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Ulliui.inmL :.
I lUIIbi M W c
Commercial Bodies All Oyer
- State ' Desire That East-
: ern People Be Acquainted
' "With Cheap Colonist Bates
. This Fall. -V"': '
The fen eolonlet hUm C&et are ea
BOunoed today br tit tremeeootlaeatal
railroad lloea wtU aneea en Immenee In
crease of Immlgratloa to Oregoa, It la
Mid, if resident ef thla state get la
tad help te Interest Mitan people In
coming to Oregoa to Investigate.
enterprising commercial bodies la fae
etate ere sending; Mt eorreapondenoe
aad literature to too oast, aad It la de
sired that Individual off ort fee added to
tiria work. . ' ( - ' ' -
v . verr ettlaaa who U deelrous of tn
ereasing the population aad bualaeea da
velopmeat of Oregoa should writ let
ters to frlaada and relatlvee In the eaet
urging thsm to tak advantage of th
colonist rata thla fall." aald Manager
Tom Rlohardeon of the Portland Com
mercial club. "Individual oorreepond
no ta ao lanut help la the work
of securing tha attentloa of aaatarn
people who would be diapoaod to seek
tomes In th west. .
"People all over th atat ar hungry
for mora detail of the oolonlat rates.
Letter are arriving- from all aaotlooa
of th atat. asking: for exact rates
from different points throughout th
Valtad States, to Or iron. From Kansas
Citr and other Missouri rlTer points, St.
Paul, Imluth and Winnipeg, tie rat la
$26, from Oklahoma City and St Loula
$30. Chicago $. Buffalo $41. t. Cincin
nati and l,ouleville SSI, Des Moines $11,
jndlaaanolis M il. Boston s.0. Naw
York toO. PltUbura 141. MsmDhls SlT.aO.
Birmingham, Alabama, - $44.69. Each
ticket Is leaa whan bought to
Joint eaat of . Umatilla. The rata
at van above cover almost th entire
country, and ar th asm proportion
ately -from all smaller stations. Keep
in mind that tickets must be bought
reading to th particular atatloa to
which th aorneseeker. want ta eoroe rn
Oregon, aa ther are, ao stopovers oo
om ooiomsi ucaeia. - -
Woman Shoplifter, GiYlng
Name of Chnrchley, De
tected to Golden Eagle.:
, A woman about 41 years of age who
gave bar name aa Mra a Churchlay
aad. an eddreas. a Grand avenue, . was
detected lifting a pair of ahoe In th
Golden Eagle """ department ator last
night Juat before closing- tlma (She
waa detained whan th ator waa closed
aad th polio department ' notified. A
aearca revealed a aeoond pair of shoes,
white oxfords, aad a shirt waist hidden
In th clothe of th woman and In a
basket she carried- The manager of tha
ator reiusea to prosecute aad to
.was dropped..
When detected th woman confessed
d put up a aad plea of neoeestly which
decided th manager not to push th
prosecution, . Mrs. . Churchley, as ah
-ave-her name, said aha waa living
alone with three daughter, on 17, an
other 14 and th third but tw yaara
old. J9h waa endeavoring to keep these
glrhr appearing- decently on bar meacar
earnings and waa tempted to take the
ahoea and other article In th depart
ment ator a that her daughters might
meimmr uiuwiy urveaea leaa;
aoting XJetectiv joaa
hav a.t,lnia k k A, M a.
' i Vv th right nam aad a search In th
; dlrMtorr faH4 to rtveai tha aaat ah
gav ta deteatlva
' ' . " - feHal ntayatch t Tke gosrasLI
Aatarla. Ctr In, 1 T X1 1 Vm..,
k . Warren, county school superintendent,
asslnted by Prof. A. L. Clark aad Mra
i Oearhert, has eompleted th examina
tion of applicants for county and atat
, i: teachers certlflcataa, which war araat-.-
. d as follows) . .
FU"tjrd-fr - Barry. Mra.
, A, K. Uuden, Esther Larson. Koa A,
' Mattaon, Uertrud Kavard and J. Frd
' -;Bn grada Jophln May Dow.
f 1 Louise M. Bettem. Orac Morton, Beat
.. rice Lona Robinson. .
