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t Telegraphers Score Big Sue
cess Both Socially and
- Financially. r t "
T-mm.J attuij tha hall clvan
by the striking teleipher at Murlark
hall laat night wouia r
llsvsd the men bad a care on earth Bare
ta enjoy themselves. Mora tnan -09
ticket, wera sold, ana "5"u'""o; "
on the floor when ts inuaio atruo up
. tor the first dance.. . . ' a,,,
. Prasp. orchestra 'u",hV,l2r"fi1,? and everybody anJoya4 1 the a f a r
lmraenaely. The strikers and their
, friend, lived up to the Pt V
I -Stick and never dr. put r 'e " "
i SeV.-the -jEuTu-vsr
the coDClucimc irua a
' i TnToneT wl IbeturnT la'to U.. .true
- their unoccupied day. until the atrika la
eTh'patrn-.Ma lest night were Mr..
' Harry Lane, Mr.. J. F. Carroll. Mra. C.
, ji'luoa and Mra. F. B. Brown. The
, ' folio win committee, were In charge
Reception committee. T. JB. Tracy ; com -i
mlttee on arrangement.. O. lrrag. w.
& Burke and W. 8. Blmpeon; floor com
. , mlttee, Q. U Pra. W. Branln. H. U
' FuniTj.M. Burke and W. a filmpeon.
W. a Burke acted aa floor manager.
" i The program con.latad of 14 Jancea,
- with seVeral extraa. and waa unique and
' vrlrtnal. Topical hits found a place be
neath each dance on the program, which
-.-wa. aa follow.: .
Grand march and waits, "Our ttamt
governor." Mayor Lane. - . ,
Two-step. -Dirt you hear that whlatle
Si W BuUer
; nThri!iitn. "Ergfcthour day." WUllaa
' BUTw-.tep. -Short relief wa dn't
t get," Frank Routledge.
Bchottlache. "Back to Wood lawn."
'' Judge ConnelL . .
Walta, Only union, lease wire In
JL. Portland." Gu.tave Ixmls Prag-
, : Well be bar when the schedule U
algned," Branln and Morgan.
; Mvalb. One .trlka and aU out," "Gen
tleman Jack" Burke. -
Three-etep, "Tou atmck ana we
atrockwlth Tyoa . Mra, Dick Bold and
Jean MacEachearn. , -m t
walta, -The faahlon plata," W. IX
, Hyburn. hqT my regard. to Clow-
-"W'fe'aream baa Juat begun."
'!laMrit't' -EaUng regularly." Star.
V -nvSSSd extra, "A broker but not
broke," Dick Dorney. . .
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, became the head of bla prsfeaelon, cre-
atlng many parta. Maa.fleld'a range of
.' charactera waa wide, and ej tended from
. Ko Ko In "The Mikado" to Ibaen a "Peer
, Oynt," the laat character he created.
' The atraln required In the portrayal of
"Peer Oynt" waa the cauee of Mr. Mana
field'a breakdown and the disbanding of
Ma company. Mr. Maaaf laid married
. hla toadlng lady. He waa the author of a
DOOK " OI poeme, nunirouw . "
" grown-up iuim ah -
: er talenta. Mr. Man.fleld waa an aecom-
' pll.hed mu.lclan and an artl.t of ability.
1 - He had a beautiful home on Rlverelde
drive. New York, and a aummer borne
: j ' at new Kocneue, xw
'.r Ialand .aound. , 1 . ;
a . hm vur g.rf. -
Mr. Manaflald. a. haa bean aald, bad
. . .wi.. V Vfx tr ninh.
. ard HI. and created auch parU aa Beau
V a W-. TUa.11 an Ua UwnA
- H plyd Bhylock. Hnry V. Brutus
i euia nuunvu. wuwi
in mi wri7 uj -
. Manaflald appeared In the world-famou.
V Gilbert and gulllvan'a "Plnaf ora " aa Sir
Joeeph Porter, and made a hit In the
part. He also appeared In "The Sor
cerer." He made another hit aa the
Major-Oeneral la the "Plratea of Pen
aance," In England, whtn ha was getting
bla flret stage experience.
For the past It yaara Mr. Man.fleld
" . waa the leading actor of the American
atage. Within a "core of year, he ap
peared In almost SO rolea, moat of thera
charactera of high poetic and dramatic
" significance, many of which nave be-
' ' coma household worda. In "Richard
HI" Mr. Man.fleld tore up the tradition.
s ' of the stage and revolutionised tha part
' Mr. Mansfield waa aelf-rellant. Hla
conception of a character ha felt wa.
