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Journal Circulation
VOL. VI. NO. 151.
Tlucku Mrs. George Hamm,
Lacked by Highwaymen,
Grabs Assailant by, the
Throat, Then Tears His
Clothes to Shreds.
Woman Accosted at Lonely
Spot . Alter. 'Alighting
From Car on. Her "Way
Home Boad, Agent Gets
- Nothing But Scratches. ..
Ion highwayman met Ma match
lg-ht before last, when ha attempt to
bold up Mrs. George Hunm in m iaamtj
' apot about two block from bar home
at Ocklay Qreen. Tha plucky woman
; not alona gave tha highwayman a good
beating but aha almoat succeeded - la
holding him until aaaJaUnca arrived.
Am an evidence of the encounter Mrs.
Hamm retalna In her possession the
tough's hat. tie, a portion of bla collar
and' nearly half the boaom of hla ahlrt.
Mra Hamm. who resides with her
husband on Omaha avenue, Ockley
"Ofeen. vlelted relatives on - Tuesday
evening In Lowe Alblne. She returned
. i ..iv... lata nA when ahe left the
, ear at the Alblna car bam. Instead of
,.. waiting for tha Bt. jonni oir. w wn
he could have transferred, aha decided
: to walk home through a barrow cow
a the same time Mra. Hamm left
( the car ahe noticed that a man. got off.
Aa the narrow Una leading- to Omaha
avenue waa reached the man accosted
lira. Hamm. asking ber If aha had far
t0K,. .,,:;,. fear aha
saying ah waa two miles dlatant from
v Aer Dome.- j . nnv,. "-a-.-, .-..
' , - , sflghwaymaa Graba Key.
. A .'aotrsen't" Tater 'the highwayman
aelsed her by tha left arm and de-
manded that aha give blm any money
shs might have on her person. " .
In grabbing Mra Hamm by the left
arm the thug made a big mistake, for
: the next Instant Mra. Hamm seised his
throat In a vice-Ilka grip with her right
. hand and the pain waa evidently auf
f lelent to make the fellow loosen his
..hold on the woman's arm. The rest
instant his ' would-be victim had both
bands tightly about the fellow s neck.
, Then, woman-like, ahe began to scream.
In the meantime the highwayman did
hla best to extricate himself and Anally
be succeeded In getting away minus
' hat necktie, a part of hie collar and
ahlrt By that lme eeveral neighbors
h. tha woman'a screams ar
rived on the scene. The highwayman
sec-aped but he aeonred nothing.
There la no police protection In that
aectlon and moet of tha residents are
provided with shotguns and revolvers.
A search waa made by a few In the
, neighborhood after the story became
known, but tha thug made good bla op-
" ur. Ummtn heileves If the fellow la
caught he can be Identified by the bat
.and other articles ahe has. Although
she doea not know the man ahe can
Identify him and thinks that ha lives
Somewhere in tha vicinity of Ocklay
Had mo Tear.
" urea. Hamm Is reported to have bad
quite a considerable sam of money on
her person at-tha.Ume the attempted
-IIOKlUp W maUB, mmiiwr w 1 "
nrioA tn nnllce headauarters in Port'
land, but no trace of tha highwayman
baa been found. m
When aeen thla morning Mra. Hamm
waa out working in her orchard. She
is strongly built, and a highwayman
would have some difficulty In attack
' ing her and getting away without car.
vin. tranaa or tne encounter wun mm.
' ArralU! ane exciaimea, wnen aaaoujr
.ht felt when the man jumped ou;
of tn44lH"hesat ner of course l was
not. I Wv never knowa whst It Is to
be afraid In my life. I nave orten
thnnvht what I would do If anyone at
backed me at might, and I went to work
and did It. I couldn t get hold of him
very well, or ho would never have got
' ten away.
