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"... la
CU Xtso of
The Sunday Journal
b Sccllons 52 Pnries
Tha Weather Probably howerg
today; gouthweit winds.
Journal Circulation
Yesterday 6) (O (0
VOL. IV. NO. 24.
5 11
Sled ii
Dispatcher's Mistake Causes
Wreck of Fast Passenger
Trains Near Tulsa- Many
Passengers Are Injured m
Smashed Coaches.
: ; : TELLSF
v " . ,, . "THE OREGON BUNCH" I
; ; ; t
Westbound Frisco : Express
-Is Hammed by Eastbound
Train on Long Curre Four
Miles East of Indian Ter
ritory Town Yesterday.
(Unite Frees by special LmmI Wire.)
Tulsa, I. T Aug. 1 isRunning at
high apeed, westbound Frisco fact pas-
kenger train No. 417, due her at t:is
p. m. and eastbound passenger train No.
421. due her at 1:6. collided at a long
curve.' foor tntlea west of bar thla aft
Three paraona ara knows to hove baa
killed and a aeora Injured. The daad:
Chrlat Bents. Monett, Missouri, west
bound engineer, A . . -
m W. C Snook. Conway. Missouri, aa
Injured fireman, who waa being taken t
ei noapi iNi
George Angers, Oklahoma City, flre
Rian. accompanying Snook. ' .
The Injured:
Jamea Saner. Monett. Missouri, fire
man. W. B. Hill. Monett, Missouri, engi
neer. W. J. Walker. St Joseph, Mlaaoart
W. B. Baumgarten. Bt Jwouie, . Mla
aourt . M. A. Coe. Monett, exprese meeeenger.
K A. Shipley, Kanaaa CUjr.,
J. J. Olanfield, Tulsa. -
W. M. Blake, St. Iiouta,, express mes
senger, v
Will Randolph; mall elerk. v
Frank Burford. Tulaa.
F. T. Btaker. Oklahoma CltT.
W. O. Tucker, Coffeyville, Kanaaa.
Mra . Millie Henderaon, Coffeyvilla,
Kanaaa. '
Walter Bovlard, Bapulpe, Indian Ter
ritory. . Mra. Garret Brlstow. Oklahama City.
R. W. Burna, Plttabura;, Fennaylva
nia. C. K. Cook. Red Fork.
The dead were remo-rad to their
home and tha Injured brouirht to the
hoapltal here. The tralna were loaded
with paaeenirera, but the dead were all
trainmen. The accident waa due to the
mistake of a dlapatchar- -
(Tatted Pnaa ay leeld Immt Wire.)
Norfolk. Va, An 14-UtUa hope U
entertained tonight for tha raoovary of
wo of tha three men injured today In
Axploaion of an air oompreaaor need
lnBMifUlnr torpdoea in tha power
bouaePaaJha Norfolk navy yard.
Tha accllnt occurred while ordnance
offtcera were teetlng the air oompreaaor.
A heavy aheet of armor plate placed aa
a protection in oaaa of accident waa
blown 100 feat.
Oregon Yersus Wyoming In
Struggle for .Control of
Land Office" Exposure's
of Graft and How They
Came to Be Made.
. i ' "
Arrival of President Small in New York WillIake Con-
?itions More Aggressive Railroads Will Not Force
Operators to Handle Non-Union Messages. ;
Depositors of Defunct Bank
Agree to "Lend a Help-,
t ing; Hand." , . -
At a largely attended meeting of de
poeltor of tha defunct Oregon Truat b
Baring bank at tha Empire theatre laat
night tha auggeatlon of Tha Journal
that everybody lend a helping band to
ward raining a fund to reatore the .con
fidence of the country In Oreaoa and
Oregon Inetitutlona waa loudly ap
plauded when the editorial which ap
peared In Thursday" Journal under the
head "Lend a Helping Hand," waa read
by O. M. Hlrech. y . i
Mr. Hlrech followed elfteely along the
aplrlt of tha editorial and remarked that
the time had come for the people to
ahow their atand In tha affair and fa
vored each depositor landing hla aid
toward the movement. Hla re mark a
were loudly applauded and the executive
committee which waa afterward ap
pointed decided to call upon C. 8. Jack
eon, publlxher of The Journal, and con
fer with Wan upon tha beat way to pro
ceed, jfr
WJirTS tha meeting waa enthnalaatlo
e alao conaervatlve and frowned
.n all ettamnta at radicaltam. Thoae
nreaent were opposed to the action of
the four creditor who filed a petition
In Involuntary bankruptcy aaalnat the
bank In the United Htatea dlatrlct court,
and will aak that It be withheld for the
The following were appointed to act
with president J. It. Tiny and Secretary
A. Richmond aa membere of the enecu
tlve committee: Q. M. Hlrich, Frank
24 at via ul 9. J. MaUaaxr. - , .
rflatntt Mewa ay Let sat Leased Ware.)
