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' onzGou Giiomi plums :
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Sample of Fruit. Raised on Beat Orchard, BjlTan, Oregoo. - '
A. Bens, the well known fruit grower
of Sylvan, Oregon, raise about tha fin
eat pluma grown In Oregon, and in or
der to have them duly appreciated
brought a baaket filled with great, big.
ripe, sweet, juloy peach pluma to The
Journal office aa a sample of tha fruit
raised on hie ranch. Thar war of tha
kind that melt In one'a month and aa
they were photographed, proceeded .-to
melt Able assistance waa lent to that
end by the members of the editorial
Bluff, all of whom agreed that the pluma
were large enough, aweet enough and
luley enotigh, but, because 'of their
Quality, feu tar ahort In quantity.
GET MI 0011
Josephine and Douglas For
- ests Are Swarming
With Deer.
j QUAKTERX)F century
Two ' lTundred Already. Killed In
Josephine and aa Many In South
cm DougU Fine Feed,. Strict
Law and Better Sportsmanship.
Former Multnomah Football Star Will Secure Support
; of automates in His Fight Against Former
Official and Present Incumbent ; "...
Three men ao far are w tiling to be
candidates for . eheriff of Multnomah
county, according to the lateat political
talk. One of them la sheriff, one haa
been and the other haa wanted to be.
The first la Robert X Stevens, the aeo
ond la Tom Word and the third la
GeorgsTW. McMillan.
All of these men are well-known to
the people of Portland, each haying
been before tha public eye In a differ,
ent manner and at aeparatg times.' Each
haa frlenda In varying number who are
willing to go on record aa aaylng that
their champion la tha man for the
The newest bidder for the Office la
McMillan who la said to be training for
the race and confident of hla power to'
land the Republican nomination. That
elusive recommendation once In hla
frasp McMillan la of the opinion that
e could land the office with the game
whirlwind finish that he uaed to em
" ploy in carrying the oval plgakin back
of the goal line when he waa a football
hero wearing the Multnomah club
If McMillan tnakea the race for' the
nomination and afterwards for the el co
tton, aa nip frlenda say and hope, he
will have the support and votea of hla
ild frlenda of tne Multnomah club. With
thla atrength aa a positive force and a
starting point for nla campaign It Is
raid that the candidate will go forth
before the people on a straight busi
ness proposition. He will make It clear
to the voters that he will run for the
office of sheriff If he la elected to fill
it without hope of extra compensation
or graft of any kind. U will ask for
ne extra pocket money tn tha way, of
prisoners' . board bllla or . similar
schemes... He will la ahort run the of
fice, so hla frlenda say. o tha ealaxy
and funds allowed for the purpose by
the. laws of the state.
, Robert I Stevens, present incumbent,
will also be a candidate and will aeek
the aupport of bis party for reelection
when the campaign opens , nils
Stevens la not discussing the question
It la understood that he will go before
the people for an Indorsement of hla
? resent pclicy and will expect his
rlenda to be numerous enough to vin
dicate him In the face of the objections
that have been raised agalnat hla pris
oner feeding bill and the other methods
of running the office which have caused
Tom Word Is the. Idol of t!te Demo
cratic heart and will be the candidate of
that party. Even Republican politicians
make the statement that Word appar
ently haa more friends at the prwent
time and Is more populsr with the peo
ple of the city and county thsn at any
time since he came Into public life.
The Democrats and manv of the Re
publicans prophesy that Word's election
to the office would be a certainty while
even the conservative members of the
itepuDitcan camp aaroit mat word la
the most formidable; opponent In tha
opposing Hat. i 1 ..
while none of the prospective can
didates Is talking of his prospects his
menas are ana eacn division or the
voters la confident that when the end
of the campaign comes Its man will be
the chosen one. However that may be,
it will meaa a pretty contest for the
nepuonran nomination ana a Sim pret
tier dkb( sor me election. .
Beldlng Anti-Trust Measure
Passed by City4 Council
Is Not Dead. ,
Once again tha man who marks up tha
arrival of trains at the Union depot
accredited tha Southern Paciflo train
from San Francisco with arriving on
time. Teaterday morning waa the fifth
time this week tha train arrived on
time and railway employes stood, si
lently by as the train rolled Into, the
ahed an shook their heads tn wonder.
y Words failed them In describing their
feelings at the hitherto unequaled ac
tion of the train and they congregated
In (troupe of three and four about the
depot where they predicted of the dread,
ful thine that will surely, happen in
the future to make up for the good serv
ice rendered thla week.
