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3 aaaMaaMaaiBlB .i..... ..m.
Old Tennis Eivals' oss
.Jiackets at mingwn
at Five o'Clock. ,
Drawlnss, In Ladies' EvonU Were
Held Last Night and Play in hem
Begins Today Results of Yester
day's Contests Today's Schedule
Ulter A. Goss, x-stat champion,
Jnd Brandt Wlckersham, Irvlngton club
champion, will engage In a tussle at th
Irvlngton courts at 6 o'clock thi after
noon to determine which ahaU remain in
the annual tournament for the cham
pionship of the club. The men are old
rivals and the match. If not the best,
will certainly be one of the best of the
Wlckeraham plays an exceedingly
brilliant game, while Gobi relies on
steadiness, accuracy and headwork.
Krom an exhibition point of view Wlck
eraham plays better tennis. Again and
again he haa been picked to defeat Qosa
when they met on even terms, but he
lias never sucoeeded in a tournament.
This year, however, he is playing a
stronger game than ever and It is be
lieved by many racket entnusiaats mai
Goss will succumb to his fast work to
day. Wlckeraham won the Irvlngton
championship last year when Ooss was
on the land fraud Jury and unable to
compete. ,
Btohx direa Benham Hard Boa.
Seven matches were played In the
tournament yesterday. Perhaps the
best was the one played In the club
Championship between K. K. Benham
and I. Rohr.' Benham won both sets
by olose scores, the second set going to
14 games, a very unusual record. The
score of the match wan 6-4, ll-U.
Rohr had a lead of four all and 40-16
In the first set, but Benham took a
spurt and won the game. The next one
he took without the lose of a point.
In the second set Rohr had a lead of
4-1 and later of (-8, but was unable to
land the winning game. With tile score
"point set" at one time Benham sent
him a short lob, but he banged It into
the net and the fight for the set con
tinued. Rchr chopped strong and lobbed
deep, .while Benham excelled in steadi
ness and covering his court. Benham
was In a hole in the second set numer
ous times, but his nerve always proved
equal to the occasion and be pulled him
self safe.
The summary of yesterday's games
Yesterdays annua ry.
Men's singles, club championship R.
R. Benham beat I. Rohr, 6-4, 13-11. W.
W. Benham beat L. Starr, 6-. 6-0. Ooss
beat Morse, 6-8, 6-1. Wilder beat Ladd.
6-2, -l.
Men's singles, open handicap Wolf
(receive 18) beat Warren (owe 8-6),
6-1. 6-8. Snow (owe 6-6) beat Humph
rey TOW 8-6), 6-8, 7-6. 7-6.
Men's doubles, open handicap Ooss
and MeAlpln (owe 40) beat De Schwein
lts and Reynolds (owe 3-6). 8-6, 6-1.
Karaite of Drawing.
Drawings were held last night In all
the ladles' events, and play In these be-
f lna today. The results of the drawing
Mixed doubles, preliminary round
Miu FYinllnv and Mr. Shlves. 0-30. vs.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrlgan; Mrs. Northup
and Mr. FUher, 0-15, vs. Miss Moore
and Mr. McAlpin. ...
First round Miss Morrison and Mr.
McKensie, 0-16, vs. Mrs. Judge and Mr.
Knntt os-: Miss Goes and Mr. Wolf.
scratch, vs. winner in Fording and
Shlves; Harrigan and Harrlgan, winner
Northrup ana f lsner; Moore ana mc
Ainin vs. . Misa Fox and Mr. Cawston
0-16, 6-6; Miss Leadbetter and K. Mo-
AlDln. 0-16. vs. Miss Koehier and Mr,
Rnnw 0-1 E.
Ladles' singles, preliminary round
MUs Moore, 0-16, vs. Miss Stiver,
scratch: Miss Northrup, 0-16-3, vs. Miss
Leadbetter, 0-16-3.
First round Miss 'Ooss, scratch, vs.
