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Industrial EipositIon'Will
lie Opened Tomorrow in
- Southern Oregon. "
i r v
Governor Chamberlain of Oregon and
Governor Mead of Washington are
' ; Among the Speaker Who are on
''-' the Program. ' ' ' ,
(Special Dtaeetce to Ts Iniwl)
Grant Pass, Or, Sept. S. Arrana-e-y
menu are now complete and everytblag
.In readiness for the "fifth annual con-
' veatloa of tha Oregon Irritation eonven-
tlon, which maata In conjunction wita
; tba Rogue River Industrial fair la this
' city baginalng tomorrow, September 10,
, and closing- on tha craning of 8eptem
' bar 11. Tha paopl Of areata Peas nsve
: spared so effort or expense to make the
: convention and fair a grand success. .
' Not only Qranta Paaa, but erery town
- and settlement In Joeephlne. aa well aa
tha towna of Jackson county, are unit-
l . Ing In tha effort to make thla tha banner
. , event la southern Oreaon history. Be
; sides tha several thousand people of the
. immediate vicinity wbo will attend
- - there will, be several hundred visitors
"and delegates from other pert of tha
; state and from other states.
No loss than eight officials high la
- rank and from several departments In
Washington will be present, several of
. whom evil) deliver addresses. Among
these will be Mr. Newu of the reciarna-
tlon service and Mr.. J os.or tne.lorrsii
aenrtcaTjrheir"ii)eilera wllr"te. Gave
nor Chamberlain of Oregon and Cover,
nor'. Mead of Washington, Joaquin
Miller of Oakland, California, and Tom
' Richardson and George H. Hlmes of
Portland. ' Tba Oregon Agricultural eol-
Iega will be represented on tha program
iy three of Its leading Instructors.
There will be a fine stock show.
r'oultry show and a baby show, with
ibaral prises for tha winnara In each.
- There will be a dally suction and amuse
tnenta of various aorta The following
'.. Is the program for tha three days:
Tuesday, September 11 a. m.. bal
' loon ascension: 10 a, address: of
weloorae by Hon. H. D. Norton, re
' sponee; 11 a. nv, organisation of Irriga
tion convention; S p. m., address on
IrrigaUoa; :1Q p. m., baby show; i
p. m.,- automobile - parade; - p. nv,
addresses in opera house. .
Prises will be awarded tn tha baoy
September 11 a. m.,
u m.. addresses; : I
. m 4 M.iiMlAn, and kllilrHHM? .
? p. m., aquatic sports boat races, canoe
races, canoe maneuvering contest, hitch
t dive, swimming races; p. m., addresses
and discussions, j. -
Prises will ba awarded In all sous tic
events. I
alarm box (t and turned la tha oaU for
assistance. Before the current had
roused tha big bell lnte aolloa the
flames were shooting through tha roof
and from every window of tha nearly
constructed ' building, making a solid
wall of flame from l he , second story te
tna roor and niga aDove. .
f When tha Are started tliere ware It
men employed on the building, many of
them being oa tba roof at tha time the
alarm waa given by those below. Tha
men on the second floor hurled them
selves throuah tha windows te safety.
but those above that were driven above
by - the - apeweeping flames. , Walter
Welch, eae of the first to escape, rushed
te where a hoist rope waa dangling from
tne too of the bulldlne and. seisins- ths
lower enev flrew it out and, away from
the flames shooting throuah the second
story windewa Calling te those who
had not yet made their escape ha dipped
the - rorxj in while the men a-rebbed It
and slid
in while the men srrebb.
dowa to safety- throua-h the
nre. naraiy naa tne last ma a reached
tha around before the fierce heat burned
the rope away. Three men Robert
Moore. Thomas Forst and Charles Reed
maue their escape dowa the rope from
ins intra noor.
Chris Salmose. a foreman am r loved
by the general contracting firm, waa at
wora on one or the upper Doors at the
time of the alarm and for a time was
thought to have perished In ths flames.