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'' f li. - ... vn. - - -
. ; FILTH. r ,',
Keceiyer Deyjin Believes Complete Statement of Oregon
v Savings Eesources Will Be Made by Wednesday i '
i; v. : : ' Moore Giving Deeds to His Property. ; .k ; ' :;
"From progress made today I am by !
no means certain that a report of tha
bank's affairs and present condition cab
ba made on Monday. It may be a few
daya later. Thera ara ao many Inter
ruptlona that It la impoaslble to do thla
work rapidly," said T. C. Devlin, ra
oelver of tha Oregon Trust 4k Bavlnga
bank, when asked today aa to tha prob
able data for tha filing of his report
Thara la a vaat number of notee that
have credits to ba checked up and In
terest haa to be figured out, . and the
mass of - computations . attending this
process requires much time. The re
ceiver's report will probably be ready
for the-publlo soma time between Mon
day amtWedneaday. It will show tha
oharacter and amount of the bank a as
sets and the extent of Its liabilities, to
depositors and others.
It- la expected that when thla report
la mada the people Interested will be
ahla to make a fairly good estimate of
what tha bank will do In the matter of
paying out dollar lor aonar xrora n
own resources an bow-bey-he'-ae-Hflce
will be upon those officials who
have tendered their private fortunea to
aid In repaying depositors. r .
, . atay Exchange Bonds. '
Although there were a number gt
heavy withdrawals of savings deposfts
durlna the laet week preceding the
bank's suspension, there still remainea
approximately IJ.S90.000 of depositors'
funda in lta banda the day of the bus-
pension. Of these aeposus moouv .,
000 were certincates of deposit reprs
sentlng tha bank's debt to the Home
Telephone company -for bonds pur
chased. Should the Home Telephone
company be permitted to take back that
mount of bonds and cancel the (certifi
cates, the deposits to be repaid now out
of the banks' reeoureeo would be re
duced to about the sum Of $1,800,000.
"There had been no open run on tha
bank, and nothing unusual noted by ue
excepting the withdrawal of two Urge
eavlnga deposits of 110.000 each" said
President Moore. "Up to the last day
we did not suffer any special strain on
that score, but we had reaeon to be
lieve that a run would be started on the
following day should the bank open Its
By'thm auspenalon of tha bank It waa
able fo conserve. It Is said, tha amount
of cash on hand, which can now be
added to the fund available for pey
ment of depositors. It Is believed there
waa about 150,000 caab on band tba day
Of the suspension. . .
Judge A, E. Beamea, attorney Tor
President Moore, la today completing
the drafting of deeds and papers In
cident to the transferring by Mr. Moore
of the Water street warehouse property
valued at $60,000 and the eastern Ore
gon and Washington wheat lands aggre
..tinv 7.400 acres, which he proposes
Fo Blaca i at the disposal of tha deposit- ernor xayior ox neniucsy toaay re
ars should the bank fall to pay dollar I calved a letter from Governor Beckham
Ifor dollar. These Properties wui oe offering him a military guard If he
Tturned over to Receiver Devlin tomor. would 'mm to hla native atate and
row. lr tne pP n - k-. .
property to be tranaferred. ha aald their
actual value waa much more than could
be realised Immediately to meet demands.
xie said ne would ror a rusn saie piace
their realising value at about $260,000,
on a conservative estimate.
' ' Wheat Mada Tamable.
While there la a Question as to tha
propriety of giving out any estimate
of their value nrlor to of ferine tltem
for sale, Mr. Moore was willing to say
that in his opinion they should bring
mat amount unaer any circumstances.
It la possible they will realise more
than that sum.
Today Directors Lytle and Fried e,
who have ud to thla time held aloof.
showed their Interest In tha bank'a af
fairs by being present during the morn
ing. President Moore said to Tba Jour
nal - todav:
"I feel that too much censure Is being
tnrown upon air. L.ytie ana Mr. rrieae.
They tried to do their duty as directors
and were at the-bank nearly every
morning. If they made aome mistakes
in judgment tnere were greater mis.
takes made by myeelf. and I know Mr.