Miss Foraing, o-au-s: Mrs. judge, u-io
vs. winner Moore-8tlver match : win
ner Northrup-Leadbetter match vs. Miss
Fox. 0-30; Miss Lamberson, rec. 16, vs.
Miss Campbell. 0-3-3.
Ladles' doubles, preliminary round
Miss Moore ana Mrs. juage, o-io, vs.
hjsv, r. j. axxzv.
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Grateful Words Prom
Portland, Ore., Aug. 20, 1901
Being much annoyed with Ecsema'for
three months, last spring J went to Rev.
P. J. Green and took two days' treat
ment Before the second day Ife!t
that the disease was destroyed. Mr.
Green's talk was so uplifting spiritually
and intellectually I felt I had my
money's worth before he treated me. -
J Jr MRS. r. G. LEO, '
Milwaukee, Ore.. Aug. 20, 1907.
I was healed of Rheumatism through
Mrl Green's treatments. Astigmatism
compelled me to wear glasses , for two
" years. ' Mr Green said - thtee months'
treatment would (heal my eyes. 81x
weeks did ths work. a My eyes are per-
feet and true. I have not worn glasses
since that time. April. 1906. I am bap
:, pier and stronger In every wsy. . . i,
. v : -':
v I V '! f - . K '
. A , ; it
', .A "
-4 , , ' ,
;5 -
t ) - ' -4,
J - t. -." v
f V ' 'j
J , -
-,r J ' '- - - .'!"' -;V,y,.:
i ' , ' '
i'? "-it''" I rs;. ; , j 'ir.'i'K'
, V - -. ' tyi iy
. - , V. V , t ' v 4 ..-: -si.
Who wll win the Oans-Brltt fight
at San Francisco on September If
Why do you think soT
Joe Gana and Jimmy Britt are two
of the greatest lightweights that ever
donned a glove. Perhaps it would not
be going It too strong to say that they
are the two greatest Each has a long
line of victories to his credit Both
are great fighters and both have the
science of boxing from A to Z.
Oans and Britt are the only two men
who have ever succeeded In beating that
iron man of the ring;. Battling Nelson.
since the Dane mastered the rudiments
of the game. . . .
One year the black phenom inea ror
43 rounds to put out the Battler, but
Mrs. Northrup and Miss tampoeu,
soratch. . ,..
First rouna miss uauin ana mium
Ooss, reo. 1-6, vs. Mrs. Cook ana miss
Leadbetter, S-JO; winner Moore-juuKe-Northrun-CamDbell
match VS. Miss Fox
and Miss Fording, 0-15-3-6.
The drawlno- of the ladies' singles,
club championship, resulted as follows:
. I n Jl 1 ... Vrfiw Ula, I A.J
better vs. Miss Moore; Mrs. Northrup vs.
Mrs. Judge; Miss Lam person vs. aiiss
Ooss. . . .
xoaays aoaeanie.
10 a m. Miss Moore vS. Miss Stiver;
Un Nnrthrnn va. Misa Leadbetter.
11 a. m. Miss Lamberson vs. Miss
Edgar vs. W. W. Benham: Kats and
La 3d vs. Ewlng and Herdman; Miss
Moon and McAVpln vs. Mrs. Northrup
and Fisher: Misa Leadbetter and K. Mo-
Alpln vs. Miss K-oenier ana unow.
9 n m Rosenfeld vs. Benham: Tur
ner vs. Morse; Miss Morrison and Mc-
Kenaie vs. Mrs. Judge and Scott
4 p. m. Andrewa vs. De Scawelniti
Wolf vs. Snow.
6 p m. Wlckeraham vs. Ooss; An
drews and Wilder vs. Humphrey and
" The Cleveland team took a great brace
on the home grounds.
It is said that Manager Clymer of
Columbus Is to succeed Ned Hanlon at
The New York Highlanders missed
the brilliant work of Hal Chase on the
western trip.
You might as well pay all bets on
the Chicago Cubs as National league
Unless the unexpected happens,
George Stone will not be the champion
hitter for 1907.