However. If tha Southern 1 Pacific.
train haa been making echedule time due
to some unforseen power.- working for
ins puoue weai are, tne overland eastern
train on the O, R. N. has been run
ning on Its usual slow schedule. Twice
this week It was on time and at other
times It has been running anywhere
from 40 minutes to six hours late. Tea
terday in accordance with its usual cus
tom, the train did not get In until 11:10
two hours and 35 minutes late.
While merchants have oeaaed to com
plain about tha service rendered from
San Francisco, they are still making
strenuous remarks about the O. R, A K.
train and will not be satisfied until It
comes in on tlms at least a majority of
the days of each week. -
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Notwithstanding Diamonds are advanc-
ing in price the world over, we are majdng
' them share in our August sales. We have
the gems bought before the rise in price
and now offer them at the most attractive
figures.''- r'; .':r" " ,'
We cannot begin to describe . their real
quality and worth here, but we invite you to
come to our salesrooms and see them.
We will show you the most perfect Dia.
monds of finest color, stones that L would K
prove a conspicuous and cherished gem for
, many years to come. ' ;. r
Our Perfect Blue-White " Diamonds are
ideal gems, and have intrinsic worth the
, world over, and will advance most rapidly in
value. . : ; . - . ,
"Ltth Ckmract0refthj0url
Rflct ihm Character a(A Wmarmr." '
Jewelry andiamond Merchants jj
272 Vashinton St " JustlLast of fourth ' j
It Xa Held by Thoea Oppoaed , io
' Matter That Claoaa "Excepting
Labor Unions Would Nullify It In
Court. ' " '
Tha ' Beldlng : anti-trust ordinance
passed at tha last meeting of tha city
oouncil may have bean Invalidated by
reason of tha amendment offered ' to
ft by tha - labor anion representatives
providing 'that this ordinance shall not
Be constructed as applying to labor
unions.- Thla la tha discovery that
haa been worrying the city attorney
for, the paat few daya, since opponents
of the measure have be run to gloat
over what they allege to be a fatal de
fect In tha measure aa passed by' tha
council. '
It la being held by those prha are
opposed to tha measure, and the opin
ion of the city attorney tends In that
direction, that the Introduction of the
clause excepting labor onions from the
firovlalona of the ordinance would nul
lfv It hefora the aunreme court on the
1 deeding that It Waa discriminatory leg
slarlon on the face of It, If thla con
tention la well founded It means that
tha- Beldlng ordinance aa passed by the
eounoU Is of no effect and to all prao
tlcal purpoeea void, (
The history of this amendment la
peculiar. When the ordinance came up
for Its first consideration some per
sons affiliated with the labor organiza
tions took exception- to the proposed leg
islation on the alleged ground that It
waa directed towards labor unions. Al
though assured that this was not the
case and that the ordinance as drawn
would' have no application to unionism
or tne conduct or management of labor
organisations yet the objectors refused
to be comforted until the city attorney
had consented to an amendment except
ing labor unions from the provisions of
the ordinance.
After some discussion an amendment
waa- dictated by the city attorney and
taken to the council meeting by the ob
jectors but before Its presentation was
changed to the form Anally adopted.
This provision is what has worked the
mischief, according to tha present re
port . 'i
The ordinance, however, la not dead.
Mayor Lane stated last nisrht In the
event It was shown that the amendment
would serve to mitigate the strength
of the ordinance he would re-refer it
to the council for further action and
correction. If It Is decided that the
amendment will nullify the ordinance
the mayor will send the measure back
to the next council meeting with the
recommendation that - It be corrected
and put Into legal shape.
It Is contended on soma aldea that
me incorporation - or any excepting
amendment into the ordinance would
weaken It, and this argument will be
well looked into before the measure Is
finally handed tip to Mayor Lane for
his signature. - i , .
Connteaa Henckel'a Necklace;
' From tha Westminster Gasette. .
The lata Duchess of Sermoneta's pearl
necklace, of which one haa read go much
lately, la doubtless very beautiful end
valuable, but It can scarcely be consid
ered tha "moat costly necklace In the
world.'7 ' . ..
Thla distinction more nrnhahl be
longs to the famous pearl necklace of
ins wouniess or , xiencaei, a lady well
known In London and Paris society, the
value of which la aald to be 40,04. It
Is really -composed of three necklaces,
each of historic Interest One was the
property of the ex-Queen of Naples,
sister of the lata Austrian empress; the
second, once the property of a Spanish
grandee. Is known to ; fame aa the
"necklace of the virgin of Atoeha;"
while the third waa onoe owned by tha
Empreso Eugenie. .