Morris feels tha aame bla share in
errors msoe.
The attitude of Mr. Lytle and Mr.
Frlede toward the bank Is better than
they are given credit for. They have
assured me that they will stand In with
me and help and I think that they will
do ao. . Mut witn tne severe criticism
and blame that Is being directed aeainst
them it makes them hesitate to throw
off their coats, so to speak, and get In
and help us. I feel that they should be
exonerated to a large extent. '-
Cashier W. C. Morris haa from the date
or hi return-rremithe eaat stood wltn
his chief officer In' the determination to
turn over all available: aroDerty UDon
which he can realise) to help swell the
bsnk'a redemption fund. It la aald he
will be able to realise between S30.000
and 140,000, and that everything he has
will be turned over to tne receiver.
Former - Governor of Ken
tucky Is Offered Safety
If He Returns; : ' ;
Indianapolis, Aug. tl. 4Tormer Gov
ernor Taylor of Kentucky . today ra-
v tha rlnaa of business houra-
-The real hardship tn this trana
actloo la that I have to buy from my
partner a half Interest In all '.the
properties " aald W. H. Moore today.
'My brotiier. H. A. - Moore. Is , a halt
owner In them, and before I can turn
them over to the bank I have to become
the sole owner." .
Asked If ha could- place a market
value on the wheat ' landa and other
: Portland Physician Becomes Imbued Suddenly With Po-'
litical Aspirations Links ElbowsWith Bourne,;'
Both of Whom Will Whitttetm Same Sticks'
Dr. Kanry Waldo Coa, prominent la
Republican circles in Multnomah county,
T( nurturing tha Idsa that be would
welcome . a. at, years' . of flcial realdeace
in Washington, D. C, and accordingly
haa trained hla ambition upon tba eena
toflsl toga now worn y Charlea W.
; Fulton.: ''. .' '
Aa a means of making thta ambition
' the nearer, o realisation Dr. Coa baa
climbed into tha Bourne bandwagon and
la tooting tha "second elective term"
chorus for all It la worth. By friends
and thai who claim to have the correct
lran thlna political It is said that
Iiaa"coa wa not talking on medical
,-uJecte while In the eaat recently, but
'-jas eomlng to an understanding wun
Senator Uourna on juat how to win the
leuffraae of the Oregon voters ana at
the aame time help tha good oausa
along. ' .
After Till ton's Wig.
In other worrts .lt la freely staled
thai Dr. Cos and Senator Bourne will
ba tba combination whlob Is to go out
otter tha office now Bald by Senator
Fulton. In support of this It la pointed
out that Bo4jrne and Fulton have not
linked elbows In' the senatorial battle,
but Instead It haa been rumored nerslst
ently that Fulton on the one hand and
William M. Cake and Harry M. Cake
on the other have entered Into a political
coalition, the story being that by this
combination It Is hoped to make Fulton
senator, William M. Cake governor and
Harry M. Cake oongreasman from this
district. This la vigorously denied by
Senator Fulton and both the Cakes.
Fred W. Mulkey Is the other candi
date who Is openly after the scalp of
Senator Fulton, but he Is running a de
tached race and plavlng a lone hand,
announcing that he wlll-Jmnke a buel
nese man's campaign and going out Into
the highways after' the rural vota
Dr. Coa has not publicly hoisted bis
banner aa yet, but hla friends have
freimred thlnss for the flag raising and
hero lr no dnubf but that the en-state
senator will be on the tape when the
gun Is fired that opens the race for
the Republican nomination. .. .
oa rage Tw-X
testify In the trial of Caleb Powers, ac
cused of complicity in tha murder of
Governor Ooebel. .- ,
Taylor haa taken " nours to aeciae
upon the matter. Hla friends believe
that he will not return because all iof
the stipulations be made In offering bis
evidence have not been complied with.