The eastern American league teams
played better ball during the last west
ern trip than on any previous trip this
There is not a great deal of honor
In second position, still the Pirates and
Giants are working hard to land next
to the Cubs.
The White Sox have caught their seo
ond wind and will no doubt fight to a
The Philadelphia-Detroit series at De
troit drew 24,633 fans. This Is a rec
ord for three games In Detroit.
The NaBhvrfle team In the Southern
league, which started the season riding
in the gold-plated band wagon, is now
nearlng the calliope.
Outfielder Thonev of Toronto - who
has been signed by the Boston Ameri
cans, has had a trial both at Cleveland
and New York.
The Brooklyn Buperbas are lighting
hard to pass the Quakers, but the
Philadelphia chaps won't budge.
Rumor has it that Joe Cantllllon haa
bought the San Diego team in Caiifor
nia. Joe will own a sufficient num
ber of clubs after a Trhlle to start a
league of bis own.
A atorv is toins the rounds to the ef
fect that George Tebeau.wlll fight the
maj.'?-leagues next season wim teams
in uieve ana. rictuDurn ana
Cincinnati. Isn't George the brigand?
The New York club still floats tlte
National leaeue and world's champion
ship pennants of 1906 at the Polo
grounds. The iants just wont part
with those old banners.
Umpire Jack Sheridan says he will
retire at the end of the present season.
This is Jack's twenty-second year of
continuous service.
Danh Hoffman of the New York
Americans and "Circus Solly" Hoffman
of theCubs, both play centerfiald and
head dU batting order of their re-specty-e
Texas Jones, a former umpire of the
western association, is now managing
the Gulf Coast Leacua team at Mon
roe, La., ,.; .
r ' , ; - .
Six hundred loyal fans of Dallas have
organised a rooters' club to encourage
tuc.r home team In its light for the
Texas league pennant., .
Ambrose McConnell. the clever second
baseman of the Providence team, will
Join the Boston Americans at the end
of the eastern league season. ' v . ,
" t1 It
failed, Nelson losing on a foul In the
forty-second. Three times Britt fought
Nelson in San Francisco. The first
time he rained a decision by a close
margin. The next time he fought Nel
son at his own game and was Knocked
nut Tha third time he won on a de
cision in 26 rounds. In this fight he
had Nelson nearly as badly beaten as
(ion a haa mm at me ena or ii rounas
.t Holdfleld.
"This man Oans was Just made for
me," says Jimmy.
'Til carry the money home, says joe."
Which will wlnT The fight is still
ten days away. Write your answer in
not more than 76 words and address
to the Journal's sporting editor. The
answers will be published sometime
between now and the date of the fight
Frakes and Tigers to Have,
Strong Teams in Field for
Pennant Fight
One of the best Tri-Clty league games
of the season is promised for tomorrow
nftftrnnnn n t thn Const learua rrounda.
Twenty-fourth and Vaughn streets. The wojkt armory Unlay andtomor
competing teams will be the Frakes and possible before the contest,
the Kelso tiKers. the two leaders in the Nelson has been training at the
race for tne pennant xnese iwo teams
are but a few points apart, and the win
ner will have a good hold on the pen
Klnn ia nrnlnc with almost an en
tlrely new team, made up of the best
ballplayers they have been able to se
cure from the Northwest league and
elsewhere. Erlckson, late of Spokane;
Graham, late of Butte, and Hearn or He
pttlo will ha nmon( the Tlaer nlavers.
Thn tfrlan rnns will come to Portland
In a large force and have sent word that
they are bringing several mousana aoi
lam alonar to net on the Rame.
The Frakes. however, are prepared for
them in players, ll not in money,
' Ennon Call
",'-whra McC"e11 Ie" S
hnme: Schimbff. the erratic but bril
llant and always popular utility man,
and Pokorny, will be among the Frakes
The gams Is programmed to start at
Cocktails and gasoline do not mix.
and the sooner a certain set of motor
ists realize this the fewer will be tne
A flat road cheeretn the spirit but a
flat tire Jeereth it.