New Tork. Aug. !. That the strike
of tha oommerelal'telegraphera will be
come mora aggreaalve with tha arrival
of National President 8. J. Small from
Chicago tomorrow la tha declaration of
local leadera. -They ara not yet ready
to plaoa hope In Immediate arbitration.
In spite of the faot that big labor men
from various parts of the country will
follow Mr. Small to thla elty Monday.
Samuel Oompera will head tha
peace delegation which eomee for a con
ference. John Mitchell waa sal J today to
be on hla way from Indlanapolta to aid
In tha work of arbitration. Charlea P.
Nelll la ready to come at any time.
Whether or not .there will be a'peaoe
conference Monday afternoon will be
decided after Mr. Small haa looked over
tha local situation. It la possible that
the labor men will endeavor to secure a
hearing from Prealdent Roosevelt at
Oyater Bay.,
The feature of tha atrlke today was
the Initial appearance of Fair Play, the
atrlkera' organ. It la a neatly printed
paper, and aold readily wherever of
fered. B. Brooks of the Western Union, In a
atatement today, aald: t want to amy
with emphaala that ao far as we are
concerned the atrlke la - over. While
there - are ' men among the atrlkera I
should like to eee return to our operat
ing rooms for their value as experts,
there la not one whom we would make
any apeclal effort to get back.
"A wrong Impression haa gone forth
that we are fighting organised labor.
We are not. We gave . the operatora
full permission - to join any organisa
tion they wished so long aa they did
not Inject It into our affalra.
"But-we will not deal, however," with
any committee of a union No officer
of thla company will recognise or even
eee Mr. Small If he cornea to New Tork.
The Western Union la carrying on Ita
bualness In a normal condition and
without overworking a alngle member
of Ita operative ataff."
This comment called forth an out
burst from Chief Strategist Ruaaell, wha
aald: "We know what the Western
Union did when the telegraphers' union
pawed a resolution that ita membere
should not operate gambling wlrea
They put . nonunion men on the wires
and continued to give active asalatance
to the gambling element.
(Continued on Page Eleven.)
Veteran Packer,Who With the Elder Armour Built Up ;
the Chicago Yards, Is Suffering From American-
v itis Brought on'by Business Worries.
(Hearst Raw by Longest Leased Wtre.)
Chicago, Aug. 14, Nelson Morris la
critically ill and lata tonight hla con
dition la very grave and hla chances of
recovery ara very unfavorable. In hla
old wooden manalon at Indiana avenue
and Twenty-fifth atreet tha great
packer Ilea, aurrounded by a tender
family group, constantly under watch
of the nurse and tha two doctors.
Hla ailment la that destroyer "that has
prematurely claimed the Uvea of ao
many men of - commercial xuraulta,
"AmerieanlUe." "
Aa physician describe It, death la
gradually drawing near through the
thickening of the blood vessels about
the heart aggravated by an affaotlon
of tha kidneys.
The underlying cause la the too etren
uoua life-long houra of close applica
tion, the tension of tremendous buel
ness cares, the need of reat and the
never-ending battles .In the war , for
million a.
All (hese elemsnts, combined with
the advanced age of the eminent pa
tient he la past ft' years have discour
aged th BbraleUafe acd thej bUr
they ara making a losing fight, ft
will be a bitter blow to Chicago's
packing Industry the greatest In the
world if "Old Nels" dlea and his guid
ing hand la atllled.
with the possible exception of the
elder Armour, Mr. Morria baa done
more than any other man to build up
the world-embracing organisation, and
even In recent weeka, after he waa
etrtoken. hla lnfluenoe haa atlll awayed
"the yards."
Mr. Morria haa not been at hla office
alnoe Jane 1. At that time he became
feint and waa hurried to hla horn a
Ulnoe then he haa been beyond hla
threshold several times, accompanied
by nuraea.
Laat week ha grew gravely III and
waa oonflned to hla room. Tuesday he
waa too weak to atiee from hla bed.
Tonight phyalclana doubted whether he
would ever again atand erect. - That he
will never be active in commerce le
certain, despite the hardy constitution,
which lends a faint hope that he may
linger several months upon tha brink.