Late It waa learned that he had jumped
from one of the windows and escaped
without injury.
Taylor jatnpea waa picked
up by a man named Mlmondson and
placed In the patrol wagon by Patrol
a. vi u l 1 . wuv ! u I 1 1,. Htm tv ."V
Good Samaritan hospital. The Injured
man waa revived at the hospital. "
After the first alarm had baea turned
In from box 1. two calls were sent
from boa 14 and special calls were sent
for engines I and T. Engines 1. , i.
v, y, i nil m rvnpimuBU m vn. suiruu,
while trucks 1 and 4, cbemloal com
panlea 1 and 1 and hose companies 1
ana were aieo called out. -
" Oomflieatieaa Arise. ;
The Haselwood bulldtna waa a mas
sive structure and had been planned b!
Architect Richard J. Martin. It- waa o:
mill construction with extra heavy
beama and -timber; The main work wa
boina done by the Mclnnls St Reea com
pany U nde ordinary oi mi m a t a noes It 1
would appear thst the loss following the
firs would fall upon .the contractors,
since they had not yet completed the
bulldtna or turned it ever to the owner a
A ' eomDlicatlon has arisen, however.
from the fact that the Haselwood com
pany had taken personal charge of the
Receiver of Oregon Savings
Bank Unable to Set Date
of Completing Work.
' s
A lease on the quarters occupied by
the Oregon-;Trst Ravings bank is
among valuable assets held by the bank.
The lease has II years more ; to run.
The bank's rental for the corner la $760
per month. '
Receiver Tt C Devlin, who is handling
the work of ferreting out all the bust,
ness comnllcetlons and settllna? the af
fairs of ths bank without accepting the
volunteered Assistance of the banks of-
llcera. will name ne probable date for
making his report to the court, tie gives
no assurance that the report will be
ready this week. He said:
"1 shall not make any promises as to
whea this report will be ready. The
work In connection with it la so much
larger than I expected that' I. am not
able to make any forecast aa to the
date of Its completion. So many papers
nave 10 rm oean wun ana so mure um
is consumed In stralshtenlne out mat
tern by mall that the time loot Is be
yond computlna. and new matters re
quiring more time are coming up every
"V- - - ' r : -
' ' , tfc--j- '' ,
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show and automobile parade.
stock parade; 10 i
tire started. Which raises tha nolnt as
to whether the Haselwood company will
noi oa airecuy accountable ror tne un
til done by the fire. The building was
to nave neea occupiea ucioDer l.
Kadderly'a Transfer company suffered
a small loss when, the embers burned
a hole In the roof of their building at
110 Third street. Fires also started nt
the southeast and southwest corners of
Third snd Ollsan streets but were nut
out .before causing much damage. Em
ployes In the shops and bulldlne sur
rounding the Haselwood structure were
st work soon after tha fire started with
lines of hose which they kept turnej
on the buildings to prevent a spread
of the flames.
Wadhams aV Kerr Bros.' and the fu
ton Meat company's buildings, sttanted
a crone the street from the Hasnlwood
structure, were saved because of the
direction tf the wind and the energefic
manner In which employes kept pour
ing water on them. Despite the efforts
of the amateur fire fighters, the In
tense heat snd flying eparka started
msny an incipient blaas, while windows
were cracked and melted. ,
. ' Thoeaaada Tlew Fire.
Thousands of persons stood about. In
terested spectators of the lire. The
ing, "public ' opinion la Vancouver be
came ao aroused over tha Increaae In
ovwniai lmjmgratioaJhata syndicate-
Japanese boarding-house keener who
hsd gone Into the business of encoursg-1
us uniniiriuua iron japan ana Hono
lulu te the United State, aent its repre
sentative, a Mr. ChilllnvawnrlK. from
Honolulu to Vancouver and Victoria to.
iooa into tne matter. After he bad gone
oyer the ground carefully he announced
that hlS COH1UBV VmiM lmnAr ut am
2?J Jpsneie from Hawaii, he putting Icon.
not been a flnanclsl success. . .. . , . w
Koaew PaM Baek.