Owatonna, 'Minnesota is among mo
western towns with a newly rormea
club. . . . .
The Infanta Isabella or Spain nas
Just purchased her second touring car.
Plans are being formulated by the
Elgin (Illinois) Automobile club for an
Illuminated D&rade.
Tt has been decided that the Targa
Florlo of 1908 will have the same rules
as the Targa of this year.
Blr l-nentung iiang unenr is one oi
tho most ardent motorists of the dlplo-
miitir corns at Washington.
The new terman law promous any
person under 18 years or age rrom anv
l n or an au tomoblle or motorcycle.
. tn New York state there are 6.793
unprotected railroad crossings to 1,940
protectea oy gates, iiugmen or pens.
The work on the Long Island motor
parkway is going forward as steadily
as If there were to be a cup race on It
this fall. M M
w. i.. Edison, son of the famous In
ventor Thomas A. Edison, himself an
Inventor of note, has entered the auto
mobile business. '
Officials of the Florida East Coast Au-
tnmnhiin asRooiation have asKea tne na
tional body to take charge of the races
there next marcn.
NAver annlv the brakes suddenly.
The in -nlwiavs arave danger' of strlD-
nlng theatre from the wheels or of
afrolnlnir th. mntrtr
The sum of $14,000, cleared bV the
Automobile club of France on the Grand
Prix, has been set aside as a reserve
fund for future races.
Angels Beat Commuters.
Los Angeles. Aug. il. Los Angeles
ran away from Oakland here yesterday.
Score: R.H.B.
Los Angeles . 9 11 1
Oakland ? 4
Using Vtoux the Qrava
A prominent - manufacturer, Wm, -A.
Fertwell, of Lucama, N. a, relates a
most remarkable experience. He says:
"After taking less than three bottles of
FJectrio Bitters, I feel like one rising
from the grave. My trouble Is Brlght's
disease, in the Diabetes stage. I fully
believe Electric Bitters will cure me
f ermanently, for It has already stopped
he liver and "bladder complications
which -have troubled me J or years."
Guaranteed at Red Cross Pharmacy.
Prica enlx t0a - - -. --.. , -.
Beayers Have Now Lost
Eight Straight Games
in Southland.
(Joorntl Special Service.)
San Francisco, Aug. 31. The Seals
shut out the Beavers hers "yesterday,
making It four straight on the aeries
and eight defeata In a row for the north
erners since they left home. Score, t
to 0.
The visitors hit Henley safe three
times In the fourth Inning, but poor
baaerunnlng was responsible for their
not putting a man or two over the plate.
Aeronaut Robert Groom walked three
men in succession ta the third lnninr.
allowed a hit and then threw the ball
away in an attempt to catch Irwin steal
ing. 11 was me slowest rame se
this season. The official score,
rame seen here
AB. R, H. PO. A. K.
Casey. Ib. . .
Burdette, cf.
Bassey. If. ..
Donahue, cf.
Atherton, lb.
McCredle, rf.
Mott. 8b
Oroom, p.
Moore, &
Totals 31 0 1 14 13
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Hlldebrand, If.
Spencer, of. . .
Wheeler, rf. . ,
Irwin, 3b
Melcholr, rf. . .
Williams, lb. .,
Street c
Btrelb. 2b.
Henley, p.
Totals 2 t 4 27 13 1
Portland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Hits 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0
San Francisco 00200001 3
Hits 1 0 1 1 0 2 1 2 8
Two-base hit Irwin. First base on
called balls Off Groom 4, off Henlev
2. Struck out By Oroom 6, b Henley
S. Hit by pitcher Melcholr, Wheeler,
Burdette. Double play Fay to Dona
hue to Atherton. Time of game One
hour and 46 minutes. Umpires Perrlne
and Moore.
t Pittsburg Pittsburg, 2-0; Chicago,
At Boston Boston. 2: New York. 1.
