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The Weather Fair tonight and
j Sunday; easterly wind.
EW .j . i , ; !
-C 11 v . yi 11 r-'
Journal Circulation
VOL. VI. NO. 153.
' . . - ' ' . - 1 i " , ? :
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Die liMBED
Telegraphers and Companies
Each Claim Victory All
': Railroad Operators Will
Walk Out Unless Some
Agreement Is Reached. "
Business Men Sign Petition
to President Asking for
Peace Strikers ; Believe
They Cannot Lose Any of
the Points Asked. Y
(Journal Special ferric) ,
New York, Aug. SL Following the
signing of th petition by 80,000 busi
ness man asking President Roosevelt
to un hla lnfluenca to reetore tele
graphic condltlona to the atata to which
tha bualneaa Interest of the country
are entitled.' It la aald aome mysterious
Influence la at work to bring about a
aettlement of tha strike, .
There la raaaon to believe that unless
there la a quick aettlement the railroad
telegrapher .will become Involved, B
J. Small, praaldent of the Commercial
Telegraphs union, received a meaaag
from Chicago that within 48 hnura the
relatione between tha railroad tele
graphers 'and railroads have become
greatly strained, end be expreased the
opinion that ur condltlona were
remedied the telegraphers will walk out
That the telegraphers' atrika will
come to an end In lour days both com
panlea and striking operators sgree. But
each aide asserted that the other aide
would give In ,
Superintendent Brooke Brags,
Superintendent Brooks of the Weatern
Union aald he felt confident the atrlkera
would capitulate before next week.
"Kmpty pocketa will Bend them back to
.work. In the meantime we can handle
our bualneaa aa usual," he.-eald
The telegraphers' strike rerelvedthe
greatest boost since lta inauguration to
day when It waa announced that--con
ferenc of New Tork bualneaa "men, dls.
guated with the conduct of the Postal
and Western Union companlee aince the
strike began, were about to appeal . to
President Rooaevelt for relief.
Thla conference, according to the re
ports, declared that- millions of dollara
of business had been lost to them
through the unfounded claima of the
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Astoria thronged Now With
Visitors Drawn From All
Parts of State, Who Will
Attend Water Events and
County Fair. ,
Portland Fleet Is Arriving
Power Races Will Sur
pass Any Former Event
: Festivities t0pen Monday
- (Special Dlapatcb The JearaaL) -Astoria,
Or., Aug. SX. Preparation
for the thirteenth annual regatta and
county fair are now practically com
pleted ' and Monday morning will aee
one of the gayest thronga that ever
visited thla city to celebrate the popu
lar event. :. .'
Tomorrow afternoon and evening the
Norwegian saengerfest will attract thou
sands of those who are now assembling
here for a few days of recreation and
entertainment and then the regatta and
fair proper will begin In earneat the
following morning. A grand time ie
promised everybody and Mayor Wise aa
well aa the officiate of the affair are
doing their utmost to make all leal
welaome when they arrive.
Tha fleet of yachta and power boats
from Portland are expected here hourly
and It ia supposed that tha forerun nera
will arrive this afternoon. Indications
are that the power boat races tbia year
will surpass anything aver attempted In
that line in Pacific nortbwest watera
and possibly on the Pacific coast There
are- more fast boats now In operation
than during the last regatta or ever
before and this haa stimulated partic
ular Interest In these events.-.
. . acuslolana . Gathering-. .
Word haa been received from Port
land that among tha power boats will
be J. C Alnaworth's Rochester, John
Wolffs Vixen, Walter Honeyman'a
Nancy and half a dozen others. These
beert-are- -expected tot'-arrlve here to
morrow morning and during the day.
The saengerfest Is drawing large
crowds from all parte of the Paclfio
northweat, slngera and frlenda from
Seattle, Ttcoma, Everett, and other
Washington cities, going to awell the
attendance. Several hundred visitors
came from Portland on thla morning's
train and another large delegation Is
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. Secretary of Humane' Society Serves Notice on Federated
Trades Council That Aeronaut Cannot Carry. Live ,
Fowl Up in Balloon. . ' ; v
Corresponding Secretary W. T. Shao
han of the Oregon Humane society la
determined that the dropping of ia live
turkey from a balloon - on. Labor day
aa planned by the committee having
charge of sports In connection with
labor' big celebration - shall not take
lace. With thla end In view a letter
waa sent today to P. McDonald, secre-
- tary of the. Federated Trades council.