, Th fqllowlng took th xamlnatlona
! t f ex suia cartincate. whosa pepera wUl
t ' ? PV4 UP by th state board. Alio
i . JJoddard. Jessl Luce, Mary Clark,
Laura Faataban aad Gertrude Blnnott.
r ;-',..- - .
fttwrfal plfMtaa ts TTae Jesrsat) 1
k "Woodburn, Or., Aug. 17. A largely
BiLeiuiou meeiiDg oi me woodburn
, Commerolal club laat night decided to
' v, lease a oreamery stabliahment her at
- aa aarly data With thla object In
- 1ew th club baa Issued a call for a
i rousing farmers' meeting; In thia city,
M on Saturday afternoon, August 1L
ti Through th fforts of th club a can-
: nary win aiao o put la har by psxt
- aorlnc ,
. . Thoasanda of Woodbura leafleta have
. been Issued by th club and ar being
; aent cast, by man, woman aad children
j : of Woodbura.
A larg pron drying and cider mm
w Ming bout by J. V. Alderman.
UlUil - .
Little Al Gaff erty Fined Be-
cause He Has Nerve to
Join Strikers. ;
A aocJlea eorporatloa, aettlng- at
naught th fundamental laws of right
and Justice, t deprlv a bard working
lad of over a third of Ma msagT earn-
mga ao that arbitrary nrrsa might b
aubsesvd. Is tha atory of little Al Oaf
fertya dealing with ta Western Union
ieiegrapn oompaay,
lb boy, who w
waa employed ta th
messenger department of the company,
wnen his c
for higher
companion decided to strike
r wasrea determined that hs
would not be a "scab,' and accordingly
walked out with them. When th young
ater, who la one of th smallest mes
sengers la th city, want to draw bis
money th other day for labor per
formed the prvloua week, ta waa fined
$t for falling to report on Sunday, and
it cents additional for aot turning in
hla badg oa time. Instead of $ to
which b waa Justly entitled and for
which bs had labored, , Oaf farty , waa
handad ft.10. . ' ,
Tha boy. who earning contribute to
th support of a family, waa heart
broken over hla loes, but realised that
he, a tiny lad. could pot hope to cope
single-handed with an organisation with
$40,000.00 of watered stock. The lit
tle fellow made hla way to the offlo
of Judge Reld and told hla atory. , At
torney O raves happened to be In the
offloe. at th time and gave the young
ster a net Manager Dumars of th
telegraph oempany calling his attention
to the fact that the proceeding waa
Receiving ao satisfaction from the
company's representative, Oafferty at
last iaia ni ease oeiore rairoiroaa ca
Burke, who ha been oa strike duty at
Third and Stark atreeta. Burke Called
on Manager Dumara with the request
that Oafferty be given a "aquar deaL
-mats not ma law." aaia tn biue-
eoat; "you can't bold ut coat
from the bov
"Look at those rule as there." iWDlled
Dumara, pointing to a plaoar4 on th
walL "Those ar our law and they
go. Aad with a laugh the trust repre-
seniauve reiurnea U nia asaa.
Donne Makes Case Not Bet
ter But Worse for Him
. Says If Perrin Is Guilty at
' All It Is Only as Benson
Made Him So.
Burlington Cut Off From
World by Floods and
v r Tornado. .
fHesrst Hews fey Isaassl Leuad Wire.)
Bnrltagtonrlowar Aug. 17.Thla eity
la practically cut off from , th -world
by tha heavy etonna, floods of rain, tor
nado and terrific lightning 'which - hae
played havoo with property aad tele
graph and telephone . wlrea ..