At Philadelphia f nnaaeiPhia,
Brooklyn, S.
At Seattle Seattle, 6; Aberdeen, 6.
Major Robert F. Reld, who is to fight
Carl Nelson, for the broadsword cham
pionship of the world at Multnomah
field, Monday afternoon, broke up his
training quarters on a ranch near this
city yesterday and returned to Port
land last night The veteran swords
man is a picture of health and declares
that he la in condition to fight the bat
tle of his Ufa He wUl do a little light
armory or me xnira negimeni. lenin
and Couch streets and also declares
he never felt better. The horses to be
used by the swordsmen have been care
fully trained for their work In tho
arena and apparently are as eager for
the fray as their riders.
From the number of tickets already
sold and reservations for seats In the
grandstand, the management of the fight
are wondering where they are going to
seat all tne spectators, as mere win
undoubtedly be a larire number of per
sons who will be unable to rina seats.
Company F, and a special detail of po
licemen will be on nana to Keep tnein
off the field and out of danger. Man-
ager Alden stated today that Targe dele-
Rations are coming irom Vancouver
and nearby towns and the attendance at
the contest promises to De even larger
than at the Intercollegiate football
games last year.
Wabash vs. Oregon City Grays.
The Oregon City Grays and the Wa
bash club of Portland will contest at
Willamette Falls tomorrow. Shortstop
McBrlde of the locals is displeased with
Spokane and has written fern Drone ror
his old position. It Is Bare to say tna
"Streak Mack" will be seen on the In
field. Johnson will be retained. Cap
tain Stammers, the popular southern
California coast leaguer, Is responsible
for the classy article or oaii put up Dy
the Athletic club boys.
A aame Is belna arranged witn tne
celebrated Vale team for September 16,
and a challenge Is being considered from
the Tyee White Bocks, Tacoma cnam-
plons. The management refuses to con
sider challenges from nonrecognlzed
Tennis Stars at Cincinnati. -
(Journal Special 8erTlce.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 31. A number
of the best racket wielders of the United
States and Canada are on hand tor the
tri-state tennis tournament vhlch began
today on the courts of the Cincinnati
Tennis club. Prominent among the en
tries are BeaJs Wright of Boston, W.
C Grant. R. D". Little, H. L. Westfall
and Robert Leroy of New York, J. A.
Ross and A. C. Hopkins of Chicago.
During the coming week Miss May
Sutton will defend her title as trl-stato
champion. Beals Wright will not de
fend his title as trl-atate champion In
singles, but will allow that honor to go
to the winner of the tourney. He will,
however, blay in doubles with Llttlo
and In mixed doubles with Miss Sutton,
Central A. A. U. Championships.
(Journal Swdal Service. )
Chicago, ug. 31. The cream of the
amateur HLHICim U i IHHCIIIJ o m n gniu-
ered at Mkrchall today today to take
nart In th annual track and field cham
Dlonshlos of the Central A. A. U. The
Iarae number and hlKh class of the en
trants combine to give promise of some
record-breaking periormances.
The events that make up the pro
gram Include the 100, 220, 440. 8S0, mile
ana two-mile runs, high Jump, broad
Jump, pole vault hammer throw discus
1Z0 hlgn nuraies, zzv low nuraies ana
shotput r-
Spantoa vs. Forest Grove.
The Rnanton ball nine will cross bats
with the Forest Grove team tomorrow
at Forest Grove. The game should be
one of the ranee si in tne vauey tms
vur aa Forest Grove has had an un
broken string of victories, and the Span,
tons claim the championship of Port
land, having beaten the Kelso Tigers
and other Tri-Clty league teams and
amateur nlnea The SDantons will em
bark for Forest Grove at 11 a. m. from
Stark and Fourth streets. '
. Preferred Stock OanneA (teaa , ,
Allen Lswls Beat Bras4. - '- ' 1
Does Knockout Stunt in
Friendly Bout and Apol-
ogizes Later:
Beguiles Opponent Into Relaxing Hl
Guard and Then tand the Rig
Kick Time Ho Tried to Put Ont
Jeff "In Fun."