The ex-governor-stated several wee as
ago that be would return to Kentuck
and not . only testify in the Cale
Powers case out waa willing to stand
trial himself if guaranteed a fair trial
by an impartial lury of six Democrats
and alx Republlcana. - .
Factories Along .Willamette
Where Hot Article Is Made
Keek With; Filth and
Disease Germs Residents
Will Appeal to City.
Edible Sold on Streets Made
. ou Kiver Scow Where the
Most Nauseating - Condi
tions Prevail No Attempt
Made Toward Cleanliness.
Can tha para food law ba mada to
extend to hot tamaleaT If It can, real
dents of East Portland whose day's
duties bring them along tba river bank
near ina root or jseai otarc street ana
who 'at t the aama time cherish an epl
eurean delight in chicken t a. males ara
clamorlna- that it be extended to clean
out the lamale "factories" that Una tba
river bank..
One of the favorite tamale vendera
on tha east side of the river la Tamale
Joe. Joe has a route which includes
a goodly portion of East Portland, ex
tending as far aa Alblna. Ha la vaiir
oualv regarded aa a Hindoo, a China
man, and a Dago by thoae who buy of
him, but in reality be is a Turk ana nis
name is Oulllamand. But ha la dark
aklnned and romantic looking and many
buy of ' him because they think that
his tamales must be the real article.
Hla factory and hla home la a filth:
old acow drawn up on tha mud ban
between Stark and Washington streets
and numbered $1 on Water street. It
la likewise tha home of three of hla
countrymen who sleep with him In the
rear room, little better than a pen and
belp blm make tamales In tha front
room, the greater part of whlch-la oc
cupied by a stove and boiler for"use In
manufar.turins.tha.-tasaaleSk.". . - -
Three- days a week are aet apart by
the Turks for killing the fowla The
slaughtering is done la the "front yard"
or the scowa mass or oriit-wooo,
dirt tomato cans . and refuse of al
aorta Apparently no effort Is made to
clear away the remains of the unfortu
nate birds after the tamaie-makera
have finished their work.
Tha feathers, heads and feet aooar-
ently all that doesn't go into tha pot
are left within a few feet or where
the work of cutting up the meat, pep
pera and other ingredlenta of the mess
is going on. Swarms of flies I settle
over the clots of blood and feathers and
are only disturbed when someone .picks
his way tnrougn tne dirt ana garbage
to reacn tne nouse.
Inalde asDecta are even leaa Inviting.
The odor without la nauseating that
within la scarcely to be borne by one
who hasn't lived In It for a month or
so. -What files couldn't find room on
the outside have settled within. They
awarm on the wretched paillasse which
serves as a bed, and hover constantly
over the pot where tha chicken - la
boiled, attracted by the odor of the
cooking meat Bubonic plague microbes
seem to ba sending greetings from
every corner. The presence of soan and
water or 'a broom In tba bovel la ap-
parenuy ansnown.
"DlrtT" aald one of the aleenr-eved
dwellers In tha but this morning .!'! no
understand. I no understand English.
Then be looked around the room and
the slaughter yard inquiringly aa if to
dlacover the wnereabouta or dirt. Find
ing thla useless ba went back to bla
witch a Drew.
Those living in' the neighborhood
have determined to appeal to the city
health department to have tha place
cieanea up ana me men iorcea to obo
some rules of sanitation and cleanli
neea In preparing their food for publio
...... i
' " (Joenal BmcIb flerrlre.) -
Rochester, N. ' TV Aug. 19. Because
he tried to cross In front of an electric
car laet night while riding In hla auto
mobile. Dr. George Waldron of Roches
ter and three aged women were Instant
ly killed. Dr. -waldron had taken the
women, each of whom waa over ii yeara
of age, out ror an airing.
I ,
Drivers for Big Meat Concerns In Windy City Strike in
; , Sympathy With Butchers' Employes Public
r: . , r - : Sympathy With IJnion Men.
