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Th Weather- howers r tonight;
tomorrow probably ahowen; cooler.
VOL. VI. NO. 151.
Plucks Mrs. George Ilamm,
tacked by Highwaymen,
Grabs Assailant by the
Throat, Then Tears His
Gothes to Shreds.
' vJ ';'
W-K.V . ' ( flit 1'
Woman Accosted at Lonely
Spot After Alighting
From Car on Her Way
Home Koad Agent Gets
Nothing But Scratches.
A lon highwayman met hta mtch
night befor lMt when h attempted to
bold up Mra. Qeorg-a Hamm In a lonely
pot about two block from her home
at Ockley Green. The plucky woman
not alone gave the highwayman a good
btlnr but ahe almost aueceeded in
holding him until assistance arrived
a a in ovirinnr-it nf the encounter Mrs.
Hamm retains In her possession the
Eeceiver DcTlin Believes Complete Statement of Oregon
Savings Resources Will Be Made by Wednesday
Moore Giving Deeds to His Property.
From progress made today I am by
no means certain that a report 01 m
bank's affairs and present condition can
be made on Monday. It may be a few
days later. There are so many Inter-
portion of hla collar I ruptlons that it Is impossible to do this
rapidly," said T. C. Lvun, re
ceiver of the Oregon Trust & savings
tmiffh'M ht tin.
and nearly half the bosom or nia sniru work
Mrs. Hamm. who resides with her
nusoana on umuu "oui . . . . .v,.
Oreen. visited relaUves on Tuesday Dana, wnen asaea touay - -
evening in Lowef Alblna. ne returnea BDle date for the nnng or nis report.
home rather late and when aha left the Tnerd i, a vast number of note that
&X&&.rTV& have credit, to be checked up and ,n
S. coSld have transferred, she decided terest has to b , tlgurd 1 out and the
to walk homa tnrougn a narrow cow mm. ui mi.u"... r, ' rX, .
naatiirA I process retjuirea inun inn. ..
At the same time Mrs. Hamm left Uelver-s report will Probably be ready
the ckr she noticed that a man got off. for the-public some time between Mpn-
He followed directly behind her. day and Wednesday, it wiu
As the narrow lane leading to Omaha character and amount of the ban
avenue was reached the man accosted sets and the extent of Its liabilities, to
Mr. Hamm. asking her If she had far depositor, another,.
T. .J. i . .... i .v.. ! m.ln thH Beonle interested will be
saying "she "ww'two" mlTesdl.tant from able to a fiirly od ..Unjat. of
her home. - - I what tha bank will do In the matter or
paying vui uuuoi ivi u ...... . -
own resources antl how-hearvy-th ao
riflce will be upon those officials who
hava tendered their prlvat. fortune, to
aid in repaying depositors.
Star Eaxhamgs Bond.
Aithnnirh there were a number alf
hanvv withdrawals of savincs deposfTs
Hlrhwaymaa Orah. K.
; A moment" liter" the highwayman
seised her by the left arm and de
manded that aha give him any money
he might have on her person.
In grabbing Mra Hamm by tba left
arm the thug made a big mistake, for
u mav Mrs Hamm M At IM his
. i . i . rrin with h.r iHvht I dtirlnr tha last
hand and the pain was evidently suf- bank1, suspension, there still remained
flcUnt to niakS the fellow loosw. his approximately I2.S0O 000 of depositors
.hold on the woman s arm. me next tunas in ; .k, .sTn
''f!Lr.. v.. .a v.- vitim hn,i hnih nma on. Of these deDoalts about .1500,
hand, tightly abur the fellow', neck. 5oo were certlflcate- of deposit repre-
Then" woman-like, .he began to .cream, sentlng the bank's debt to the Home
In the meantime the highwayman did Telephone company for bonds pur-
t,t. .Ttririno himself and finally chaaed. 8hould the Home Telephone
be .ucceeded in getting away minus company be permitted to take back that
hat necktie, a part of his collar and amount of bonds and cancel the certin
ahlft. Bv that time several neighbors cates, the deposits to be repaid now out
attracted by the woman's scream, ar
rived on the scene. tne nignwayman
araned. but he secured nothing,
There is no police protection In that
section and most of the resident, are
nrnvided with shotguns and revolvers.
A search was made by a few In the
neighborhood after the story became
known, but the thug made good his op
portunity and got away.
Mr. Hamm believes if the fellow Is
caught he can be Identified by the hat
and other articles sne nas. Aimouja
she does not know the man .he can
Identify him and thinks that ha lives
omewhere In the vjclnlty of Ockley
Had no rear.
