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2Iayor Ilaynea of Minneapo
lis Says This Is a Job
That Can Be Done.
Malt-Shop Dodge Beaten by InTok
lug Sabbath Bin Lew Tbe Amem
Gang- Doing Tim Bars Tendency
la to Prohibition.
(BpmUI Hssetdk las tanal)
Rookane. Wut, ABC. l-"PubUo
hentlznent haa taken a decide etaae
aaalast wide-open towns ud rambling la
general end so f ar a Mlaaeapolla la con
erned the lid' will etar on. Buadar
aloetns Uwa have plaved tWf pert, re
trlotaeV -eistrtcta hava beea crowded
taek out at the business portlbaa of
tba etty. Oar town la living; down the
ftoaadmla ef tha . Amee administration,
food feeling prevalla among tha political
al amenta and all ara working la har
mony to overwhelm tha etlgma of tba
gears gone by."
J. C, Haynes, mayor of Mlnnaapolla
while la Bpokane on hla way to Pucet
hound and Vaclflo eoaat cities. Including;
Portland, wbara ha will paaa several
waaka studying municipal raforrn mova
nt nt a, said thla la discussing tha
changes- wrought la hla homa city,
(rambling Za Ctaae Vetera.
"People era bains educated and aa a
result of thla .they ara taking a mora
Vital In t area t In publlo affairs. Thla
does not apply entirely to tha middle
western and eastern cltlaa, but also In
the northwest. It Is gratifying to aota
that right hero In Spokane certain re
forms are being worked out by Mayor
C. Herbert Moore and Chief of police
Bloa, who, to all appearances, hava
put oa tha cover to stay.- Spokane Is an
admirably governed city and from all
J can leara I should bay tha people ara
satisfied. .
"Mlnnaapolla haa had Ita torn, and
tha lid' la. now on tight oa all forma
f gambling, and tha roulette wheel a,
faro tables and tha ancient poker tablea
will In a few yaara be only a remem
brance to those who bava aaen them In
active operation.
"No open rambling house ara allowed
to ex let. Poker la played In several
parts of the city, but alwaya under
cover. There ara no roulette wheels.
no faro banks or old-fashioned gambling
apparatus In tha city. Our chief of po
lice has Issued stringent ordera to pre
vent lawleaaneas In tha redllght dis
tricts. We have reached a at a ire where
hold u pa and robberies In the older parts
pf tha city ara becoming few and far
bold u pa and robberies In the older parts
pf tha city ara becoming few and l
The Malt Shop Dodge.
"Minnesota haa a atrlngent almost
tonlnue. Sunday
took afreet all .sorts of saloons and
hen It
. sorts
Blacea where venders of intoxicants held
away were aloaed ud tlaht. ' The worst
form of "blind piggery - with -which we
hare to Contend la tha "malt shop.' email
tores rarrvlne- a conf eotlonerv line.
. light 1 refreshments and malt a bever
age nearly the same as beer but not in
cluded In tha law aa Intoxicants hava
opened their doors In all parta of the
city. A man who la known aa a trusty'
goes to the hole in tha wall, calls for
a glass of malt, and Is passed a glass
of beer or other liquor. A stranger,
when calling- for malt. Is dished out
pure malt - To get around tbeea malt
shops, wa simply arrest the proprietors
for Sabbath breaking, practically put
- ting into effect anold blue law.
aiewtt Toward rrohfbltlom,
"In my travels among tha eastern and
-; middle west I hava made a careful study
- of reform waves passing over, and find
the sentiment Towing constantly to
ward too passing of laws prohibiting
, tha sale, or maufaeture of Intoxicating
-" liquors. In the state of Georgia laws
hava been passed prohibiting even
the manufacture of intoxicants in
, alda the state thla haa been one of
' the greatest atrfdea taken by tha Antl
. Fa loon league of the United States dur
; Ing Its existence. . Wa bopa tha move-
ment will spread, and ara working to
) assist it .
