:y.-r-z:.
TELHONES: MAIN 8115, A-1857
Claus Spreckels . . . . ........ . . . . . ...... .$20,000,000
Sharon- Estate .Tr....."..".Ti.Tn7r. . .... 20.000,000
Mark Hopkins ......n, 4... ...... ...... 21.000,000
Thomas F. Walsh 20,000,000
W. S. Strstton .,... 15,000,000
John W. Mackay 10,000,000
James O. Flood 10,000,000
William S. O'Brien 10.000,000
Lick Estate 10,000,000
iti i mimvj yw nil nil i
. 205-207-208 Couch B!dg.
fcrth end Vashingtcn Sts. Pcrtland, Ore
Cut cut end mail this cc'jpcn to us today
The Champion Group' Mining Co. Couch Bldg
Fourth and Washington Sts., Portland, Or.t
1 Gentlemen Please mail me, without cost to
pion Group Mining Properties, and oblige, -
- - - - .jt0t ..... . ... (
Name. ,
Street and No....
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r the electrio circuit by
. anr capable . wireman
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