Crop have been washed out and
levelled, the Bt. Louts. Keokuk eV North
western branch of the Burlington has
been blocked by heavy landslides aouth
ef Burlington. . ,
,,...1. ; . mjm mmmmm' "
' (Reaart ws by Lenaest Laa4 wire.1
Santa Barbara. -CaU Or., Aug.' lT-
Haermaa rV- Stow cl ubmaa of Santa
riarbara and Baa rtanclsoo, and one of
the well known .men of. the state, dled
suddenly at La Patera, hla country
place, near hare thla evening. There
aurvive him a widow, three sons, snd
three daughters. On of th daughter
Is Mra.. Barrett Flthlan. wlf of a New
York clubman. -Sam Stow, on of th
Bona, la th famous 'varsity football
player On th University of California
eleven. Mr. Stow was $( years of ua
(Bpeeial tnspetch te Th 'TesrsaL) ' '
'Aatorla, Or, Aug. 17 Coroner Pohl
today opened an Inquest on the body of
Walno NelmL who waa found drowned
yesterday. It developed some -facts
that tend to show foul play, but . ths
testimony ao -fay-doee aot -Mad to any
direct suspicion.' As further testimony
wna out nana uraay tne inquest '
adjourned at th call of th coroner.
' ' fBeerst Tfewa by Lsagest Lsased Wire.) -Worcester.
Uua. Aur. . 1 7 Twv
Church, who la In attendanc on Mra
Taft. mother of the;eoretarv of war,
saya tonight that har eondltloa la worse.
v Kalnlcr to Amend Charter.
(seeUI DtSTMteh te Ta Jeareat)
' Ranter. Or, Aug. IT. A maaa meet
Ina haa.beea held here for the nurnnaa
of discussing the city charter. It was
decided to amend the old charter In
stead of framing a new one, aa for
merly' proposed. A committee of five,
that was choaea to draft the amend
menat, la eompoeed of W. M. Perry, N.
B. Lottmaa. 7u EL Ouelker. L. BL dark.
and J. B. Doaa, .
are noa
la view of thevTfairbanka ' candidal
it la Interesting to note that only three
vice-presidents nave been elected ta the
presidency., when they held the lower
orrio ana none oi mess since 111
when Martin Van Buren was tha 'uu.
ceaaful atandard bearer of the Democra
tic party. 10 una tne otner oxamDlea
or aucoeasrui vire-Dresiaentiai rind .
datss for th presidency It la necessary
to go back almost to the foundation
oi ine . nepuoiio, wnen jonn Adams
waa elected aa the auccessor of George
Waehlngton, and when Adama waa In
tura aucceeded by Vlc-Praldent Jf
feraon. Bo that lf Vice-President
Falrbank succeeds In winning th pres
idential nomination and election It would
b almost without precedent. .
ll I, I ll S
Represeatstlv Orlgrs of Georgia,
chairman of the' Democratic congrea
alonal committee, says that William J.
Bryan la the favorite Democratic candi
date for president In the aouth.
I ; ' -i
We) hrvlt careful ebserveis ef srtlstle
and beautiful Jewelry to wltneea our
display of diamond pieces. It will fully
Justify everyone, so Interested to ask
particulars about eur atock and inquire
as to tha reasonableness , of prloes.
Necklaces and Collarettes
et la platinum and sword log to th
latest creations of designing.
COtfra TJtXHTJ A D WAgatDf()TOa BTTaxzTtL
latin waists, tpllftlana, Diamond. Zmportera,
, rBsant Tew by t ingest leased wire.)
Baa rranolaco, Aug. IT, -BlackmaD-
r" and "Ingratar wer ta term la
which Attorney . Peter . 1. Dunn bit
terly denounced Charles P. BnU, th
govmmnt'a chief witness against Xr,
Edward B. Ferrln, whaa summing up
his case for th Arlsona mlUionalr to
day before United State District Judg
De Havaa and a Jury In th federal
bulldina. finell crfnaed and bla bead
sank deeper Into hie collar under th
flaahlna- fir of Dunne's eye.
jonn a-. ffenson. m-nuenoaai wiu
Perrin and charged by th defense
with havine- foisted nnon Perrin fraud
ulently acquired sorip tor in iana ooia
are aocused of atealloa from th gov
ernment hr eunnlnafv trlcklna th
Btat of California into Becoming tneir
inatrument of crlma snowea lb xtrst
emotion since the case beaan.