' J 7eeraal Ipectal tervlee.l ,;
New Tork. Aug. II. Obeying a gen
eral order to atrike In sympathy with
tba butchers' teamsters' strike, tha
anion teamatera on the livestock
wagons of tha big Chicago packing eon
cerna walked out today. :- .
- Officials of the teamsters union
stated thla morning that the Inside men
would not be asked to quit and declared
that there would be no necessity of
such action. -The union men are well
provided with funds and are confident
that they can win their atrike without
aid from anyone other than tha team
stera thsmselves. ' ' " " ' '
Tha big packara who . were struck
hardest by tha walkout ara optlmlatle
and say .that they ara not affected In
the least by the trouble. They say that
plenty of good men can be secured to
take the place of the strikers and that
ny tomorrow ineir ousinees wiu pe car
ried on as usual. -
Publio sympathy Is with tha strikers
and unless they grow weak-kneed and
return to work or start violence it Is
believed here that thev will win. Vio
lence of any kind would be fatal to their
cause, however, as they do not have the
sympathy of tha ptabllo to such an ex
tent that unnecessary trouble would ba
countenanced. -
Flu H 10
20 MRS
City Health Officers Find
Waterfront Conditions ia
Even Worse Shape Than,
at First Reported Refuse?
in Great Piles.
City Attorney to Be Asked to
Determine How - to 'Pro
; ceed Against Owners ot
Docks to( Force . Them tq
Clean Up.
, .. . .
.- , ' .
Long Termers at J ollet Use
:; Appliances in Hospital
, for Scaling Wall. , ;
(Jearaal Boeetal Bervie.)
1 Joliet. HI., Aug. !- Edward Qulnn
and Harry Varmon. burglars who were
erring long terms as convicts In the
penitentiary here escaped from hare to
day. Twenty guarda In a special car
have gone out In aearcb . of tha es
capes. -
Qulnn and .Varmon were engaged aa
nurses In the prison hospital. They
made ropes of bandages and a scaling
hook of the Iron rungs of a chair, scaled
the wall and escsped.
Although the guards have been dis
tributed throughout the country not a
traoo of the - escapes- can' be found. It
Is believed they are In hiding . some
where near the prison. -
(Joarsal Rpeetal Berrlee.)
Meredith. N. tt, Aug. !. Flva boya
were burled by a cave-in or a sana-
bank here today. Four were killed and
one may recover. The boya were laying
out a tennis court at the foot of the
bank - near a summsr camp conauoieo
by a school of Newport, Rhode Island.
All belonged-, to wealthy families.
The bodies were covered by nine reet
of -sand, but their companions uncov
ered them in two hours. The dead are
Patohell Clnghorn, age IV, oi Montreal:
Robert Williams, age IE. of Boston,nd
the other two names were not learned.
Daniel Menntl, age . of Newton, Mas
sachusetts, will recover. .
i ". . ..- -
' Joeraal gpeetal Bervlre.
Dea Moines, Iowa. Aug. . More
than 1100,000 damage was done at the
fair grounds here today by a wind and
rain storm which blew up unexpectedly
this .morning. Roy Knabenshus's air
ship, tha. captive balloon, the Interna
tional harvester and many other -exhibits
wera ruined by the atorm.
Determined to clean up Portland
several miles of waterfront and rid tha
city of Its worst eyesore. Dr. Esthea
Pohl will ask tha board of health at lta
meeting Saturday to provide tha waya -and
means for doing It. In thla effort
aha la backed by tha state board ofi
health and tba United States engineers
In charge of tba harbor and with thelg
combined forces they hope to affect si
cure of tha evil in a very ahort time
Tha city health office will aak City
Attorney Kavanaugh Just bow far tha
board la able to proceed against tha
owners of docks and buildings along
tha waterfront with, police power.