, . By C E. Van Loan.
If there is one thing in all the world
which Is harder than teaching an old
dog new tricks it Is to teach that same
old dog to forget the tricks he knows.
All of which is preliminary to the
latest adventure of our aged friend,
Robert Fltzslmmons Raspberry Bob.
After the Jack Johnson affair, which
should have been enough to send Bob
back to the farm fur keeps, the big.
ftooi-natured fellow allowed them to kid
ilm into appearing at a benefit in a
three-round bout with Sailor Burke.
That three-round exhibition thing
used to be Bob's meat and drink. He
loved to Ret a fellow into the ring a
fellow who thought pretty well of him
self and who expected to go away and
brag of the things which Fltxslmmons
tried to do to him and failed. And
though It was all a friendly bout with
soft k loves and without hard reelings.
Raspberry Robert would manage to land
one poke on the chin which would cause
the ambitious one to wonder who tied
the mule loose.
That was a nice little way Bob had.
And be always apologized so sincerely
that half the time he got away with it
on the grounds of ah unavoidable accl
The Chesty Bailor Burke.
This Sailor Burke person Is a very
chesty tnree or rour-rouna rignter rrom
New York. He was matched to meet
Johnson, but the Joke was too good to
keep and the match will probably never
come on.
Burke Jumped at the chance to spar
with Fltssimmons. When the men met
before the bout Fits showed his right
arm and explained that It was very
"I 'urt me arm before the Johnson
fight' said Bob, "an wotever you do,
Sailor, oon t urt It again.
The Sailor said he would be careful.
The first round was a nlc, easy spar
ring match. Just fast enough to keep
everybody satisfied. In (ttet-eecond round
Fltx squealed as he was pulling out of
a clinch.
"Ow! You're hurtin' me arm! Look
at it what you've done!"
Sailor stopped to look at the suffer
ing right and as he did so the left
whizzed over and down went Burke, flat
on his back.
He eot ud a very angry young man
and in the third round, at the end of
which both men were to fall, he started
a slugging bee that was on the level
no Joke about It. Fits asked him to fall
and make a good finish but Sailor In
slated that Fits fall first and finally
the aged one dropped to the ground. Of
course the Sailor says that he knocked
Fltx down in the last round.
It all goes to show that old age has
not cured Robert of his habit of showing
off In company.
TJp at Harbin Spring's.
Burke may or may not have played
even with Fltz in thla last outbreak
of the old trait, but there was once when
Raspberry Robert started something
which he could not finish., and it was at
Harbin SDrings. '
It was when Jeff was training for
his second fight with Corbett and his
staff consisted of Fitzaimmons, whom
he had twice defeated, Joe Kennedy and
his brother Jack. J off, always a hard
worker, decided one morning that he
would see how much work he could do
without dropping dead:
He started on the road and covered
16 miles, uphill and down, most of It
at a dog trot. In the afternoon he
skipped the rope for more than an hour.
punching the bags, worked with the
wrist machines and at the end of two
hours of the hardest kind of work called
for the gloves.
"Now you suckers will have to fight
today," said Jim. "I'm going after you
hard, so look out for me'
It happened that Fltz had brought his
new wife with him and the old fellow
was delighted when he saw that Jeff was
plainly tired. Fltz was to go on after
Kennedy and Jack had had enough of
it Fltz explained to his wife that he
was sure that he oould whip Jeffries
and he Intended to prove It that after
noon. " 'E says 'fight!' " whispered Bob. "My
word! Watch me go at Mm!"
Before His Hew Wife.