Thls syndicate, it seems. - paid the
Japanese who came la on its steamer.
ths Indiana, lit a head an that thev
Thursday. September 11. t a rp. 'terminal yards of ths North Pacific Ter-
stock parade, awarding of premiums mlnal company afforded aa excellent
tu exnioirs:
10:10 a. m stock sales:
2 p. . m., banebnll game at A. a
around. Mdford va Grants Pans. '
On Thurrday evening there will be a
minstrel show at ths opera house. .
place from which to view ' tha v lira
C.i Curious men, women snd boys stood
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structlon of their recently finished
building at Spokane.' The second snd
1 third floors were being lined throughout,
celling, walls and underfoot with a new
composition known as "Sheet Cork In
sulation.' This is composed of ground
cork mixed with liquid asphalt and
i pressed into bricks or nheets soma three
inches or so In thickness. Thc-se sheets
or bricks are cemented upon the floors,
walls snd ceilings snd srs then covered
with either cement,- pitch - or asphslt.
.matins ine iiniamng coat ana
Ins a wall almost abaolute
conductabillty of either heat
The task of putting this highly
flammable coating upon the two floors
of the new bulldtna was a particular
one, being the aecond attempt to be
made in the northwest.
The Haselwood company had taken
the taak of fitting u? the eold storage
rooma upon its own shoulders and had
imported William Bach, who had done
; the Spokane work to aupervlse the task.
Bach whs at work at the beating appa
ratus at ths time the fire started.
According to the story of Bach and
others a small bit of the heated asphalt
belnc used to line the Insulation was
dropped In dipping It from the melting
at ana, coming in contact Wltn the
flame of the coaJoil beater, sprsng lnte
a blase. -' t
- - With a roar the whole- second floor
i burst into flame and before the men
above knew what had happened their
means of escape had been cut off by
a eweeplng wall of flame. Bach saw
what had happened and he rushed to
1 ' ii i jj
la bout waiting' for the unexpected to
happen, railing beams ami burning tim
bers caused tnem to gasp r and -raise
their voices In excited shoutsl as lahey
craned forward to the dead lines in
efforts to ascertain whether any of the
firemen standing close aboat and In the
burning building were Injured. "
Rumors of acctdenta snd of men
burned to death flew from mouth to
mouth furnishing food, for gossip- to
the crowd. For a long time . it was
bruited about that one of the employee
had been unable- to eecape from - the
lira - Persistently and with Increasing
graphlo description the curious ones
told the story of how the man had
been seen rushing " about seeking to
(Women Avoid
might comply with the Immia-ratlon and
and quarantine laws. Aa anon thev
ware landed of eonru thla nnnev
repaid to the syndlcsta. The dominion
Jpvernment decided te cancel the syn
Icate'a charter because of the nnmiiai-
antagonlam to the Japanese, and this
waa dona The boarding-house keepers
then put In a claim for Ji.OOO.-which
waa settled for 11 300."
Under tha treat
aowrgineT e UIT4
Mlnto, the number of Japaaeae who caff
m mh mt aominion is limited to a
pertain number urh ti.i.
course did not refer (e the Japanese in
neweii. wnore the largeat part of the
immlarants came fmm m h.t i 1.1
little to help out the altuatlon from tht
anti-Japanese point of view. Consul
General Mom of. Japan has been con
ferring . with Sir Wilfred Laurier and
the- dominion government for some
time but no irnnni...! tkmm
feoted-Tret. -Nosse declared .that he
sympsthlaed with ths western view of
the immigration problem and would do
all in his 'power to Influence his gov
ernment to limit it aa the Canadians
Whaa a vroaoaa anffarine from
female trouble la told that aa eper
atlon la Becaeeary, It, of course
f righteng her.