. It follower
"Mr. P. McDonald, Dear Sir; My at
tention having been called by - letters
and personal Interviews, also by en
closed announcement, that a live turkey
vwould be dropped from a balloon, Sp
tember,2, therefore, aa aecretary of the
Oregon Humane eoclety, it becomea my
duty to appeal to the mansirera and of
ficials of the Federated Trades, with
the request that through respect for
the state law for the prevention of
cruelty to animals and also the humane
aentlment of our community, your hon
orable confederation will kindly abandon
the announced turkey act and thereby
receive the unanimous approbation of all
humane people. Sincerely youra In the
cauae of mercy,
i "Correapondlng . Secretary.'
Turkey Drop or aTothlng.
When the matter was called to the
attention of Chairman L. D. Reed of
the aports committee the latter etatnd
that no attention would be paid to the
"We propose pulling- off the event
Juat as sdVertlaed," aald Mr. Reed. "Of
course if we are arrested or prevented
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1 , . 1
Warship Arrives at San Diego and Will Be Stationed at
San Francisco Second Torpedo Flotilla Is Defi
; v nitely Selected for Pacific Service. :
(Journal SpeeUI HsrrlcO
Ban Diego, Aug. II. -The United
States cruiser St. Louis arrived In this
harh9nast night from the Atlantlo
mawti station, being thev first of the
.arshlpa which were ordered to Join the
neei io oe aiationea in m i-acniB
to arrive on this const
The 8t juoule came to San Diego by
way of Cape Horn and had an unevent
ful voyage from ocean to ocean. She
will probably leave for Pan Francisco
thla evenlnr. whriyahe will remain un
til ornrs ro received Irom lb navy
Newport, It t. Aug. tl. There has
been a great deal of conjeoture about
which torpedo-boats would be Ben to
the Paclfio coast with the fleet to oe
commanded by Rear Admiral Robley D.
Gvana This was settled when It was
announced thla morning that the second
torpedo flotilla was appointed to the
Station In the Pacific
The des-oyers which comprise the
second trpr1o flotilla are ffte Hopkins
l,awrnce,.t vnippie, tiun, women ami
Tliese crart hfive oriniteiv
I to go to the Pacific coast
tleshliia which leave Hamn
'oemter lk for their Jour-
-ape uurik .
been select
With the be
ton Roada
ney arouad
Dr. Raffety Proposes a Sim
ple Remedy toSave Water
v ? Mains of the City.
' Electrolysis, . an electro-chemical de
composition that la 'eating up water
mains all over the - City, will be cor
rected If a plan .tuggeated to the water
board thttr morning by Dr. C II. Raffety,
one of the . membera. Is fmjnd practi
cable. - Dr. Raffety has spent cenaiJes
able time In an effort to solve the elec
trolysis problem and when he broached
the subject at the board meeting waa
promptly put on a committee to see
what relief can be given. -.
So far a known no city In the United
tvatea has adopted auch a plan,, al
though many of them -are complaining
of the gradual rusting away of the
pipes. Three hundred dollara worth of
copper and a few weeks' work, Dr. Raf
fety says, is all the expense tfck city
need go to. '
The doctor's plan Is to belt the main
with copper Strips at certain Intervals
with a copper wire running the length
of the pipe- conduct the current away
from the Iron. - 1 ...
. j Worked, well ta Alblne.
The only practical demonstration of
the proposed method eo far made and
one which proved a succeaa was that
adopted in the former Bates private
water system In Alblns. Mr. Bates
found his pipes rusting from electro
lysis and invoked the aid of copper
rlates and copper wire. He waa never
roubled again from electrolysis.
Owing to the peculiar phenomena con
nected with electricity it ia believed the
system will ba effectual. It haa been
noted by members of the board that the
greatest trouble from electrolysis is In
the Oresham neighborhood, where elay
beds are extensive. Moistened clav is
an excellent conductor of electricity
and aa soon as a current reaches these
f daces It leaves the pipe and diffuses
n tha earth. . . -
In leaving the pipe the great damage
ia done. The water In the plpa la trans
formed Into pure oxygen and hydrogen,
the latter disappears but the oxyaren
la attracted to th steel and causes hy
drated oxyde or acute Iron rust and
consequent puncture of the pipe.
Jolted With Eleotxlo Cuxreati -Every
time a car crosses . the Bull
Run pipe on the Mount Scott line an
electric current la sent bonndlng along
the main. The effect la said to be worse
In winter, owing to the excessive moist
ure. Other malna are experiencing the
same gradual decay and Dr. Raffety be
lieves In lime all of them will have to
be provided. -
Dr. Roffety In outlining the plan to
the board this morning aald:
"Scientific Investigation of the pecu
liar decomposition caused by exposure
of wter mains to electric currents
shows that the pipes are only effected
where electricity enters them and where
It leaves them again. The chemical ex
planatinn of the phenomena la simple.