Kennedy ran Into something In the
third round and refused to come back
and Jack Jeffries Quit at the end of the
second. Then Bob came up for the fin
ishing bout Jeff was streaming with
perspiration and apparently winded,
Fltz wasted no time, but waded in
with lefts and rights, hitting as hard as
he could swing the gloves over. Jeff
understood the situation at once and the
thing developed into a real fight, both
men trying hard for a knockout
Jeff says he never fought harder in
the ring and at the end of the third round
Fltz dropped into a chair and weakly
signaled the helpers to remove his
"I didn't want to hurt the old boy."
said Jim afterward, "but when he told
his wife that he was .going to put me
away, I had to show him up. None of
that 'knockout In fun' business for me."
The next we hear or Kasbberrv Bob.
he will be fighting welters In exhibi
tion bouts and calling their attention to
a fight in me crowa, tne same giving
mm uie opyunumiy to bud tne mtt
New Code Adopted by Last
Congress Will Go Into
Effect Tomorrow.
(Journal Special Serrlce.)
Washington, Aug. Sl-The denatured
alcohol regulations, which, were made
necessary by the amendatory act passed
by the last congress, will com Into ef
fect tomorrow. The old regulations
were found to be unnecessarily string
ent at some poiatakand the new regula
tions will liberalize materially the goy
ernment's mthod f handling the denk-
tured" alcohol Industry. . J
Under the new 'regulations. In addi
tion to - denaturing - warehouses- on - dis
tillery . premises, central denaturing
warehouses may be constructed at such
points aa- business Interests mij re
quire, and alcohol may be transferred
from denaturing warehouses by means
aX tanks or tank oars to consumers, t
That's all moonshine. They are
fpretendera" -'u-If
you can't ours a man, tan Mm
SO. '-':
Physicians use too many drog.
. There are only a few great Ann
worth handling I'll not nam them.
Dr. Wm. Osier In a recent address
to physician. i
I do not believe that the average
length of human life would be di
minished by an
hour if au the
drugs of Christen
dom were dumped
Into the sea bar
ring, perhaps,
, half a dozen.
Alfred Lefllng
well, M. D., Amer
ican Humane As
sociation. e e e
At last some of
our eminent phy
sicians are begin
ning to tell the
truth about drugs.
They have de
ceived the people
Just about as long
as they can, un
less they check
the advance of
science. It Is sci
ence that has
"shown them up.
It has proved
that man's body
Is electrical; that
eleotrlclty runs
our bodies and produces what we
call life. It has shown that most
all sickness and chronlo disorders
are due to a lack of electric energy.
It has taught us the worthlessness
of drugs: that they are only poi
sons, and poisons don't ours.
The reason drugs don't cure Is
because they do not help Nature.
Nature needs slectrlclty, nourish
ment, something that? builds up.
Drugs contain no i nourishment no
electricity Just poison which tears
My way of curing Is to restore
electricity where It is needed, and
pain and sickness will disappear.
That's because electricity gives
strength, power to the body, en
abling fvery organ to perform its
work properly, and when every or
gan is In a strong, healthy condi
tion there can be no pain or sick
ness. '
Wear Electro-Vigor while you
Xke WeU-Kaewa
Beet aa4 Bart
Bet stade a Uie stsdy ef roots sod herbs,
ad la taet stady dleeererea end le gtrtsg
to tbe world bis wonderful remedies.
He (aerentee to ears Catarrh. AetbBM,
taut. Throat, BbeaBitlsai .Norvoaeaees.
Nervous Debility, Btnmteh, Uver, KMaey
Tronbleet eleo tort Ma oh nod. rest lie Weak
nee end AD Private Dtaeaaee.
7 tut Beoelved rrom rekhis, Chlst lsf BmlH
end Sellable.
If yea nanoot call, writ for ayaptaai Mask
sad eireaiar. incus easts ia stasias,
188 ft rm st, oar. Mamies,
roruaao. 01
Haaae Meaties
Mustang Liniment
Qoes sjulokly to ths
vary eora of ths
dlseass and stops
tho most deep-set,
exeruolatlng pains
almost Instantly.
Mustang Liniment
Ouros ovary allmanJ
of Man or Bsast
that a good, hoasat
Liniment oan our.