Tha very thougM of the hospital,
tha operating; table and tha kaiia
strikes terror to her heart.
It la quite true tat these troub
les may reach a stay where aa ope
ration la tha only resource, but a
great man women have been eared
by Lydia E. Finkhama VeeUble
Compound after aa operation haa,
keen decided upon aa the only cure.
Tha atrongeet and most grateful ' ' "" ,f " " V 'I'
statements poasible to m&ka oome from women who by talcinf
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
made from native roota and berba, have escaped serioua operations, as
evidenced by Mine Rose Moore's ense, of 807 W. th tit.. . Y. Kh writes:-
Dear Mrs. Plnkham:-"Lydla K. Plnkham'a VegeUbla Compound haa
cured ma of tha very worst form of female trouble and I wish to express
to yon my deepest gratitude. I suffered intensely for two years ao that
I waa nnable to attend to my dutiea and waa a burden to my family. I
doctored and doctored with only temporary relief and oonntantlyobjeetlng
to aa operation which I waa advised to Undergo. I decided to try Lydia
E. Plnkham a Vegetable Compound; it eured ma of tha terrible trouble
and I am now in better health tbaa I have been for many years."
Thla aad other such eaaea ahoeld encourage every woman to try Lyr
dia E. Pin kham'a Vegetable Compound before aha aubmlta to an operation.
Mrs. Pinkham5 Standing Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are Invited to
promptly communicate with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Maaa. From the
symptoms given, the trouble may be located and the quickest and wrest
way of recovery advised.
Presbyterian T , Association
1 Elects Its Officers For
Ensuinir Year.
Damage Suit Against Port
land Railway Company is
Dismissed. ' . .
Object to
"Home lime
the oriental eiclu-
escape, until the contractors ascertained
that all had been saved.- .Taylor alone
belne Injured. ; ,
When the fact became known thai no
r it rmw nin DHn in.T in tn ri m
In ItS tlOn IhWltftlAM. : MIMMMMiI ,IUMltD,l.
or coio. I the nrobahllltv of Inlnrv tn tha
I who heeitated rlak . tn
1 '
September 26 Hat Betn
. Set as th- Date for
Openlnr Sale
Ijocatad oa the Chicago, Milwaukee
A at. Paul railway la Idaho, to be sold
v at public auction.
The opening sale of lota la Bt Joe
will take place at Spokane, Washing-
ton, Thursday, September !. " '
r - The town of et Joe la located on
the Pacifle eoast extension of the Mil
waukee road in Kootenai county, Idaho,
on the St Joe river, 19 mllee southeast
of .Coeur dTAlene, In one of the flasst
. agricultural and timber lands of Idaho.
A new lumber mill Just started on
ploys Is men. Another mill now
under eonstruetlon which will have
doable aha capacity of the one now In
operatkai will be completed by January
1. . A pwolng mm with a capacity of
!I.Nt fst per day will eoon be built
and a large paper mill la contemplated
,. oa thla site, . . ' ; -i.
. Ne lots will be sold before our open
ing sale) everybody wlU have aa equal
chance to get a choice location."
-This town will afford excellent op
portunities for , erery branch of busi
ness. ,..
Sale will commence ' at tha hour of
f p. m. aharp. In the Elks' temple, near
the postoftloe, eipokane. Wash ......
- Moderate pticse will be placed on
theae lots and purchaeerra will be re-
rired tor bid for- ehoioe, Besy -terms
" given. . . . . -'''.,.
ror further information write or ap
tly te Western Townslte company of
Vsshlngton, .
, a w. morhow,
Oeneral Townslte and Iand Agent.
In jrnMa HM, PpnVane,. or ftf
. U. H. H H-TON, .' '
lowuslte AuoUonser, Id
ante, the
building to stop the flames. Commenda
tions oi tne orsve manner in wnicrt tne
men stood close to the fire fiend snd
IlteraHy engaged In a hand-to-hand fight
with the demon were heard from every
side When Chief tave Campbell en
tered the burning building with a hand
ful of men holding a hose, the spectators
fairly held their breath-at the temerity
ui tne Tireinen. .