Mrs. Hamm is reported to have had
quite a considerable sum of money on
her person at the . time the attempted
holdup was made. The matter was re-
fiorted to police headquarters In Port
and. but no trace of the highwayman
has been found.
When seen this morning Mrs. Hamm
wa. out working In her orchard. She
Is atrongly built, and a highwayman
would have some difficulty
ing her and getting away without carjLfor dollar,
Tying traces ox me tmuuuiucr wuu mm.
Airaui! sne exciaimea, wnen asKea-
he felt when the man lumped oufij
of tifltMlishesVat her, "of course I was
hot I wv never known what It Is to
be afraid in my life. I have often
thought what J would do If anyone at
tacked me at might, and I went to work
and did it. I'couldn't get hold of him
very well, or he would never have got
ten away.
(Continued on Page Two.)
of the banks' resource, would De re
innA to nhnut the sum of $1,800,000.
"There had been no open run on the
bank, and nothing unusual noted by u.
excepting the withdrawal of two large
savings deposit, of 110,000 each," said
President Moore. "Up to the last day
we did not suffer any special strain on
that score, but we had reason to be
lieve that a run would be started on the
following day should the bank open Its
By the suspension of the bank It was
able o conserve. It is said, the amount
of cash on hand, which can now be
added to the fund available for pay
ment of depositors. It is believed there
was about $50,000 cash on hand the day
of the suspension.
Judge A E. Reames, attorney for
President Moore, Is today completing
the drafting of deeds and papers in
cident to the transferring by Mr. Moore
of the Water street warehouse property
valued at $60,000 and the eastern Ore
gon and Washington wheat lands aggre
gating 7,400 acres, which he proposes
to place at the disposal of the deposit
ors should the bank fail to pay dollar
property to be transferred, he said their
actual value waa much more than could
be realized immediately to meet demands.
He said he would for a rush sale place
their realizing value at about $250,000,
on a conservative estimate.
Wheat Xada Valuable,
While there 1. a question as to the
propriety of giving out any estimate
of their value prior to offering them
for sale, Mr. Moore was willing to say
that in his opinion they should bring
that amount under any circumstances.
It Is possible they will realise more
than that sum.
Today Directors Lytle and Frlede,
who have ud to this time held aloof.
showed their interest in the bank's af
fair, by being present during the morn
ing. President Moore said to The Jour
nal today:
"I feel that too much censure Is being
thrown upon Mr. Lytle and Mr. Frlede.
They tried to do their duty as directors
and were at the bank nearly every
morning. If they made some mistake,
in judgment there were greater mis
takes made by myself, and I know Mr.
Morrl. feels the same a. to hla .hare in
error, made.
"The attitude of Mr. Lvtle and Mr.
Frlede toward the bank 1. better than
they are given credit for. They have
assured me that they will stand In with
me and help and I think that they will
do so. But with the severe criticism
and blame that Is being directed arainst
them it makes them hesitate to throw
off their coats, so to speak, and get In
and help us. I feel that they should be
exonerated to a large extent. '
Cashier W. C. Morris has from the date
or nis return Tromrthe east stood wltn
hi. chief officer In' the determination to
turn over all available property upon
which he can realize to help swell the
bank's redemption fund. It Is eald he
will be able to realize between $30,000
ana iu,uuu, ana mat everytning ne na
will be turned over to the receiver.
Factories Along Willamette
Where Hot Article Is Made
Reek With. Filth and
Disease Germs Residents
Will Appeal to City.
Edible Sold on Streets Made
on River Scow Where the
Most Nauseating Condi
tions Prevail Xo Attempt
Made Toward' Cleanliness.
These properties will be
ffurned over to Receiver Devlin tomor
row, if the papers can De puv in uira
before the close of business noura
"tvi fadI hardahin In this trans
action Is that I havo to buy from my
partner a nair interest m ui
properties," said W. H. Moore today.
"Mv brother, H. A. Moore, is a half
owner in them, and before I can turn
them over to the bank I have to become
.Via anla ftwn.r."
Asked if he could place a market
value on the wheat land, and other
Former Governor of Ken
tucky Is Offered Safety
If He Returns.
Portland Physician Becomes Imbued Suddenly With Po
litical Aspirations Links, ElbowsWith Bourne,
Both of Whom Will Whittle" on Same Stick.