The legal structure so painstakingly
built up by District Attorney Devlin and
Deputy Black shook and tottered under
the . hammer of Dunne's reasoning and
atrongly marahalled argumsnta There
waa aa expression of hope and longing
In the eyes of Benson, but as Dunne
proceeded andjtf waa olear that Benson
waa to have no part of whatever ad
vantage the lawyer hoped for, the look
of longing changed to chagrin and the
ceepeat disappointment.
-ta Bsasoa Taks xia atedlolae.
Benson has been hoping throughout
the trial that, though ha realised
Dunne'a handling of the case during the
taking of evidence was solely in the
Interest of Perrin, b would be Included
In the last word of his fellow's coun
sel and whan he realized that these
hopes wer not to be realised he showed
Keen resentment ana sat ae-eoieo.
Dunne concluded the argument h be
fan oa Friday ao lata that J. C Camp
ell, counsel for Benson, was able only
to begin hla summing up When adjourn
ment was taken,- and be will continue
Monday morning. Ha expect to talk
for at leaat two boura and' there 1
vary Indication there will be a ver
dict before nlaht
Briefly, Dunne holds no cas has been
r roved agalnat Ferrln and argues that
he land he hold in Tehama county waa
acquired by blm honestly by the pro
cess provided by law. But If .he has
any land to which he baa not a valid
title he cam Into nossesslon of It by
being victimised by Benson. Thus tha
lawyer declares there waa ho criminal
Intent on the part of Perrin and this
attitude placea whatever guilt attaches
to 'the case upon usnson, ininns plainly
ahowlng tbat ha doea not care what be
comes of Benson and insisting that the
jury acquit hla client Irrespective of
what It doaa with Benson.
" ' ' ai l eat gas ass asf
" .' '
New Fork Banking' Firm
Says Business Men Should
. Demand Exercise of Conx
' mon Sense at Capitol
; ExecutiTe Is Slapped Hard
; (Baarst Hew by Lsagest leased Wire.)
i New York. Aug. IT. J. & Bach
Company, on of th largest banking
firms la New York. Issued Ita usual
financial review today and In explana
tion of ths present eondltloa . of tha
atark ant money markets made tha fol
lowing declaration under th heading
"A history of dlsaater t -
"Mr. Roosevelt Is possessed with a
naaalonata mania for popularity and
publicity. What money la to th graft
er, thla la to mm.
- "Fed on It to what ahould bav been
satiety by th snormous popular man
lority of th last election, like In the
disease of gluttony, be baa only been
Inflamed to further desire. Long ago he
cunningly concluded that th hatred of
th mass for th rich was th moat
promising field in which to grow a
poisonous product which one tasted
would rouse enthusiasm for aim: to an
enormous degress.
"The nsnla of March waa the result.
' "Meantime, influenced and made orasy
by the evidence of Mr. Roosevelt's In
creasing popularity, other politicians
large and small, began violently to 101
twt in him fnntetena.
HThe Roosevelt slump' of last wsek
waa the next result. It is 1 time for
business men to unit In conference and
action to enforce common aena at the
White Houae,"
' ; Links With Gretna Groen. '
From the Weetmlnater Oaxetta
- The recent death of Richard Bargln
kon, "the oldest Oddfellow In .Westmore
land," whose first matrimonial venture
waa a runaway ;marrise at Oretna
Oreen, raise th lnterestlna question
whether or not there are still any sur
vivors of a similar romantlo experience.
It la only a short alnce the death
Of Mra. Margaret Parker of Clifton Hall,
Westmoreland, a charming old lady,
who tl ears earlier had made a run
away match at Gretna Oreen with a
man whoee aeoond matrimonial trip over
the border it waa Mr.
bride waa tha daughter - of
Youngson of Howsser, his employer, a
lsdy woo preferred a romantlo excur
sion to the altar with her father's
coachman to an unpalatable union with
aa army officer la India.
About tna same time tnere aiea at
the age of II Caroline Margaret, Dow
ager Marchloneea of Juenbury, who
waa aaarnea at u re una m imp. ,
Society Acta In Real Clrcoa.