"It la an established scientific phe
nomena that when electricity la con
ducted through water it separates the
hydrogen from the oxygen the chemi
cal elomenta composing Water. As the
elect rlolty enters the pipe It choose a
tolnt where there la moisture, a-well-nown
characteristic of electricity. The
elements are separated by the elec
tricity, tha hydrogen is freed and the
oxygen oxidises or ruata the Iron pipe.
Thla continual action . soon perforates
the pipe, usua'ty making a small hole
less than 'a half Inch in diameter. ,
Boat Sat Tery Fast.. '
"The rusting or oxidisation' of the
pipe takes place faster than the pipe
would mat on the surface where ft Is
merely exposed to tha oxygen In the
air, for tha oxygen separated from tha
water by the electro-chemical process
la almost pure.
"Now, I propose to encircle the pipe
with a bend of copper at places where
electrlo lines cross the water mains;
faaten a copper wire to the band lead
ing to a plate In a bed of coke In the
ground. This, J believe, will lead off
the electriolty without affecting the
pipe. It le a simple device and I should
like to see It tried."
A. H. Wllleta, a Grand avenue bual
neaa man, proposes to lay pipes on
streets other than those on which there
are car tracks as a remedy. For In
stance, be aaya he sees no particular
reason why pipes should not he placed
on East Sixth Instead of Grand ave
nue whw-they would not be exposed
to electrlo- currents from a b treat car
Une. - '
Three leaks were found In the Bull
Run main yesterday an! plugicd up
alter much difficulty. Streams. rveral
Inches In circumference were ald to
be Issuing from the aperture when
the workmen finally succeeded In shut
ting off the flow. All of the punctures
Ifin wlUUa a distance, of 10 feet,
Long Beach Woman Meets
With Mishap While Stand
- ing on Chair.
(Josraa! Special Bereka.) .
' Los Angeles, Aug. tL Mrs. . Laura
Scale of Long Beach was the victim of
a , peculiar mishap yesterday. . While
standing on a chair placing a Jar 'of
fruit on a high shelf she lost her foot
ing. As she fell a gold band ring on
her finger caught on a projecting nail
In the wall, and for severs! minutes
her entire weight hung on the finger.
It waa nearly cut off by the encircling
ring before she got free, and she still
suffers intensely.
A Jeweler had to be sent for to saw
off tha ring. - The flesh was torn loose
down to the tendons inside of her. hand.
Peasant Attempts to Market
Babes at Avellino and "
.Is Put in Jail.
1 (Journal Special Service.)
. London, Aug.- Si. A Rome dispatch
brings a story of an attempt to sell chil
dren In the market at Avellino. A peas
ant and hi wife brought two of the
children, twins, 4 month old. and In the
market offered to sell them for tiQ each.
The babies were plump and -healthy
and were bought by a man who offered
the price required. He was taking the
children awsy when ths police stepped
In and arrested both buyer and sellers.
. Uoarmal Special Serrlre.)
Peking, Aug. SI. The shadow of a
glgantlo rebellion hovers over the Im
perial palace. - With the arrival of
Yuan Shi Kat, commander of the chief
Chines forces, there betran today an
unusual series of deliberations concern
ing the corvdttlon of the empire. The
Imperial family believes the Chinese are
bent upon unseating the Manchu
Officials Appointed.
'(Journal flneda Berries.)
Oyster Hay, Aug. SL The president
thday announced the appointment - of
William M. Cutter, coiner of the mint
at San Francisco; August E. Muenter,
collector of Internal revenue In Cali
fornia, and Edward Sweeney, superin
tendent of the mint at San Francisco.
Wealthy Calif ornian Claims
That Evil Spell Held Iler
, Four Months. .
(Josraal Special ' Barries.) -v .
' Galveston. Texas, Aug. Slv Mrs. Car
lyle Westbrook, wife of an exporter
of Ban Ftanclaco and owning a big es
tate In her own -j name .lnf California
fruit lands, has bean -rescued by the po
lio from a maq giving the' nam 'of
Oscar Krueger, a student In hypnotism,
who claimed her aa his wife. The cou
ple were living together In a hovel In
Houston, the woman supporting , the
bom. ' ':.. V. '' : '
The woman declares Krueger hypno
tised her four month ago and that the
spell was not broken until a few days
ago, when she found herself In Hous
ton. She Is the mother of three sons,
she declares, and her married life haa
been happy. She met Krueger In Ban
Francisco In the early part of May at
a performance. She started for home
on writing her husband of the facta
Kruea-er asserted that the woman
eloped with him.- He admitted that she
supported the household.