" the right one, and U had to be played
a. be dictated. He waa an autocrat of
the atage, and did not hesitate to fre-
fluently administer a lecture to bla audl
. 1 ance. ' .. "
The natnre of Mr. MansAeld waa paa-
alonate. whlmalcal. Impatient and Inde
pendent.' To one who met iilm casually
for the first time, hla whimsical auda-
...,tty would flrat dlaolo.e Heelf, The 1m-
patience and Impetuosity of the man
, directed bis career on tha atage. He did
' not do thing, aa other men as other
professional. do. ,
- - . waa Itroetb Most.
Mr. Mansfleld waa a superb host. Ko
t hotel, for bim If he could possibly avoid
them. . He demanded a home oonae
' quently, when he was appearing In a city
- . lor a few week, he leased apartments.
and there he received hla friends. From
the excitement and glare of tha play-house,
he went to cosy, quiet rooms, and
' ' . nt midnight had hla supper. He de
: lighted to have hla board surrounded by
. ' friends, and no matter what waa the
' subject or subjects which came up In
' the oourse of the evening or early morn
ing hours, Mansfield waa always at
home. He asked questions In a rapld
. ' fire manner, and waa a moat delightful
.talker. V
Mr. Mansfield prevent comparison of
htm wtth any other actor. Ha absorbed
the Spirit of a port, and then presented
It aa he considered It best What others
have done wa. not considered. lie crested
and he had firm belief In his creations.
Mr. Man.fleld waa a aelf-made actor.
If he came Into his own aa the srreatest
actor1 on the Kngllah speaking ataxe. It I
was entirely through hie own efforts. L
jar. juiuinuaiu nma rejects, m. great
est admirer, will admit this, and bla
mannerism. - have been ' frequently
pointed out. Ones when this subject
was brought up In bis hearing, bo aald:
"People talk about my mannerisms. I
wish thev would tell ma wh-t th..
o that I may oorrect tnem." 1
ii or ine productions of Mr. Mansfield
were noted for tha elaborate manner in
which they were staged every detail
had to be perfect and time and expense
were not considered- . Tha uruhim. an.i
settings had to be hlatorlcally correct,
and the result waa a perfect produo-
It was il.'u. i....u- AH
blUoij to have everything pertaining
to hla nlavs n.rfM.t v ki.'...!
class of art, ffe spent a fortune years
ago. In this country and In England. In
S? S,vor,n,r V " the oubllo accept
.Tot Apcreolated at Tirst.
Like his Shvloelr. It nn. Urmt
i-pituiiea. l he purpose of Mr. Man s-
"i aie years was to oulld up a
repertoire of the great dramas. Con
sequently ha gave the publlo "Cyrano de
..." .r- nu so on to "r-eer uynt.
be termed rich coloring, and its value
wu sdi easy. u exaggerate. From paa-
wtc " r"lo i was supern.
j.wv fortunes naa jar. jaansneia seen
Wiped OUt. and tie htvt. reaterf when
under a financial obligation until It had
been paid. It la related of him that for
yff working week of 19 years, he paid
at the rata of f 600 a week obllgatlona
luuimg up to ine great sum or 1168,000.
He knew no rat until hla imi.ktkin.M
had been satisfied. The gay Beau Brum
mel knew what It meant to go hungry,
but he conquered all obstacles.
Mr. Mansfield wrote two play, and
Waa coauthor nt man mm 1 - . - M
th?..lJJtur Platform, and he contributed
a little to tnaaaalnaa Ua .ua a
lover of animals, of flowers, of the sea,
and could sail a yacht like a profes
sional skipper. He adored children and
let them pfajr the tyrant over him. He
Waa a aklllful n.rfnrm.. nM Ih.
and ha painted with aklll and tha imi
touch of an artist.
Mr. VfanaflaM'a lata Mn
LV-l pilb"fvw.11i aJwava remember the
orougni ine great actor
0 death elnoi fi ... ... -.
w'" B"0,. Mr. Mansfield came Into forenat actor on tha Eng
lish speaking 'atage. even though thi.
it may not p. admitted In London.
(Continued from Pago One.)
Prominent Citizens of Ore
gon Will Attend Con
gress at Sacramento.