Although the clothing of the fire
fighters was soaked with water, which
slso filled their boots and ran dripping
iroin tneir ooaies, ins xiremen sjways
welcomed the men who came around
with a bucket of drinking water. Soaked
as thev were, their hands end facee
Jrehed from the terrific-beat that set
Ire to telegraph poles hundreds of feet
Campbell Worked WeD.
' Chief Campbell end" Tittr men stayed
within the building until the timbers
fell down from the upper t stories
inrougn tne rurnace or roaring names.
narrowly- missing ' the men aa they
struck the flooring at their feet. "Huge
showers of sparks and clouds of smoke
would rise from the crash that followed
the fall of the timbers but the firemen
fought on without regard te their own
Forced for a time to vacate tha atrne.
ture the men toe up their flsht from
the outside, where they played water
rrom te lines or nose into the mass or
flames. Strong ae were some of the
currents which played upon the fire.
they were feeble in comparison with
the eeethtng, struggling flamee that
seemed almost snlmate In their efforts
te destroy the struoture.
Bricks that had been subject to the
intense neat eracxea ana crumbled and
fell crashing down from the force of
tne streams turned upon me eteammi
walla. Cracks appeared In the two-foo
brick walla and everybody waited to
see whether they would so weaken the
struoture aa to bring It tumbling down
upon the men whe were trying te nave
it. bo oeaiy weesenea wee ine nortn
wen. wnere enter tJampoeii - ana ni
men stood mounted In the second and
third story windows. It will have to
be torn down.
W. HeSraokett. Superintendent of eon.
structlon, etood about watching the de
vastating fire eleen out the interior of
the building end remarked that bat for
tne heavy beams waicn nad been uei
In the construction the walla would
have fallen. He eald the beama were
lino Inches, ana saved the owners a
total loss because or their atrenartn.
i trie nortn
wall would have to be torn down be
cause of Its weakened oondltlon. At the
northwest eorner a Urge crack opened
up, and at another place light 'Oouid be
seen inrougn ine wait. ,
' : eMa-av
I ' (PtHfle Cneet Press Leased Wire.) '
1 Can F rand eoo. Sept t. Ieft to die
by hie assassins, whoee Identity are un
known.-Albert Miller, a cement worker.
At the meeting of 'the Presbyterian
Ministerial association held thla morn
ing the following officers were elected
for the-ensuing yean President. Rev.
B. E. 8. Ely; vice-president. Rev. O. EL
Blair; secretary and treasurer. Rev.'D.
A. thOmpSOn, .. I ... UM that aha he k
Ths session was oocupled mainly witn hie .e nt. t S iT".7-r- "..1
., Because she failed to appear tn the
circuit court this morning to testify, the
suit -for 18,000 damages brought by
Emma Shaman 'against the Portland
Railway company was dismissed when
It waa called for trial. Miss Sheman'a
elon league was
wtcaBraunto, -witn tne avowed pur-
r- - iy.un.uii - Japanese and
Chinese lmm mi i. l.i.
branches were estsbllsbed in Victoria
7' ..r - , aavmoriais- were rorwarded
to the federal government asking It to
act , In the matter and efforta were
made to cell as Internstlonal eonven
month? ""f Ju"Uo, rlr this
.w xplalned when the trouble
first started that many of the Japanese
would , not stop over in British Colum-bj"bui-w'r
bound' for the states to
ln T?Jlro,.',,"n on Japanese
plantations. The idea waa, 1 fancy, to
smuggle them ever the Uam." - - '
Mr. Mints said thst there was no
denser of war over , i . "
"thetr1" w "omethtng thatwouia havs -tn
S?--.."ai?w bT th. dom'nlon govern
?iSBV;n.d thi;f wov,1b no opportunity
for hasty action. The city, of Van
couver, however, would . doubtless be
asked for an Indemnity by the boardlna
hou keepers snd merchants who had
suffered damage.