"Mrs. Westbrook speaks several lan
guages and Is highly accomplished.
Krueger Is in JalL , ' -
Madame Melba Mars Ap-
, pears in Police Court
, With Her Manager.
. (Joareal BpaeUI aervlee.) -
, Marlnbad. Aug. SL A sequel of King
Edward' displeasure at the theatrical
performance - here last evening, when
his majesty left the theatre In disgust
owing to the vlleness of the songs, was
een In police court today.
- Herr Laaka, manager ' of the theatre,
and -Melba Mar,' the woman singer,
were brought to court and. the latter
fined 111 for having given an objection
able eons. Laaka escaped, as he was
Ignorant of the woman' Intention to
lng auch a song. The woman's defense
waa mat sne Deuevea sne was m axing
the performance more attractive.
Peary IIant Abandoned.
(Special niapatea te Tke Journal.)
New Tork. Aug. 31. The crew of
Peary' steamer Roosevelt will start
for home today and the Roosevelt will
spend the winter at Its present berth.
This confirms earlier reoorts that
Peary's fourth trip In search of the pole
is ananaonea ior one year.
The Sunday Joarnal Is for every one 'who can read, old and young.
Features to every one's taate will be found Hi thlax greatest of all news
papers. -.A few of them are submitted for your approval.-
Game risk ta Oregon It Is a fact that the stream and lake of fhl
state afford better sport than I to be found anywhere elae In the
What Kad Portland ramonst If you want to know the answer to
this question read J. I Wallln'a Interesting story in the Sunday Jour
nal Ma ga sine. . ; -.. . r
Saving the yoresf By' Herbert A. Smith. Forest service editor tell
of rigorous methods for preservation adopted b- Uncle Sam.
Till your sides ache when yon see the comic supplement Joyful,' darl-
Ing Maud meets with a mlahap, but her revenge la sweet. Jimmy and $
Zu-Zul 1 I Bunk and the Fairy and others.
Jangle Tlasbllght Every one like bunting adventure and the mys
teries of the African jungles, In stories. Read of the actual experiences
of one man In the wilds.
' KoWUty Ornsads Against Yto'e European monarcha at last ashamed
of misdeeds of generations and are joining In movement for cleaner
e morals.
X Only Union Leased Wires la rortland There Is no strike on The
T Journal s leased wires and It is the only Portland paper Which give yon
X all the new all th time. - -
I The Captivating Sunday Journal
Streetcar Rails Will Be Tom
i Up by City Unless Corpor
ation Lives Up to Terms of
-Its Franchise and Com
pletes Work.
Improvement of Thorough
fares Delayed for Months
by Dilatory Tactics of
Transportation Company
Council to Get Busy.
r i .it
in nnin n n
Railroad Magnate Today 13
Touring Through Great
Wheat and Irrigation
Belts of Crook County
Special Sent to Shaniko,
Trip Out by Way of Detroit
Given UpBend, . Prine
ville and Madras and Trib
utary Country Are Being
Visited by Party.
Drastic measure , are being contem
plated by the city authorities In deal
ing with the' street Improvement ques
tion where th tracks of the Portland
Railway; Light A Power company are
concerned. In th past large street Im
provement projects have been held up
by th company through their failure
to lay new track according to th speci
fications of the street .committee and
the executive board. ; : .
At the present time paving contracts
are being held up and hindered until ths
approach of winter will put their com
pletion over for another season, but in
th future the exeautive board will taks
ths situation by the borne and complete
Its improvements whether or no. '
-. WU1 Teas Up T?cs. v,
' It has "been decided according" to one
member of the executive board the next
time a contracting company is ready to
begin laying pavement after the con
tract has been duly let by the city au
thorities and th work provided for by
the council, that If the street railway
company has not done Its Share of the
Improvement by laying new rails accord
ing to the requirements of the city, then
the tracks will be torn up and the city
will proceed to pave the. whole atreet
juat aa though no track had been on
the etreet.
. In the belief of the executive board
the opinion recently rendered by City
Attorney Kavanaugh regarding the void
able condition of the franchises held by
the streetcar company gives the city
ample power to enforce Improvements
(Continue-' on Pars Two.)
E. H. Harrlman and hla party touring
central Oregon will com out via Shan
lko tonight and arrive In Portland soma
time Sunday morning. - A rush order
wa received today at noon from Gen
eral Manager J. P. O'Brien, who. la with.