, Headed by Governor Chamberlain and
other dlatlngul.hed Oregonlana tole
rates from tha Beaver state leave to
night over the O. R. A N. for Sacra
mento, California, to attend tha Irriga
tion congress to be held there next
week. When the committee. In charge
nrlrlnallv atarted to work It Was hoped
to bare a sufficient number of dele
gates to charter a special train, but as
tha time approached for attending many
h-it nlaanut rt wt wATt detained
and where originally It was expected
00 would go from this state not more
than 7 will hoard the train tonigni.
. in .nwui oar wilt he attached to
.k. 1 . - train laavtna the Union
depot at 7:4S o'clock this evening, and
It Is possible two additional standard
sleepers will be added to-tha regular
Tha naal Q f wrfll ha that of
the Walla Walla delegation, which ar-
The Waahlngton delegates from Walla
Walla are headed by trr. N. Q. Blalock,
whose presence baa always lent life
and enthnalaam to every Irrigation on
.aa. k.M in ih. waat foe tha rtaet 20
years. The Waahlngton delegation will
Da joined tonigni vj uuiwrnw mu
that atate and a few other, who were
nnahle to 1oln tha DartT last night at
Walla Walla.
The Waahlngton delegates spent the
day In Portland visiting friends and
making call, at the Commercial club
and chamber of commerce.
ir..l tk.M waa ananl.l
arrangement for delegates and the ma
jority are coming i rurn inv rnuui.rn
section of the state. Portland will send,
besides Governor Chamberlain, two
others. Badgea have been provided and
of the largest delegations In attendance
at tha convention. .
mltted bv thnaa . .
? . "om' quesUon whether
JaT? ?imlfrtlon w" destroy all of the
Ba I Sm . flnn w nas. aa at m I ..
danger to valuable doga. But that such
wKliTaV"? Uk"n nd must be taken
offlMlil T !" conld y the city
Tail... ..-. V. . . ..
i, uven sent or tne city
B1r isi p,r(m,nt tb o-uthorttlea In
, joa Awora ana other
tXZSTL&S. iL P.H,' -..""ing
.tTi.. " "r "re laKuiir to
5rl rit Pread of the dreaded cbol-
IT . " praoucaDie similar
- . " , ' -v.-v..e -S w IVgUtJQ ajjBJ H9
rhae?i,.Ji"K?our:e.0,.a,l,,r are not
. Xri aireet -raistb.y are
a hideous red variety, a foot or ao In
.Mh.wiJltrb1UeI "J broigh? on
ship-board from Asiatic and oriental
fh"! i.TI"? ." knwn In the eaat as
the Alexandrian rat, their , fur la long
scaly hv lon th'a
Tavored Mnak m Vamt.m
bifrt!erUlair,y oho,c" POt for'tha
th! piUw of JTubl,','h seattered over
I 4 " . i reel, iaim mass
Ji.K?5arln fr"'t vegetables and OKI
. ''ng piace ror the As-
latin rata Ia n.,fn.n. t. i 1 1 . . .
" m"u to high heaven whenever
warmed by the sun and the breeae car
tl tt. odor throuh all the buUdlngs
nhniiy thw refuse from tha
h Oil MM tnH tha -lt L ...
from th mtrmatm ho. . :
iiKrU, r laarf i! .ViT a cnoifwi vimis,
ordinary tninial would dl if n rnt
sm sravsa ar in v aa wia.iwiai.-A
a.. naiviiuuraooa or mra
. Zrunn ntnm In xJtm.
Tha' . kl. .-. a-.-.-
. . ----- - "--v sa e tins) uuiuii iairiv
reeks' with dirt. Although thera era
irroi regulation, concerting the dump
ing of refuse Into the harbor the water
near tha waa anr.-v-AK . i . ,
son street bridge this morning waa cov
ered with decaying vegetablea, botes
containing .maggot-Infested corn and
nth. nAlln.ln - . . .
li .Li ? x no BrUHlflT part
of this waa thrown overboard from the
steamer Telephone tied up at the foot
of Morrison street. ,
Dr. Esther PohL dty health officer,
will make a trip of inspection through
this district today and will then give
orders looking towarda a complete
clean-up of the dangerous dirt heapa.
Balc-r City Promoter Back From the
Kaat With Men to Look at Eagle. :
and Pine Yalley Projects. ' v.
svovaa in votrBUi
sooBsTiro or rxniM.