..Not long ago a necklace composed of
,J-t, " ,"nt row"' th Property
of the late Duchesa of Montrose, waa
sold for 11.120. ;
The Empress Frederick ef Germany
Is said to have possessed a necklace of
SI pearls worth at leaat 140,000; while
Lady Ilcheeter's necklace of black pearls
Is valued at about 126.000. . ,
- - Tree Doctorg '. v " t .
From Park and Cemetery. '
Professor Oeorrs E. Stone, who Is in
charge of the work, writes as follows
concerning the course In tree culture
given at the Hatch experiment station
of the Massachusetts agricultural col
lege, Amherst, Massachusetts.
'At the present time we have seven
senior students who are taking work In
a course which I term the 'Physloloay
and Patholoev of Shade Treea.' So far
aa I know this Is the only course given
In this country or anywhere else, and
wo are turning out ouite a few young
men who are especially trained to fill
Intelligently such positions as city for
esters or helpers In parks. - -. -
"Many of our men at the preeent time
have established firma for the care of
trees, and all of them are meetlns with
remarkaW stioceaa. some of them, em
ploying s mnny e too men. I alerted
this course 10 yesrs ss-o at the request
of studnns, and have been Burnrised at
UiS wax la wUlcb it bag developed,1
(Special Dispatch te The JoaraaU
Orants Pass, Or.. Aug. IT. Not slnoe
the "dsersklnner" daya of twenty years
age have .deer been ao plentiful, nor
have so many ' been killed as during
this present season. Ths southern Ore
gon mountains., particularly the . sec
tions of western and southern Josephine
and southern Dougjaa eountlea, are re
ported by hunters to have the greatest
number of deer known for almost a
quarter of a century. Any man or boy
wno snows now io lire a mi ana can
"stalk" haa na (miikl. In hi.iln. Kla
limit of five. Returning hunting par
ties are bringing In from 10 to go deer.
One party of Grants Pass hunters
killed 2s deer In three dsys la ths West
Pork . section of southern Douglas.
Every deer killed, with one or two ex
ceptions wan e buck. The hunters state
that they can kill plenty without slay
ing the doea.
Just after the recent rain the deer
were literally slaughtered, aa the down
pour drove them from the denee timber
to the open ground, where tney were
exposed to the hunters' eyea an bul
lets. About 100 deer have already been
Ktuaa in josepnine county tnts season
and almoat aa many In southern Douglas.
Experienced hunters state that at leaat
400 deer will be killed la this section
before the season closes.
Ths large number of deer Is due both
t6 the excellent range and the protec
tion afforded by- the exiating game
laws. Hunters are alao more sports
manlike now than formerly, as bucks
are shot In preference to does, and
spotted fawn axe never molested. The
Same laws, as applied to the hunting of
eer, receive the approval of sportsmen
In thla section of the state and the
hunters loin with the wardens in their
. , ...... , . ,
Y V j
- j j I
f-v - ' "S "
Soft and Stiff Hat
' $4.00
Soft and Stiff Hat
.The largest Assort
ment of Hats in
the City
Soft arid Stiff Hat
$2.5 O
WM MOT TQ Clothing Comply
Long Delayed Literary. Ef
; fort to Be Given to the ?
Public October 15.
According te Horace Stevens, who It
collaborating with J3. A, D. Pnter la
the compilation of the latter'a book re
lating to the land frauds, the work will
be Issued about October IS. aa nearly
all the manuscript Is In readineaa for
tha publisher, and practically every de
tail has been arranged. .'
. "It will contain approximately S50.000
words of reading matter, besides enough
photographs of persons and scenes, car
toons, maps and other Illustrations to
make up 100 additional pages,' said
Stevens yesterday. "This will make a
Volume of between 400 and 600 pages,
according to alxe, which has not yet
been definitely agreed upon,-but which
will probably be lOVsxI. We intend to
have the pages large enough to produce
the beat effect with our Illustrations,
which will be a strong feature of the
book. - - . ; -
"I measured up all the material last
night and found that we have In the
neighborhood of 200,000 words that
could be put In tha handa ef the printer
tomorrow, and the balance" Is being pre
pared as rapidly as possible consistent
with caution, as It is the aim to make
every assertion Impregnable against the
shafts of criticism that will undoubted
ly be hurled agalnat the book from nu-1
rherous directions. - In other words, we
are desirous ef emulating the example
of Daw Crockett . In thla reanect: 'Be
sure you are right, and then go ahead.' " j
etevens oeciinea io xoresnsoow any,
ndrtion of ths contents of the book, ex
cept to declare that It will undoubtedly
attract a great deal of attention
throughout the country, aa It deala with
men and affairs of national Import-!
ance. He predlcta that It will create
as much interest aa any work of recent
years, and claims that Puter haa laid
bare all the glaring details of the land
rrauaa witn wnicn ne waa ramuiar; ana
that the book cannot heln but produce
a tremendous sensation, as It will con
tain much that has never seen the light
of day..