IB years of age, waa found unconscious,
suffering from a fractured skull iste
last nlaht He died aaveral hours later
at the Central Emergency hoapital.
', Last of Special Rates.
- September 11." It and It wCI be "he
last opportunity te perehaee ex ours Inn
ticknta to eaatern points at , special
rates. It you want a eomfortable trip
travel via the Canadian Pacific Make
your reservations now.
' Accidents wllj happen, but the
uea the pais aad heels Uie hurts.
in. but the beat-
regulated families keep pr, Thomas' Kc
lectrle Oil for such smergencles. It gun-
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ii i ; -
; - wcii-anown uesirs to try singer
Hermann, R. A. Booth and John H. Hall
f!Z Jto,?p hJmn Portland thla month.
It is believed his desire to prosecute the
Sa2 f.rno!Sco, rf "re la much stronger
snd It Is likely he may even turn over
trg, tcTBrlstol J'."
Another subject baalde land fraud
c".?fw tht, oapocted to be dlecussed
wlU be a plan to retain Bristol In office.
The prospect of Bristol's retirement in
December at the Instigation of Senators
Pulton and Bourne will be a factory ln
J!!""" .tn opposition of the eaaea
If Bristol Is to be retired It is not con
sidered probable that Heney will turn
over many cases to the Oregon man, .
Today and tomorrow will be the lest
eys of discount on west' side gas billa.
(tTslted Frees Leased Wire.)
Berlin. Sept . More than 100.000
soldiers are engaged In the annual army
maneuvers todsy near Hanover. The
emperor span i me nignt en the field la
u .wwun nouse. Alia live
reminiscences of the vacation time. Rev.
A. J. Montgomery telling or his expe
rience of climbing Mount Jefferson, Rev.
J. E. Snyder telling of his deer hunting,
Rev. William Hiram Poulkes speaking
of his eastern trip and bringing greet
ings from Rev. Kdgar P. Hill of Chi
cago. Rev. IX A- Thompson told of
bicycle trip through . the Yellowstone
national park.
Rev. A. J. Montgomery announced
that the dedication and celebration of
the quarter centennial will be. held In
the Third .Presbyterian church next Bun
day, with a sermon by Rev. J. F. G norm
ley, .who was Its flrat pastor, and a pop
ular meeting- Tuesday. September 17,
which commemorates the exact date of
the organisation of the church.' -
The dedication of the Vernon church
will take place September 21 at I
o'clock.- The Portland number - ef the
Interlorr-whleh Is now In preparation,
will be issued about October la,. :
i-v--' r- ' '
Athena Schools Open Next Week. v
' ' (Seeeial Wee tea U The Jesrsstt
Athena. Or Sept t. Athena public
schools will qpen Monday, September
10. The following teachers have been
engaged for the ensuing termt
with her parents In Polk county since
tne acciuent, ana was tailing mentally
and was either unsbla or unwilllna to
eairy a
The complaint xh
her, loa. -Miss ' ehsman left a street
appear and teslfy at the trial.
i ne complaint Charged that la Onto-
omer Watts, principal; James H.
Mlsa Carrie
R -Scot tj-assletant principal; Miss Otb-
bonn, Mrs. H. I. watte,
Sharp and Miss EngdahL
car at . . Thirteenth and Montgomery
Rtremisvana ine piatrorm gate waa lert
pen on tha aide of the car next the
other track. She stepped down on that
side. It le alleged, and was struck by
a car going In the opposite direction on
tne otner traca and dragged about
r ' Spetal' IHapatcli ' te The Jonrsal.) ?T
- Astoria, Or., a Bept, .i.Arttcles V it
Incorporation of the Sluslaw Invest-'
ment company have' been filed by K.