Harrlman, directing th Southern" Pa
cific operating department to send a
special train to Bhanlko. The train. In
cluding Pullman and baggage cars, left
Portland at 1:10 o'clock this afternoon.
It has evidently become desirable for
the railroad magnate to proceed north
from Madras to Bhanlko rather than to
come out via Minto puaa to Detroit, on
the Corvallia Kastern, where his own
special train has twen, awaiting him
alnce Thuraday evening. The party
reached Bend today, and from there
telephone communication with Portland
was secured snd the orders of Mr.
O'Brien were dispatched. ,
Win See Wonderful Country.
The Harrlman party Is today seeing
the country In the region of niifefid,
Prlnevllle and Madras, where thera afa
evidences In plenty of the great ton
nage already there and more that erifild
be developed for a railroad if built
into that country. Their intention baa
been to look over the Deschutes Irri
gation & Power company's segregation,
visit the great aheep ranch of the Bald
win Land Livestock company near
Prlnevllle, and give Mr. Harrlman an
idea of what could be expected from a
country that would yield grain, graa
and livestock such as are produced,
(Continued on Pag Two.)
Attorney-General Bonaparte Will Extend Whitewash to
All Railroads Involved . With Qii Trust in Cases
:. - Now Pending in Courts.
(Journal Special Berrlee.) ' '
Washington, Aug. SI. It Is under
stood that Attorney General Bonaparte
ha decided that th Chicago tt Alton
railroad ha gained Immunity from
prosecution for giving rebates to the
Standard OH company. It wa for ac
cepting these rebate that the Stand
ard Oil company wa recently lined S29,
(00,000 by Judge Lands of Chicago,
According to the report the formal
decision of the attorney general will
be announced next week. Until this
announcement la made the course fol
lowed by Bonaparte in arriving at this
conclusion can only be conjectured. It
la understood that the assistance ren
dered by the road In convicting the
Standard will be given as the reason
for the Immunity bath.
Western railroads are not to far M
well as the Alton, according to the an
nouncement made by Interstate Com
merce Commissioner Franklin K. Lane
this morning. Mr. Lane stated that he
will start west In a few days to Inves
tigate the report that certain roada ar
? ranting rebates and discriminating la
roirbt tUMx. v
Chicago, Aug, SI. A dlapatch to tha
effect that the Alton road will ha
flven Immunity for rebating to tha
tandard Oil company was practically
confirmed here today from the highest
official authority. It is understood that
the case will be formally called for
prosecution Tuesday when a motion will
be entered by the federal attornevs to
dismiss It. Th Immunity bath will ex
tend to all railroads charged with giv
ing rebates to the Standard in con
nection with the cases now pending.
Commissioner Bingham of New York Tolice Will AU
' Corps of Dogs to Force to Capture Men Who Have
Created Reign of Terror.
(Journal Special Serrtee.) -
New Tork. Aug. SL Polio commis
sioner Bingham has practically decided.
If experiments now belug made with
bloodhounds prove successful, to add a
corp of th four-footed detective to
the fore in thla city.
For three weeks at a small town up
state bloodhounds bay dally been set
at work following th trail of mnk
believe criminals, and when the com
missioner haa received a complete re
port aa to the achievements of the dogs,
he will come to a decision as to1 the
employment of the animals in ninnlna
down murderers and other criminals In
ew i or, i v
It 1 set forth that perpetrators of
many deeds! of violence tht
shocked th residents In recent month,
especially crimes atrnlnst women, Jti-I
children, mlRlit now h- Imhlnd hr h.
seen e enter! DlnoOhnunrl t,eea ra-.!y to
wa ia ut uumeu.tumr, ,
Commissioner Bltis-hanrs pr!m
with the bloodhounils are Wis re.
of the total inability of Mil pre
force to cope with the reln of ter
wnicn naa held this city in Its y
for months. OutrsK"S wur i
which have put the people In sh
frame of mind that no one' I it's ia r
at night.
Thima and bold-up men hnv t
so much In evidence tint the i.
Of people on the tret 1 n
tha least suspicious n -v ,.
of a pssser-hy culls f
Many people are r k .. -are
ia-norant of the ,.r
a gr,-Ht many ace" I. -n't )
to the Hat of hmt"
Women II I " i ' ' " '
been r-i ' ' ' e1' i- 1
mob r-M t-.--i f '
pur-'i ! r i f i - i
e v r V I n - i j ' -
Mv -
I-. .' I f 7 -
i-t I I . l -
r, r