Dr. Hanry Waldo Coe, prominent In
Republican circle. In Multnomah county,
Tg nurturing the Idea that he uld
welcome a. six year.' official residence
In Washington, D. C. and accordingly
has trained his ambition upon the ena
tofial toga now worn y Charles W.
As a mean, of making this ambition
the nearer, to realization Dr. Coe has
climbed into the Bourne bandwagon and
la tooting the "second elective term"
chorus for all It . is worth. By friends
and tha who claim to have the correct
.larJ-aGT thing, political it Is .aid that
TCo wtt not talking on medical
K.lpt whllA In the east recently, but
b. Mtmlfi. n an iindArstandlna' with
Senator Bourne on Just how to win the
'suffrage of tne Oregon voters ana at
'the same time hslp the good cause
.along.';.v -.. '
. In other word. tt la freeljr stated
that Dr. 'Coe and Senator Bourne will
be th combination wbjoh. 1 to go out
otter the office now Bld by Senator
Fulton. In support of this It is pointed
out mat JBoqrne ana f uiion nave not
linked elbow. In the senatorial battle.
ently that Fulton on the one hand ana
William M. Cake and Harry M. Cake
on the other have entered into a political
coalition, the story being that by thl.
combination It Is hoped to make Fulton
senator, William M. Cake governor and
Harry M. Cake congressman from thl.
district This Is vigorously denied by
Senator Fulton and both the Cakes.
Fred W. Mulkey is the other candi
date who is openly after the scalp of
Senator Fulton, but he is running a de
tached race and playing a lone hand,
announcing that he will.,, make a busi
ness man', camnalsm and rolnr out Into
the-hlghway. after' the rural vote.
Dr. Coe has not publicly hoisted hi.
banner aa vet. but . his friends have
prepared thing, for the flag raising and.
tners) lsno oouof out that tne ex-atate
senator will be on the tape when the
gun Is fired that open, the race for
the Republican nomination. ,, , . ,
'iContlaufa on Page XwJ ; i
Indianapolis, Aug. 2$. former Gov
ernor Taylor of Kentucky today re
ceived a letter from Governor Beckham
offering him a military guard If he
would return to his native state and
testify In the trial of Caleb Powers, ac
cused of complicity In the murder of
Governor Goebel.
Taylor has taken 24 hour, to declds
upon the matter. His friends believe
that he will not return because all of
the stipulations he made in offering his
evidence have not Deon complied with.
The ex-governor slated several week,
ago that he would return to Kentucky
and not only testify in the Caleb
Powers case but was willing to stand
trial himself If guaranteed a fair trial
by an Impartial jury of six Democrat,
and six Republicans. ,
Can the pure food law be made to
extend to hot tamalesT If It can, rest
dents of East Portland who.e day.
dutle. bring them along the river bank
near the foot of East Stark street and
who at the same time cherish an epi
curean delight in chicken tamales are
clamoring that It be extended to clean
out the tamale "factories" that line the
river bank.
One of the favorite tamale venders
on the east side of the river is Tamale
Joe. Joe has a route which Includes
a goodly portion of East Portland, ex
tending a. rar a. Alblna. He is van.
ously regarded as a Hindoo, a China.
man, and a Dago by those who buy of
him, out in reality he is a Turk and his
name 1. uulllamand. But he Is dark
skinned and romantic looking and many
buy or him because they think that
his tamales must be the real article.
Hi. factory and his home Is a filthy
old scow drawn up on the mudbank
between Stark and Washing-ton streets
and numbered 61 on Water street. It
Is likewise the home of three of his
countrymen who sleep with him In the
rear room, little better than a pen and
help blm make tamales In the front
room, the greater part of which. 1. oc
cupied by a stove and boiler for'use In
manufacturing. the tamales,
Three day. a week are set anart by
the Turks for killing the fowla The
slaughtering la done in the "front yard"
of the scow a mass of drift-wood,
dirt, tomato cans and refuse of all
sorts. Apparently no effort Is made to
clear away the remain, of the unfortu
nate birds after the tamale-maker.
have finished their work.
The feathers, heads and feet appar
ently all that doesn't go into the pot
are left within a few feet of where
the work of cutting up the meat, pep
pers and other ingredients of the mess
is going on. Swarms of flies . settle
over the clots of blood and feather, and
are only disturbed when someone pick,
his way through the dirt and garbage
to reach the house.
Inside aspects are even less Invltlnr.