Tba "matter" was referred to incln
dentally at tba special meeting of tha
board of health thla morning called to
discuss tha garbage crematorium, and
the startling announcement waa made
that there la enough filth and refuaa
along the waterfront alona to keep the
present garbage Incinerator running fo
10 years. . ' 1
jgulsanoe Most Ba Abated. -
Membera of the board of health seent
anxious to have the nuisance abated
snd are confident that city ordinances
can be found which will aid them la
their fight againat the unclean condW
tlone prevailing along the waterfront.
Some apota in the more congested l?-
ealltlea are aald to be particularly ob
noxious. On Front street between Aatt
and Ankeny. within half a block of tha
Burnslde street bridge there Is an ac
cumulation of filth and much which tha
health officers class as abominable.
The foot of Salmon street Is particular
ly offensive, and the foot ot Star
street, one of the principal landing
places In the harbor. Is said to bd
scarcely less abhorrent.
Want riaees Coma Tlrs,
' Dr. Pohl and Harbormaster Spate
have been examining the worst places
and the owners of these will be tha
frmt tn feel the hand of authority.
Other prosecutions will follow quickly
In their wake once the campaign Is un-
Mayor iane is
r full awlnr.
the weight of his official
poaltion ta
ha tiaaWK Afflriala In their fta-ht for a
cleaner waterfront and will exercise alt
the police power given under tha chartee
to accomplish the desired end.
The accompanying picture shows tha
waterfront on the west bank of tha
river between Ash and Ankeny streets
These premises are In plain view from
the Burnslde bridge. Waste of all aorta
Is thrown promiscuously, through tha
windows and' left on the bank to ba
carried away by tha annual freshets,
but the river does not always ooom.
Slish thla work and so the heaps of rub
lsh Increase.
' (Joe null BpecUl Barrlee.1
Amsterdam. Aug. St. Emma Oolde
man, the notorious woman anarchist,
delivered a speech before the congreaa
of anarchists here today In which aba
severely criticised American laws.
Miss Goldman asserted In her ad
dreee that the laws of the Unltedl
States are so strict thst the propaganda
of the anarchists cannot be carried oa
In that country properly. She asserted,
however, thst anarchy Is spreading lit
America, particularly among Jeainli
working people. She also expressed tha
belief that It would soon have as strong;
a foothold thsre as In Russia
Telegraphic Tie-tip Worse Today Than at Any Other
: Time Since the General Walkout Was Ordered .
1 Broker Wires May Be Closed. v
- (Jearsal peetal Barrier)
Chicago, Aug.. r Lateat j reports
from the telegraphld situation through
out tha country show tba tleup of the
wires to ba mora complete than at any
time since tba general atrike waa or
dered by Prealdent Small. Thla. It ia
reported, ta due to tba fact that strike
break era throughout tha country ara de
serting tha keya of both Western Union
and Postal oompaniea. and ara lining up
In tha ranks of tha union men.
In every city of consequence in the
United Statee the anion men have pur
sued a policy of peace slnoe the walkout
occurred, but have placed their rlahte
before tha strikebreakers in a calm
light upon every occasion whlnh 'pre
sented liaeir. "ins courae is reiuming
good reeult. ror siriKenr.nKor aitar
strikebreaker baa flint tne c"i.-e of tne
company and joinwa ini airMr.
There Is never a dny pn... here that
at leaat two or three nntxinlnn men do
not appear at onion r--i ' irtr wUnl
a request to ba tMvr tsimt c..u.L..r. 1
Mont of tha atHkera ara In
able positions now and the strike fund
In the general treanury hae not Imii
drawn upon to any alarming extent.
Many of the operators rieHxre that they
have quit telegraphing forever and It Is
predicted tnet when the strike In end4
the oompaniea will have a hard time en
listing full crews for their office.
1 "
Striker Learn That Xoniinlon M-t
Are Working Market YVIre.
(Joeraal gperlal Berrtral
Ktw Tork, Aug. .!. Iie--'ie it
learned that nonunion
handling market report.
that an order eni'in
from brokers' of.'i
gated by Prellnt
next 14 houra
It 1
Bmil el!
';itl.'l Gt I