"Residents" of Mlnnaapolla have lived
) ' 1
Thirir Battalion, Fourteenth
Regiment, Returns After
21 Days' March.
Bo idlers returning from tha
aoold sot look mora Ilka veterans than
tha Third battalion. Fourteenth In
fantry, United Btatea army, aa they
pasasd through Portland oa their way
to Yanoouver barracks after a march
of tl days to Neatucoa beach.
Tha man wara hardened aad brown
free their long hike aad exposure to all
kinds of weather, bat none were sick or
showed any had effecte from thair trip
They enoountered good weather moat of
tha time, but one day they wara given
old-fashioned Oregon shower that
aoaked through their uniform a" . But
they war kept to the marching aad ao
aeptad tha weather as an Incident of a
ileasaat trip. Hot weather waa another
eeture Of tha march and a few of the
aoldlera were ready to drop their kit
had they been permitted. All stuck to
their task, however, aad do complaints
were heard. Tho men stated upon their
return that they had enjoyed tho ad-
1fr j. .1 V. '.. ..:i,.arwt,a in m,..mmt iihii . mi lull , . ,J ,
Male Teams Carried Impedimenta.
la oondlUoa ta
venture aad war
through It again much aaalar than tha
one they had Just finished.
Eight daya wara required In making
tha journey to Nestucca beach, where
the men wefBrlUed for five daya
While at the beach they enjoyed them
selves in games In their spare hours
ara, wnicn oec&me in
iiih in ii hj I ip yum
and captured a sharl
ihiiiisi wiiim.nim .
port of tha oamp for a few hoar be
fore tho mea tossed him back Into tha
ocean. .
Major John Parka waa In command
of tha expedition and expressed satis
faction over tho manner In which the
men behaved on the trip. He said that
it had been a good experience for all
connected with the battalion. Including
the offlcera In charge. ,
"ii ' ' s o 1 "i
l is-'
h. -
Major John Parke, at Head of Third Battalion, Fourteenth Infantry, B. A.
several years in tha worst administra
tion possible and have learned to ap-
fireclate a good thing- when they aee
L ..
Ames Za Oattlng Sis aTow.
"Former mayor A. A. Doo') Amea la
still living In Minneapolis, practicing
medicine cnu surgery. He has outlived
mi ana
hla aeefulna
fallen from
among the recognised leaders In the pro
fesslon to a practical outcast Fast liv
ing, exoeesea and debauchery , hava
brought their reward.
"Because- f- hie-wide - acquaintance
and hosta of friends In tho atata It was
Impossible to find a jury of 11 men
who would convict him on any of the
11 counta on which ha waa indloted
for receiving money from women for
protection. The heada of departments
working under him are nearly all serv
ing time In tho state penitentiary at
Stillwater, but the aged doctor Is al
lowed to run at large. At times during
his terra or office he waa obliged to go
into hiding in the woods of northern
Minnesota, returning, when Xha coast
waa clear. , ..,; ,.,.,,.
' ' (Jesraal seelal gerrtee.)
Portland, Me, Aug. 10. The principal
topics discussed at thla, tha second day
of tha International taw association
conference, were contraband of war,
treaties, and neutrality as dlseusaed at
The Hague. . '
; Papera en these subjects were pre
sented by such eminent authorities oa
international law as Sir Thomas Bar
clay of Paris, tha Bight Honorable Lord
Justice Kennedy of London, Judge
Charles B. Rlllott of Minneapolis. Hon.
Everltt P, Wheeler of New York, and
M. Oaston de Level of Pari. The con
ference will conclude; its deliberations
tomorrow. -
fall Suit Styles
,1 '
The vuit ' styles this season have
reached a state of perfection. ,
All extreme effects have been avoid
ted. Fabrics and the cut of the gar-
' ments are
and Artistic
The coat is slightly form fitting and
of . medium length, ' with and without
. center vents.'-. I , ' ' ',-; ,. , ' ',.
' The. collars and lapels are of medium
length and width. " .
. J The trousers are ctit a moderate
width and of a very graceful form.