From th Oentl woman. : '
Fl and twsnty years ago M. Mollor,
an exoeiient aportsman, tilt upon the
original lose of opening a email olroua
In TarlS with a company whoa mem
bers belonged to the fashionable world.
The Idea took on tremendously. All
the best swordamsn, fencers, horsemen
snd gymnasts of ths smart set offered
M. M oiler their gratuitous servloea and
as their mothers, wives, sisters and
sweethearta were anxious to see these
gentlemen aisporung tnemssives In the
arena. M. Mollsr not only hsd a com-
8 any tbat coat him nothing, but sn au
lence such ss can rarely bs seen at
any oth-r function.
M. MollT has stuck to tils original
frogram and the undertaking today waa
he snms cachet ss when he opened for
the first time the fashionable little
circus la to Mu BsnouvlUs, .
Chief of Police Bays He Will
Inrestigate Alleged Con- '
"T ditlona in ChinatoTni. . :
Captain t ; D4ajtiUraa BnUba , Isvya
- Bcarpcaufbaity oa Kay and Klenlra
of "Moral &rama--3nxmT list
, of Hotosaai VwUtod 07. Bald.
Chief Orttsmaohar'a AeolaraMoa that
h Intends tmmediaUly t InaUtute a
searching InveeUgatioa at tha rumors
of graft In Chinatown; th susoeaaful
raid oa ta fan tan resort at M Beoond
street, on of th plaoea designated as
paying protaouoa money, ana um un
wonted activity of tha remnants of tha
Chinatown squad war th direct results
laat alght of Th Journal's expo of
th reported collection of bribe money
in th oriental quarter.
Spurred to aolloa by th oublloatlon
I th numbers or .t& aeeona a tree
establishment runnlna- In violation o:
the law. Detective Kay accompanied by
Special Polloemaa Clifford, swooped
down on II Second street at till o'clock
and gathered In eight Chinamen, Includ
ing Ah Wong, the reputed keeper of the
place, on charge of gambling. Although
the Celestials managed t dispose ef the
beans and other paraphernalia ' before
the polio could ffeot an entranoe. yet
III. SO found on tha table was seised
as aviaeno. -.
i'ouroal' Ust Tarlflsd. . ; .
' Th resort ta on of Ihoe reported
aa receiving protection and the fact
that gambling waa la progreea, a la
Indicated by th alght ar reals and aela.
ure of money, verifies in detail The
Journal's Hat of gambling; places aa
published last "evenlna.
For some unknown, reason Detective
Klenlln failed to- put In an appearance
last night and th work of raiding the
? ambling "Joints' c evolved upon !
ecttve Kay. assisted by Fred Olfford.
a snealal officer. Althouah Kienlla waa
not In evidenoe at th raid, his nam
was entered bv Captain Slover on the
aocxei as being one or in arresting of
ficers, as far as can d ascertain:
Klenlln did not report 111. was not ex
cuaed and la not on his vacation, a hla
absence from duty occasioned, much
Chief Gritsmaeher stated last sight
that aa investigation would be at. once
maae or the reportea eoiieotion or
mono y In Chinatown for Immunity from
arrest. "We have not unearthed any
thing1 tangible as yet,-but I Intend to
see that th matter is anted to rate bot
tom. There la no auapicion directed to
ward anyone and I am inclined to be
lieve that there is no foundation for
the rumor." . v
Notwithstanding th ' chiefs declara
tion that hs does not place much cre
dence in the report of bribery, It Is
said that some time age he reoelved
Information of Chinatown graft and laid
plana to capture th bribe-takers.
Key ana atlenlla Bsapoaslkls.
"Detective Kay and Kelnlln were de
tailed by me, upon, 'order ef Chief
i-t .w. . . - M. a, ...i . 1
Chinatown." sayd Captain of Detectrrea
Bruin, "ana tnsy are responsible ir
gambling la being; oanied on la, that
quarter ... ' M . ,
"Sine being assigned 10 Chinatown
Kay and Klenlln have don Juat as they
pleased and devoted their attention to
other matter. I have no way of know
ing what work they are engaged In, aa
they have failed to report to me, .and
for that very reason I filed ohargvs
agalnat them with the police committee.