The Paris correspondent for a
metropolitan paper writes that
the wave of reform baa struck
. Kronen society ladle. In the mat
ter of ualng face powders, cos
metics, etc They now want the
real thing when It comes to com
plexion, and ladles that continue
to use artificial beautlflera are.
scoffed and acorned.
Prof. DeVailler, tho noted akin
specialist, haa given out the fol
lowing formula which Is said to
work wonders on aallow com- .
plexlona, and If used persistently
will fill out sunken and hollow
parts. -
Two onndes of Ro.e Water;
ona ounce Spirits of Cologne;
four ounces erystallaed flartoln.
' Put the Bartoln Into a pint of
hot water not boiling), and after
It la dissolved aruk cooled, strain
through a fine cloth and add the
Rose Water and Cologne Bptrlta.
Any large bottle will serve aa a
receptacle, but It must be kept
well corked. This quantity will
last for a long time. In using
this mixture It should always be
well massaged Into the akin at
leaat twice a day. It Is an In-
expensive mixture, the Ingredi
ents being obtainable from any
wail-stocked drug store. -
Eugene Man Will Be Posted at Port
. land to Divert aa Many aa (
(Special Dispatch te The Joe mat)
Baker City, Or, Aug. 10. W. I Vin
son baa returned to this city from east
ern money centers, where be spent soma
time' In tha endeavor to interest capital
In tha contsructlon of a raiiroaa rrom
Raker Citv to Eagle and Pine valleys.
Ha reports that the money market la
very atrlngent, out ne aucceeoea in im
pressing some moneyed men with his
project so that they returned with him
to look over the proposition. Tho.e who
are In a position to know claim that the
road would De a money-maxer rrom ine
start, because of the -.'.rich -country
through which It would pass. The peo
ple of Baker City pledged 1100,000 to
ward tne construction o tne ruau a
ahnrt-ttma asro and Mr. Vinson haa been
endeavoring to secure the backing of
eastern capital. , (
' (gpectal tH.pstrs to The Joara.L) -Hillsboro,
Or., Aug. 10. At a mass
meeting held pursuant to a call by
Mavor Dennis it haa been decided to
holi) a street falr-and carnival In this
city some time In Beptemoer. Tne oate
waa left to be fixed later, aa It la de
sired to bold the fair Immediately after
the close of the hop-plcklng aeason.
A general committee, constating of
the following, was appointed: B. P.
Cornelius,' J. W. Connell, R. H. Greer,
la A. Long and Q. A. Patterson. This
committee will formulate plans for
conducting tha fair. The city council
haa agreed to grant' tha use of auch
street, and make suctr-rsoncesslons as
may be necessary. . . ,
' (RnaHal fHanateh to The 7o.ra.Vl
Spokane, Wash., Aug. 80. W. C,
Baker, a railroad man living at Hlll-
. 1 ..tlul tn tha Hone lata at
nighi by an unknown man of murderous
intentions. As Baker stepped on the
threshold be saw the gun leveled at bla
he1,1 and made a dive for it The men
fought for some time and finally the
revolver waa accidentally discharged. A
hole wa. .hot through Baker's hand, but
he continued to fight. Soon the gun
went-off agaln and thl. time the bullet
pierced the other man's hand, aker
waa taken to tha hospital. He would
not tell who the other man waa, and
no one has yet been able to locate him.
Hill Lines Managers Suc
cumb; Others Expected
to Follow.
tSpeelal Dtopateh to Tse JearaaL)
- Taeomav Aug. 10. Machinists of tha
Northern Paclflo and Great Northern
have won out after a controversy last
ing four years with tha managers of
tha road for bigger pay and shorter
hours. Beglnlng next Monday the Ma
chinist, of both Bysteras will be given
a nine-hour Instead of a ten-hour day,
aa at present, and 43 Instead of St cents
an hour.
General Manager Van Horn of tle
Northern Paclflo algned the schedule to
this effect last Saturday at St. Paul,
where be met 15 delegates representing
tha machinists of the ayatem. Tha newe
reached here laat evening on tha arrival
of Peter Ritchie, representative of tha
Tacoma machinists, back from tha con
ference. The machinists hers say their vic
tory Is of far-reaching consequence. In
that all transcontinental railroads were
waiting for the two Hill roads to dis
pose of the matter, when . they would
follow the initiative set and take simi
lar action relative to similar demands
made by their machinist foroea.