Nona better,
Mono so good.
tt tbe worst dleeeee
on earth, ret tbe
eaeleat to cor WHEN
TO DO, Many bar
plmplea, spots ea tbe
kio, sore nt the
mouth, ulcere, falling
uair, none .peine, c
tarrb. and?jfo't kana
it ! ni.uuu fuiMiit. Bend to uu. BBOWN.
DSft A rob St., Pblladclpbia, Pnn foe
HROWN'3 BLOOD CUBE, 12.00 per bottle t
laite one mootn. sold la - roruaaa oir '
Wnoflwerd. riarte 'o.
Manufacturers using completely dena
tured alcohol are not required to swear
to an application ror permit,
One of the most Important features
of the new regulations' la that relating
to the construction and operation of in
dustrial or farm distilleries, whlea may
produce alcohol from anything;- that
contains fermentable matter. Indus
trial distilleries are divided Into two
classes. In the first class - are Disced
distilleries of a surveyed capacity of
60 proof gall on a Distilleries of tha sec
ond class are those that produce mora
than 50 ganona ana less than 100 gal
lons of distilled spirits daily.
Manufacturers using specially dena
tured alcohol are, under th new regu
lations, relieved from keeping a record
of the goods In the manufacture of
which denatured alcohol Is used.
V.;.,-V -..ii ' i- ii . '
' William R. Hearst haa accepted an in
vitation to be on of the orators at the
Labor day.eelebration at th Jamtown
exposition next mouth. J
slssp. - It feeds a sonstant stream
of electriotty to your nervea, aod
they carry It te svery organ and
tissue of your body, restoring bsaiUt
and vim. , , - , .
Electro-Vigor u a simple eUetrlq
appliance, eonstruetea on solentldo
Principles, and Is the produot ef my
twenty years' experience ia treating
With eleotriolty. , , , -. ., . "
It is not aa eleotrto bait It arret
nee da charging, for It makes 1U
own power continuously. .
. Electro-Vlo ia .
cheaper -than a '
cours' of drug
ging. "V- '; V;
Electro Vigor ,
cured me of stom
ach trouble and
rheumatism of
several years'
standing, and I
. muiLwr n mm
pains ' about my
I thank yon for
your kindness and
attention to me.
SSS E St.. Santa
Rosa, California.
This Is FREE .
Cut out this
coupon and mail
It to me. i I'll
give you a beau
tiful 100-page
book, which tells
all about my treatment This book
is illustrated with pictures of fully
Oeveiopea men ana women, snow
ing how Electro-Vigor Is applied,
and explains many things you want
to know. I'll send the book, closely
sealed and prepaid, free, IX you will
mall me this coupon. v
S. A. HALL, M. D.
148 mimors Street,
saw njurozsoo.
Please send ma nrenaid. vour
free 100 -page illustrated book.
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We make aa aismlas we 4 Dot BUSB
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Cm WtUmfm A SiMk fwllA Om.
Scoffs Sanlal-Pepsia CEpsdcs
For InfUmmattaa orOstarrh ol
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10 tar. Cure
tbe Bia4ieraBa VH
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went eeees ec w ra e
a Slew, MSMtter of kew
getaadint. Abaelstely
bW. Bold by dracslet.
rle M .ML or br snail, aoste
paid, 10, 1 boa, HM, .
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Every Xfomn
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MARVEL whfrilaq Spray
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If be nannot aapply tb
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outer, bat aena tump far
Uluatrated book W. tt.
fall penioalare aaddireettona la-
DBOA 00-4 SXOBSaV , , .
Tha Only Chines woman
doctor In thla city. ' Sti
haa eurd many afflicted
suf frera Curd privat
and femal dlseasea also
throat and lung trouble!
stomaoh bladder and kidney
and diseases of all kinds -that
tha human flesh 1
heir to. Cured by Chinas
herbs and roots. Remedies
Na nnerationa. Honest .
n arm less.
Examlnatlott fra. 161 Ciaf, :
St. corner Third.
Kldasy and Bladdtr Trcstbs
24- Hours
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