The odor without Is nauseating that ,
within is scarcely to be borne by one
who hasn't lived In it for a month or
so. What files couldn't find room on
the outside have settled within. They
swarm on the wretched paillasse which
serves a. a bed, and hover constantly
over the pot where the chicken is
boiled, attracted by the odor of the
cooking meat Bubonic plague microbes
seem to be sending greetings from
every corner. The presence of soap and
water or a broom in the hovel is ap
parently unknown.
"Dirt?" Bald one of the sleepy-eyed
dwellers in the hut this morning "I no
understand. I no understand English."
Then he looked around the room and
the slaughter yard Inquiringly as If io
uiacover me wnereaoout. or dirt. Find
mg this useless he went back to hi.
wucn . orew.
Those livinr In' the neizhhorhnvi
have determined to appeal to the city
neaun department to nave tne place
cleaned up and the men forced to obey
some rule, of sanitation and cleanli
ness In preparing their food for public
Drivers for Big Meat Concerns in Windy City Strike in
Sympathy With Butchers' Employes Public
Sympathy With Union Men.
(Jon rail Special SerTtee.)
New York, Aug. 29. Obeying a gen
eral order to strike In sympathy with
the butchers' teamsters' strike the
union teamsters on the livestock
wagons of the big Chicago packing con
cern, walked out today.
Officials of the teamsters' union
stated this morning that the Inside men
would not be asked to quit and declared
that there would be no necessity of
such action. The union men are well
provided with funds and are confident
tha thev ran win their strike without
aid from anyone other than the team
ster, themselves.
The Mg packers who were .truck
hardest by the walkout are optimistic
and say that they are not affected In
the least by the trouble. They say that
plenty of good men can be secured to
take the place of the strikers and that
bv tomorrow their business will be car
ried on as usual.
Public symathy Is with the strikers
and unless they grow weak-kneed and
return to work or start violence It Is
believed here that they will win. Vio
lence of any kind would be fatal to their
cause, however, a. they do not have the
sympathy of the public to such an ex
tent that unnecessary trouble would be
City Health Officers Find
Waterfront Conditions la
Even Worse Shape ThaHt
at First Reported Refuse v .
in Great Piles.
City Attorney to Be Asked tb -Determine
How to 'Pro
ceed Against Owners ol
Docks to Force Them tq
Clean Up.
(Journal Sptclal Serrire.) .
Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 29. Because
he tried to cross In front of an electric
car last night while riding In his auto
mobile, Dr. George Waldron of Roches
ter and three aged women were instant
ly killed. Dr. Waldron had taken the
women, each of whom was over 65 years
of age, out for an airing.
Long Termers at Joilet Use
Appliances in Hospital
for Scaling Wall.
(Journal Special Serrlce.)
Joliet, fll., Aug. 29. Edward Qulnn
and Harry Varmon, burglar, who were
nerving long term. a. convict, in the
penitentiary here escaped from here to
day. Twenty guards In a special car
have gone out In search of the es
capes. Quinn and Varmon were engaged as
nurses in the prison nospitai. 'iney
made ropes of bandages and a scaling
hook of the iron rungs of a chair, scaled
the wall and escaped.
Although the cuards have been dis
tributed throughout the country not a
traco of the escapes can be found. It
Is believed they are in hiding some
where near the prison.
(Journal Special Bervlee.)
Meredith, N. H., Aug. 29. Five boys
were burled by a cave-In of a sand
bank here today. Four were killed and
one may recover. The boys were laying
out a tennis court at the foot of the
bank near a summer camp conducted
by a school of Newport, Rhode Island.
All belonged, to wealthy families.
The bodies were covered by nine feet
of sand, but their companion, uncov
ered them In two hour.. The dead are
Patchell Cleghorn, age 16, of Montreal:
Robert Williams, age IB, of BostonrVna
the other two names were not learned.
Daniel MenntI, age 9, of Newton, Mas
sachusetts, will recover.
iSi&y& fHaV 'v'feU' U vVva IIKhV Mi'jjc.- n
- . 'Jik.''
, , " '-; u ..
ciaMvj.-v..aMj-fc-.w , . . -
(Jonrnal Special Serrica.)
Des Motnes, Iowa, Aug. 29. More
than $100,000 damage was done at the
fair srrounds here today bv a wind and
rain storm which blew up unexpectedly
this morning. Roy Knabenshue's air
ship, the. captive balloon, the interna
tional harvester and many other ex
hibits were ruined by the .storm.