Ir. Arthur Edwarda, the family phy-1
alclan, said:
. "It cannot be denied that Mr. Morria
la In critical danger, of death, but We
hope to enable hk la Uv tot many
auwUia jraW '
(Portion of artfcje by Lincoln Steffena
In the September American Magaalne.)
Thla country owea as much to Ethan
Allen Hitchcock aa It doea to tha an-
oeator after whom he was named. The
debt may never be paid. Mr. Hltoheock
la not a popular figure. " Undemocratic,"
uncommunicative. Independent, ha waa
In offloe no respecter of persona. To
tha president a crooked aenator j la a
aenator; Mr. Rooaevelt playa tha game.
To hla ax-aeeretary of the Interior, a
crooked aenator la a crook. He cannot
play the game.
Anoint Order of &aad Graft, .
Mr. Hitchcock we not expected, star
did he intend to perform tnia great serv
ice. Outside of the grafters, few men
knew that there waa aa organised sys
tem of land - grabbing. Who realised
that the great captelna of pioneers who
naa -cleared Bucmgan, wiaconain and
Minnesota had perfected methods . by
which they were stripping and "fencing
In" for themselves Wyoming, Montana,
Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Califor
nia? Not Mr. Hitchcock. Who Imag
ined' that this corruption had extended
from the petty land offices to county
and state officials, thence . to legisla
tures and governors and finally to con
gressmen and United States senators
who. In turn, "stood In" with all the
representatives at Washington of all
the, 'protected"' bualneaaea which get
rrlvuegee out of tha government; and
hat theae all worked together until
they were-controlling the Judicial, leg
islative and the executive branchea, not
only of atatea and terrltorlee, but of
the federal government T
. Work of m Meat. '
Mr. Hitchcock let the ring Investigate
and when men like Btnger Hermann
himself, the head of the land office and
an ex-congressman from Oregon, where
the land business wss understood
when such men reported again and again
that there waa absolutely nothing In any
of the complaints, Mr. Secretary Hitch
cock lost all patience with "letter writ
ers." "yellow Journalists" and eranka.
There waa a priest, for example, the
Rev. Joaeph Bchell of Tillamook coun
ty, Oregon, who saw aome poor parish
ioners of hla ousted by fraud from
their claims. He followed the agents
of the gang to the bank of the banker
In whose Interest they were working
and thence to the offloe of tha federal
land agents.
Meet Waa Xttaiaaa.
Father Bchell gathered facta, record a,
evidence, which Secretary Hltchoock's
prosecutors told me they wished they
had had. This tireless priest reported
hla facta to the local land offices, to
tha United Statea district attorney, to
the Interior Department at Washington.
and to the newspapers. He knocked at
Former Mrs. Yerkes Said to Have Been Mulcted by False
Friends Who Induced Her to Irifolye Her For
tune in' Endless Litigation.
(Continued on Page Two.)-
TO i;
Man Who Classes Rockefel
,Ier With Shakespeare
Loses His Wife.
ftTatted Prase by SjweUl Leased Wire.) t
Chicago, Aug. 14. Judge Chetlaln haa
decided ta grant Mra. Iura Starrette
McAdoo-Trlgga a divorce from her hus
band. Prof. Oscar L Trigga, tha noted
educator, -.
Trlggs, who ta famous as a senaa
tlonallat, aald. among other things, that
the genius of John D. Rockefeller
equalled that of Shakespeare; com
mented adversely on present-day Chris
tianlty. and disclaimed belief In the
aaoredneea of the marriage tla It was
his conduct In pursuance of the latter
theory which gave Mra Trigga grounds
for divorce. She la now In Paris.
Mlnette Pagan, a young atudeat of
atrlklng beauty, who la described aa the
profeaeor'e "physical affinity,' la named
as the co-respondent
The testimony on which the divorce
waa granted waa given by Herman
Keuhn aa followa.
"I entered Profeeaor Trigga room and
found him Bitting on a sofa dlarobed.
Some one waa lying on the sofa and a
email pink foot was protruding from
beneath the covers. ,It waa too email
to be a man's foot and was not a
child's foot. -The toes were small and
pink. Professor Trlggs started up sud
denly and I backed out of the room."
Trigga graduated from the University
of Minnesota In H8ft. obtained a po
sition on a local newspaper and la aald
to have been dlacharged for comparing a
ooieU mu wlLb vaU-fed
' (Hearst Mew by Lsagest Leased Wire.)
