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iWball Tactics of Mr. Dus-
; cnbery Gives , His Wife 1
, Grounds for Divorce.
, Disparity of Age Bring TJnhappI-
li e to Barkman MarrUgr rour
' Divorce Granted Thl -Morning
Three on Account of Cmeitf. .
Four divorce war. granted by Judge
' Oantanbeln In the circuit court thl
1 morning, three on th ground ot cruelty
and one because of desertion. All of
.the applicants were women.
; Kicked out of ,bed on the first night
' of her marriage,' made the target of a
'lighted lump, and forced twice to call
a policeman on tne street for protection
from Jj husband's threats to kill. Mr.
Lr'i.useiilery appealed to judge
fct.ienbeln for a separation from will
useutiery. Tney.wera married at Van
mvir. Waahlnaiaii. In September. lOl.
she said, and cruet treatment waa her
.lot from the first. .
Dusenbery burned up all her clothes
except a kimono, she testified, broke up
J i the dishes and - household furniture,
threw the washing sue bad lust fin
ished into the mud,- and choked and
kicked her. He would order- ber out- of
bed and back again, and not being sat
latled then would vent his anger by
Jumping up and down pa the bed springs
until they broke, said Mrs. lusenbery.
' bhe Was granted a divorce.
Mrs. May 1. Barkman. who married
-Amnion W. Barkman, a man 16 years
older than herself, was granted her
- second divorce this morning. Judge Qan
tenbein hesitated in announcing nls de
cision, saying that as Jars. Barkman had
been divorced once before sti should
have profited bv her experience and ex
ercised more wisdom In choosing the
Second husband. '
Mrs. Barkman testified that not only
did ber husband curse and abuse her,
but her stepchildren, nearly as old as
herself, constantly annoyed her, and
were encouraged in their actions by
their fsther. She said she left Bark
man last March,- but returned to him
. on his promise to be good. - But within
three days the treatment given . her
waa worse than it had been before, she
said, and she waa compelled again to
leave bim.
Her flrat husband had been-divorced
In Colorado because he was a gambler,
said Mrs. Barkman. She married Bark
. man at Fort Dodge, Iowa,, in . March,
101. -
Mrs. Murtrell Funic Day wa granted
a divorce from William . Day, stage
, carpenter at the Grand theatre, after
testifying that he had come home In
toxicated and beaten her, giving her a
black eye and other bruises. She said
Day kicked her in 1906. They, were
married in October. 1601.
Anna d Bwarthout waa granted a dl-
vorce from R. V. Bwarthout because
He deserted hr at Ketchikan. Alaska, in
September, 1(05. They were married in
Portland in March, 1906. Mrs. Bwarth
out was allowed to resume ber maiden
name, Uarrett
(Jooraal Dedal Srr1e.)
Chicago, Aug. I. Federal . ' Jndg
Kohlsaat today granted an injunction
temporarily restraining 14 railroads and
' Ave express companies from adopting
on September 1 certain rate on cream
ery products to and from western and
northwestern points. Fourteen cream
The principal roads made defendant
are the Alton, Burlington, Illinois Cen
tral. Chicago. . Northwestern, ' Rock
. Island.. Santa Fe, Wabash and others.
The Adams, American, United States
and Wei Is-Far so express companies.
which are alleged to be In collusion with
the railroads, are Included. The cream
eries will also appeal - to tbe Interstate
commerce commission to investigate.
' :- The court set Watober 1 for the hearing.
'. ("atrial Innate te The Icvnll 1
Centralla, Wash.. Aug. 10. The eon.
tract for installing a trunk sewer sys
. stem in this city has been let to the
Northwest Bridge company or Tacoma.
Ravaral bids were received but the bid
. of. this company was 1126 cheaper than
the next lowest and $360 less than the
city engineer s estimate. The specifics'
tlons call for 1,970 feet of 18-Inch pipe,
'1.440 feet Of 16-lnrh pipe and 6,140 feet
i- of 14-lnch pit. The work will be corn
menced in 10 days and the system will
. be entirely completed before the end of
;, the year. A soon as the work on the
trunk sewer l. completed the city will
be divided Into sewer districts and" the
,- laterals . installed at - once, which -will
' give the central part sewer accommoda
tions at once. Other parts of the city
' can be sewered at any time the popula-
, - tion requires it.