Determined to clean up Portland
several mile, of waterfront and rid th4
city of it. worst ere.ore. Dr. Estheg
Pohl will ask the board of health at It
meeting Saturday to provide the way
and mean, for doing it In thl. effort
she is backed by the state board ofl
health and the United State, engineer
In charge of the harbor and with theil
combined force, they hope to effect a)
cure of the evil In a very short time -
The city health office will aak City;
Attorney Kavanaugh Just how far th
board 1. able to proceed agaln.t the
owner, of dock, and building, along
the waterfront with police power. ?
The matter was referred to Incfc
dentally at the special meeting of tha
board of health thl. morning called to
discuss the garbage crematorium, and
the startling announcement was maoa
that there Is enough filth and refusej
along the waterfront alone to keep tha
resent garbage incinerator running for,
0 yeara .-
VoiMtno Xnat Be Abated. -
Members of the board of health aeenf
nrinni tn have the nuisance abated
and are confident that city ordinance
can be found which will aid them in .
hfr ffa-ht anlnat the unclean condW
tlon. prevailing along the waterfront
Soma snots In the more congested Io '
calltle are said to be particularly ob
noxious. On Front street between Asa
and Ankeny, within half a block of tha
t. i . hvlAorA th.p. la an a r
cumulation of filth and much which tha
health officer, class as abominable.
The foot of Salmon street 1. particular
ly offensive, ana tne root or eiiars.
street, one of the principal landing
places in the harbor. Is said to b
scarcely less abhorrent
Worst Places Coma rirn.
rr Pnhl and Harbormaster Sneled '
have been examining the wor.t place -and
the owner, of these will be the
first to feel the hand of authority.
Other Drosecutlon. will follow Quickly
in their wake once the campaign 1. un
der full swing. Mayor Lane i giving
the weight of hi. official position t
the health official, in their fight for e
cleaner waterfront and will exercise aH
the police power given under the charte
to accomplish the desired end.
The accompanying picture show, the)
waterfront on the west bank of tha
river between Ash and Ankeny street aw j
These premises are in plain view from
the Burnside bridge. Waste of all aorta .
is thrown promiscuously, through tha
windows and left on the bank to be -
carried away by the annual freahets,
but the river doe. not always aooom .,
plish this work and ao the heap of rub
blah increase. -i . .
(Journal Special Serrtee.1
Amsterdam, Aug. 29. Emm OoldW
man. the notorious woman anarchist
delivered a speech before the congress)
of anarchists here today in which .ha
severely criticised American laws.
Miss Goldman asserted in her ad
dress that the law. of tha United .
States are so strict that the propaganda
of the anarchist, cannot be carried on,
in that country properly. She asserted,
however, that anarchy i. srtreadina- Jrl
America, particularly among Jewish)
working people. She also expressed tha
belief that it would soon have a. strong;
a foothold there a. in Russia
Telegraphic Tie-Up Worse Today Than at Any Other
Time Since the General Walkout Was Ordered
Broker Wires M ay Be Closed. 'v :-'
(Jonrnal Special Serrloa.) .
Chicago. Aug. 29. Latest j, reports
from the telegraphic situation through
out the country show the tleup Of the
wire, to be more complete than at any
time since the general strike was or
dered by President Small. Thl., It la
reported, 1. due to the fact that strike
breakers throughout the country are de
serting the keya of both Western Union
and Postal companies, and are lining up
in the rank, of the union men. . ;. s
In every city of consequence in the
United State, the union men have pur
ned a policy of peace since tha walkout
occurred, but have placed their rights
before tha strikebreakers - In a - calm
light upon every occasion which pre
sented itself. This course is realizing .
good result for atrlk'ebreaker art
strikebreaker has quit the -offices of the
company and joined the atrikers. "
There is sever a. day passes here that
at least two or three nonunion men do
not appear at union headquarter, with
ft request to t ftooepted aa member. ,
able positions now and the strike fund
in the general treasury has not been
drawn . upon , to any alarming extent
Many, of the operators declare that they
have oult telegraphing forever and it Is
predloted that when the strike is ended
the companies will have a hard time en
listing fuU crews for their offices.
Strikers Learn That Nonunion Mm
. " Are Working Bfarket WirM. ,
. " . (Joenal Special errtre.)
- Waw Tortc. An. .!. Because ft i
learned that nonunion operators are
handling market report it i likely
tht an order ealHr-aU telegraphers
from brokers' offices will be prom ul
gated by . President .Small within tl
next U hour ". ' 'v'""" ' ' .
A dispatch was received by Presl.itfit
.Contmned oa Faf 7wo.4