For some reason these charges have
never been investigated. I do not think
there la graft in tne Chinese quarters.
ut I intend to investigate tne matter
yseix.' .. .
Kxpoeur wmawmu a-east ,.
Tha' nubllcatlon of the places where
fan tan is being played caueed conster
nation la the ranks of the boss gambhera
and now wowa were the rule laat night.
Chung Chung, better - known as th
mayor of Chinatown,, rushed . breath
lessly " into headquarter about ' 10
o'clock and demanded protect lea. He
declared that an armed highbinder was
following him. Intent on slaying mm.
Patrolmair Endicott was detailed to
make an Investigation and found the
supposed highbinder te be a harmless
Celeetlal farmer from Woodburn. The
gamblera are openly accusing one an
other of having betrayed the locations
of gambling placea to The Journal
and Chung Chung feared that he waa
under suspicion owing to nis acquaint
anceship with the newspapermen aad
police. ' - - '
Stories of Gentlefolks' Xttrexna
. Porerty. , '
From the London Ihtprees.
Pitiful etoriee of dlr poverty were re
lated yesterday at a meeting of the
United Kingdom Beneficent association
to provide annuities for poor gentlefolk
held at Sir Edward and Lady Bassoon's
house In Parklane. -
Th Duke of Norfolk, whs presided,
announoed that althouah the king had
already given a life donation of 141,
be had already signified hla Intention
of subscribing 110 annualy to anew hla
ayrrpathy with ths movement
Then the duke spoke of the terrible
conditions of poverty to be found among
mlddle-sged gentlefolk, whose privations
the society strove to relieve. , '
He mentioned the ease of a hospital
nurse who saved every penny and
worked herself Into a hopeless condition
of III health so that she mla-ht start her
brother In a profession. She was now
an Invalid, and dependent oa the annu
ity of I2S provided by the aesoelatlon.
Another lsdy had been-brought to
sueh straits bv the anxious condition of In Ireland that she had been
obliged te sell her hair. ' ' . !
"This society sends little rivulets tnte
tha arid plains of these people's llvea,
and I com mend It te your charity.'' th
Duke of Norfolk concluded.
Mr. daborn, secretary to the aasoela
tlm waa vlahlhlv affected as he related
a few of th tragedies which had coma
under hla notice
It might not aeem an Interesting fact
when put into words that 4tl applicants
were waiting for election, but If the
light of day could be let Into every eass
it would reveal the eaddast, bravest
Struralea agalnat poverty.
Thar were veritable tragedtea en
acted between four walla which the
world never knew, he continued. Aa
extract from a letter thanking tha secre
tary or tne ennstmas irt tnnn sain:
"The 14 I shall put aside entirely for
rent, for If -ou can keea a roof and
ymir windows tidy nobody rnowa out
Sid what you o without Inside." -'
"And how much, they go without"
Me. ("kahnrn said. "One nnnr woman told
me cheerfully that she hsd found a room
without a fireplace, ana ens was ao
s-lad because she could not afford a
fire, and an emnty grata would have
made her f el cold." - . .
The national ' Republican committee
and the Republican congressional com
mittee are xpei to give a bsiplng
hand trt the Republican of Oklahoma In
hslr flrat campaign, now anout to nnen.
t la said that the service ef aewerat
score of th best Republican spellbind
ers will be arlven to the Republicans of
the new state Anim the number will
be Secretary Taft. Vice-President Fair
banks, Senators DolUver. Xon Warner
and Reverlrtr ana rtenreaentatlves
Sherman of New Tnrk. Watann of In
diana. Burton of Ohio and Llttleflcid of
Mains,. .....
r - . -i;
hb the flnl teat of a rood tor. How -vrlU It cook
and how much will it cook ? Krcrr Inch oi" pce on a
I - TTMTTWf '. I. - .J...K. lll . - ' "
. vu rn.. c., "
t uu "Mio. vi auQ wvca uasics BS WTU Oa lOp SS On
the bottom,' as well at tho end m in the front. Tarn a
v t .