New Tork, Aug. 14. Mary Adelaide
Mlsner la free to marry again ahould
aha desire to do so. Justloa Ouy In the
supreme court today signed the final
decree for the divorce from - William
Mlsner.' She waa married to Mlsner
shortly after the death of her huaband.
Charlea T. Yerkes, " tha atreet railroad
magnate, and within a few months sued
Mlsner for . an absolute divorce..- She
charged him with Improper, conduct
with a woman whoaa name waa not die
closed. A few hours after Mra. Terkea-Mlsner
had been granted a final decree of di
vorce, the man whom ahe married after
Charlea Terkea' death made an astound
ing statement that ahe la In financial
distress. Mlsner In his hotel In Forty
ninth street said when' he heard the
news of the decree:
"I am glad that it la all over and the
trial la ended. I am sorry for this
woman, for I know that ahe la la the
hands of friends' who have fleeced her,
forced her to the wall and cauaed her
to depend upon the charity of othera
for her aubalatence"
"Just one third of tha estate." he
continued, "such as It was. waa allot
ted to Mrs. terkea. But than came the
friends' who have reduced this woman
to the pitiful financial state in which
she now finds heraelf. They coddled
and cajoled her. They Instilled Into her
mina me iaea to reiinquiaa her claim
to thla one third.
"When Mrs.' Terkea acceded to tha
demanda of theae 'friend a' ahe found
that ahe had been mulcted, Theae aup-
Soaed kind-hearted persona who had ln
uced her to lay claim to one h4f of
an eatate that waa so tied up that te
dius, nerve-racking litigation would be
necessary 10 acquire any part or It,
ruined her.
"Aa a result of tha plotting dona by
inu iniimiea in ner air Kir Mra.
Terkea waa unable to discover of Just
what the eatate conatsted. She derived
no Income from It, and hence waa com
pelled, aa I aay, to practically throw her
nre upon me cnarity or relatives and
frlenda. She haa little money now. si
but little hope of getting much."
Wed To Protect Bar.
Mlsner denied he had married Mra.
Terkea from mercenary motlvea, aav.
Ing her eatate had been ao tied up trrtrt
no one knew what It conalated of and
. (Continued on Page Nina)
Fierce Struggle for : Throne Expected 'to ; Result : From
MouleyHafiz Proclaiming .Himself Ruler of -Moors.
'..'r' '-'Is Marching on Casa BlancaJ , -
(Uatted Pnaa ky Cpaead Leased Wire.)
Tangier. Aug. 14. A 'fierce struggle
for . tha Moroccan throne Is expected
here aa a result of Mouley Hafla pro
claiming himself sultan in Morocco City
a week ago, according to advices
brought here today. Ha waa balled aa
leader by his follower.
Tha trlbea of southern Morocco are
relying to tha standard of Mouley Hafla
and It la expected Abdul Asia, the pres
ent sultan, will have a bard fight to
hold his throne against hla determined
relative In view of the aupport aure to
be given the pretender by the dissatis
fied tribesmen of the south.
The proclaiming of Mouley Hafla aa
aultan waa accomplished with great
ceremony, today'a advlcea atate. A sa
lute of four gune marked hla assump
tion of the throne, there wss a notable
review of hla army. Chleftalna of half
a dosen of the fleroeet and most war
like trlbea Immediately paid their hom
age to their new aultan and promised
their aid in ousting Abdul Axis. ' .
Mouley Hafla Immediately formed t
court and announced -Jabbao Curesk,
pasha of Kaabah. aa bla vlxor. He in
aeunoad. bis l&teamoa t earning hla
brother, Mohammed, aa kellef of Fas.
Mouley Hafla' la supposed to be now en
bla way with a strong, well-armed
fore to take command of th Moore
beateglng Casa Ulanca. A fierce attack
on the European armlea there Is ex
pected on his arrival. An attack on
Casa Blanoa may prove more than the
trench and Spanish, forcea can meet.
Assistance Being Sent Pretender bj
London Frlenda.
(Calted Press bT tpeHal Leased wire.)
London. Aug. 14. Arms and ammunl
tlon are being emuggled here today
from Tangier, deatlned for Mouley
Hafla, Who haa proclaimed himself
aultan In opposition to the reigning
monarch Asia "
tt la aa.rtut that k..4 A- -m .