There never was a season when the
styles were handsomer or more sat-
Cta4' ' isfactory. ' , r
Suits at $12 to $30
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CuilliiliiiPrt ;
Mohawk Building v.
Montesano Says Northern
Pacific Gires Everylhinff
to noquiam..
' ' (Spedel DUpatcb te The JearsaL)
Olympia. Wash- Aug. 10, Tha rail
road oommlasloa la In receipt oi a com
plaint from the Wynoocha Lumber tt
Bblngte company of Montesano against
tha Northern Paclflo Railway company
an account of Ha alleged discrimination
against tho complainant, and all other
lumber mills of Montesano as well.
-Tha allegation of discrimination la la
tha assertion that while tha mills at
Montesano ara obUsed to close down
for lack of care In which to ahlp thair
products, all cara whloh corns to that
place loaded With merchandise ara aent
to Hooulam aa aoon aa thay are emptied.
and there turned ever to tha mills for
loading with lumbar and shingles, la
Its complaint the , Wynooohe Lumber
com nan save:
"If thla la not tho limit of unjust
discrimination against our olty, then wa
would like to know what would be
such discrimination. Why should our
cars be diverted to HoqulamT What
right haa Hoqulam to benefit by tha
cara ordered by our people and carry
ing freight ' that our people pay fort
Hava the people Uvtng along tha Una
of tha railway any rights that said eom
pany ara bound to respeott What haa
become of that reciprocal demurrage
law that was to do ao much? Wa have
had mora trouble since tha paseage
of aald law than aver before, and there
doea not aaem to be any relief. Our
business is brought to a standstill and
reduced at the wlU and pleasure of the
railroad company. Wa are refused ears
without reason or Warning being given.
One mill geta cara and another Is re
fused. One town has cars aent to It
and they ara taken away from another
needing them mora'
The railroad commission haa called
on the Northern Paclflo for a state
ment of cars recently furnished the
Hoqulam and Montesano mills, together
with the rating of -these mill a Th
Wynoocha Lumber company haa also
been requested to furnish the oommla
sloa with additional data la tha matter.
Two Millions for Water; Hmioa and
Three Quarter for Po
v Tote September Tenth.
(Special tnspaUh ta The, tarsal.)
T acorns. Wash., Aug. 10. Taooma la
facing her biggest bonding proposition.
A new gravity water system to cost
11,000.000 and an electrlo power plant
a .A. 1 ItA AAA . r- 4a k. aiihmltf Atft
at a special election September 10. Both
propositions nava strong irienas ana
fowerful enemies. The city admlnls
ration strongly favors both tha watsr
extension and the proposed power plant.
The city council is aiviaea, aiso me
eltlxens, but all admit a new aouroa
must be found.
Tho-.water project Includes a gravity
riant with Oreen river, flowing from
he Cascade mountains, as a source.
Those agarnet the Oreen.-rlver supply
urge that, lie water la rendered' unsani
tary by sewage from the Oreen river
hot springs and hotel resort and also
declare the city Is not now able to bur
den Jlsrlf with a debt of $2,000,000.
Mayor Wright haa had experta examine
the waters, who pronounce them per
fectly pure. Certain bualness Interests
uniting wtlh opposing city councilman
have attempted to secure a water supply
by a system of well on tho prairies
south of tha city. Eight hava been
bored with varying success, and those
favoring tha wells, aa a last resort, got
tha council to order a well bored 1.000
feet deep with the forlorn hope that It
might produce a big flow of artesian
water. The city administration fought
tha deep well idea, however, and It was
eventually abandoned.
ftalam. Or J, Aug. to. The amusement
Street,, or cone nel on space, at tha
l renter Oregon State fair, September
l-ll, at Balem will be called the Corral.
Thla name waa adopted from a long Itat
submitted because It has a western
flavor and because tha Corral will be a
weneral roundup and meeting place for
ueasur,-seKrs w no win visn ma Dig
air. The place llaelf will be In the
form of a corral, or enclosure, being
built around three aldea -of a square.
number i good aiiows-aad acu are
being signed up for thla department
Proa open-air axhibltlone. balloon ascen
sions, moving pictures, ato will be Pre
sented to tha public on a Dig platform
In tha center of the enclosure.