East of Mandan, the Northern Paclflo
machinists by the new schedule are to
receive but 40 centa an hour with the
nine-hour day. tTbp machinist, here, of
wnora. ins re are idu, are wuaiy jubilant.
((pedal Dispatch to The Joanal.)
Eugene, Or.. Aug. 10. At a banquet
given by the Eugene real estate brokers
laat night. It waa decided to send a man
to Portland to remain there during the
montha of September and October for
the purpose of diverting eastern immi
grants, who will be arriving In that
city In large numbers during that time,
to Eugene and Lane county. Support
was pledged from the Merchants' Pro
tective association, and tha Commercial
club. Two hundred dollars a month baa
been subscribed for that purpose.
Tea, to be Good,
should be free from artificial
coloring it should be pure.
FolgcrJs Golden Gate Teas
arc pure healthful re
freshing. Six flavors
Japan KngllnH BroaKfast
Gunpowder . Ctylon
Ooionrf BlacR A Green
Packed flavor-tight in dust
proof cartons. - .
Tie choice of flavor
fa g matter of txtt
J A..Foltfer QX Co San Francisco
i ' Importers of Pure Teas
(Continued from Page Ona)
bay a few days longer, and allow the
automobllea to make the trip clear
through to the bay. Thla they - did
without mishap after the cloudburst
passed, and the oombined partlea atarted
northward in the autos yesterday morn
ing. They will see the Deschutes coun
try and come over tho Cascade - range
via Mlnto pass, to the eastern terminus
of the Corvallls & Kastern, and thence
by special train to Portland tomorrow.
In the -party are Mr. O'Brien. Mr. Stan
ley. Mr. Harrlman, Colonel Holablrd
and Mr. Harrlman'a two sops.
Changes Original Plana.
It waa their plan to proceed directly
north to Shantko and return to Port
land In Mr. O'Brien's special train. But
the understanding now is that tha party
will atrllra th. woann A r-am flfa. a-a
to Black Butte, turn their cars toward
Fish lake, thence by horseback through
the region known aa Great Meadowa and
over Mlnto pass, following the survey
of the extension proposed for the Cor
vallia Eastern. This route will bring
thera out at Idanha, where the Harrlman
train and retinue of servant, await
It Is believed this change of tha route
of the party bode, good for the country
east of Idanha and that there ia prac
tically a certainty of that route being
chosen for Immediate construction of
the Southern Pacific ln,to the Deschutes
region. The trio of Mr. Harrlmaa Into
central Oregon ba. been said to have
the purpose of eatlafylng himself per
sonally ss to the beat route for reaching
the upper Deachutea country with a rail
road extension In time to put a quletua
upon the proponed Nelson road from the
mouth of the Deachutea to Madras.
(Continued from Pag Ona)
thoritle. and action will be taken to
open the street, and keep them open
for tha use of the city.
"In practically every other city hav
ing a water frontage the streets are
kept open down to the water's edge, ao
that small river craft can transact
business without being forced to land,
load or anload at the larger dock.
Thla 4a not tha eaaa 1m PnWl.nJI
where all the liver craft are compelled
to pay, aorxsse cnarges. ir the city
follows it the plan now being out
lined It-will' be p.nlhle for 'launches
and other small craft to use the atreet
ends for landing tiwa wither axtra
charge. -a
(pedal Dispatch to Tke JoeraiL)
Enterpriser Or., Aug. 10. George
Clark, who lives In the Wallowa can
yon, about eight mile, from Wallowa.
haa had a preliminary hearing before
Justice of the Peace Smith of thla place
on tha charge 01 attempting criminal
assault on hla daughter, aged IS yeara.
Clark was bound over to the circuit
court and his bond fixed at 12,000. The
child testified that the assault was made
about the middle oz August, this year.
Clark formerly drove tha atage between
thla place, and Imnaha, but la now a
rancher. He has lived In Wallowa
county Ave years.
. JnTolontarr JIa Jltan.
fgnerlal THmatra to The Journal. V
Winona. Wash- Aug. 10. William
Bvard had his leg broken hero yester
day while In a friendly scuffle with a
companion, ana- use oeen taxen to ma
home in Colfax, where he will be con
fined to hla bed for aome time. He la a
well-known farmer of the-Talouse coun
try and has a splendid farm a few mile.
southwest or uouax. ,
Man Drowned at Vancouver.