Z. Fergtfson, : Ct R. Htgerlns snd V.l
Warren. ; with capital stock . fixed at
I180.090.V - The company has' purchased
0.000 acres of timber land on-the Slus
law river containing many million feet
of standing timber. The following men
have been elected officers: J.- T. Rosa
president; O. w. warren, vice-president:
E. Z. Ferguson, secretary; J. E. His-
gins, treasurer. Benjamin Sweet of
Wisconsin is . aiso a member , of the
board of directors. . . .
Todsy and tomorrow will be the lest I Todsy and tomorrow will be the last
days or discount en- west -Sine gas niiia.-gavs or aiscount on mi ; Mile,
f JarvcloDS Crgains Rccuy
M 8 A. 'El tiieay '
Every Hern Advertised on
Sunday for rJonday Business
Will Be on the Counters for
Thousands that go urimentioned will be added,
making Tuesday's sale the '
niosl Sluperiddus and Im-
Chronicled at Any
Time During ISO?! '
All salespeople and store helpers
will report for duty at 8 a. m. sharp.
Cor. Y amhill and Third Streets,' through to Second.
with their recimenta.
sons are
potter Schedule for Remain
der of Season.
Potter wlU aall front Ash
Tueeday. September I, I
day, Bsptember 12. in. mi
Steamer Potter will
a. m.:. Thursday. Bsntember
Saturday. Bentember 14 11 .
ets at city ticket office Third
Ingtoa streets.
m. Tick
and "Wash
' (tTalted rress Uased Wire.)
Norfolk. Va. Kent. The
efl ef Red-man nr thrirmtialii.iea
-kit in Armory nan and will continue
to next Baturdav. rjalavataa h.
P" ' l!LVmm eo terntonea and It
is estlrasted that fully 1,009 members
of the order are in the elty.
t 1 i i
Tedav and tomorrow erllt t.m I-
aya ef discount oa west side gas bills
- - Oa!te rees Uased Wire.) -' :
Clllceso. Sent. rlt la offlnlallv da.
nled by the telegraphers that the B0Q
operators employed by brokers and
newspapers on leased wires will ba
called out. They asv that in no event
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Potter Schedule for Remain-
v dcr of Season. t
Bteemer Potter will aall from' Amh
street dock Tuesday, Bentember 10. I
a. m.; Thursday, September 12, a. m.;
Ksturday, Beptember 14, 11 a. m. Tick
ets st city tlrket Offioa, IJUrd and
Washing to streets. . . i
Sale of Watches
Including: all the world's best makes and in the
standard cases, A choice of any size, either in
ladies' of gentlemen's watch, open or hunting
ease. :" -, ':" : ;.'-- . -
, Warranttd for 25 Year? '
We want to prove tha fact that we can and do
sell the same and better watches lot less money
on credit than any other Portland jewelry, store,
whether they be a cash or credit houte. ,
Watches Included In This Sals
Elgin Boss -. . ,'-
Waltham Works Faheya C
Hamilton V09 Crescent vaSCS
Hampden Dueber . ; .
. An unrestricted choice at the sale price of '
, Only $5 DcWand 50c a Weelr.. '!'::":;.::C
I. Qevurtz & Sons
Best!ces Properly Fitted
Moderate Prices
7th and TIACPtMTlMi A 1 10 7th and
Wash. Sts.
Wash. Sts.
The Best $3.00 Hat in the World
Fall Styles Now Ready :
'The) Addition.
With Chareotsr'
THE trees alone, to
say nothing of tha
i y -.. '-.'; other charms, ' arc
simply mslttng all who visit Irvinsrton Park enthuii'sstic
Beside, it is an investment that is bound to make big money
for the lucky ones who are buying nowtf Secure your lot don't
delay another day. r Prices and terms are easy. Tha first to is
' half .the battle. : ,,- .. -u ' ,. U -.. 'V .
Alberta ear to Elit Twenty-seventh, go ' three blocks north to
Killingsworth avenue. Agent F. E. Schwan pn grounds all the
time. .''
MAIN 529S.
- a . V - v