1 'UCmc' -
damper and the heat la concentrated where the irreateat V5w
heat la wanted; turn another and eyery aectlon of the top TV" "" "
':gWr v6? LrRlXSr STOVE i:i Tfi E V DHim
If i . - . a .,. , , . . m . , . .
i wctauao evcij jmi ta uiaua oa scicnanc pnncipiea. science Dacxea or experience tne , i
I srrrierience of to reara aa the leadine itnm miVm Vi wnr ; Av vonr dealer fnr
, JBWEI. ttore. look for the trade mark the aljn that Identifiea all
iHMUUW U W UWJit IsaaJU'; UU-a.iUC.JW ,
t V
$1.00 Down, $1.00 a Week
A range that will meet every desire of the housewife. Irarge, strong, non-warp-;
' ing top, big fire boxed hold fire over night, grates can be used for coal or wood
and the specially designed hfiaV distributing flues are easy to get at any easy -
to dean out. ; - ; ' ' " ' : ' , ':- V- -!f
; JEWEL STEEL RANGES are hand riveted with cone-head rivets not, mit-';
chine ;riveted,r and are wonderftilly tight and strong. Don't make the mistake -
of buying any other range 'when you ca n have a JEWEL.
We are also agents for the great
AJAX RANGE on sale how at . .
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " " '
0QH GiuCDIS? CrQyiS; fgr-Sifsfi)
tilftlllteljh (i!4zj!Jf wilt 'iht
Yon can't secure better service elsewhere,vand
ninety-nine times in a hundred you can't secure
service' nearly equal to that supplied at this office.
- You are not taking chances when you . come
here with your tooth troubles. Our wor
stood the test, in' Portland for the past twelve
years, and our business shows tremendous gains
each year. '';;'- ; ''
Crown and bridge work, the best obtainable,
. is at your, disposal, wiioutr pain. Extracting,
. .'fillings, inlajrs and 'all work 'requiring skill per
formed with gentleness and consideration, for
your feelings." ;';'; .-:t. : V- ;" -V-; .;
Dr. D. 14. WRIOMT
342K Washington Street. Corner Seventh
OFFICE HOURS. 8 A. M. to 5 P. M ; T:30 to 8:30 P. M.; Snudaya, 9 to 1. Phone Main 2118.
. (Special DUpatok teTb learaat '
Prlnsvllla, Or, Au. It-A. W.
Clothlsr, a eoaniaarola - man, arrived
here iesi night from a tour of eoutbern
Crook an'l LaTra-eountles. While In take
eountv he visited the Creter Lake na
tional park, where he found two Port
land photoarsphert making preparstlons
to phntoa;rsph the lake with a mammoth
camera, Thev had been at the Inke four
days swalttns; a' favorable light. Coo
eernlDg Ue lake, Ut, Clothier aaldi
' "It Is Impossible for the human mind
te conceive the grandeur of the sight.
The lake Is situated In aa satinet crater
seven miles across, It Is ovsr 1,000 feet
from the top ef the rlra to the surfaoe
of tha water and the lake ta two thou
sand faet deep In some places; hence
one ran Imagine the power that was re
aulred te blow out the erater, la the
lake la an Island that has a small
orater wttnln Ueelf. The aeenerj In
thla park la wonderful. ....
Bunclary at Scappooea. '
(Special Dlnoatch te The JoernaL)
Soappoose, Or, Aug. 17. Tha store
of Boaa Mllly was entered last night
bj burglars, who stole ssveral pairs of
ahosa and quantities of elothlnf anfT
ammunition. Entranoe was eifeotert
wun ioois wnich had also bean gtol
from a blacksmith shop.
- 1 . -.. v
Ch.halis, Wash. Aug. It.
Mead was the orator at the laying ef tl"
cornerstone of the new building at tl
Waahlngton training school l1av I
Grand Master MoAUtster and other hil.
oruc.ra ot ins aiasonlo ordrr wrr pr.s
ant and were Malsted by Ui looai ala
aonio lodiv