National Conference on Cor
poration to Be Held at
Chicago Next Month, t
(Jearasl Seectal Servtsa.)
Chicago, in, Aug. A eoore of
governors have accepted Invitations to
take part In the national conference on
aorporaUone and trusts to be bald In
thla city next month nnasr the ausplose
of the National Clrlo federation. Among
the number are Governors Cummins of
lows. Folk Of Missouri. Hughsa of New
Tork. Cutler of Utah, WarW of Michi
gan and Davidson of Wisconsin.
ThaSnl-renca will consider tho trust
and combination problem, especially the
state and federal regulations of tn cor
porations, and. also wa queatn of what
amendment. If any. should be made to
tha Bherman antl-truet act. The oon
ferenoe la Intended to give an oppor
tunity for a free and full discussion
by representative men from all the
walka of life andf of every ahadO of
,PTh2,subieote that are to be 'sousod
are divided into three classes, tha first
Of whloh dsals with tha governmental
power over eorporaUono engaged la ln
teretate commerce; tha dlvlalon of
tower concurrent In nation and state.
The second class deals with tha quae,
tloa of bow should tha corporation be
constructed T Should there be natlonkl
as well as state oorporatlona T Tha
basis of capitalisation of oorporatlona,
tha Internal control of corporations,
provisions looking to tha protection of
investors snd the stockholders, aa well
aa fair dealing with tha publlo and the
The third dlvlalon le to consider the
distinction between
other oorporatlona
lo se:
rvlce and
... mwA nraticahia limits or mo re
striction and regulation, federal, and
atata, of eombinatlona in transportation,
production, distribution and labod In
other words, tha confarenee will take up
the very lateat phases or tne trust cues
tinn. and from 11 indications tha meet
ing will be the most Important of Ita
kind ever held in thla country.
fjeeraal Dedal Barrlss.l
Washington. Aug. 10. Reply was re-
eraay ariernooa it
eeivod yest
afternoon from Salva
dor accepting Roosevelt a peace propo
sals for Central American states. Tola
ta the first republic to answer.
Itching, torturing skla eruptions,
figure, annoy, drive one wild.
Ointment brlnga qulok relief and last
ing cira. BO cents at any drug atora
Tte Bcer of Quality
" is a pure, healthful fbod fbr bdxi-workers
and musde-rarkera. '
Pare because only the best barley
grain and the choicest hops are used, and
. absolute cleanliness marks every 6tep in its
' brewing. -. 1 ; ; ::i ;
Food because the Pabst Eight-Day
Malting Process follows Nature closely and
retains every particle of the wholesome
. food-values of the barley-grain which the
-"Pabst- Perfect Brewing Process transmits
; to the beer in predigested form.
, Healthful because the malt Is nour
ishing, the hops are invigorating and the
very low percentage of alcohol (3j9b)
mildly , stimulates the digestive organs to
proper activity. '
Tea will Bad that yew appetite le sewer, yew dexeeaea Is Vee. ".
ar, year health Is beM(, wfcea yea drink Paaet Blue Bibbsa.
Made by Pabst at Milwaukee
And Settled enly at the Brewery
ChatW Koha A Co-, '
Third Pine Btev Portland.
rnoaa wain sa. - -
Ilia .I 1
v . -
; - f r
. Aro VOU
Oatioficil Uii! Your Ucrli
ond IncomoP
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life insurance) is certain to increase If is a common sense
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people in mon sense way. The recent changes in
this business will only servo to make it more popular when
they are understood. : This spells opportunity for someone.
Just now there is an opening for the right man to repre
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It is not dead easy is the reason it pays those who can do it
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, . m
vaii arw inrjMwatexl fimn a line at rnire frt tlia nnj4a.
signed, give your references, and tell him something about
i T" -: t I I J . .v---i :ii '
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