. to tee what a good "staring" break
fast can b made without high-priced
'TRY ; V -
Little Frnlt, . '
A Dish of Crape-Nuts and Cream,
ASoft-Boiled E&
' "v Some Nice, Crisp Toast,
Cup of Postum Food Coffee.
That' all, and all ery easy of diges
tion and full to the brim With nour
ishment anil strength.
ive a meat and Vegetable din
r . . . . . ...
iicr either at noon or evening, as
you preier. I
We predict for you, an increase in
physical and mental power.
; "There a Reason.
Rn1 c health ctr," 'The
J.. ! to U.'livtUe," la I Kg.
rla this week and swn the Allen stock
company In Its present offering. "That
Girl From- Texas." declares It to be all
right In every rxnpect. It is certainly
a play fur the manses and no one who
likes a good, stirring play can afford
IV UIH it. ., .
Tom Karl of the Calif ornlana.
Tom Karl has come to Portland. At
firs blush this may not seem to be a
large Item of news, but it Is, for tb
last tlm Tom Karl was here soma IT
year . ago he brought with him the
Bostonlana, that old-time organisation
or melody and sonf."4fhlch mad "Robin
Hood permanent in" its niche of fame.
This time he has brought with him a
newer company. The Callfornlana,
gathered together on the western shore
a the nthnr waa on the eastern and
consequently full of the vigor and
swing or tne facias siop. mi
he hopes to build again a musical
aggregation to rival In name and
achievement that old one and to win In
the hearts of opera lover as firm a
place as did the first.
But it is not so much In - the new
company that the interest of Portland
peopbt fa centered as it is In the gray
haired and whole-hearted tenor who is
leading It. They are upon trial and
can, if their work Is creditable as It is
claimed to be by Its leader make good
In the sympatny or jrortiana amusement
lovers. . Tom Karl, however. haa made
good not only in Portland but through
nut, the length and breadth of this and
other Isnds. People here remember him
as hs came to the Marquam la the days
When that veteran piaynouse naa nrsi
opened its doors. '
Then he was not gray of read or o
Wide of girth as ha is at the present
time, but the new Tom Karl la still
more lovable than the old. Jti I not a
singer alone, though his tenor songs
have endeared him to the hearts of
countless people. He 1 not a muslo
.inn. thnuarti his hand baa
mAiiiAAd niiBf a raw vocalist into a
finished soloist and has shaped many a
raggea onorous mm wrn .
He Is a man. a philosopher and
M i . A wt.n n n , .inn tejLnnes tna
young men and women with him how to
but guides there In shaping their lives
into right paths. He Is a singer, first
enthusiasUo In hi art. but at the same
time and coequal wiw o b"i
stands as a itiunnu, --
V 4 UV -' Vlva aavv-ua
lng Mr. Karl talked ot . his past suo-
cessea ana ot inosv wnicn uo uwyw
come to the Callfornlana. He toldjof
the old day when he served with the
Bostonlana, of the rise of that com
pany from Its inception by himself,
MacDonald and-" Barnabee and of his
long retirement until dragged forth to
do mlmlo battle once more by friends in
Los Angeles, - wnere bujiitwui bvw
Monday night the Callfornlana will
open a six weeks engagement at the
marquam wiw, m,
then the people can see whether or not
all tne gooa tninas wme irura mw
Included In the list of soloists are many
WHO jnr. AMI mmjm . v .s. t ' " -
future areatness, and he ought to be
sble to tell. But be that as It may,
the people of Portland, especially those
W no nave jetra aiwuao wi.iiiuui
time when the peatofflco was a vacant
lot anu. tii rw a..... -.w-
cleared the plaster off Its floors, will
i - rry j I . . Y. M.tlm. ni
rite, to their heart again, Just as they
Yesterday ITeaTy Transfers
Includes Only Baled of .
f ! ' City Residences. .
Realty, transfer fltod for record yes
tervi.v - umntai 641.128. Bverr in
strument filed during th day recorded
a transaction In residence property.
. Tha urrat deal resorted waa tb sal
by Andrew ", Kan to Homer H. Bmlth
of a number of . residence sites in
.in . ni M .,,ilUn wi .. im -Un-mf
Tabor for 610.801). The property is de
scribed a all of "Sunny Slope, except
lots Zj. ana o, ana tne auutu ' av
feet of lot "O" and of lot "H."
arhuvler C Klllen has sold to Pauline
M. Chapman a house and lot on Ellsa
beth street between ttixteenin ana
Seventeenth streets, Portland Height
a ann T U tT lama Ksas. ml.