I Xoersal Special Barrlee.)
i r . .. a A I
vsncuuvvr, x x.., ow. a. noitvii,
employed at the Lake Buntseiv Power
company's plant, waa drowned . thla
morning. He fell between the wharf and
a scow and aU attempts at rescue wera
futile. - . - . - . :
Fifty Thousand In Smoke.
Joamtl Soeelal SerWe.l
Vancouver, B. C. Aug. 0. Fire at
Eburne this morning caused damage
amounting to over $60,000. Several res
ldences. a church and two'atorea were
burned. , I "-71 ; r
Oasene cleans thoroughly', works
quickly, bleaches perfectly, leaves all
material soft, clean and sanitary hot
or cold water. - - - -
Mustang Liniment
very er tha
dlsaaea ana etoaa
the most deep-eat,
xorwotatlnfl pains -alnrsst
Mustang Liniment ,
' Oaraa avary -llatasl
of Ms s Beast
that a gawd, heaaat
. Ualsteat aaa rs
Newe better,
' Hate aa gooa. '
v .':
' II ti v-'J
1 1
Grand ILnd of the Season
Elbow length fine quality French kid; regular $3.60 Talue.. ....... 82.30
18-button length fine quality French kid regular $4.00 value $3.85
Elbow length fine quality lisle, 75c and $1.00 values, pair........... .48
16-button length, finest Milanese lisle, black, white and colors; regular $2
value, pair.
. srvajr i
Ladles' two-clasp patent tip Silk Gloves, best known makes, white and all
colors; $1.00 and $1.23 values...-.. WW............;. .75
75c quality, 64, regular 60c quality. 37
Misses two-clasp patent tip Silk Gloves, all colors; 65c quality, pair.37e
Ladies' elbow length. Silk Extension Armlets ; reduced irom $1.25 to 48
Cleaning up of this season's Para-
sols: ' ' . ' ,
Values up to $15.. ........59f
Values up to;$2.50.w. 05e
Values uo to $3.60... .....81.45
Umbrellas repaired and recovered in expert manner at reasonable prices
Afen'a. - and women's rainnrnrttVrl
fast black Gloria, with famous rust
proof rib ; also tape edge Union .
Silk Taffeta Umbrellas; regular ,
$2.50 value; sale price..... 81.50
llarrdoa SLf
81.05 81.05 81.05 81.05 8
B1.05 ?1.05 ?1.05 ?1.05 $
S1.5 .3. '
at o-r - ' : -'is- . L -
ill An upporiumiy lor iiiouiers
ST. Sr
$1.05 !
81.05 '
81.05 . - Ulf .
?1.05 V ' 7
81.05 rfrffrt
81.05 JIvAt.
li'.oi . .
1.05 81.05 8
1.05 ?1.05 9
1.05 81.05
1 05 81.05
1.05 81.05 81.05
81.05 81.01
1.05 ?1.05 91.05 91.0:
(0 Prepare
IMr Children for School
: ' . V 1 '
. . a . aaa r.!ii.' s?..!a t ia..a 4 A
i fvi we nave accumulate a pout juu uiuurcns qw suw uwu-iu-j.
1.05 Suits of the best material, gooa make; guaranteed
1.05 not to rio the former price of which was $3.50,
-v - . s- . ... . .
$4.50 and we-will now place them
on sale at the remarkably low price of......
its sizes
91.05 s
81.05 8
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1.05 81.05 91.05
1.05 91.05 91.05
91.05 91.05 91.05 91.05 91.05 81.05 91.05
91.05 91.05 91.05 91.05 91.05 91.05 $1.05
Special Low Rates
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Saralofla Sprlnfls, N.Y.
'-'AND .'.'
6ther Eastern Points September
. 3-4-5
With Stop-Over Privileges
The-Beit of. Everything
Pullman and Tourist Sleepers
Portland7 to Chicago without
change via Chicago and North
western Railway, the Double
Track Line". Address R. V.
Holder, Gen. AgVl53ThirdSt
Fortland, Ot.
You must be interested in a plant that will save you money on
your ice, that will keep all your meats it the same temperature and
that will make enough extra ice to supply the neighborhood at the
price you're paying for ice now!
' It will pay you to have our refrigerating expert call at once!
328 Glisan Street, Bet. 6th and 7th
Refrigerating Engineers Telephone Main '852