A first edition of 10,000 Volumes will
be printed, and this will be followed by
other editions aa the demands Justify.
Attorney and Heal , Estate
Dealer Prosecnted Jby P., :
Dresser for Forgery. "
X B. Huntington, an attorney and real
estate dealer,' was taken Into custody
yesterday - at ' Fourth r end - - Alder
streets by Detective Hellyer on a war
rant charging him with obtaining money
under falae pretenses. Issued upon com
plaint of F. Dreeaer, a grocer at Fifth
and Btsrk atresia.. It la -alleged by the
oomplalnant that July IS Huntington
ceased a worthless check on him for
1 100 drawn on a Pendleton bank. By
means of the - bonus paper Dresser
claims that the lawyer, scoured $10 In
Huntington has offices en First street
and resides with hie family at t4
Tenth street He waa formerly tn the
Investment business In the Allsky
building and his brother is a well
known attorney in -The Dalles. Accord.
Ins- to Deputy District Attorney Haney.
Huntington has passed a number of
worthlese checks In this city and three
complnlnte were made to the district
attorney'a office yesterday. Two of
thoee olalmed to have been mulcted re
fused, however, to prosecute and merely
wanted complaints to force the repay
ment of the money alleged to have been
secured. F. Dresser signifies his In ten.
tlon ef vigorously prosecuting the esse
and will not consider a compromise.
Huntington In hla own behalf admits
riving Iire.ser the check complained of,
ut maintains that it waa a-lven to him
by a third person and he waa unaware
that It was spurious. In default of
1 1.000 beal the aeeuned attorney lan
guishes in the city prison.
1 m ,i "' "
' am Feaaenden of Connecticut, who
haa recently announced his retirement
from active polltlrs, haa been one of
the wheel horses of the Keptibllcan par.
ty for 40 years and waa secretary of the
national Republican committee during
the Ulaiae-Clev eland cauipelga of. 184,
We hare jnit received' a car load of Metal Beds which we will pat on gale thig week at greatly reduced
prices,. Fifty patterns to gelect from. All nice new atock, all new and beautiful dcsignaTCoine in to gee them
r This beautiful Bed, nicely enameled in " V
different colors,, Sped! fe.OO
Thi massive Bed, with braif canter
scroll. Special f 10.00
Thia ejefaat Bed, nicely enameled tn i
different . colors. - Special , .... .f 7.50 x
This fine, massive Bed, with brass spin
dies. A perfect beauty. Special. f 11.S4)
We have other Metal Beds as low as $2.50. Solid Brass Beds as low as $25.00. We will positrrely aave
you from 25 to 50 per cent on these beds. We hare also received a fresh carload shipment of sideboards
and buffets, elegant, plain and massive goods, at prices which will defy all competition. Yon will do well
to come in and inspect them. We positively guarantee our prices to be lower than the prices of any other '
furniture store in this city. We are not members of any combination, therefore are free to snake trices
which are fair to all, '.You are welcome to inspect our stock, y, ',x- ' ; ; : v
104-106 rriLST STRMT Z ; Between Wellington and Stark Streets
Creen rrosst I
The simplest, best Ice Machine on the'
. market! Just the thing for residences or
- butcher shops. ;: - ' -
Vou- Need Qnei
' We have just recently taken up refriger
ating engineering and have employed
one of the most competent men. We shall
be glad to show you some of our plants
in operati6n.V;:.':,-' ?f. -: ."' -'v;' ,; "
A ...... . ' . X
Heating and Refrigerating JSnsinoors
Tie is now (0 years old, and expects (o I munerstlve la evidenced by the fact
&lve the remainder of his life to his I that tAf. Fessenden only recently re
iw practice. XUat thla practice la re-lcelved a fee -of nearly 160,009 for col
lecting for the state of Connecticut a
pension bill from tbe federal govern-
tnent, , . ,