Ur tt,DUV. tfWIU XI. e is a . aaa ay -
chased from the Portlsnd Trust eom-
kM,,M .nA1 In at tha aoilthaailt
corner Of East Taylor and East Fif
teenth streets -for 14.160. '
Mall a- Von Borstal, representing C N.
Rankin, ha sold to Henry Relmana a
half lot on the eaat aide of Grand
. wmh V ut TtiirnalilA anil East
Couch 'streets for 66,600. This prop
erty was nougnt sia moniija iti uj i.
Rankin for 61.600. A one-story cottage
occupies tha lot. -. - i
. , axaaaasaxaxexa-a-xaa-ap ....
Young Woman Poses in Al
together, and. Attracts
r Crowd at Wichita,
(Xaarsal Ipxlal aernc.)
wintiita. Kan- Aii. 10. The fashion
able North Riverside park district ber
was. thrown Into a turmoil yesteroay
when th resident saw a young woman
posing In th altogether In a llry pond,
while a man wlttua large camera made
several exposures. Twenty-five tele-
11. mmI a, AAllra naan-
pnone uatia n c i w ,..'i- ......
quarters and the people rushed out of
their nouses to tne epot.
By tbe time they reported th matter
to th police a crowd of curious persons
had assemblod and th photographer
waa forced to leave his camera and ub
Ject to drive th intruders away.
The girl. Miss Mona Peyton. It year
old, waa ent home and th photo
grapher, J. J. Todd of thta city, waa ar
rested. . " . .
Todd ald h wanted a prctur to enter
In a photograph contest He said he
wanted to take the picture of th girl
head and houlder and convert it into
tha picture of a mermaid basking la a
pond of lilies. '
Women who discovered the photogra
pher at work declare the girl waa nude.
They found ber clothing on a park
bench. The pollc hav taken charge of
Todd camera and the plates he made.
They have not yet been developed, but
it Is expected that when thta I done,
conclunlve evidence will be obtained.
Mlaa Peyton declared tearfully at home
that she was not entirely nud when the
pictures were taken. f
(RiMal Plupetrk te Tbe Joe nail.)
. Chehalla, Wash., Aug. 10. Mra. Hop
Orant, through her attomeya. Millet t
4k Harmon, has filed a 620.000 damage
suit asaiat the Walworth Jb Nevltl
Bawmlll company of Walvllle, Wash
ington. Her h unhand, Herbert Grant,
who was engineer on the company's
loarlng rond, waa killed last October
while at his post, and It 1 alleged that
the accident was eeuaed by the com
pany's negllrenr-e In falling to keep Its
Irnrk in proper condition. Th suit
is for tliJ widow and a minor son,
' Seats Selling for Minstrel.
Seats are selling at the Heillg for
the colored Georgia minstrel- which
com to tb above theatre next Sunday
night. September 1, for an e-agagement
of three nlghta. , A special' Labor Day
matins 'will be given Monday.,' -.
' " 1 ' .'
, Th Prince Chap" Coming.
'Just laughter and tear and laughter
again, with a suspense of story that
holds th attention from the moment
the play commences to tha final curtain,
is claimed to be half th jiceret of the
splendid success of "The Prince Chap"
which come to th Heillg next Wednes
day evening, September 4, when It open
a four night engagement. -
The . JAmn" Open Smrday,.
Sunday matinee and evening win be
the two opening performances of th
Baker stock company for th season,
and th event 1 eagerly looked forward
to by theatregoers in Portland. The
first play la Henry Arthur Jones' noted
comedy. The Liars," Seat are now on
aal. - ; ; - ' - - ' '.
That Girt From Texas.
. Everybody who has attended th Ly-
. MJew of tbe Bar-Z.w
Next week will mark th close of tha
engagemnet of the Allen stock oora
paoy at the Lyric and the many friends
of that popular organisation will be
certain to attend , the performances.
The Slav will be of frontier Ameri
can life in which all the breeslness
ana snap of th plain and mountain
la presented, i .
-vA-. .1 m '
r . r uo at uw urana.
Fun run riot at tha Grand thla week.
where Miles McCarthy and company
head a big vaudeville entertainment
with "The Race Tout's Dream." It is
a character sketch euch as Is seldom
seen In a vaudeville house. John
Walsh, "the man with tha hod- elnas
and tells Irish songs and stories and 1
a general favorite.