- - " we ai as vi I BB ejj j-j j WW
and thouaanda of rounds of ammunition
nv ii , iwiuro aiong me const bv
smugglers.' One smuggler ha been cao-
1 11 rrl afcoerltn.. in 1 1. -T' i
, ....... . - . ... ' -. i nnKisf corra
spondpnt of the Centre.)- News
. 11. r 1.1.111 Wiiu,r iiavaia, ne ra
porta, arrived there today, bringing In
Sound of Explosion Starts
Riot at California Fruit
, .earners' Plant and Wild
J?nsh for Open Air Ensuea. .
SUeMl 4VVSk V Vaa 4VaV-a . UVj
lii "Which Many Ar?rj2
Waxing Knives and Tearing
at Each Other Like Wild
Beasts, Italian Women
Try to Escape Frpm What
They Belieye Is Quake.
V Hi1"
OTatted Press ay special Leased Wire.)
' San Francisco, Aug. 14. Five dead
and two aco re Injured ara tha la teat
figures tonight aa tha result of tha
explosion of nitro-glycertne today in
tha mixing house Of tha Dupont powder
worka at Sobrante, II mllea north of
Berkeley. ' Many of tha Injured wllLdlo. -
In addition acorea of paraona were
thrown Into a panlo by tha terrible Jo-
tonatlpn. and shack when three tons of.
the explosive went an, and were injured
in surrounding towns.
Tha first Idea waa that another earth
quake bad struck tha community. The
panlo thla belief caused la responsible
for tba Injuries of many. Tba mixing
houae, washhouaa and acid separating
house were, wrecked. A moment later
tha debris from tha building burst into -flames,'
Three employee ara aald to' ,
have been burned to death in the aepar
atlng house. Two of the dead, Richard
Thompson and William D. Deans, were
In tha mixing rfom- Their "bodies were
shattered to bits and the pieces scat
tered ever a wide area.
Frightful as waa tha scene at the
plant, where 100 employee fled in wild
confusion from the yet nnrulned work
house while the earth rocked and ahook.
more frightful was the trensled after
math rive minutes later nere in Ban V
Francisco, when SO erased employee
of the California Fruit Cannera aaaocla-
tlon, mostly Italians, fought and
alaahed. at each other with their frult
peerllng -knlvea, men and women In one
fearful swtrl Inaplred by the mad fear
hat tha bollera In the basement had
exploded and that they were all to be
Incinerated If they did not escape.
Am Appalling Disaster.
The disaster will rank aa one of the
moat appalling In the history of powder
explosions in California.
Absolutely without warning the mU
tro-glycerlne aeparatlng houae contain.
Ing four tone of ' nitro-glycertne, ex
ploded at 11 mlnutea after 11 o'clock.
Within the space of three mlnotee the
mixing house, containing two tone of
the high-power explosive, exploded.
Biasing embers and brands, hurled
high Into the air, fell upon ruined
bulldlnga and upon the grans tn sur-
rounding fields. Within 10 mlnutea
the plant waa In flamea and by night-.
fiJl. despite the heroic efforts of score
of volunteer firemen, the powder worka
(Continued on Page Nina)
(Continued oa ln NiaeJl
Police Judge Is .Whittling
His Sticks for the
r:r;ooTcmorsMp. "
From' police Judge to ehlaf executive
of Oregon. Such la the ambition of
George J. Cameron, present municipal
Judge of the. Roae City. Hla frlenda
have launched the boom throughout
eastern and aouthern Oregon -and Mr,
Cameron aaya it "looks good to him."
Tha announced ambition of J ml -re
Cameron to fill the executive lio-.a
now worn by George K. Chamberlain
comes aa a eurprlse to the greater num.
ber of the people of the atate perhnp.
for the microbe of hla malady haa nevr
before become viatble to the naked eye.
Hut Judge Cameron thinks he la In tne
running and In the lead of the bumh.
"You know how we go out afie
things," he eald laat nlgut "1 am sol
afraid of anything along the line."
Judge Unmrnn ta a ftepubluan "
will make a atrenuoue effort tn n
the nomination of hla perty. Kit 1. I
In hand with hla repulillrant.Mi l i
remembrance of the K'-otileb h I I
Ing in hla velna and thla Ite-.f i J 1
one of the vote-getting a-ii- ' 1
gubernatorial belli a. t ,
Already in eastern Orere ' ' ,n ' J
aouthern pert or ins m
the rortJanl a'",r"-v
tailing of his r""
offl.-e In tha pe..- i-
of t- -ot. 1 sr. 1 '
Cl..iinlnl !. )' '
ate i ' J ' " '
r r