"Driven From Home. '
Th struggle, of a oonntrv airl In a
big city are shown In "Driven Krom
Home," the new attraction which tbe
French company will Dlav next week at
tne gtar. - l ne nrst performance of this
Hal Reid drama will be Sunday after
noon. There will be a special Labor
usy matinee aionaay.
Btar Matinee Tomorrow.
' ThIast matlne of "A Daughter of
the South" will be given by the French
stock company at the Star theatre to
morrow afternoon. This attraction 1
m military drama, with ahootlna. nrht.
lng, love, hate and comedy, These are the
elements which make an attractive play
and "A Daughter of tbs South" la such.
Marquam Matinee.
Tomorrow afternoon there will be a
matinee performance of "Th Carnival
of Love, by the Btockwell-MacGregor
company at the Marquam. This attrac
tion closes the long engagement of the
company In this city. Nothing funnier
naa been seen nor mis year.
. Opera Season Coming. v
At tha Monday matinee the Callforn
lans will inaugurate the new operatic
season at the Marquam with "The Bere-
nada" This is -a catcny, Drignt ana
tuneful ' opera, which is familiar and
dear to all theatregoers and muslo lov
ers. The Callfornlana have a large and
well-drilled company, with noted princi
pals and a gooa singing onorus. .
. . -TWO Carnival at the Oaks.
Tier will be a brrlnao.urad ear
nival at the skating rink at th Oak
next Monday night which will be the
rink' real fun-making event of th sea
son. Prises Will be offered5 and some
nuaer skaters are expected to appear.
On next FrMaf-evwnlng a dancing car
nival will be held; at v the dancing pa
vilion and prise VlUvalo b given
Congestive Chills
arc the result of thin blood, bad
circulation and a run-down anae
mic condition. .They occur more
especially. during the warm
weather. ' - ' "'
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
is distilled wholly from malted
grain, and its softness, palatabil
ity and freedom-from-injurious
substances make it acceptable to
the most sensitive stomach. .
If you wish to keep strong and
vigorous and pave on your cheeks
the glow of perfect health,, take
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey reg
ularly, according to 'directions,
and take no other medicine. It
is dangerous to fill your system
with drugs; they poison the body
and . depress , the heart; while
Duffy's Fure Malt Whiskey
tones and strengthens the heart
action ' and :, purifies the entire
system. It is recognized as . a
family medicine everywhere.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has
stood severe tests for fifty years
and has always been found abso
lutely pure and to contain' great
medicinal properties. ;
All druggists, grocers and -dealers,
or direct, $1 per bottle. Illus
trated . medical booklet contain
ing some of the many convincing
testimonials received front grate
ful men and women who have
been cured, and doctors advice
sent free. Duffy i Malt .Whiskey
Co., Rochester, N. Y ;' .
- CsTTT.TmKT Of VAX . -
nam err aa do children who are suf
fering from hunger. Such Is th cause
of all babies who cry and are treated for
sickness, when they really are suffering
from hunger. This Is caused from their
food not being? assimilated, but devoured
by worms. A few doses of White's
Cream Vermifuge wfil cans them to
ceas crying and bejin to thrive at
onoa. Olr It a trial. Sold by all drug-
- ": ;. ; TEA
Tea hat? more to do with
your thoughts at t a b 1 e
than anything else of your
fare. " y'--r
A SAflllnf ft Company 8aa Tnnctoem
Store Closed All Dry. Labor Day Monday
, t
Men's Snite
Boys9 Suits
'. J : .
Tor Fall 1907 Now Ready
Made Right
- Tit Right and
If a coal company owns a mine and the engineer of
that mine reports that the company hasx8,250,000 tons
of coal that can be mined, how many tons of coal will
there be to secure each share of stock, providing there is
a capitalization of $250,000, consisting of 25,000 shares
at $10.00 par value?
Divide the total number of tons of coal by the total
j number of shares of stock and the dividend will give
the number of tons of coal that secures each share of
Stock. '-.v ' -'r : : yt 't::r,'y ':-y);:J
. ?
Answer: Three Hundred anil Thirty
SHARE. Tuesday morning the price will
BE $18.00 A SHARE. It will be raised one
dollar a share every week. This company is
not at all concerned whether you wish to
buy or not. That is up to you.
mmmmMm t rasv;.
"v ?';;7J.':;: I'y vj::' Flact.1 Arjonta of
Commonwealth Buildinc'. z". An!"
t i